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“You shall conceive and bear a Son.” —Luke 1:31

Mary said: “Let it be done to me as you say” (Lk 1:38), and Jesus, the second Person of the Trinity, God Himself, was conceived by Mary and became a human being. Every detail of Jesus’ Incarnation is extremely significant. However, the fact that God became man at conception is of special importance since one-third of the babies of our society are murdered in the womb shortly after having been conceived.

Even some so-called pro-lifers accept abortion for babies conceived through rape or incest. Hence they accept the abortionists’ false idea that we can take a baby’s life under some circumstances. These false pro-lifers disagree with abortionists about what circumstances justify the murder of babies, but agree babies can be murdered at least under extreme circumstances.

However, God’s Church and His word tell us that people become human beings at conception. If we are conceived through rape or incest, we are still conceived and therefore are human beings with a right to live. If we kill babies conceived through incest or rape, we aren’t bringing healing to their mothers, but hurting them more. The mother of a baby conceived through rape or incest is an innocent victim and so is the baby. By killing one innocent victim, do we help the other? Even the guilty party will not be killed, if convicted. Why kill the baby? If the baby brings back bad memories, will killing him/her heal those memories?

Like everyone else, Jesus became a human being at conception. We are not fighting for the “unborn.” Birth has nothing to do with personhood. We are fighting for the conceived.

Tulad ng lahat ng tao, si Hesus ay naging tao sa pag bubuntis. Tayo ay hindi nag-aalitan para sa mga hindi napanganak. Ang panga-nganak ay walang kinalalaman sa pag-katao. Pinag lalaban nating ang mga nabuo at naging tao.

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