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Manny Pacquiao called out by Bradley in post-fight interview

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Rick Rockwell

It appears that Manny Pacquiao is the focus of many fighters looking for their big payday and big opportunity. At last night’s Boxing match, Timothy Bradley proved to be the better fighter between himself and Devon Alexander. However, it was after last night’s main event ended, that things actually got interesting. In the post-fight interview for Saturday night’s HBO main event, Bradley once again said he’d like to fight Pacquiao.

HBO’s Larry Merchant asked Bradley about his desires to face Manny and Bradley confirmed that his goal was to face the PacMan in the ring. Unfortunately, after watching that fight last night, I don’t see Bradley having much of a chance against Manny Pacquiao. In fact, Bradley needs to seriously concern himself with a Summer showdown against Amir Khan because I don’t think Bradley can win that fight either.

I was thoroughly disappointed in last night’s fight between Bradley and Alexander. There was very little action throughout the fight. There was too many accidental headbutts and clinching during the encounter. And the conclusion of the fight was pathetic. On their biggest stage, Bradley and Alexander came up short. And then to call out Pacquiao, is just stupid. Bradley has no chance against…

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