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By Don Donatello

Here is an interview between me and . . . well, you know who. ENJOY! HAPPY HOLIDAYS PAC FANS!

DD: We are here in the posh, paid off, no mortgage payment home of the Greatest and P4P best fighter in the world, PBF. Was that okay, Floyd? . .pffffffth

PBF: Hey, what was the . .pfffffth . .you dissing me, man! What do you know about boxing?

DD: . . . hey, wait a minute, Floyd, I said you were the Greatest fighter and P4P best.

PBF: Yeah, but you said . .pfffffth at the end.

DD: You mean the . . pfffffth?


DD: Oh, I have a cold, Floyd. I was just clearing my nose. It just sounded like . .pffffffth, but I was just clearing my nose.

PBF: Um, Oh, okay.

DD: Okay, back to the interview. You said you have the highest….

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