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Roach Not Sure of Khan Pact, But Pacquiao Takes Priority

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By Rick Reeno

In the aftermath of July’s four round TKO defeat to Danny Garcia, British superstar Amir Khan (26-3, 18KOs), and members of his team, openly complained about taking part in joint training camps.

Freddie Roach, who trains Khan, is also the trainer of high profile boxers Manny Pacquiao and Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.

On more than one occasion, Roach was forced to juggle simultaneous camps because several of his boxers were scheduled to fight within weeks of each other. Khan has often been paired in joint camps with Pacquiao.

Khan wants to continue his relationship with Roach, but he doesn’t want to share him during training camps.

Roach has still not heard a definitive answer from Khan’s team regarding the future of his position.

“I have not heard anything official from them. I heard they want to fight in December. No one has told me if I’m in or out,” Roach told

However, if having a joint training camp is a sticking point for Khan - the same scenario will possibly surface once again in the fall.


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Chavez Jr.-Martinez Overshadowing Alvarez-Lopez in September 15 Showdown; Fan’s Perspective

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By Paul Magno | Yahoo! Contributor Network

Take a trip on social media or on boxing website message boards and, other than the ever-present Mayweather-Pacquiao talk, the main topic of conversation is Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. vs. Sergio Martinez on September 15th.
Chavez-Martinez, however, will be sharing Mexican Independence Day in the same city with another high profile bout featuring a young Mexican star as Saul “El Canelo” Alvarez takes on Josesito Lopez. Although the head to head rivalry of the two simultaneous Las Vegas cards is history-making, only one of the bouts has managed to capture the public’s attention.
It’s no mystery why Chavez-Martinez, housed in Las Vegas’ Thomas & Mack Center and broadcast on pay-per-view, is the talk of the sport. The drama has been building for close to two years and the fight’s back story is as compelling as any other in the sport. Can Martinez expose Chavez Jr. as a protected, bogus WBC middleweight champion and regain the belt that’s rightfully his? Can Chavez Jr. finally win credibility and the respect of hardcore fight fans who see him as the product of pure nepotism? The words have been harsh, the animosity is real. And, of course, the fans are eating it up like peanut M&M’s.
At the same time and just a couple of miles away at the MGM Grand, Saul Alvarez will defend his WBC junior middleweight title against Josesito Lopez. Many have questioned the opponent selection for Alvarez and the fact that Lopez was a natural junior welterweight before moving up to stop Victor Ortiz in a welterweight contest to earn this shot. Regardless of the criticism, though, Lopez always comes to fight and the bout, itself, should be entertaining.


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Team Pacquiao waiting for Cotto proposal before settling on December foe



Top Rank CEO Bob Arum, promoter of Filipino fighter Manny Pacquiao, is waiting on a proposal from Miguel Cotto and his camp, before they make a decision as to who the Sarangani congressman will fight in December.

Arum told that they have already received terms from Juan Manuel Marquez and Timothy Bradley, and that they are just waiting for Cotto, before a Pacquiao’s next opponent can be finalized.

“It’s a now a question of sorting out who and where,” Arum said. “There is no hurry, we’ll get it done by Monday or Tuesday, if not over the weekend.

“We don’t have a final proposal from Cotto but we do have [one] from Marquez and Bradley, and once we get the Cotto position, then Pacquiao will make his decision.”


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Pacquiao Fights December 1



Manny Pacquiao will fight an unnamed opponent on December 1, 2012, according to his advisors.

Pacquiao was originally supposed to fight on November 10, but has run into issues with his re-election campaign for the congressional seat he has in the Philippines.

“Manny has to be in the Philippines for the filing of his candidacy in October, and I don’t want to interrupt his training, nor does Manny,” Pacquiao’s advisor Michael Koncz said.

“If he fights on November 10, it would interrupt his training because he would have to go back to the Philippines. You lose two days going there, and it’s a long trip in the middle of camp. We don’t want to have any excuses when he fights.”

Pacquiao’s (54-4-2, 38 KOs) last bout was against Timothy Bradley on June 9. He lost his welterweight title via split decision.


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Manny Pacquiao’s Next Fight: Freddie Roach and Bob Arum Offer Thoughts

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by Scott Christ

Freddie Roach and Bob Arum have weighed in with their thoughts on Manny Pacquiao’s next fight, which will come on either December 1 or December 8. Both seem like they’d prefer to have Manny face Miguel Cotto, who is tentatively slated to fight on December 1 at Madison Square Garden, with Golden Boy helping with the promotion.

Here’s what Roach said to Chris Robinson of the Examiner:

“Cotto makes the most sense to me because he just went the distance with Mayweather. If we can knock him out again at 150, which he said yes to, and if we could knock him out again, our negotiating power with Mayweather would be a little stronger. … I think it’s the most sensible fight out there but Marquez is closer to being made though, because Cotto wants more money.”

It was reported recently that Pacquiao and Marquez teams are deep into negotiations for a fourth fight in Las Vegas, with the deal “close” to finalized.

Arum says that he’s spoken with Cotto’s team and that money isn’t an issue for the fight, but he’s not sure that Cotto is looking to take a big fight in December, as he’s coming off of a May loss to Floyd Mayweather:

“Cotto may be looking for a very easy fight in December. Because, look at Cotto’s career. After he lost to Margarito, he did a transition fight with Jennings, which wasn’t very competitive. After he lost to Manny, he did a fight with Yuri Foreman.”

Arum of course fails to mention that Cotto-Foreman was the greatest boxing event of all-time for about 10 minutes, as it was Top Rank bringing boxing back to the good people of New York at the gorgeous brand-new Yankee Stadium which will no doubt be a fixture in the sport for a long, long time, up there with Cowboys Stadium, but that is just piddly snarky bullshitting from me, and it’s got no real point and I’m barely even serious about it anyway, and you know that, so let’s get back to the matter at hand here.


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Pacquiao Waiting on Terms from Cotto, Getting Closer to Decision: Fan Reaction

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By David King

Former WBO welterweight champion, Manny Pacquiao, is getting close to figuring out whom his next opponent will be.
The Filipino congressman has already received terms from Juan Manuel Marquez and Timothy Bradley, but he’s still waiting for Miguel Cotto to get back to him.
“He [Pacquiao] said that he was going to fight either on the 1st or the 8th of December and that’s the way it is,” Top Rank promoter Bob Arum said during an interview with “We don’t have a final proposal from Cotto but we do have [one] from Marquez and Bradley. And once we get the Cotto position then Pacquiao will make his decision.”
Arum also talked about the possibility of a super-fight against Floyd Mayweather, claiming he’d been approached by some of the pound-for-pound king’s associates. “Money” recently indicated that he’s still willing to fight his arch-rival, but he’s not going to budge on his demands. He still wants Olympic Style Drug Testing (OSDT), and he’s not open to the idea of a 50/50 split.
Pacquiao is obviously taking his time to pick his next opponent, but I can’t say I blame the Filipino congressman. He’s the second most-popular boxer on the planet right now, but his boxing career is at a major crossroad.
“Pac Man” didn’t impress many hardcore boxing fans with his uninspiring performance against Marquez in 2011, and his controversial loss against Bradley only made things worse. Manny can’t afford to lose his next fight.
Unfortunately for Pacquiao, his three potential opponents are all capable of defeating him.
Manny brutalized Cotto during their 2009 encounter, but I don’t think he’ll be as fortunate if he faces the Puerto Rican at 154-pounds. “Junito” looked awesome during his last outing against Mayweather, and I’m sure he has a lot more left in his tank.


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Former WBO welterweight champion, Manny Pacquiao, is getting close to figuring out whom his next opponent will be.

The Filipino congressman has already received terms from Juan Manuel Marquez and Timothy Bradley, but he’s still waiting for Miguel Cotto to get back to him.

“He [Pacquiao] said that he was going to fight either on the 1st or the 8th of December and that’s the way it is,” Top Rank promoter Bob Arum said during an interview with “We don’t have a final proposal from Cotto but we do have [one] from Marquez and Bradley. And once we get the Cotto position then Pacquiao will make his decision.”

Arum also talked about the possibility of a super-fight against Floyd Mayweather, claiming he’d been approached by some of the pound-for-pound king’s associates. “Money” recently indicated that he’s still willing to fight his arch-rival, but he’s not going to budge on his demands. He still wants Olympic Style Drug Testing (OSDT), and he’s not open to the idea of a 50/50 split.

Pacquiao is obviously taking his time to pick his next opponent, but I can’t say I blame the Filipino congressman. He’s the second most-popular boxer on the planet right now, but his boxing career is at a major crossroad.

“Pac Man” didn’t impress many hardcore boxing fans with his uninspiring performance against Marquez in 2011, and his controversial loss against Bradley only made things worse. Manny can’t afford to lose his next fight.

Unfortunately for Pacquiao, his three potential opponents are all capable of defeating him.

Manny brutalized Cotto during their 2009 encounter, but I don’t think he’ll be as fortunate if he faces the Puerto Rican at 154-pounds. “Junito” looked awesome during his last outing against Mayweather, and I’m sure he has a lot more left in his tank.

Impact of Manny Pacquiao’s Decision on Juan Manuel Marquez, Timothy Bradley, Miguel Cotto

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By Alex Groberman

Manny Pacquiao fighting Miguel Cotto at the end of 2012 seems like it’s becoming an increasingly likely possibility. After months of speculation and a whole lot of talk about showdowns against Timothy Bradley or Juan Manuel Marquez, the Filipino champ sounds like he is completely and totally disinterested in a late-year match against anyone aside from perhaps Cotto.

The obvious question everyone would have if Pacquiao did in fact decide to fight Cotto in December would be: what happens next?

What happens as far as the champ’s next move, and what happens with his much-discussed potential foes?

The first question is easy to answer. If Pacquiao fights Cotto he’ll likely beat him, rest up for a few months, and then take on Floyd Mayweather Jr. next April or May. There are really no other viable options for him. The second question, initially, seemed like it would be tougher to answer. Maybe it actually isn’t, though.

According to ESPN’s Dan Rafael, people are currently working on a Plan B that is really, really interesting – a fight between Marquez and Bradley.

“It’s a fight we’ve been talking about — me, Bradley, Bob and Todd,” Dunkin told Rafael. “They tell me that Marquez and [promoter Fernando] Beltran have been talking about it, too, as a possibility.

“I’m not saying it’s happening. What I’m saying is that it’s a fight that’s very interesting and a fight that everyone seems to love. Manny is the boss with the date and the opponent. It’s his call and we’re all waiting on him. But if both of these guys [Bradley and Marquez] are free, that’s a fight we would love and would go further in pursuit of. And I think Marquez and Beltran feel the same way about fighting Tim. Top Rank told us Marquez is very interested in the fight.”

As he should be. This would be a great bout for both Marquez and Bradley. Obviously it wouldn’t be better for either guy than taking on Pacquiao from a financial standpoint, but, from a fight quality standpoint, this might be the best option we’ve heard up to this point. And, for what it’s worth, all involved seem to understand that.

“We will wait and see how this all plays out with Manny, but a Bradley-Marquez fight is a fight we’ve talked about for Timmy if he doesn’t get Pacquiao again,” Dunkin said. “It’s a good pay-per-view, and both Bob and Todd agreed and said they’d be interested in doing it. It’s a fight we were really intrigued with, so we were talking about it.”


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Arum: Marquez-Bradley, Pacquiao-Cotto II is ‘logical’


by Lem Satterfield

If eight-division title-winner Manny Pacquiao chooses a rematch with three-division belt-winner Miguel Cotto, then the likelihood is that four-division title-winner Juan Manuel Marquez will challenge WBO welterweight title-holder Tim Bradley, according to Top Rank CEO Top Rank CEO Bob Arum.

Arum had originally reserved the MGM for an event on Nov. 10 to be headlined by Pacquiao (54-4-2, 38 knockouts), who has been considering rematches with Bradley, Marquez or Cotto.

But with conflicts having to do with congressman Pacquiao’s political schedule, according to Pacquiao’s advisor, Michael Koncz, and the fact that Cotto is considering a return date of Dec. 1 for Madison Square Garden, a second bout with Cotto became more of an option.

So if Pacquiao chooses Cotto(37-3, 30 KOs) for December, Marquez in a welterweight bout against Bradley seems to make the most sense as a potential HBO pay-per-view headliner for Nov. 10 at the MGM — a scenario was broached in an earlier report by

“If it’s Cotto and Pacquiao, then Bradley and Marquez will fight each other,” said Arum. “That is correct. That’s not wrong. That’s logical, and the fighters have agreed to that.”

Cotto is coming off May’s unanimous-decision loss to five-division, eight-belt winner Floyd Mayweather Jr. (43-0, 26 KOs), who added Cotto’s WBA junior middleweight belt to the WBC welterweight crown he already owned.


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Diaz Gives His Take on Manny Pacquiao’s Fight Options

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By Chris Robinson

At the moment, all signs seem to indicate that it will be Mexico City’s Juan Manuel Marquez who will serve as Manny Pacquiao’s opponent for his November 10th return to the ring at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Marquez knows Pacquiao very well, having fought him in three excruciatingly close battles, the most recent being a majority-decision loss this past November that once again left him crying foul.

Having served as the Filipino idol’s cut man in his last eight contests, the respected Miguel Diaz seems to prefer Marquez at this point.

“I’d like to see, for the public, Marquez,” Diaz recently told me as we spoke at Long Life Fit in Las Vegas. “I didn’t see him winning that [third] fight. The best you can give him was a draw. I know his corner was telling him ‘Stay away, you won that fight’. I don’t think that was good advice for Marquez.”

Not wanting to get ahead of himself, Diaz then seemed to recount just how fiercely competitive Marquez has made all three of his showdowns with Pacquiao, all the more reason to look at him as still being formidable.

“On the other hand, who am I to say that Marquez doesn’t have the right style for Pacquiao?” Diaz would ask. “He’s shown already, even the time that he was dropped in the first round three times, and still he boxed good enough to get a draw. Listen, it’s a great fight. The two styles accommodate each other very well and it’s going to be another great fight if that happens.”

Two other names in consideration for Pacquiao are Puerto Rico’s Miguel Cotto and WBO welterweight champion Timothy Bradley. Pacquiao stopped Cotto in the 12th round in their November 2009 clash and he suffered a highly-controversial split-decision to Bradley on June 9th.

Diaz knows Cotto very well, as he worked his corner from his professional debut in February of 2001 all the way up to his victory over Michael Jennings at Madison Square Garden in February of 2009 and he paid the Boricua bomber some respect.

“Cotto, he got beat by Pacquiao very bad that particular time,” stated Diaz. “Cotto has a better chance today than three years ago.”

When the final bell rang for Pacquiao’s fight with Bradley, Diaz was certain that his man had won and didn’t anticipate the reading of the scorecards with any kind of suspense. It was only when the official tallies were read, with two of the 115-113 verdicts favoring Bradley, that reality set in.

“I was cutting his wraps and he was telling me ‘Miguel, I love you. You’re always good with me’ and I said ‘I love you too Manny’,” said Diaz. “I was cutting the wraps and I didn’t even want to hear Michael Buffer, because I know my fighter won by four, five points. When I heard ‘And the new champion’, he asked me ‘What happened?’ and I said ‘You lost your championship’. That was unbelievable.”


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Manny v Cotto possible as Marquez v Bradley talk grows

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ESPN staff

Juan Manuel Marquez remains in pole position to face Manny Pacquiao towards the end of this year - but if that fight falls through, a new scenario has come into the light: Marquez v Timothy Bradley, and Pacquiao v Miguel Cotto.
It emerged on Wednesday that Marquez is set to meet Pacquiao for a fourth time in either November or December, with the Filipino apparently overlooking Bradley and Cotto.
Cotto was widely considered the least likely of the three options because he is penciled in for a return on December 1 at Madison Square Garden in New York - whereas Pacquiao will appear at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. However, the date seems to fit Pacquiao’s schedule, and a compromise may be reached, judging by Arum’s comments.
“If it’s Cotto and Pacquiao, then Bradley and Marquez will fight each other. That is correct. That’s not wrong,” he said to “That’s logical, and the fighters have agreed to that.
“The question is, Manny is not reluctant to fight Cotto, but Cotto may be reluctant to fight Manny. That’s what we’ll have to see. The Cotto people will get back to me tomorrow or Friday.”
Arum insists Pacquiao will make a choice by the end of the week - although he has proposed a few decision dates recently, all of which have passed without confirmation.
Reports continue to indicate that Marquez, who has never beaten Pacquiao in any of their three meetings, will get the nod.
“I spoke in length with my promoter Fernando Beltran and we discussed all of the possible scenarios for my next fight,” Marquez told
“The first scenario is to face Pacquiao again and that’s almost a fact, but in this business anything can happen. If for any reason Pacquiao does not materialise, we will go against Timothy Bradley in November.”


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Pacquiao vs Marquez Clash Heading To December Date?

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By Jose Luis Camarillo

Promoter Fernando Beltran of Zanfer Promotions has confirmed to that there are serious ongoing negotiations to finalize a fourth fight between Manny Pacquiao (54-4-2, 38KOs) and Juan Manuel Marquez (54-6-1, 39KOs) - at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on December 1 or December 8.

A date of November 10th has been mentioned, on HBO pay-per-view, but Beltran says the only two dates being discussed with Top Rank, who promote Pacquiao, fall in the month of December in Las Vegas.

Beltran says the fight is “very close to materializing.” But, there is still no contract and Pacquiao has yet to make a final decision as to the opponent. Beltran is confident about Marquez’s chances to get the fight and says his fighter is without question the frontrunner to land the opportunity. If Pacquiao falls through, Beltran and Marquez might focus their energy on landing a fight with WBO welterweight king Timothy Bradley.

“We are first in line [to fight Pacquiao], without any doubt. [However], Juan Manuel and I do not depend on Pacquiao. We have various options; one of them is Tim Bradley, but yes [I think] the fight with Pacquiao will [happen]. We just need to get all of the conditions in writing. On Monday I met with Márquez [in Tijuana] and we talked [but there is no contract to show]. [The fight would happen] in Las Vegas, although the Pacman insists that he would beat Marquez in his home [of Mexico]. And the two dates discussed: 1st or 8th of December,” Beltran said.

The other two boxers reportedly being considered by Pacquiao include Bradley and former three division champion Miguel Cotto.


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Floyd Mayweather Puts a Hold on Manny Pacquiao & Turns Focus to Wrestlemania

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by Paul Louis Maupin

Floyd Mayweather recently announced that he will be a part of the upcoming Wrestlemania 29. This comes after comments by Mayweather as to the difficulty a potential fight with Manny Pacquiao has faced.

Mayweather claims that the purse split, location and other details of the fight are not what have been holding it up. According to Mayweather it is Pacquiao’s refusal of pre-fight random drug testing that has stalled what would undoubtedly be the most watched fight in years and what has certainly been the most anticipated. It seems Mayweather, at least, is fed up with waiting.

Always the savvy businessman, Mayweather has probably come to the realization that he has fought all the big fights and that, right now, Manny Pacquiao is the only person worth fighting for him. That added with the admitted toll that his recent prison stint took on the fighter and it is not hard to understand why he would go for a much easier pay day in the WWE.


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Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao Must Be Featured by WWE at WrestleMania 29

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By Donald Wood

With undefeated boxing legend Floyd Mayweather announcing that he will be working with the WWE at Wrestlemania 29 in New York, the company must go all-in and get Manny Pacquiao to appear as well.

They will not be fighting each other. Instead, they will be in the corners of the combatants in a WrestleMania match (probably Triple H and whomever he squares off against).


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Pacquiao politics: Random thoughts

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By Edwin Espejo

On Tuesday, Rep. Manny Pacquiao did what his predecessors are said to have failed before: give an address to the people on the State of Sarangani District.

In an elaborate and pompous ceremony complete with red carpet reception, Pacquiao reported to the Sarangans what he has accomplished in a little over two years after he was elected as representative of the lone district of Sarangani.

It was an impressive report spiked by applauses for the many projects, mostly infrastructure, Pacquiao has delivered for the province.

It is something his predecessors have failed to communicate, to say the least, or delivered, at worst.

By the report, it is easy to conclude that Pacquiao delivered more for his constituents in less than three years what former Rep. Erwin Chiongbian perhaps failed to do so in his last six years as congressman of the province.

The ailing Chiongbian was seldom seen in Sarangani especially during the last of his three 3-year terms. Chiongbian’s failure to regularly meet and address his constituents took their toll on brother Roy who lost to Pacquiao in the 2010 congressional race.

The Chiongbians, represented by Vice Gov. Steve Solon whose mother is a sister of Erwin and Roy, have been forced to strike an alliance with Pacquiao for their own political survival. Taking the opportunity of being the logical candidate to vie for the gubernatorial post that will soon be vacated by outgoing Gov. Miguel Rene Dominguez, Solon is forging personal friendship with Pacquiao to become the latter’s anointed one.

Pacquiao’s political dominance in the province is now virtually complete with Dominguez said to be contemplating on taking a break from local politics although the latter has repeatedly said in private that he is keeping his options open.

Pacquiao’s political fortunes have dramatically changed over the last three years. Far from the bitter loser he was in the 2007 congressional race in nearby General Santos City, Pacquiao is now a master of local politics, able to impose his will over allies who are all beholden to him for their sweeping victories in the 2010 elections - thanks to Pacquiao’s almost bottomless war chest and ever growing celebrity status then.

He is now plotting a political career that could one day end up in Malacañang.

But first he has to move to have himself elected to the Philippine Senate in 2016 and perhaps vice president in 2022.

Nobody has ever thought Pacquiao’s political career can be charted the way the Filipino boxing icon is now plotting his.

For now, Pacquiao believes he has all his allies in check.

But he better keep his ears on the ground within his own backyard.

A lot of longtime allies have reportedly resented the way he is handling his line-up for next year’s election.

On Wednesday, he openly and virtually endorsed Provincial Board Member Eugene Alzate as a strong candidate for vice governor – perhaps even a personal choice.

Alzate was recently convicted by the Sandiganbayan for allegedly embezzling P300,000 from the pork barrel of former Rep. Erwin Chiongbian. He was sentenced to 10-11 years of prison but is filing a motion for reconsideration.

Alzate was among the scores who are faced graft charges following the 2003 fund scam expose in Sarangani.

Former Gov. Miguel Escobar was also convicted of graft in a separate case and was sentenced to 10-18 years in prison.

Pacquiao personal choice of Alzate to become Solon’s running mate is anathema to his avowed goal of good governance.

Even if Alzate’s conviction is not yet final and executory, the fact that it reached conviction should already serve as a red flag for Pacquiao who characteristically is known to stick by close friends no matter what.

If Pacquiao pushes with Alzate’s nomination, he is sending signals he can tolerate such kind of company.

Heaven forbid.


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Manny Pacquiao-Juan Manuel Marquez 4? Bad Idea Before Floyd Mayweather Jr. Fight

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By Michael Walters

According to a number of sources, including, Manny Pacquiao will face Juan Manuel Marquez in his upcoming bout. Though not finalized, the date looks to be either Dec. 1 or Dec. 8 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nev.

This fight would be great for boxing fans, but it could be a terrible move for the Filipino congressman career wise.

Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez have already squared off three times. The only one of those matches that I thought Pacquiao won was the first, and it was scored a split-decision draw because of a judge’s error.

The next two times they met, Pacquiao won by very close and questionable decisions.

He edged Marquez by split decision in their second bout and won a majority decision the last time the two met. I believe that Marquez deserved to win both of their last two meetings.

In their most recent meeting, the look on Pacquiao’s face was one of defeat, and he seemed shocked when the decision was announced in his favor.

Juan Manuel Marquez has Manny Pacquiao’s number. Next time around, I think Pacquiao will have that same look on his face, but the judges may finally get it right.

I think a fourth fight with Marquez is the wrong move for Pacquiao if he ever wants to get Floyd Mayweather in the ring for the mega-fight that has been talked about for the last four years. Two losses in a row would kill Pacquiao at the negotiating table with Mayweather and may kill the public’s demand for the bout.

I also think a rematch with Miguel Cotto might not be a good idea either, as Cotto has looked reinvigorated his last couple times out.

In his fight with Pacquiao, it seemed as though the catchweight of 145 had a detrimental effect on him, but in rematch, I don’t think Cotto would agree to such stipulations. If the same Cotto who faced Mayweather in May gets Pacquiao in the ring in December, it may be a long night for the Filipino slugger.

The smart move would be a rematch with Timothy Bradley; he beat Bradley the last time out whether the judges saw it that way or not.

Bradley would be more confident than the last time the two fought, but because of the dubious result to their last bout, I believe he would need to win by a wide margin to be named the victor.


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By: Ashley White

In an interview with The Times yesterday, World Boxing Organisation welterweight champion Timothy Bradley revealed he would want to fight former WBO welterweight titlist Manny Pacquiao once again.

Bradley, who won the title from Pacquiao on June 9 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, believes the rematch will be a bigger sell-out than their previous encounter.

“I know boxing is a business and a sport, but as far as a rematch, we’ll meet a number everyone will be happy with because of the controversy: ‘This time Pacquiao will beat him.’ ‘Bradley will do better.’ People know who I am now because of the controversy. Honestly, I didn’t get crazy beat in that fight. It was competitive,” asserted Bradley.

Bradley won the title via split decision, which soon became controversial, as most fighters, analysts and fans believed Pacquiao was the rightful winner of the show. Even the World Boxing Organisation conducted a review of the fight with five international judges on the panel. The results showed Pacquiao won the showdown by a wide margin.

“It’s all up to Mr. Pacquiao,” added Bradley who is eager to meet the Filipino in the ring once again, as he is frustrated with all the curses and death threats he received after his victory over Pacquiao.

Bradley, right from day one, has maintained that he was not hurt by Pacquiao in the ring. According to Bradley, Pacquiao does not have enough punching power to knock him out. Right after the fight, Bradley revealed that he wants to go head to head with Pacquiao again in order to win in a more decisive manner to impress those who believe Pacquiao was robbed.

Now, Bradley is waiting for Pacquiao to decide his next opponent. The Filipino is scheduled to fight either on November 10 or December 1. Bob Arum, promoter for both the fighters, met Pacquiao last week in the Philippines to talk about the situation. However, the meeting ended with no result. Arum is now hopeful that Pacquiao’s decision regarding his next opponent will come by next week.

For now, Bradley can only wait and hope for the Filipino to select him as his opponent.

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Manny to choose from Marquez, Bradley, Cotto

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By Abac Cordero (The Philippine Star)

MANILA, Philippines - All Manny Pacquiao has to do is choose from among the “usual suspects” and it’s on for his next fight either on Nov. 10 or Dec. 1.

But the Filipino boxing superstar can’t seem to make up his mind if he wants another fight this year following a bitter loss to Tim Bradley last June.

A big question in everybody’s mind is if Pacquiao wants to fight anyone else other than undefeated American Floyd Mayweather Jr.

But the bigger question is if Pacquiao, who has his hands tied with his congressional duties and his bible preaching, still wants to fight at all.

Is he done with boxing?

If the answer is “No,” then why can’t he decide on his next fight or tell the world he wants no other fight than the superfight with Mayweather in 2013?

“This is what happens when you’re dealing with a politician. Affairs of state come first,” Pacquiao’s promoter, Bob Arum, told the LA Times yesterday.

Arum said Pacquiao can choose from among Juan Manuel Marquez, Miguel Cotto and Bradley for his next fight.

Of the three, it was reported yesterday that Marquez, the aging Mexican warrior, has the inside track because he has already come to terms with Top Rank.

Marquez, who turned 39 last Thursday, is dying for a fourth fight with Pacquiao following a draw in 2004 and two controversial decisions in 2008 and 2011.

Marquez feels he was robbed of a win on all three occasions, and he wants another shot before he becomes a grandfather. He would settle for less than what Bradley or Cotto wants.

Besides, a fourth fight between Pacquiao and Marquez could offer the best pay-per-view revenue among the three possible fights.

Arum sounded clueless on what Pacquiao really wants.

“I can’t go blabbing to the press, who will trust me? I have no date set, nothing,” he told the LA Times.

Arum was in Manila a few weeks ago, hoping to make Pacquiao decide on his next fight. But he flew home empty-handed.

It remains that way.

Pacquiao is home in General Santos City, busy as ever as a congressman, and a bible preacher. He’s getting ready to host a big religious gathering on Aug. 31.

It seems that boxing is far from Pacquiao’s mind these days.

The world can only wait so long.


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Floyd Mayweather Still Wants Manny Pacquiao: Fan Reaction

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By David King | Yahoo! Contributor Network

Floyd “Money” Mayweather hasn’t been as vocal ever since his release from the Clark County Detention Center, but he opened up during a recent appearance on Hot97 FM NY.
It’s obvious Mayweather’s two-month stint behind bars changed him for the better.
“It really wasn’t the mansion,” Mayweather responded when asked about how good it felt to be back in his private residence. “My freedom was more important than anything. I think sometimes when we’re out here in the world; the American mentality is ‘I wanna be rich.’ But once you freedom is gone, you don’t care about money, you just want your freedom. You just want to see a tree, walk through a park.”
Mayweather is still open to the possibility of a super-fight against former WBO welterweight champion, Manny Pacquiao, and his demands remain the same as they’ve been for years.
“I don’t have any hate towards Manny Pacquiao, you know,” Mayweather said. “I respect him, but I’m just saying, it’s [asking for OSDT] not a crime. I’m also saying, I’ma do random blood and urine testing, you know, just so I can be in a clean sport. That’s all I’m asking.”
As far as a 50/50 split is concerned, Pacquiao might as well forget about that.
“Actually, we don’t do the same type of numbers, so how can we split? We don’t draw the same type of money,” Mayweather added.
“Money” is indeed the bigger draw, so it’s not surprising that he expects to get a bigger cut than the Filipino congressman if the two ever meet. Given Manny’s controversial loss against Timothy Bradley on June 9 - and his lackluster performance against Juan Manuel Marquez in 2011, he’ll have a hard time trying to counter that argument.
Pacquiao is still trying to figure out who his next opponent will be, constantly shifting back and forth between Timothy Bradley and Marquez. Miguel Cotto’s name has also been mentioned a few times.
At this point in his career, Pacquiao has nothing to lose by facing Mayweather, so the next round of negotiations might be a little smoother. As long as Pacquiao is willing to swallow his pride, we just might get to see the highly anticipated super-fight.


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Pacquiao’s Indecision Makes Arum Uneasy

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Manny Pacquiao hasn’t decided when and who to fight next and this is making Top Rank big boss Bob Arum uneasy.

“There’s just too much on his plate,” Arum said yesterday from the US when asked about details on Pacquiao’s ring return that will now have to be pushed to Dec. 1 since Nov. 10 is just around the corner.

Pacquiao is not only attending to his congressional duties nowadays, but he likewise presides over outreach programs, gospel-preaching and show business commitment during weekends. His mind is also torn by his future political plans as he decides whether to run for governor of Sarangani province in 2013 or seek another term as representative of the same province.

Arum sounded a bit disappointed that Pacquiao hasn’t made his selection among three names that he mentioned: Tim Bradley of the US, Juan Manuel Marquez of Mexico and Miguel Cotto of Puerto Rico.

“I am also waiting for him to make a decision,” said the 80-year-old Hall of Fame promoter, who travelled to General Santos City early this month to diccsuss with Pacquiao regarding their next move.

Pacquiao suffered a shocking and controversial 12-round split decision to Bradley last June 9 and while there is a rematch clause between them, the Filipino appears to be cool on the idea of facing someone many believed he had already beaten.

Besides, Pacquiao’s fight with Bradley only garnered more than 700,000 buys on pay-per-view, figures that pale in comparison with his previous fights with marquee fighters that have grossed somewhere between 1.2 million to 1.4 million subscriptions.

Still, Arum made it clear that Pacquiao can afford to take rest of the year off.

“He is not obligated to fight,” stressed Arum.

Word is that Pacquiao is not to keen on fighting again this year because of the risk of sustaining an injury that could jeopardize plans of pairing him with Floyd Mayweather Jr. in April or May next year, a bout that is expected to break all sorts of records.

After all, anything can happen inside the ring.

“If Manny doesn’t want to fight this year, all he has to do is tell us,” said Arum.

In the meantime, all Arum and the world have to do is wait.


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Manny Pacquiao Eclipses Donald Trump, Tiger Woods, Britney Among Forbes’ Highest-Paid Celebs

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MANILA, Philippines – For the first time, boxer-politician Manny Pacquiao entered Forbes’ yearly list of the 20 Highest-Paid Celebrities, ranking 16th with $67 million in earnings.

Despite Pacquiao’s controversial loss to Timothy Bradley in their June bout—the former’s first defeat inside the ring in seven years—the Sarangani representative continues to enjoy a lucrative career. Forbes wrote: “Pacquiao has become a pay-per-view stud, with five fights each generating at least one million PPV buys during the past four years.”

“Pacman has expanded his endorsement reach by signing deals with Monster Energy and Hennessy. His longtime partners include Nike and Hewlett-Packard,” it added.

The People’s Champ is ahead of other global celebrities in the list, namely Dr. Phil McGraw with $64 million, business mogul Donald Trump ($63 million), “American Idol” host Ryan Seacrest ($59 million), and pop star Britney Spears and superstar golfer Tiger Woods (both with $58 million).

For another year, the world’s Queen of All Media, Oprah Winfrey, ruled the roster with $165 million. “Transformers” director Michael Bay came second with $160 million, followed by producer-filmmaker Steven Spielberg ($130 million), “Pirates of the Caribbean” producer Jerry Bruckheimer ($115 million), and record executive-businessman Dr. Dre ($110 million). Closing the top 10 are Tyler Perry ($105 million), Howard Stern ($95 million), James Patterson ($94 million), George Lucas and Simon Cowell (both with $90 million).

In the World’s 100 Highest-Paid Athletes list released also by Forbes last June, Pacquiao ranked second after one of, if not, his most popular boxing rival, Floyd Mayweather, Jr. The former also entered Forbes’ Celebrity 100 at the 33rd spot.

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No telling who or when Manny Pacquiao will fight next

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By Lance Pugmire

Manny Pacquiao’s fall opponent was supposed to be known by now.

He’s not, and neither is the date of the Pacquiao’s next fight.

Pacquiao’s promoter Bob Arum told The Times on Tuesday he’s still “waiting to hear” from Pacquiao about his intentions.

Arum said he remained in “conversations” with possible opponents, including Miguel Cotto, but gave little information beyond that.

“I can’t go blabbing to the press, who will trust me?” Arum said. “I have no date set, nothing. This is what happens when you’re dealing with a politician. Affairs of state come first.”


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Pacquiao ‘plumps for Marquez showdown’

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ESPN staff

Manny Pacquiao has opted to face Juan Manuel Marquez for a fourth time later this year, according to reports - although the bout has not been officially confirmed.
There remains confusion over the date of the contest, with November 10 and December 1 both apparently in play - Pacquiao’s political commitments may make the later date necessary - but it will definitely take place at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.
Pacquiao and Marquez have met on three previous occasions, with the most recent in November 2011. Although Pacquiao was awarded the fight by the judges, the verdict was booed by the crowd, and many felt Marquez deserved to win.
Their first bout was ruled a draw in 2004, despite Marquez going down three times in the opening round, and Pacquiao took a split decision four years later. All three of their contests have produced contentious results, meaning a fourth, score-settling clash always looked inevitable.


Pacquiao, Marquez reach initial agreement: report

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MANILA, Philippines – The camp of Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez have reportedly reached an initial agreement for a November 10 fight, according to an online report.

Fight News reported that Marquez and his handler, Zanfer Promotions, concurred with Top Rank for a fourth fight between the two boxers.

The boxing website cited a source who indicated that Marquez met with Zanfer Promotions in Mexico City. It was at this meeting where the Mexican counter-puncher agreed with the initial conditions of the fight.

Pacquiao is apparently forgoing his initial plan to get his World Boxing Organization (WBO) welterweight crown back from Timothy Bradley as the Filipino targets a lucrative bout against Floyd Mayweather in 2013.

Marquez, the current World Boxing Association lightweight champion and WBO super lightweight champion, fought Pacquiao thrice with the last bout taking place last November.

In 2004, the Mexican salvaged a draw despite being knocked down thrice by Pacquiao in the first round. Pacquiao then got back at Marquez in 2008 by edging the Mexican in a split decision. And last November, the Filipino won again over Marquez via a unanimous decision.


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Timothy Bradley makes his case for Manny Pacquiao rematch

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By Lance Pugmire

Timothy Bradley doesn’t know what Manny Pacquiao’s thinking as he continues to wait for the Filipino superstar to announce his next opponent, but he has a simple case to make.

“This guy can choose anyone he wants to fight, but I don’t know how he can pick anyone other than me,” Bradley told The Times Tuesday in a telephone conversation. “I’m the champion.

“If he wants his belt back, he has to come through me to get it. He relinquished it to me. Regardless of what everyone might think of how I beat him – the controversy – I’ve got a win on my resume over Manny Pacquiao, and it’s going in the history books that way.

“If he doesn’t want to fight me, that’s on him.”

Palm Springs’ Bradley (29-0) said he’s been told by Bob Arum, who promotes both Bradley and Pacquiao, that a Pacquiao opponent decision could happen by next Tuesday.

Pacquiao is said to be mulling Bradley, a rematch against Miguel Cotto or a fourth fight against his Mexican rival Juan Manuel Marquez.

Bradley’s cause is diminished by two main factors

Most who watched his June 9 fight against Pacquiao believe Pacquiao won a convincing decision, despite the scores of Nevada judges Duane Ford and C.J. Ross, who awarded Bradley a split decision.

Pacquiao-Bradley had less than one million pay-per-view buys – a very disappointing number to Pacquiao and his handlers considering the man is considered along with Floyd Mayweather Jr. as the world’s top pound-for-pound boxer.

The NBA Eastern Conference finals “were the same night as our fight and it was my first time on pay-per-view,” Bradley said. “First-timers on pay-per-view don’t do big numbers.

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Manny Pacquiao – Juan Manuel Marquez Again?

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by gerakis100

Instead of trying to get his title belt back, Manny Pacquiao is going for the financial route, heading towards a fourth fight with Juan Manuel Marquez in what will definitely be in the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, but without a certain date as of now.
It was always going to come down to some kind of rematch – Either against Timothy Bradley, who beat Pacquiao in their June June fight through a highly controversial split decision. Actually, saying it was highly controversial is quite an understatement. Pacquiao was completely robbed in that fight, but it doesn’t matter. He lost, Bradley won the WBO Welterweight belt, but it didn’t help him get a second fight. Not worthwhile due to the disappointing PPV results.
So Pacquiao and Bob Arum chose Juan Manuel Marquez. There aren’t that many fights that actually interest Pacquiao these days. Politics, religion, you name it, they’re all at the top of his priorities. If it wasn’t going to be Floyd Mayweather or Bradley, it could only be Marquez, who fought Pacquiao three times already, losing the last two of the fights in very close calls and still claims to this day that he actually never lost. There are plenty of people who agree with him.
What Boxers consider to be worthy fights isn’t the same as what boxing fans consider to be worthy fights. Eventually, you get a little tired of seeing the same guys in the ring time and time again. A trilogy of fights should be enough for anyone, but Marquez, who recently turned 39, knows there isn’t that much time left before it’s all over. He pushed hard for a final shot at Manny Pacquiao, presumably at his lowest point ever in terms of boxing ability and probably interest in the sport.
The whole issue of the date is being pushed around because of his political commitment back home in the Philippines, which means that once again we might not see the sharpest Pacquiao available. Marquez waved around revenge and the 1.4 million PPV numbers from last year and got the Pacquiao crew convinced that if you’re going to throw him in a ring with someone who’s going to give him a lot of trouble, might as well make a lot more money than what the Bradley option had to offer.


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Pacquiao-Marquez IV Rumored to Be Close; Fan Reaction

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By Paul Magno | Yahoo! Contributor Network

Late Tuesday night reported that a fourth Manny Pacquiao-Juan Manuel Marquez contest is on the verge of being signed for November 10th and that an “initial agreement” between the two fighters has already been reached.
If the report is true, the bout would fly in the face of conventional wisdom that said a rematch with Timothy Bradley would be a sure thing, especially considering that a rematch clause between the two fighters was in place.
Apparently, Pacquiao and his team share the opinion of many fans who feel that Pacquiao beat Bradley solidly on June 9th and should feel no need whatsoever to even pursue a rematch. The decision to fight Marquez could also be a marketing ploy, allowing a bigger build-up for the hard-to-sell second Bradley bout.
Pacquiao-Marquez IV does make sense, though. It will likely be more competitive than Pacquiao-Bradley II and also a bit of an easier sell because of Marquez’s strong Mexican following.
The official tally between the two hall of famers is 0-2-1 in favor of the Filipino icon, but a case could easily be made that Marquez should be 2-0-1 since both losses to Pacquiao were close and controversial. There are some who insist that Marquez should actually have won all three prior contests.
In their last encounter, last November, Marquez seemingly outboxed and defensively neutralized Pacquiao, only to hear the judges give Pacquiao a majority decision. After the bout, a dejected Marquez sat in his dressing room, questioning the fairness of the decision and seriously considering his future in the sport.
Since then, though, Marquez has captured the WBO junior welterweight title and once again began to pursue one more bout with his arch-rival. Now, at 39 years of age, Marquez is itching for one final shot at redemption and the big money that comes with it.
For Timothy Bradley, the news of a possible Pacquiao-Marquez agreement has to be devastating.
The Palm Springs native is now in possession of a WBO welterweight title that most felt he didn’t win fairly and, with Pacquiao and Marquez out of the picture, no real money bouts to be found. Perhaps this is the payback for Bradley’s well-publicized negative comments aimed at promoter Bob Arum’s integrity and his recent questioning of Pacquiao’s bravery.
Whatever the case, if the Fightnews report is accurate, Pacquiao and Marquez appear to be on yet another collision course.
On one hand, the two veteran warriors always put on a compelling show against one another and a fourth bout would likely be more of the same. On the other hand, it would be so much more interesting if both would simply fight someone new.


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Brandon Rios Aims To Prove a Point With Mike Alvarado

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By Chris Robinson

With no official word yet on Manny Pacquiao’s next opponent, WBO welterweight champ Tim Bradley seems to be hanging on to the hope that he may end up landing a rematch with the Filipino icon in the coming months.

On June 9th, inside of the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada, Bradley would escape with a highly-unpopular split-decision over Pacquiao despite not seeming to dictate the fight the way he had originally planned.

Having taken in the action of Pacquiao-Bradley with a close eye, former lightweight championBrandon Rios saw Manny winning and didn’t have a sound explanation for the judges’ cards.

“I thought Pacquiao won, but honestly, it was just one of those fights where people don’t really know about,” Rios told me recently. “It happens, I guess. I don’t know.”

Rios is no stranger to controversy, having been declared the split-decision victor over awkward Cuban Richard Abril on April 14th at the Mandalay Bay in a fight that saw him suffer severe public backlash afterwards.

With such criticism still in the back of his mind, Rios stopped entertaining any thoughts about the Pacquiao-Bradley drama.

“Since I said ‘It happens’, people are going to talk sh*t about me now about the Abril fight,” Rios continued. “I already know how it is. I can’t really say anything about, because I’ll get negativity back from my last performance. I’ll leave it as it is.”

For Rios, other high-profile matches in the sport seem to be of little interest, as he is presently locked in for an October 13th clash of his own against the very dangerous Mike Alvarado.

“I honestly haven’t been following anything about the boxing industry right now, because I’m just really focused on this fight,” Rios would explain. “This is the first time I’ve been really focused on a fight since I won with [Miguel] Acosta. I’m just focusing on Mike Alvarado, proving a point, and I want to show the world what I can do.”

Rios was able to offer up his insight in a potential Pacquiao-Bradley rematch, pointing towards Tim’s success in the later rounds of the first fight as reason enough to believe he might change his tactics up the second time around.

“I think Bradley might box him a little more, run around a little more,” Rios said. “Because, when the did that in the first fight, he was making Pacquiao frustrated. Maybe he’ll go back over the tape and do that. I honestly don’t really know. Like I said, best luck to both guys.”


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Manny Pacquiao’s next opponent remains a mystery


By Lance Pugmire

He’s not, and neither is the date of the fight.

Pacquiao promoter Bob Arum told The Times on Tuesday he’s still “waiting to hear” from Pacquiao about his intentions.

Arum said he remained in “conversations” with possible opposing fighters, including Miguel Cotto, but gave little information beyond that.

“I can’t go blabbing to the press, who will trust me?” Arum said. “I have no date set, nothing. This is what happens when you’re dealing with a politician. Affairs of state come first.”

Pacquiao (54-4-2, 38 knockouts) is a congressman in the Philippines and is currently engaged in his legislative duties, said Arum. He said Cotto, Timothy Bradley and Juan Manuel Marquez were still on the table as possible opponents.

Yet, Pacquiao’s advisor, Michael Koncz, said the fighter’s intention to file papers in October to run for reelection in the Philippines has made a previously considered Nov. 10 date impossible, because Pacquiao wants to spend his entire eight-week training camp in Hollywood under trainer Freddie Roach.

Pacquiao has been rotating training camps in the Philippines and at Roach’s Wild Card Boxing Club, but he had two sluggish efforts before losing a controversial split decision to Bradley on June 9.

Arum would only commit to Las Vegas as the location of Pacquiao’s next fight.


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Donaire: Nishioka is about speed and power

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By Joseph Pimentel, ABS-CBN North America News Bureau

MANILA, Philippines — Calling it a battle between the best versus the best, Nonito Donaire Jr. said he’s ready to take on what may be the toughest challenge in his career.

On Monday, Top Rank formally announced the main event fight between Donaire and Toshiaki Nishioka to be held at the Home Depot Center in Carson on October 13.

“This is an all out war between Nishioka and I and we will definitely, definitely give it our best,” said Donaire.

Donaire is coming off an impressive win just a few weeks ago against Jeffrey Mathebula of South Africa. In that fight, the “Filipino Flash” showed he has the power and quickness to handle a much taller opponent in the junior bantamweight weight class.

But Mathebula did not invoke the kind of fear and respect, Donaire has for Nishioka

“The guy is dangerous. The guy is quick and he can punch. I’m going to do what I can to get this fight because I know how strong and quick nishioka is. He’s really dangerous,” said Donaire.

The casual boxing fan may not have heard of Nishioka before. But the 36-year-old Japanese boxer has dominated in his weight class for the past decade with a record of 39 wins, four losses and three draws.

The RING Magazine has also consistently ranked Nishioka the No. 1 boxer in the super bantamweight division. He most recently defeated Rafael Marquez, the younger brother of Juan Manuel Marquez last year.

While most Japanese fighters prefer to fight in their home country or around Asia, Nishioka said he has loftier goals.

“I’ve always watched the world titles outside of Japan and I’ve always wanted to be a world champion and not a Japanese champion,” said Nishioka.

Donaire said he’s ready to accomplish his dream to be the top fighter in the division and maintain his Top 5 pound-for-pound status.


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Marquez Waits on Pacquiao’s Decision, December Defense

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By Ernesto Castellanos,

This past Sunday, WBO junior welterweight world champion Juan Manuel Marquez (54-6-1, 39KOs) held a meeting in Tijuana with promoter Fernando Beltran of Zanfer Promotions. They discussed Marquez’s next ring return in 2012.

The two options include November 10th in a fourth showdown with Manny Pacquiao, either at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas or a venue in Texas. If Pacquiao goes in another direction, then Marquez will make the first defense of his WBO title in early December. Beltran promised Marquez that he would fight before the end of the year. whether it’s against Pacquiao or someone else.

Marquez is waiting for Pacquiao to make a final decision on his next opponent. A decision was expected on Monday, but nothing was finalized.

Later this week, the Mexican champion plans to meet with his coach Nacho Beristain to work out the schedule for their next training camp.

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Manny Pacquiao Continues to Wait for Bob Arum and Michael Koncz to Find Him an Opponent

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By Alex Groberman

Everyone knew that it would take Manny Pacquiao and his team some time to figure out who their next opponent would be, but nobody anticipated it taking this long. We’re two and a half months removed from Timothy Bradley’s controversial victory over the Filipino champ and, despite the fact that a rematch appeared imminent on the morning of June 10, we never did actually get an official word on what was going to happen next.

Last week, in various interviews, Bob Arum and Michael Koncz made it sound as though a final decision on a.) who their guy would be fighting and b.) when he’ll be fighting was just around the corner. On Friday, there was even some speculation that a decision would be passed down by Monday. Well, Monday is has come and gone, and yet we still don’t have an opponent or date for Pacquiao.

On Monday, Koncz spoke to Lem Satterfield from RingTV and said this about the pace at which this process has moved thus far:

“I spoke to Manny at length in regard to our upcoming fight with Manny on Sunday, and in reality, I’ve had ongoing phone conversations since Sunday with Bob,” said Koncz during an interview with

“This involves some very calculated business decisions, so I am planning on meeting with Bob again this evening in Los Angeles, and the dates are still open. We haven’t committed to a date and we haven’t committed to an opponent.”

So what does this mean for boxing fans? It means that we all have to keep waiting. For whatever reason, Pacquiao and his camp are being super cautious about their next move. Maybe it’s because of how bad the champ’s last two bouts have been. Who knows. Regardless of the reason, though, a decision will ultimately be made. It’s a only a matter of time.

And seeing as we’ve waited this long – what’s a few more days, right?

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Koncz: Pacquiao still hasn’t chosen from among three opponents for his next fight

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By Chris Williams

Michael Koncz, the adviser for Manny Pacquiao, says that the Filipino still hasn’t selected one of three options given to him by his promoter Bob Arum for Pacquiao’s November 10th or December 1st fight in Las Vegas, Nevada. The choices are from retreat opponents: Juan Manuel Marquez, Tim Bradley and Miguel Cotto. Whoever gets selected, it will be basically a rerun of Pacquiao’s past fights against three fighters.

Koncz said to RingTV “We haven’t committed to a date and we haven’t committed to an opponent.”

Cotto likely won’t get the fight with Pacquiao because he’s not interested in draining himself to give Pacquiao another catchweight handicap like in their first fight. If Pacquiao wants to fight him and make the big money that a Pacquiao-Cotto fight would bring in, Pacquiao will have to fight Cotto at 154 lbs, the maximum weight for the junior middleweight division. In other words, the fight won’t be happening because Pacquiao likely won’t agree to fight at 154 and face a big and powerful Cotto.

The real decision comes down to Marquez or Bradley for the fight with Pacquiao. Marquez is the better pay per view bout than Bradley, but Marquez will want more money and that means less money for Arum and Pacquiao. That might be enough to keep the fight from taking place unless Arum can get Marquez to take a smaller amount so that Pacquiao can make the big money he’s been making.

A Bradley-Pacquiao rematch could do really poorly compared to Pacquiao’s other fights in terms of PPV revenue. Their fight last June only did 700,000 PPV buys, which was slightly better than the figures that Pacquiao got for his bout with Joshua Clottey in 2010. A rematch might draw even less because few fans are interested in seeing Bradley and Pacquiao fight again.

I wouldn’t pay a dime to see Pacquiao fight any of the three options that Arum has picked out. It’s been done already and there’s no point in Pacquiao fighting these guys over and over again just because it makes money. I think Pacquiao’s legacy has taken a hard hit with the matches that Arum has made for him against Antonio Margarito, Shane Mosley and Joshua Clottey, three Top Rank stable fighters. There was no point at all in Pacquiao fighting those guys because none of them were relevant at the time he fought them.

The only thing they had going for them was that they were part of Arum’s stable. Mosley was totally shot, and had no business fighting for a title. Margarito hadn’t won a fight since 2009 and had recently come off of a long suspension over the hand-wrap scandal from his fight with Mosley. And Clottey was coming off of a loss to Cotto. Why would a fighter coming off of a loss be put in with Pacquiao?

I have no interest in seeing Arum put Pacquiao in with the three retreat opponents because there’s no point, and it’s just going to continue. Once Pacquiao fights one of the gang of three, he’ll then likely fight one of the two guys that were excluded this time, and after that it’ll be the last remaining guy.

Then it’ll likely start over again with Pacquiao working his way back around the table like musical chairs. It’s sad for boxing that there can’t be new fighters injected into the equation, like Floyd Mayweather Jr. or really anyone other than the three same old guys.

I’ll never pay a cent to see any of Pacquiao’s fights until he takes on Mayweather. I’m tired of seeing him put in with the same guys or fighters from Arum’s table. I want to see something new.


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By: Ashley White

Junior welterweight fighter Karim ‘Hard Hitta’ Mayfield was forced to withdraw from the season finale of ESPN2 Friday Night Fights, which was held on August 17, due to a wrist injury. However, now he is back and is ready for a showdown.

Mayfield defeated unbeaten fighter Raymond Serrano via fifth round knockout in the main event of the May 18 ESPN2 FNF show. According to ESPN commentator Teddy Atlas, Mayfield’s punch was the perfect knockout punch, which was set up with a little subtle move to the left, making it a blind punch.

Mayfield spoke his heart out in an interview with FightNews, saying that he is back in the gym and ready for a fight.

“I can handle pain but it was bad for a little while. We did the MRI and all of that and we figured out it was all right. Nothing extreme. I just needed to rest for a little while. I’m back now,” said Mayfield when asked about the injury.

“I’ve been back for about two weeks. I was always running and keeping up my cardio though,” said Mayfield.

“I am working on improving my explosive power and on throwing punches in bunches. For a long time I have gotten by on just my athleticism and my right hand. Now I am developing a really good left. Next time everyone sees me it’s gonna be something special,” added Mayfield when asked as to what he is working on in the gym.

Mayfield is already known for his punching power. However, he has a weak left hand, which he wants to improve now.

According to Mayfield, he already has the power but all good fighters need to have speed, athleticism, and conditioning. He believes he has it all and he wants to go for bigger opponents.

Lastly, Mayfield noted that he is a very adaptable fighter and so he can adapt according to his opponents. As of now, Mayfield and his promoter are looking for the top 140-lbs fighters to get a fight with. Mayfield is confident that he can defeat anyone in the division with his capabilities.

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By: Ashley White

WBA middleweight super champion Felix Sturm and IBF middleweight super champion Daniel Geale were present at a press conference for their title unification bout, which will be taking place coming Saturday at the KoenigPilsener-Arena in Oberhausen, Germany.

Contrary to the usual, Sturm and Geale were quite respectful towards each other. When asked about the showdown, Sturm revealed he had been dreaming about it for years and it is finally here.

“I’ve been dreaming about this fight for many, many years,” said Sturm.

“Now I’m here and my dream is coming true. I will do my best to impose my tactics on him and make him pay for his mistakes. He is a great fighter but I’m quite sure that I’ll win on Saturday night.”

On the other hand, Geale was more relaxed and not as much excited.

“I love fighting over here,” said Geale, “(Strum) He is one of the best fighters in the world but I’m sure that I can and will beat him.”

Most of the time, both fighters were calm until Sturm was asked about Arthur Abraham, who recently grabbed the WBO super-middleweight title from Robert Stieglitz.

“He fought the worst of the titleholders at 168,” said Sturm for Abraham. “As soon as he will fight another top guy, he will lose again. They are using my name to get attention but I don’t care, I know I’m the better fighter. Besides, I don’t believe he would fight me anytime soon.”

Furthermore, Sturm added that his mind is set on fighting Geale but he admitted that if offered the chance, he would fight Abraham any day.

For now, Sturm and Geale are excited for the Saturday night title unification showdown. Both fighters are at their best right now. Sturm stands with 37 wins, 2 losses and 2 ties in his portfolio, whereas Daniel Geale stands with 27 wins, 1 loss and 0 ties in his portfolio.

Sturm believes the fight is going to be exciting and enthralling for fans. He is hopeful of winning the showdown, as he wants to be the one to unite the titles.


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By: Ashley White

Sergio Martinez was scheduled to hold a media workout at his gym in Ventura, California. However, the session was cancelled yesterday following security threats, as revealed by Martinez’ trainer Lou DiBella.

Martinez is currently scheduled to challenge Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. for the middleweight title on September 15 at the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas.

“This past weekend Sergio received threats from an unknown source and the car in front of his home (in Oxnard, Calif.) was vandalized,” revealed DiBella while talking about the cancellation of the event.

“Unfortunately, until we have a security team in place, we are going to have to suspend any and all public and media appearances for Sergio, including the upcoming media day scheduled for (Tuesday). We apologize for the inconvenience to the media and fans that have planned on attending (Tuesday’s) event.”

According to DiBella, Martinez has been threatened verbally on and off but following his car’s destruction, immediate security measures had to be adopted.

“I didn’t get into all the details but the basic facts suggested that we need to beef up security around him, and with this particular event so close to the fight it was better to be safe than sorry.”

Answering a question suggesting that some of Chavez’s fans are being blamed for the events, DiBella said that they are not questioning any of Chavez’s fans. According to DiBella, they are not sure as to who is making the threats against the Argentinean fighter.

DiBella further said that this is not an international security issue and they will deal with it smoothly. However, he added, the Tuesday media workout session had to be cancelled as it was too early for them to sort things out.

Middleweight titlist Chavez currently stands with 46 wins, 0 losses, 1 tie and 32 knockouts, whereas Martinez stands with 49 wins, 2 losses, 2 ties and 28 knockouts.

Considering the fact that Martinez could be a threat to Chavez’s unbeaten streak, Chavez’s fans might be a little agitated, hence the threats. However, as DiBella puts it, no one is to blame until the investigation is completed.


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By: Ashley White

Former WBA and IBF light welterweight titlist Amir Khan believes no fighter should feel pressurized by his manager or promoter. According to Khan, managers and promoters work for fighters instead of it being the other way round.

Khan, who lost his WBA light welterweight title to American unbeaten fighter Danny Garcia, believes he has always controlled his career and has always given a deaf ear to what his promoter or manager thinks.

“The fighter has to also remember the he’s the boss, what he says goes. Never feel threatened by the manager saying this or that,” said the former IBF and WBA unified titlist.

“You can go out and get any manager you want to. Never be under the thumb or think you work for the manager or promoter, they work for you – don’t let anyone pull you down or control you. I’ve kept my family around me and people I trust. You need someone who will be there for you and maximize your potential.”

He added that he has made a lot of money even though he is just 25. According to Khan, no 25-year-old has made as much money as he did and that is only because he has been managed right.

After Khan’s career devastation at the hands of Garcia, the Briton believes he will bounce back once again, better and stronger than ever. Khan’s knockout loss to Garcia proved him as an ‘overrated fighter’, as Garcia’s father Angel Garcia puts it.

It should be noted here that Khan was being considered a possible opponent for WBC welterweight titlist Floyd Mayweather. However, after being whipped by Garcia, Khan’s dream of facing Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather have been shattered.

According to Golden Boy Promotions, Khan still is a good opponent for Mayweather but now he needs two to three years more to prove his mettle. On the other hand, Mayweather is already talking of retirement. He might retire next year after a super-bout against Pacquiao. So, Khan will not be getting his hands on Mayweather now.

The Briton is now dedicated towards his promotion ‘Khan Promotions’ and wants to make it one of the best promotion companies there is.


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Manny Pacquiao Update: Date Not Finalized, Opponent Not Finalized

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by Scott Christ

Hello! Here’s your Manny Pacquiao update for Monday, August 27!

  • Pacquiao has not decided on an opponent for his fall return to the ring!
  • In fact, it’s still not really clear whether he’ll be fighting on November 10 or December 1!
  • It will be at the MGM Grand, though!
  • It will be on HBO pay-per-view, though!
  • Either Timothy Bradley or Juan Manuel Marquez will face Manny in a rerun rematch!
  • Miguel Cotto’s name is also being used to help drive interest or something! But Cotto is fighting December 1 at Madison Square Garden and he and Pacquiao found it impossible to agree to terms earlier this year! Also, Cotto is working with Golden Boy on that 12/1 date of his own!
  • I wish we’d stop acting like Cotto is on equal ground in this discussion! It’s probably 49% Bradley, 49% Marquez, and 2% Cotto!
  • Boy, this is exciting stuff!

Stay tuned! We’ll all (media, semi-media, sub-media, super-media, chosen few, blogs (ptooey!)) let you know the next time there’s really nothing to let you know!


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Pacquiao, Donaire, Viloria: Year-end fights to see

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SINGAPORE - Pinoy boxing has had its highs and lows this year from some good wins by Nonito Donaire and Brian Viloria, to under-the-radar accomplishments by Johnriel Casimero and Sonny Boy Jaro, to the downright ugly Manny Pacquiao-Tim Bradley tiff.

But things are looking up from here on out and we find ourselves, as avid fans of the sport, in the midst of a burgeoning firestorm.

It seems, at least on paper, that the best is yet to come.

Brian “The Hawaiian Punch” Viloria (31-3, 18KO) vs Hernan “Tyson” Marquez (34-2, 25KO)
September 29, 2012

If you’re looking for an all-out war, look no further.

Since resurrecting his career by recapturing the flyweight title against Pingo Miranda, Brian Viloria has been on a tear, adding two more prominent Mexicans in Giovani Segura and Omar Nino Romero to his win column. Viloria has become “the man to beat” in his weight class and will now go up against his division rival, Tyson Marquez.

Marquez, since losing to Nonito Donaire back in 2010, has won his last 7 fights – 5 by knockout. He’s known as a devastating puncher so this tussle with Viloria indeed promises fireworks. Both Marquez and Viloria are heavy-handed and, theoretically, will duke it out like two pitbulls at the center of the ring.

Neither of them know how to step back. Both are come-forward type of fighters which is great for the fans. To add even more flavor to this matchup, the WBA and WBO Flyweight straps will be up for grabs.

This fight marks the return of Viloria to the bright lights of prominence. A win against Marquez will catapult Viloria into superstardom and will set him up for bigger and better challenges down the road, and may even land him a spot in the mythical Top Ten Pound-for-Pound discussions.

No matter the outcome, this is one fight you surely would not want to miss.

Nonito “The Filipino Flash” Donaire (29-1, 18KO) vs Toshiaki Nishioka (39-4-3, 24KO)
October 13, 2012

After two uninspired yet completely dominant victories over respectable opponents, Nonito Donaire now finds himself once again faced with a hefty challenge.

This time, he’ll stand opposite Japanese stalwart Toshiaki Nishioka, who is the most dangerous dance partner Donaire will tango with since sharing the ring with Fernando Montiel early last year.

Nishioka is hailed as Japan’s best fighter with a solid resume to prove it, beating tough Mexican fighters Jhonny Gonzalez and Rafael Marquez. The fight against Donaire will be fought for the IBF Super Bantamweight Title, the WBO Super Bantamweight Title and the vacant WBC Diamond Super Bantamweight Title.

A lot is at stake for both men, and at first glance, it does appear to be a pick ‘em fight.

Donaire holds the advantage in speed and presumably in power, but not by much. Tokyo’s favorite son is no pushover and should enter the ring the bigger man. It’s an interesting matchup to say the least.

Boxing certainly wins by pitting two great fighters at the top of their game against each other. If Donaire can manage to pull off a decisive victory, he’ll once again bear the torch of the Pinoy fighting spirit and pick up the slack for Manny Pacquiao, who is in a recent slump.

Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao (54-4-2, 38KO) vs TBA (To Be Announced)
December 1, 2012

It’s painstakingly obvious that Pacquiao is at the tail-end of his career. Anyone who says otherwise is either in denial or has been hiding under a rock.

Seemingly slowed down by wear-and-tear, Father Time has come knocking at his door. It is what every Pinoy boxing fan has feared since he first burst onto the scene as a raging ball of fire: the eventual decline of one of history’s most dominant prizefighters.

This is not to say however, that he doesn’t have it in him to make a complete turnaround.

Manny Pacquiao, with the right amount of focus and determination, can trump whatever physical decline he’s experiencing with good, solid training and 100% dedication – something he’s admitted to not giving in to his last few fights.

An immediate rematch with Tim Bradley — who beat him in one the most controversial decisions in the sport’s history a few months ago — is up in the air, as is a 4th bout with archnemesis Juan Manuel Marquez. A fight with Miguel Cotto at super welterweight is also being considered. Yet what most fans the world over are dying to see is a fight between Pacquiao and none other than Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Everything seems to be in place for this fight to finally come to fruition: Pacquiao’s steady physical decline and pay-per-view prowess, his advancing age and ever-growing number of out-of-ring distractions, and presumably his change in fighting style.

Pacquiao is not the man he once was. He’s failed to impress in his last 3 outings and appears to have lost the relentless aggression he was known for.

In light of this, all signs point to Mayweather finally coming to the table and agreeing to fight Manny Pacquiao.

My guess is Mayweather no longer sees Pacquiao as a threat and will want to cash out on what will perhaps be the richest fight in boxing history.

The bout has lost some of its luster, and is not as attractive as it was in previous years – but it’s still the fight that’s yet to be made, and the one that everyone still wants to see.

We will know in the next month or so how things develop. If everything falls into place, we could be treated to an end-of-the year finale of epic proportions.

But until then, Donaire and Viloria will be enough to keep the fire burning.

Other notable fights

Denver “The Excitement” Cuello appears to finally be on his way to a significant title fight.

Widely recognized as the minimumweight division’s most avoided fighter, Cuello is willing to face anyone and everyone in and around his division. This means, hopefully, that we’ll see him in the ring soon against the likes of Roman Gonzalez or Kazuto Ioka, as soon as his opponents decide to stop running.

Another notable Pinoy pugilist due for a title shot is Mercito “No Mercy” Gesta, who is fresh off a resounding 9th round TKO of Ty Barnett. He’s promoted by Bob Arum’s Top Rank Promotions and should be in line for a title fight soon. Word is IBF Lightweight titlist Miguel Vazquez is in the crosshairs.

As his stock continues to rise, never failing to impress, Gesta patiently waits for his moment to shine. Ultimately, it’s the fans who are the real winners as Pinoy boxing looks to end the year on a high note. -


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Manny Pacquiao NEXT FIGHT: Timothy Bradley is Waiting & READY to BEAT HIM AGAIN

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Exclusive Interview by Marc Anthony

“Haters will definitely make you famous, and all haters are definitely making me famous…so I am not really worried what these (groupie) journalists are saying. They are not getting in the ring and fighting, having to deal with me.” — Timothy Bradley

By now, boxing fans across the world know the story of an unbeaten young fighter named Timothy Bradley who dethroned the boxing king, Manny Pacquiao, on June 9, 2012. During episodes of the award winning show HBO 24/7, Timothy let the world know that he is going to shock the world. No lack of self-belief, who many wish they had, did just that. He shocked the world with a controversial win that left boxing fans in debate.

The controversy is mainly set on the belief that Timothy, the heavy underdog, did not have a chance to win and when he out boxed and made Manny miss, many fans and media were not ready to accept a new champion and star.

HBO had Jim Lampley produce the “smoking gun” round that was supposed to prove that Manny won, but instead, really showed clearly how it was Timothy that won the fight. Being the fighter that Timothy is, and no stranger to having to claw and work intensely, he is motivated to give the fans what they want: Bradley vs. Pacquiao II…the rematch.

Timothy speaks to RSR very candidly on his desire to be the best and his thoughts on his increased fame…

MA: You beat Manny with 2 bad ankles…what are you going to do to him when you are 100 percent?

I will outbox him easy. Manny don’t like movement and I saw that definitely in the last three or four rounds. When my ankles were numb, I was able to move and make him miss and counter punch him too. With two fresh legs, I will be able to do whatever I want in there against that guy.

MA: Having worked so hard to get in the driver’s seat and finally be there, has anything changed for you?

Nothing has really changed for me. I am still the same dude. I am just hungry to get back in the ring and prove my worth. I am not really happy with the whole controversy over the decision. I really want to prove to people that I really beat this guy. I thought I won the fight but it was too close. I guess Manny Pacquiao is the superstar and they said I didn’t earn it (the win and what not) but I certainly feel I won, but a lot of the media and people don’t feel that way so I want to get back in there and prove them all wrong. Manny is a great fighter, icon, and legend, and has done some phenomenal things in boxing but I am one of the best out there in the world and I beat him.

MA: What are your thoughts on the journalist that do strictly kiss up articles on Pacquiao and have been very critical on you and your victory?

I really don’t care what they do…what journalists do or what they say or whatever. If they got my name on their mouth then I am doing something right. That’s how I always feel. Whether it’s bad or good, it’s still pumping me up and people are still talking about me. Haters will definitely make you famous, and all haters are definitely making me famous…so I am not really worried what these journalists are saying. They are not getting in the ring and fighting, having to deal with me. Good publicity or bad publicity it’s all the same to me. They are still talking about me.

MA: Your thoughts on Chavez Jr. vs. “Maravilla” Martinez?

I just think it’s going to be a good fight. That’s a pick’em fight. Chavez is a big guy and he is strong. Sergio Martinez is a great boxer with power. It’s an interesting fight. This is a 50/50 fight, no prediction. I just want to see a great fight too. I will definitely going to watch that too.

It’s a tough fight for both of them; Chavez showed he has a great chin, he comes in with his size, and he is a bully dude. He is huge and comes to bang. Sergio likes to keep his distance and movement. He is very elusive but he drops his hands a lot too so that gives a lot of opportunities for Chavez to hit him. May the best man win; whoever executes their game plan is going win the fight. I like both of them.

MA: When you are fully recovered, is the plan to fight Pacquiao first?

The plan is that this is the guy I really want to fight and get in there and prove everybody wrong once again. I told you…I told everybody I was going to shock the world and no one was ready for it. No one believes it, they think: it’s Manny Pacquiao, and he is untouchable. He knocks out everybody who gets in the ring with him. So, when they witnessed with their own eyes, I guess they didn’t see what the judges saw and what everybody else saw too.

The plan is definitely to secure a fight with Pacquiao and give him that rematch. I can move on with my life…I can move on with my career. If he don’t want none, then I definitely want to go after Marquez.

Marquez is the guy I want to target. I think it will be a great fight between me and him with both of our styles: makes for a great match. He is a great counter puncher; I can be one of those as well. I can fight aggressively as well…so can he. He is a legend in this sport as well. People want to see who the best is and you have the two guys who beat Pacquiao, granted one guy didn’t get the decision but we are the best and people want to see who the best is at 140 or 147. Taking nothing away from Mayweather or Pacquiao, we all want to see who the best is.


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Canelo Alvarez: Floyd Mayweather JR, Julio Cesar Chavez JR, Manny Pacquiao & More – THE BOXING HIT LIST BEGINS

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By Vinnie Franklin

I’ve been around boxing my entire life and I’m still in the mix, but I have gotten discouraged over the years but now we have this kid coming up that may just save the day. Canelo Alvarez, 40-0-1, 29 KO’s, is set to take on Josesito Lopez in his next fight and he should get the victory without much worry, and that’s when the keys to the kingdom will fall into his lap.

We have a bout between Julio Cesar Chavez, JR., and Sergio Martinez on the horizon and should Chavez, JR., pull off the upset, which will be made easier when he weighs in at 200 pounds, a fight with Alvarez on Mexican soil would be huge. If not Chavez, JR., there are plenty of other options.

The most attractive one is Floyd Mayweather, JR., 43-0, 26 KO’s. Mayweather, JR., will need a name and Alvarez is a name. They both hold a victory of Sugar Shane Mosley and they are both undefeated. Their styles compliment the other’s and the fight would draw a huge PPV audience. Manny Pacquiao can’t hurt Mayweather…Alvarez can. He is heavy-handed and works the body like Julio Cesar Chavez, SR., and that would be something that Money Mayweather would have to cope with. What a great fight that would be.

A huge long shot for a fight would be Manny Pacquiao, 54-4-2, 38 KO’s. Pacquiao is searching for a guy to beat up that he can still defeat, and when he gets what he wants and can’t secure a fight with Mayweather, maybe he will get motivated to fight a young and hungry lion. I doubt it. If history tells us anything, the opponents have to be shot, near shot, or no threat to meet the requirements of a Pacquiao foe.

Alvarez has everything that a boxer needs to push this sport forward. He’s young, hungry, powerful and fights on a regular basis. He’s got a powerhouse promotion behind him and a huge following. He’s in the right weight class and has a list of opponents to beat to secure his spot as the best in the game. His time is coming.


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Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley: Is Manny Leaning Towards Juan Manuel Marquez?

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By Alex Groberman

With the announcement of who Manny Pacquiao will fight next supposedly just around the corner, speculation about what the champ’s main motivation will be is at an all time high.

Some are suggesting that for Pacquiao, at this point, it’s all about pride. That he’ll fight Timothy Bradley just to right last June’s wrong. Others, however, are taking a more practical approach. They’re pointing to the paltry numbers that Pacquiao-Bradley reportedly did, and noting that it makes far more business sense for a fourth showdown versus Juan Manuel Marquez.

Recently, in a piece he wrote for The Examiner, Chris Robinson reaffirmed the increasingly popular sentiment that Marquez may get the call for this November (or December, depending on who listen to). Via his report:

After much uncertainty regarding Manny Pacquiao’s return to the ring, it looks like we might be back where we first started, with Mexico City’s Juan Manuel Marquez having the edge for another crack at the Filipino icon inside of the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada on November 10th.

Pacquiao edged Marquez via a highly-debatable majority-decision last November in another tense battle that could have gone either way, as was the case in their first two duels. Pacquiao surrendered his WBO welterweight crown to unbeaten Timothy Bradley on June 9th in a fight he appeared to clearly win, and despite having a strong desire to avenge that defeat, Top Rank promoter Bob Arum has constantly hinted that a rematch doesn’t make economical sense at this point.

The decision regarding Pacquiao’s next opponent was said to be coming down on Monday, but that’s as specific as anyone has gotten. Both Bradley and Arum, in various interviews, pointed towards this week as being the week when we’d get a final word – but who knows if it will actually happen or not.

It’s a little puzzling that this whole process has moved as slowly as it has. On its face, this seemed like a fairly simple decision. Invoke the rematch clause and fight Bradley, or don’t and fight Marquez. There was very little room for creativity. And yet, here we are, all these weeks later without an opponent for the Filipino champ.

We’ll see what happens over the next few days, though. Stay tuned – if a decision comes down the wire, we’ll be sure to get it to you ASAP.


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Is Freddie Roach Pushing for a Manny Pacquiao vs. Amir Khan Fight?

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By Alex Groberman

Is Freddie Roach trying to set up a fight between Manny Pacquiao and Amir Khan? A few months ago, this bout would have been completely and totally out of the question. After everything that’s transpired since June, though, seeing these two friends and former training partners square off doesn’t sound like the strangest thing in the world.

Coming off his recent loss to Timothy Bradley, Pacquiao has visibly struggled to find an opponent that he a.) deems worthy and b.) believes can generate a substantial amount of pay-per-view buys. In theory, even with all of his recent struggles, Khan fits the bill in both regards.

Well, scratch that – maybe not both. He can definitely sell pay-per-views, however, in the aftermath of him getting knocked out by Danny Garcia, it’s questionable whether or not Khan is still the top-tier boxer we thought he was just a year ago.

Either way, according to The Moment, Roach is apparently pushing for his two fighters to eventually get in the ring together. Per the report:

AMIR Khan’s trainer, Freddie Roach is pushing for the boxer to step up from the light welter-weight division to take on Manny Pacquiao.

Roach now wants Khan to move up to 147lbs where he can take on stable-mate and good friend Pacquiao.

Khan has previously said he would not fight his friend Pacman, but has since had a change of heart.

“Fighting at 147 would suit me better. I’d be stronger, more powerful at welterweight,” he said.

A few things about this report:

1. The Moment refers to itself as Nigeria’s Most Independent Newspaper. Make of that what you will.

2. In the past, Roach stated repeatedly that he didn’t want to see Pacquiao and Khan fight one another because he didn’t want to have to pick a side. (Although he did later admit that he’d pick Manny’s.) Weird that he would suddenly change his mind about that.

3. Can Khan, given his last two performances, really make the case that he deserves a shot at Pacquiao? Hint: No.

4. Pacquiao is planning to fight Timothy Bradley, Juan Manuel Marquez or Miguel Cotto in November/December, and then Floyd Mayweather Jr. in April or May – when would he even take on Khan?

So, yeah – not buying this rumor. It kind of, sort of makes sense in theory that Roach and Pacquiao would want more options for future opponents, but nothing about Khan’s recent record justifies him being one of those future opponents.

The Khan of 12 months ago? Sure. The one we saw against Garcia? No way.


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Is Chavez Jr. hurting his body by dehydrating down from 180 to 160 to fight?

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By Dan Ambrose

I recently saw a documentary on HBO called ’2 day – Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.’ where they showed him while he was in the process of dehyrating for his fight against Andy Lee last June, and Chavez Jr looked painfully thin, with bags under both eyes, his cheeks sunken in and almost ill looking. Chavez Jr. was in the process of dehydrating down from a high weight to make the 160 pound limit.

I couldn’t help but look at how sickly and emaciated that Chavez Jr. looked without thinking that he could be harming his body by losing this kind of weight to make fights. Chavez Jr. has been rehydrating up to 180 for some of his fights recently and that’s a ton of weight for a fighter to be losing during dehydrating to make weight. When you’re talking 20 pounds of water weight you’re really putting yourself at risk for Cardiovascular, such as an irregular heartbeat.

It’s hard on a person’s kidneys to lose tons of water weight in a short period of time and then putting it back on in 24 hours. So if Chavez Jr. boils down from 180 to 160 lbs, and then puts it back on in 24 hours, he puts himself at risk for complications from the huge movement water out of his body and then back in it in such a short period of time. This is potentially dangerous to move that kind of water weight in a short time.

It’s unknown how much longer Chavez Jr. will continue to fight at middleweight but for his sake he needs to consider moving up at least to the 168 pound division so that he’s not having to take so much water weight off in a short period of time for his fights. Even at 168, we’re still talking 12 pounds or more that Chavez Jr has to shed in terms of water. He might be better off moving up to light heavyweight at some point so that he doesn’t have to drain down so badly.


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Exclusive video: Sergio Martinez shows off his mitt work ahead of Chavez duel

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Those siding with 37-year old veteran Sergio Martinez heading into his September 15th duel against WBC middleweight champion Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. are banking on the Argentinean’s speed, unorthodox attack, and movement to carry the day.

Those traits were on display during a recent visit to the Knuckleheadz Gym in Ventura, CA, as I was given exclusive access into Martinez’s camp as he went through a late afternoon regimen that he deemed as a ‘light workout’.

In a Youtube video that posted on Saturday, August 25th, Martinez can be found taking to the mitts with his trainer Pablo Sarmiento while showing off his speed and accuracy near the end of his session. It’s interesting to note how forceful Martinez is with his jab, perhaps a sign of how much he will be focusing on attempting to keep Chavez at a distance in the fight.

The HBO Faceoff for Chavez Jr.-Martinez aired last night and the anticipation towards the duel couldn’t be much higher at this point.


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Burly Gracie wants to train with Pacman

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By Joey Villar, The Philippine Star

MANILA, Philippines - Standing 6-4, weighing 242 pounds, carrying a jiu-jitsu blackbelt and possessing fists as big as a boy’s head, Rolles Gracie is the baddest boy you can imagine a mixed martial arts fighter could be.

But despite his massive, Hercules-like frame and his monstrous look inside the ring, the 34-year-old Gracie professes his admiration for this one boxer half his size – Filipino icon and Congressman Manny Pacquiao.

“When I’ve learned that I will be fighting in the Philippines, the first thought that came to my mind was I hoped I could see Manny Pacquiao in person,” Gracie told The STAR a couple of days after a 24-hour flight straight from New York where he trained in the family’s famous facility.

“I’m a big fan of Manny Pacquiao, he’s like the best there is in the sport, having fought some of the greatest of boxers in our time,” he added.

Rolles, who is with brothers Igor and Gregor as three of the featured fighters in the ONE Fighting Championship 5: Pride of Nation unfurling on Aug. 31 at the Smart-Araneta Coliseum, said he dreams of training side by side someday with Pacquiao.

“That would be great, training with him,” said Rolles. “If I get a chance, maybe he could teach me some and I will teach him also some of my moves. That would be great.”

Rolles, whose family was the originator of Gracie jiu-jitsu or modern Brazilian jiu-jitsu, will take on Tony Bonello (16-1-1), hoping to improve his 6-1 record, which includes three straight wins capped by his impressive stoppage of Bob Sapp at ONE FC2 last February.

The 32-year-old Igor will face Jung Hwan Cha while Gregor, their 26-year-old half brother, will face off with Nicholas Mann in the event, which features the main bouts between DREAM champions Shinya “Tobikan Judan” Aoki and Bibiano “The Flash” Fernandes and former Ultimate Fighting Championship heavyweight titleholders Andrei Arlovski and Tim Sylvia.

Gregor learned much about the Philippines and its culture from Fil-Am MMA fighter Philip Nover, a former The Ultimate Fighter participant who is a New York-based nurse on the side.

“I have a Filipino friend – his name is Philip Nover – and he’s the one I’ve been getting my education about Philippine food, stories and its culture,” said Gregor.

MMA fans around the world can witness the action of ONE FC online via live streaming at The undercard fights are available for viewing free of charge while the main card fights will be on purchase on pay-per-view at just $9.99.

Tickets are on sale now through TicketNet at or at all TicketNet outlets located at the SM department store customer service area and at the Big Dome ticket booth.

The Philippine STAR is a media partner of ONE FC.

For inquiries and reservations, call +63 911 5555. Tickets are priced at P4,770 for VIP experience seating, which includes exclusive red carpet entrance as well as access to the VIP lounge. Other tickets are pegged at P2,120, P1,060, P690, P530 and P215, respectively. All applicable service charges apply.


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Golovkin could face Chavez Jr-Martinez winner if he gets by Proksa

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By Dan Ambrose

IBO/WBA World middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin’s promoter Tom Loeffler says that they’re interested in trying to get the winner of the September 15th fight between WBC middleweight champion Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. and Sergio Martinez if Golovkin can get past Grzegorz Proksa (28-1, 21 KO’s) next Saturday night at the Turning Stone Resort & Casino, in Verona, New York.

Leoffler said “There is the fight with Martinez and Chavez…Any of those fighters would be great for Gennady and he’s made it clear that he wants to fight the best in the middleweight division.”

Loeffler also says that they’re interested still in facing WBO middleweight champion Dmitry Pirog if possible. Golovkin was set to fight Pirog but he injured his back while training for the fight forcing Golovkin’s promoter to scramble around and find Proksa, the EBU middleweight champion, to replace Pirog.

Proksa, 5’8″, won’t be an easy out for Golovkin, because Proksa has good power and he likes to move around the ring a lot trying to make his opponents miss with their shots so that he can counter them with hard pot shots. When Proksa is on he looks great with his style of fighting. But when he gets pressured really well like he was in his first fight agaisnt Kerry Hope earlier this year, he struggles.

Golovkin will have the power, experience and the skills advantage in this fight. Proksa will have an advantage with his mobility and his unorthodox style of fighting. Golovkin hasn’t fought too many fighters like his before because most of the guys that Golovkin has fought have come from amateur backgrounds where they were taught to keep their guard up at all times to protect their head. Proksa fights with his hands down by his sides, daring his opponents to try and land something so that he can counter them.

Golovkin will land big shots on Proksa next Saturday night. The big question is whether Proksa will be able to land his own shots in return. This fight could end up being one-sided in either direction depending on how they do against each others fighting styles. Golokin has a big advantage in that he hits a lot harder and can end the fight with one punch if he lands clean.


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Boxing Odds: Sergio Martinez vs. Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr.

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By Charlie Brown

Boxing Bettting: At the age of 37, Sergio Martinez is nearing the latter stages of his fighting career. However, it doesn’t mean his skills have eroded. The current Ring middleweight champion and former WBC and WBO middleweight titlist is set for a bout with Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr. on Saturday, September 15th, 2012 at the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas, Nevada on HBO. Martinez is listed as the -220 favorite to win this matchup, while Cesar Chavez is the +180 underdog in boxing wagering.

Sergio Martinez has a career record of 49-2-2 with 28 knockouts. He is considered the third best pound-for-pound fighter in the world by multiple publications. Martinez has won titles in both the light middleweight and welterweight divisions. He has won his past five fights, including a victory over Matthew Macklin in his last fight in March. Martinez’s last loss came to Paul Williams on December 5th, 2009 by majority decision, but he knocked Williams out in the rematch. His other career loss came to Antonio Margarito by technical knockout on February 19th, 2000.

Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr. is 46-0-1 in his career and is the current WBC middleweight champion. He is the son of renowned fighter Julio Cesar Chavez and has put together quite the impressive career himself. Cesar Chavez has won 32 of his fights via knockout. He captured the WBC middleweight belt by winning a majority decision over Sebastian Zbik in June of 2011, and has retained it with wins over Peter Manfredo, Jr., Marco Antonio Rubio and Andy Lee.

A win by Martinez would give him the WBC middleweight title in addition to retaining his current Ring championship belt, although Cesar Chavez will try to pull the upset in boxing wagering.


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Lem’s latest: Donaire’s a lover, fighter, in film

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by Lem Satterfield

IBF and WBO junior featherweight titleholder Nonito Donaire recently completed a month-long stint in his native Philippines filming of the movie Palad Ta Ang Nagbuot during which he portrays a poor young man who is driven by his love for a woman.

The film, which roughly translates into “Fate Will Decide,” or, “Our Fate Decides,” is a remake of a 1960s movie starring Flash Elorde, a legendary Filipino boxer who preceeded Manny Pacquiao as a hero.

“Nonito is the main character and star of the independent movie. The movie will be in Visayan, Nonito’s dialect from the Philippines, but will be subtitled in English,” said Gilbert Martinez, Donaire’s business officer, of a movie that was shot from late July through early August in the Philippines.

“The movie is about an underprivileged young man trying to make ends meet and gets inspired to find a steady career to provide for his love interest. When tragedy hits the main character, Nonito finds any way to save his love interest.”

Donaire offers his own interpretation of the drama.

“The gist of the movie is that it’s about this man who is really poor, and he’s a jack of all trades, so he goes from working one job to another in the market place and stuff like that. He’s trying to be the best person that he can be, and he’s trying to make the girl his girl,” said Donaire.

“But he’s going to need money to save someone’s life, and he’s willing to do anything for the cause. It’s what people go through in life. There are a lot of people in the Philippines who have to endure this kind of life. There’s going to be drama and excitement and some comedy, but the whole thing is about having faith.”

In the meantime, Donaire (29-1, 18 knockouts) is in training for an HBO-televised clash with Japanese veteran Toshiaki Nishioka (39-4-3, 24 KOs) at the Home Depot Center in Carson, Calif., on Oct. 13, with former lightweight beltholder Brandon Rios making his junior welterweight debut against Mike Alvarado on the undercard.


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Cotto or Marquez have good chance to face Pacquiao next

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By Chris Williams

Miguel Cotto and Juan Manuel Marquez both are in a good position to get selected to face Manny Pacquiao in his next fight on either November 10th or December 1st, whichever date Bob Arum wants his Filipino star to fight again. Tim Bradley could be eliminated by virtue of the low pay per view buys from his win over Pacquiao last June.

The fight drew only 700,000 PPV buys, which was the lowest total since Pacquiao brought in only 660,000 buys in fighting one of Arum’s Top Rank stable fighters Joshua Clottey in 2010. I still remember how Pacquiao’s trainer Freddie Roach was bragging about how Clottey would make for such an entertaining opponent for Pacquiao. It turned out to be like watching a sparring session in a gym.

In contrast to the terrible numbers that the Pacquiao-Bradley fight drew in, Pacquiao’s fight with Miguel Cotto in 2009 hauled in 1.2 million buys. And Pacquiao’s 3rd fight with Marquez last November brought in even better numbers with 1.4 million PPV buys. Obviously, a lot of the buys were coming from Marquez and Cotto fans.

The Clottey and Bradley fights showed pretty clearly that Pacquiao can’t bring in huge numbers all by himself like say Floyd Mayweather Jr can. Pacquiao needs a big star across from him to get into the 1 million buy category. This is why Cotto and Marquez are in a good position for one of them to get selected.

This is actually a smarter thing for Arum to do by picking either Marquez or Cotto to fight Pacquiao, because Bradley’s ability to move around the ring had Pacquiao looking old last June in his loss to Bradley. With two good legs in a rematch, Bradley would be a big problem for Pacquiao and at the very minimum, he’d make Pacquiao look bad even if he were to avenge his earlier defeat against him.


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Boxing Promoter Arum on Latest Manny Pacquiao Rumor: “That is bullsh*t”

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Still no clue as to who Manny Pacquiao will end up facing but on the rumors that Juan Manuel Marquez had
priced himself out of the picture, promoter Bob Arum responded, “That is bullsh*t.”

If it’s Pacquiao-Marquez IV, Arum says he would be inclined to stage IBF
lightweight titlist Miguel Vazquez versus Mercito Gesta, based on the Filipino-Mexico rivalry angle…

It looks like the fight between WBC 122-pound titlist Abner Mares and Anselmo Moreno will not take place on October 13 as previously reported but moved back some time into November. I’m also hearing it could be staged somewhere in Southern California…

Ex-boxing champ, Conn. city councilor arrested

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By The Associated Press

NORWALK, Conn. — Police say a former boxing champion and Connecticut city councilor who yelled at officers and refused to leave a disturbance has been zapped with a stun gun and arrested.

Travis Simms is free on $1,000 bond.

The 41-year-old Simms is a former World Boxing Association light middleweight champion and served two years on the Norwalk city council. He faces charges including breach of peace after his Sunday night arrest.

Police say Simms was among those who refused to leave a large disturbance involving the widow of his adopted brother. They say he screamed at them and strongly resisted when they tried to handcuff him so they used a stun gun to subdue him.

Simms hasn’t responded to requests for comment made Monday.

Simms also was arrested in 2010 after authorities say he fought with his twin brother.


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James Toney Calls Out Tyson Fury: Fan Reaction

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By David King

Current IBU heavyweight champion, James Toney (74-7-3), has never been one to mince words, so it really wasn’t surprising when he lashed out at undefeated British heavyweight Tyson Fury (19-0) during a recent interview with World Boxing News.
“Fury’s getting a big build up back home,” Toney said. “He’s 6ft 9ins and supposed to be scary. What a joke! He looks like a big stiff with no chin. I will fight him in his hometown and he can have his sisters as the judges and his daddy as the referee, don’t matter. … His corner will have to pick him up off the canvas when I’m done with him. I don’t think Fury has the guts to fight me.”
Obviously, Toney is trying to secure a fight against Fury, and he’s hoping his antics will get the Brit’s attention.
Even though many boxing fans think it’s probably time for Toney to hang up his gloves, the 43 year-old still seems confident in his abilities. It doesn’t even look like retirement is on his mind right now, as he also expressed his desire to face Vitale and Wladimir Klitschko.
“I’ll beat Fury in England and then move on to the Klitschko sisters,” Toney added. “I’ll fight both of them. … I would beat the first one and then schedule a fight with the second one. It doesn’t matter who wants to go first.”
At only 24 years-old, Fury is already considered as one of the top ten heavyweights in boxing right now, and he’ll definitely be a tough matchup for Toney. He’ll enjoy a 13-inch reach advantage if the two ever meet, with some decent speed to go with it.
However, a fight between the two does make some sense, considering both fighters tendency to trash-talk their opponents. The verbal sparring sessions between the two should be quite entertaining, even if the actual fight turns out to be a one-sided affair.


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Martinez: I’ll Make Chavez Desperate, Wear Him Down

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By Jhonny Gonzalez

Middleweight Sergio “Maravilla” Martinez (49-2-2, 28KOs) has an entire strategy worked out for WBC champion Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. (46-0-1, 32KOs). Their fight happens on September 15th at the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas. HBO pay-per-view will televise.

Martinez plans to punish Chavez to the body in the early rounds, drain him of his stamina and then he plans to step up the pace to secure the knockout before the distance. He expects Chavez to go for broke when his stamina begins to drain down.

“I can say what I will do in the ring with him without any worries because I have a clear advantage. He knows what I’m going to do, but he won’t know when. I can say that I’ll tire him out in the early rounds. I will wear him down. I’m going to make him get desperate. I will aim for his body and that will be the key. I’m pleased with the work done in the gym, I can’t wait to fight,” Martinez said.


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Matthew Hatton – Ricky Hatton SHOCKER: Breaking BOXING NEWS

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Manchester’s Matthew Hatton is a fighter who has always done things the hard way. Living large portions of his career with the unwanted “little brother” tag attached to him, Hatton also endured a number of defeats that hampered his progress and perhaps suggested that he didn’t possess the necessary attributes to advance past the domestic dwelling that he found himself in.

With dogged persistence, Hatton made a rapid climb throughout the talent-laden welterweight division and this was rewarded with a lucrative opportunity against Mexican sensation Saul Alvarez up at light-middleweight. Despite being on the wrong end of the verdict, Hatton earned worldwide plaudits due to his stern resistance and the same toughness was on display in spring when Hatton went down to a wide points defeat against Sheffield’s Kell Brook. The Manchester favourite returns to action in his hometown on October 12th against Michael Lomax, and he’s desperate to wander amongst the world-class landscape once again.

“The Brook fight was not the real Matthew Hatton and I know that sounds like a cliché but things didn’t go as planned,” revealed the former European champion. “My nose was broken in the 2nd round and everything just went out the window following that. There was no way I could stick to the game-plan we had for Kell so I was basically just in there walking forward and trying to survive. I’m a firm believer that I’m a world-class fighter but I didn’t prove it against Kell. I’m happy to get in there and prove it to people once again.”

Hatton, reunited with former tutor Lee Beard following an amicable split from Bob Shannon, insists that he’s “a number of levels above” his upcoming foe but he also believes that the former amateur star possesses a decent enough pedigree to provide him with a solid test that will prepare him for his likely assault on the global rankings in 2013.

“There’s no way I can afford to look past Michael Lomax because on his day he’s capable of putting a good performance in but it’s never been my style to underestimate anybody. He was a great amateur who won many titles and he also won Prizefighter so that shows the experience he’s got. If I’m as good as I think I am then I really have to be dealing with the likes of Michael Lomax and be disposing of him in style. I’m a better fighter then what he is and I’ll show that once the first bell goes.”

Performing in Manchester for the first time in two years, “Magic” is delighted for the opportunity to be fighting in front of his loyal following and is grateful to promoter Dave Coldwell for giving him the chance to hopefully deliver a happy homecoming. Providing the support to a quality Manchester derby in the shape of David Barnes v Ronnie Heffron, Hatton is adamant that this will be a night to remember.

“There’s no better feeling then fighting in Manchester and It’s been a while since I’ve been there so hopefully I can put on a good show for them. My supporters have been great to me all the way throughout my career so it’s only fair that I get in there and give them a performance that they can remember. My mind is firmly set on October 12th and I’m looking forward to what should be a quality night. My fans will not be disappointed.”


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Canelo Alvarez: Floyd Mayweather JR & Manny Pacquiao FUTURE – First, Josesito Lopez

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By Geno McGahee

The biggest name in boxing, outside of Floyd Mayweather, JR., and Manny Pacquiao is Canelo Alvarez, 40-0-1, 29 KO’s. Alvarez is only 22 years old and is already positioning himself as one of the pound for pound best in the game. He has power and is aggressive and has been drawing comparisons to Julio Cesar Chavez, SR., for his body work. If Pacquiao and Mayweather continue not to fight, he has become a smart alternative…but a dangerous one.

Alvarez has a about with Josesito Lopez, 30-4, 18 KO’s, on September 15th after bouts with Paul Williams and Victor Ortiz fell through. Paul Williams had the terrible motorcycle accident and Ortiz got his jaw broken at the fists of Lopez. There weren’t many other options for Alvarez, and he is facing a potentially dangerous foe.

Lopez has never been knocked out and three of his four losses were either by split or majority decision. His record could have easily been 33-1, and he showed his grit in his battle with Ortiz, taking a lot of shots and holding on strong to rally late and pull the upset by TKO.

Although Alvarez is highly favored in this showdown and rightfully so, he may have some issues coping with the mobility and timing of Lopez. Lopez will attempt to use angle and counter the aggression of Alvarez with shots to his chin. Anyone questioning his power can ask Victor Ortiz. He will be able to have an impact on Canelo if he can land with regularity.

The key for Canelo is to use his body work, cut off the ring and wear Lopez down, stopping him late in the fight. The beating that he gave Shane Mosley recently was arguably the worst beating that Sugar Shane has ever gotten. He has knocked out Kermit Cintron, a former champion, and will be coming into this fight with a full head of steam.

Both fighters are very ambitious. Canelo wants the distinction as the best fighter in the world and Lopez wants to prove he belongs by pulling another rabbit out of his hat. This fight will be hotly contested and how Lopez takes the incoming shots will dictate how the fight plays out. If he is able to endure the shots and not become discouraged, we should have a fun fight. If the incoming proves too much, he may shell up and await the final bell, losing a wide decision or perhaps being stopped late.

If Canelo should overcome Lopez, it is time to take on one of the bigger names in boxing. He may prove too big for Manny Pacquiao, but Floyd Mayweather, JR., is in his size range and would provide a great fight style-wise. There is also the winner of Martinez-Chavez, JR., to consider. That would be another huge fight.

Canelo Alvarez is a huge name in boxing and his star is shining bright. He has a tough customer in front of him in his next fight but he should pull through making way for a huge showdown in 2013.


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By Reg Garland

If Ricky Hatton decides to come back to boxing, I think he can avenge his loss to Manny Pacquiao.

Hatton has been clean and sober for a while, he seems to have gotten himself together and is on the right path in life. When Hatton fought Pacquiao, he wasn’t focused, he was drugged up, overconfident and didn’t get the proper training camp.

I believe a focused Hitman Hatton would make things different, with the right training and his current mindset if he focuses all his time on working out instead of partying and pigging out, he could beat the man who knocked him out in two rounds.

When Hatton fought the Pacman he wasn’t using the right gameplan, he came in overconfident and abandoned his body attack thinking he could just impose his size on the former featherweight and kept head hunting, but that backfired, the big problem was he had a coach Floyd Mayweather Sr. who was boosting his ego in training camp with overconfidence, saying how the fight would be easy, Pacquiao is too small and too one dimensional.

Hatton thought he could just steam roll Pacquiao and he got knocked down and knocked out for it.

Sometimes a long rest heals the body and gives you a rebirth, if Hatton comes back he should fight a few tune-up bouts first to see where he is at, and he should come with that same fire he had as a young man fighting for greatness.

After Pacquiao’s loss to Timothy Bradley, it should also give Hatton more desire to chase a rematch with the Pacman. Manny Pacquiao hasn’t had the hunger to win impressively in a long time, and if Hatton shows up hungry he could capitalize on Pacquiao’s unwillingness to finish fights, and win convincingly especially if he focuses on a relentless body attack instead of trying to head hunt — Hatton is one of the best body attackers and he failed to use it against Pacquiao. Hatton needs to use what got him to the dance, a lot of inside fighting, dirty boxing, clinching, wearing down an opponent, his fast footwork, and his body attack, no more rushing in with your chin right in the air to get hit, you have to tuck your chin and really rough Pacquiao up because he cannot fight on the back foot he needs to really create space to punch you because he is a horrible inside fighter.

If Hatton decides to comeback and looks good in a few tune-up fights, and gets a rematch with Manny Pacquiao, I wouldn’t mind placing a bet on Hatton to win by late rounds stoppage, that’s how confident I am with his chances. I had a strong feeling that Timothy Bradley could beat Manny Pacquiao and I have a the same feeling that Hatton could do the same.


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Timothy Bradley claims Floyd Mayweather would ‘flatten’ Manny Pacquiao

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WBO welterweight champion “Desert Storm” Timothy Bradley told Ring TV yesterday that “Pretty Boy” Floyd Mayweather would “flatten” Manny Pacquiao should the two pound-for-pound kings ever throw fists inside the squared circle.

Bradley (29-0-01, 12 Kos) has also recently expressed impatience with Pacquiao (54-4-2, 38 KOs) as the Filipino icon mulls who to scrap on November 10 at a venue to be determined.

The blowhard CEO of Top Rank, Bob Arum, traveled to the Philippines last week to discuss with “Pac-Man” if he should clash with Bradley, WBA, WBO and The Ring lightweight royalty Juan Manuel Marquez or powerful Puerto Rican icon Miguel Cotto.

Bradley unwittingly stole Pacquiao’s belt when criminally incompetent judges handed him a split decision in June at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Roger “Pit” Perron is a venerable boxing trainer from Brockton (Mass.) who now works with Mike and Rich Cappiello at their gym, Cappiello Brothers Boxing and Training.

“The fight was an absolute disgrace,” said Perron, 75, who worked in the 1980s with International Boxing Hall of Famer Marvelous Marvin Hagler at the Petronelli Brothers Gym. “Corrupt officials and decisions like that one are destroying boxing.”

Despite the incompetent scoring by a trio of dimwits, Bradley, who is presently rated by Ring Magazine as the eighth pound-for-pound pugilist in the world, showed heart and grit by managing to continue battling with a fractured left foot and severely sprained right ankle he suffered during the bout.

Since Bradley doesn’t expect to receive a rematch with Pacquiao this autumn, “Desert Storm” is hoping to soon tussle with the legendary Mayweather (43-0, 26 KOs), a longstanding WBC welterweight titlist who overcame Cotto (37-3, 30 KOs) by a unanimous decision to acquire the WBA world light-welterweight belt on Cinco de Mayo, at some point in 2013.

“I have options. I’m the champion,” said Bradley, 28, a former two-time light welterweight champ who in the past defeated solid prizefighters Lamont Peterson and Devon Alexander. “I feel as if I’m the No. 2 fighter at 147 pounds, and that’s behind Floyd Mayweather Jr. Once Floyd flattens Manny Pacquiao, which is going to happen if they ever fight, then me and Floyd can get it on. That’s easy work for Floyd.”

Perron wholeheartedly agrees with Bradley that Mayweather, a 1996 bronze medalist who already owned a decent rap sheet from convictions on battery and assault in 2002 and 2005, would easily outclass Pacquiao.

“Nobody will ever beat Floyd until he retires,” said Perron. “If Floyd and Manny ever get together, mortgage the house on Mayweather.”

Unfortunately for Bradley, he has feathery fists and is incapable of truly challenging either Pacquiao or Mayweather.

Considering he’s “the champion” and has “options,” Timothy Bradley would be wise to avoid both Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather as though the two prizefighters are akin to anthrax.


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Is Timothy Bradley Trying to Avoid Manny Pacquiao?

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By Alex Groberman

There has to be an explanation for why Timothy Bradley has been so uncharacteristically annoying over the past couple of weeks. This is a guy who went into his June 9 showdown with Manny Pacquiao seemingly just happy to be there, and somebody who never even really gloated after his win. Sure, it was an undeserved win – but plenty of other fighters would have gloated anyhow.

Everyone was irritated about how that particular bout ended, but nobody held it against Bradley that two incompetent judges handed him a victory he didn’t deserve. Generally, he was liked by all.

About two weeks ago, though, something changed. For some reason, the humble, cool dude that we once knew became a whole different person. Suddenly he was insinuating that Pacquiao was scared of him. Then out of the blue came an assortment of ludicrous shots at Pacquiao’s fighting skills. Most recently, all of the attacks culminated in Bradley doing an interview with RingTV in which he essentially openly mocked Pacquiao.

“I don’t know why people are saying it, but Pacquiao did not dominate me whatsoever. Whatsoever. I’ve read, “he dominated Bradley for 10 rounds.” What? Dude, you’ve got to be kidding me. But it’s just funny to me,” Bradley said.

“Being that it was a controversial fight, you know, I would think that you would want to redeem yourself, you know what I mean? You should want to redeem that loss. But I really don’t know. I don’t know what else to say or think.”

According to CompuBox, Pacquiao landed 253 of his 751 punches in that fight; Bradley only landed 159 of his 839 punches. Pacquiao landed 190 power punches; Bradley landed 108 power punches. Pacquiao landed more punches than Bradley in 10 rounds; Bradley landed more punches than Pacquiao in two rounds.

Which part of that was Pacquiao not dominating? What about that effort does Pacquiao need to redeem himself for?

This sheer preposterousness of everything Bradley has said over the past two weeks is mind-boggling. There has to be a reason for this. A guy’s personality doesn’t just randomly change at the drop of a hat. Could it be that, maybe, Bradley is trying to tick Pacquiao off? To maybe anger the Filipino champion so much that he’ll refuse to fight him?

Because, really, what does Bradley have to gain from fighting Pacquiao again? If it goes down, he’ll definitely lose, and his original victory will officially be cemented as the fluke we all know it was anyway. He’s actually far better off not committing to a rematch, but he can’t just come out and say that. If he did, he’d appear scared.

This way, he’s making Pacquiao look like the one who doesn’t want to fight again, even though Bradley is actually the one doing everything in his power to sabotage a November rematch. It’s all but a fact that if Pacquiao were to fight anyone this year, it would almost certainly be Bradley. There was and is no reason for Bradley to try to call Pacquiao out or to bait him.

Do I know for sure that Bradley is simply trying to irritate Pacquao so that he’ll be able to avoid a rematch? No, of course not. But at the moment, it’s the theory that makes the most sense.


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Floyd Mayweather, Manny Pacquiao Inch toward Their Destiny


By Ivan G. Goldman

The forecast for spring is partly cloudy with a stronger chance of a Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao showdown.

Why? Let’s walk over to the satellite picture. Note that Mayweather, shortly after leaving the slammer August 3, had kind things to say about his Filipino nemesis. “I think that Pacquiao is an unbelievable fighter and hopefully we can make the fight happen in the future,” he told a video interviewer. I’d thank the lady who held the microphone, but I couldn’t find her name anywhere. Anyway, there was Floyd, sporting a new post-jail hairstyle that included some hair this time, and amazingly, he was suddenly capable of mentioning Pac-man without insulting him. He failed to speculate that Manny ate dog meat or depended on PEDs, and even spoke of his archrival with what looked like genuine respect.

In the Big Fight tap dance these two have conducted for years now, this could be real news. It’s a clue they might finally scratch the world’s itch and fight each other before they’re too old to climb the ring steps without assistance.

Another positive sign: Floyd’s father, Floyd Senior, let it be known that Pacquiao informed him while Floyd Junior was still doing his 90 days (60 after time off for good behavior) that he was wondering whether he could get in to visit Junior in the Clark County Detention Center. That’s a strong indication that Manny, who’s already said yes to blood testing for outlawed chemicals, considers the match a live possibility. And Floyd had plenty of time to think in his one-man cell. It may have had a positive result. More maturity, for example.

It’s difficult to imagine that the world’s two best welterweights don’t notice the many millions of dollars lying at their feet waiting to be picked up if they’ll just nod their heads. Who knows? Maybe Pacquiao and his promoter Bob Arum could even meet Floyd and his partner/promoter 50 Cent over a cup of coffee and hash out the principal issues. There don’t seem to be so many anymore. The biggest sticking point is the percentage split on the purses. But there’s an easy way to solve that. Split it down the middle — on condition that Pacquiao drop his lawsuit for slander against the Mayweathers. Everybody gets something by sending the lawyers packing.

If they want to see how a super-fight gets made in a hurry, Money and the Philippines congressman ought to be inspired by Sergio Martinez and Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr. It seemed like they put their match together in less time than it takes to get the wraps on.

Apparently Arum, who’s set the wheels in motion for Pacquiao to fight November 10 on pay-per-view, has presented him with the names Juan Manuel Marquez, Miguel Cotto, and Timothy Bradley, while very much hoping Manny won’t opt for a revenge match against Bradley because it would, Arum says, bring in a smaller payday.

Mayweather has kept his career plans private, but Arum is offering him Pacquiao in April. Note that there’s no blood feud between Arum and 50 Cent. That could be hugely important. Arum gets along with Richard Schaefer and Oscar De La Hoya of Golden Boy, who used to represent Mayweather, like the Hatfields with the McCoys.

Plenty can go wrong here. What if Pacquiao loses this autumn? What if Mayweather does? Yes, it may very well all fall apart again. But the greatest obstacle to this match has been Mayweather’s fear that he might lose and ruin his undefeated record. He’s likely gained more confidence now that Pacquiao has failed to score a knockout in his last five fights. Manny’s paper loss to Bradley in June may have given Floyd a scare. What if someone deals Pacquiao a solid defeat before Mayweather can get a piece of him first? He’d be leaving mountains of money and glory on the table.

If these two great fighters get it on, there will be tons more speculation on how it will go. That’s part of the fun. But there would be only one thing for sure. Big storm, uncertain outcome.


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Manny Pacquiao Could Bounce Back Only If Freed from Fight Distractions

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By Leo Reyes

With two unimpressive victories and a loss during his last three fights, Manny Pacquiao is headed for another lackluster performance in his forthcoming match scheduled for November 10, if he continues to be hounded by unnecessary distractions in his training camp.

The eight-division world champion may have realized in his last three fights that he was confronted with so many distractions while preparing for his fights.

During his training camp in preparation for his fight with long-time foe Juan Manuel Marquez at the MGM Grand in November last year, he was confronted with issues ranging from politics to marital woes which continued to hound him while on training.

While preparing for his fight last year, Pacquiao was a picture of an overconfident fighter without regard for the skill and talent of the Mexican fighter.

He paid dearly for his actions after Marquez practically gave him a boxing lesson but was lucky the judges declared him the winner via majority decision which did not please Mexican and some Filipino fans in the audience.

Shortly before facing Marquez last year, Pacquiao’s marriage to Jinkee was reported to be on the rocks with the champ being served with divorce papers which were later denied by the champ.

The report though seemed incredible as there are no divorce laws in the Philippines where they got married.

But Pacquiao’s trainer, Freddie Roach seemed to have confirmed that indeed there were distractions leading to the Marquez fight.

“All the distractions caught up to Manny in his last fight,” Road said via ABS-CBN News right after Pacquiao’s narrow victory over Marquez.

But even in his fight with Shane Mosley prior to his showdown with Marquez, Pacquiao had already shown sluggishness in the ring — far from the ring mastery he showed his audience during his encounter with Antonio Margarito.

Although a great majority of boxing fans from around the world, believe he won convincingly over unbeaten Palm Spring star Timothy Bradley, still they could not find the usual Pacquiao speed and power he is known for as he tried to put Bradley down to please his adoring fans.

Roach, who has been coaching Pacquiao for over a decade, still feels his favorite fighter has been subjected to constant distractions since he last trained for the Margarito fight, although he acknowledged Pacquiao has successfully warded off distractions during the Bradley controversial fight.

Still, non-political and marital distractions linger on during the Bradley fight like Strength and Condittioning Coach Alex Ariza’s abandonment of the Baguio training camp in favor of the more lucrative Chavez training camp.

Despite assurances from Roach that Pacquiao has given up his vices, which include “girls and everything that goes with it,” it seems distractions in other forms would still remain—like his new-found Bible reading crusade.

“Now, he’s back with his wife, reading the Bible every day, and he’s given up basketball,” the now happy coach said.

Aware of possible distractions in Pacquiao’s Baguio training camp in the Philippines, promoter Bob Arum has made sure Pacquiao moves to Roach’s Wild Card Gym in Hollywood for the full training camp in preparation for his Nov.10 fight with either Marquez or Bradley.

But isn’t his Bible crusade a form of distraction in his training camp? If it is not, then Pacquiao would be on his way to a potential 5or 6-fight winning streak, assuming he retires before 2016 when he runs for a seat in the Philippine Senate.


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