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Pacquiao Not Giving Up On Mayweather Fight


While Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao is contemplating to finally hang his gloves, the boxing icon somehow remains uneasy when the subject of retirement was raised at the sidelines of a sports event Sunday night.

“Can we not talk about it for the meantime?” Pacquiao said late Sun
day night when the Manila Bulletin fielded that question at the 12th Elorde Boxing Awards and Banquet of Champions at a hotel in Makati City.

But when he realized that the question was not entirely about his impending retirement – but regarding Floyd Mayweather Jr. – Pacquiao’s face lightened up and went on to speak even if the sentence was still halfway from completion.

Despite a series of failures to make the fight happen, Pacquiao is nursing hopes that Mayweather will realize he is reasonable in his stand of getting a 50-50 share in the pay-per-view income.

Yesterday morning, Pacquiao issued a statement on television, saying he is open to getting a smaller share of the purse as long as he and Mayweather equally share the payper-view revenue, knowing all too well that their fight would break all records.

Still, Pacquiao said he won’t regret not having fought Mayweather because he had done his part in making the “dream fight” become a reality, and that his legacy as an alltime great is safe and secured.

“I am satisfied with my accomplishments in boxing,” said Pacquiao, who returns to the ring against unbeaten American challenger Tim Bradley on June 9 in Las Vegas.

“It is clear that he doesn’t want the fight, and I can’t do anything about it. This fight is going to be great only if it happens,” Pacquiao, the congressman of the Lone District of Sarangani, said.

The last time negotiations were held, Mayweather, who has opted to face Miguel Cotto on May 5, made it clear that Pacquiao and everyone else fighting him will have to settle for crumbs because he claims that he, and not his opponent, is the star attraction.

Pacquiao, 33, is on the twilight of a stellar 18-year career and after Bradley, he plans to fight two or three more times before announcing his retirement, and a spot in the Hall of Fame guaranteed.

As this developed, Pacquiao assailed the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) for filing a case against him that affected his international product endorsements worth millions of dollars.

Pacquiao said his clean name was maligned by BIR officials who gave the impression he is a tax evader even though he received recognition from the same agency that he is a role model and cited as one of the prompt top individual taxpayers in the country.

He said he lost at least four major sponsors in the United States that already signified their intention to make him the endorser of their products. The US companies decided to pull out as result of the BIR’s move picturing him as tax evader.

The BIR earlier this month charged Pacquiao with failure to obey summons for allegedly not submitting documents such as tax records and contract endorsements the agency asked him to produce.

Pacquiao learned from his lawyers that the BIR sent him Letter of Authority and subpoena duces tecum while he was training in the US for his fight against Juan Miguel Marquez.

Dean Abraham Espejo of New Era University College of Law, who joined Pacquiao in the press conference, said a certain Jocelyn Nobria received the documents in behalf of the lawmaker but it turned out that the name is fictitious.

Former Justice Secretary Artemio Tuquero, one of the lawyers helping the solon, said “this is obviously harassment. Imagine asking taxpayer to submit documents that could be self-incriminatory? (With a report from Anna Liza Villas)


Comment by Guest — March 27, 2012 @ 6:25 am

Lol this post is hilarious. First of all pacquiaos career will not be as secure as he thinks it would be if doesn’t fight Mayweather. Reason because if this was the case people wouldnt be demanding it years later after the first failed negotiation. So he can not be content if not fighting Mayweather . Mayweather is the best of this generation and you PAC fans know it. If he was such a cherry picker with no skill and such a bum and this that and the third. Why do u guys want too see him fight pacquiao. Just admit it that Mayweather is the best to ever do it.. If the reason you guys want too see Mayweather fight pacquiao just because he talks trash that makes no sense. Do you want too see Kobe bryant want to play against every guy who talks trash or would you rather see Kobe face a prime micheal Jordan? You get my point?. So stop all the cherry picking and he’s a ducker bullshit. Anyways I also read in this article that Mayweather is the star and all his opponents gets “crumbs”. Are you stupid? Ortiz got the biggest check of his career facing Mayweather he was use to getting in the grands range but when he faced Mayweather he got a few millions. And cotto definitely will get in the double digit millions. ” some pacquiao has never got” and that’s fact!

Comment by iron — March 27, 2012 @ 6:39 am

pacquiao is not stupid to do what floyd said to him because pacman is the number 1 p4p today because ,8 titles in 8 diferent division who would ever to that maybe in future but no today..jus pacman!…plus you cant say that his career is not safe and secure because wat do u know about him?????…u jus hate pacquiao dats why cause u jealos..and me i dont hate floyd i jus hate the way he talks trash…he is a good fighter…even though he is not my favorite but atleast im being fair and honest.think before you speak…plus any way if u dont like pacquiao why are you in his website?i know u didnt say that but,i can tell

Comment by alize — March 27, 2012 @ 8:11 am

Shut up guest you deserve to be slapped like a bitch always talkin shit like maynever your bitch ass knows maynever don’t want none. You don’t shit so do everyone a favor and shut your dumb ass up

Comment by Rocketfist — March 27, 2012 @ 8:55 am

Tell em boys…guest is just another Kentucky Floyd Chicken backer who cant stand the truth!!! Manny would annialate Pink Floyd anyways and the punk knows it!!

Comment by Gavin — March 27, 2012 @ 4:53 pm

Hahahah,Guest here we go again. Calzaghe was undefeated but never demand 100% PPV. Pacquiao is NOT ORTIZ. Pacquiao is NOT COTTO.
If FLOYD wants to get 100% PPV,then he should fight himself! that way he keeps it all to himself! I’m sure 50%of PPV will come from Manny and Floyd fans. Pacman can retire as a RECORD HOLDER of 8 world titles in 8 weight division and NEVER LOST the POUND FOR POUND TITLE! Floyd retired-cameback-retired-cameback to boxing pretending to demand a fight against Pacquiao only to SIGN another fighter! We want to see Pacquiao fight Mayweather because everyone will see if Mayweather’s claim as the best fighter is true! If Mayweather never fight pacquiao then he never proved it! As for Pacquiao, 8 world titles in 8 weight division being the pound for pound no.1 fighter is proof that he is the best in his era! Fighter of the decade ring a bell?

Comment by Guest — March 28, 2012 @ 6:50 am

Look you punks do follow what Guest is saying he has a marble for a brain 90% fill with shit and 10% fill with tap water. Here he goes again talking about calzaghe fighting pacquiao. Now your dumb ass said it again so you can look at your own post and see it. Mayweather has never fought him and neither did pacquiao what the hell you talking about???? And you talking about pacquiao fighter of the decade what???? Mayweather fighter of the decade and of our generation. How is a man who never lost a fight and dominated guys time and time again not fighter if the decade you stupid. What’s going to be your guys excuse when Floyd beat cotto.. ” cotto was old now” or ” “cotto didn’t look himself”.. I got a good won ” Floyd was suppose to win” you guys a retarded like Ben stiller in dodge ball you said dumb shit like when he said ” no one makes me bleed my own blood” dummy’s. Don’t you guys realize you was saying the same shit when Floyd fought Ortiz. Ortiz got frustrated because he wasn’t hitting Floyd like he was hitting Andre Berto in hie previous fight. Point is pacquiao needs Floyd! Floyd don’t need pacquiao. You say he’s a 8 time world champion right. But has ever fought the best of the best? No he has not! Has he lost to marquez at least two out of the three times? Yes he has! Face it guys pacquiao hasn’t got a clean knock out sense ricky hatton and cotto.. Mayweather just knocked the fuck out or Ortiz. You guys don’t know boxing. 8 time champion my assssss.. You guys know Mayweather is the best that’s why you want too see him fight pacquiao.

Comment by Guest — March 28, 2012 @ 6:53 am

Do me a favor you punks. Go to YouTube with your fruity pebble pacquiao t shirts on. You type in ((((((Floyd Mayweather highlights)))))))) on YouTube. You sit down watch it for 5 minutes then you come back her and tell me what your ja-bronie ass thinks!!! And you will see why Im telling you pacquiao has nothing on Floyd!!!!!

Comment by Arnold — March 28, 2012 @ 11:49 am

Hey Guest alyas moron! Pacquiao doesn’t need Floyd. Floyd needs Pacquiao. Pacquiao already is in the top 10 in the greatest boxers of all time. Floyd still has to crack the top 25. KAPISH!

There are multiple undefeated boxers in history THERE’S IS ONLY ONE IN HISTORY EVER WHO HAS TITLES IN 8 DIFFERENT WEIGHT DIVISION. AND THAT’S YOUR DADDY MANNY PACQUIAO. Pacquiao was the AP Boxer of the decade and Floyd wasn’t. Pacquiao was 4 time boxer of the year, Floyd once. Floyd is a woman beater and threaten kids just like your motherf%cking ass! Pacquiao is respected around the world, Floyd is respected in jail.

Now try to chase your tail and shove it up your ass!!!

Comment by Guest — March 28, 2012 @ 12:58 pm

What the hell Is wrong with u??? Manny pacquiao damn sure is not no top ten of fighters of all time. Are you kidding me????

The greatest of all time list

Joe Frazier
Sugar ray Robinson
Mike Tyson
Floyd Mayweather
Sugar ray leonard
Tommy hearns
Holy field
Lenox Luis
Roy jones

Pacquiao does not make no damn top ten of great fighters of (all time) stop with the games and tricks.
Sorry silly rabbit tricks are for kids!

Comment by Gavin — March 28, 2012 @ 6:23 pm

@Arnold. Guest will never understand what Pacquiao has achieved that no man has ever done winning a record 8 world titles in 8 weight divisions and holding 4 lineal titles along with being recognized as pound for pound no.1 fighter and fighter of the decade. All these recognized achievements are from recognized organizations that gives recognitions to all boxers.
Instead, Guest would rather cry a bucket full of tears with this knowledge especially knowing what Floyd has done have been done before (undefeated record). Calzaghe and Rocky Marciano retired with undefeated records but are they in Guest’s Hall of fame lists? NO! All the fighters in his list have a loss record but yet they are Greatest of all time. Undefeated DOESN”T MEAN SHIT if it doesn’t include a fighter that people believe can beat you. And that means Floyd’s undefeated record means SHIT if Pacquiao is not included in the list of his beaten fighters..Guest instead would go on and on about Marquez beating Pacquiao,Pacquiao is on steroids, Floyd should get 100%PPV etc etc and then cry! hahaha

Comment by Gavin — March 28, 2012 @ 6:27 pm

Guest, Floyd KO Ortiz? HAHAHAHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA.Is suckerpunch considered a legitimate KO? you are a funny man guest..I LOVE YOU!

Comment by Guest — March 29, 2012 @ 12:20 pm

Let me break it down for you a lot of the fighters on my list wouldn’t have had a lost if they knew when to call it quits. For instance mike Tyson would be undefeated if he stayed the hell away from don king. Don king distracted mike from training. Mike would say in his interviews after fighting that he only trained two weeks before the fight. On top of that he had a lot of distractions like his gold digger wife who wanted nothing more then his money. Mile was twenty when he got married too her he was so young. No man should ever be married that young because you still finding out what type of woman are best for you. Plus his excellent trainer casamayor pass away who kept him in the best shape of his life. It was just a big wirld wind of those things that effected mike. Mike should have been undefeated but when he was only training for two weeks for a fight he started losing to guys and then he was just fighting for pay checks.

Comment by Guest — March 29, 2012 @ 12:26 pm

Another guy is Roy jones who went up to light heavy weight. He won a title there but then he came back down to his normal weight in the 150-160 range too quick. He loss his speed and power. Your body needs time too recoup. Roy took a fight against tarver and he wasn’t the same. This brings me to manny pacquiao. It has never been herd of too move up in weight classes and keep your power and speed((((in history)))). It just does not happen. Something is very strange about that. Because when you move up in weight like Roy did you noticed a big change in his speed. This is just commen sense here its not I’m being a pacquiao hater at all. When you get bigger you may have more power but you lose speed. Pacquiao did not lose anything. And even some of the top anaylsis agree with what I’m saying. He’s a 8 time champion in different weight divisions. But you got to believe something ain’t right with that picture.

Comment by Guest — March 29, 2012 @ 12:28 pm

And if you really love me. PROVE IT and say Floyd Mayweather is the best to EVER do it!!!!! Bwaaaaaaa haaaahaaaa

Comment by Gavin — March 29, 2012 @ 2:53 pm

Guest,you just confirmed that being an 8 world title champion in 8 weight division is no easy task and you just proved that Pacquiao being able to do it without losing his speed and power and destroying NOT just bigger guys but legitimate BIGGER GUYS who were legitimate champion in their division. But yet ever since I started posting on this site and reading your post for hte first time, YOU FAILED to prove your allegations that Pacquiao uses steroids etc. Pacquiao agreed to take random tests that Floyd demands so Floyd have NO MORE EXCUSES!
As usual Floydiots contradict yourselves! You say Pacquiao is NOT good because he fought old,slow,made for him,drained,floyds leftover fighters etc and discredit him for his victories. Then you say Pacquiao destroying this bigger guys is NOT possible so he uses steroids that’s why Pacquiao is so good!..Then you say Marquez beat Pacquiao so you forgot that steroids issue and realising pacquiao is human and beatable given the right style of fight. FLOYDIOTS just keep contradicting yourselves and FLOYDIOTS are full of EXCUSES!
Guest,you seem to have so many theories and analysis and BULLSHIT! Bottomline is this FLOYD doesn’t want to fight Pacquiao! You just said it! Pacquiao destroyed bigger and stronger guys with unbelievable POWER and SPEED! Pacquiao will walk through Floyds punches but Floyd cant’! Pacquiao will hit him with blinding speed from weird angles that floyd will never see and defend. Floyd will be too busy to defend and not throw punches in fear that Pacquiao will hurt him. WATCH THE CLOTTEY PACQUIAO fight coz that’s the replica of Floyd vs Manny fight.
Lastly I LOVE YOU for being the foolish ignorant and peanut brain that you are. And yes,I will say it ” Floyd Mayweather is the best to ever do it! To ever DUCK Pacquiao! and to ever come up with endless demands and excuses to DUCK Pacquiao” BOKBOKOKKKKKKK

Comment by Guest — March 29, 2012 @ 6:58 pm

Gavin you peanut head the reason it’s never been done before, is because it’s not possible. I guess you believe a donkey and a bird can have babies too huh? Your a jackass. People don’t move up in weight and keep your same power and speed it just don’t happen. that’s like your mike Tyson and I’m Miguel cotto. I shouldn’t be able to keep my speed and my power plus go up in your weight division and woop your ass. That type of stuff just don’t happen. So when Floyd Mayweather and Floyd Sr. Brought up those allegations they had every right too because it makes sense. But it’s like your not understanding it. And for you too say pacquiao facing Mayweather would be like PAC facing clottey.. You must be crazyyyy. Clottey was smiling at pacquiao the whole time and was just keeping his hands up in front of his face the whole time.. Sorry but let’s be honest clottey is not no Mayweather and you know that. I’ll be honest if pacquiao fought Mayweather 7 years ago he might have had a better too win a split decision. Because back then Mayweather would of pop shotted and moved around the ring. And the judges would have scored points for the busy person rather then the more clean shots the Mayweather would have been dishing out. My theory of this is from watching PAC va Marquez. Pacquiao was busy and Marquez had the more clean shots. Pacquiao will lost to Mayweather because ever sense Ricky hatton fight, Mayweather has been walking his opponents down and beating the living shit out of them. You may disagree but like Ali said ” you can’t hit what you can’t see” Mayweather doesent take punishment but manny does. He took punishment from a slow margarito and a drained Marquez.

What you think is going to happen when he faces the most accurate boxer in boxing history with a 57% accuracy???

Comment by Gavin — March 29, 2012 @ 8:03 pm

Guest, you are a dog chasing your own tail. You are a confused man.. I guess you need to keep crying some more if you cannot accept the facts we told you million times over..hahahaa..Floyd doesn’t want to fight manny period regardless of how you say how good Floyd is. That’s how it is..bokbokokkkk

Comment by john paul — March 29, 2012 @ 9:32 pm

i do not why weather wants to fight paqioai left over?

Comment by Gavin — March 29, 2012 @ 10:54 pm

Fact is Floyd is fighting Pacquiao left over. Why? Cotto was totally destroyed so Floyd needs to show he could do better than 11th round stoppage and beating cotto suffered in the hands of Pacman. We shall see. No excuses!

Comment by Gavin — March 30, 2012 @ 2:30 am

Guest, you can’t hit what you can’t see. That’s why floyd got rocked by mosley. But Mosley found his ass on canvas against pacquiao. Mosley said it was so fast and so hard, he didn’t see it coming. Mosley said he was surprised how fast and how hard and how strong Pacquiao was. Thats why Floyd is very scared. In Floyd recent interview, he said one punch can end a fight. He doesnt want to end up like ricky hatton. That’s why floyd will never ever fight Pacquiao!

Comment by RLL — March 30, 2012 @ 4:30 am

Guys, dont waste your time in dealing with this non sense guy GUEST…he’s full of shit, peanut brain. dont know anything about boxing….what he does is bow to his idol knees to praise his black ass boss, Floydiot and suck his Black DICK….what a fool!

Comment by Arnold — March 30, 2012 @ 8:20 am

Hey Guest! Where are you getting your top ten of all time? From your toilet bowl? And you just have no idea what an accomplishment Pacquiao did and that makes you a bigger peanut head than anyone else in this site. Like I said there are multiple boxers who are undefeated but because of quality fights they don’t get much recognition. Titles in 8 different division, boxer of the decade, 4 time boxer of the year, being a Congressman, worl wide icon is a VERY RARE FEAT! KAPISH!!!

Comment by Arnold — March 30, 2012 @ 8:21 am

Again! Floyd Chickenweather is yet to crack the top 25 of all time greatest boxer.

Comment by Guest — March 30, 2012 @ 3:13 pm

The greatest of all time list
Joe Frazier
Sugar ray Robinson
Mike Tyson
Floyd Mayweather
Sugar ray leonard
Tommy hearns
Holy field
Lenox Luis
Roy jones

This is the top ten list @”hey Arnold you football head”
Everybody on this list is the greates of all time top ten period! @gavin you say Floyd is fight leftovers but who started the whole left overs first?? Pacquiao fought Ricky hatton right after Floyd! And you say mosley said he never got hit by so much power and speed right? Well I guess you miss the interview that Mosley said to Mayweather and I quote” Mayweather make sure you have the kid “pacquiao ” be tested because something wasn’t right with him”. Google it if you don’t believe Mosley said that punks! And mind you Mosley use too take PEDS so he would know when someone is using them. Anyways people lets just think about what I’m saying okay.
Mayweather is undefeated
Pacquiao is not!
Mayweather does not get hit
Pacquiao does!
Mayweather is the most accurate puncher in history
Pacquiao tries to overwhelm guys much like Ricky hatton!
People people people!!!!
Please wake up,I’m trying to open your eyes to the truth. Mayweather is unbelievable and you guys need to man up and say it just like GAVIN did!!! He man up and said MAYWEATHER is the best to ever do it! Please you guys #themoneyteam and #teammayweather would love for you ex pacquiao fans to joins us. We are 42-0 we winning on this side you can’t go wrong

Comment by Guest — March 30, 2012 @ 3:16 pm

You want to know what I honestly believe? I believe you guys won’t respect Mayweather until 15 years or so from now. When boxing no longer has pacquiao and Mayweather.. People hated Ali when he was coming up. He talked just as much trash just like Mayweather but when he got te disease then people started calling him the greatest. Why wait until Mayweather is old to support the man! Support him now. No doubt Mayweather is the greatest and you guys will one day realize it

Comment by Gavin — March 30, 2012 @ 10:40 pm

Guest, Floyd is the best to ever do it Ducking Pacquiao! Pacquiao agreed to take the test,Floyd doesn’t want to fight and chose Pacquiao left over instead. No more excuses! As usual you talk about other things like tyson or Roy jones and other bullshit. Whats your point? Floyd doesn’t want to fight Manny! He already said it himself! Bokbokokkkk! You can dream on and on about how good Floyd is and cry on and on about marquez losing to Pacquiao. Still it doesnt change one thing, Floyd doesnt want to fight manny! Get it?hahahaa! Demand Floyd to fight manny and not cotto! Otherwise you are just living in a dream and overtime you wake-up, you suck your thumb coz it was only a dream..huhuhu

Comment by Gavin — March 30, 2012 @ 10:49 pm

Guest, we do not wish to know what you honestly believe because you just contradict yourself. You are a very confused man. We cannot change your opinion because you are Floyd’s bitch. Hahahaa!

Comment by RLL — March 31, 2012 @ 3:38 am

Guest, Pacman is different…even if he moves to a heavier division, his speed and power never change..more power, more speed..unlike any other fighters, they have difficulty making power and speed, but Manny is unique…

Comment by RLL — March 31, 2012 @ 3:45 am

Guest, Ali is different..even if Ali was hated long time ago, still Ali is the Greatest, unlike your “Superhero?” Floyd, even if your idol retires, still he will be hated, why? because he ducks Manny! Period! Me and Gavin own you!

Comment by Guest — March 31, 2012 @ 6:18 am

Okay Gavin I got one question for you and answer it directly! Why did pacquiao first say he doesn’t want to take a random blood test, and his reason was becauSe he was afraid of needles. Answer that directly I don’t care about that being a old issue, I just want a direct answer to why at first he didnt want to do it?
It’s like this
officer- pulls man over and says I think you be drinking I want you to take a drug test.
Man- Im afraid of breathalyzer test I feel it weakens me
Offiicer- I feel you are hiding something. I’m doing this for the safety of the community.
Man- No sir! I want my lawyer.
Officer- he’s ducking and dodging.
Man- (5 hours later, after alcohol is out his system) okay boss man I’ll take the test, I’m not afraid of this random test anymore!!

Comment by Guest — March 31, 2012 @ 6:35 am

@ RLL you must not know boxing. No fighter in history has been able to go up in weight an keep the same speed and power. And look I’m not talking about a little weight but we talking about a BIG weight jump my friend let me break it down for you
1995 vs rocky Palma pacquiao weight was 107lbs
2004 vs Juan manuel Marquez weight was. 125lbs
2011 vs Shane Mosley weight is 145lbs.
Let me put this in perspective for you guys. Now I work out so I have 50lbs weights and 20lbs weights ok. So let’s say pacquiao is holding a twenty pound weight while fighting Mosley . First of all you don’t jump up in weight like that and keep your power something gives. But anyway let’s say pacquiao is holding that twenty pound weight he shouldn’t still be fast. But I think you guys really want to be ignorant and anything that is pacquiao you support. If he said that the sky was green I think you Guys would believe it. and what’s funny is that freddie roach knows pacquiao is coming to the end of the road. You Guys read the first article on this site. He knows he doesn’t stand a chance against Mayweather. I told you guys ever sense he got off the peds he hasn’t been the same. The last clean knockouts were against hatton and cotto u guys!!! Back in 2009!!!!! We in 2012 u guys!!!

Comment by Gavin — March 31, 2012 @ 6:59 am

Guest,You are once again showing that you have no brain!Firstly the officer must know that he has the right to demand a test! He’s a fucking COP! You cannot refuse and say I want my lawyer DUH! If that’s the case in America then God HELP America! You obviously didn’t do your research as USUAL! WOW! What a stupid stupid idiot! In australia,the officer have the right to demand a random alcohol and drug test ON THE SPOT and take your licence ON THE SPOT! I guess that’s why America is going down the drain because of dumbheads like you! HAHAHAHA. Now as usual, I always answer your question only for you to go on and reply telling stories about charities,Tyson and Roy Jones biography etc etc. Pacquiao refused the test the first time because FLOYD IS NOT THE DRUG TEST COMMISION! Floyd is a fighter so therefore HE MUST FIGHT and leave the Drug Commision to do their job! Until now,NOBODY follows Floyd’s random tests BUT only Floyd because he’s to scared to fight anyone believing everyone are drug cheats! Guess what? Floyd fought a drug cheat anyway MOSLEY! Pacquiao didn’t say he’s scared of needles you idiot coz he’s got tattoos! What he meant was the random tests made him weak as it was done to him when he fought Morales the first time. It’s documentes you fool and even before Floyd demanded a random test, pacquiao already had a youtube document complaining that when he fought Morales, a blood test was done before the fight which he didn’t anticipate. At the time,he was not allowed to drink any fluid as he was trying to maintain his weight for the weigh-in. Guess what? The random test was NEGATIVE anyway! Therefore,the random test was done unexpectedly and Pacquiao did not have any PEDS whatsoever but he obviously didn’t feel comfortable and feels 100% after the blood was drawn. That’s why he tried to negotiate with Floyd to have random tests but NOT 1 day before the fight however tests can resume staright after the fight which Floyd refused! I know you Guest,that after reading this you will go on and on about Manny still on drugs with NO FUCKING PROOF and Marquez winning the third fight. Guess what? you keep saying compubox says Floyd is the most accurate puncher etc but compubox scored pacquiao with more punches connected and more power punches connected because HE THREW more punches. As always,you contradict yourself as Iknow youdo not agree with compubox now WHEN IT FAVOR PACQUIAO!
Now it’s my turn! Answer me MORON!
Did Floyd say in hundreds of his interviews which are all documented that 1. Manny take the test and the FIGHT WILL HAPPEN!
2.Did Floyd mention in his last negotiations if DRUG test is still an issue?
3.Did Floyd say I DONT WANT ANYONE because May 5 in MGM grand is booked for me and Pacquiao so STEP UP PUNK!

Then why the hell did Floyd NOW DEMAND he wants 100% of all PPV revenue? Because he knows Pacquiao will say no!
Lastly you said Floyd will fight Canello or Martinez to show everyone he will not duck anybody! ANSWER ME YOU FAGGOT! Then why did floyd chose COTTO? A fighter already destroyed by Pacquiao?
Guest,I will not be surprised if you dont answer me because you never did! Why,because you are just like FLOYD! DUCKER and the best man to ever do it to protect his undefeated record! Bradley is not afraid to lose his UNDEFEATED record! BOKBOKOKKKKKKKK. I OWN YOU GUEST even when you’re asleep!

Comment by Gavin — March 31, 2012 @ 7:24 am

Guest, Roach is not afraid and so does pacquiao to admit that retirement is around the corner and nothing wrong with that. Pacquiao had 59 fights total. Floyd only has 42 fights. That’s a staggering 17 fights more than chicken Floyd! Why? Floyd ducked so many great fighters that would have sealed his legacy longtime ago. If Floyd fought Mosley,Cotto and Margarito when they rule the division then he could have retired as an all time great. You say Ali was great and so many other fighters you mentioned because even when they have losses, they beat the best and most feared fighters in their era! Ali returned to fight Frazier and Foreman who were the most dominant fighters at the time and proved to everyone his greatness when nobody believe he can beat Foreman after losing to Frazier and Foreman destroying Frazier! Same with Sugar ray who have losses but solidified his greatness when he retired from eye surgery only to return and beat Hearns,Duran and especially Hagler because no one gave Leonard a chance that he can beat Hagler after hagler destroyed Hearns and Duran! Floyd maybe undefeated but he never fought the guys many people believe can beat him. He fought Mosley and now Cotto now that they are no longer regarded as a threat! That’s why it’s compelling to see if Floyd can really prove his greatness by fighting pacquiao because of the way Pacquiao destroyed the guys Floyd fought like DelaHoya,Hatton,Margarito,Mosley and Cotto where they all land their asses on the canvas! Instead Floyd came up with excuses! Either retiring and then coming back once pacquiao booked a fight or demanding drug tests or NOW 100% PPV.
Let’s face it, FLOYD DOESN”T want to fight Manny! Floyd’s undefeated record MEANS SHIT if he never fought manny. Guest idiot can only keep on dreaming how Floyd is too fast,accurate etc etc then WHY FLOYD DOESN”T WANT TO PROVE IT! Floyd must be in tears of joy knowing Manny will retire and therefore he will be undefeated! THAT”S why Floyd is not in the greatesst of all time because he failed in one thing! PROVE it by fighting Pacquiao the way Ali proved his greatness by fighting Frazier and Foreman and the way Leonard fought Duran,Hagler and hearns. FIGHTING COTTO means SHIT! Doesn’t prove anything!
Lastly Guest,you keep saying 8 world titles in 8 weight division is NOT posssible. PACQUIAO DID! so you acknowledged that being undefeated is easier than 8world titles in 8 weight division. It’s a FACT! it’s recognized! It’s in the history books! Now go on and CRY! AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHBOKBOKOOOOOKKK
Who will listen to your foolish,idiotic opinions?Only the man you face in the mirror!

Comment by Joe Williams — April 1, 2012 @ 7:57 am

The reason Mayweather doesnt want to face Manny is real obvious, he wont fight he has a chance of losing to. And Manny would beat him. Guaranteed!!!

Comment by Gavin — April 1, 2012 @ 1:41 pm

Guest? KO again! My last post just showed I OWN GUEST’s ass! hahahhahaha bokbokokkkkk! Told you guys! Guest always duck my questions like Floyd DUCK Pacquiao!

Comment by Gavin — April 1, 2012 @ 4:45 pm

Guest, just to further humiliate you, who on earth would refuse a breathalyzer test when asked by a cop? Who on earth thinks breathing thru a breathalyzer will make you weak? Needles is a different story because a cop CANNOT and MUST NOT inject or draw blood from any person as it is a medical issue! HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!
Now you wanna know what we really think of you? You still running away from a MENTAL HOSPITAL and you will be caught someday and LOCKED up in the same jail cell as Floyd so Floyd can beat the hell out of you for embarassing him! HAHAHAHHAHAA! PS Don’t forget your pompoms!

Comment by Guest — April 2, 2012 @ 9:06 am

Okay Gavin you don’t know shit! This is what you said, ” the officer must know he has the right too ask for a test” what the hell ?!!!! Officers can do anything they want. If you are driving threw traffic recklessly they can demand it on the spot. So what the hell are you talking about? You said in austriala they only do that but guess what you dummy they can do the same shit over here!! You missed the point I was making! It was if you have nothing to hide you would take the test bottom line! No excuses. If you are a fighter you wouldn’t give dumb ass excuses like I’m afraid of needles,
You said” pacquiao isnt afraid of needles cause he has tats”

I quote from pacquiao,” In contrast, Pacquiao has an issue with needles, and had previously balked at the idea of undergoing Olympic-style drug testing prior to a fight. In fact, random testing has been one of the central factors that brought down previous negotiations for a Pacquiao bout with Floyd Mayweather Jr.”
This was from the article on this website that has the title Bradley is open to random blood test”
Now dummy you said he has tattoos right?!!! So why would he say he have a issue with needles?!!! Owninggggg your dumb ass

Now you say Floyd is not the commission right! He is at a position at the top of the sport where he can make changes! Boxing is the most brutal sport in the world!
You don’t understand that maybe because you never fought a day in your life.
In today’s world knowing people do cheat. Floyd decided lets (both) give a little pinch of blood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To make sure we are using only GOD given talent!!!!!!!

That shit should not be debatable!!! People who have nothing to hide would simply say they are okay with that idea. Why do you think pacquiao has no choice but to give into taking random blood test like he said months laterreee? It was because he was embarressed and it was making him look so stupid that he has tattoos but didn’t want to give a little blood!!!!

If floyd Mayweather was sooooo wronggg in his idea of random blood test. Trust me cotto, Ortiz, Marquez,Mosley, etc would not have done it. Now other boxers are open to the idea because it is the right thing to do as well as to protect their health.

Comment by Guest — April 2, 2012 @ 9:19 am

Did Floyd say in hundreds of his interviews which are all documented that 1. Manny take the test and the FIGHT WILL HAPPEN!
2.Did Floyd mention in his last negotiations if DRUG test is still an issue?
3.Did Floyd say I DONT WANT ANYONE because May 5 in MGM grand is booked for me and Pacquiao so STEP UP PUNK!
Then why the hell did Floyd NOW DEMAND he wants 100% of all PPV revenue? Because he knows Pacquiao will say no!

1- yes he did say take the test and then we can get it on. But you don’t fucking get it! Yes thats a big factor but it’s also a business. This isn’t like your in situation where you at school and you tell someone if you give me your lunch money I’ll take the math test for you!!!!!! This is a buisness!!!!! A lot of behind the scenes things that go on contracts, promotions, pay roll percentages, marketing, who enters the ring first, what size gloves, can we negotiate better contracts, etc!!! Its stuff like that!! Bob arum didn’t want to meet with mayweathers representives to negotiate. Bob hates mayweathers guts why? Simply because Mayweather was bobs old cash cow. And now that Mayweather is making so much money he is jealous of it!!
Mayweather saying ” take the test lets get it on” was wishful thinking that pacquiao would say yes and convince bob arum he is ready to step in the ring!! Pacquiao still debating if he wants to retire or keep fighting! Hes not even sure what he wants! His own son had to come too him and say ” dad please fight Mayweather!!!!
2. What negotiation are you talking about? Bob arum hasn’t even been to the table sense the first fail negotation. So that question is irrelevant because no serious negotation has occured!!
3 ounce yes Floyd said that but who is in control of Mayweather??????????
Answer that one!!! Bob arum dummy!! Why when Floyd was going into jail bob arum said okay we are ready to fight Floyd?? But then when Floyd’s jail time is post poned bob says pacquiaos eye is going too need more healing time at least (three months) and he also then said we want 40,000 more seats so we cant schedule the fight for may 5

Comment by Guest — April 2, 2012 @ 9:30 am

And too your last question of Floyd wanting 100 ppv. Is a business move which you will never understand because you do not have a business mind! Sure you could say he’s making excuses but look at it like this. If your in a position where you been working for 17 + years on a job and you are ready to retire soon but before you do you have the option to ask for a big raise. This is what Mayweather is doing. He earned it!!! Nobody can’t say a man who is 42-0 did not earn it!!! Mind you pacquiao makes between 4-9 million per fight!! Floyd offered 40 million! It’s a no brainer. People have this idea that pacquiao would be getting some of the split revenue like you i bet! But your wrong that money would be split between bob arum and top rank promotions which is pacquiaos boss and don’t forget about taxes which would stress any warning for pacquiao . And Mayweather would get the other half because he is his own boss.. So really Mayweather was helping pacquiao out by giving him the most money he would see ever!!!!!! You must of forgot about the 27.5 percent Bob arum takes and the 27.5 top rank takes!!! I own you mannnnnnnnnn bokokokokokomk doodle doooooo

Comment by Gavin — April 2, 2012 @ 3:35 pm

1. Floyd phoned Manny direct and not Arum! Last talk was between Floyd and Manny MAN TO MAN. Who demanded the fight? Floyd! Who refused to fight? Floyd. That’s what happened. Watch Floyd interview. Floyd doesn’t want to fight! Floyd and yourself use the excuse that Floyd is great etc etc so he deserve all PPV. Pacquiao is about to fight Bradley and set a new record for the most consecutive 1million PPV buys(Tyson holds the record). Pacquiao and Floyd in their last 2 previous fights earnt more PPV than Floyd.
2. You go on and on about how much Arum gets etc but that’s the arrangement between Pacquiao and his promoter.
3. Bottomline is this, Manny agreed to take the test to prove he is clean and NOW Floyd shit himself. Manny agreed on the venue without Arum consent so Floyd shithimself. Manny agreed on the date as demanded before Floyd goes to jail without Arum’s consent so Floyd shithimself. Floyd is running out of excuses so he decided to go for broke and demanded something that Manny will never agree to and therefore the fight will never happen. Floyd refused the 150 million offer from Manny! (100 million for 50% of PPV and guaranteed 50 million). How much do you think Floyd will get against Cotto?
3. Guest, WAKE UP! Floyd is already super rich! He doesnt care about the money if it means LOSING HIS UNDEFEATED RECORD because once he losses, his legacy and everything he worked hard for will be forgotten! So Floyd chose Cotto, NOT CANNELO or MARTINEZ or Pacquiao like you said!Cotto is no longer a threat especially after the beating he got from Margarito and Pacquiao! So what is Floyd trying to prove? Will you say Floyd is so great because he beat Cotto?
4. Floyd DOESNT WANT TO FIGHT! Floyd chooses his opponents as he promotes himself so he can DUCK anybody he likes! That’s why Floyd will never use a promoter to negotiate for him because HE KNOWS the fight can be made! Manny agreed on drug test,venue and date so FLOYD SHITHIMSELF. Uses 100%PPV aas an excuse to DUCK Pacquiao!
Hahaha, you must have breath through a random breathalyzer test that’s why you are HIGH! Hahahahahhaha..Bokbokookkkkkkkkk!

Comment by Gavin — April 2, 2012 @ 3:50 pm

Guest, I know what you are going to say as I didn’t bother reading much of your post..Manny doesn’t want to take the test, Marquez beat Pacquiao (even though no random tests there so Marquez must be on better droids!). Arum is this,is that etc etc. I will reply by saying.. Floyd phoned manny! Manny said to Floyd’s face I will take the test to fight you, I will fight you anytime,anywhere by agreeing to Floyd’s date and venue! I will fight you by giving you 50 million and 45-55 PPV share Winner takes the bigger share! Floyd shithimself and nervously said to himself…”What do I have to do to make PACQUIAO NOT FIGHT ME!?” Ahhh, I want 100%PPV and that’s Final! Non negotiable!
BOKOKOOOOOOOKKK! Floyd will be the happiest boxer in the world when Pacquiao retires as Floyd would rather go to jail than fight Pacquiao!
Guest, you can boasts all you like about Floyd undefeated but WHO IS THE BIGGEST CHICKEN? Bradley,Marquez,Mosley,Cotto,Delahoya,Hatton etc? Let’s see….Floyd didn’t WANT to fight Pacquiao and Pacquiao is not in Floyd’s list of beaten fighters so FLOYD IS THE BIGGEST CHICKEN OF THEM ALL! HAHAHAHHAAH BOKBOKOOOOOOKK

Comment by Gavin — April 2, 2012 @ 4:21 pm

Guest, when it’s all said and done and they retire now….10 years from now, someone will ask you. Who was the better fighter and ranked higher among greats? You say Floyd. I say Pacquiao. You say Floyd was undefeated. The guys asks you..”Joe Calzaghe was undefeated and so as Rocky Marciano? Rocky had 49 wins 43 KOs,Joe Calzaghe 46 wins 32 KO.. Floyd 42 wins ONLY 26 KOs so how do you explain this? How am I to believe you?Then I say, Pacquiao won 8 world titles in 8 weight division with 4 lineal titles as the only man to ever do it. It’s in Guiness book of records so check it out. Also he retired as the no.1 p4p fighter,floyd no.2 only and was the fighter of the decade in the same era as Floyd..Wow that’s unbelievable! Then you say “Manny used droids” the guys says PROVE it! The guys asks” who did Floyd and Manny fought? You say, Floyd beat Cotto who was already destroyed by Pacquiao and a leftover. I say pacquiao fought a young undefeated champion named Bradley..The guys asks, why did they both retire? Manny says after Bradley there is no one else as Floyd refused to fight after Pacquiao agreed to his demands of drug tests,venue and date.You say “Floyd got out of jail, pacquiao retired so Floyd feels he should retire because his undefeated record is secured.”
The guy says ” Floyd doesn’t even deserve to be in top 25 all time greats. Why is Rocky marciano and Joe Calzaghe Not in Guests Top 10 when they have a better record than Floyd? Guest YOU ARE FULL OF SHIT!

Comment by Gavin — April 2, 2012 @ 6:49 pm

Guest,you can go on and on and on about Marquez,bob arum,drug tests etc etc. The simple fact is this. Floyd will be fighting Manny who will take the test to prove once and for all Floyd’s claim are false! Manny agreed to fight Floyd on a date chosen by Floyd which suits Floyd before going to jail. Manny agreed to fight Floyd on a venue chosen by Floyd to accomodate Floyd promising the judge it will generate business for the people of las vegas. Whatever Arum said becomes irrelevant because Floyd and Manny talked among themselves!Manny offered a higher guaranteed 50million to Floyd. Floyd’s biggest purse was with Delahoya for 25 million! Why is Floyd scared to fight for 45-55 or 30-70 winner takes the bigger share? Because he knows DUMB WELL he could lose you MORON! That’s why he wants 100%PPV so he could become the biggest loser who earnt the most for losing! Get out of your cave as you still use outdated materials! Why can’t you accpet the most current event between Floyd and manny? Watch Floyd’s interview where he explains the details of their conversation! Floyd doesn’t want to fight! He admitted being too scared to be beaten and saying he cannot afford any less than 100%PPV but will settle for peanuts against Cotto.
I know you will start saying things liike sky is green,breathalyzer to detect drugs in the blood system and will never give up showing how truly dumb you are! hahahhaaaa..COZ YOU LOVE IT!

Comment by thumper123 — April 4, 2012 @ 10:01 pm

mayweather is a bitch..he wanted pac to take the test and he will.maynever wanted a blood test 14 days out,when manny agreed to that then he demanded unlimited drug testing.which pac agreed to again.then punk ass floyd said they can only be tested by the USADA instead of th WADA which is olympic style testing used throughout the world and the olympics.then his camp say he cant train in the philippines.this is sum bs comin from the 1 who only fights in vegas now cuz he shoots up his hand with Xylocaine evry fight, n is only legal in vegas.hes is looking for any edge he can get n only fight fights that he knows hes goin to win.floyd offerd pac 40mill with no ppv.when ppv is 150mill alone.if floyd is so sure he gone win why didnt he take pacs offer of winner take all, 70-30 split for the winner.he doesnt want to fight period.floyd has been ducking the fight for three fuckin years.floyd is not scared of pac or maybe he is, but he is scared of losing 4sure.floyd called out pac on twitter,ha ha bullshit.but when it comes down to signing on the dotted line he always got excuses.mayweather wanted may 5, pacs team wanted a later date in may so they can build an out door venue wit 45,000 seats that would have brought in 30mill more.mgm grand can only seat 17, that would in turn would make more money for “money”fakeass mayweather, and still have plenty time for him to get is asshole ready for jail on june 1st.pac is respected world wide n gives back to his community.floyd is hated in his own country, n dont care bout nobody but himself.,unless ur like ‘guest’ n ur riding his dick..If pac lost to marquez where he landed n threw more punches than marquez, on top of knocking him down 4 fuckin times in their previous bouts.then floyd definitely lost to castillo 2 times where castillo threw more landed more and had a higher connect %.look it up and was gettin is ass handed to him by zab,who was winning n knocked him down.floyd dont want none.he is the best.the best at ducking and dodging and picking fights.since he is his own boss he can duck n e body he likes.all in all floyd cant take a punch and his punch output is only 40 per round and does not possess ko power unless his opponent has his guard down.floyd got knocked down by zab juddah got rocked by hatton in the 1st rd,bobbled twice by mosley in the 2nd beat by castillo 2xs and afraid of going the distance with ortiz cuz seconds before the headbutt ortiz caught him.on top of all the people he has ducked margarito clotty paul williams MANNY PACQUIAO all big punchers that weak chin floyd cant take. defense alone will not beat manny who has ko power, fast hands a strong chin and a punch output of a 100 per round. pac will walk through floyd punches just like he has with opponents outweighing him 20lbs.ya floyd beat marquez but marquez went up 17 lbs to fight floyd n floyd was still 2 pounds over the limit.mayweather will block n duck punches wit his great defense.but pac has a hammer wit speed n skill to match.floyd is seriously fucked if he steps in the ring with manny.and if you ask me pac went easy on marquez just like he did wit mosley,margarito,diaz,barrera 2 and cotto n de la hoya in the later rounds . have u ever seen a guy touch gloves n shake hands as much as pac.him and marquez got history.i got a best friend who i box all the time n i go easy on him to save his ego n because i already kno i can drop him.pac is a compassionate guy who is not a sadist,he does go easy on people..even his corner says hes being to u really think that pacquiao who has been punches more than 1000 times per fight wit ko power can diminish so quickly. i hate to break it to u but this fool is holding back because you and I know he is the most exciting person in boxing today.And even floyd cant stop this little sushi roll the so called midget who eats dogs.fuck floyd and his crackhead trainer.and another thing both fighters started at 106 lbs and both kept their speed.but pac did cheat.. he put weights in his pockets to make 106 when he only weighed 98 pounds so he can fight at bigger person.who has advantage? 98lbs vs 106lbs. hhmmm.pac has been wooping bigger dudes from the start.he came on the scene in the us beating a champion.Lehlohonolo Ledwaba…hey “”guest” go fuck urself….

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