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By: Ashley White

Pacquiao wants to prove himself once again – Boxing News

It seems like times are tough for Filipino fight king Manny Pacquiao, who is now on the verge of losing it all if he loses to his nemesis Juan Manuel Marquez. Pacquiao will be facing Marquez for the fourth time on December at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, and this time the Filipino wants to end the showdown with a decisive victory.

It should be noted here that Pacquiao has already won two out of three fights against Marquez, with the first fight ending up in a draw. However, most fans and analysts believe that the last fight between them, which was held last year in December, had Marquez perform better. Now, Pacquiao wants to prove all of them wrong by defeating Marquez in a way that no one can question the victory.

“I have to prove they’re wrong,” said Pacquiao in an interview with the Los Angeles Times. “My last two or three fights have not been impressive, but guys are running and running from me after I hit them. I thought Marquez ran all night, and [Timothy] Bradley backed off.”

Pacquiao is coming off a controversial loss to American unbeaten fighter Timothy Bradley earlier this year. The Filipino lost his WBO welterweight title to the American fighter. Even though the loss was controversial and most reputed boxing organisations rated Pacquiao as the winner, his stats still fell.

“If there’s a chance, I’m going to do my best to make the fight look easy,” Pacquiao added while talking about knocking out Marquez.

The Pac-man is well aware of the fact that a win is an absolute must for him this time. If he loses, he will move further down in rankings, and probably will never score a dream fight against WBC welterweight titlist Floyd Mayweather Jr.

On the other hand, a loss would give Marquez the opportunity to prove his claims correct, that he had won all three fights against him. Knockout or not, Pacquiao needs to put Marquez to rest in a way that makes him look inferior. If the Filipino cannot do it, probably he will once again be questioned over his victory.

Nonito’s next foe a Pacquiao clone?

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By Recah Trinidad

THERE’S the unsinkable Go Teng Kok with big damning blows aimed at the POC, which he has rechristened, Peping Organized Crime, crying to he heard.

There’s deluded Tim Bradley claiming Manny Pacquiao was scared of him—in a foul bid to gain a rematch with the Pacman—needing to be awakened and put in his proper place.

Nonito Donaire has a waiting fight but there was only faint interest in his wild chase of the Pacquiao kind of pound-for-pound greatness.

But yesterday Dong Secuya’s pretigious came out with details of Nonaire’s next championship outing:

Date October 13, 2012
Site Home Depot Center in Carson , California
Titles IBF-WBO/WBC 122-pound championships
NONITO DONAIRE, 29-1 (18 KOs) Philipines/San Leandro, CA
TOSHIAKI NISHIOKA, 39-4-3 (24 KOs) Tokyo, Japan


There was indeed considerable excitement when promoter Bob Arum initially said Donaire would next be squaring off with the rugged Jorge Arce of Mexico following his conquest of a tall African holder of the IBF 122-pound crown.

However, Scott Levinson, writing for, said there should be equal interest in Donaire’s revised title bout.
“If this seems an unambitious fight for Donaire, that’s only because you are sleeping on Toshiaki Nishioka,” explained Levinson. “He beat Rafael Marquez at MGM Las Vegas and stopped Jhonny Gonzales in 3 in Mexico.”


In fact, Levinson said, the relatively obscure Japanese, holder of the WBC 122-pound title, has the bigger merits to be able to box like Pacquiao.

“With all the parallels to Pacquiao, it’s interesting that it is actually Nishioka who resembles more the Filipino superstar in the ring.”

Nishioka, Levinson said, is a southpaw, his best punch the straight left, which he is able to lash out with great power.
Nishioka, also called Speed King, is on a run of 8 straight title-fight wins and hasn’t tasted defeat in over 8 years.
Nishioka is also an inch taller than Donaire.


Explained Levinson: “Donaire had had size working in his behalf at 112 and 115 pounds but is now facing guys who are even a little bigger than him. Against Vasquez and Methebula and his two other 122 lbs. appearances, Donaire’s power didn’t seem to resonate as well as it did at lighter weights.”

There were blind claims here at home that Donaire did excellently in his last fight, although he failed to get the thumbs-up from his handler Robert Garcia, who promptly claimed “we could’ve have done better.”

This reporter likewise noted Donaire had the reason to feel displeased at his overall performance (against Methebula) as he also exposed a leaky defense, while struggling to bring his firepower into the 122-lbs. division.”


Of course, Noshiaka, already 36, is facing Donaire, 29, after a year-long lay-off.

The Japanese star may no longer be at his peak, but there’s every reason to believe the two top guys would be at their best.
“With Donaire boxing from an orthodox stance and Nishioka being a southpaw, both men should be able to land their straight power shots,” noted Levinson. “Nishioka’s left might be better than Donaire’s straight right. They match up evenly in size.”
He said everybody should expect a violent fight with a lot of offense.

“I see Nishioka being able to land that straight left, which will lead to some buckled knees and maybe even a knockdown or two. The rounds Nishioka takes will be very clear. On the other round, Donaire edges Nishioka with his superior all-around skjlls and ring generalship.”


Read more:

Roach does not want to rely on judges anymore after Pacquiao’s defeat – Boxing News

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Manny Pacquiao has been Freddie Roach’s most promising fighter to date, and his controversial defeat to Timothy Bradley has not settled well with the Hall of Famer coach. Therefore, Roach wants his number 2 fighter Amir Khan to knockout Danny Garcia instead of relying on judges for points.

Amir ‘King’ Khan will be taking on Danny Garcia on July 14 at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. The Bolton proud will challenge the unbeaten American for the WBC light welterweight title, along with the vacant WBA light welterweight title.

“I’m worried about decisions since Manny Pacquiao’s fight,” said Freddie Roach in his recent interview.

He added, “I’ve told Amir that we have to knock this guy out somewhere along the way.”

On Danny Garcia’s father’s ridiculous comments regarding Khan’s religion and descent, Roach said, “He’s trying to get under our skin, trying to talk s***. I laughed at him. I think he’s funny.” Continue reading “Roach does not want to rely on judges anymore after Pacquiao’s defeat – Boxing News” »

MP8 Exclusive Interview: Ice-Man John Scully talks Dawson - Hopkins II

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Keith Terceira

Ice-man John Scully, trainer for newly crowned light heavyweight champion “Bad” Chad Dawson(31-1-0,17KO) is still having a bit of a surreal feeling regarding the ride he and Dawson are on after defeating Bernard Hopkins (52-6-2, 32KO).


Scully himself is no stranger to title fights , the former New England middleweight champion and IBF title challenger at light heavyweight, the Hartford Connecticut native accumulated a professional record of 38-11, 21KO’s before concentrating his efforts to the corner.


John, took no time from training, after the win, and returned to work with his amateur fighters Monday, he admitted though that he has been getting calls from solid boxers who were impressed with his work with Dawson and are interested in his skills as a trainer.


“I’ve had a few emails and calls to work with some new guys , so things may start to pick up a little around here” Scully told today with a bit of cheer in his voice.


Hartford is not exactly the boxing capital of the world but like we both agreed


“You never know, that would be something”


Walking us through the process in preparing for the second Hopkins fight, Scully compared Dawson to Roy Jones Jr. , in his ability to force fighters to conform to his style during a fight instead of Roy and Chad’s need to adapt to their opponents style.


“When people fought Roy they had to adjust to him, much more than the opposite, he just had the kind of style and aura about him. Chad is the same especially with his height and his athleticism. I felt before the fight that they had to deal with him more than he with them, so I wanted to bring that out and magnify that in camp and Chad’s style. For the most part it was the same kinda game plan we went with for the first fight, boxing was the first thing. We are always gonna try and win by boxing first.”


Scully noticed several things during the fight and shared how Dawson executed changes during the fight which help lead them to the win.


“After the first couple of rounds Chad was trying to force the fight but we noticed in the third that Hopkins had gotten through with a couple shots . He kinda picked his shots and got through. I just felt at that point that we had to change our game plan and be a little bit more aggressive and not give Hopkins as much time to think. Obviously Chad is the type of fighter that can change the game plan on the fly and that is what he did.”


Hopkins, who used his experience and craftiness to set up those right hands that slipped through the guard of Dawson, responded differently to the pressure when Dawson began to place more emphasis on combinations and according to his trainer that was the turning point.


“Whenever Chad let his hands go with more than four punches at a time Hopkins was almost in full retreat , so I urged Chad to keep putting his punches together, keep being first with those combinations so he’d force Hopkins to retreat, keeping him going back on his heels, that way he won’t be able to lead or pick his shots. Hopkins didn’t want to be in a fire fight so we tried to pick up the pace and work in short heavy bursts.”


“Chad is a good combination puncher and when he puts them together they are all hard, he may not have a lot of knockouts compared to other guys and I think it’s because he is such a good boxer. Also because when people feel his power they don’t want to mix it up in exchanges, so I felt when Hopkins felt two or three in a row with juice behind them he didn’t necessarily want to get caught with the third or fourth shot”


With Tavoris Cloud and Jean Pascal facing off in the future, talks of Andre Ward being the next opponent for Dawson. Nothing regarding that fight being done has been told to Scully, but John as both the trainer and a past fighter was looking forward to Pascal being the next opponent.


“Chad has reached that new level, that these are the type of fights that are coming and that we will need to prepare for. I want to see Chad keep busy, my feeling s just as a fighter I would have wanted Pascal for the simple reason that the guy beat him. As a fighter you want to get that payback.”


John making the change from the ring to the corner do you find yourself may excited on fight night than the average trainer might?


“I do for two reasons, one because I was a fighter, when I get in the ring with my fighters I feel like I’m fighting. People have noticed that when I get in the ring I start moving my arms a bit and my neck gets stiff so I have to move my head and loosen it up, I almost start shadow boxing. When I get in the ring , I get that feeling all over again , which is why I still spar at 44 on a regular basis. I do the sparring because I want to keep my finger on the pulse of a fighter and I want to experience the nerves , the pain, every aspect of being a fighter. That way I can still maintain my experience and a fighter can never say to me that I don’t know what he is going through. I doubt that any of the guys that I train will still be sparring when they are forty. I like to keep that contact with the sport so I know what my guys are going through so that may be one of my advantages.”


“The longer you are away from the actual combat, even with old-time fighters, you kind of forget what it is to tire, what it is to really tire, what it feels like to get hurt. That’s why you will never see me yelling at my guys, when you see a fighter not doing what he trained 6 weeks to do. When you see a trainer gets mad at that and screaming at him, you will never hear me do that because I know what it is to work so hard and then not be able to do your game plan in the ring. Walk in the ring after training on body shots for six weeks or boxing and it just isn’t there, I‘ve been there. It’s a mystery as to why!”

Bradley or Alvarez Looking Beyond Current Fight is Unhealthy!


Keith Terceira

Timothy Bradley has made the statement, that after he defeats the eight time champion Manny Pacquiao, he feels that Mayweather as well is beatable, and he will set his sights on Floyd.

With the headlines and media swirling around this weekend’s bout between Floyd Mayweather and Miguel Cotto, it stands to reason that both Bradley and Pacquiao will issue statements about fighting Mayweather. Realistically, seems like everyone is coming out of the woodwork to issue challenges to Mayweather for his next fight including Canelo Alvarez.

Not one statement has come out in regards to a bout against Cotto or Mosely, for either champion, they’re immediately overlooked and practically guaranteed a loss this weekend.

It is just this sort of hype that gives boxing a tone of disgrace and shadiness, with the majority of writers and fighters assuming that they already know the outcome of these boxing events, then when it comes true, the casual fan, can’t help but think that the fix was in.


Let’s start with Canelo Alvarez (39-0-1, 29KO) looking past Sugar Shane Mosely (46-7-1, 39KO);

This is a do or die fight for Mosley, who is one of the top champions of the past 15 years, he has power, speed, and while slowed by age and possible injury in his last couple of big events, he is not someone the 21 year old Alvarez can dismiss as a walkover opponent and start contemplating Mayweather.

Alvarez may have a firm belief in himself, and the confidence needed to win this bout, the experience is on the side of the veteran, who has already faced both Pacquiao and Mayweather, with neither being able to finish Mosley inside the 12 rounds.

Mosley may be on the tail end of his career but this is still a step up for Canelo, and being on the undercard of Mayweather – Cotto may be the prep for Mayweather’s next bout.

Two of the world’s greatest boxers in the prime of their careers, out boxed Sugar Shane but what they didn’t do is stop the aged Hall of Famer and they definitely didn’t overlook his skills, Alvarez to even consider anyone after Mosley could be a serious distraction from the job that lies ahead.

Canelo Alvarez will not out box Mosley if Sugar can get his 40 year old body returned to form, and unless Alvarez can loosen up a bit and not just count on his amazing power, he may just walk away this weekend with nothing more than a boxing lesson.

In fairness to Saul, his power may be his answer to Mosley’s craftiness and experience, you can’t make them all miss and if Shane lets the wrong punch slip through then out of all the young welterweights Alvarez is the one that could end this fight early.

Timothy Bradley (28-0-0, 12KO) versus Manny Pacquiao (54-3-2, 38KO) ;

For Bradley to be looking past Pacman to Floyd kind of like the guy who gets his first job and starts talking about how after he makes his first million, he is going to be a billionaire, not quite so easy as talking about it. Timothy Bradley has been skillfully moved along in his career fighting some of the best fighters a couple of rungs on the ladder below Pacquiao.

His toughest opponent Devon Alexander his defeated on a clash of heads in the tenth round and the fight was close enough to be in doubt prior to the stoppage. Devon Alexander is a solid fighter who will, if allowed, be a solid champion one day, but only after the likes of Manny and Floyd finished their careers.

Bradley had a very difficult time getting past Junior Witter, let alone having the likes of Cotto , Margarito, Juan Manual Marquez, Mosely, and Ricky Hatton on his recent resume.

Twelve knockouts in his career against lesser quality fighters doesn’t encourage many to believe that he will suddenly develop the tremendous power needed to stop the Filipino star. Frankly I can’t imagine Bob Arum putting his cash cow in the ring with a fighter that could prevent the future payday that Manny brings to Top Rank.

Looking past Manny Pacquiao a month before the fight is not only comical to fight fans but could very well be an unhealthy proposition for Bradley. Saying things in the press, that may solidify Manny’s determination in training, give him ammunition to further motivate him to be in deadly shape, is the sign of Bradley’s inexperience at this level.

Freddie Roach is a master at finding the holes in a fighter’s defense and creating the combinations and arsenal needed to capitalize on the gaps he locates. Quiet confidence combined with a great performance the night of the event will better serve Bradley in the long run, instead of promises of great performances after this opportunity. Seeing weaknesses in a fighters style is easy at times , it’s the getting in the ring and creating the offense needed to take advantage of those weaknesses that is the part that opponents of both Pacquiao and Mayweather have found difficult.

I agree that Bradley could be dangerous for Manny, as does Emanuel Steward but could be, is not will be.

At the end of the night, Manny Pacquiao will add the WBO title to his trophy cabinet, and all the talk will be back on to Mayweather vs. Pacquiao, as soon as Floyd exchanges his orange jump suit for his boxing trunks again.

Frankly when comparing all the upcoming bouts , it appears to me that if Mayweather – Pacquiao doesn’t occur Pacquiao stands a better chance of either facing Sergio Martinez or Canelo Alvarvez in the future than does Mayweather, who seems to avoid difficult challenges until the odds are swung in his favor. Mayweather may decide though that getting Alvarez in the ring before he has a chance to develop further will be his best move.

It’s all in the numbers fight fans and those numbers begin with dollar signs.


Marquez victorious in 1st fight since contentious Pacquiao bout


The Associated Press

Brandon Rios barely remained unbeaten with a split-decision victory over Richard Abril on Saturday night after failing to make weight for the lightweight bout.

Juan Manuel Marquez also won the WBO interim 140-pound title with a unanimous decision over Sergey Fedchenko in Mexico City on the split-site pay-per-view card.

Rios (30-0-1, 22 KOs) seemed sluggish and wooden for long stretches of his bout after the former lightweight champion came in two pounds over the 135-pound limit Friday.

The decision appeared to upset many fans at the Mandalay Bay Events Center. Although Abril (17-3-1) fights in an unattractive style, he appeared to control several rounds with superior precision and strategic clinches.

Judge Jerry Roth scored the fight 116-112 for Rios, and Glenn Trowbridge favoured Rios 115-113. Adalaide Byrd scored it 117-111 for Abril.

The mercurial Rios, a rising star in the Top Rank stable of fighters, lost his shot at a $50,000 winner’s bonus and the chance to reclaim his title when he failed to make weight in his second straight fight. Rios also lost his belt on the scales last December, missing weight in New York before stopping Britain’s John Murray.

Abril, a Cuban who fights out of Miami, was a replacement opponent for Rios after fellow Cuban Yuriorkis Gamboa dropped out of the matchup last month in a contract dispute, turning down what promoters said was a seven-figure payday. Abril won the interim WBA belt last October by beating Miguel Acosta, but this decision ended his five-fight winning streak.

Pacquiao Watch: Will Manny invite Timmy?

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By Edwin Espejo

Rep. Manny Pacquiao is not the first, nor will he be the last, athlete to use his popularity in promoting his religious belief – turning to the bible to profess his spiritual transformation.

But others are simply born and raised into it.

Among them is Philippine-born Timothy Richard ‘Tim’ Tebow – current toast of American sports.

Tebow or Timmy, as he is called by fellow Filipino members of the Baptist Church, even has a pre-game ritual named after him which the American press now calls ‘Tebowing.’ Tebowing (with no pun intended to ‘Noynoying’) has been defined as getting down on a knee and start praying (also known as genuflecting), “even if everyone else around you is doing something completely different.”

Now America’s most popular quarterback, Timmy starts every game he played and plays with his famous genuflect on the field.

Timmy extends his religiosity inside the locker room where he reads passages from the Bible. He is however unlike Manny, a recent convert of the Bible. Timmy’s devotion to the Bible extended way back to his father Bob who served as a missionary and an evangelist in the Philippines in 1985. Bob’s evangelical mission took him to many places in the country but he found home in General Santos City and eventually settled for many years in Surallah, South Cotabato.

Timmy however did not grow up in the country as his parents went back to the US when he was three years old (Timmy was born in a Makati hospital).

Pacquiao opens Baguio training camp

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By Roderick Osis

ARRIVING during the weekend, Sarangani representative and eight weight division champion Manny Pacquiao starts the tough four week grind in the Summer Capital for his upcoming bout.

With Freddie Roach already touching down Baguio City as early as Wednesday, Pacquiao together with conditioning coach Alex Ariza and other members of the team has formally opened training camp as he prepares against junior welterweight champion Timothy Bradley.

Have something to report? Tell us in text, photos or videos.

Pacquiao’s WBO welterweight belt will be on the line come June 9 at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Roach arrived in the Philippines last week and has already started training British boxer Amir Khan, who has an upcoming bout of his own on May 19 against Lamont Peterson.

Meanwhile, the Baguio City Police office has earlier assured the People’s champ and his entourage security as soon as they arrive in the Summer Capital who will have their high altitude training for at least four weeks.

This will be the fourth time Pacquiao will train here in Baguio City since opening camp in 2009 where he fought Puerto Rican Miguel Cotto, returned for training for Antonio Margarito in 2010 and prepared for three weeks against arch nemesis Juan Manuel Marquez.

Quick Jabs: Floyd Mayweather, Jr. And Manny Pacquiao Reverse Roles: Al Haymon Expands His Sphere Of Influence; More

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How many months have gone by since Floyd Mayweather, Jr. has said anything dickish or run afoul of the law? Like, months? It feels like forever, especially in contrast with how often these days arch-rival is facing allegations of this or that, the latest such thing being his charity being sued (followed by recent allegations of wrongdoing with his taxes and harboring a fugitive). As with Mayweather, Pacquiao is innocent until proven guilty, and Pacquiao hasn’t been convicted of stuff in his past the way Mayweather has, so the Pacman deserves a little more benefit of the doubt than Floyd.

But it’s clear what’s happening here. Mayweather is going “face,” as they say in wrestling, and Pacquiao is making a “heel turn.” Why, Mayweather is so vanilla these days that he hardly says anything at all that keeps me awake — you find a single angering or funny or otherwise non-bland moment in the above promo. Suddenly, the failure of these two men to fight one another looks like an elaborate ruse, one engineered based on decades and decades of proven interest from combat sports fans in seeing role reversals. Good job, Mayweather, Pacquiao and affiliated collaborators! Now I’ve been hooked anew on this welterweight megafight that I’d lost enthusiasm for, and am willing to pay double for it when it finally happens!

In this short, bullet-point edition of Quick Jabs, we explore the other subject in the headline, plus boxing advisor Al Haymon shoring up his team, plus a couple other modest developments in the wide world of boxing.

Read more:

Mayweather Sr: Cotto will give Floyd Jr. more problems than anyone in a long time

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By Chris Williams

Floyd Mayweather Sr. sees his son Floyd Jr. having a lot of problems trying to beat WBA junior middleweight champion Miguel Cotto in their fight next month on May 5th, according to the latest boxing news. Mayweather Sr. doesn’t think Cotto will win, but he believes that it’s going to be a really hard fight for Floyd Jr. because he’s older now and more vulnerable than he was in the past.

Mayweather Sr. said to’s On the Ropes Boxing Radio program “I think Cotto will probably give little Floyd a better fight than any of the other guys in quite awhile. I’m not saying Cotto’s going to win.”
Mayweather Sr. added that he believes Floyd Jr. will have a problem eventually when he’s matched against a fighter that throws a lot of punches, someone younger. He said “His [Mayweather] trouble is going to be with a guy that’s consistently throwing punches…When he’s got someone that’s real, real busy, and that will more or less probably be a younger guy.”

Marquez: Bradley will be a very tough fight for Pacquiao, he might lose

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By Chris Williams

Juan Manuel Marquez isn’t counting out unbeaten challenger Timothy Bradley (28-0, 12 KO’s) in his fight in June against Manny Pacquiao. Marquez thinks Bradley’s hand speed gives him a really good chance of beating the 33-year-old Pacquiao on June 9th.

Marquez said to Yahoo Sports News “Bradley is a very difficult fight for Manny Pacquiao. Very difficult. Bradley is a very fast fighter. He’s a good boxer who can take a punch. If Pacquiao loses that, and he could, it would take a lot of interest off a bout with me and him.”
You can say that again. Not only would it take off interest in a fourth fight between Pacquiao and Marquez, it would likely delay it into 2013, if the ever does take place. The thing is Pacquiao personally picked out the 28-year-old Bradley over Marquez, because he felt that boxing fans wouldn’t be interested in seeing a fourth fight between them so soon after their last fight. It sounds like a good excuse except that many boxing fans thought Pacquiao should have lost his last fight against Marquez last November, and by Pacquiao saying he doesn’t think fans are interested in the fight, it just comes off like an excuse to save him from facing what would likely be a very, very tough fight that could go the other way around.

Marquez vs. Fedchenko mismatch tonight on HBO

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By Chris Williams

If your interested in seeing a pair of likely huge mismatches tonight on HBO and have an extra $44.95 laying doing nothing then you might want to purchase the HBO per-per-view card between Juan Manuel Marquez vs. Sergio Fedchenko and Brandon Rios vs. Richard Abril fights. It should be interesting if you like Marquez pound on a guy who probably has no business being in the same ring with him.

Marquez has the skills, the experience and the power. Fedchenko has the youth and that’s about it. It’s a mismatch. I’m still trying to figure out why Fedchenko, #5 WBO, is being given the shot against Marquez for the interim WBO light welterweight title. I mean, Mike Alvarado, who will be fighting on the same card tonight against Mauricio Herrera, is ranked #3 WBO. It would seem to me that Alvarado would be a much better choice than to be putting in the light hitting Fedchenko for the fight.

Mike Tyson in punchy stage show in Vegas

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AFP News agency

Fighting legend Mike Tyson has swapped the boxing ring for the cabaret stage, in a new one-man show which pulls few punches in recounting the ups and downs of his roller-coaster life.

In a stand-up act he hopes to take to Broadway and beyond, the ex-world champion tackles head on the most controversial episodes, including his jailing for rape — he insists he was wrongly convicted — and his struggle with drugs.

Talking in sometimes frenetic bursts for almost non stop for two hours — and showing some nifty footwork to musical numbers from a jazz-rock ensemble — he also recalls the good times when his talent brought him fortune and fame.

“Welcome to my living room,” said the 45-year-old, opening the first night Friday in an intimate 740-seater theater in the back of the MGM Grand casino complex in Las Vegas, where the show runs through until Wednesday.

“Many of you are wondering what the hell am I going to do up on the stage tonight,” he joked at the start of “Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth, Live on Stage. “To be honest I’m wondering the same thing too.”

The answer is a blow-by-blow run through his life story, starting with his birth in Brooklyn and not knowing who his real father was, his early brushes with the law, and how his mother died when he was 16.

It was then that his boxing mentor, Cus d’Amato, helped him turn his back on crime and detention centers and refocus his life around his awesome fighting talent.

“I had a lot of emotional problems,” he said, evoking a theme of show, in which Tyson uses an array of expletives — including the “N’ word, repeatedly — to describe stupid things he has done over the years.

His bad behavior didn’t prevent him from becoming the youngest ever heavyweight champion of the world at the age of 20, after winning his first 19 professional bouts by knockouts.

Mayweather Sr: Saul Alvarez is going to beat Mosley; this could be Shane’s last hurrah

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By Allan Fox

Floyd Mayweather Sr. sees WBC junior middleweight champion Saul Alvarez (39-0-1, 29 KO’s) beating the 40-year-old Shane Mosley (46-7-1, 39 KO’s) on May 5th and possibly sending him into retirement.

Mayweather Sr. said to’s On the Ropes Boxing Radio “I see Alvarez coming out on top. I see Alvarez beating Shane Mosley…Right now man it’s near the end for Shane Mosley…I think this will be his last hurrah. I think after this fight, Shane fights no more.”
I wish I could agree with Mayweather Sr. seeing Mosley retiring because I don’t see that happening. Mosley is still too much in demand by the younger lions not willing to face any real threats in trying to build their names up. I can see Mosley still fighting after he gets beaten by Alvarez next month on May 5th on the undercard of the Miguel Cotto vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr. fight at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada.


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By: Oscars Dean

Brandon Rios, the former WBA world lightweight champion, is going through a tough time as far as the weight is concerned since during the recent pre-bout weigh-in gathering, Rios has missed the weight for the second consecutive time and therefore will not be able to grab the vacant WBA lightweight title even if he wins the bout.

According to the details, Rios who is scheduled to take on Richard Abril in a 12-round bout with the vacant WBA title up for grabs, missed the weight by two pounds even when he was given an hour to reduce it.

It must be noted that this was the same reason why the title was stripped off him in the first place. In his last bout against John Murray, Rios was supposed to defend the WBA lightweight gold but since he was unable to make the weight he was relinquished from his gold with the stipulation that even if he wins the bout he will not be able to win the title.

Rios won the bout via 11th round knockout and since then the gold is still vacant and has not been claimed by anyone. As per the details put forth the media, the Nevada State Athletic Commission has now fined Rios to pay $45,000 out of his purse money of $450,000. One half of the fined amount will go to the commission whereas the other half will be awarded to Richard.

Juan Manuel Marquez vs. Serihy Fedchenko: Regular WBO Light Welterweight Title Possible

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By Gerardo Granados

Tonight at the New Mexico City Arena, Mexico City; former three division champion Juan Manuel Marquez will engage against Serihy Fedchenko # 4 WBO ranked contender. According to a statement made by Francisco Valcarcel president of the World Boxing Organization in an interview made yesterday at ESPN Golpe a Golpe, the fight could be sanctioned to dispute the regular light welterweight championship instead of the interim belt.

There is a good possibility and it is probable that the negotiations between promoters and the current champion Tim Bradley who will fight for the WBO welterweight belt against Manny Pacquiao could lead to authorize Marquez and Fedchenko to dispute the regular belt.
Marquez was interviewed and he stated that the interim belt was just a step towards to win the world title and be recognized as a legit four weight division champion. Juan Manuel believes that the interim championships are not as valuable as a world title but gave merit to the achievement.

De La Hoya Sees Mayweather vs Canelo as Record Setter

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By Jake Donovan

Golden Boy CEO Richard Schaefer first planted the seed more than two years ago for the possibility of Saul “Canelo” Alvarez one day getting a crack at pound-for-pound king Floyd Mayweather. At the time, the move was viewed as means to simply build the name of a young fighter still on the way up.

What sounded preposterous at the time is now dangerously close to becoming a reality.

Alvarez has appeared in the chief supporting slot for Mayweather’s last two pay-per-view events and plays the same role on May 5 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. An hour or so before Mayweather moves up in weight to challenge for Miguel Cotto’s 154 lb. title, Alvarez – a titlist in the same weight class – puts his own belt on the line as he faces former three-division champ “Sugar” Shane Mosley.

For the moment, Golden Boy is doing its best to not tip its hand as to the desired outcome for each bout. However, it stands to reason that an Alvarez win does much better future business regardless of the outcome of the main event. Mosley has already lost to both acts in the headliner, dropping a decision to Cotto in Nov. ’07 and was soundly outpointed by Mayweather two years ago.

A world of possibilities still exist for Alvarez (39-0-1, 29KO), who makes the fourth defense of the alphabet belt he acquired last March. Of course, how lucrative of a future he can enjoy depends on how well he perfoms on May 5.

“The (Alvarez-Mosley) winner goes on to bigger and better things. That’s a given,” states Oscar de la Hoya, president of Golden Boy Promotions, who serves as lead promoter for the May 5 event. “They can face the winner of Andre Berto-Victor Ortiz, or the winner of Floyd Mayweather-Miguel Cotto.

Mosley on Mayweather-Cotto: First 4-5 Rounds Are Crucial

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By Osman Rodriguez

Former three division world champion “Sugar” Shane Mosley is probably one of the best experts to give an opinion on the May 5th mega-bout between Miguel Cotto and Floyd Mayweather Jr. Mosley fought, and lost, to both boxers. Mosley lost a twelve round unanimous decision to Cotto in November 2007 and nearly three years later, in May 2010, he lost a twelve round unanimous decision to Mayweather.

Next month at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Mayweather (42-0, 26KOs) challenges Cotto (37-2, 30KOs) for the WBA’s 154-pound title. Mosley faces WBC junior middleweight champion Saul “Canelo” Alvarez in the co-feature.

Fury-Rogan: Weights

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LIVE in Canada TODAY at 5 p.m. ET, Only On


Yesterday’s Official Weights
from the Titanic Belfast

Irish Heavyweight Championship
12 x 3 min rounds

Tyson Fury (Nutts Corner / Manchester) 245lbs 12 oz

Martin Rogan (Belfast) 228lbs 4oz

Middleweight Contest
6 x 3 min rounds
Chris Eubank Jr (Brighton) 163lbs
Paul Allison (Stranaer) 162lbs

Light Middleweight Contest
8 x 3 min rounds
John O’Donnell (Galway / Shepherd’s Bush) 154lbs 8oz
Martin Walsh (Swanley) 155lbs 4oz








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By Felix Strunk

In a recent interview, three-division world champion Shane Mosley was surprised to hear that undefeated jr. welterweight champion Timothy Bradley was weighing just as much as him prior to the start of his training camp for his showdown with WBO welterweight champion Manny Pacquiao. Mosley, who is in the middle of training for his own showdown with WBC jr. middleweight champion Saul “Canelo” Alvarez, revealed that he’s currently weighing about 165 pounds with just 3 weeks to go before 154-pound title clash. Knowing a thing or two about moving up and down in weight, Mosley acknowledged that Bradley may find it more difficult to shed the extra weight in order to make 147-pound weight limit, however, he does think the extra size will be a benefit come fight night.

Adamek faces Chambers in a risky fight for both guys

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By Allan Fox

Eddie Chambers (36-2, 18 KO’s) will be coming off a long 16-month layoff when he steps into the ring to face former two division world champion Tomasz Adamek (45-2, 28 KO’s) on June 16th for a 10 round fight at the Prudential center in Newark, New Jersey.

Both the venue and the number of rounds would appear to favor Adamek, as this will be a home fight for him and he won’t have to deal with any big stamina problems by having the fight only 10 rounds instead of 12.

Adamek told “Eddie decided to fight me after his 16 month break from actually being in the ring…I like to fight against desperate opponents.”

I guess that’s why Adamek fought 42-year-old Andre Golota, 37-year-old Kevin McBride, 38-year-old Michael Grant, 36-year-old Vinny Maddalone, as well as soft fights against Nagy Aguilera and Bobby Gunn. If you get them when they’re desperate or when they’re career is on the downside, you can do well. However, I’d much prefer to see Adamek facing contenders rather than guys coming off of long 16 month breaks like Chambers; not that I see this as a bad fight for Adamek. Compared to his fights against the aforementioned fighters above, Chambers is a huge improvement. I just wish Adamek would face live threats that are fighting consistently and doing well in the ring, like Denis Boytsov, Kubrat Pulev, Robert Helenius, Alexander Dimitrenko, and some of the younger heavyweights like David Price and Tyson Fury.

Does Pacquiao face the Berto-Ortiz winner if he gets past Bradley?

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By Allan Fox

At this point there’s really not much of the Top Rank stable of fighters for WBO welterweight champion Manny Pacquiao to obliterate. He’s already beaten Joshua Clottey, Miguel Cotto and Antonio Margarito. Pacquiao is facing new Top Rank signee Tim Bradley next month on May 5th, and Pacquiao is expected to win that fight without too many problems.

So where does Pacquiao go next? Bob Arum of Top Rank doesn’t have too much left for Pacquiao in his stable. Does Arum keep Pacquiao in a fight against someone like the towering unbeaten 6-foot welterweight contender Mike Jones or lightweight Brandon Rios or does Arum look to match Pacquiao against an outside fighter like the winner of the June 23rd fight between Andre Berto and Victor Ortiz.

The winner of that fight would make for a good opponent for Pacquiao, because those guys can punch unlike Bradley. They would give Pacquiao some problems while the fight lasts. However, neither of those guys are Top Rank fighters and that could get in the way of the fight being made.

Freddie Roach: Senchenko’s jab the difference vs. Malignaggi

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HOBOKEN, NJ (April 12, 2012) - Five-time Trainer of the Year Freddie Roach predicts the jab of World Boxing Association (“WBA”) Welterweight Champion Vyacheslav Senchenko will be the difference in hisApril 29 world title defense against challenger Paulie “Magic Man” Malignaggi, airing live on pay per viewfrom Donboss Arena in Donetsk, Ukraine ..

Undefeated Senchenko (32-0, 21 KOs), rated No. 5 in the world by The Ring Magazine, has been training at Roach’s famed Wild Card Gym in Hollywood, California. The 2000 Ukraine Olympian captured the WBA title in 2009, winning a 12-round decision from previously undefeated Yuriy Nuzhnenko, and Vyacheslav has successfully defended his world title belt three times: Motoki Sasaki (DEC12), Charlie Jose Navarro (DEC12) and more recently Marco Antonio Avendano (TKO6) last August in his last fight.

“Senchenko is a very, very good boxer with good technique,” Roach recently said from the Wild Card Gym. “He has good height and a good punch. He had a great amateur background. The Ukraine has the No. 1 program in the world this year. It has a very good program and Senchenko is very well schooled. His jab is his best weapon and I think that will be the difference in this fight. He has a faster jab than Malignaggi and it should control the fight.

“I think Senchenko’s boxing ability will enable him to out-score Paulie to win a decision. Paulie is very game. He’ll bring the fight and make it exciting. Going to the Ukraine is not like going into hostile territory. The promoter (Yuri Ruban, Union Boxing) over there is very fair. One time I had a fighter from there - I thought he won - but he lost a decision at home. There will be neutral judges and the winner will be the real winner.”

Senchenko vs. Malignaggi,” presented by Union Boxing Promotion, is being distributed in the United States by Integrated Sports Media for live viewing at 1:00 PM/ET - 10:00 AM/PT on both cable and satellite pay-per-view via iN Demand, DIRECTV, DISH Network and Avail-TVNfor a suggested retail price of only $29.95.

The brash Malignaggi (30-4, 6 KOs)a former International Boxing Federation (“IBF”) junior welterweight champion, is unbeaten since moving up to welterweight with impressive wins against Michael Lozada (TKO6), Jose Miguel Cotto (DEC10) and Orlando Lora (DEC10).

“Paulie has a lot of heart,” Roach noted. “He always tries to win and gives 100 percent. He came to my gym after he lost to Amir Khan - my fighter - but I didn’t have time to work with him. One of my best trainers, Eric Brown, is training Paulie. It wouldn’t have been fair for me to watch Paulie train here to a fight a guy I train. A decision was made by all of is that it would be better if Paulie didn’t train here. Paulie’s getting ready for this fight at home (New York City but he recently shifted training camp to Milan, Italy). There were no bad words or feelings. Paulie’s a nice kid. He speaks his mind and I like people like that.”

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Unpredictable Rios hoping to repair reputation

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Brandon Rios has packed more drama into the past few years than many boxers manage in their entire careers.
He added even more Friday when he failed to make weight for his lightweight title fight with Richard Abril.
Rios stepped on the scales at Mandalay Bay Events Center at 137 pounds, two over the lightweight limit. He weighed even more on his second try, which means he won’t be allowed to fight for the vacant WBA belt he lost last year - also for missing weight.

Top Rank Vice President Carl Moretti said the promoters still will stage the fight, but a $50,000 bonus that would have been paid to the winner now will only be available to Abril.

With a victory, Rios (29-0-1, 21 KOs) expected to earn a shot at Juan Manuel Marquez, who will fight Sergey Fedchenko in Mexico City on Saturday in a split-site pay-per-view doubleheader. Top Rank already had discussed putting Rios and Marquez together in a 140-pound bout at Cowboys Stadium on July 14.

But given Rios’ unpredictability, nobody is looking too far past his current bout, even though Abril (17-2-1, 8 KOs) is a fill-in opponent for fellow Cuban Yuriorkis Gamboa, who bailed out of the matchup last month in a contract dispute.

“I’m not letting this unknown coming in and ruining eight years of hard work I put into building my professional boxing career,” Rios said before harming his own career considerably by missing weight again.


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Team Cotto has ‘blueprint’ to beat Floyd

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MANILA, Philippines – Team Cotto is confident they could pull off a surprise against Floyd Mayweather Jr. on May 5.

Bryan Perez, Miguel Cotto’s best friend, said the Puerto Rican star is “mentally ready” to take on the undefeated American boxer.

“Miguel has always said that he wants to fight the best names out there… [Floyd] has an undefeated record and he’s known as the best pound-for-pound, so it means a lot and it’s a big challenge,” said Perez in Fight Hype.


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De La Hoya: Mayweather-Canelo Plans in The Near Future

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By Keith Idec

The eventual showdown is quite an obvious possibility, but neither Saul Alvarez nor promoter Oscar De La Hoya wanted to talk much about it on a conference call Thursday.

Nevertheless, if Alvarez can overcome former three-division champion Shane Mosley on May 5 in Las Vegas, and undefeated Floyd Mayweather Jr. beats Miguel Cotto later that night at MGM Grand, Alvarez-Mayweather would be an intriguing fight for later this year or in the first half of 2013.

“It’s definitely something we have to sit down and talk about, after the fact, after May 5,” De La Hoya said. “But those would be the plans in the near future.”

Alvarez (39-0-1, 29 KOs) would love to challenge Mayweather (42-0, 26 KOs), but he knows the past-his-prime Mosley’s motivation is to pull off an upset and get back toward the top of boxing’s food chain. Mosley (46-7-1, 39 KOs, 1 NC) is 0-2-1 since his unforeseen domination of Mexico’s Antonio Margarito three years ago in Los Angeles, yet still dangerous.


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Manny Pacquiao Needs Mayweather, Not Juan Manuel Marquez

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by gerakis100 in Boxing

Manny Pacquiao, after his fight with Timothy Bradley this June, will look across thoe boxing world and look for a new opponent. Unfortunately, with Floyd Mayweather probably not giving Pacquiao the kind of money he’s looking for, we might have to settle for yet another, fourth, Pacquiao – Juan Manuel Marquez fight.

While the first three fights between the two fighters, especially the second one, have been highly entertaining and close. That doesn’t mean that boxing needs another fight. Especially Pacquiao doesn’t, having everything to lose against the 38 year old Mexican fighter, the eight time world champion in six different weight classes.


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Star-in-waiting Rios wants second chance to make first impression

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By Chris Mannix

Brandon Rios, like many athletes, is involved in charity work. Recently Rios was named an Ambassador of Hope for PADRES, an organization that seeks to improve the quality of life for Latino children and their families. He is sponsoring a 5K fundraising run in June and when he fights will wear a PADRES patch on his trunks to help raise awareness.

It’s admirable work. For Rios, it’s also necessary.

Flash back to November 2010. Rios, a stablemate of Antonio Margarito, was fighting on the undercard of Margarito’s showdown with Manny Pacquiao. Days before the fight a video leaked of Margarito and Rios mocking the tremors Pacquiao’s trainer Freddie Roach suffers from as a result of his Parkinson’s disease. Both Margarito and Rios were publicly condemned for their behavior and though both apologized, the damage was already done.

It was bad for Margarito, who was already dealing with accusations that he fought with loaded gloves. But for Rios, it was worse. At the time, Rios was a relative unknown. The video created a first impression that Rios has still been unable to shake.


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Roach responds to Khan and Pacquiao talk, says Senchenko will control Malignaggi with his jab

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Five-time Trainer of the Year Freddie Roach, coach of Manny Pacquiao, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr and Amir Khan, predicts the jab of WBA welterweight world champion Vyacheslav Senchenko will be the difference in his Saturday, April 29 world title defence against challenger Paulie ‘Magic Man’ Malignaggi, airing live on pay per view from Donboss Arena in Donetsk, Ukraine.

Undefeated Senchenko (32-0-0, 21ko), rated number five in the world by The Ring magazine, has been training at Roach’s famed Wild Card Gym in Hollywood. The 2000 Ukraine Olympian captured the WBA title in 2009, winning a 12-round decision from previously undefeated Yuriy Nuzhnenko, and Vyacheslav has successfully defended his world title belt three times: Motoki Sasaki (DEC12), Charlie Jose Navarro (DEC12) and more recently Marco Antonio Avendano (TKO6) last August in his last fight.

“Senchenko is a very, very good boxer with good technique,” Roach recently said from his California boxing club. “He has good height and a good punch. He had a great amateur background. Ukraine has the number one program in the world this year. It has a very good program and Senchenko is very well schooled. His jab is his best weapon and I think that will be the difference in this fight. He has a faster jab than Malignaggi and it should control the fight.

“I think Senchenko’s boxing ability will enable him to out-score Paulie to win a decision. Paulie is very game. He’ll bring the fight and make it exciting. Going to the Ukraine is not like going into hostile territory. The promoter [Yuri Ruban, Union Boxing] over there is very fair. One time I had a fighter from there – I thought he won – but he lost a decision at home. There will be neutral judges and the winner will be the real winner.”


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Fedchenko vs. Marquez break down; Sturm-Zbik analysis

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By Glyn Evans

After counterpunching Manny Pacquiao silly in November, only to be denied by a decision that appeared to be based more on commerce than sport, Mexican ring master Juan Manuel Marquez resurfaces at the New Mexico City Arena, Mexico on tomorrow night.

And BoxNation subscribers (Sky Ch.456 and Virgin Ch.546) will be able to witness the 38 year old ‘Dinamita’s’ attempt to become the third Mexican (behind Erik Morales and Jorge Arce) and only the 13th fighter in boxing history, to hold versions of world titles in four separate weight categories, when he squares off with Serhiy Fedchenko of the Ukraine for the vacant ‘interim’ World Boxing Organization (WBO) light-welter crown.

Having won six world titles from featherweight (126lbs) through to lightweight (135lbs) in a 19 year 53-6-1 career, the Mexican magician shall unquestionably be a first year entrant to the Boxing Hall of Fame in Canastota as soon as he is eligible, five years after retirement. We should savour his sublime skills whilst he remains active.

His impressive scalp list includes Manuel Medina, Orlando Salido, Marco Antonio Barrera, Rocky Juarez, Joel Casamayor, Juan ‘Baby Bull’ Diaz (twice) and Michael Katsidis. Add that several impartial and qualified observers are steadfast that he was sufficiently masterful to have merited victory in all three spats with Pacquiao (officially a draw and two contentious points losses). Let’s not forget, Prince Naseem Hamed rapidly crossed to the other side of the street whenever Marquez loomed large as a mandatory challenger to his featherweight belts.

It isn’t simply what Marquez has accomplished but the majestic manner in which it was achieved. He has proved more times than is healthy that he can war with the most savage contemporaries of his age. However, though thirty nine of his victims were sent for an early shower, he could equally be a cerebral technician, the smoothest of counter punchers, when he required or desired. Appreciated rather than revered in the manner compatriots Barrera and Morales are, Marquez is nevertheless one of the most complete all-rounders of his era, a permanent feature in those mythical pound for pound listings.

He seemingly has an ideal foil against which to showcase his considerable wares this weekend, in the form of Comrade Fedchenko, a 30 year old Ukrainian who sports a statistically impressive 30-1 slate but, in truth, is yet to confront the division’s elite.

A 5ft 6in orthodox fighter, managed by Alexander Krasyuk and coached by Viktor Demchenko, ‘The Professor’ turned pro in the Ukraine whilst just 20 in March 2002. He gathered an Inter Continental title en route to knocking up 23 consecutive wins, prior to incurring his sole setback.

In September 2009, South Africa’s Kaiser ‘Hammer’ Mabuza, a future IBF challenger and the reigning IBO czar, bested Demchenko on a 12 round majority decision in the Ukraine. Mabuza remains his most credible opponent by some distance.

Demchenko is sure to turn up overloaded with desire and determination but, despite rebounding with seven wins, most notably over DeMarcus Corley and Willie Blain (both points 12), it is doubtful that the East European possesses the skills, experience or power (just 13 stoppage wins) to halt Marquez’s assault on history and a possible future assignment with Amir Khan.

Nevertheless, it is always a privilege to observe the great Mexican executing his craft and Fedchenko should certainly have the nous and resilience to take the fight late, possibly even the full trip. Definitely worth tuning in for.


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Elite Trainer: “Pernell Whitaker was a better defensive fighter than Mayweather Jr.”

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by James E. King III

When fight fans think of the best defensive technicians of this or possibly any era in boxing, the names most frequently mentioned among enthusiasts of the sweet science are the names Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Pernell “Sweet Pea” Whitaker.
Although both pugilists are masters of the craft and absolutely impossible to hit cleanly, it’s seemingly unfeasible to figure out which fighter possesses the better protective skills?
Because the two combatants fought in very different eras, this question is impossible to answer. But by examining respective opponents and resumes, fight fans for years have debated this issue and have participated in various threads of internet disputes.

To help shed some light on the “friendly” discussion, asked expert trainer Ronnie Shields to help shed some light on the mythical contest.
“I have to be honest…I have to say Pernell Whitaker was the better defensive fighter of the two just for the simple reason that Pernell has fought the better competition,” claims the world renowned fight trainer.

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Alvarez Wants Mayweather-Cotto Winner: Fan Reaction

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By David King

Saul “Canelo” Alvarez is one of the most promising young fighters in boxing right now. And he feels he’s ready to challenge the very best boxers the sport has to offer. Alvarez is currently set to face former three-division champion, Shane Mosley, on May 5. And he’s already setting his sights on the winner of the Floyd Mayweather-Miguel Cotto bout (the main event of the same fight card).

“Yes, definitely, that’s what I’m looking for; those types of fights” Alvarez said when asked about a potential fight against the winner of the Mayweather-Cotto bout. “Obviously I first have this important fight [with Mosley]. We have to get passed this fight and God willing we’ll see what’s next. But right now we are 100% focused on Mosley.”

Alvarez will be a huge favorite going into his bout against Mosley, but he will be in for one of the toughest tests of his boxing career when the two collide at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, NV. Mosley is as experienced as it gets in boxing, and he’s certainly still dangerous enough to pull off an upset.
Alvarez’ performance against Mosley will help fans assess just how good the 21 year old is, and he’ll probably have a big-payday fight in his future if he walks away victorious.

In terms of a potential fight against Mayweather later on in the year, Alvarez will have a lot of competition, as other fighters like Sergio Martinez have also indicated a desire to face the pound-for-pound king. However, a Mayweather-Alvarez bout will certainly bring boxing fans out in droves, and it does make business-sense for both fighters..


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‘Black Mamba’ claims Pacquiao couldn’t last five rounds with Floyd Mayweather


by Colin Linneweber

The uncle and trainer of WBC welterweight champion “Pretty Boy” Floyd Mayweather told the Los Angeles Times on Wednesday that WBO world welterweight king Manny “Pac-Man” Pacquiao wouldn’t survive five rounds throwing fists with his nephew.

Unfortunately, despite an estimated purse that could pay both boxers in excess of $50 million apiece, the uncompromising and insatiable camps for both Pacquiao (54-3-2, 38 KOs) and Mayweather (42-0, 26 KOs) have seemingly forever prevented the hyped tussle from occurring.

Although Pacquiao is an equally large box office attraction to Mayweather, the particularly greedy “Pretty Boy” reportedly had the audacity to offer “Pac-Man” millions of dollars less than him to fight and absolutely zero proceeds from the pay-per-view showing.

Nevertheless, Roger “Black Mamba” Mayweather, a former titleholder in two different weight classes, had the pearls to place the onus for the negotiating squabbles squarely on Pacquiao and his promoter, Bob Arum.

Continue reading on ‘Black Mamba’ claims Pacquiao couldn’t last five rounds with Floyd Mayweather - Boston Boxing |

Official ESB Countdown To Mayweather vs Cotto: HBO 24/7 Kicks Off….Prepare for ‘Reality’ TV!!!

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By Vivek Wallace

In this weeks EastSideBoxing Countdown to Boxing scribe Vivek “Vito” Wallace takes a look at what fight fans can expect as we tune in to the premiere of HBO’s “24/7: Mayweather vs Cotto”. If the past is any indication, prepare for a wide range of emotions. Some will laugh, some will pout, a few may even cry……but all will tune-in…’s a few reasons why:

HBO’s 24/7 has become a staple of the boxing world when it comes to mega fights. Since its inception, the powerhouse network has slowly perfected the show using an element of entertainment that effectively bridges the gap between avid fans of the sport and those not always so fond of it. Through the years we’ve seen everyone from Oscar De la Hoya, to Manny Pacquiao, to Shane Mosley, and beyond…..but one name in particular seems to have a natural nitch when it comes to keeping fans of the sport home on Saturday nights when the rest of the world chooses to party!

When the camera’s roll this time around, the world will first hone in on Puerto Rico’s Miguel Cotto. A man of few words, and at times, even fewer smiles. One may read this excerpt and question where’s the entertainment value in that? Well, when it comes to Cotto perhaps the entertainment angle is best kept in the ring; but for those who can appreciate closeness of family, a little salsa y merengue, and every Puerto Rican dish from arroz gundules to Mofongo, this particular segment sells.

For those out there who need a little more of that “Hollywood’ element, filled with the type of drama that breeds street cred, look no further, as boxing’s ‘prettyboy’ turned ‘money-man’ is always eager to taxi the runway!

Past episodes of HBO’s 24/7 has seen Mayweather do everything from hit the casino’s to the tune of $100K bets, to skating with his kids and fighting with his Dad. Literally anything goes in the Mayweather camp, and in an era of reality TV, most quickly note that despite his showmanship, there’s nothing fake about Floyd’s antics.

In HBO’s “Face-Off” between the two fighters with commentator Max Kellerman, most took note of the fact that Mayweather seemed awfully tamed, as some fans even noted his non-typical “Ortiz-isms”, extending his hand to shake unnecessarily on multiple occasions. At first glimpse one would think we’re on the brink of seeing a kinder, softer, more gentle Floyd Mayweather as we gear up for this epic night. To those who feel that way, to quote my fellow Latino’s “No Tan Rapido”! In other words…..”not so fast”! What we’ve seen thus far is simply the calm before the storm. When the true camera’s get rollin’, prepare to see the antics come out!.
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Floyd Mayweather Jr.: ‘It’s Not My Fault.’ What Does This Statement Really Mean?

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By Vitali Shaposhnikov

I assume that if not all of you, then most of you have already heard of what Floyd Mayweather Jr. had said in an interview with the LA Times, but if you had missed it, here is his direct quote regarding his potential future bout against Manny Pacquiao: “No, I don’t think it’s going to happen. It’s because of Bob Arum. It’s not my fault.”

The question is this: is Mayweather Jr. planning ahead with full intention of fighting again as soon as possible against an opponent already in mind? Or is he yet again trying to divert some blame towards camp Pacquiao in an effort to put more pressure on Arum and possibly convince everyone that it is Floyd who is putting in all the effort in tying to make the fight a reality?


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Pacquiao vs Mayweather: Jim Lampley Is Pessimistic That The Fight Happens

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by Waldo Rastel

It seems that we always complain about Jim Lampley when he interjects his feelings into his play-by-play calls. The best example of this phenomenon is when Lampley tried to interject some excitement into a boring Manny Pacquiao fight and just started spouting absolute nonsense. Yet, he is getting his own boxing show on HBO, which will only make me miss BLH radio. Before his show airs, Michael Woods had a chance to ask him a couple questions about the potential Manny Pacquiao-Floyd Mayweather megafight.


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Katsidis fighting back from the depths

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By Nick Walshaw The Daily Telegraph

MICHAEL Katsidis was being interviewed in Las Vegas this week when, suddenly, he stopped the journalist midsentence.

“Are you suggesting I’m shot?” the gritty Toowoomba fighter asked, leaning forward.

“Obviously you’ve seen plenty of boxing, so I wanna know if you think I’m a shot fighter? If I look gone? You’re questioning me about being 31, but Manny Pacquiao is 33, Juan Manuel Marquez 38 … so exactly what do you think?”

If ever you needed someone to revive your faith in Australian boxing, a fighter who, no matter the opponent, keeps coming it has to be this Queenslander.

A two-time world champion who, just 16 months ago, battled Marquez in the HBO Fight of the Year. And yet still like The Riddler with a flattened nose, Katsidis finds himself covered in question marks.


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Marquez vs Fedchenko: Loss to Manny Pacquiao Will Spur Dinamita to Big Title Win

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By Mike Chiari

Several months ago, it looked as if Juan Manuel Marquez had shocked the world by beating Manny Pacquiao. What was even more shocking, however, was the fact that “Pac Man” was given the majority-decision victory.

With that fresh in his mind, “Dinamita” will outclass Sergey Fedchenko on Saturday night.

Although Fedchenko holds a 30-1 record, the 31-year-old Ukrainian is still a relative unknown in the boxing world, as he has yet to score a marquee win. Defeating the 38-year-old Marquez would certainly qualify, as he is likely headed for the Hall of Fame when it’s all said and done.

The bout, which will have the interim WBO Junior Welterweight Title on the line, represents a big opportunity for both men. Beating Marquez would open many doors for Fedchenko in terms of future opponents, but a win for Marquez would keep alive the possibility of a fourth fight with Pacquiao.

Marquez is 0-2-1 in his career against Pacquiao, but he has gone on record as saying that he believes he rightfully won every fight. It’s especially tough to argue against his case for the last fight, as there were few who believed Pacquiao was the better fighter. Marquez controlled the pace of the fight and befuddled Pacquiao, but because Pac Man was the aggressor, he was wrongfully awarded the win.

JMM has done a lot over the course of his career, but it appears as though officially beating Pacquiao is the one thing he still has to cross off of his list. If he beats Fedchenko, then it is still a possibility, but if he loses, then that could be all she wrote for Marquez’s fantastic career.


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Marquez keeps focus on next foe instead of Pacquiao

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MANILA, Philippines – Mexican champion Juan Manuel Marquez said he refuses to look past his next opponent even as he admitted hoping for a fourth fight against Manny Pacquiao.

Marquez will be fighting Ukrainian boxer Sergey Fedchenko in a super lightweight bout in Mexico City on Saturday.

The gutsy Mexican vowed not to underestimate the unheralded Fedchenko.

“All fights are risky, no matter what,” Marquez said in Yahoo! Sports. “You know what, there is no such thing as a sure thing. I need to do the same things to win a fight like this that I would if I were fighting Pacquiao or [Floyd] Mayweather.”

After his controversial loss to Pacquiao last November, Marquez said he thought he will be given an immediate rematch.


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Manny Pacquiao vs. Juan Manuel Marquez Part 4 Seems to be Headed Our Way

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by Alex Groberman

Don’t look now, but a fourth installment of Manny Pacquiao versus Juan Manuel Marquez appears to be heading our way.

Back in November of 2011, Pacquiao and Marquez participated in one of the most exciting and contentious big-name fights of the year. While many expected Pacquiao to make quick work of his older opponent en route to a knockout finish, the bout actually wound up going the distance – with some feeling as though Marquez had fought the better match. Eventually the judges gave the win to Pacquiao, though, and when that happened, the public outcry for a rematch could be heard all over the world. (Seriously, all over the world. That’s the sort of international appeal this shindig had.)

In the months since then, that outcry has quieted down dramatically. Somewhere between Pacquiao dangling a perspective bout versus Floyd Mayweather Jr. in front of fans and him eventually agreeing to a much less appealing match against Timothy Bradley, everyone forgot about the fight the entire boxing world wanted to see more than any other on the morning of Nov. 13, 2011.


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Marquez still stalking Pacquiao

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By Dan Rafael |

Juan Manuel Marquez, a three-division champion and a certain future member of the International Boxing Hall of Fame, is a proud man.

So after suffering the disappointment of losing a controversial majority decision to welterweight titlist Manny Pacquiao in November, in their third fight, Marquez wanted nothing more than a fourth meeting with his superstar rival.

But Pacquiao and Top Rank promoter Bob Arum had other ideas, which is why Pacquiao will instead defend his belt against junior welterweight titlist Timothy Bradley Jr. on June 9. Marquez was so upset he didn’t immediately get another shot at Pacquiao that he thought about calling it a career.

“I considered retiring because everybody knows I want to fight Manny again and that I won the last fight, and I feel very angry about that decision,” Marquez said. “Everybody knows I was looking for the rematch with Manny, but I don’t know what happened. The most important thing is, I like to fight and I will fight on [Saturday] and I am very happy about that. But I don’t know what happened with the rematch.”

Ultimately, Marquez, a fighter at heart, changed his mind. Rather than retire or pout about Pacquiao’s decision, he decided to fight on. With no big-name opponent available, he nonetheless wanted to stay busy and accepted a fight against little-known Sergey Fedchenko (30-1, 13 KOs) of Ukraine. They will meet for a vacant interim junior welterweight belt on Saturday night (Top Rank PPV, 9 ET, $44.95) in the first sports event to be held at the new Mexico City Arena in Mexico City.

“He is a professional, a true professional,” Arum said of Marquez. “He is a smart man and he knows what it’s all about, and he knows that complaining, once the judges render the decision, doesn’t change the result. So you pick yourself up and continue your career. I sort of suspect that the best is yet to come in Juan Manuel’s career.”

The fight is a homecoming for Marquez (53-6-1, 39 KOs). He is from Mexico City but hasn’t fought there since 1994, his second year as a professional fighter. Opening a new building to boxing in his hometown has helped excite Marquez for a fight against an opponent that few have heard of.

“It’s a great motivation to be at home,” Marquez said. “It’s a great satisfaction and, at the same time, a great responsibility. I have prepared quite well. It is a difficult fight, but I am looking forward to a great fight to show everyone how proud I feel about being Mexican and fighting once again at home.”

In the televised co-feature of the split-site card from Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Brandon Rios (29-0-1, 22 KOs), of Oxnard, Calif., will face Miami-based Cuban Richard Abril (17-2-1, 8 KOs) for the vacant lightweight belt Rios was stripped of in December when he failed to make weight for a defense against John Murray.


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Mayweather-Pacquiao Latest (Groan) - Floyd Tells The L.A Times It Won’t Happen, Roach Says “There’s Nowhere Else For Them To Go”


By James Slater

Even though he is, by his own admission, currently working his ass off for a fight that will happen in less than a month, unbeaten superstar Floyd Mayweather Junior is still being peppered with questions about a fight that has an average at best chance of happening.

Mayweather, as we know, faces the formidable challenge of Puerto Rico’s Miguel Cotto on May 5th (actually, it will be Floyd who does the challenging, for Miguel’s 154-plound title), and this fight has attracted quite some buzz amongst boxing people. But still, despite the soap opera having dragged on for far, far, far too long already, media types continue to ask Mayweather Junior about the possibility of him facing fellow superstar Manny Pacquiao.

The latest news on this tiresome subject is this: Lance Pugmire of The L.A Times was told by “Money” that “No, I don’t think it’s going to happen. It’s because of Bob Arum. It’s not my fault.”

Doubtless many fans will agree with Floyd when it comes to who is holding up/preventing the potential classic. Arum has been singled out as the bad guy a number of times before and some writers, Dan Rafael for one, feel Arum is the biggest problem when it comes to the two Pound-for-Pounders being able to meet and settle their differences in the ring.

However, some people - such as Pacquiao trainer Freddie Roach and Mayweather trainer and uncle Roger Mayweather - remain somewhat optimistic.

“There’s nowhere else for them to go,” Roach said of Team-Mayweather.


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More fighters should follow JMM’s lead

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By Dan Rafael |

Your random thoughts …

• I like the fact that Juan Manuel Marquez, one of today’s best fighters, isn’t just sitting around waiting for another big fight. He desperately wants a fourth fight with Manny Pacquiao, which could come near the end of the year, but there is certainly no guarantee. So Marquez will stay busy by facing Sergey Fedchenko on Saturday night in Mexico City in the main event of the Top Rank split-site pay-per-view card (9 ET, $44.95). More fighters should do what Marquez is doing, which is to stay active and sharp (even if not for a mega-payday) for when the big fight does come. Sure, it’s a risk. But boxing is all about risks.

• You think Yuriorkis Gamboa will be ordering the Marquez-Fedchenko/Brandon Rios-Richard Abril pay-per-view on Saturday night? Maybe he’ll order it and then just cancel at the last minute? Gamboa, of course, should have been fighting Rios for a seven-figure payday, but he bailed on the day of the announcement news conference because he is obviously listening to very poor advice from somebody. All Gamboa has now is a lot of free time, a breach of contract lawsuit on his hands from Top Rank (which costs money to defend), the ire of boxing fans and HBO, and no fight scheduled.

• I don’t love the Floyd Mayweather Jr.-Miguel Cotto HBO PPV undercard that was announced this week. From what I have heard from readers and tweeters, it has generated a big shrug. In other words, it’s OK — but certainly nothing to get excited about. Canelo Alvarez-Shane Mosley, the co-feature, was announced ages ago. That’s a showcase for Alvarez against a once-great fighter. Does anyone seriously think Mosley has a chance after his terrible recent (and very boring) performances? The other two TV bouts were announced this week — welterweight prospect Jessie Vargas against Alfonso Gomez, and junior middleweights Denadre Latimore and Carlos Quintana squaring off — are decent. I don’t know who will win either fight, but then again, I don’t find either bout to be all that intriguing because I don’t consider any of the four to be top-tier fighters. So the undercard is decent, but shouldn’t it be better when the PPV costs $59.95 (and more in HD)? By the way, I don’t blame promoter of record Golden Boy, either. This is Mayweather’s call, as he controls what goes on the card and he wanted Vargas and Latimore — his fighters — on the PPV.

• So Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.’s middleweight defense against Andy Lee on June 16 will take place at the Sun Bowl in El Paso, Texas. Two requests for the Texas boxing regulators: Don’t “forget” the drug-testing kits as you did in February for Chavez’s most recent fight in your state; and please, please, please, don’t let Gale Van Hoy anywhere near a judging stool or assign Jon Schorle to referee.

• I was happy to hear Lee got the shot against Chavez. He has worked hard to get it and deserves it. And I think it will be an entertaining fight. Ideally, the winner will face Sergio Martinez, the real middleweight champion, in September. Of course, I’ll believe that when I see it.


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Mayweather: No Pacquiao fight soon


By Dino Maragay (The Philippine Star)

MANILA, Philippines - Boxing observers and fans can probably kiss goodbye their hopes for a megafight between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. to happen this year.

This after Mayweather himself expressed doubt that a fight with Pacquiao will be made following the undefeated American’s bout with Miguel Cotto next month.

“No, I don’t think it (Mayweather-Pacquiao fight) is going to happen,” Mayweather said in an article by Lance Pugmire of The Los Angeles Times.

For a long time, boxing fans have been clamoring for a showdown between two of the best boxers in the world. Several negotiations to put the fight together have failed, with the Pacquiao and Mayweather camps blaming each other for various reasons.

There was Mayweather’s demand for an Olympic-style drug testing to be conducted prior to the fight – something Pacquiao initially balked at but eventually agreed to do. Then came the issue of the purse split, with Mayweather insisting to get a larger piece of pie than the logical 50-50 sharing.

But Mayweather singled out one person as being the cause for the failed talks.

“It’s because of Pacquiao promoter Bob Arum. It’s not my fault,” he said.

Both fighters ended up with different opponents, with Pacquiao taking on Timothy Bradley roughly a month after Mayweather faces Cotto.

Meanwhile, the trainers of Pacquiao and Mayweather were one in saying their wards should meet in the ring soon.

Pacquiao’s trainer Freddie Roach said Pacquiao fighting Mayweather would be the most logical move for both stars.

“There’s nowhere else for them to go,” Roach said.

For his part, Mayweather’s chief cornerman and uncle Roger Mayweather insisted that his nephew will have little trouble disposing of Pacquiao.


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Pacquiao vs Marquez: 4th Fight Could Be Held in Mexico City?


By Hougigo Martin (Correspondent)

Last November, Manny Pacquiao (54-3-2, 38KO) fought his longtime Mexican rival Juan Manuel Marquez (53-5-1, 39KO) for the third time to settle their little rivalry once and for all.

Pacquiao and Marquez had a draw in the first match and the second one going to Pacquiao by split decision. Both fights ended in controversy as they were both close fights that could have gone either way.

While the third fight was supposed to settle the score between the two once and for all, it ended once again in controversy as Pacquiao took a majority decision while many felt Marquez did enough to take the belt form the champion.

With the door still open, a fourth fight between the two is possible, but as days went by after the fight it seemed more and more unlikely that the two would fight each other again. The reason being that people have seen them fight three times already and the results were controversial each time. It just feels like no matter how many times we watch the two fight, it seems it will always be a close/controversial fight between the two, so why keep watching?


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Canelo Feels Ready For The Mayweather vs Cotto Winner

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By Luis Sandoval

When Saul “Canelo” Alvarez steps in the ring against Sugar Shane Mosley on May 5th at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, NV, he will be part of a long list of Mexican opponents Mosley has faced throughout his career. In fact, while Mosley is beloved and often considered to be one of their own by the Mexican fan base due to his fighting style, Mosley is undefeated when it comes to facing Mexican fighters.

It’s a known fact that has resurfaced again and Canelo addressed it on the most recent edition of BoxingScene’s official audio show The Boxing Lab. Canelo was asked if he knew about Mosley’s winning streak against his countrymen and what his thoughts were.

“Yes, I know about it because I’ve seen Mosley’s career. I’ve seen a lot of his fights. Why? Because I know he’s a complete fighter and I like to learn from other fighters. I know he’s beaten all the Mexican fighters. I know he’s a great fighter and it will be a great but difficult fight. But we will win and be the first Mexican [to beat him]” said Alvarez.


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Martinez Still Wants Chavez, Gunning for Mayweather Next: Fan Reaction


By David King

Currently ranked as the third best boxer in the world right now, Sergio Martinez might just end up having some pretty big fights later on this year. Martinez is currently scheduled to face the winner of the Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. vs. Andy Lee June 16 showdown - as long as both parties can agree to terms, including Olympic style drug testing - and he might just end up getting a shot at WBC welterweight champion, Floyd Mayweather, later on in the year.

“What a tough question. Sincerely I am only thinking of Chavez now but Mayweather is the toughest fight out there,” Martinez said when asked about a potential fight against Mayweather. “I really want the challenge. Mayweather is the toughest fight I can have. I want to fight other champs too but no one wants to fight me. … The perfect dream scenario for me is to fight Chavez in September and then Mayweather after.”


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Floyd Mayweather Vs Miguel Cotto Report from Their Training Camps: Fan’s Look

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By Cheryl Ragsdale

Floyd “Money” Mayweather and Miguel Cotto are focused on training for their May 5, “Ring Kings” HBO PPV bout taking place at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. For Mayweather, being back in the gym feels normal as he trains at the Mayweather Boxing Club surrounded by familiar faces and teammates, while Cotto is honing his skills at his camp in Orlando, for the second time.

HBO Boxing: Floyd Mayweather - Greatest Hits video

Scheduled for 12 rounds, Mayweather will be fighting Cotto at 154 pounds, a weight that some believe may pose a problem for the seven-time world champion. However, Mayweather is not worried stating, “My body feels great. I always fight around the weight I carry when I’m not fighting. Now, I can just work harder to feel stronger and more comfortable at 154 pounds. I haven’t had to adjust that much because my body has always just kind of found its comfort zone and that’s where I fight. I’ve been given a special gift with my weight. I have never had to worry about it other than to get in the best shape possible for all of my fights.”
I love Miguel Cotto, but my money’s on Mr. Money for this match-up. With Floyd’s record at 42-0, the stakes are high for that “0″. One day it will have to go. But will it be Cotto who delivers the blow to take the “0″? Can he find a way to make that happen?

“It feels good to be fighting again,” said Mayweather. “I’m getting great work from my sparring partners and the energy in the gym is perfect for training hard every day. I’m aware of Miguel Cotto’s record and success. I’m not taking him lightly. I’m working hard to get ready for the fight on May 5.”


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Roger Mayweather: Pacquiao wouldn’t last five rounds with Floyd Jr.


By Rob Smith

Roger Mayweather, the trainer and uncle for undefeated Floyd Mayweather Jr., doesn’t see Manny Pacquiao as even being a decent opponent for Floyd Jr. Roger sees it as an easy 5th round TKO win for Floyd and he really wants to make the fight happen after Floyd gets done dispatching WBA junior middleweight champion on May 5th.

Roger told the “There ain’t no way that guy [Pacquiao] lasts five rounds against my nephew.”

It sounds promising but it really isn’t, because Mayweather Jr. will likely face WBC junior middleweight champion Saul Alvarez next, as he’s the biggest name in the 154 pound division after Cotto is taken out. There are some other guys at welterweight and light welterweight that want Mayweather, such as Amir Khan and Andre Berto, but neither of them is ready to face him next. Khan has an important fight against Lamont Peterson next month, and if he wins that fight, he will either fight another time at 140 to try and unify the titles against WBC champion Danny Garcia or he’ll move up to welterweight and take a fairly easy fight to get used to the weight before going after Mayweather. Berto just came off another ruptured left bicep and he’s got a fight scheduled with Victor Ortiz in their June rematch, and who knows whether Berto will even be able to take that fight without a setback in his recover from the injury.


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Abril aims for WBA title against Rios

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Richard Abril is one of the hundreds of anonymous boxers who dedicate themselves to their profession without making much money, gaining any recognition or being promised a thing other than a damp shirt at the end of training.

Abril is one of the lucky ones. He holds a world title – OK, an interim world title – and that should separate him from the pack a bit.
Yet, it doesn’t.
Former World Boxing Association lightweight champion Brandon Rios inadvertently proved just how unknown Abril is last month at a news conference at the Versailles Restaurant in Miami. The news conference was supposed to be the first of two to announce a highly anticipated match for the WBA belt between Rios and Cuban star Yuriorkis Gamboa.
Though he had no part in the news conference, Abril showed up anyway to make a point to Rios and Gamboa that he was the champion. Problem was Gamboa never showed and Rios, who was there, didn’t know who he was.
“When I saw him there, I had no idea who the [expletive] he was,” Rios said Tuesday prior to a workout at the Top Rank Gym. “I just thought he was a fan or something.”
The scene got heated when the always emotional Rios realized that not only was Abril a fighter, but that he hoped to fight him one day.


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Don’t Ride Manny Pacquiao Too Hard on Foundation “Scandal”

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by Charles Jay

The Manny Pacquiao Foundation is the latest part of the world champion’s life to take a hit.
When are “relief goods” for flood victims NOT relief goods? I guess when they are used clothing. As a result of not qualifying as relief goods, they were held by customs, remain undelivered, and are at the center of a lawsuit filed by the commercial shipper of these goods (not identified in the original report by, who insist that problems with customs are hardly THEIR problem, and take measures to cover their ass in that regard.

The amount in question is around $36,000, which might be enough to replace all four tires on one of Pacquiao’s cars, although come to think of it, it’s equal to about 22% of the entire tax bill he paid in 2010.

In light of all this, Pacquiao has now started to pay some attention. He’s bringing new, powerful blood onto the board of directors of the foundation, with heavy hitters like Bob Arum and Steve Wynn. They’ll be joined by some physicians from the Cleveland Clinic, along with a lawyer, an accountant, and, well, you probably know how the age-old tradition of “damage control” works.

Like a lot of things that have gone on with the Filipino icon in the last few years, the foundation probably had no sense of institutional control.

And I, for one, am not going to lay all the blame at his feet.
I cannot imagine that Pacquiao is aware of the day-to-day goings-on with this organization, and I certainly don’t think that the illegal shipment was sent with his knowledge or sanction. You can’t really expect the guy to be on top of all issues at once.

As much was said by the very writer Pacquiao has slapped with his most recent libel suit. Edwin Espejo, whose “Pacquiao Watch” column has reported on Manny extensively through the years, notes that the foundation was not exactly a full-time operation, with employees showing up at the office only when PacMan was in town. and asserts that there have been so many people out there with agendas of their own that it is not inconceivable that some of them – even those associated with the foundation – may be running a little game and using his considerable notoriety to do it.


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In Bradley bout, superstitious Pacquiao faces 16th fight curse

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Manny Pacquiao, since losing his first fight against Rustico Torrecampo in 1996, has lost after every 16 fights. The congressman’s last loss was against Erik Morales in 2005, and his match against Timothy Bradley is the 16th fight after that loss.

Marv Dumon of pointed out that Pacquiao has lost every16 fights since suffering a third-round knockout against Torrecampo in Mandaluyong City 16 years ago. In 1999, sixteen fights after his first loss, he suffered a third round knockout against Thailand’s Medgoen Singsurat, which led to him losing his WBC flyweight title.

The pattern did not end there as 16 fights thereafter in 2005, Pacquiao faced Erik Morales for the WBC and IBA Super Featherweight titles. Morales ended up winning via a unanimous decision.


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‘BIR is right going after Pacquiao’

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By Frances Mangosing

MANILA, Philippines—Following the Bureau of Internal Revenue’s filing of the tax evasion case against its former poster boy, boxing icon and Representative Manny Pacquiao, half of readers think it was only the right thing to do.
In a poll conducted between March 29 and April 12, 51.73 percent or 2,682 answered “BIR is only right to go after Pacquiao” to the question, “What do you think of the BIR’s tax case against Manny Pacquiao?”
However, 32.15 percent or 1,667 thought it could be talked over by answering “BIR and Pacquiao should settle the case amicably.”
Meanwhile, 16.12 percent or 836 voted that “Pacquiao is right in calling the BIR move as harassment.”
In March, the BIR filed a tax evasion case against Pacquiao, for his alleged failure to submit complete tax records for the year 2010.


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Marquez: No such thing as easy foe

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By Diego Morilla |

Eighteen years is a long time away from home, and as the touchstone athlete in his native, boxing-crazy Mexico, Juan Manuel Marquez knows the wait for his next fight there has been too long. But the countdown has begun, and on Saturday at the brand-new Arena Ciudad de Mexico, Marquez (53-6-1, 39 KOs) will face Ukraine’s Sergey Fedcehnko (30-1, 13 KOs) in a split-side doubleheader also featuring the Brandon Rios-Richard Abril lightweight title bout from Las Vegas.

After a disappointing loss to nemesis Manny Pacquiao last November (in yet another fight that many believe he won), Marquez will be attempting to grab a title in his fourth weight class on Saturday — this time in a clash for a vacant interim 140-pound championship. The achievement would qualify as yet another landmark in Marquez’s storied career, and although all signs point to his next fight being a summer matchup with fellow headliner Rios, Marquez’s most urgent goal is to make a fourth fight against Pacquiao.

Marquez recently found a few minutes in his busy schedule to talk to ESPN Deportes about a variety of topics, including Fedchenko, fighting again in Mexico and the possibility of redemption against Pacquiao.

How was training for this fight?
The preparation was just like always — a strong preparation, a training camp focused on what the fight would be. We know that Fedchenko is a difficult fighter, a fighter who comes to win, and we got ready without leaving anything to chance.

What does it mean to you to fight in Mexico City again after so many years?
It’s a great joy, a great satisfaction to be able to return to my hometown in Mexico City and fight again for my people. To me, it’s a great feeling but also a great responsibility, and we have to give our best. Here in Mexico, people are very knowledgeable when it comes to boxing, so coming here and fighting again in Mexico City is a great pride, but also we need to demonstrate that we want to give people a great show. What do you know about your opponent as a fighter?
It’s a difficult opponent, one of those European fighters who are hard to decipher. But I believe that as the rounds wear on, we are going to try to decipher his style and we are going to work with experience and intelligence, and even with a lot of speed. We know that Fedchenko wants to come over and win, and become super lightweight champion. And we have prepared without taking anything for granted, we have prepared and concentrated for this fight and we know that it will be a difficult fight. And I am telling you that we want to give the fans a great show for the fans after 18 years of not fighting here in Mexico.

How hard is it to maintain focus for Fedchenko after fighting the best fighters in the world the past few years?
It’s not hard to stay focused because we know that there is no easy or small opponent in the ring, and we have to stay focused on each fight. We are used to fighting the best, and Fedchenko is a good fighter. We are not overlooking him. We know that you have to be especially careful with opponents who are not so good technically, because they come for everything and you can never be too careful. We are getting ready just as hard as we did against Pacquiao.

You will have a lot of guests at ringside for this fight, including Timothy Bradley Jr. Are any of them targets for the future?
No, not at all. To me, first things are first, I don’t talk before a fight. We know that we have a commitment on [Saturday] and it is important, and I don’t like to look down on any fighters or talk about a future when my present hasn’t been fulfilled yet. My next goal is [winning Saturday], and after that, we’ll see what happens. Fedchenko is first.

How important to your legacy is it to become a four-division world champion?
It is important, and it is important to have records, but the most important thing for me is to fight the best. To have people know that when they hear the name of Juan Manuel Marquez, they are hearing the name of a fighter who fought the very best. They can say that I won three or four championships, but fighting the best fighters out there is the most important thing right now.


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Pacquiao, Marquez in Talks For Fourth Bout in Mexico City?

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By Miguel Rivera has been advised by promoter Fernando Beltran of Zanfer Promotions, who represents Juan Manuel Marquez (53-6, 39KOs), that he started discussions with the representatives of Manny Pacquiao (54-3-2, 38KOs) to stage a possible fourth clash at the new Arena Mexico in Mexico City.

Beltran states the discussions with Pacquiao’s reps have gone well. This Saturday, Marquez will stage the first ever boxing event at the new Arena Mexico. He faces Sergey Fedchenko (30-1, 13KOs) for the interim-WBO junior welterweight title. If Marquez wins, he will possibly return on July 14 at Cowboys Stadium in Texas.


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Mayweather: No Pacquiao fight soon

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By Dino Maragay (

MANILA, Philippines – Boxing observers and fans can probably kiss goodbye their hopes for a megafight between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayeather Jr. to happen this year.

This after Mayweather himself expressed doubt that a fight with Pacquiao will be made following the undefeated American’s bout with Miguel Cotto next month.

“No, I don’t think it (Mayweather-Pacquiao fight) is going to happen,” Mayweather said in an article by Lance Pugmire of The Los Angeles Times.

For a long time, boxing fans have been clamoring for a showdown between two of the best boxers in the world. Several negotiations to put the fight together have failed, with the Pacquiao and Mayweather camps blaming each other for various reasons.

There was Mayweather’s demand for an Olympic-style drug testing to be conducted prior to the fight – something Pacquiao initially balked at but eventually agreed to do. Then came the issue of the purse split, with Mayweather insisting to get a larger piece of pie than the logical 50-50 sharing.

But Mayweather singled out one person as being the cause for the failed talks.

“It’s because of [Pacquiao promoter] Bob Arum. It’s not my fault,” he said.


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Manny-Floyd in November? Forget it!


by : People’s Journal

The much-awaited fight between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather, Jr. will not take place in November, according to the man who ought to know.

Promoter Bob Arum told that the fight between boxing’s biggest stars at present is more likely to happen next year than in November.

“I have to be realistic about this,” Arum said. “I don’t think that Mayweather will be available in the fall to fight Manny. He certainly doesn’t indicate that he wants to fight him now. I would think, probably, everybody would be better off if we thought about that fight [for] next year,” Arum said.

“But everything is open. First of all, Manny has a really tough fight with Bradley. And secondly, depending on how things break everybody would certainly agree that Juan Manuel [Marquez] deserves a rematch [with Pacquiao]. So I would think that would be what I’m focusing on.”

Pacquiao (54-3-2, 38 KOs) will take on the unbeaten Bradley on June 9 at MGM Grand in Las Vegas in a 12-round fight for Pacquiao’s World Boxing Organization welterweight title.


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Is Manny Pacquiao vulnerable in upcoming fight against Bradley?

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Rick Rockwell

There’s a growing sentiment among the boxing universe that Manny Pacquiao might be vulnerable in his upcoming fight against Timothy Bradley. Pacquiao has recently faced numerous personal issues that could distract the fighting congressman, which could bode well for Bradley. According to a Tuesday April 10th report by Yahoo! Sports, Manny Pacquiao’s charity foundation, which bares his name, has just been named in a lawsuit. This lawsuit comes on the heels of Manny facing tax penalties and potential criminal charges for his personal taxes from 2010.

The lawsuit against Manny’s foundation states that the organization never paid shipping charges on a delivery of relief goods that were shipped to the Philippines. The fees associated with this lawsuit is roughly 36,000 dollars, not including interest since the goods are still sitting in a shipping container. the alleged incident took place in 2009.

In addition to the tax problems and this recent lawsuit, Manny has also come under scrutiny in his role as Congressman due to his lack of attendance and questionable affiliations. Even Manny’s family members have become subject to media attention. All of these issues don’t even compare to the huge cloud hanging over Manny’s head in regards to a fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr. not materializing.


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Manny Pacquiao: Will Outside Distractions Finally Derail Pac-Man?

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By Joseph Santoliquito

He’s survived it all. The battles with Miguel Cotto, Oscar De La Hoya, Juan Manuel Marquez (just barely), Antonio Margarito, Shane Mosley and Ricky Hatton.

He’s somehow managed to stay afloat amid myriad parasites—and they are many in boxing, the hangers-on with their hands out looking for something for nothing. And then there is the step into Filipino politics, a maggot-infested cesspool that is far worse than anything Boss Tweed and Tammany Hall could have conjured up.

Manny Pacquiao had a poor training camp in preparation for his latest fight against Marquez. Everyone watching saw a fading Pac-Man in the later rounds who somehow managed to eke out the victory. This time, Pacquiao has “The Man,” the Filipino version, coming after him and hovering.

In March, Pacquiao was facing contempt charges by the Philippines’ Bureau of Internal Revenue for his refusal to provide documentation relating to his income sources and tax payments. Pacquiao said he would fight the charges, but he also publicly said something else, admitting he couldn’t train hard lugging this new set of excess baggage.

He does have a major fight coming up. Against Timothy Bradley on June 9, at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Against a stubborn, fearless opponent who won’t back down and will keep coming at him, testing Pacquiao that if he isn’t 100-percent, he will lose.

At one time, no one multi-tasked better than Pacquiao. At one time in his career, he had a very strong taste for the nightlife, carousing in pool halls into the wee hours of the morning when he should have been leading a more Spartan existence for a budding world-class fighter.

Pacquiao somehow managed to survive that spell.


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HBO’s Jim Lampley: ‘Sad and painful’ that Floyd Mayweather hasn’t fought Manny Pacquiao yet

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By Josh Slagter |

Add HBO Boxing’s Jim Lampley to the list of people who have their doubts if a megafight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao will ever come to fruition.

“Pure speculation, my guess is it doesn’t happen,” Lampley told’s Michael Woods. “They keep delaying it. It keeps not being the thing they want to do. It’s sad and painful.”

Mayweather’s next bout is May 5 against Miguel Cotto at MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Pacquiao will be back in the ring June 9 against Timothy Bradley.

Lampley’s new show, “The Fight Game,” will debut on HBO on May 12 and has five total episodes scheduled for 2012. Lampley said it’ll be a “30-minute boxing periodical.”


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