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Part 1 of 2

I will make a bold statement to the world:

If Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. sat down in a room together, they would come to terms on fighting. Both men would shake hands and agree to fight.

I can say this as a fan and also as a person that has a lot of insight into both camps. Manny Pacquiao thinks Floyd is scared to fight him. Floyd Mayweather Jr. thinks Manny Pacquiao is cheating. Actually those statement are not true.   Manny Pacquiao in his mind, knows Floyd Mayweather is scared to fight him. Floyd Mayweather in his mind, knows Manny Pacquiao is taking illegal substances to build strength, size, power and speed. Because the two of them are locked in these thought processes, they are not focusing on reality.

I am here to state to both sides of the fan box. The incredible fans of Floyd Mayweather Jr. and the incredible fans of Manny Pacquiao;

For the Record, to all the Manny Pacquiao Fans.. Floyd Mayweather Jr. in NOT scared to fight Manny Pacquiao.

For the record, to all the Floyd Mayweather Jr. fans; Manny Pacquiao is not or has not ever taken an illegal substance to boost his strength, size, power or speed.

I ask this from fans of both sides, before you come to your own conclusions- your own opinions of the truth; Please take a moment to step back from the situation and see if you’re in the middle of the storm that’s preventing this fight from happening.  A storm that was created by one man- a man that did not want this fight to happen from the beginning. A man that caused two sides to get distracted from what the other side really wanted.

I say this.  If you band together on your sides with the beliefs you have right now.  Believing that this fight is not happening because one fighter is cheating and the other is scared. I say this. You are contributing to this man’s plan of never seeing this fight happen.

Please stay with me as I take you on a journey of the truth.  When we are done with our journey, then please decide if you still have that stance at the end of that day as you do today.

I say this for the record. I am a fan of Manny Pacquiao. I am a fan of Floyd Mayweather Jr.

In my opinion, once these two understand exactly what the other person wants, why the other person wants it, they will not only shake hands to fight, they will sign the dotted line and they will admit the truth;  That there is mutual respect for one another in the ring.

My statement is: Manny Pacquiao thinks/knows Floyd Mayweather Jr. is the best boxer in the world. A man whose skill set can only be challenged by the best fighter in the world, with heart, determination and with the skills.  Accompanied with his speed, power and footwork that when combined, is capable of beating anyone.

Manny Pacquiao is a fighter and a competitor.  He would rather lose to Floyd Mayweather Jr. than not have this opportunity of a lifetime to pit his skills against Floyd Mayweather Jr. to see who is better.

My statement is: Floyd Mayweather Jr. thinks/knows Manny Pacquiao is the best fighter in the world. A man whose skill set can only be challenged by the best boxer in the world.  A boxer with the speed, intelligence, accuracy, defense and footwork, capable of beating Manny Pacquiao. Floyd knows he is that boxer. I say this for the record. Floyd Mayweather Jr. is not afraid to get in the ring with Manny Pacquiao and Floyd is willing to take the chance of losing, just to prove himself the victor.

You see both men are fighters of the heart. Both men bleed from their souls to fight. Both men are not afraid to prove who and what they are. They are fighters, they are boxers and they are competitors.

Both fighters legacies are at stake, both characters are under attack. We owe it to our fighter, whomever we’re a fan of, to start from the beginning again. We need to understand that both men do not deserve to have their images and boxing career tarnished. I vow to bring you the bottom of this, through its center and right out the top. I ask you this, “What happens when you attack the character of one of these men?” Do you think they will understand and just accept it? No, they will do what they do best. They will want to fight. When you attack one’s character and you leave another one understanding only what is not true, you will have what you have today. You have a fight that is farther away today from ever happening than it ever has been before.

I have heard reports of Manny Pacquiao fighting the winner of Cotto vs Mayorga. That makes me sick to my stomach. We did a fan poll on the site and 2 people out of 7,000 voted for a Cotto rematch. It is my guess even less would vote for Mayorga. Who will Floyd fight next? There is only one fight out there for either man. First let’s clear the air- let’s get the truth out there, let’s begin with understanding, because it is so much easier to accept something when you understand it.

This is part 1 of Part 2- I want people to relax and open their minds a little bit from the drama caused by one man. When you read part two I am hoping you will take your time and understand. The key in getting this fight to happen, is that both fighters must understand.


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Comment by Floyd Chicken — January 28, 2011 @ 12:32 pm

As much as I would love to share the optimism of Team Pacquiao - whom I am a devoted fan of - I truly believe that Floyd will never site down to negotiate. He is scared - plain and simple. He is a chicken. See…

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