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Pacquiao should win but don’t count Mosley out - - Roy Jones Jr

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Photo Credit: Brad Cooney

By Brad Cooney

In a recent Podcast on 8CountNews living legend Roy Jones Jr predicted that Manny Pacquiao should win, but you should never count Shane Mosley completely out.  Jones has gone on the record several times and praised and supported Manny Pacquiao,and he did it again last night.

Roy Jones Jr will go down as one of the greatest fighters of all time.  His admiration and respect for Pacquiao is clear, but he also respects Shane Mosley.  Jones talked to this writer about the Pacquiao Vs. Mosley fight yesterday, ” Manny Pacquiao is on top of the boxing world right now.  He’s been winning and beating good fighters.  He should win the fight but don’t count Mosley out completely.”

Jones went on to say, ” Pacquiao has been beating guys in bigger weight classes, and he’s hot right now.  With that said, don’t completely count Mosley out because he’s got skills too. Sometimes a guy with skills is able to make some adjustments in their older age.”  Jones added, ” I’m looking for a…

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