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Manny Pacquiao will really KO Timothy Bradley; [VIDEO] - Manny Pacquiao continues training in Los Angeles

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by Tim Sladeck

“Eight-time World Champion” Manny Pacquiao is really eager that he will KO WBO welterweight champion Timothy “Desert Storm” Bradley and won’t leave the fight decision in the judges hands on their rematch at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on April 12.

Freddie Roach told the Manila Standard that he was convinced Pacquiao won the first fight “pretty convincingly” but turned out to be an unbelievable split decision for Timothy Bradley.
Freddie said that Manny “is very motivated and is working very hard and the way he’s going it’s possible” to prove to the judges that the fight result will be in his own hands.

Freddie noted that Timothy Bradley “has never been knocked out. He’s been knocked down and hurt but he’s a tough guy and if a knockout comes that will be a bonus.”

Timothy Bradley once told Manny - “you lost your fire, the killer instinct and I will beat you.”

Freddie recalled that “Manny didn’t like it at all” and said “overall Bradley is a nice kid but it’s not about being nice in there. It’s a knockout sport and if Manny hits him, he’ll finish him this time.”

Freddie also noted that Manny’s “speed and power is really good. I am very happy. Manny is way ahead of schedule.”

After two weeks of training at the Pacman Wild Card Gym in Manny’s hometown of General Santos City, the team left for Los Angeles to begin almost one month of intense sparring at Roach’s Wild Card Gym.

Freddie said after four weeks at the Wild Card Gym in Los Angeles and one week in Las Vegas, “it will be the best Manny we’ve seen.”

Freddie disclosed that should Manny Pacquiao win as he expects, Marquez “might be next” pointing out “we owe him something” following Pacquiao’s 6th round KO loss in December 2012.

Reminded that Juan Manuel Marquez had often said he won’t fight Manny Pacquiao a fifth time and reflecting on the Mexican’s recent change of decision, Freddie said “he must need the money.”

Manny Pacquiao also played three games of basketball which was a testament to his excellent physical condition during his 2 week training in General Santos City.

Recalling that Manny also had a 4 rounds sparring session with Lydell Rhodes during his Gen San training, Freddie also  added that “the real business begins on Monday at Wild Card. We have great sparring waiting for Manny. He wants that title back. If Bradley thinks he’s going to see the same compassionate Manny he saw the first time they fought he is in for a very big surprise.”

 WATCH: Manny Pacquiao continues training in Los Angeles