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Pacquiao, Porter exchange in heated sparring session that draws standing ovation

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Dennis ‘D Source’ Guillermo

Wild Card Gym Hollywood, CA - For those who are wondering if Manny Pacquiao is ready for his fight against Shane Mosley next week in Las Vegas, his Thursday- and perhaps final — hard sparring session against Shawn Porter emphatically provided the answer. Yes, Pac Man is ready to go to war.

Pacquiao and Porter drew cheers from onlookers after 5 rounds of intense sparring. “We weren’t even done yet,” Porter shared with me, and continued, “We went five rounds today. The fourth round, I got him on the ropes, I started throwing, he started exchanging, and I say I can’t stop til’ he stops, I guess that same thing was going through his head. We were there for about one minute, I didn’t let him off the ropes, he tried to move, maybe one time he tried to move, and I didn’t let him go anywhere, and we just stayed there for about a minute banging, and that was at the end of the fourth round, and we got a standing ovation after the fourth round, and my dad said, ‘Come on over you got to recover, we got one more’ and that’s how it is with Manny Pacquiao. You got to give it your…

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