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In Defense of Narvaez!


Keith Terceira

Last night the 36 year old Omar Narvaez sold his zero for a check with several of its own. Even the staff of HBO “Boxing After Dark” informed the boxing community that Narvaez in conversations with them  held no lofty goals of defeating or even damaging, Nonito Donaire. Omar had several simple goals, force Donaire to punch himself out, if that didn’t work, not to be stopped, going home with a check, and the knowledge that one of the best pound for pound fighters in the world could not stop him. Period!

His number one goal was to return to Argentina , cash in hand , and show the world who he was,  so Narvaez displayed a solid defense and came within 20 punches landed in total, stayed on his feet, and looked fresher than Donaire at the end.

Donaire threw over six hundred punches landing only 100, and percentage wise Narvaez out landed the “flash”.

In defense of Narvaez he demonstrated to the world that Donaire can be flustered with a Clottey type of defense and had Omar been in the same size range and had the attitude to fight to win, instead of fight to survive, may have capitalized on the fact that Donaire began cramping in the 8th round.

A shelled up, counter-puncher like Juan Manual Marquez, could have defeated Donaire last night!

As Nonito moves up in weight, he will face boxers who now have a template, defense wise to combat Donaire, thanks to Omar.

Thanks to Omar Narvaez, we learn that Victor Conte’s strength and conditioning program is suspect, for a couple of reasons.

First, Conte did not maintain a common sense approach, let alone a professional one, when it comes to weight control for Donaire. It is highly likely that had Donaire barely made weight that nearly two pounds of water in his system early, would have helped when it came to the later cramping rounds. Conte dried Nonito out too much, which is a rookie mistake, and had there been a live opponent it may have ruined Donaire’s career. This level of boxing is not for learning and experimenting.

Two, as informed by HBO last evening, a month ago Donaire was at 140 + pounds. Losing 30 pounds in thirty days is fine for housewives and “The Biggest Loser” contestants. Strength and conditioning the Ricky Hatton method looks to be Conte’s secret, and if it continues then Donaire needs to be concerned about his health after boxing and his future in the ring because eventually he will meet his Juan Manual Marquez.

When that happens, strength and conditioning will be key!


Comment by Delpilar — October 23, 2011 @ 12:16 pm

Donaire has to reevaluate the ability of Conte as his nutritionist & physical conditioner.

Comment by Binsoy — October 24, 2011 @ 4:45 am

You got a point there…Perhaps hiring Alex Ariza as his strength and conditioning coach will be much better for his career.

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