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Will Floyd Mayweather Ever Be Considered the Greatest of All Time?

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Witnessing Floyd Mayweather completely dismantle Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero en route to a dominant, albeit uneventful, one-sided unanimous decision on Showtime’s replay of the May 4th pay per view brought to the realization one very important thing: Floyd Mayweather had the potential to be the called the greatest boxer of all-time but won’t be.


Even at a pristine 44-0 and barely ever being challenged in a professional bout, the dominance Mayweather exudes will always come with a blemish. No matter how white his smile, how extraordinarily large his boxing purses are and no matter who he beats for the rest of his career, Floyd Mayweather will always and forever be criticized for not facing Manny Pacquiao.


It is an unfortunate truth for Mayweather because he is arguably one of the greatest pure talents we have ever seen in the sport. It is also a truth that he will not readily admit. The circumstances surrounding why the two never met in the ring have roots that are far deeper than the naked eye can see. Contrary to popular belief, it is not as simple as one fighter ducking the other. The web of deceit is a rather tangled one that involves a boxing relationship gone bad between Floyd Mayweather and his former promoter Bob Arum (who currently promotes Pacquiao) and the segregation between Golden Boy Promotions and Arum’s Top Rank promotions where



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