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FANVID: Pacquiao Mayweather "The Fast & The Ferocious" (by Urbanrainynight Production)

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FANVID by urbanrainynight

As the 2010 boxing year comes to an end, it will inevitably be looked at as the year that the biggest fight ever did NOT take place.

As we watched Pacquiao defeat a bigger and stronger opponent in Antonio Margarito, the question remains if whether he and Floyd Mayweather, JR., can ever come to terms to face off against each other in 2011.

So who is truly boxing’s best fighter, pound-for-pound?

Obviously, it should be decided in the ring. But until then you tell us, who really has the skills, the chin, the heart ,the speed, the determination, the intelligent and the style to win!! And be crowned P4P best!!!

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