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“I feel very fresh, strong and fast.

“I have been training very hard for this fight and right now I feel like I am 25 years old and training that way.

“I feel very good.

“My stamina and my quickness and power are there and I am very excited about that.”

“I will not go for the knockout in this fight but if I have a chance to finish early, why not?

“But I am not thinking that I need to knock him out.

“In training if I focus on a knockout I will get careless in the ring on the night of the fight.

“So what I need to do is focus in training so I am ready to get in the ring on the night of the fight.”

New Video - Manny Pacquiao The Comeback!


New Video- Manny Pacquiao Training- INCREDIBLE POWER AND SPEED!


New Video- Manny Pacquiao Training- INCREDIBLE POWER AND SPEED!


Will The Manny Pacquiao vs Brandon Rios Fight do Better Numbers Than Mike Tyson vs Buster Douglas?

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Will the Manny Pacquiao vs Brandon Rios fight scheduled for November 23 in Macau, China carry the largest-purse ever for a boxing event in Asia?

Will it even surpass the numbers that were created when Mike Tyson fought Buster Douglas?

Surprisingly it appears so.

Douglas defeated Tyson on February 10, 1990, at the Tokyo Dome in one of boxing’s biggest upsets in fight history when the then 42-1 underdog knocked out Tyson. “Iron Mike” banked US$6 million for the fight, while Douglas made US$1.3 million.

Bob Arum, CEO and founder of promoters Top Rank, said the Manny Pacquiao-Brandon Rios bout, for the vacant WBO welterweight title, on November 24 would surpass those numbers from 1990 in terms of purse, television viewership and interest.

“It will be by far the biggest purse in Asia,” Arum said. “I expect Manny to make approximately US$20 million and Rios US$4 million. There’s no question it will be the biggest boxing fight in Asia ever.”

The Pacquiao-Rios fight will be held at the Venetian Cotai Arena.

Edward Tracy, chief executive of co-promoters Sands China, said the Pacquiao-Rios fight had generated keen interest. The state-run CCTV will broadcast the event to about 300 million viewers across China.

“From a sporting viewpoint, this event will probably be the biggest event since the Beijing Olympics [in 2008],” Tracy claimed. “We are expecting [a capacity crowd] of around 12,000 spectators.”

China’s two-time Olympic gold medallist, Zou Shiming, will fight on the undercard against Mexico’s Juan “Pollo” Toscano, while Hong Kong’s unbeaten “wonderkid” 26-year-old Rex Tso Sing-yu, will fight 22-year-old Thai Susu Sithjadaeng (7-3, 2 KOs) in a six-round super flyweight matchup

Amir Khan eyes Floyd Mayweather fight edges closer


Khan’s proposed fight with former WBC and IBF light-welterweight champ Devon Alexander is not going to happen!  That has set the table for a superfight with unbeaten Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Khan said: “There’s a lot of talk about the Mayweather fight happening, but at the moment, I’ve left it up to my promotional team, Golden Boy.”

A May date in Las Vegas is being discussed but there is also a chance of ‘Money’ Mayweather agreeing to the bout taking place at Wembley. (A very slight chance, as Money May does not like to fight outside his home town in Vegas).

Where ever the location, it will be the biggest fight of 26-year-old Khan’s ­career.

Khan stated, “Meeting Mayweather would be my dream fight.

“We are the superstars of boxing and, fingers crossed, we will meet.

“I want to fight him because he is a great fighter and I want to fight the best out there. I would love the fight.

“It would be an amazing fight. It’s a fight I have always wanted ­because I want to fight the best.”

Because of the fact boxers have fight deals with Showtime Sports, which is making negations for the bout less complicated.

At 36, American Mayweather is still in top shape and known to be the Pound 4 Pound best boxer in the world who recently outclassed Mexican superstar Saul ­‘Canelo’ Alvarez to claim his 45th ­successive win.

But Khan does not lack confidence in his own ability.

He added: “To fight Floyd Mayweather, you have to box him at his own game.

“You have to box him. You have to use all of your speed and good footwork to make those old legs move.

“With Floyd, if you are ­going to be a puncher, you are going to walk towards him and you are going to walk into his shots.”

Champion Brandon Rios and Trainer of the Year Robert Garcia Tell Us What Will Happen Vs Pacquiao



Former World Champion Brandon Rios, Trainer of the Year Robert Garcia and Hall of Fame Promoter Bob Arum, Tuesday, October 29, 2013, From Training Camp in Oxnard, California

From training camp at the Robert Garcia Boxing Academy in Oxnard, California, we have former world champion Brandon “Bam Bam” Rios and his trainer, “Trainer of the Year” Robert Garcia, and Hall of Fame Promoter Bob Arum. They are here to discuss their upcoming historic battle against Manny Pacquiao and Freddie Roach, taking place Saturday, November 23 and will be produced and distributed live by HBO Pay-Per-View® at 9:00 PM east coast and 6:00 PM west coast time. Brandon will be hosting his only U.S. media workout this Thursday at Robert Garcia’s gym – 1451 Pacific Ave., Oxnard, California, beginning at Noon PT. Joining Brandon at the workout will be Kevin Hart, who is starring in the upcoming Warner Bros. movie “Grudge Match” which will also be starring Sylvester Stallone and Robert DeNiro. Kevin will also be available for interviews at the workout, as will Bob Arum.


BOB ARUM: Hello everybody, I don’t know if it’s morning or night but we just got back from the Philippines last night in time for this conference call with Brandon Rios and Robert Garcia. Everyone is pumped and ready to go. The buzz in Asia is just tremendous. Over 70 media members from all over – mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore attended Manny’s media day, and now we shift the focus to America with Brandon Rios on this conference call and his media day on Thursday.


BRANDON RIOS: Training camp has been going great. It’s awesome. I won’t say it’s been my best training camp ever, but it’s been great. Now I am just ready to go out there and do what I’ve got to do.


Robert, we understand you are leaving for Macau on November 11 to get acclimated, how do you feel it’s been going so far?


ROBERT GARCIA: Everything is great. We’ve had a great training camp with great sparring partners.. We will leave on the 11th and we have everybody – the cook, sparring partners ready to go.


How is preparation for a welterweight fight?


BRANDON RIOS: It is really great. I don’t have to kill myself to make 140 or even 135 that I was doing before that. I fell really great and I feel really strong. I don’t think the weight will affect me a negative way, I actually think it will help me.


ROBERT GARCIA: You know he seems to be much more comfortable at this weight. Normally three or four weeks out he is usually training to cut the weight and it was hurting his performances in the gym. That seven pounds is not going to hurt him at all. He is going to be stronger and he’s going to be faster because he is not cutting weight like he did when he was fighting at 135 or 140. Now the training is on our game plan and how to beat Manny Pacquiao, not on cutting weight, and he will be better for it when he gets in the ring with Manny Pacquiao.


Does part of you want to go in there and jump on him to see how Pacquiao reacts after the brutal knockout by Juan Manuel Márquez?


BRANDON RIOS: No we cannot do that. We can’t go in the ring and think he’s going to be like that from the last knockout. We don’t know how he is personally. We have to go in there and wait and wait and wait and see what he has because he is still a dangerous opponent. Pacquiao is always going to be dangerous, so I can’t go in there and jump on him to see if he’s done with. I’m not thinking like that. I’m going in there with a great game plan. Robert has a great game plan and his dad is also helping us out. So we have a great game plan going into the fight and I have to follow instructions and stick to the game plan and I think we should be ready.


Robert, what do you think about trying to jump on him?


ROBERT GARCIA: My dad and I have put together a great game plan for Rios and we have been watching the Pacquiao tapes together. That is something that everybody expects us to do and we just might do that. We don’t know what Pacquiao has coming out. But we also have to be smart. We just can’t jump in there and think we are going to be the better guy that night. No, we have to be ready for the best Pacquiao. For him, it’s do or die so we have to be ready for the best Pacquiao. We can’t go in there thinking it’s going to be easy. Our game plan has turned out really good. If Brandon follows instructions and does everything we tell him to do, the sparring partners have been very helpful, so we should come out with good results.


How do you prepare for the time change? Fighting in the morning in Macau?


ROBERT GARCIA: The fact that we are fighting in the morning, it is different and we have never done that. It’s not only different for us but for everyone on the card and is new for everybody. One thing about Brandon is that he always trains at that time anyway. He is always at the gym at 11 and by Noon he is already sparring and doing his work. So that is already something we do, so it could benefit us. When we go to Macau we will do the same thing. We will be training early.


BRANDON RIOS: It’s going to be different, but not really. Once you get in the ring and fight you are not even thinking about ‘Oh it’s going to be too early for me.’ It’s in the morning, but to me, I’m just ready to fight, to get It on. To show the world what I can do when I’m in top shape having the best training camp ever and when I come in mentally and physically ready to show everybody what they can expect from me.


We noticed you and Manny acting friendly while in China on the tour. Are you finding that changing now getting closer to the fight?


BRANDON RIOS: I always have my game face on. Yes, in China we saw each other a lot but didn’t really talk to each other. We showed respect to each other, but that’s it. Right when my manager Cameron Dunkin told me on the phone I was fighting Pacquiao – I had my game face on. So I am ready to fight.


Bob, what have you seen from Brandon’s personality so far?


BOB ARUM: Brandon is somebody who is really a credit to boxing, because he has a great fan-friendly personality and fighting style. You know if you are watching a Brandon Rios fight you are going to see a real fight. He has a big heart and brings a lot of energy into a fight. He complements Pacquiao in this fight. They are both high energy fighters and I think we are going to see a tremendous battle between two guys who love to fight and know, when they get in the ring that that’s what is expected of them.


How is the fight doing? How is the risk factor economically?


BOB ARUM: There is no risk, to be honest. The Macau fight will be sold out. There will be thousands more in Macau watching on close circuit, as in Hong Kong, as in the Venetian in Las Vegas – so that aspect is all covered. The television all over Asia, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia is going to set records for viewership. And in the United States, we believe with the campaign we are going to have the pay-per-view figures in the United States will be right there. What we intend to do in Las Vegas at the Venetian on fight week is we are going to have all the radio remotes there. We are bringing in top fighters to talk to the radios there. We are going to do all the things at the Venetian in Las Vegas as if the fight was at the Venetian in Las Vegas.


The last time you faced a southpaw was when you were 19…


BRANDON RIOS: I guess there hasn’t been a tough enough opponent for me to fight. But fighting a southpaw is OK. It’s something different and maybe I need something different. I look at a right-handed fighter then I look at a left-handed fighter, and it’s even better.


How do you feel about those in the media not giving you a chance?


BRANDON RIOS: It’s OK – everybody looks at me as a punching bag. But that’s all right, Robert and I are going in with a great game plan and we are going to shock the world and show them what kind of a fighter I am. We are just ready, man. To be honest with you, I don’t care what people think, if I have a chance or not. I am just going to prove everybody wrong. And that’s good; they are not giving me credit. That makes me train harder and gives me the drive to show them and shut them up.


Do you enjoy being and underdog?


BRANDON RIOS: I love it. I love it when they doubt me and I can prove them wrong. I proved them wrong against Peterson. I did it again against Acosta. I did it with Antillon and I did it with Alvarado. So I’ll be ready.


The fight is billed Pacquiao-Rios. How do you feel about that? Do you feel as if you are the opponent?


BRANDON RIOS: Well, it is Pacquiao versus Rios so no one is giving me a chance. Everybody is overlooking me. I just want to show the world that, hey, he is in there with a live dog. He is not in there with a little puppy. He is in there with a live dog. I am going to show the world that he belongs with the best; he wants to fight the best. This is the guy that has heart and balls that gives everything in the ring, that’s what he wants.


What gives you that perception?


BRANDON RIOS: There is a lot of it man. I have read articles. I don’t need to go out there and keep saying it. The people that ’know boxing.’ Everybody is out there saying it. But that’s OK. I am going to go out there and shut everybody up.


There is also the perception that you were picked by Pacquiao because you won’t box and that you are smaller…


BRANDON RIOS: I am not smaller. At the press conference I believe he was smaller than me so I am not the smaller guy here. If you say that, your eyes are deceiving you because I am not smaller than Pacquiao, Pacquiao is smaller than me.


BOB ARUM: That is a good point that Brandon raises. Pacquiao is a much smaller guy. Brandon towers over Pacquiao; Brandon is much taller than Pacquiao. As far as the weight is concerned, that is one of Freddie’s biggest problems. Manny is working so hard and he is so light that he is going back is eating five meals a day in order to keep his weight. In other words, now he is probably five pounds under the welterweight limit.


So you think Brandon is probably the bigger guy?


BOB ARUM: I don’t think, I know. He is much bigger than Pacquiao. He is taller, his reach is longer and probably today he weighs more, probably ten pounds more than Msnny, right Brandon? You are probably about 152 today?




BOB ARUM: And Manny was 142 when I left him in General Santos City.


What kind of fight do you plan to bring to Manny? He prefers a guy to stand in there with him…


ROBERT GARCIA: I think if we were getting ready to outbox Manny it would be trying. Everybody knows how Brandon fights and nothing is going to change Brandon. That’s what we are going to do. We are going to try to make it into a brawl. That’s the only way Brandon fights and that’s the only way Brandon knows how to fight so there is nothing else we can do. That’s what we have to do.


BRANDON RIOS: You heard it from Robert and he’s the man training me so I’ve go to go with Robert. I have to stick with what Robert says and that’s what’s going to happen.


If you’re not a puppy, what kind of dog are you?


BRANDON RIOS: I am a Pit Bull mixed with a Great Dane, mixed with a Rottweiler, mixed with a Bull Terrier, mixed with everything. That’s what kind of dog I am.


How long has Pacquiao been on your radar? Three years ago you were fighting for a lightweight title when Margarito was fighting Pacquiao…


BRANDON RIOS: He hasn’t been on the radar that long. At that time I wasn’t ready for this type of fight, really. I think Robert has got me to the point where I need to be and he feels that I’ve grown. Cameron Dunkin feels that I’ve grown so I can compete at this level now. I feel like I can compete at this level now. Now I am ready for these types of fights.


Do you feel a rematch with Alvarado is in your future?


BRANDON RIOS: This is what I say and I always tell this to everybody. There is only one guy on my mind right now and that’s Manny Pacquiao. There is only one guy that’s going to be on my mind and that’s Manny Pacquiao. I can’t overlook any opponent because all fighters are dangerous. Every fighter is dangerous. I only look at one opponent at a time and that’s many Pacquiao. After the fight I will sit down with Cameron Dunkin and Robert and go over some great options for me.


Do you feel drug testing will be part of your future fights?


BRANDON RIOS: I’m a clean fighter and I don’t really need drug testing. They said they wanted drug testing for this fight so why not? I didn’t ask for it. If they want drug testing, that’s OK. It’s not like I’m not going to fight him. I’m a clean fighter like I said. If they’re not clean, that’s OK. I am just worried about my camp and what we do and that’s it.


BRANDON RIOS: I feel good and I’m ready to fight Pacquiao. Everything in the gym with Robert is going great and Robert is training me real hard and I’ll be ready.


Will having Alex Ariza in the corner have an effect on the fight?


ROBERT GARCIA: Ariza is not in the corner. Ariza is working with Brandon but not in the corner. In the corner will be my dad, Dr. Anderson and myself. The fact that he worked with Pacquiao before does not mean we are taking advantage or asking any questions about Pacquiao. Ariza doesn’t ever say anything to me about Pacquiao or what we should do against Pacquiao. I don’t ask questions and he doesn’t tell me anything. He’s just doing his job like he never worked with Pacquiao.


How has Ariza impacted the camp:


BRANDON RIOS: I’m already a physically strong guy, but Ariza’s got some good work ethics. He’s making me faster. He’s making me more light on my feet. He’s been great and been working very well, like Robert said. There has not been one mention of what Pacquiao does wrong or anything like that. We don’t need any of that stuff. We just do hard work and get the job done. That’s what we do. Ariza is great at what he does and we have a great workout. Mikey’s using him and I’m using him and we see great results.


Which Pacquiao are you preparing for?


BRANDON RIOS: I’m ready for the Pacquiao that was dominating the game. That’s the guy I’m ready for. I am not looking at his last fight when he got knocked out by Márquez. That could happen to anybody – that could happen to me. We cannot go in thinking Pacquiao is done, he’s old. I’m not looking at that. I’m looking at the Pacquiao that was dominating the game. I’m getting in the best shape I can get and I’ll be ready mentally and physically for this fight. And if he looks old? Great – that gives me more time to warm up. If he’s at his best? Great – then I have to warm up faster.


BOB ARUM: I want to thank everybody for being on the call. I’m glad you mentioned this great triple-header we have on November 9 – Robert’s brother, Mikey Garcia challenges for the 130-pound title against Rocky Martinez; Nonito Donaire in a grudge rematch with Vic Darchinyan; and former U.S. Olympians Vanes Martirosyan against Demetrius Andrade for the junior middleweight title – it’s a terrific offering on HBO. These fighters, both Manny Pacquiao and Brandon Rios have really been training hard for this fight and I want to address one question – the idea of them fighting in the morning. Remember, on the greatest fights I ever saw took place thirty-eight years ago, in Manila, in the morning, at the same time, when Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali went at it in one of the great heavyweight, one of the great fights, in boxing. I expect a great fight here in the morning in Macau and live Saturday evening, usual time [9:00 p.m. ET / 6:00 p.m. PT], in Las Vegas.


BOB ARUM: Let me say this: people say ‘fighting in the morning, how unusual.’ Yea, it’s unusual, but ask your self, when do you have the most energy or the most strength? Is it in the morning? Or is it in the evening? Most people will say it’s in the morning. So that’s why I expect an even greater battle than if the fight was taking place at the usual time in the evening.


BRANDON RIOS: My friend has something to say [impersonates Kevin Hart]: Yea! Yea! Getting ready for Macau baby! Yea!


BRANDON RIOS: It’s going to be a great fight and it’s going to be a great fight for everybody around the world. You’re going to see two warriors go at it and they really do go at it. I want to say thanks for everyone that believes in me.




Former world champion BRANDON “Bam Bam” RIOS (31-1-1, 22 KOs), of Oxnard, Calif., and reigning Trainer of the Year ROBERT GARCIA will host their only U.S. Media Workout This Thursday! October 31, at the Robert Garcia Boxing Academy (1451 Pacific Ave., Oxnard, Calif. 93003), beginning at Noon PT.


KEVIN HART, who stars as a savvy boxing promoter in the upcoming Warner Bros. Pictures movie “Grudge Match,” will attend Media Day and will be available for interviews as will Hall of Fame promoter BOB ARUM. Interviews with Rios and Garcia will take place before the workout.


Rios is in deep training for his eagerly-anticipated welterweight collision with Fighter of the Decade, Congressman MANNY “Pacman” PACQUIAO (54-5-2, 38 KOs). Rios departs for Macau on November 11 to acclimate to the environment.


Promoted by Top Rank® and Sands China Ltd., in association with MP Promotions and Tecate, Pacquiao vs. Rios will take place Saturday, November 23 at The Venetian® Macao’s CotaiArena™. It will be produced and distributed live by HBO Pay-Per-View®, beginning at 9:00 p.m. ET / 6:00 p.m. PT.


For Pacquiao, boxing’s only eight-division world champion, this marks the pound-for-pound box office monarch’s 2013 debut as well as his first fight outside the U.S. since his 12-round super featherweight unanimous decision victory over former world champion Oscar Larios in 2006, which took place in the Philippines. Rios, one of boxing’s most exciting fighters, has only fought outside the U.S. once, in México in 2008 when he won a 10-round split decision over Ricardo Dominguez.


HBO Sports’ groundbreaking “24/7” reality franchise, which has captured 17 Sports Emmy® Awards, returns for its 18th boxing installment with 24/7 PACQUIAO/RIOS. The series debuts Saturday, Nov. 9, immediately following the Boxing After Dark tripleheader from Corpus Christi, TX. All new episodes premiere in prime time Saturday, Nov. 16 and Thursday, Nov. 21, just two days before the welterweight showdown in Macau.


For fight updates go to or, on Facebook at, or and on Twitter at,, and


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Nonito Donaire Jr drove from his house in Las Vegas almost 300 miles down to Oxnard, CA to train at the Robert Garcia Boxing Academy early today.

With Donaire Jr were his dad, Nonito Sr and a sparmate, Filipino boxer, Marvin Mabait.


Donaire did the usual routine beginning with the taping of his hands by Robert Garcia and then doing the mitts with his dad.


Donaire did six rounds of sparring with one of the young Mexican boxers who trains at the gym followed by 4 rounds with Mabait.


Donaire today hit the scales at 131 pounds exactly where his Team wants him to be. With his fight against the aging Vic Darchinyan of Armenia still 12 days away, Team Donaire does not think making the weight will be a problem. He could easily lose 1 pound every two days and be at or under the 126 limit on weigh-in day.


Manny Pacquiao On His Training Camp! “This Has Been An Excellent Training Camp!”

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“This Has Been An Excellent Training Camp!”

“The first six weeks were spent on conditioning and now I am sparring three days a week. It’s great to have Freddie Roach back in camp with me. This will be my longest training camp. I feel so fresh taking 10 months off. I have  never done that before. My legs have an extra bounce to them and I feel so strong and fast!”

Manny Pacquiao Quote Of The Day!

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Screen shot 2013-10-20 at 8.49.58 AM

“The Question Isn’t Am I Ready For Rios!” “It’s is Rios Ready For Me!”

Official Statement From Manny Pacquiao on Knocking Out Rios


“I never go looking for the knockout, but you can be sure after getting careless with Juan Manuel Marquez, I won’t be setting myself up for getting knocked out. With Age comes maturity and with maturity comes patience.”


“I will not rush in looking to knock Rios out, but rest assured if the opportunity presents itself I will go for it!”

VIDEO! Floyd Mayweather Sr What Will Happen When Manny Pacquiao Fights Floyd Mayweather EsNews Boxing


VIDEO! Floyd Mayweather Sr What Will Happen When Manny Pacquiao Fights Floyd Mayweather EsNews Boxing

Click Here For Video!

According To Freddie Roach


According To Freddie Roach

Freddie Roach said “You are going to see a Manny Pacquiao that is perhaps even better than the Pacquiao we saw against (Oscar) De La Hoya, (Ricky “The Hitman”) Hatton and (Miguel) Cotto.”

De La Hoya was pulverized by Pacquiao who rearranged his face and forced him to quit on his stool at the end of the 8th round, knocked Hatton out cold in the 2nd round with a devastating left hook and dropped Cotto a couple of times before winning by a 12th round TKO.

This Pacquiao is ready to bring back to boxing what boxing needs!  Support the Champ-

Don’t call it a come back! He never went anywhere!

New Photos Of Manny Pacquiao

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Click To Enlarge!

Official Statement From Manny Pacquiao- 26 Days Out From The Fight Of His Life!

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Screen shot 2013-10-20 at 8.44.25 AM

Official Statement From Manny Pacquiao- 26 Days Out From The Fight Of His Life!

“My preparations are more serious and focused than in years. My training camp is one of the longest preparations of my career.

“I am spending eight weeks in General Santos to get ready. I need to train more. I am hungry. I’m very happy with my condition so far.”

“Boxing is hard work, and so is being involved in politics. I have to be ready for Rios. We know each other in the ring and we both have a job to do. I will certainly do my best. He has to do his best against me. We will give a good fight.”

Video Manny Pacquiao- Abs- GMA NEWS!

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New Video Manny Pacquiao Training- GMA News!

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New Video Manny Pacquiao Training- GMA News!

Click Here for Video!

New Video- Manny Pacquiao News GMA

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Screen shot 2013-10-01 at 2.18.03 PM

“This time my preparation is more serious and more focused. My mind is like it was 20 when I first fought. I remember my first fight in the United States. My condition is very good,”

Video: Manny Pacquiao Heavy Training!!

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Check out this Video of Pacquiao getting ready for his upcoming fight!!!

Click Here!

Manny Pacquiao Says, “Nothing Concerns Me About Rios!”

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Manny Pacquiao Says, “Nothing Concerns Me About Rios!”

Pacquiao (54-5-2, 38 knockouts) also stated he and trainer Freddie Roach, who is in the Philippines with Pacquiao after missing another of his fighters, Ruslan Provodnikov, win a thrilling technical-knockout stoppage of Mike Alvarado Saturday in Colorado, are working diligently on a fight plan to rehabilitate the Pacquiao brand.

“I’m pretty sure it’s going to be an exciting fight,” Pacquiao said.

Manny Pacquiao- I am Training Like A 20 Year Old

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Manny Pacquiao says he is furiously training like a 20-year-old to break a losing streak and re-establish his reputation as one of the world’s best fighters.

Pacquiao also said his match against American Brandon Rios in the Chinese territory of Macau next month would be “a good window” to promote boxing in China, and that he felt honoured to take part in the landmark bout.

“This training camp, I believe, is one of the longest preparations in my boxing career. I trained early because I want to prove that I can still fight in the top (tier) of boxing,” he told reporters late Wednesday in his home town of General Santos in the southern Philippines.

“This time my preparation is more serious, more focused. My mind is like when I was 20 years old.”


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Screen shot 2013-10-20 at 8.49.58 AM



Official Statement From Pacquiao On Fighting In The U.S. and How His Training Is Going For His Fight Against Brandon Rios

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We now welcome Eight-Time World Champion and Fighter of the Decade Manny Pacquiao.


MANNY PACQUIAO: Thank you everyone, this is Manny Pacquiao and I would like to thank you all for giving me this opportunity to speak to you. My training here in General Santos City is very good and I am getting very excited for the fight. I have been training very hard for this fight and right now I feel like I am 25-years-old and training that way. I feel very good. My stamina and my quickness and power are there and I am very excited about that.


Manny there were over 100 media coming in from Mainland China and Macau – how was that?


MANNY PACQUIAO: I was very excited to have all of the media from China and from Macau. There were a lot of press here and they wanted to interview me and talk about the fight. I was more than happy to find out that they really love boxing.


Rios’ Trainer Robert Garcia said you are not as intimidating as you were a few years ago. How do you feel about that?


MANNY PACQUIAO: He tries to say the words that he thinks will anger me but they don’t mean much to me. What I have to do it to prove it to them on the night of the fight on November 23rd. I can say the words too, but I have to prove it when we get in the ring.


There has been talk of the drug testing. Has VADA been there to test you?


MANNY PACQUIAO: Yes, I was tested twice so there is no problem.


From what you have heard from Freddie Roach, do you think Manny can be the same intimidating guy that he was?


BOB ARUM: Well, that’s what we will see on November 23rd. Manny is training more seriously and harder than any time I have ever seen him. Manny, to me, looks more dedicated than ever and General Santos City is the perfect place for him to train. He concentrates on nothing but his training and I think the Manny Pacquiao you are going to see on November 23rd and going to be perhaps better than the Manny Pacquiao we saw against De La Hoya, Hatton and Cotto.


Are you going to train differently so as to stay out of harm’s way after what happened in Márquez fight?


MANNY PACQUIAO: My training for this fight has been unique and my training camp has been very long for this fight. My preparation has been going very well so I think it is going to be an exciting fight. I have given over 100% to my preparation for this fight.


What did you think of the Bradley-Márquez and Mayweather-Alvarez fights?


MANNY PACQUIAO: I didn’t watch the fight between Bradley and Márquez but I heard what happened. I had predicted that Bradley would win the fight so I am not surprised at what happened. The fight between Mayweather and Canelo, I know Canelo told the press he would fight like the style of Manny Pacquiao but he didn’t do that. Floyd is faster than him and quicker than him so the fight ended different.


Assuming you beat Rios, what will be next?


MANNY PACQUIAO: Right now I am not thinking about the next fight. What I have right now is focus on my training and preparation for Rios so I can be sure that victory is mine.


Can you tell me what you think Rios’ strongest weaknesses are?


MANNY PACQUIAO: I can’t tell you what his strongest weaknesses are now. It depends on how he prepares for the fight


When you watch Rios tapes, what do you think his strengths and weaknesses are?




Nothing strong? Nothing weak?




Have you watched the replay of the Márquez knockout? What do you think when you see it?


MANNY PACQUIAO: I saw the replay. I saw the replay and it just happened. That’s boxing.


Sometimes it affects a boxer to watch yourself getting knocked out. What did you think?


MANNY PACQUIAO: That’s boxing. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. I am not going to complain or worry about what happened. That’s boxing.


BOB ARUM: I selected VADA. Both fighters said they wanted their drug testing. I selected VADA because this is not the usual situation. This fight is taking place outside of the country in a place that isn’t used to boxing. I needed a collection and testing agency that could handle testing outside the country since Manny was going to train in the Philippines and they’ve been able to do it. They sent a collector twice, I think from Germany and I have confidence in their ability to do a good policing job. The only alternative I had was the other organization, which I don‘t care for.


BOB ARUM: We owe it to the public when we have these major boxing events to do the pre-testing in an effective way like we did in the Márquez-Bradley fight so that the public is assured that the two fighters competing against each other are absolutely clean.


Are you better off training in General Santos City?


MANNY PACQUIAO: My training camp is good and we are very happy with Freddie Roach without Alex. We are very excited. We are very focused in training and we have no distractions. For this fight in Macau, it is better to train here in the Philippines. It is always better to train near, or in the same region as where the fight is. Since the fight is in Macau, this is the best place for me, here in the Philippines. This training camp has been about focus.


Is Rios’ style good for you? Rios coming to you - you not having to go after him?


MANNY PACQUIAO: That’s what I want – his style of fighting. He likes to come inside and I like that style. I don’t like to chase and I’m pretty sure I won’t have to chase him.


Manny how is the testing?


MANNY PACQUIAO: The testing is fine and I am happy to do it and random testing is good for boxing.


Bob, what is your plan with the welterweights?


BOB ARUM: This is the last of the three fights – Manny vs. Rios — and a lot of it depends on who the winner of this fight will be. There are some fantastic matches that can be made next year with these fighters. Manny has unfinished business with Tim Bradley and that might be a good option if he beats Rios. If Rios wins, Ruslan Provodnikov or Bradley would be good opponents. Provodnikov versus Manny, if Manny wins, would be an intriguing kind of fight. And of course there is a revenge match-up between Manny, if Manny wins, and Juan Manuel Márquez, which would be very sellable with the Mexican-Americans - that are still heavily in Marquez’s corner - that would like to see that fight again. So let’s see how this fight goes on November 23rd and then I’m sure everyone will sit down and we’ll work out who Manny and Brandon will fight next.


Manny, what did you think about the Provodnikov fight?


MANNY PACQUIAO: It was good a good fight and I congratulate Ruslan. I knew he was going to win the fight because of Ruslan’s style and he is big and strong. He is much stronger than Alvarado. So that is why I predicted before the fight that Ruslan would win the fight.


Have you thought about fighting Provodnikov?


MANNY PACQUIAO: No I have not. I am focused on the fight on November 23rd and not thinking about anything else.


You have had a year off since the KO loss to Márquez. How do you feel about that?


MANNY PACQUIAO: The year off has been good and I am very excited to get back into the ring and fight and to do it for the fans. I feel very fresh, strong and fast.


What do you feel the key is to winning the fight?


MANNY PACQUIAO: The key to winning the fight is to train hard and to focus while in training. Focus on my speed and power so I am ready when I get into the ring.


Do you feel you need to knock him out?


MANNY PACQUIAO: I will not go for the knockout in this fight but if I have a chance to finish early, why not? But I am not thinking that I need to knock him out. In training if I focus on a knockout I will get careless in the ring on the night of the fight. So what I need to do is focus in training so I am ready to get in the ring on the night of the fight.


What do you think about the comments Rios made thinking Pacquiao is looking past him?


BOB ARUM: If Brandon Rios said that, I think it is wishful thinking on Rios’ part. I can assure you that Manny is focusing solely on Brandon Rios. If a fighter or a team doesn’t focus on the opponent to come it can get upset like Stanford, which was looking forward to facing UCLA and was facing Utah, a game they should have won easily, and they lost the game to Utah. The one thing a fighter can do that will hurt him is to look a future opponent instead of the opponent he is facing. I believe that Manny is looking solely on Brandon and I think that Brandon is looking solely at Manny.


What obstacles are on China?


BOB ARUM: The biggest obstacle in doing a fight in Macau, which is twelve times different now and will be thirteen time zones different on November 23 from the U.S. east coast – we will be out of daylight savings time by then – the biggest obstacle is to re-orient the thinking. To do a conference call in the evening, so it will be in the morning in the U.S. Also, to promote the fight, as well as possible, as if it was happening in Las Vegas, so time-wise we are OK. The Venetian Macao has given us the facilities in Las Vegas – we’ll have radio row in Las Vegas, just as if the fight was taking place in Vegas. There will be about twenty radio stations and we are bringing in some great fighters from the past, Like Roberto Duran and Marco Antonio Barrera and Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini and George Foreman and others to be interviewed and talk about the fight. So we are fully aware that that may be an issue when you have a fight in Macau rather than the United States. We are trying as much as possible to ameliorate that issue. A lot of people have said we won’t do as well on pay-per-view having the fight in Macau as we would have done if the fight was in the United States and I understand that point of view. On the other hand, there is a possibility that we may do better by having the fight in Macau because it is something unique to the public. After all, we haven’t had a major fight since 1975, which took place between 11 in the morning and Noon. And we haven’t had a major fight take place in China, ever. Those elements may add some curiosity and history to the public and therefore the public may watch the pay-per-view, who ordinarily watch the pay-per-view if it was coming from the United States. So we’ll have to see how this all comes out after the fight occurs. If you ask me right now for a prediction, I think we’ll be right on line as if the fight was taking place in the United States, but do I really know? I can’t say it with confidence, but neither do you, nor does anyone else. So we’ll have to see.


While negotiating with the fighters, did you take into account it is in Asia?


BOB ARUM: The one thing we had going for us, you have to remember, is the tremendous savings, as far as Manny Pacquiao is concerned, is he doesn’t have to pay U.S. taxes at 39.6%, so any arithmetic that we did, how well we would do or how well we wouldn’t do, had to take into account the enormous tax savings. As far as Brandon Rios is concerned, we are American citizens and we have to pay taxes on our share of the money. For Manny it makes an enormous difference.


Manny, would you come back and fight in the US?


MANNY PACQUIAO: It depends on my promoter Bob Arum. I really don’t know yet.




BOB ARUM: Well, we know how it goes – it’s going splendid. You have to understand - stop being so U.S.-centric. The world has changed. There are revenue sources that are huge outside of the United States. And it’s not only Macau – look what happened in Russia where somebody paid $23M fo a heavyweight match because they knew in Russia they could generate huge amounts of money from sponsorships and tickets. This is no longer a U.S. ballgame. For example, if Manny were to fight Márquez, the optimum amount of money to be generated could be in Mexico rather than in the United States.


Would you bring Manny back to the U.S.?


BOB ARUM: Of course, economically, if everything works out, Manny has nothing against fighting in the United States. As long as it makes sense.


By the way, Bob, I’m sure the fight in Russia lost money, big time…


BOB ARUM: Well the guy made $6 million. Maybe he was hoping to make $20 million. $6 million profit after bidding $20 million. And I know that for a fact.


MANNY PACQUIAO: After the fight with Márquez? I felt good. I forgot already what happened.


What do you think about the recent comments Alex Ariza has made?


MANNY PACQUIAO: Alex Ariza? He has a right to talk, but I have boxed more than him and I have no comment.

Face Off With Max Kellerman: Pacquiao/Rios Premieres Saturday, Nov. 2 on HBO®

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By Press Release

October 24, 2013 - Fight fans eager for a unique inside look at the highly anticipated Nov. 23rd HBO Pay-Per-View® welterweight slugfest between worldwide superstar Manny Pacquiao and emerging star Brandon Rios should mark their calendars to catch an all-new edition of “Face Off,” starring the two prizefighters. “Face Off With Max Kellerman: Pacquiao/Rios” debuts Saturday, Nov. 2 at 12:15 a.m. (ET/PT) on HBO, immediately following a live HBO Boxing doubleheader.

Moderated by Max Kellerman, “Face Off” is an insightful and often gripping interview session in which the two fighters square off and answer Kellerman’s questions. The fighters also get the chance to address each other and their fans in this engaging format.

The Pacquiao/Rios extended version of “Face Off” is set to air multiple times on HBO and HBO2 (schedule below). “Face Off” will also be available on the HBO On Demand®service, HBO GO® and at as well as various other new media platforms that distribute the program.

HBO air times include:Nov. 2 (12:15 a.m.), 5 (5:15 a.m.), 9 (9:15 a.m. & 3:35 a.m.), 13 (11:45 a.m. & 9:15 p.m.), 17 (11:45 a.m.) 19 (10:30 a.m. & 4:30 p.m.), 21 (1:30 p.m. & 12:00 a.m.), 22 (5:15 p.m.) & 23 (12:00 p.m.).

HBO2 air times include: Nov. 7 (10:25 a.m.), 11 (4:05 a.m.), 15 (10:15 p.m.), 20 (6:00 p.m. & 9:15 p.m.), 22 (3:05 p.m. & 11:00 p.m.), & 23 (1:25 p.m.).

All times are ET/PT.

Pacquiao vs. Rios takes place Saturday, Nov. 23 from the Venetian® Macao CotaiArena in Macau, China and will be produced and distributed live by HBO Pay-Per-View beginning at 9:00 p.m. ET/ 6:00 p.m. PT.

VIDEO: Manny Pacquiao Says He Would Beat Mayweather

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VIDEO: Manny Pacquiao Says He Would Beat Mayweather

click here for video! click here!


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Screen shot 2013-10-24 at 11.12.29 AM

The head of the Voluntary Anti Doping Agency (VADA) has blasted Manny Pacquiao’s former/fired strength coach Alex Ariza for making false accusations that Manny Pacquiao hasn’t undergone any random drug tests.

Dr. Margaret Goodman (a former ringside physician and head of the Nevada State Athletic Commission Medical Advisory Board) was angered that Ariza made such a blatantly false and unsubstantiated statement.

Ariza had claimed “VADA just confirmed that they have yet to test Manny Pacquiao and have no plans to test him until he arrives in Macau.”

Trainer Freddie Roach as well as Arum told the Manila Standard in General Santos City on Wednesday that Pacquiao had been tested not once but twice, with the second test done on Wednesday.

Roach said they were prepared “to undergo random drugs tests every day if they wanted” insisting that Pacquiao never had any reason to hide anything.



More New Photos ~ Manny Pacquiao Media work out @ wild card Gym”" gensan”

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Media work out @ wild card Gym”" gensan”

Manny Pacquiao looks relaxed, yet strong as he greets the masses of photographers and media from all over the world.

Manny Pacquiao is ready for Brandon Rios!





New Photos- Manny Pacquiao Media work out @ wild card Gym”" gensan”

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Media work out @ wild card Gym”" gensan”

Manny Pacquiao looks relaxed, yet strong as he greets the masses of photographers and media from all over the world.

Manny Pacquiao is ready for Brandon Rios!





Manny Pacquiao Has Had 2 Random Drug Tests

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Manny Pacquiao Has Had 2 Random Drug Tests

According to Hall Of Fame Coach Freddie Roach- Manny Pacquiao has had two random test from Vada- One that just happened a couple days ago.

Manny Pacquiao has conformed and complied with all of VADA wants, wishes, and demands.

There are zero issues on the Pacman’s side!@

Michael Koncz, the Chief adviser of Pacquiao, has insisted there is no need to add another conditioning coach to their payroll.


According to Dennis Principe of the “Solor Sports Desk” Conditioning coach Gavin McMillan about to become the out of the Manny Pacquiao training camp!

The biomechanics expert McMillan, who also acts as the head trainer of Sports Science Lab, arrived Wednesday morning in General Santos City primarily as the conditioning coach of two-time Olympic gold winner Zou Shiming of China.

Shiming is also training in General Santos City under Pacquiao’s chief trainer Freddie Roach.

McMillan is being pushed by Roach as Pacquiao’s next conditioning coach after their team recently dismissed Alex Ariza.

But Michael Koncz, the Canadian adviser of Pacquiao, has insisted there is no need to add another conditioning coach to their payroll.

However, Koncz initially worked on getting Pacquiao’s former conditioning coach Justin Fortune back into their fold but immigration issues and some business commitments prevented the California-based Australian from travelling to the Philippines.

“Gavin is not going to be part of our team, at this point in time. He will be here only for (Zou) Shiming. I asked Manny about Gavin and he said no, we’re fine with Nonoy and Buboy,” said Koncz.

But Roach seems adamant in making McMillan work with Pacquiao as the five-time trainer of the year remains concerned about some nagging injuries that continue to bother the multi-division world champion.

“Of course I’ll use him for Manny, even for free. I may talk with Michael Koncz about it and know where the problem is, but I don’t want to create one. But the thing is, result is what we care about,” said Roach.

Roach said back pains often times hamper the Filipino champion’s road work.

“He (McMillan) does a good job, Manny will appreciate it. If he can take the pain away from the back while on the run, that’s a big issue. That will give us 45 minutes instead of 28-minute run, that’s what we need for big title fights,” added Roach. “He’s way ahead of Justin Fortune. He’s been with six training camps with me and we’ve won all those fights.”

Pacquiao, who is revving up for his 12-round welterweight battle opposite Brandon Rios on November 24 in Macau has this to say regarding the hiring of a conditioning coach.

“Depende kay coach Freddie. Siya na magdedecide dyan,” said Pacquiao.

McMillan was present inside the Pacquiao Wild Card Gym in General Santos Wednesday afternoon but did not participate in any drill completed by the Filipino boxing sensation.







Screen shot 2013-10-20 at 8.49.58 AM

If you fans are wondering “Is Pacquiao showing that will to win? That desire to be the best, and showing the same amount of determination and hunger, it takes to be the best, well Freddie Roach says this, “I would say so,”

That is what Roach replied as he watched intently the pound 4 pound champ.

Most importantly Pacquiao is doing plyometrics.

Plyometrics is a back-breaking exercise designed to allow the muscles of the body exert maximum force in as short a time as possible with the goal of increasing both speed and power. Earlier,Roach was watching Pacquiao doing a high-octane sparring session against Fredrick Lawson and Liam Vaughan. For more than three hours this afternoon, Pacquiao was doing a workout routine only the very top and the very fit athletes can do. In the next three weeks, Pacquiao will have to increase the number of rounds for his sparrings and also increase the intensity of his workouts.

“Manny is doing his training schedule religiously,” stated Michael Koncz

“He knows the importance of this fight and I have never seen him train as hard as this one,” Koncz added.

“We will rise again,” Pacquiao said and you could see and hear the determination in his voice.

Pacquiao’s training has been going excellent!

After running on the track for ten laps at the Acharon Sports Complex this morning, Pacquiao sparred eight rounds with undefeated Ghana welterweight Fredrick Lawson and British light middleweight Liam Vaughan who both were at the receiving end of devastating combinations that brought a pained expression to their faces.

Pacquiao cracked Lawson with a left and sent him reeling backwards against the ropes even as his knees buckled before nailing Vaughan with a vicious left that ripped into the Brit’s solar plexus and took the wind out of him.

Pacquiao is ready for war!

Update On VADA Testing For Pacquiao and Rios

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The Voluntary Anti-Doping Association (VADA), said that Manny Pacquiao and Brandon Rios have been randomly tested by VADA as contractually agreed upon in advance of their 147-pound clash in Macau on Nov. 23 (Nov. 24 in China).

The results go directly to the fighter, or to whomever the fighter designates from his camp. They go to the promoter, which is obviously Top Rank, the China Commission, and it goes to the Association of Boxing Commissions.

VADA does not release results to the public. The fighter can release results to the public at any time. Any other details regarding testing or results will have to come directly from the fighters’ camps, the promoter, the ABC or the China commission.”

Top Rank is using VADA for the third time, having employed the organization in March for WBO welterweight titleholder Tim Bradley’s victory over Ruslan Provodnikov, as well as April’s unanimous decision by RING, WBA and WBO titleholder Guillermo Rigondeaux over Nonito Donaire.

Sparring partner from Pampanga a ‘big help’ to Pacquiao

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MANILA, Philippines – A young boxer from Pampanga has been a great help to Filipino ring icon Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao in his training camp, according to former world champion Gerry Peñalosa.

In an interview with Joaquin Henson of The Philippine Star, Peñalosa touted Pampanga native Dan Nazareno as the sparring partner who has been the biggest help for Pacquiao as he prepares for American brawler Brandon Rios.

“Nazareno fights like Rios, and he’s 5-foot-9,” said Peñalosa. “Freddie (Roach) wants another sparring partner like Nazareno.”

Pacquiao is also sparring with Liam Vaughan from England and Frederick Lawson of Ghana, two boxers whom Peñalosa described as “average.”

“Vaughan and Lawson are helping Manny out, particularly in testing his speed,” he explained. “But once they get hit by Manny, they start running.”

“The guy who’s a big help is Nazareno,” he stressed. “(Nazareno) doesn’t back off and tries to pressure Manny. I think we need one more sparring partner like Nazareno to complete the rotation.”

Nazareno has a professional boxing record of 17-10, with 13 victories coming by knockout. He last fought in November 2012, losing to Min Wook Kim via second round technical knockout.


“The Filipino Freddie Roach,” Marvin Somodio is humbled by the recognition By Rich Mazon

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Ace HBO boxing announcer Jim Lampley erroneously called him Marvin SONSONA, (a former Filipino world champion), two weekends ago during the Miguel Cotto- Delvin Rodriguez fight.

Last Saturday, newly minted WBO junior welterweight champion, Ruslan Provodnikov called him “The Filipino Freddie Roach” after their successful exploit in Denver, Colorado. 


Trainer Marvin SOMODIO was grateful of the recognition alluded to him by his boxer in front of the world when HBO’s Max Kellerman did his customary post-fight interview with the victor.


Somodio, like his boxer, is in Cloud 9 after their scintillating knockout of hometown fighter and former champ, Mike Alvarado. He was uneasy of the praises alluded to him by Provodnikov during that interview, but happy that their hard work produced the results they wanted.


“Masaya at napangiti lang ako sir. Nag-iisa lang si Freddie Roach. Nagpapasalamat dahil tinuturuan at pinagkakatiwalaan nya ako sa maliliit o malalaki mang laban. Marami pa akong kakaining bigas,” Somodio told this correspondent after their victory.


(I am happy and I just smiled sir. There is only one Freddie Roach. I am thankful that he has taught and trusted me with both small and big fights. I still have plenty to learn.)


It has been a memorable year for the young trainer from Roach’s Wild Card Gym in Hollywood, where he moved from Baguio City, Philippines last year. He has acquainted and trained Roach’s stable of fighters, both prospects and superstars, in boxing and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).


This month has been the most memorable for Somodio and the Wild Card team. Roach with him as his assistant, were instrumental in the brilliant performances of Provodnikov and Cotto.


Brandon Rios reacts to the news that Manny Pacquiao has been looking sharp in camp and rips HBO analyst Max Kellerman

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By Chris Robinson

During the first part of my interview with Brandon Rios, the former lightweight titlist expressed his shock at seeing how his former foe Mike Alvarado was dismantled this past weekend at the hands of Ruslan Provodnikov.

As the dialogue continued, the conversation focused on Rios’ own personal battle, as he is set to face off with Filipino star Manny Pacquiao on Nov. 23 in Macau, China in an HBO pay per view clash.

Read below for comments from Rios on the early reports coming from Pacquiao’s camp, his disdain towards HBO analyst Max Kellerman, why he believes that it is his critics who serve as the fuel to his fire, and much more.

This is what Rios had to share.

Feeling ready to fight…
“I feel good. No emotion at all. I feel good, like myself, as always. I’m always ready to fight. There’s no emotion at all. I’m not scared, I’m not excited; I’m ready to fight. To me, it’s just another opponent in front of me. Just because he has a big name, that don’t mean sh*t to me.”

Why he never looked at Pacquiao as a potential opponent in the past…
“You know what? Honestly, no. Honestly, back then, when I was a lightweight champ, and when he was dominating, I’ll admit it right now, I said at that time if we ever fought, Pacquiao would f*ck me up. At that time I said that. I think he’s getting older. I’m young and I got more experience, more knowledge now. I think it’s the opposite now. I think I can take him out.”

The reports coming from General Santos City in the Philippines that claim Pacquiao is looking sharp in training…
“That’s good. That means we got a fight going on. If he looks good and if he looks great against his sparring partners, that’s good. That means we got a fight going on. But there’s one thing I’ve got to tell him and Michael [Koncz], that mother*cker, he’s the who’s talking sh*t. I don’t give a f*ck about Michael Koncz. I aint no sparring partner. I don’t give a f*ck how you look against sparring partners. You can look great against sparring partners. But you’re not going to fight a sparring partner. You’re fighting me. And I aint no sparring partner. At the end of the day, that’s good. I hope he’s doing good, so we can have a great fight and give the fans what they want.”

Coming with a great game plan…
“I do everything. I don’t go for head only. I go for body shots, head shots, I mix it all up. I’m not really worried. Like I say, we’re coming with a great game plan. Robert has a good game plan. His Dad has a great game plan. I’ve been following it in the gym and executing the game plan very well. We’ll be ready.”

Read More:

New Photos of Freddie Roach and Sparring Partner Arrive and Relax!

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New Photos of Freddie Roach and Sparring Partner Arrive and Relax!




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GENERAL SANTOS CITY – Filipino potential world boxing champions can look forward to owning world championship belts like present hero Manny Pacquiao.

The eight division Manny Pacquiao himself, the only man to own four lineal titles, former two-division titlist Gerry Penalosa and businessman-sportsman Anson Tiu Co formed a partnership they named MAG (as in Manny, Anson, Gerry) Pacman Boxing International Promotions for that purpose and more.

“Ang layunin ng partnership na ito ay ang maghanap ng mga may kakayahang Pilipino na magpatuloy na magdala ng bandila ng Pilipinas sa lahat ng boxing capital in the world at, higit sa lahat, pangalagaan ang kanila kapakanan hanggang sa sila ay mawala na sa boksing,” Pacquiao said after his group was formally organized here last week.


“In other words, itinayo namin ang grupong ito bilang alay sa mga boksingerong Pilipino. Including those who want to be fighters and those who have already served the sports of sweet science through the only means they know — fighting,” the Pacman added during a simple ceremony held Tuesday at his own Wild Card gym.


“Boxers come from the poorest sectors of society. They choose this profession to earn a living and at the same time carry the country’s name in the international arenas in search of fame and fortune,” Tiu Co, owner of Cooyeesan Hotel and shape Up Boxing Gym in Baguio where Pacquiao trained in his previous fights, said.


“Kaya nga naisip namin na itayo ang partnership na ito upang bigyan ng protreksyon at kalinga ang mga boksingero natin sa mula pagkatapos na sila ma-discover, hanggang sa kanilang kasikatan and in their retirement,” Tiu Co said.


New Photos Of Pacquiao


New Photos Of Pacquiao

Click to Enlarge!



Screen shot 2013-10-20 at 8.49.58 AM

Manny Pacquiao Improves Even More In Camp- Has His Best Day In Sparring According To Freddie Roach!

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“Fighter of the Century” Manny Pacquiao had his best day of sparring last and looks great according to his trainer Freddie Roach.

Roach stated, Pacquiao sparred eight rounds and that the 8 time world champion “is coming back and getting better” as he steps up training for his WBO International welterweight title fight against Brandon “Bam Bam” Rios in Macau on November 24.

Roach said the “Pacman” was getting some good sparring from Britain’s light middleweight Liam Vaughn, undefeated Ghana welterweight Fredrick Lawson and Filipino welterweight Dan Nazareno

Roach had also asked his Filipino assistant trainer Marvin Somodio to try and find a good sparring partner for Pacquiao and to bring him along when he arrives with strength and conditioning coach Gavin McMillan this week.

Things are heating up in camp and we will keep the news coming!

6 Year Old Boxing Kid Video AMAZING!

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6 Year Old Boxing Kid Video AMAZING!


Video- Good Friend Of MP- Alyssa James Sladeck- 6 yr old champion!

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To All Fans- We get a lot of people that want to submit their friend or family member that is a fighter- If you have a video of a friend of family member that you would like to put on our youtube channel and website please submit it to [email protected]

video click here! 

Thank you,

Team Pacquiao


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Pagkakaisa sa training By Manny Pacquiao

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Screen shot 2013-10-02 at 12.07.04 PM

By Manny Pacquiao,

GEN. Santos City — Maayong adlaw kaninyong tanan. Hinaot nga anaa kamo sa maayong panglawas. Magandang araw din sa mga kababayan natin sa iba’t-ibang bahagi ng Pilipinas lalo na sa mga naapektuhan ng malakas na lindol sa Cebu at Bohol.

Dito sa GenSan, patuloy pa rin ang aking training para sa nalalapit kong laban kontra sa Mexican-American na si Brandon Rios na gaganapin sa Macau, China sa Nobyembre 17.

Narito na si Freddie Roach at ipinagpatuloy niya ang training na sinimulan nina Nonoy Neri at Buboy Fernandez. Si Nonoy Neri ang nagsisilbi kong strength and conditioning coach at tiwala ako sa kanyang kakayahan.

Si Buboy Fernandez naman ay laging nandiyan para tumulong sa aking ensayo. Sumabak na rin tayo sa sparring.
Nasa GenSan ngayon ang mga sparring partner ko na sina Liam Vaughan ng England, Fredrick Lawson ng Ghana at ang kababayan nating si Dan Nazareno Jr.

Mahalaga na mayroong pagkakaisa sa training camp dahil hindi biro ang paghahanda laban kay Rios. Pero naniniwala akong makakabalik ako sa rurok ng tagumpay matapos na tayo ay matalo ng dalawang beses noong isang taon.

Naniniwala akong tayo ay mananalo sa tulong na rin ng Poong Maykapal. Nais ko nga rin palang pasalamatan ang mga tumutulong sa atin mula sa Los Angeles, California.

Mabuhay po kayong lahat. At sa inyo pong walang sawang sumusuporta sa akin, maraming-maraming salamat po. Sa inyo ako kumukuha ng inspirasyon para pagsikapan ang muli kong pagbangon.

Huwag po kayong mag-alala dahil nangangako po akong ibibigay ko ang lahat ng aking husay at kakayahan sa labang ito.
Sana ay ipagpatuloy ninyo ang pagpapanalangin para sa ating tagumpay.

Ang tagumpay ko ay tagumpay din ninyo. Hanggang sa Muling Kumbinasyon. May Almighty God Bless Us All.



By Reni M. Valenzuela

Will you ride the Titanic again after having sunk with it before?  Or, has boxing become a sport for fools?

The purpose of “twisted scoring” in boxing is to create controversy in a “closely contested” show at the expense of the real winner. Deliberate and “strategic” in its scheme, the intent is to produce an artificial need for a rematch.  It is an affront to wisdom for those who have it. The “controversy” ventures to hype the “repeat” of the matchup and make it appear cravingly interesting the next time around.  Then, as always, the simpletons would be the willing preys to buy the cooked, sham rematches.

Brazenness of fight decisions has been at “ringsides” too long and too many times for a grade school pupil not to recognize its viciousness.  When has the “Sweet Science” become well since falling ill decades ago?

The Chavez-Vera rematch is everything but anything good and sensible. Yet, oddly, as if man is deprived of intellect, some boxing aficionados entertain the idea of such a rematch being hatched (as preconceived) by bigwig seers in the sport whose expertise are sorcery and witchcraft to fill their pockets.

The “Pacquiao-Bradley” on June 9, 2012 was an earth-shaking “grand larceny”   in fight sport due to the fact that the popular Manny Pacquiao “lost” but won over the “winner” Timothy Bradley by a comfortable margin except in the eyes of blind masseurs seated in front rows, entrusted with score sheets.

Allegedly there was an immediate clamor for a “Bradley-Pacquiao” rematch which placard was bannered by Bradley himself prior to the fight.  But the rematch, as ordered by a sanctioning body, fostered by conspirators and as “pushed hard” by an “astute” promoter, did not materialize because sanity among straight and thinking members of media prevailed then.

Though, with Timothy’s chess bout beating of Juan Manuel Marquez last Saturday, he finally earned the honor as a versatile champion, deserving to be in the “pound-for-pound” lists.  By adapting Latvian Gambit and Sicillian Defence combined, Bradley knew how to exchange pieces in every round to control the center. His king and pone endgame tactic worked for him.

Bradley fought the natural Marquez who surprisingly appeared untalented and who struggled to find his power and rhythm all throughout the fight while I enjoyed easy seeing master strokes in Bradley’s “No PED” game plan.  But if there’s a Marquez-Bradley rematch in the future, it’s feasible only on condition that the few who would be enticed to watch should be served with pillows.

By the way, it may now make sense for Dessert Storm to fight Pacquiao anew and showcase how gusty and gutsy the “windy” moves he can wield against Pacman at this time and for a fresh chance to conquer the “loser” with style - gusty and gutsy enough to convince not just the legendary Bobby Fischer or Anatoly Karpov, regardless of the “judges,” should he be declared the victor once more.

The boxing world roared in protest as fans and scribes were appalled at the bald results in the official scorecards of the recent September 28 comedy between Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. and Bryan Vera. It’s hilarious that the winner lost when it’s clear the loser won.  Strange that nobody laughed because almost everyone was “enraged” in reaction to the verdict.

But what is the outrage for over the anomalous decision?  Why the sudden forgetfulness of the denouncement and protestation? Of what use are the eyesight, voice and logic of every “Tom and Jerry” in boxing if they find themselves in the end watching the same matchup for no reason, or for stupid end; or perhaps without them having made to wait first until legitimate circumstances can eventually justify the rematch?

Break the cycle and you end the malpractice. Or boxing falls under the sick category of a fool’s sport.


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GENERAL SANTOS CITY – Having established momentum going into the most crucial phase of preparations, Filipino boxing hero Manny Pacquiao now needs at least one more sparring partner that resembles Brandon Rios’ fighting style.


The Macau battle could be his make-or-break fight since suffering twin defeats at the hands of Tim Bradley and Juan Manuel Marquez in the saddest moment of his 18-year fighting career in 2012.


“The momentum is already there,” chief trainer Freddie Roach assessed yesterday in reference to the gains Pacquiao has been getting from the three dancing partners, including Irish Liam Vaughan, Ghanaian Fredrick Lawson and local boy Dan Nazareno, who have so far been providing the eight-division world champion his initial needs in terms of regaining the feel of what it is atop the ring.


Pacquiao, for his part, said it’s Roach who is charting his fine-tuning program and “it’s up to him to decide on what more are needed. Ako ang boxer, si Freddie ang trainer, that’s how the team works.”


Acquiring another sparring mate, or perhaps two, is one of the innovations to be effected in the camp after Roach himself took in conditioning coach Gavin MacMillan, who will be arriving Tuesday.


By the look of things, the trio of sparring team might not represent Rios’ style of fighting, but Manny, certainly, has benefited, to a certain extent, a little of everything awaiting him for his 12-round showdown with Rios for the World Boxing Organization international welterweight title November 24 in Macau.


Pacquiao moves up in SI rankings after Marquez loss

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Screen shot 2013-10-02 at 12.06.51 PM

Although it’s still over a month before his crucial fight against Brandon Rios, Filipino boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao inched a notch in the pound-for-pound rankings of magazine Sports Illustrated after Mexican boxer Juan Manuel Marquez lost to Timothy Bradley over the weekend.

In its latest rankings released on Monday, Pacquiao moved to third place from No. 4, taking over the spot previously occupied by Marquez, who slipped three notches to No. 6.

Bradley, who now has defeated both Pacquiao and Marquez, jumped into the Top 10 at No. 9 from 11th place in the previous rankings ending September 15.

The brash Bradley, however, believes he should now be ranked in the world’s top three after his victory over Marquez.

“I have to be considered top three in the world now,” Bradley was quoted to have said. “There is Floyd Mayweather, there is Andre Ward and there is Tim Bradley.”

“Say what you want about Bradley-Pacquiao, but Bradley now officially owns wins over Pacquiao, Marquez and Devon Alexander and was in a Fight of the Year candidate against Ruslan Provodnikov. Bradley made a guaranteed $4.1 million to fight Marquez and is in line for another big payday against Pacquiao, Brandon Rios or Mike Alvarado sometime next year,” SI’s Chris Mannix said about the American boxer, who defeated Marquez via split decision in Las Vegas last Saturday.

As for Marquez, Mannix said: “If Manny Pacquiao is an ideal opponent for Marquez, Bradley is one of the worst. The counterpunching Marquez struggles against fighters with a similar style (see Mayweather, Floyd) and against Bradley, Marquez had to be the aggressor more often than he likely would have liked. Marquez hardly embarrassed himself though, and at 40 there are still plenty of possibilities for him.”

Mayweather remained on top of the magazine’s pound-for-pound rankings, followed by Andre Ward, who also kept his position at No. 2.

Meanwhile, Filipino fighter Nonito Donaire Jr. remained at No. 7 on the list.

After losing to Guillermo Rigondeaux in April, Donaire is also looking to return to his winning ways in a rematch against Vic Darchinyan in November, a few weeks before the Pacquiao-Rios fight.


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One of the concerns in Manny Pacquiao’s preparations for his coming fight with hard punching Brandon Rios is believed to be solved with the arrival next week of one of the elite trainers to handle the “Pacman’s” strength and conditioning requirements.

Manny’s Hall of Fame trainer Freddie Roach has advised that Gavin MacMillan, acknowledged as a seven-sport athlete and the guy who only recently revived the career of Puerto Rican Miguel Cotto, will arrive Tuesday to assume the job originally belonged to Alex Ariza.

The concern is, that in prior conversation we have had talking to Alex Ariza is that if Pacquiao needs a strength coach then that means he is having issues with either shoulder problems or his calves again.

When Freddie Roach originally asked Pacquiao to fire Ariza Roach stated he would handle the strength and conditioning.

Obviously, this is not the case now.

One of Alex Ariza’s main functions in the Pacquiao camp was to work on the aging and aching shoulders of MP.

By hiring the new strength coach let’s team Rios know what is probably happening inside the camp of our hero and champ - Manny Pacquiao.

People have speculated that Ariza could give valuable information regarding Pacquiao- and regarding the need to have a new strength coach- this does provide valuable information to Team Rios.


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Do you Fans Think He looks strong- quick- or is even training hard?


Bobby Pacquiao Will Be The Most Honest Politician Ever!

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MANILA – Two brothers of Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao have officially entered the political realm.

Manny’s younger brother, Alberto “Bobby” Pacquiao, filed a certificate of candidacy (COC) as barangay kagawad in General Santos City on Tuesday, according to Jay Dayupay of the ABS-CBN Regional Network Group.

Manny is now on his second term as Sarangani representative. His other brother, Rogelio, served as chairman of Barangay Apopong in General Santos City before losing to Pedro Acharon Jr. in the congressional race in South Cotabato.

His wife, Jinkee, won the recent gubernatorial race in Sarangani.

Earlier, Manny dismissed criticisms that his family is slowly building a political dynasty.

“Hindi ako naniniwala diyan. Iyung iba nga diyan wala nga sa dynasty pero binubulsa iyong pera ng taumbayan, useless din. Ang pamilya Pacquiao, totoong pagtulong talaga,” he said.

Manny is preparing for his fight against Brandon Rios on November 23 in Macau.

Dejan Zavec to Spar Manny Pacquiao? A Heroic Story

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By Timothy James,

Dejan Zavec (born March 13, 1976) is a Slovenian professional boxer who held the IBF Welterweight Champion title from December 2009 until September 3, 2011. He boxes under the name Dejan Zavec. His professional record includes 36 fights: 32 wins (18 knockouts), 3 losses, and 1 no-contest. Zavec is the only Slovenian boxer ever to hold a world boxing champion title. In December 2010, he was proclaimed Slovenian Sportsman of the Year.

In a heroic story brought to the Official Website Of Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao there is an incredible story of hope for Dejan Zavec to spar with the Pacman.

In a true life story of Hope there is a beautiful young lady that has a desire to see the two spar. She wants to see how her hometown champ will do against one of the best boxers to ever live.

She has reached out to us to please try and help.

You see this beautiful young lady has been born as an Angel, but with disabilities that would cripple most- yet she is as strong as the Pacman himself, with a champion attitude as large as her home town hero Dejan Zavec.

It is her wish that before her surgery in spring; a surgery that just might change the ill effects that have dictated a part of her life, it is her desire she can watch her hometown hero challenge the Pacman.

This Angel was born Metka Kogovsek and she is the face for the debilitating disease “sindrom Apert”.

This story is a tribute to the world wide popularity of our champ the “Pacman” and the love he can bring to people’s lives.

The key is would the Slovenian Boxer provide a good workout for the champ and will he pose a style close to Brandon Rios?

That has yet to be answered, but for Metka’s hopes before her surgery we will definitely do everything we can to help her fulfill her dream!

New Photos of Manny Pacquiao and His Sparring Partner!

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