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Take this (open book) test right now, Mr. Floyd Mayweather Jr.

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By Michael Marley,

Even his worst, sworn enemies would have to admit that, when at his office, Floyd Mayweather Jr. has never given less than his all.

Ditto for the gym, the one exception being the overplayed fluke sparring session when southpaw Paul Spadafora, a big talent who has problems with his social conduct, caught him not in tiptop condition.

If Manny Pacquiao is the salt of the earth Pinoy who was born in an extreme cradle of poverty, then Mayweather is the pepper who adds needed spice to the present day fistic scene.

Has it escaped everyone’s attention that, just as students nationwide are chanting “no more classes, no more books, no more teacher’s dirty looks” and going on summer vacation, Mayweather is going back to his square ring classroom?

Mayweather comes to my burg, meaning NYC, Tuesday for a press conference to hype his Sept. 17 ring return against surprising Vicious Victor Ortiz.

It will be the usual dog and pony show at the Hudson Theater although I don’t expect that eager journalist Scoop Malinowski will get cursed out by “Money” in the X-rated manner that an angry Mike Tyson did at the same venue. Avid cyclist Malinowski didn’t even get a chance to pedal to safety when Tyson ripped him verbally…but I digress.

I’d like to pepper Mayweather with some questions and, since this will be a cluster you know what which will prevent much if any one on one dialogue, I thought I’d show my cards right here.

Here’s what I’d like to hear the Unbeaten One talk about…

  1. Did you choose Ortiz as your first foe in 16 months because he earned it by getting off the deck twice to whip then Unbeaten One Andre Berto as you watched from a ringside pew at Foxwoods? In other words, did VVO get this gig on the merit system and isn’t it true the fact that he’s a portsider superfluous?
  2. How come your connections have not privately if not publicly lobbied the Nevada commission for Olympic style drug testing? Or have they? And why don’t you challenge Pacman to share this drug testing bill in the state for calendar year 2012 with you? In other words, the two top money earners foot the bill for every fighter and save the staggering state some money simultaneously?
  3. Who

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