Pacquiao, Khan, Maidana or Garcia: Who should Mayweather fight in September?

By Chester Rivers: It seem as though the last three fights of Floyd Mayweather Jr career could also be the toughest he’s faced. My only question is, who should they be against? We at BoxingNews24 would like for you, the public, to participate in a quasi internet poll to see who do you think Mayweather should face in September. You can let your voices be heard through the three social networks (Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest) or by leaving a comment.

There are four fighters whom we feel could be potential Mayweather opponents. We will give the pros and cons of each fighter to help you make up your mind.

1) Marcos Rene Maidana- 35(31)-4 PROS-Maidana just gave Mayweather one of the toughest fights of his career. The outcome of this fight was based on which style you preferred. To the trained eye, Mayweather clearly won the fight by a comfortable margin but to the casual fan Maidana made the fight extremely close.

Maidana used rough and unorthodox tactics to make the pound for pound king very uncomfortable all fight long. Some feel if Maidana hadn’t start to run out of gas in the later rounds he probably could have pulled of one of the biggest upsets in recent memory. CONS: Maidana gave us the best he had against Mayweather and it still wasn’t enough. If there is a rematch we would probably see the same Maidana but a totally different Mayweather. This time around Mayweather would not stand and trade but move and pot shot to a boring unanimous victory.


2) Amir Khan- 29(19)-3 PROS: Khan has the speed and power to give Mayweather some serious problems. Remember the Mayweather fights against other fighters consider to be fast i.e. Judah, Moseley and Corley. They all gave Mayweather problems early before Mayweather figured them out later in the fight. Khan, at this point, is slightly better than those fighters at the time they faced Mayweather. CONS: What has Khan done to deserve this fight? Most of Mayweather’s opponents are coming off the biggest wins of their careers and Khan isn’t. Mayweather opponents are normally the champion and Khan isn’t. Mayweather wants the fight in September but Khan want to fight in November because of religious preferences.

3) Danny Garcia- 28(16)-0 PROS: Danny is an undefeated champion who has a knockout win over Amir Khan and a dominant victory over Maidana clone and countryman Lucas Matthysse. Danny is probably the most deserving of this fight but this is boxing. Every time this guy is counted out he finds a way to win. At this point, he could easily be promoted as the biggest threat to Mayweather. CONS: Khan was giving Garcia a boxing lesson before the defenseless minded Khan was caught flush with a left hook. Would Garcia be able to catch Mayweather? Garcia and his trainer/father Angel has already said they’re in no rush to fight Mayweather. Could this be an admission they are waiting for Floyd to retire and not risk a loss to their perfect record?

4) Manny Pacquiao- 58(38)-5-2 PROS: Thanks to Maidana this fight is actually relevant again. This fight will be even bigger now after watching Floyd’s last performance. Many perceived Mayweather to be slowing down. Maidana also used the same trainer, Alex Ariza, that was in Pacquiao’s camp when the P.E.D scandal first arose. CONS: The networks would never allow this fight to happen. Mayweather is contracted to Showtime and Pacquiao is contracted to HBO. If the networks could agree to share the ppv rights then there is a possibility if we, the fans, scream loud enough.
There you have it. Four fighters that could possibly be Mayweather’s opponent for his upcoming September bout. Chime in and voice your opinion.


by The Official Manny Pacquiao Website

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