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Steroid Talk Heats Up Again: Manny Pacquiao, Amir Khan, Alex Ariza, Shane Mosley, and Floyd Mayweather Jr/Sr

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M.D. Walton

Extra, Extra, Read All About It: The Steroid Discussion has been all over the news again since the Mosley/Pacquiao fight was made. Mayweather said he was trying to change the sport in general by having Olympic Style testing , but he hasn’t said too much since he beat Mosley. The blood testing was a

Mosley/Mayweather pre-fight practice and then it ended after Floyd proved that he could beat Shane naturally.

First, Mr. Mayweather Jr.: If you really want to change the sport, you’d campaign for it as much as Barack Obama campaigned for his Presidency. I’ve seen you mention fighters dying in the ring. That’s a serious matter and now you’ve gone in the dark and stopped your campaign, which says you really could care less about the steroid usage in the long run. You’d stop singling people out and ask for a broader examination of it. You can’t just single out Mosley. You should have tested Marquez..Oscar…Ricky Hatton..all of those people, even if they don’t have a BALCO past. Hmm..are you really trying to change the sport..or just certain people who steal the spotlight?

Now Amir Khan is getting accused of steroid use as well. He took Maidana’s punch and stayed on his feet. All of a sudden this makes him a steroid-user. He also puts Maidana down with a body shot. Hmm.. Doubt he’s on the juice.

Paulie Malignaggi got a TKO. He hasn’t had one for years…do we accuse him of steroids? No…and we shouldn’t.

Alex Ariza: I don’t think you are giving people steroids, but because this is such a heated issue, you should tell the public what kinds of supplements you give your fighters.

Floyd Sr: You say Mosley will bust up Pacquiao and that Pacman will walk through Mosley’s punches due to his steroidal use . Your son got hit with a good shot in Round 2 of the Mosley fight and he pretty much walked through his punches as well. You said Mosley has that kind of power to hurt Pacman. News: Why don’t you say that Pacquiao has a good chin…just like your son had in that fight?

If Mosley knocks Pacman out, will people accuse him of steroidal use? I wonder…. Some people will say he’s almost 40 and had the natural ability to knock the Pound for Pound King out. Some people might just accuse him of…

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1 Comment

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