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Victor Ortiz Gets to Strut His Stuff on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight

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Yeah, it’s quite a coup that the Floyd Mayweather-Victor Ortiz fight is going to get an hour of exposure on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight (9 PM ET).

I’m not so sure it’s because Piers is all that enthralled about these fighters, or about prizefighting in general.

But it’s all about that “marketing mix” we have been talking about on these pages.

As you are no doubt aware, HBO PPV (the premium channel’s pay-per-view arm) is the distribution vehicle that will be carrying the fight to the subscribers, by way of cable systems. HBO is owned by Time Warner, which also owns the television entities that at one time constituted Turner Broadcasting. That means TNT, TBS, Headline News, and of course, CNN. So it’s one big, happy family (well, not so happy with the fallout from that merger with AOL).


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