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When Roach Speaks People Should Listen!

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For the second time or is it the third, in the relatively short career of Manny Pacquiao there are rumors swirling around the globe about financial concerns, missing monies, and not so honest members of a Pac-Man team.

Those with short memories or those that were not on board the Pacquiao express back in 2003-2004 probably don’t recall the intense discussions in the boxing world when Freddie Roach warned the world that something was amiss with the money Pacquiao was getting from then promoter Murad Muhammad.

In 2005, Pacquiao filed suit and the boxing community became fully aware that Roach was spot on in regards to Promotional and Managerial failings in the Pac-Man team. Roach was at the head of protecting his Philippine fighter, even quitting the team at one point.

1 Comment

Comment by marlon alejos — August 22, 2011 @ 7:53 pm

roach is doing good for manny all the time

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