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Pacquiao: Foresight & Retrospect

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Peter Czymbor

Foresight is looking ahead. Retrospect is taking a look at the past.

Prior to Manny Pacquiao’s December 2008 welterweight fight with Oscar De La Hoya, people looked at that fight as a blatant mismatch with the naturally larger De La Hoya being too big & strong for the much smaller Pacquiao, who was jumping two weight classes simply for the opportunity to fight De La Hoya.

In retrospect, De La Hoya was old and dehydrated on fight night. He had no legs and was susceptible to everything Pacquiao threw at him. Pacquiao was on the way up. De La Hoya was on his way down. Pacquiao won via 8th round TKO after De La Hoya quit on his stool to avoid further punishment.

The foresight heading into Pacquiao’s May 2009 bout with then junior welterweight champion Ricky Hatton was that perhaps the De La Hoya victory was a fluke. There was a school of thought out there that Pacquiao had…

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