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How to beat Sugar Shane Mosley

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By Joaquin Henson

MANILA, Philippines - Sugar Shane Mosley was once the world’s No. 1 pound-for-pound fighter, a recognition that Manny Pacquiao now enjoys. After Mosley beat Oscar de la Hoya in June 2000, The Ring Magazine bestowed on the classy California boxer-puncher the prestigious citation. Mosley was on top of the world for over a year – until he suffered his first career loss to Vernon Forrest in January 2002.

It’s been close to 10 years that Mosley was honored as the world’s best fighter. He’s now 39. Experts are wondering if he still has what it takes to be competitive at a high level in the ring. On May 7, Mosley will try to prove he’s not over the hill in a bold bid to dethrone WBO welterweight champion and the world’s No. 1 pound-for-pound fighter Manny Pacquiao in Las Vegas.

If somehow, Mosley is able to defy the oddsmakers who’ve installed Pacquiao a 9-1 favorite, he will have come full circle in his boxing career to regain recognition as the world’s best.

Before Mosley lost to Forrest, he had a 38-0 record, with 35 KOs. That was how unbeatable he was, drawing comparison with the legendary “Sugars” in the Sweet Science – Sugar Ray Robinson and Sugar Ray Leonard.

“It means a lot to me to be recognized as one of the pound-for-pound greats of all time,” said Mosley who has held the world lightweight, welterweight and superwelterweight titles. “This is what I wanted, for the ‘Sugar’ legacy to continue. I believe I’m up there. All the great Sugars won the welterweight title.”

Mosley’s defining moment came in the first De la Hoya fight which he won via a split 12-round decision. Mosley used his hand and foot-speed to confound the Golden Boy, countering with precision. “His quickness and slick defense took the brunt out of (De la Hoya’s) attack and allowed him to counter with accuracy,” wrote The Ring’s Nigel Collins. “He zapped De la Hoya with laser-like lefts and rights, darting in and….

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