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Sound & Fury: Next for Amir Khan, Fury-Chisora, Pacquiao-Mayweather Drivel, Erik Morales Returns

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(Welcome to another edition of Sound & Fury, the boxing column that blackens eyes and skips clichés. This week TCS looks at what the future might hold for Amir Khan, heaps dirt on Golden Boy Promotions and Pacquiao-Mayweather talk, wonders why anyone gives a second thought to Tyson Fury, looks into “The Greatest Pay-Per-View Card in History,” and shows a certain amount of admiration for the way sanctioning bodies hustle their marks with such ease.)

Tyson Fury and Derek Chisora gyrated for 12 stupefying rounds last week in a fight that, inexplicably, seemed to be a happening in London. There is even talk of a rematch, as if a second bite of moldy cheese is any more appetizing than the first. If Fury and Chisora do fight again, they should be forced to duke it out in the middle of a crop circle in Wiltshire.

That Chisora was within a wisp of fighting Wladimir Klitschko for a “world” title is mind-boggling. Chisora, who looked like he trained on a steady diet of bangers and mash leading up to his bout with Fury, fights like a man who would find himself repeatedly locked into a bathroom on a plane. Of course, if Klitschko had not pulled out of the fight, British bookmakers would probably have installed Chisora as a 3-1 favorite going in. Kissing men at press conferences, apparently, is enough to get a reputation in the U.K. these days.

It is exasperating to note that hardly anyone in the press seems interested in stating the obvious: that Fury is a lumbering mediocrity and that Chisora is merely lumbering. Now, as stated here repeatedly, all fighters deserve respect—boxing is a taxing pursuit no matter what level a man ultimately reaches—and Fury is free to practice his trade whenever and wherever a remunerative market allows him to do so, but does that mean we have to pretend he can fight? Fury is another boxer whose only real accomplishment thus far is being obnoxious enough to capture the attention of people who believe boorishness is some kind of attribute. Vulgarity, it seems, is the new currency in this Reality TV, TMZ, ADHD, Gawker age, and boxing is increasingly using it to sell fighters who enter the ring with the bad intentions of a Quaker or an anchorite.


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