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Manny Pacquiao’s fighting style compared to Bruce Lee’s

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MANILA, Philippines – Pound for pound champ Manny Pacquiao watched a lot of Bruce Lee movies growing up, which probably explains why their fighting style is quite similar.

Teri Tom, a female martial arts instructor and member of Bruce Lee Foundation, noticed Pacquiao’s fighting skills to be akin to Bruce Lee when she watched him during his training in the US. She shared her observation about the champion fighter.

“The way you throw your jabs and punches, sometimes it looks very much like Bruce Lee. Is that conscious? Very few people throw jab that way. When you’re a kid did you watch him?” Tom asked Pacquiao, as featured on “24 Oras,” April 27.

Pacquiao immediately admitted, “Bruce Lee is my idol. All Bruce Lee’s movies I watched it. You know, the quickness, hands speed, foot work. That’s speed,” said the boxer, who is set to fight with Sugar Shane Mosley next month.

A first generation student of Ted Wong, who studied martial arts under Bruce Lee, Tom shared her insights about Pacquiao’s fighting skills and a little about Bruce Lee. She noted Pacquiao’s fast jabs, which is called ‘snap.’

“If you have a jab like that, obviously they’re gonna respect you. But if you don’t…

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