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What Manny could learn from “Money”

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spo4qOur vehicle came to a halt at the gateway to the home of Laura Elorde, the widow of Philippines boxing icon Flash Elorde. Instantly, a grinning man, clad in a pair of shorts and flip-flops, popped out of the guard shack and cut loose with an impromptu shadowboxing exhibition.



The guard’s muscular arms and torso glistened with perspiration as he unleashed a series of rapid-fire combinations. But his wizened face juxtaposed his impressive physique: From the neck down, he could have been a well-conditioned athlete of 30, but he was clearly substantially older. Satisfied that we were properly impressed with his prowess, he stopped throwing punches after about 20 seconds, smiled broadly and waved us on.



We had been treated to a special greeting from Little Gallego, a retired Filipino featherweight of modest accomplishment who had been lucky enough to garner the gatekeeper gig at the Elorde Sports Complex when his boxing career was over. Gallego’s childlike pride in his former profession and the relatively humble position in which he found himself were touching in a peculiarly ambivalent way. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.


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