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Does God want Manny Pacquiao to win?

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Brad Cooney

Everyone who knows Manny Pacquiao, or follows Manny Pacquiao’s career knows that he’s a very relgious man. Pacquiao prays daily, and he does so publicly. He has a deep faith in God, and he always puts God first his life. Christians believe that by doing so, they will be rewarded with eternal life in Heaven.

Many times in sports athletes will thank God before starting interviews and or they will credit God for their success. Many times athletes will Pray to God for a victory before a contest. That’s a good thing, as this writer believes in God as well, but what about the opponent?

Manny’s opponents believe in God too. What about them? Did God hear Manny’s prayers louder? I’m sure Miguel Cotto or say a Ricky Hatton, or an Antonio Margarito all prayed for victory too. As we all know now, things didn’t work out too good for them.

I have always wondered about this. Perhaps God doesn’t grant these prayer requests. Perhaps he stands on the sidelines and just lets the best man win? Manny is no better or

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