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Too Many Fight Distractions Could Cause Manny Pacquiao’s Defeat against J.M. Marquez

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by Leo Reyes


Barely three weeks before the big fight with Mexican counter-puncher Juan Manuel Marquez, Manny Pacquiao is suddenly beset with too many distractions ranging from his controversial promotion as Lieutenant Colonel in the AFP Reserve Force of the the Philippine Amy to another rumor of a new love child, this time with the young and attractive Cullinary Arts student.

Pacquiao’s lovely wife Jinkee seemed unperturbed about the rumor of her husband reported relationship with another young woman, saying she is lucky she is not the other woman.

Jinkee said she doesn’t want her husband to worry as the fight with Marquez draws near.

From all indications, it seems Jinkee  is aware of the rumored relationship but is not ready to face it squarely at this time as it may affect Manny’s focus on the upcoming fight.

In an interview Jinkee promised to give away her expensive Hermes bag if anyone can prove that Manny is in a relationship with another woman. Jokingly, she said she will deal with Manny after the fight.

The issue on Pacquiao’s 5-step promotion in the AFP Reserve Force is also becoming a minor distraction to his upcoming fight as people continue to talk about it almost a week after it was made public.

Pacquiao seems privy to the issue since he has responded on some occasions to the criticism from a cross section of the population on the propriety of accepting a promotion which he said he was not aware of from the beginning.

If the promotion is found to be the handiwork of some over eager military officials who want to benefit from it as Pacquiao continues to climb the political ladder, then the honorable congressman from Sarangani  should think about the issue carefully before making his decision.

And if he is not comfortable with the promotion which he said he did not seek in the first place, then the most honorable thing for him to do is decline it.

Another source of distraction that could divert Pacquiao’s focus on his heightened training as the fight draws near, is the lawsuits filed by Vision Qwest, his former tax consultants and accountants, who claimed that Pacquiao failed to pay them their dues.

Although the lawsuit is best handled by his lawyers, it could create a bad image for Pacquiao as a person who is not reliable when it comes to payment of financial obligations. It could be a minor case but it could create a bad publicity for the fighting congressman.

Distractions during training are things that Pacquiao does not need at this time. People around him should be able to shield him from the lingering issues of the day especially if they are bound to affect Pacquiao’s focus as he enters the final phase of his training.

Freddie Roach and Alex Ariza will tell you that distractions and loss of focus are things Pacquiao don’t need at this time.

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Comment by casual observer — October 21, 2011 @ 11:12 pm

It is obvious you are groping for substance in your article. What you call problem to distract somebody is purely subjective. Issues you brought up are mostly based on perceptions, rumors or conjectures. It is a nice “problem” whether to accept or decline an honor. Should not be a problem. The rumor that he impregnated another woman is nothing exactly based on rumors”. I for one don’t believe it because Manny is so well-known that he could not move around Manila without being recognized or his picture taken because almost everybody is carrying a cell phone camera. That sue by Vision-Quest is routine here in America. When a company doesn’t get a final contract or job after the initial agreement (normally verbal), suing is almost automatic, especially when it involves somebody with big money in the hope of gettin”damages”. The amount is well known, even assuming that Manny will lose (less than $700k), he can afford it. But I don’t think it will ever come to that. Arum will probably absorb it in exchange for not having their records regarding Manny, not audited. But my take is that it won’t even go past the first court hearing. If Manny is to be distracted, let’s have something that we don’t already hear about.

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