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Floyd Mayweather unaffected by Amir Khan’s loss because it’s Manny Pacquiao everyone wants



So you can scratch all the wasn’t-gonna-happen-anyway blather about Floyd Mayweather visiting England to put Amir Khan into one of two inevitable positions if they had fought, prone or supine, because Khan couldn’t avoid doing the one-man horizontal mambo against Danny Garcia instead. Continue reading “Floyd Mayweather unaffected by Amir Khan’s loss because it’s Manny Pacquiao everyone wants” »

David Haye Rescues His Reputation With A Sizzling Stoppage Of Dereck Chisora


David Haye found some of the old rocket fuel that originally propelled him into boxing stardom Saturday on Epix, downing Dereck Chisora in a grubby British grudge match that lived up to the sordid hype and ended in an explosive combination from Haye that reminded you why you cared in the first place.

The last time we saw Haye in the ring, he was hiding in every corner from the contact of heavyweight kingpin Wladimir Klitschko, making something of a laughingstock of himself by blaming a broken pinkie toe for his skittish performance. Haye had talked awfully big before the fight, and came up awfully small. His reputation was left in tatters afterward. Continue reading “David Haye Rescues His Reputation With A Sizzling Stoppage Of Dereck Chisora” »

Danny Garcia Shocks Amir Khan In An Insane Fight


Danny Garcia pulled the rug out from underneath Amir Khan Saturday on HBO, delivering a stunning upset via technical knockout against a far more acclaimed fighter as a 5-1 underdog or worse.

Khan already had the rug pulled out from underneath him once, in his last fight, a loss against Lamont Peterson that made a Floyd Mayweather fight seem absurd, in retrospect. But when Peterson tested positive for a banned substance, and a rematch fell apart, Khan had an opening to talk again about fighting Mayweather after beating Garcia. Mayweather will have to find a different opponent for his next fight. Continue reading “Danny Garcia Shocks Amir Khan In An Insane Fight” »

Roach does not want to rely on judges anymore after Pacquiao’s defeat – Boxing News

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Manny Pacquiao has been Freddie Roach’s most promising fighter to date, and his controversial defeat to Timothy Bradley has not settled well with the Hall of Famer coach. Therefore, Roach wants his number 2 fighter Amir Khan to knockout Danny Garcia instead of relying on judges for points.

Amir ‘King’ Khan will be taking on Danny Garcia on July 14 at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. The Bolton proud will challenge the unbeaten American for the WBC light welterweight title, along with the vacant WBA light welterweight title.

“I’m worried about decisions since Manny Pacquiao’s fight,” said Freddie Roach in his recent interview.

He added, “I’ve told Amir that we have to knock this guy out somewhere along the way.”

On Danny Garcia’s father’s ridiculous comments regarding Khan’s religion and descent, Roach said, “He’s trying to get under our skin, trying to talk s***. I laughed at him. I think he’s funny.” Continue reading “Roach does not want to rely on judges anymore after Pacquiao’s defeat – Boxing News” »

Manny Pacquiao Buys a New $9.5 Million Mansion in Makati City


After purchasing the newest Ferrari and acquiring a brand new helicopter, Manny Pacquiao showed that he is very serious about his toys. Obviously money is not an issue, as these things—amongst many others that he owns—are high-end, as well as extremely high-priced possessions. Continue reading “Manny Pacquiao Buys a New $9.5 Million Mansion in Makati City” »

Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley: Is Bob Arum Being Unfair?


Bob Arum had seen enough shams over his lengthy boxing career to know that Timothy Bradley’s victory over Manny wasn’t legit. He didn’t need to think about it. He didn’t need to contemplate how the judges had come to their decision. He didn’t need to hear anyone’s justifications.

He knew what was what.

And so, in the direct aftermath of that horrible, horrible June 9 end result, Arum gave a very open and honest interview.

“I’ve never been as ashamed of the sport of boxing as I am tonight,” Arum said (via ESPN). Continue reading “Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley: Is Bob Arum Being Unfair?” »

Arum ready to meet Pacquiao


Manila, Philippines – Manny Pacquiao is expected to return to the US this week from his Europeam vacation to finalize the details of his much-awaited fight on Nov. 10, Top Rank big boss Bob Arum said yesterday. Arum, still in Los Angeles following the Continue reading “Arum ready to meet Pacquiao” »

A Boxing Blog: Nonito Donaire’s Perfect Future Opponent


First off, let’s congratulate Nonito Donaire for unifying the WBO and IBF Super Bantamweight titles. He deserves all the praise that’s due to him. (So yeah! Way to go champ!)

Now for an observation, and if I may, some ideal opponents for his next bouts.

It has become perfectly clear now what we can expect from Donaire after viewing him in his last few fights, including this last one against Jeffrey Mathebula.

What he has:

* Hand speed, and one-punch knockout power, with emphasis on his left hook

What he isn’t:

* A volume puncher

What he is, mostly:  Continue reading “A Boxing Blog: Nonito Donaire’s Perfect Future Opponent” »


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The three judges’ scorecards underscored Nonito Donaire’s dominance. It was not his most aesthetically pleasing win but he’ll take it. I guess Jeffrey Mathebula already knew he was in with a guy he couldn’t beat as early as the opening round. But his Zulu warrior ancestry made him try and he did have his moments with his awkward style and long jab.

Donaire’s left hook in the fourth dropped Mathebula like he was shot. The bell was merciful.

In the eighth round, Mathebula decided to borrow Omar Narvaez and Joshua Clottey’s playbooks and went on the defensive. The Filipino Flash tried to go for the spectacular but eventually had to listen to the scorecards. South Africa’s Deon Dwarte even gave him the widest margin at 119-108.

Donaire now owns the WBO and IBF belts in the 122 lb division. It is very rare that a Filipino boxer is involved in a unification match. In 2004, Manny Pacquiao, who was recognized as the linear featherweight world champion by Ring magazine, fought WBA/IBF champion Juan Manuel Marquez but the fight ended in a split draw.  Continue reading “FUTURE LOOKS BRIGHT FOR THE FLASH” »

Era of American Dominance Dead, not Boxing!


Keith Terceira

Most American boxing fans never get the opportunity to experience the crowds or the eminence of boxing outside of the United States, so it easy to be judgmental about the demise of boxing.

Today, fans of the sweet science, will pour into Stade de Suisse in Berne, Switzerland, to watch Wladimir Klitschko defend his titles for a second time, against Tony Thompson. Already billed as a boring fight, the expected thirty thousand fans, firmly believe that watching a boring Klitschko fight is better than most any other activity available.

Considering that Manny Pacquiao versus Timothy Bradley could not sell a live gate of 15,000, outside of the US market the Klitschko brothers are kings of the live gate.

Wlad’s last six fights have drawn a live gate of nearly 300,000 boxing enthusiasts but he has been persona non gratis when it comes to appearing on the major boxing broadcasters like HBO and Showtime.

The bout will air on EPIX’ flagship network, streaming online at and also on the Jumbotron at Times Square in New York City today at 4:30PM ET/1:30PM PT).

The a reoccurring theme in our sport is the assumption that boxing is a dead or dying sport, but the opposite can be seen outside of the United States.

Asian, South American, Eastern and Western European crowds continue to climb, as interest in local fighters who are getting shots at titles that were normally reserved for American promoted boxers, are drawing packed stadiums and even the interest by casual fans, the total opposite of the American boxing industry.

Boxers do come to the United States eventually lured by the big money thrown around by HBO, Showtime , and the Las Vegas scene, but that doesn’t change the fact that they are not American fighters or that they have not attracted American audiences of the casual kind. To date, Manny Pacquiao is the only current foreign born fighter to draw huge interest by people that would not normally give boxing a second of their time.

A large part of that interest is the historical connection between the Philippine nation and it’s citizens to America. Had Manny Pacquiao been an Asian fighter of another country, it is doubtful that he would have struck the cord he has with the average American.

Great fighters of our time like Ricky Hatton, Joe Calzaghe,  and the Klitschko brothers all faced criticism of their careers until the final fights and for some that criticism continues. Only the die hard fan recognized the greatness of these fighters even though they had huge massive followings that US business interests finally took advantage of towards the end.

American writers and audiences proclaim that boxing is a declining sport, but the honest assessment is that the sport is only declining in America as the sports most interesting champions are increasingly fighters of another nation.

“Hawaiian Punch” Brian Viloria may have been born in the United States but he is a household name in his ancestral homeland of the Philippines, and barely known in America.

Timothy Bradley was awarded the welterweight belts but Manny Pacquiao is the peoples champion in that division. Adrian Broner, Chad Dawson, and Andre Ward are stellar representatives for America in boxing but if you asked anyone outside the local grocery to identify them you would come up with a solid blank 99% of the time.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. remains the poster child for American boxers and his recent activities have turned some fans away from his base. The continuous troubles in getting a bout together with Manny Pacquiao only pushes more fans towards other sports like MMA.

Boxing is far from a dead sport, but it is a sport in which less and less Americans are  dominating, and less fighters are coming to America for opportunities with the advent of professional boxing commissions and better economic choices in countries that were prohibited them, for instance those in  Eastern Europe.

The era of boxing being controlled by, dominated by, and supported solely by American boxers has been fatally wounded, yet the global aspect of the sport continues to grow and produce great champions like Nonito Donaire and Canelo Alvarez. The great masses in Yankee Stadium are now replaced by crowds in Stade de Suisse, Switzerland. Thanks to EPIX , not so bad!

WBA Rules on Caballero - Garcia bout; Fight to take place by September 7th

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Keith Terceira

The  Celestino Caballero - Miguel Garcia bout now has a new life and is ordered to take place by September 7th, the WBA has ruled.

Though Celestino Caballero has personal issues with Sampson Lewkowicz , it appears that the WBA has found fault with all parties involved and resolved the issue by giving the fighters and Sampson an opportunity to get this championship completed in the early fall.

It has also instituted a good faith fee it seems of $44,000 or an additional ten percent to the purse bid winner [Sampson] to assure the WBA that the fight can financially be pulled off.

Below is the resolution provided by the WBA;



Orion Sports Allan Tremblay counters Jeff Mayweather’s claim of theft!

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Keith Terceira

Below is the full letter from Allan Tremblay of Orion Sports Management, that supports Sampson Lewkowicz and counters the claim that Sampson received money from the  Celestino Caballero vs. Steve Molitor, outside of his normal agents fee.

Tremblay who has been involved in the sport for a great many years, has an unblemished record of honesty and integrity, and  personally, I place considerable value as to the content of his letter.


photo - Steve Molitor vs Celestino Caballero © AP

HBO’s Larry Merchant intrigued by what the future holds for Nonito Donaire

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On February 19th of last year, Fil-Am star Nonito Donaire delivered one of the year’s more telling knockouts when he vanquished Los Mochis’ Fernando Montiel inside of two rounds at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. The counter-left that first dropped Montiel was both chilling and calculated, the kind of punch that leaves those close to the sport talking for quite some time. Continue reading “HBO’s Larry Merchant intrigued by what the future holds for Nonito Donaire” »


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Top Rank provided the media with the complete fight card last Tuesday at the Media Day held at the Fortune Gym in West Hollywood.
Although the list is still subject to change depending on many factors that usually affect these things, the list except perhaps for a fight or two is set.


Victor Pasillas of Los Angeles (1-0-0,0KO) will fight a TBA for 4 rounds in the featherweight division to open the fight card at 3:00 PM.
Cameron Kreal of Las Vegas (2-1-2, 0KO) follows against Anthony Flores of Inglewood (1-0-0,1KO) in a 4 round lightweight fight.


Nonito Donaire—To Whom Much Is Given Much Is Expected

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When well-respected boxing manager Cameron Dunkin refers to you as “pound-for-pound, maybe the best fighter in the world,” it’s safe to say that expectations for your career are high. Welcome to Nonito Donaire’s world. Continue reading “Nonito Donaire—To Whom Much Is Given Much Is Expected” »

Marquez Promised A Shot At Pacquiao


Juan Manuel Marquez is looking forward of getting a fourth fight with Manny Pacquiao on Nov. 10, according to information coming from Mexico City.

Marquez, who has waged three classic and controversial battles with Pacquiao in 2004, 2008 and 2011, has been promised of another shot at the Filipino southpaw by Mexican promoter Fernando Beltran.

Beltran is closely associated with Top Rank chief Bob Arum, having partnered in several big-time fights in the US and Mexico in the past.

Pacquiao will select among Marquez, Tim Bradley and Miguel Cotto as his foe for a Nov. 10 when he returns from a European vacation in about two weeks.

Bradley is also in the mix because he is under contract to grant Pacquiao a rematch although it doesn’t appeal much for Pacquiao and Arum. Continue reading “Marquez Promised A Shot At Pacquiao” »

Nishioka focused on fighting Donaire

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By James Blears

Toshiaki Nishioka has come to Mexico to be presented the WBC Emeritus Belt, but his ruling  obsession, is to fight WBO Super Bantamweight Champion Nonito Donaire.

In a downtown Mexico City Jhonny Gonzalez who Toshiaki TKO’s in three back in 2009, but is now WBC Featherweight, was on hand to issue a polite respectful future challenge.

The WBC said that if this could be arranged it would be for the Diamond Belt.

Jhonny praised Toshiaki saying he’s shown himself to be a great champion, worthy of respect and wished him luck in the quest for Donaire, saying that if Toshiaki is interested in giving him a re-match, it could be fought at a catchweight.

But mutual respect aside, Toshiaki Nishioka is only interested in fighting Nonito Donaire. He said: “Nonito Donaire is the perfect opponent for me. He’s a four weight division champion. If I defeat him, I’m better than him and I want to be the best World Champion there is.”

Toshiaki who hasn’t fought since he defeated Rafael Marquez by unanimous decision in October last year, says he’s waiting until Donaire has fought IBF Champion Jeffrey Mathebula at the weekend at the Home Depot Center in Carson, California, and following this, he can be ready to fight Nonito, two months later.

Lanky southpaw Toshiaki praised Donaire saying: “He’s got a crisp uppercut, a great left hook and he’s an excellent counter puncher. It would be a great fight between him and me.”


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This Saturday night at Ballys in Atlantic City, undefeated Light Heavyweight sensation Lavarn “Baby Bowe” Harvell will look to thrill the hometown fans when he takes on Mojeed Okedara in a six round bout.

Harvell, 11-0 with six knockouts has scored three straight knockouts with the last two being two of the more vicious stoppages in recent memory when he stopped Anthony Pietrantonio on April 28th and Brian Donahue on June 13th in the 3rd and 1st rounds respectively.

The Atlantic City native’s knockout was a featured photo in the New York Times that was seen throughout the world.

“The knockouts are a product of being in shape and prepared to fight”, said Harvell

“I am definitely improved and the knockouts are coming because I am just letting my shots go and not forcing anything”

Okedara of Nigeria will be making his American debut and has a record of 9-5 with eight knockouts.

“The fact that all I know is he is from a Africa makes me train harder because I don’t know much about him”, continued Harvell

Harvell will be fighting in from of his hometown fans in Atlantic City for the ninth time and it inspires him knowing that there will be a lot of fans cheering for him.

“I am always excited to fight in Atlantic City and I am always looking to put on a good show”

Harvell is trained and co-managed by Abdur Muhammad and co-managed by Vito Mielnicki.

Harvell is promoted by Gabe LaConte’s First round Promotions

Harvell – Okedara will be part of an eight bout card promoted by Peltz Boxing and can be seen LIVE all over the world on and can be accessed for just $9.99 by clicking:


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The Coachella Valley’s hotbed of world-class boxing action - Fantasy Springs Resort Casino in Indio, Calif. - will host another exciting night of fistic action on Saturday, July 28 featuring rising star Ronny Rios and former World Champion Julio Diaz in co-featured fights.

The Rios and Diaz fights, which will be contested against opponents to be named, will headline TeleFutura’s “Sólo Boxeo Tecate.”

This event is presented by Golden Boy Promotions and is sponsored by Cerveza Tecate.  Doors open at 6:30pm PT on fight night and the first bell rings at 7:00pm PT.  The TeleFutura broadcast begins at 11:00pm ET / PT.

Tickets, priced at $25, $35 and $45, are on sale now and available for purchase at the Fantasy Springs Box Office, by calling (800) 827-2946 or online

Ronny Rios (18-0, 8 KO’s) cleaned up as an amateur, winning two United States titles and one National Golden Gloves Championship before turning professional in October of 2008 with a first round knockout of Fermin Perez. Since then, no one has come close to beating the 22-year-old from Santa Ana, Calif. who has defeated Roger Gonzalez, Jeremy McLaurin and Guillermo Sanchez in his last three fights. On July 28, he headlines the card and makes his Fantasy Springs debut.

Former Two-Time World Champion Julio “The Kidd” Diaz (38-7, 27 KO’s) returns to the ring for the first time in over a year on July 28, and at 32 years old, he is primed and ready to make a run for a third world title. The winner of two of his last three fights, defeating Herman Ngoudjo and Pavel Miranda, the popular battler from Coachella is happy to have his home town fans in his corner for this pivotal bout.

Opponents for Rios and Diaz along with a full card will be announced shortly.

For more information, visit,, follow us on Twitter at,, or visit us on Facebook or


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On Saturday night, International Boxing Federation (IBF) Flyweight Champion, Ava “The Lady of Boxing” Knight made her second successful title defense, defeating Susana “Toluquita” Vazquez by unanimous decision at the Auditorio Centenario. The three judges sitting at ringside scored the bout 99-91, 98-92, and 98-92, all in favor of Knight. Knight’s record improved to 9-1-3, with 5 KOs, and Vazquez saw her record fall to 8-7-1, with 3 KOs.

Knight talked about her fight against Vazquez. She said, “Susana was a very tough fighter. I thought she was aggressive and she moved around well. She tried to pull me into a brawl during the fight, but my jabs and outside punches proved to be successful. She did a good job in taking a lot of good, solid shots. Our fight was full of action.”
Ben Bautista, Knight’s trainer and manager, said, “I felt Ava did what she had to do to win the fight. We knew we had the reach, speed and power advantages, and “the stick” was going to be the key to the fight and she was able to use “the stick” effectively to set up her punches and keep her opponent off of her. I did see why Susana was a tough opponent for Arely [Mucino] and Mariana [Juarez]. She is very durable and has a tough chin. Susana is not going out without a fight. I thought Ava dominated the fight. I did think two of the judges were being generous by awarding Susana two rounds.

With the win, Knight looks ahead to her next challenge as a champion. She said, “I have now made 2 successful title defenses in the flyweight division. Hopefully, I’ll get in the ring with another strong opponent to test my skill and will. I only want to be in the ring with people I can learn from.”
Coach Bautista agreed with Knight, but understands that she is still developing as a boxer. He said, “Ava is still a work in progress. Rome wasn’t torn down in a day and it sure wasn’t rebuilt in a day. It’s going to take time to put together a complete package. We will go back to the gym to work on areas we need to improve in her game, and she will continue to get better, because she also sees what needs to be polished. She did show improvement in this fight. I was really impressed by how she used her jab as her offense and defense.”
Bautista then went on to share a glimpse of Team Knight’s future plans. He said, “We still want to fight the best in the flyweight division and compete for all the titles. The biggest fight for Ava would be her rematch against Ana Marie Torres, but Ana is pregnant, so our plans to fight her change a bit. We just have to wait until she returns to the boxing ring. We know that many fans want to see Ava versus Melissa McMorrow, since they both hold titles in the same weight division and are training in the Bay Area. Before that can happen, McMorrow must first rematch Susi Kentikian. We would like to fight Mariana Juarez next, then after that, we can fight the winner of McMorrow versus Kentikian.”
Knight thanked her fans and the media for all their coverage. She said, “I just want to thank all of the my fans for their kind words and thank the media for putting out articles in support of myself and women’s boxing. I only hope to recover to bring better fights and more action to the sport.” Bautista added, “We would like to acknowledge SFC Boxing Gym and HG Promotions. We would also like to thank our sponsors, Muscle Milk, Nike, and Fire apparel.”
Ava Knight was born and raised in Chico, California, where her boxing training began at the age of thirteen. Knight had a stellar amateur career, which included wins over the 110 lb. Golden Gloves Champion and the National P.A.L. 114 lb. champion (twice) in 2006. She won the flyweight silver medal at the 2006 National Amateur Championships and was also a two-time San Francisco Golden Gloves titlist. Her amateur career record was an impressive 28-4.
Knight, a 23-year old of Polish and African-American descent, trains at the SFC (Straight Forward Club) Boxing Gym in San Francisco, California. On October 29, 2011, Knight won the IBF Flyweight Title by defeating the undefeated Mexican champion, Arely Mucino via a second round knockout. Prior to the fight against Vazquez, Knight made her first successful IBF Flyweight title defense on March 31, 2012, in a ten round TKO win against Thailand’s Hongfah Tor Buamas.

For the latest updates on Ava Knight, “like” her official fan page on Facebook,

Follow Ava Knight on Twitter @Ava_Knight or!/ava_knight

ALA VS. HIGHLAND : IBF World Title Eliminator

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Philippines – Former world champion Katsunari Takayama of Osaka, Japan will try to invade the Philippine territory when he figures in a 12-round fight for the position of IBF No. 1 position in the 105 lb. division against untested Filipino fighter Mateo Handig.

The Japanese fighter, 29, is now under the promotional banner of the Philippines’ No. 1 promoter ALA Boxing Promotions holding office in Cebu City, Southern Philippines. Meanwhile, Handig is handled by

Highland Boxing owned by Brico Santig based in Benguet province.


Takayama (24W-5L-0D, 10 KOs) was the former WBC Strawweight world champ when he beat Mexican Isaac Bustos last April 4, 2005. In November 7, 2006 he won the interim WBA minimumweight diadem by beating Carlos Melo. In both world title fights, Takayama beat his foes via comfortable unanimous decision victories. He again was in the world championship stage when he beat South African Tshepo Lefele in a 12-round IBF world title eliminator wherein he beat the hometown hero via a huge knockout in the 6th round.


After that big win in South Africa, he was given 2 chances to become the IBF world champion in the mini flyweight division fighting the undefeated South African who is universally recognized as the No. 1 105-pounder in the world - Nkosinathi Joyi. The first fight last January 29, 2011 ended in a 3rd round no contest when a dangerous cut

produced by an accidental headbutt prematurely halted the world title contest. The rematch that happened March 30 this year ended in a competitive but unanimous decision loss for Takayama.


Handig (12W-5L-0D, 7 KOs) is a 22-year old fighter who is in a 4-fight winning streak. Though by simply looking at the fighters that he fought in his 17-fight professional boxing career, the Filipino will come in this fight as the clear underdog against the battle-tested Japanese. The 3 most recent fights of Handig was against fighters with

a combined ring records of 3W-29L-1D, which shows his lack of experience against quality opponents.


A strange twist in this match-up, however, is the fact that Highland Boxing Promotions (Handig’s promoter) won the right to promote this very important fight. Brico Santig is planning to stage the fight either in the 15th or the 22nd of September at the Baguio City Convention Center as part of the Baguio City Charter Anniversary

Month. However, he is not yet closing the doors for offers from local chief executives in the Ilocano-speaking provinces in Northern Luzon who may bid to bring the IBF World Title Eliminator in their respective places.

Surprise, Surprise, Nevada AG finds in favor of injustice!


Keith Terceira

When can’t  you  believe what you see?

When you deal with boxing in Las Vegas and the State’s Attorney General is hoping that her investigation convinces people that the robbery you saw, then reviewed, was not  real, it was an optical illusion.

The investigation is complete and surprise,  surprise, it is just what we told you to expect. No evidence of a crime, just a criminally insane, subjective decision that was convincingly incorrect and played perfectly into the business model of Top Rank.

This decision by the Attorney General came about in such a fashion that the judges were not even interviewed about the fight by the AG’s office.

While we warned you that the complaint filed by Bob Arum would lead to absolutely nothing, we did think they would at least make an  effort to display to the public, a full attempt at the appearance of an investigation, but  Catherine Cortez Masto, the Nevada attorney general wrote in a letter to Arum.

“there do not appear to be any facts or evidence to indicate that a criminal violation occurred.”

How the investigators came to this decision without interviewing the judges in the fight is preposterous and of the exact same nature as how the judges came up with their decision that Bradley won the fight, without looking at ALL the evidence , no doubt.

“I have no reaction to it,” Arum said. “They spent a lot of time interviewing the referee  who had nothing to do with judging the fight, and I didn’t see any interviews with the three judges who scored it? Wouldn’t you do that if you were looking into it?”

Here is some questions that I would have asked the judges if I had investigated!

Did you have any meetings with anyone involved with the promotion prior to the fight?

Are you financially beholden to anyone involved with the fight or the fighters?

Did your political, moral , or personal beliefs or sexual orientation have any bearing on your judgement of the fight?

What was your feelings about Manny Pacquiao taking a religious stance against President Obama?

When was the last time you had your Bleeping eyes checked?

Remember also we warned you about the notorious subjective opinion line that would be used when dealing with the Commission.

“Displeasure with the subjective decisions of sporting officials is not a sufficient basis for this office to initiate a criminal investigation,” Cortez Masto wrote. “Unless evidence beyond mere displeasure if forthcoming, this matter will be considered closed. While there may be strong disagreement with the decision, the exercise of professional judgment by individuals officiating at a sporting event is not by itself a criminal violation.”

Guess Cortez Masto is a reader of MP8, or they had a long talk with Nevada Executive Director Keith Kizer and learned the terminology of BS excuses prior to issuing the ruling.

The only recourse that fans have is boycotting all fights in Las Vegas and Las Vegas itself in order to get the point across that this was the turning point in boxing fans getting jobbed for the price of a pay per view. The only way you can often get things fixed in our world is to hit the robber barons in the wallet.

It will be my subjective decision to view Las Vegas as a place least traveled next time I’m asked for a vacation destination!

The Nevada Attorney General did a very private, very sloppy investigation , of a public display of injustice, but if you expected anything more, surprise, surprise !



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July 2, 2012, Manhattan Beach, Calif. — WBO Jr. Featherweight champion Nonito “The Filipino Flash” Donaire arrives in Manhattan Beach in preparation for his upcoming world title unification fight against IBF champion Jeffery “Marvelous Mongoose” Mathebula of Johannesburg, South Africa.

Read More:

In Gensan: It’s now Antonino vs Pacquiao

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The Antoninos and the Pacquiaos will have a rematch of the 2007 elections.

Only this time, it will be Rep. Manny Pacquiao’s brother Rogelio (Roel) Pacquiao who will try to beat General Santos City Mayor Darlene Antonino-Custodio.

Mayor Custodio is no longer seeking re-election in the city and has reportedly made arrangements with Rep. Pedro Acharon Jr (1st Dist-South Cotabato) to swap places.

In 2007 Custodio, then incumbent congressman representing the 1st District of South Cotabato, defeated Manny Pacquiao who dipped his hands in local politics Continue reading “In Gensan: It’s now Antonino vs Pacquiao” »


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By Reni M. Valenzuela

Here we go again.

The Arum fight options have nothing to do with what is good for the fans, what is ideal for the sport and what could even be beneficial to the boxing career of an iconic prized ward, but obviously what is best for the Pacquiao handler’s pockets.  For the wackiest part of boxing today, it’s not “styles make fights” which is the guiding motto, but “style makes business.”

The joke continues.

What boxing and Manny Pacquiao need is “real challenge” which is chiefly the reason for Pacman’s rise to international phenomenon and the same reason why boxing gained millions of people more added to its fold to take interest in the sport. These happened when a young, poor and skinny Pacquiao, coming from “nowhere,” beat seemingly insurmountable odds beyond expectations as the world watched in awe.  Pacquiao successfully climbed up from one weight division to another to conquer stars, legends and giants by way of spectacular knock out victories from Sasakul to Ledhwaba up to Barrera and Dela Hoya, Hatton and Cotto at that time.

Challenges that would make people hold their breath and cause their pulse to thump hard and fast in mountain peak-level suspense,  as they hang in the summit air anticipating the day to witness the actual fight.  They are the kind of challenges that serve as boosters to boxing. Bob Arum and Pacquiao’s managers have since gone wild depriving Pacquiao of those challenges. Therefore they may have actually been destroying Pacquiao and boxing in favor of their own “scripted agenda” as well as to protect their turf solidly entrenched within their respective “comfort-zones”  being Pacquiao’s “astute”  handlers dwelling in “safe-houses.”

Yet the result of the “Oscar-nominated” Pacquiao-Bradley animation may have unquestionably proven the producers to be far from being “astute,” after all, because the Pacquiao-Bradley numbers as shown in the “actual”  PPV buys and earnings they hastily announced are way below than expected or projected especially by Top Rank and  Arum himself.  Note that Arum picked Bradley to fight Pacquiao mainly on account of Bradley being an American, believing that the American people are the biggest “market” in the “boxing industry.” Indeed he was “right.”   But Bob was wrong in assuming that majority of the American boxing fans are childish if not foolish enough to take whatever he offers.  Hence Arum’s “happy” disappointment in the Pacquiao-Bradley PPV numbers.  They even had to sell the MGM Nevada tickets at a discounted price few days to fight night.  Arum and company must have greatly regretted why they didn’t match Pacman versus Tom Hanks instead, “pocket-wise.”

Without real challenges, it would do well for boxing and Pacquiao that Pacquiao retires soonest.

Arum giving Pacquiao his options in Miguel Cotto, Timothy Bradley and Juan Manuel Marquez is again Arum’s style of purely doing business in boxing.  The silly options are boxed in a way not only to timely manipulate Pacquiao during a recent meeting between the compatible duo to flesh out the next bout for the often “innocent-looking” People’s Champion.

Arum though does not have Pacquiao and boxing vital and basic in his heart.  It always appears incumbent upon him,  no matter what the world would think and  say, that he  does things in boxing with the end in mind, first and foremost,  to  best serve his own interests to the max  in every way possible; that he always makes sure such would be the “scenario” every time.

Tim Bradley is again in Arum’s radar as topmost choice to be the next opponent for Pacquiao.  But Arum knows that the second Bradley fight could not be an immediate “possibility” due to the world’s disgust over the June 9 drama and resistance to the idea at the moment.  Thus Arum has to put in Marquez as one of the options.  But then again since Arum knows that Pacquiao is much more inclined to choose Bradley over Marquez for reasons only known to Pacquiao and his camp as Pacman indicated in his recent pronouncements insinuating he wanted Bradley in November.  So there floats the only “option” left whom Arum is very much aware would be problem-fee for Pacquiao to agree to fight next given the present circumstances.

Arum is just being too shy to reveal the real three “astute” and “reasonable” options he wanted for Pacquiao in November, namely:  Cotto,  Cotto and  Cotto.  Why is that so?  And why the Pacquiao-Cotto II need not materialize? Everyone could competently tell why except the Joker from a kid’s tale. This is exactly where the road leads if the rushing flows persist unabated: The Pacquiao-Cotto II in November this year.  And one probable “pocket-wise” reason for the bout could be tightly connected to strengthening Arum’s bargaining position with the Mayweather camp after the unsatisfactory “numbers” result of the Pacquiao-Bradley farce.  This is again as if Arum holds the future and he has the world in the palm of his hands.

I write about boxing not as a profession.  Every article is written as the inspiration comes and as the Spirit leads.   I don’t even know until when a Reni Valenzuela would stay as a boxing writer. So If I still have another piece coming up, I wish to name the three ideal, exciting and marketable opponents for Pacquiao other than Mayweather and Marquez (Bradley excluded, of course) just as  I wish  to enumerate a number of steps for the people, the boxing community  and  government to take, in order to put the sport back to earth, alive and kicking in the truest sense of the word.

The gut feel is strong that the mega bout is highly possible to take place in November as true blue sports aficionados may discern that both fighters (sans promoters) are likely most open at this time to make the necessary concessions and compromise to reach a total agreement.  Everything could be easier to thresh out in order for this generation’s best pound-for-pound fighters   to finally dance and freely showcase each other’s unique opposing moves inside the same squared circle.  And before an unprecedented number of people all over the world who are eager to watch them collide head on to the high metal rock and roll tune of Michael’s  “Let’s get ready to rumble!”

But is it any wonder why until now the “astute” promoter remains adversely adamant to make the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight?  Arum has just reiterated  that it is not possible for Pacquiao to fight Mayweather this coming November, as it always seems to be the situation with Arum any month of the year except perhaps on days or months beyond December 31 but before January 1.  Arum promises anew, “possibly in 2013,” yet only to keep the world hungering and hovering in space forever and ever, and never.

A person who believes “nothing is impossible” about things that would do good just to himself is a person for whom nothing could ever be possible just about anything which would benefit and serve a bigger world and that which is beyond the concerns of his own little “kingdom.”

To some of us, it’s clearly a call to grow up to reach down.

No other options.


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Two exciting young prospects will battle for the WBO Asia Pacific bantamweight title on August 11 in a fight card that will be covered by GMA TV Network for its top-rated sports show “ALL SPORTS” telecast Sundays at 9:30 a.m. over GMA News TV 11.

The fight card is promoted by Joven Sports Promotions owned by the young and hard working Joven Jimenez. Aside from being a promoter himself, Jimenez also juggles his activities in boxing as a manager and trainer at the Top Contender Boxing Gym based in Muntinlupa City. Some of Top Contender’s notable boxers include the WBO World No. 2 Froilan Saludar, RP 140 lb. champion Adones Cabalquinto and former WBO Asia Pacific Youth champ Jerwin Ancajas.

Vincent “Popeye” Palicte who is presently managed by Jason Soong of Planet Jupiter Boxing Gym in Makati City is looking good in training but is expected to have his work cut out for him against Frederix Rodriguez, a brawler who packs a big punch from the town of Maramag in the province of Bukidnon in Mindanao. At present, Rodriguez is engaged in a high-altitude training in Baguio City under the tutelage of the Highland Boxing Gym based in the Summer Capital of the Philippines.

Palicte has a record of 14-3-1 with 7 knockouts while Rodriguez has a record of 8-2-1 with 6 knockouts which indicate that this championship battle will be a classic fight between a technical boxer/puncher in Palicte and the big puncher in Rodriguez.

Palicte, born in the boxing-rich Bago City in Negros Occidental, was at one time an amateur national boxing champion and was at one point in time one win away to qualify for the Olympic Games. As a professional fighter, he won the vacant WBC International title on September 12, 2009 at the San Andres Sports Complex outpointing Carlo Magale. He lost that title in his first defense three months later, in a fight held at the backyard of his challenger, Carmelo Ballone of Belgium.

Palicte who is 26 years old is nicknamed “Popeye”. He had two fights this year beating Ryan Soliveres by 4th round knockout in a scheduled ten round bout on March 11 and scoring another big KO win over Renan Branzuela last July 10.

Rodriguez, 23, has won all of his first seven fights, five of which were big knockouts in either the first or the second round. In his most recent fight, Rodriguez blasted away John Paul Apolinario in the very first round on his way to another KO victory in the opening round. That fight was held in Bukidnon only last April 28 this year.

The supporting bouts in this fight card are stacked with young prospects trying to carve their own name in the Philippine boxing scene. Jerwin Ancajas (13-1-1, 5 KOs) will exchange leathers with John Paul Bautista (10-6-1, 4 KOs) in a 10-round super flyweight match. Undefeated Aston Palicte (9-0-0, 7 KOs), Vincent’s younger brother will be tested by Mark Joseph Costa (4-5-2, 1 KO), the latter being the last opponent of the late Karlo Maquinto. Benezer Alolod (10-4-2, 1 KO) will fight fellow young prospect Noli Morales (9-1-0, 3 KOs).

Bundrage wins one, chance at the Alvarez sweepstakes!

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Tom Donelson

Last Saturday night we saw a requiem for a Junior Middleweight as Cory Spinks tried one more time to garner a junior Middleweight title and he knew that it could be his last shot at it. At 34, he was no longer the slick boxer of old and he was facing a strong tough fighter in Cornelius Bundrage, who had already stopped Spinks once.

Interesting enough, Bundrage was the older fighter but he looked the fresher and younger. Spinks needed to jab and revive the old boxing style that allowed him to stay near the top for years.

For the first minute of the fight, Spinks jabbed, jabbed, jabbed but nothing was hitting and Bundrage kept moving forward while throwing his right. No one ever considered Bundrage the classic boxer and Bundrage decided to turn this fight into an ugly brawl. At the end of the first round, a Bundrage right hand sent Spinks down.

This changed the fight as Spinks decided to change his strategy in the second round. Spinks knew that his jab was not working and he would be vulnerable to the Bundrage right. So he moved into the Valley of the Death and fearing no evil; Spinks attacked Bundrage body. He allowed the fight to become ugly but he figured that if he was going to lose, he was going on his shield.

In the second round, he managed to unleashed body shots to Bundrage body and followed up with straight shots to the head.

During the second and third round, he stayed close to Bundrage and he appeared to be making an impact. In the fourth round, Spinks made a serious mistake that nearly ended the fight in the fourth round as he tried to hold Bundrage but in the process, he left himself open as Bundrage nailed him with upper cuts. Spinks spin away and looked shaken, but in the fifth round, Bundrage did not pressure Spinks and allowed Spinks to stay in the fight. Bundrage corner told their fighter that he was allowing Spinks and allowed Spinks to stay in the fight. By the end of end of the sixth round, the fight was close as Spinks neutralized Bundrage power by getting off first during a few rallies.

This changed in the seventh dramatically when Bundrage nailed Spinks with a right hand that sent him down. Spinks got up at the 8 count but there was no doubt that he was hurt. Bundrage attacked as he threw right hands after right hands and one of those right hands once again sent Spinks down. From this point, it was survival mode for Spinks as there was nearly two minutes left of the round with Bundrage following him. Spinks had very little left and on one occasion, he stood his ground and landed a left. This did little to stop the onslaught and Spinks retreated one more time before a final right sent Spinks down for good. The referee stopped the fight and effectively ended Spinks career as a contender.

Bundrage won his fight and is now hoping for one more big payday like a Saul Alvarez; who is still looking for a dance partner on September 15th. Bundrage, whose first exposure was The Contender series, has managed to be one of two Contender stars to win titles, the other being Sergio Mora. As for Spinks, the speed is gone and with eleven knockouts in 39 victories showed he was not a man who can depend upon power like Bundrage can. The fight simply was the last act in a career that had its up and downs but in the end, like his father Leon and Uncle Mike; Cory can say he had a belt.

Cuban fighter Erislandy Lara showed fighting public why he may be one of the best fighters in the junior Middleweight division as he put on a clinic in defeating Freddy Hernandez. Other than the third round when Hernandez managed to pressure Lara, Lara dominated the fight and just as important; he showed the ability to adapt. After a round third round, Lara changed his style just slightly enough to allow him the spacing to hit Hernandez at will. Punches went to the body, went to the head, and they came in different varieties, straight shots, hooks, and uppercuts. He put on a clinic for the boxing world and for Alvarez. If you are a member of team Alvarez, the lesson is that maybe you might want to find another opponent for your big fight September 15th.

In between junior Middleweights auditioning for Alvarez, Gary Russell easily pounded Christopher Perez into submission as he delivered accurate combinations while avoiding many of Perez shots. Russell is one of the best American prospects in boxing today, combining power and speed.

Will Boxing stagnate with the loss of Pacquiao and Mayweather?


Keith Terceira

While Floyd Mayweather Jr. serves his sentence in a Nevada jail and Manny Pacquiao is off vacationing with family in Israel, the world of boxing slowly retreats to the support of only the truly die hard fans, readership drops, interest wanes.

Websites, both Boxing and Main media, gain huge support from the casual boxing fan during the pre and post fight news cycle for the two main figures in our sport today.Drama filled diatribes on everything from meals to sleep cycles, training  to drama, singers to swingers, fill pages around the globe for months when these two giants are even thinking about an event. When they are on break, enjoying the fruits of their hectic lifestyles, or in the case of Floyd paying the price of a lifestyle, the true level of interest is demonstrated of the sport.

It leads one to speculate just what the world of boxing will look like when our two biggest draws retire, a day which is fast approaching considering that Manny and Floyd are well into their thirties, an age that normally signals the end for the lighter weight boxer.

Last nights Showtime numbers are not out , and may never be, but it is highly unlikely that the event that featured two highly regarded opponents for rising star WBC champion Canelo Alvarez, IBF titleholder Cornelius Bundrage and  #1 contender Erislandy Lara, on a pre-July 4th weekend didn’t budge the interest meter very highly.

The highest interest fight in the world of boxing that is actually going to take place, the showdown between #3 P4P Sergio Martinez and WBC Champion Julio Cesar Chavez , is, circulating a boost of interest. Regrettably, that bout will not take place until September, little else is on the horizon to keep people indoors during the sweltering summer heat.

Nonito Donaire’s clash with Jeffrey Mathebula, interests fans more because of interest in Nonito’s climb up the divisions, rather than interest in two known and well regarded fighters, the casual fan has no clue as to either boxer. Mathebula has very little branding even in the tight knit boxing community.

Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao grabbed the torch, increasing the interest in the lighter weights after Oscar de la Hoya and Marco Antonio Barrera sufferde losses and aged with time, but even during the prime of Oscar and Barrera, Mike Tyson was the catalyst for the sport until the 1995  Holyfield fights, when Tyson bit-terly  faded after his dining habits included Evander’s ear. By 1998, Oscar was losing some of his luster and fans were turning to “Pretty Boy” for leadership a dismal sport.

We had a whole host of interesting, entertaining fighters during this era , they couldn’t attract huge numbers of casual fans.

Manny Pacquiao, though already having held the WBC Flyweight title , and the IBF super Bantamweight crown , burst on the global scene with first, his three round introduction to America against Emmanuel Lucero in California, then his stoppage of the unstoppable icon Barrera at the  Alamodome, San Antonio, Texas. Both events in 2003 started the Pacquiao craze worldwide and especially in the USA.

As the heavyweight division was being carried by a highly likable Lennox Lewis it continued staggering and stagnating, ruled by multiple champions of lesser recognition, who refused to meet the towering talented champion or when they did it was to slight fanfare. Lewis received much more credit for his talent after retiring than he did from US media during his reign and the rematch between Vitali and Lennox that may have revived the division never manifested after his departure, though several attempts to coax him back into the ring proved fruitless.

The world awaits the next developing stars  that will grasp the reins and lead us into another great era, Donaire, Canelo, and to a lesser extent Chavez are the leading candidates for the job but unfortunately all are subject to the criticism that they have been coddled and protected boxers at this early stage. It is a tagline that will take several great fights to erase.

Donaire often is downplayed because of his teams decisions to face smaller candidates in the ring,  Chavez Jr.,  though he had no amateur career and is learning as a professional has been hung with the reputation of mismatched, handpicked opponents, as is Canelo. This is can be a result of the fact that promoters seem to be much more interested in self promoting than in creating a brand to the general public.

All three champions are young, talented, and regrettably, tattooed with judgments that are normally needled on a past-the-prime titleholder who begins to handpick his opponents to extend his career.

So what fighters will be the standard bearers for the sport when the dust clears and Pacquiao , Mayweather, or even Sergio Martinez are enjoying the fruits of their labor. It is honestly unknown at this point.

Roy Jones Jr., Bernard Hopkins, James Toney set a stage and played a huge role in the popularity of boxing, but it was a supporting role, a secondary leadership role for all but Roy Jones Jr. , whose charismatic personalty played to the casual fan and brought new fans into the fold. His desire to become a crusierweight champion  may actually be hurting his legacy rather than helping it , as once again he was dropped by a talent that ten years ago he wouldn’t have hired as a sparring partner.

Boxers like Chavez, Alvarez, and Donaire, though having increasingly large fanbases, may not develop into the mega stars of Pacquiao and Floyd for the simple reason that the talent pool may not be there to catapult them into that dimension. Just as the talent pool is not present for the Klitschko brothers, who face  everyone that can make the weight but just can’t crack into global likability.

What is not to like about the Ukrainian brothers, educated, intelligent,  dedicated athletes, who are not afraid to face the best in the division , time and again, yet they, like Lennox Lewis will be much more appreciated after their careers than during them.

The posturing  of promoters, the selectivity of HBO and Showtime, and the spread in levels of talented, charismatic personalities  in the divisions may keep boxing only in the eyes of its fanatics, not spreading it’s brand to the casual sports fan for quite some time.

Perhaps this Olympics, will cast a spotlight on the next mega star!

The quote that “On any given day, anyone can win in the ring” is less factual in this day and age, well, except for Josesito Lopez, then at anytime in boxing’s long history.

Who will carry the sport when Manny and Floyd retires, that is a question that in itself, is detrimental, that two fighters need to carrier an entire sport on their backs?

Within a couple of years gone will be Manny, Floyd, Sergio, Wladimir, Vitali, and a whole host of others joining Mosley, Margarito, and Winky. The end of an entertaining era, that regardless of the failings of officials, has been a step forward in the public interest.

Who do you see picking up the gauntlet for these champions, of not only their multiple divisions but the boxing community as a whole?

Bundrage stops Spinks in Seven , looks to Canelo

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Keith Terceira

The official time was 2:32 of round seven, and K9 Bundrage had another knockout of Cory Spinks in the books. After dropping Spinks in the first round , Bundrage began loading up and looking to land the big shot once again, losing focus on simply boxing the former champion.

Emanuel Steward firmly got K9 back on track and in the seventh round Spinks suffered three knockdowns and the fight was waved off by the referee.

Bundrage , the IBF light middleweight champion, appears in the running for the open date with Canelo Alvarez in September, as do several opponents including Erislandy Lara, who also appeared on the Showtime event last night.

K9 who is 39 years old, may have a tougher time getting that match-up after looking strong against Spinks, whereas Lara looked a bit stale in his bout with Freddie Hernandez.

Hernandez was to have been a stay busy fight for Lara and instead became a tough rugged competitor for the Cuban.

Lara won the ten round bout last night unanimously, but it was a harder fought battle than expected, and his performance may convince Canelo’s team to sign him on the dotted line.

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