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Michael Koncz: No decision until after Christmas


Keith Terceira

Manny Pacquiao’s business advisor Michael Koncz, spoke with MP8 yesterday regarding several issues surrounding Pacquiao-Marquez III and the great job that MP Promotion fights did over the weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Koncz has been busy with endorsement deals that have made Manny Pacquiao one of the most successful boxing brands in recent history rivaling Ali, Foreman, and Rocky Marciano, who also were highly successful in marketing their image and popularity to the world.

In discussing MP Promotion boxer Allan Tanada (11-1-2, 5KO) , that came away with a tough Majority decision win against Juan Ruiz (23-8) and Fernando Lumacad (25-3-3, 11ko) who won a unanimous decision against Joseph Rios (10-6-2).

Allan Tanada fought last Friday at the Mandalay Bay and Lumacad on the Pacquiao undercard.

“As to Allan, I thought he had a difficult seasoned opponent but I saw a lot of good things in Allan, and I’m very happy with his performance. Lumacad did a good job though I wasn’t personally able to see the fight, because I was with Manny. I will have to watch it on tape, Dennis Laurente had a very tough opponent and did a good job, and so as to the undercard boxers of MP Promotions, I’m very happy with the outcome of the results.”

Michael, I noticed last week it was mentioned that MP Promotions was signing some new fighters, any comments on those developments?

“I’m going to hold off on those until we actually sign them, I think it was a mistake to make that comment, I didn’t make the comment someone else did, and now we got all kinds of people chasing the person we wanted to sign.”

The talk now Michael is Marquez IV, do you feel that will develop?

“I want to back-up a bit first; I think the fans were treated to a good fight this weekend. Marquez, we got to give him credit, he is a very intelligent boxer and was in great shape at 38 years old, he went the distance with Manny. I think people expect too much out of Manny, they think he is going to knockout every opponent out he fights. They forget that Marquez is a damn good fighter and very intelligent, so we are not going to have knockouts, I wish we could but unfortunately we are not going to have knockouts every time. I think no matter how many times we fight Marquez, and I’ve said this in the past, it’s going to be a controversial decision, whether it’s in favor of Manny or in favor of Marquez because these guys know each other so well and the styles. “

“They both gave it the best they could, that’s what we have judges for. The judges saw that Manny won and I believe he won. As to whom our next opponent is or whether Marquez IV, we are going to take a few days and relax. Let Manny enjoy his family and then we will sit down and talk. There is no rush. We usually don’t make a decision as to our next fight, when we fight in November, until after the Christmas holiday.”

Michael, I think fans fail to remember that Marquez is a three time Champion himself and that he came into the fight bigger than Manny?

“Yes, and I think that what people fail to remember is that Marquez uis the only boxer that we have ever fought that Manny has put down four times and he has been able to get back up, so again, as you said they don’t give enough credit to Marquez. The styles of the fight, it certainly was an entertaining fight, much more than a couple of those fights we had in the past where the opponents truly didn’t come to fight and I think Marquez understood it and because he knows Manny so well, he can’t just stand there and go toe to toe with Manny, that’s why he kept moving.”

Let’s talk about Manny’s new sponsorship deals like State Street Produce, were you involved in that one?

“Yes I was involved in that, yes. I’m excited about that, we are going to get behind it 110% and do what we can, it’s not all about money but obviously Manny has to get paid for endorsements, so we took  a small amount of money  upfront compared to our normal fees and we loaded it on the backside, the percentage of revenue from each bag of produce. Another thing we incorporated is a certain percentage of the total sales per year are going to be donated to children throughout the world. We are very excited about that.”

I wrote yesterday regarding Nevada allowing other drinks besides water to be used between rounds like Gatorade, PowerAde, etc. and Keith Kizer of Nevada told us that he expected that when the rule went into effect that fighter would have a good opportunity to utilize the rule for endorsement deals have you explored that?

“We are in the process of putting something together, we didn’t rush into it, it should be finalized here in the next month, but I can’t disclose that one right now, either.  It’s not either of the ones you talked about but it’s similar. Corporate America has embraced the boxing world in the past and boxers like Mike Tyson, George Foreman and Oscar have had good endorsement deals. I think  in regards to Manny it’s not so much the boxing , it’s the total storyline of Manny coming from poverty, becoming an eight time world champion, becoming a congressman , his humbleness , his charitable work, and  his humanitarian efforts . We have to give a lot of credit to HP for taking a chance and they have told us that it was one of the most successful ad campaigns that they have had and that has opened up a lot of doors for us. Corporate America has seen the success HP had and now we are getting bombarded , but we are being very careful and selective because it’s important how we brand Manny and what image we project to the world especially children.”




Comment by Delpilar — November 15, 2011 @ 6:24 am

Let’s see first if the Pacquiao vs Marquez 3 really mattered in the PPV scene……..if there was an avalanche of viewers and buyers then maybe we can say the Mexicans are still very interested. I think Pac easily gets around 600K to 800K Pinoy buyers (depending on opponent). The other numbers belong to his opponent. So if the PPV made 1.5M then Marquez contributed about 700K. That should tell us that more Mexicans might be interested. A pure megafight excites not just the viewers but the fighters too.

I did enjoy the technical fight. I never noticed the time and thought the rounds had shorter time. The fight was almost too short, I wished it was a 15rounder than 12. Funny thing I was standing up after Rd 2 till the end of the bout.

Comment by kamron peilao — November 15, 2011 @ 10:41 am

Manny you lost. Marquez came in to beat you with no fanfare, no light show, no Rocky theme song and no praying. He just did his job. He got you time and again. Countering time and again. You looked lost. You looked confused and worried. Everybody saw it. Your wife was suffering at the end. Don’t make her go through this again. Your crown has been smeared by doubts…and now everybody is desperately trying to find excuses. Go ahead…keep on singing, keep on doing commercials, get involved in politics….and go fight Mayweather…that will only accelerate your decline. Manny you’re not the same…you became a product…you’re getting confy and arrogant…think about it…you lost

Comment by Arnold — November 15, 2011 @ 11:48 am

Manny, Roach and Arum should concentrate on getting the Mayweather fight rather than making a part IV fight with Marquez. I bought all of Manny’s PPV fights since he started fighting Morales but if ever there’s going to be a part IV, I’m not sure if I’ll still be interested in buying that. Marquez will lose again by a close decision and that would leave Marquez more embarassment in the hands of Pacquiao. I’m telling you now that people will not be interested in buying part IV fight with Marquez. MAKE THE MAYWEATHER FIGHT HAPPEN! NO IFs, ORs, and BUTs. Fight Marquez again if you want after Manny fights Mayweather. Mayweather already said the date, Manny already made the statement last Saturday – “LET’S GET IT ON!”. This fight is getting drag on farther and farther. The more it gets drag on the less interested people will be. MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Comment by CLAYAHUNA — November 15, 2011 @ 2:15 pm

Pacquiao must FIGHT Mayweather NEXT…Team MAYWEATHER is Making the ROUNDS on ESPN and even Contacted Mediator Daniel Weinstein to Tell ARUM to contact GBP as they want the Fight NOW….So Far the MEDIA has backed Pacquiao in blaming Mayweather for Delaying the FIGHT…If Manny does Not STEP UP and Take this FIGHT…His REPUTATION will SUFFER IRREPAIRABLE Damage in the United States which to this point has sided with Manny over their own Floyd Mayweather JR….MANNY TELL BOB to MAKE the MEGA FIGHT NEXT….FORGET JUAN MA! Defeat MAYWEATHER and No One can Doubt Your Supremacy…DUCK MAYWEATHER and Your Fans will NEVER be able to WEAR PACQUIAO GEAR in Public again without being Mocked….IT IS WHAT IT IS!!!!

Comment by kamron peilao — November 16, 2011 @ 12:54 am

Manny, JMM embarrassed you worldwide. Obviously he’s got your number on speed dial…and quite frankly you don’t stand a chance against Floyd. Maybe you should try singing or politics…but don’t loose again.

Comment by Ricco — November 16, 2011 @ 6:44 am

Pacquio is really a good boxer. Please watch, when he got cheated by Marquez, he still calm… you see, the foot cheat style was really bad. So, for Marquez fan’s, hope all of you do not really upset.
Next Pacquio target is Mayweather big mouth. Pacquio relly need to more carefull, cause Mayweather is the greatest unfair and shame boxer ever…… Yes, with out any doubt, Mayweather is a good boxer also. Hope Mayweather play in fair if the change is come. Try to clean your name Mayweather, even a loser could became a winner in peolple heart, if he play in good way.

Comment by Anhellik — November 16, 2011 @ 6:54 am

mayweather worth shit man .. come on dont fight that scumbag

Comment by RLL — November 16, 2011 @ 8:10 am

@kamron peilao, youre telling that JMM beat PAC? did you watch the fight? did you see JMM steps into manny’s foot for how many times?…thats unsportsmanlike….if your guy wants to beat the Champion(pacman) prove it! JMM must at least knockdown or KO Pacman….but your guy didnt….you dont understand boxing, or you dont know anything about the sport

Comment by kamron peilao — November 16, 2011 @ 10:35 am

RLL you’re the one who doesn’t understand boxing. Let me help you. You seem to be a little confused but might learn something today. Boxing (noun) is the art of attack and defense with the fists practiced as a sport. Having said that there are different kinds of boxers. Different styles. Not everybody is the same. There’s brawlers like Manny who generally lack finesse, but make up for it with sheer punching power…and there’s also counter punchers like Marquez, who are slippery fighters that rely on their opponent’s mistakes, they catch the opponent off guard with a well placed and timed punch. They have good reflexes, intelligence, punch accuracy, and good hand speed. Notable counter punchers include Salvador Sánchez, Jerry Quarry, Chris Byrd, Ricardo Lopez, Bernard Hopkins, Vitali Klitschko, James Toney, Marvin Hagler, Evander Holyfield, Juan Manuel Márquez, Humberto Soto, Floyd Mayweather, Jr., Roger Mayweather and Max Schmeling. If you think that you must “at least knock down or KO” the opponent to win a fight you’re the one who doesn’t know anything about the sport. If you notice not all fights have knock downs of KO’s…I hope this helps you overcome your ignorance.

Comment by LC — November 16, 2011 @ 10:57 am

I don’t want to see another MarquezIV. It will be the same result every time, unhappy fans. Pacquaio can only make this “well” from the fans and media stand point is to beat Floyd Mayweather. Winning cures everything!!!!

Comment by SLICK — November 16, 2011 @ 11:55 pm

@ Karmon Peilao - Marquez LOST, get over it and stop CRYING !
Get some sleeping pills LOL !

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