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How long will we tolerate Michael Koncz's exploitation of Philippine boxing?

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Dennis ‘D Source’ Guillermo

All is not well in Philippine boxing. I have held back my comments for the longest time out of respect. Respect that maybe, just maybe, Michael Koncz and MP Promotions know what the heck they are doing with our fighters.

Well… what do you think?

Following embarrassing and devastating losses by MP Promotion fighters like Richie Mepranum, Rodel Mayol and most recently Eden Sonsona and Bernabe Concepcion on foreign turf, I think it’s safe to say that the formula isn’t working.

Koncz is the man supposedly running the show for Manny Pacquiao and his MP Promotions. The Canadian, who serves as an advisor for the honorable congressman of Saranggani province has become a fixture and a nuisance (depending on who you ask) in Philippine boxing. Most recently, Koncz was at the center of tabloid chatter after being allegedly beaten up by Philippine movie star Philip Salvador prior to Pacquiao receiving his BWAA Fighter of the Decade award in New York last June. I saw Koncz during that awards night with a big black eye while accompanying Pacquiao.

If you ask me, I do not know why Pacquiao keeps this guy around. Most of the stories I hear from insiders have been negative and prior to his fight against Miguel Cotto, Koncz had a run in with Pacquiao’s strength and conditioning coach Alex Ariza as well. This is the same guy that openly discredits Freddie Roach’s contributions to Pacquiao’s success. That is perhaps why most of the MP fighters like Concepcion have been pulled out of Roach’s guidance. Perhaps Roach had his hands full as well but fact of the matter is, most fighters under MP Promotions, other than when they fight in one of Pacquiao’s under cards, have all been put in unfavorable dispositions.

Take for example Mayol, who after winning his first world title, had to go to enemy territory time and time again to defend his belt. And what about Concepcion. If Koncz was indeed following the kid’s progress, how can he, or anybody in Team Pacquiao, think he was ready to face someone like JuanMa Lopez?

Our young talents are dropping like flies, and I am inclined to think it is not solely their fault. Ironically, the one guy we have left standing, is the same guy that Koncz and crew failed to sign and coincidentally has never been in a

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