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WBO number-two ranked Ruslan Provodnikov scored a scintillating second round stoppage over Jose Reynoso in a scheduled ten round Jr. Welterweight bout at the Omega Products Outdoor Arena.

The bouts were seen LIVE all over America on ESPN 2 and promoted by Banner Promotions & Thompson Boxing

Reynoso tried to move in round one and showed off his awkward style from his southpaw stance.

In round two, Provodnikov started getting to Reynoso with short shots.  He caught Reynoso with a huge right to the head that sent Reynoso down for referee Raul Caiz Jr.’s ten count and the bout was over at 1:52 of round two.

Provodnikov, 140 lbs of Berezov, Russia is now 22-1 with fifteen knockouts.  Reynoso, 138 ½ lbs of Riverside, CA is now 16-4-1.

“This is a payoff for a long three month training camp. I spent the first two months with Manny Pacquiao”, said Provodnikov

“The priority was to work the body and finish on top.  The outcome was because of the work with Manny as he moved a lot and it improved my footwork”

Christopher Martin scored two knockdowns on body shots and stopped Roberto Castaneda in round six of their scheduled eight round Super Bantamweight bout.

It was a close fight early with both guys getting in some quality offense.  At the end of round five, Martin landed a perfect right to the body that sent Castaneda down to his knees for a knockdown.  Martin tried to jump on Castaneda in round six.  Late in that round, Martin landed a thudding left to the body that sent Castaneda down for a second time.  Castaneda was up at the count of nine but the fight was stopped by referee Jerry Cantu at 2:31 of round six.

Martin, 122 lbs of Chula Vista, CA is now 24-2-3 with seven knockouts.   Castaneda 120 ½ lbs of Mexico is now 20-2-1.

In the televised opener, Aaron Acevedo & Daniel Martinez fought to a majority draw in a four round Jr. Lightweight bout.

Scores were 39-37 for Martinez while that score was over ruled by two scores of 38-38.

Martinez, 130 lbs of San Bernardino, CA is 0-0-1.  Acevedo, 129 lbs of Moreno Valley, CA is 1-0-1.

Oscar Godoy scored a four round unanimous decision over Roberto Crespo in a Welterweight bout.

Godoy, 146 ½ lbs of Watsonville, CA won by scores of 40-36, 40-36 and39-37 and is now 7-2.   Crespo, 147 ½ lbs of Riverside, CA is now 4-2.


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Top junior middleweight prospect Eddie Gomez has had quite the week so far. On Tuesday, the 18-year-old unbeaten Bronx, New York Native (8-0, 6 KO’s) graduated from John F. Kennedy High School in the Bronx. By Thursday, he was on a plane to Puerto Rico and today he weighed in for his Saturday fight against Bayamon, Puerto Rico’s Joseph De Los Santos (11-8-3, 4 KO’s) at the Coliseo Roger Mendoza in Caguas, Puerto Rico, capping off one of the biggest weeks of his life.

The entire Golden Boy Promotions team congratulates Gomez on his high school graduation.

Gomez vs. De Los Santos is a featured undercard fight on the June 30 edition of TeleFutura “Sólo Boxeo Tecate” headlined by Michael Perez vs. Eric Cruz in a 10-round lightweight bout. The event is presented by Golden Boy Promotions, Miguel Cotto Promotions and H2 Entertainment and sponsored by Cerveza Tecate. Doors open at 6:00 p.m. AT, the first bell rings at 7:00 p.m. and the “Sólo Boxeo Tecate” broadcast begins at 11:00 p.m. AT/ET/PT.

Tickets priced at $10, $15 and $25 are available for purchase by calling (787) 792-5000 and online at

For more information on Golden Boy Promotions, visit,follow us on Twitter at or visit us on Facebook at Golden Boy Facebook Page.


Weights From Fantasy Springs- Bundrage 153.4 Spinks 153.8

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Cornelius Bundrage (Left) and Cory Spinks (Right).

Gary Russell Jr. (Left) and Christopher Perez (Right).

Erislandy Lara (Left) and Freddy Hernandez (Right).

Antonio Orozco (Left) and Albert Cruz Jr. (Right).

Jeff Mayweather responds to Sampson Lewkowicz; “Sampson was lying…”


Keith Terceira

Jeff Mayweather , the trainer for WBA featherweight championCelestino Caballero , had an strong message in response to Sampson Lewkowicz’s allegations that he holds Mayweather partially responsible for the Mickey Garcia fight going down in flames.

Sampson is convinced that bad advise was the cause of Celestino sending out email’s to all the parties involved in the negotiations, and the terse thoughts of Caballero, put people off of the event being down.

” I have no problem with Sampson , I don’t understand why he would hold me responsible” Mayweather stated.

When asked about the email and if Jeff had knowledge of it he wasn’t sure if he knew about it before or after it was sent out. Mayweather alleges that it was Sampson’s own behavior in the past that opened up the problems with Celestino.

“I only know Celestino did some messed up things, but Sampson did some messed up things by taking $125,000 dollars from the guy,so he has a reason to be pissed.”

How does Celestino figure that he was ripped off for that kind of money?

“To be honest Sampson shouldn’t be in the whole picture to begin with. He doesn’t have anything to do with Celestino, he is a guy that was playing like he was Celestino’s agent or whatever when Celestino already has a manager. So what he did was , when Celestino unified the title against Molitor, he ripped Celestino off and Celestino found out by accident, he didn’t find out by someone coming to tell him or anything like that. Someone told him that it was a great payday he got ,that he made $400,000, Celestino didn’t make no $400,000 Celestino made $250,000. So that’s the reason why Celestino has that kind of hatred for him. When it comes to me , all I know is what Celestino told me. In terms of anything else, me and Sampson is cool, at least I thought, but obviously he doesn’t know what the $^% he is talking about when he brings my name up. If you want to do and interview with me talking about him, I can talk about his #@$ too, cause at the end of the day I never said %^t about Sampson. I was the one that told Celestino that he needed to kick that $%t , he needed to kill that about Sampson and just fight. Be a fighter and don’t worry about all that other stuff.!”

So basically the whole thing was that Celestino felt that Sampson had taken some money from him and that put up his radar and he was afraid it was going to happen again?

“I don’t necessarily know, but I think just the fact, because it happened once, that he really didn’t want to have anything to with Sampson period, even though Sampson did the bid for Floyd, cause Sampson was there, the thing is Floyd and them had no idea about the relationship between Sampson and Celestino. They didn’t know the history.”

So Sampson was negotiating for Floyd Mayweather Promotions?

“Exactly, but he don’t want to put that out there, he didn’twant to put that out there because that makes him look like s%$t . He is a promoter himself. So basically it’s a co-promoter. So basically it’s like this , Sampson don’t have no $400,000. Of course he can make a bid. No Floyd just signed Celestino, got him from DiBella,paid DiBella $70,000, you know to get his contract. Basically he had a fight going on basically when the bid was going on, so there was no way he could be there , and all these butt kissers and so called representatives of his team, they’re to busy kissing his [Floyd's] butt and trying to be around him rather then being able to send someone down there to do the job. So , Sampson was already there, so they called him and he made the bid.”

So Celestino was trying to get the second place  finisher, to take over the bout so he wouldn’t have to deal with Sampson?

“No , No , don’t get me wrong, at the end of the day, I told Celestino you need to kill that stuff. *I told him that, the WBA told him that, all the people that were involved with him told him that.That Sampson stuff you got to kill it. Don’t even mention Sampson’s name any more. Period! ”

Was that before or after he sent the email to everyone involved in the negotiations? 

“I don’t know when that happened, I have know idea, but I did get that word that he put it out there or whatever so it may have happened before that, but after it happened I told him , Celestino  you have to be a fighter, all this BS about Sampson , don’t worry about Sampson, I said kill that, don’t even talk about Sampson no more.”

In my opinion this would have been a great fight for Celestino on ShoBox in September!


This would have put Celestino more in the eye of the USA audience, and may have lead to bigger payday’s down the road for him if he performed the way he can?

“Definately , but don’t get me wrong come to find out, Sampson was lying anyway, he didn’t have no date. He didn’t have no date for September. He was just telling lies.”

Sampson informed us that he sent the WBA the guarantee from ShoBox of that date?

“That’s what he said. THat’s what he said , he didn’t even have no  —-  date, he didn’t have no —-date at all. Of course everything that comes out of his mouth is going to make him look like he did what he was supposed to do.’

Well that’s why we called you Jeff, to get the other side of the issue!

“Right, and then there was never a July date either. There was  never, ever , a July date. The date that he had was on Telefutura, and Telefutura isn’t gonna pay anyone no $300, 000 .”

He swears that he had a sponsor for the fight?

“It’s a lie, It’s a ^&g lie, why do you think Mickey Garcia said %$^k this and I’m gonna go fight someone else. THe guy is going on with his career because he is not gonna sit around and wait on Sampson neither.”

According to Sampson they went on to someone else because Celestino was being to difficult?

“Not the case, Celestino will fight anybody, anywhere. Don’t get me wrong, he didn’t want Sampson involved but like I said not only me, but Julio from the WBA, he said, and was adamant about it, “I need to talk to Celestino as a friend, this is not about business now, but as a friend, Celestino needs to kill this crap about Sampson, and I told him the same thing. I said Celestino you’re a promoter yourself, you got to understand that shit happens in boxing, it’s over with, you don’t really have anything to do with Sampson. I said just kill it and do this one fight and it’s over with. You never have to deal with Sampson again in your life. I said you represent Floyd , you’re not representing Sampson. At least he said he killed it , but I don’t know if he did or not, because he was pissed off. I’d be pissed off if someone stole money from me too. You talking about, that’s a whole nother payday, that’s a fight that you could have had and made that kind of money.”

Sampson informed us that he offered Celestino $330,000 for the Garcia fight?

“Yes, That was Floyd’s F-ing Bid, Sampson doesn’t have  money like that.Of course he offered $330,000 , that’s Floyd’s money.That’s one thing I can honestly say about Floyd is that he pays his fighters. Just like Jesse Vargas, Jesse Vargas was making $120,000 and he wasn’t even in the top ten. He didn’t even deserve that kind of money.”

That is a good payday for a guy not in the rankings!

“Yeh, ain’t in the top ten nowhere , and made 70,000 before that.”

That is definitely very generous!

“That is beyond generous. You got world champions that are not making $120,000. You got world champions let alone a guy not even in the top ten.”

It’s funny how the business of boxing is!

“Don’t get me wrong if Sampson wasn’t so corrupt, then why did he get banned from Panama”

Sampson says he could have brought the bout to Panama and that he has sponsor’s and venue there, but you are saying he is banned from Panama?

“No, he was banned, from Panama for a whole year. The thing is this why would a country ban you, unless you done something. So like I said, I’ve never had anything but respect for Sampson, and I ain’t taken in account what happened with him and Celestino, that’s not my business. I deal with people the way they deal with me. As far as Sampson , I’ve always been cool with Sampson, but all that dumb shit he is talking about me, talking about listen to his trainer. %$^k Sampson! That’s how I feel about it.. —-k him! I have notihng against the man but don’t make me accountable for nothing. If anything I tried to talk on Sampson’s behalf to Celestino ..Telling Celestino to let it go, let’s get past this fight , and we’ll worry about the next one.”

Sampson was banned in Panama, and the Commission warned that fighters, promoters and managers they would not accept any relationship with him for a year?

“I mean did , Jeff have something to do with that too…(laughter) Am I accountable for you being banned out of a whole country.I didn’t have anything to do with that , so my name should never come up. My job is a trainer. I’m a trainer and a friend to Celestino and that’s it. I’m not his manager”

The fact is you told him to just fight and that’s the best advice a trainer can give his fighter!

“Exactly, cause at the end of the day, Celestino is getting older, he needs to continue to fight. That’s the one thing, Celestino was so excited, we were ready for the fight, in July. I mean Celestino, even though he was pissed off and said whatever he said, he was working hard getting ready for the fight. Next thing I know, everything just broke down. Come to find out there was never no dates anyway. Neither one of those dates were solidified.”

I appreciate your time. Is there anything between Celestino and Floyd going on that looks good in the future?

“Right now, Celestino is back home in Panama and we are hoping, but I have no idea what is gonna happen next. I’m sure that the ball is still in Sampson’s hands…I don’t know exactly what is gonna happen. Like I said Sampson wants to pump himself up about giving Celestino $330,000, that’s Floyd giving Celestino $330,000″








MP8 Exclusive: Sampson Lewkowicz “I hold Jeff Mayweather responsible…”!

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Keith Terceira

MP8′s KO Cafe caught up with Sampson Boxing President, Sampson Lewkowicz and got the most in depth explanation regarding the breakdown of  the title fight negotiations between Celestino “Pelenchín” Caballero (36-4, 23KOs) vs. Mikey Garcia (28-0, 24KOs).

Lewkowicz holds Jeff Mayweather, Celestino’s former promoter, and all the entourage surrounding the champion responsible for  giving bad advise that caused the Panama City, Panama fighter to issue a nasty email to all involved in the negotiations. All except Sampson himself.

Sampson firmly believes that the email sent, not only made him look dishonest, but caused the rest of those involved with making the fight less than comfortable about dealing with Celestino.

The old saying that “Sometimes the squeaky wheel gets the grease, and sometimes it gets replaced” may have applied in these negotiations.


Sergio Martinez versus Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. completed for Sept 15th!

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Keith Terceira

Sampson  Lewkowicz, the promoter for Sergio Martinez has confirmed that the mega bout between the pound for pound number three fighter in the world and rising star WBC Champion Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.

“Everything is in place for the September 15th fight, everything is fine , there is no issues what so ever. Sometimes in negotations there are difficulties but with this everything is going smooth and pleasant . This is a done deal.”

Sampson Boxing has a rising star of their own appearing on ESPN Friday Night Fights next week when Javier “El Abejon” Fortuna (19-0, 14 KOs) takes on former IBF Featherweight Champion Cristobal Cruz (39-13, 23 KOs).

“We will witness the birth of another star next week, when Fortuna appears on ESPN”  Sampson stated with obvious pride “Javier is going to be a champion and the boxing fans are in for a treat and a surprise next week.”

A detailed interview regarding WBA Champion Celestino Caballero and whether he may lose his title regarding the mess with challenger Mikey Garcia will hit the screen in a couple hours…



Ruiz Back in Action July 7 in Mexico

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On July 7 in La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico, promoter Sampson Lewkowicz and his company, Sampson Boxing, in association with Promosiones Del Pueblo, HG Boxing and ECO Boxing, will proudly present Mexico’s Hugo “Cuatito” Ruiz (30-1, 27 KOs) defending his WBA Interim Bantamweight title against Jean Sampson (12-1, 7 KOs) of Nicaragua.

Sponsored by Grupo Modelo and broadcast by Televisa on its Sabado de Corona Boxing series, the 12-round fight will mark the third time 25-year-old Ruiz has defended the interim belt he won from Francisco Arce in May of last year.

22-year-old Sampson is coming off a huge win over former two-time world champion Rosendo Alvarez in May of this year.

“I had an excellent training camp with my whole family, my trainer/father Heriberto Ruiz and my twin brothers, Edel and Heriberto Jr,” said Ruiz. “I need to be in top shape because I am waiting for Koki Kameda to recuperate from his injury, so I can unify the titles.”

Manager Fernando Dominguez added that he cannot wait for his charge to face quality challengers like Nonito Donaire or Abner Mares, while Lewkowicz said he is proud of his young fighter. “Hugo gets better with every fight and will soon get the attention of a major American network because of his ability as a boxer and puncher.”


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“The Simple Man” will be back on June 30 when highly touted junior welterweight standout Antonio Orozco heads up the undercard leading up to the special Saturday night edition of ShoBox: The New Generation tripleheader at Fantasy Springs Resort Casino in Indio, California.

This Saturday’s card will see unbeaten Orozco square off with Canovanas, Puerto Rico’s Albert Cruz Jr. in an eight round battle, highlights of which will be televised by SHOWTIME. Also in action will be local southern California up-and-comers Jesus Hernandez and Javier Barragan in separate fights.

Headlining the card will be Cornelius Bundrage vs. Cory Spinks, a 12 round fight for Bundrage’s IBF Junior Middleweight World Championship. The ShoBox: The New Generation tripleheader also features rising featherweight star Gary Russell Jr. facing contender Christopher Perez and top rated junior middleweight contender Erislandy Lara squaring off against former world title challenger Freddy Hernandez and will air live on SHOWTIME at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT (delayed on the West Coast). This event is presented by Golden Boy Promotions and sponsored by Corona and AT&T. Doors open at 3:30 p.m. and the first fight begins at 4:00 p.m.

Tickets, priced at $25, $35 and $55, are on sale now and available for purchase at the Fantasy Springs Box Office, by calling (800) 827-2946 or online at

A native of Tecate, Baja California, Mexico who now fights out of San Diego, 24-year-old Antonio Orozco (14-0, 10 KO’s) has been making a lot of noise in the Southern California area with his well-honed attacking style in the ring. With knockouts in five of his last six fights, he’s bringing the pain to anyone who is willing to face him. In 2012, Orozco made his first two appearances in Las Vegas with back to back wins over Rodolfo Armenta and Dillet Frederick, but on Saturday he’s back in his home state and eager to put on a show against Alberto Cruz Jr. (9-3, 8 KO’s), a ferocious puncher who has scored eight of his nine professional wins by knockout, all in two rounds or less. The winner of three of his last four fights, the 24-year-old is looking forward to reigniting boxing’s Mexico vs. Puerto Rico rivalry on Saturday night.

In a four-round flyweight fight, fans will see a clash of unbeaten prospects when Indio’s own Javier Barragan (2-0, 2 KO’s) faces Los Angeles’ Christian Lorenzo (1-0) in an intriguing matchup and in a six round junior lightweight contest, Huntington Park, California’s Jesus Hernandez (10-0-2, 2 KO’s) will look to use all the technical skills that have led him to 10 professional victories when he faces Nogales, Arizona’s Luis Molina (3-0-1, 2 KO’s).


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Five of the six fighters who will compete on a special world championship edition of ShoBox: The New Generation this Saturday, June 30, live on SHOWTIME® (9 p.m. ET/PT, delayed on the West Coast) from Fantasy Springs Resort Casino in Indio, Calif. participated in an open workout Wednesday at the Fantasy Springs Resort Casino Special Events Center.

In Saturday’s ShoBox main event, IBF Junior Middleweight World Champion Cornelius Bundrage (31-4, 18 KO’s), of Detroit, Mich., will defend his title against former Undisputed Welterweight World Champion and current IBF No. 1 rated junior middleweight contender, Cory Spinks (39-6, 11 KO’s), of St. Louis, Mo.

The co-feature will match 2011 Prospect of the Year, unbeaten Gary Russell Jr. (19-0, 11 KO’s), of Capitol Heights, Md., against Christopher Perez (23-2, 14 KO’s), of Culiacan, Mexico, in a 10-round featherweight bout.

The tripleheader will begin with a 10-round junior middleweight match between former international amateur standout and top rated 154-pound contender Erislandy Lara (16-1-1, 11 KO’s), of Houston, Texas, by way of Guantanamo, Cuba, against former world title challenger Freddy Hernandez (30-2, 20 KO’s), of Lynwood, Calif., by way of Mexico City.

Tickets, priced at $25, $35 and $55, are on sale at the Fantasy Springs Box Office, by calling (800) 827-2946 or online at

Here’s what the fighters said Wednesday:


“I’m telling people to tune in. I’ve been promoting this fight, so I’m quite sure a lot of people will be watching. I think it’s going to be a great performance. I’m going to go out there and give it my all.

“I didn’t expect I would fight Cory Spinks like that the first time. I expect to fight him differently this time, but I might just go out there and bulldog him again.

“Cory Spinks is not the champ anymore. I’m the champ now.

“I’m more experienced now. In my last fight I defended my belt against the guy I lost my first fight to (Sechew Powell) and went 12 rounds.”



“Spinks is Spinks again. Spinks wasn’t Spinks the last time we fought. The first time, I didn’t train properly. I was sick. I had no mechanics. I don’t care who you are, if you aren’t right mentally and physically, you’re not going to be able to do anything.

“I want to fight for titles. It doesn’t matter who it is. K-9 is still there on top, so he’s got to get it.

“Fans are going to see the total package on Saturday. I’m ready. I’ve been blessed with a gift. I didn’t have to learn how to box. I always could and I could fight anyway I wanted. I can sit down with you, I can box with you. I will do anything I have to [in order] to win this fight.”



“There has definitely been more growth. I’m always learning. I’m more mature mentally and physically.

“I think it’s good to fight someone with confidence. I don’t want to compete against someone who thinks he’s going to lose. I want to fight against a guy who thinks he can win.

“He’s used to guys pressing the action, so I’m not going to press the action. I’ll use my power and speed.

“I’m a versatile fighter. I’m definitely not one-dimensional.

“I’m always anxious to get in the ring. I love the ring. I’m always in the gym…always ready and in shape.”



“No doubt there have been a lot of upsets in boxing over the last few months. I’m hoping that I can be the next.

“On Saturday night, boxing fans will know who I am. I know Russell has fast hands, but I have my game plan to be victorious.”


“If I go out there and do what I did to Ronald Hearns (KO 1), no one is going to want to fight me.

“Freddy Hernandez is a very good fighter. I’m prepared for anything he’s going to bring, but he needs to be worried about what I plan to bring.

“I’m not frustrated that fighters avoid me. I just have to keep working hard and taking care of the fighters my promoter puts in front of me. The big fights will come sooner or later. These guys can run but they can’t hide.”

Bundrage vs. Spinks, a 12 round fight for Bundrage’s IBF Junior Middleweight World Championship, is presented by Golden Boy Promotions and sponsored by Corona. Doors open at 3:30 p.m. and the first fight begins at 4:00 p.m. The ShoBox: The New Generation tripleheader, which will also feature rising featherweight star Gary Russell Jr. facing contender Christopher Perez and top rated junior middleweight contender Erislandy Lara squaring off against former world title challenger Freddy Hernandez, will air live on SHOWTIME at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT (delayed on the West Coast). The broadcast will also feature highlights of the eight-round fight between rising star Antonio Orozco and Albert Cruz Jr.

For more information, visit,, follow us on Twitter at, or visit us on Facebook at or For information on SHOWTIME, visit, or

Photos: Tom Casino/SHOWTIME

WBA Strips Peterson!


Keith Terceira

“I’ve gotten verbal confirmation that the WBA is going to have Amir fight for the WBA title, so that’s that,” said Schaefer. “As it relates to the WBC, we already know that the fight is also going to be for the WBC title, so their fight will definitely be for two belts.”

Lamont Peterson tested positive for PED’s and then admitted he had used synthetic testosterone prior to his bout with Amir Khan.

Peterson , who contends he used the pellet version of the PED , for medical reasons , apparently forgot to mention the usage during screening as well as prior to the fight with the Washington DC boxing commission.

Khan will be fighting Danny Garcia for both the WBA and IBF versions of the world championship.

Fortuna Ready for the World!

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“A victory (over Cristobal Cruz) would mean that I’m ready for big things and big fights against the world champions.”

Featherweight magician Javier “El Abejon” Fortuna (19-0, 14 KOs) is in heavy preparation for his upcoming showdown with former IBF Featherweight Champion Cristobal Cruz (39-13, 23 KOs) on Friday, July 6, at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, and televised live on ESPN Friday Night Fights.

The 22-year-old southpaw from La Romana, Dominican Republic, is one of the hottest young fighters in the world, coming off his spectacular Friday Night Fights-televised first-round annihilation of Yuandale Evans last April.

Fortuna and Cruz will meet in the main event of the Sampson Boxing and Greg Cohen Promotions show entitled “The Moment of Truth”, which will also feature Russian heavyweight power puncher Magomed “Mago” Abdusalamov (14-0, 14 KOs) defending his WBC United States (USNBC) Silver Heavyweight Championship in a 10-round battle against fellow up-and-coming heavyweight Maurice “Freight Train” Byarm (13-1-1, 9 KOs).

The opportunity to fight Cruz came earlier this month when the event’s original main event fell apart due to injury.

During a break in training Fortuna sat down to answer the following questions, via translator.

 Isn’t this a tough fight to take on somewhat short notice? How do you feel about it?

All the fights are difficult and all opponents go into the ring to beat you. I feel good because since my last fight I have continued to train hard.
What do you think of Cristobal as a fighter?

Like all Mexican fighters, he’s strong and comes forward, but we are prepared for everything.

What did your last fight do for your confidence?

The only confidence I have is that I train really hard. I beat an undefeated fighter and that just made me keep working hard and want it even more.

What would a victory over Cristobal Cruz mean for your career?
A victory would mean that I’m ready for big things and big fights against the world champions.

You are a young man. Are you ready for the added pressure that comes with stepping up to a main event televised fighter?

Yes I’m ready for all the pressure. I know this is a fight against a great boxer like Cristobal Cruz, but we are ready.

How will this fight end?

I’m going to try to do my boxing and beat him by KO.

Tell me about fighting for Sampson Boxing.

It’s going very well and I’m proud to be fighting for him. I’m very happy he’s in charge of my career.

What was the reaction from fans in the Dominican to your last fight?

They are very loyal and follow all my fights. They were very happy because I beat Evans.

Headlining the undercard, popular heavyweight and current interim PABA Heavyweight Champion “Bronco” Billy Wright (37-4, 28 KOs) will continue his successful comeback in a 10-round bout.

Also scheduled to fight six-round bouts are Las Vegas, via Puerto Rico, super middleweight Carlos De Leon Jr (21-3-2, 14 KOs); and undefeated Las Vegas featherweight Rocco Santomauro (8-0).

Scheduled for four-rounders are Jackson, Michigan, cruiser-weight William “Lil’ Tyson” Williams (5-2-1, 4 KOs); Henderson, Nevada, cruiser-weight Brandon Harris (5-0, 3 KOs) and Romanian import Ronald Gavril (2-0, 1 KO).

Tickets for “The Moment of Truth” are priced at $29 general admission, $44 reserved, $104 ringside and $204 VIP and are available at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino box office daily from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. and through Ticketmaster, either by calling 702-474-4000 or 800-745-3000, or by going online at

On fight night, doors open at 5:00 p.m. and the event starts at 5:30 p.m.

 For updates, visit or


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Lou Eisen

Josesito Lopez pulled off the upset of the year by forcing “Vicious” Victor Ortiz to quit in his corner, at the end of the ninth round with a broken jaw.  Lopez, a junior welterweight, fought the fight of his life, giving the heavily favored Ortiz much more than he bargained for.

Lopez fought a tough, grueling, phone booth war with Ortiz, never taking a backward step during the fight. Lopez stood toe-to-toe and traded with the bigger and stronger Ortiz. To be fair, Ortiz was winning the fight by consistently using a double jab followed by a straight left hand. Ortiz was ahead on all three judges scorecards (Kermit Bayliss 86-85, Marty Denkin 87-84, Pat Russell 88-83) at the time of the stoppage.

Lopez did not have much trouble landing on Ortiz during the first eight rounds of the match. However, Lopez, who came into the fight weighing 144 lbs, was unable to hurt Ortiz with any of his power shots. Ortiz is a true welterweight and easily weathered all of Lopez’s punches well, until the close of the ninth and final round.

Lopez was really considered to be nothing more than just an opponent for Ortiz, an easy mark to get him ready for a September date with Canelo Alvarez. Of course, even with the victory, Lopez will not face 154 lb. junior middleweight Alvarez Lopez is simply too small a man to even have a remote chance against the much bigger and stronger Alvarez.

The difference in the fight was Lopez’s brutal uppercuts, which he almost landed at will on Ortiz. The uppercut is so effective because you never really see it coming. You only feel it’s impact once it has landed. Unfortunately Lopez’s victory does not really tell the story of the fight. If this fight had gone the distance, Ortiz would have won by a wide margin on the scorecards.

Ortiz was winning the bout comfortably, successfully closing Lopez’s right eye. In another round or two, Lopez would have been unable to see Ortiz’s right hook coming. For a southpaw like Ortiz, a right hook is a dangerous weapon.

While Lopez celebrated in the ring with his handlers, Ortiz slowly and dejectedly made the long, painful walk back to his dressing room where, upon entering, he fell to his knees and began to cry over the dramatic circumstance of his defeat. Ortiz was unable to close his mouth due to his broken jaw.

Ortiz was taken by ambulance to a hospital where he was discovered to have suffered multiple fractures of his lower jaw.  Ortiz will now be forced to take an extended period away from boxing to allow his jaw the necessary time to properly heal. He will also use that time to heal the emotional scars this most recent loss has inflicted upon him.

The cruelty of some boxing fans and scribes knows no limits, as many people have incredulously labeled the severely wounded Ortiz a quitter because of the sudden fashion in which the fight ended. Ortiz should be universally lauded for making the smart decision to concede defeat and living to fight another day.

In the first meeting between Ken Norton and Muhammad Ali in San Diego, in 1973, Norton upset Ali and broke his jaw in the process. Ali claimed his jaw was broken in the opening round whereas Norton claimed he busted Ali’s jaw in the 12th round.

Years later, when asked by a reporter, “Muhammad, if you had known for sure that your jaw was broken in the first round against Norton, would you still have continued fighting?” Ali’s response was short and to the point, “Are you crazy? Of course not! If I had known that for sure, I most definitely would have quit. I am not stupid. That’s a dumb question, man!”

Ortiz committed one of boxing’s cardinal sins by fighting with his mouth open during the ninth round of his battle with Josesito Lopez. Norton broke Ali’s jaw by catching him with a hard shot when Ali’s mouth was wide open. Lopez caught Ortiz with a wide, looping left hook right on the button. Ortiz knew immediately upon impact that his jaw was busted.  It was right after that moment when Lopez staggered Ortiz briefly with a seemingly light punch. The mere fact that Ortiz lasted the round is testament to his superior courage and determination.

After it was announced that Lopez was the winner, Ortiz displayed the true sportsmanship he is well known for by applauding his foe’s lucky victory and hugging and congratulating him on his win.

Where does this heartbreaking loss leave Ortiz’s career?  Well, the bloom is certainly off the rose concerning his September date with Alvarez. That fight will not happen now or ever, most likely. That may turn out to be a blessing in disguise because even a healthy Ortiz would have a tremendous problem facing a naturally bigger and stronger man like Alvarez.

Remember, Lopez is essentially a 140 lb. junior-welterweight and still managed to fracture Ortiz’s jaw. One can only imagine the damage Alvarez could cause to a recently mended jaw if he actually fought Ortiz.

Those critics who are suggesting that perhaps Ortiz should call it a career, would be wise to remember that “Vicious” Victor is only 25 years old and, is still young and strong enough to recover from this devastating injury and successfully resume his career in the future.

Ortiz may be gun-shy after his jaw mends and, may want to take several easy fights to get his timing back and to test his jaw properly. Ortiz’s psyche will require as much if not more time to heal than his jaw. Ortiz obviously underestimated Lopez and took his lack of punching power for granted.

Lopez’s accomplishment proves one of boxing’s oldest adages, which is, “On any given night, any fighter with two arms can beat another fighter with two arms, if the stars align and the circumstances are right.” Well, Lopez got lucky because, in his case, the stars aligned perfectly.  One of the first orders of business for Ortiz once his jaw heals is a rematch with Lopez. Hopefully Ortiz will keep his mouth closed for the entire fight the next time around. In that way, he can hope to catch a break simply by avoiding one.

Donaire Conference Call Transcript!

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Nonito Donaire ,  Hall of Fame Promoter Bob Arum and Trainer Robert Garcia

BOB ARUM: Those who follow boxing know that the 122-pound division is chock full of superstars. We have a long list of guys who will be making tremendous fights. HBO has recognized this and will concentrate on bringing to the public the best of 122 pounds in a series of bouts. We start off with the No. 1 guy in the division, Nonito Donaire who will be fighting a title unification fight against Jeffry Mathebula of South Africa and also a world champion. Waiting out there is Guillermo Rigondeaux who has two Olympic Gold Medals to his credit and another world champion who will be fighting on the Chávez Jr-Martinez card on Sept. 15. Another champion out there is Jorge Arce. And sitting at ringside, as I understand it, on July 7, watching Nonito Donaire, will be another champion, Toshiaki Nishioka of Japan. So these are really exciting times in the 122-pound division and it all kicks off on Saturday, July 7 with Nonito against Mathebula.
ROBERT GARCIA: We’ll have a great fight on July 7. Mathebula is a great champion and he’s going to try and come in and surprise us and surprise the world. Nonito is training in Oxnard, California again. It is a great place where we have great people that can get behind him. People are pushing him every day and when I come in I see the results. He has been sparring with tall sparring partners and people that are a lot heavier than him. He has been pushing himself really hard to come out and put on a really good performance. We still have a few pounds left because he has built up a lot of muscle in between training camps but we’ll be fine there.

CAMERON DUNKIN: Nonito’s a great fighter and maybe the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world. I just think he is that, and he grows in weight. He just moved to 122 pounds and you see how he’s doing there. He just keeps winning and now he is taking time to work on his body as he moves to the higher weights. It’s going to be terrific – five, six, seven titles, who knows, when this all comes to end? It’s going to be very exciting to watch him next Saturday night.

NONITO DONAIRE: The motivation is in my heart to work toward my goals and my dreams. To be a unified champion then challenge anyone out there and make it undisputed is a dream and hopefully I can make it happen. Like Bob said, there are incredible fighters in this weight class and we are going to take them. And I am going to keep all the belts. Mathebula is the IBF guy and he is an incredible fighter and we can’t look past him.

NONITO DONAIRE: Mathebula is a very tough fighter. He is a tall guy, the tallest fighter I will have faced and I know Cameron is nervous about it. But he’s always nervous. He’s always looking out for his fighters, that’s how he is. But I told Cameron I wanted this fight. I knew this guy would motivate me and he made me train as hard as I did. I don’t know what to expect because he is so tall.

Could you talk about your protocol regarding drug testing?

NONITO DONAIRE: I decided to do this because I wanted to show that all of the things I have done, I have done through hard work. I want to show honesty towards my fans. A lot of guys have been getting caught but I just wanted to prove to my fans that the things I have done I have done by myself. I am a person that started with nothing. I am honest and I think it’s good for the sport. I hope everyone is inspired by it to prove they are legit and that it can help the sport.

They will be doing a 24/7, 365-day random tests. So they can, at any time, be knocking on my door. I have to let them know where I will be at all times.

Is your opponent part of this also?

NONITO DONAIRE: He is welcome to do it but I don’t force anyone to do it. If he agrees to it the whole boxing body needs to know about it. I invite them to join, but most importantly, I want my fans to know what I am doing.

Bob, what is your opinion on what Nonito is doing?

BOB ARUM: I first want to commend Nonito for the position he is taking. I think if you look at what is happening in Congress with the bill that Senators Reid and McCain have put in for a Federal Boxing Commission – I would hope that if we had a Federal Boxing Commission, that that commission would institute random drug testing for every single registered fighter in the United States so that we would have a system akin to what we have in the other major sports like football and baseball – under the auspices of a Federal Commission. What I am concerned about, the groups, no matter who they are, doing it without the direction of a Commission. I have heard, just like you have probably heard, where people have paid money to get exemptions for people that have tested positive. That’s a little scary.

We will encourage everybody, even without a Federal Commission, VADA is a good organization to do this testing and we have to establish protocol, with VADA, who they would report to, etc. Let’s say Nevada finds someone who tests dirty. Now, what happens? Who do they report it to? Is that basis enough for a Commission? What are the consequences?

Look at what happened to Peterson…

BOB ARUM: Right. And Peterson did not have a license to fight in Nevada. The same thing happened with Berto in California. So we haven’t legally thought out the consequences. How is it going to be handled? It’s a great thing. All fighters should be tested but we have to work out the consequences. It’s easy with a guy like Tarver, who has participated in the fight, then his urine comes back allegedly dirty – that’s an easy consequence. But what do you do with fighter “B” who agrees to submit and he has a dirty test? This is a new area and has to be worked out and it’s a lot easier to handle with a Federal Boxing Commission.

NONITO DONAIRE: I agree with Bob. I am always willing to fight the guy. I can say even though you’re on it, I can still beat you.

How has Robert helped your overall approach?

NONITO DONAIRE: Robert has been a great part of the team and he is a great leader. Usually when they panic, Robert is the guy that keeps them together. The morale of the team is incredible when he is around. He has this ability to watch the fight and be able to tell me what to do in the corner. Robert is the one that gets everyone together and keeps them cool and keeps them focused.

In you last fight there was some criticism regarding how you have abandoned your jab to throw more power punches – like Roy Jones…

NONITO DONAIRE: I love Roy, but the difference between me and Roy is I love to use my jab and I can always win that way but that fight was a grudge – his head was wide open - and I wanted to hit him as hard as I could every time. That is the difference between Roy and me — I want to use my jab. The kid didn’t want to open up and I needed him to open up. So I put my face in front of him because all he wanted to do was throw a jab. So the reason for that was I wanted to knock him out. The few previous fights I had I wanted to knock people out and that has been the reason why I had abandoned my jab and used counters more than anything. When I do go back to my jab there is no one in the sport that can match me when I do box.

I don’t want it to be a long fight. That is what I’m trying to say.

How tough is it to make 122?

NONITO DONAIRE: My training has definitely changed over the years with Victor and Remy, in terms of being in the field for using strength and stuff. For many years I have not been running the traditional five or six miles that everyone does. My last fight at 122 pounds I was pretty small, I was walking at 128 pounds. For this fight I had been walking at 133 to 138 pounds, which is a big difference. After my last fight with Vazquez, I went right back to the gym to work with the weights so when I went to camp, which was two months ago, that’s when I began the boxing and I was a lot bigger and stronger then the last fight. Surprisingly with the weight, it is like for me to be cutting down to bantamweight now.

Bob, you had some concerns regarding the drug testing…

BOB ARUM: I am not OK with it. Until this is quantified and handled by a legally authorized agency or a Federal Commission, you are in no-man’s land. With a testing agency, a willy-nilly, which gives exemptions to certain fighters and not to other fighters, is very dangerous. We talk about a level playing field, and we’re not getting a level playing field. We have to think this whole thing out. Everyone, I believe, has good intentions but it has to be done right and done fairly. Something that is not only fair to the participants but also fair to the fans. We can’t let this thing be decided by demagoguery or by people making outlandish statements. It is a very serious problem and it requires a lot of thought.

Nonito has set an ambitious goal to be undisputed champion…

BOB ARUM: First of you have to understand that HBO, the premier network, and to its credit, has embraced this decision. You couple that with the technological advances that HBO is making – measuring the impact of punches, which will start at the beginning of next year. Mares is a very good fighter but he has to be willing to fight on the premier network, which is HBO, and not on the secondary network, which is Showtime. It’s not a question of Top Rank or Golden Boy but it’s the fact that HBO has embraced Nonito and this entire division and that’s where the future is.

Do you think you can get Mares in there?

BOB ARUM: The other champion will be July 7 with Mathebula. Nishioka will be at the fight on July 7. Rigondeaux fights September 15. Absolutely. Mares is there but has got to cut the apron strings and be willing to fight in this whole series of important fights on the premier network, which is HBO, which understands how important this whole division is.

How important is it for you to accomplish those goals

CAMERON DUNKIN: Nonito is somebody who is very special to me. He’s more than just a boxer. I have known Nonito for so long now and I have watched him come from him paying to fight, fighting for nothing, literally fighting for nothing. All the struggles he’s had and all the things he’s been through, so it’s very personal for me. I want to give him these opportunities.

I didn’t want to make this fight at first – I had someone else in mind – but it’s what he wants and I want to give him everything possible I can and I know Bob does too. He wants to be great. In my opinion, he is already great, but he wants to be greater. I want to do everything I can to make that possible.

You were very disappointed after the Narvaez fight – what if Mathebula does not come to fight?

NONITO DONAIRE: There are things I learned in the Narvaez fight. If one is willing to not do it, I have a plan to deal with it. I am going to do everything I can to get the victory for the whole team.

BOB ARUM: From what I have seen on Mathebula, he has show that he is a fighter that engages. I understand that he is from the Zulu tribe. I have had a lot of experience with the South African fighters and they are really tough guys and they really come prepared to fight.

How has it been training in California?

NONITO DONAIRE: Being from the Bay Area, I have loved training camp here. I have Remy with the strength portion of it, which covers 60% of my endurance. Of course, you’ve got the good sparring out here but Remy is here to push me to go farther than I thought possible. This is a place to train hard, which is what I’ve always done my whole life. It’s great to be back in the Bay Area. There are a lot of fans out there and a lot of Filipino fans. May first fight was in LA and there are a lot of Filipino fans out there.

How do you think Mathebula will fight?

NONITO DONAIRE: We have looked at ways he is going to fight. He is going to use his range and use his height. He is going to go out there and throw combinations. But we are in tremendous shape and ready for anything — that’s why we are very confident. No matter what he brings to the table, we are ready for it.

BOB ARUM: Thanks to the help of AEG, there is a very large concentration of Filipino people in the Carson area of The Home Depot Center and we are distributing literature and other materials to that community and we expect many to attend the event.

NONITO DONAIRE: I want to thank Bob and Top Rank and all the press for taking the time to be here. And I would like to thank HBO and all the fans out here. It’s going to be a very interesting fight and a very exciting fight. So check it out. I am very excited for it.

Promoted by Top Rank, Nonito Donaire (28-1, 18 KOs), a native of General Santos City, Philippines, now living in the Bay Area of San Leandro, Calif., and Pavlik (39-2, 34 KOs), of Youngstown, OH, headline the July 7 edition of HBO Boxing After Dark®, beginning at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT, live from The Home Depot Center in Carson, Calif. (delayed on the West Coast.) Donaire, the WBO junior featherweight champion will rumble with IBF champion JEFFREY “Marvelous Mongoose” MATHEBULA (26-3-2, 14 KOs), of Johannesburg, South Africa, in a world title unification fight to determine the division’s top dog. KELLY PAVLIK, who is riding a three-fight winning streak (the last two victories by knockout) since moving up to the super middleweight division, will battle WILL “Power” ROSINSKY (16-1, 9 KOs), from Queens, NY, to open the telecast.

Remaining tickets for The Home Depot Center’s Donaire / Pavlik World Championship fight card, priced at $100, $50 and $25, can be purchased online at or by phone at 888-929-7849 as well as The Home Depot Center Box Office (open Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.). Suites are available by calling 1-877-604-8777. For information of group discounts, please call 1-877-234-8425.

HOOK TO THE LIVER- Chavez, Hook to the Liver, and Boxing Today

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By José Sulaimán

Julio César Chavez Jr. won on an electrifying knockout over Andy Lee, and proved to those who did not believe in him that he is a real champion. This was one of the most interesting fights that I have seen in a long time. This was a fight for those who really enjoy a very good, competitive, masterful, technical title fight. Lee showed himself to be a much better fighter than many estimated, with his very fast and powerful jab and a fast and strong counter uppercut that he used very effectively, at least in the first three rounds of the fight. I enjoyed seeing Lee perform and Chavez come after him like a panther trying to learn how to get his K.O. punch. Chavez took three rounds to come for the fourth and devastate Lee with his powerful hooks to the liver, until the time that he just overpowered Lee for a sensational K.O. when referee Laurence Cole stopped the fight. I believe that Sergio Martínez must have seen that Junior is not the easy target that he thought, as Chavez showed the class of a champion with the power of his fists and not with favors.

His father, the immortal Julio César, a lifetime idol of mine and great friend, came hard in the press - offending the WBC and myself - accusing the judges for having Lee winning four rounds to two before the K.O on the seventh. It is about time that he, and everyone else, know that once the bell sounds for the first round, for the WBC and myself there are no friends, no empathies, no pressure, no power, and only remains what it always should be: unwavering justice and fairness in the ring. Junior was losing the fight, perhaps on a plan, but he did not throw or connect many punches at all - as it could be proven by the sepulchral silence in the arena where you could hear the noise of a fly. Chavez came out moving around, trying to get into Lee’s style, while Lee moved around throwing his fast, strong and precise jabs, as well as the powerful uppercut during all of the three first rounds. This was the great sense of the fight, when Chavez started to connect with powerful and damaging hooks to the liver. His devastating punches stopped Lee. It was really a great fight and I am very proud of the WBC judges.

I was very impressed with the respectful and discreet security in El Paso, as well as the peace, joy, and passionate participation of the attending boxing attending. The Mayor of El Paso, Mr. John Cook, must be congratulated as it was because of his strong support for the fight in El Paso that it could be held in such a nice and sporting place.

All that has happened in boxing in recent times brought to my mind the crazy steps that people of boxing are taking without apparent control. Many boxers are having positive anti-doping results. A boxer, Chisora, slapping the champion at the weigh-in, spitting the face of a second in the ring, taking off his bandages and threatening not to fight, while ending the day by stepping down from the dias to go after someone else to hit him. A boxing Federation, Luxembourg, invading the territory of a very respected boxing board, without any ethics or respect for their international affiliations; promoters who hate each other and live to attack their competition instead of putting all those efforts for their own; bad decisions, based mainly on the appointment by roll; arrogance, lack of mutual respect, egolatry, abuse of power; monopoly-like actions to favor only a few boxers and promoters; most promoters and boxers abandoned in the world without support, when they are the seed of the future; abuse of powerful TV corporations choosing and signing in exclusivity only boxers who are the top of the cream; the same TV powers trying to direct boxing to their vested interests without any respect to good rule and order; countless lawsuits to take boxing from the ring to the courts; treating international boxing organizations at the will of the invested interests, and so many other wrongdoings that it would take me longer to describe, as if boxing would be throwing itself into the apocalypses, behaving like those mental abusers who are taking the world into the streets of blood, barbaric confrontations, and destruction with the inclusion of those in suits and ties.

It is just not possible to continue allowing this to happen, as it would mean the disappearance of boxing as sport and convert it into a simple spectacle for TV in no more than 25 years. It is not possible that mud and putrefaction continue being the way of life of boxing. The WBC has a reason for what we must invite the real lovers of boxing - commissioners, promoters, boxers, trainers, the media, and all those that have given their lives for the sport of our love, to find a way of good faith, of opportunities for all, without discrimination of color, race or religion; unity, mutual understanding, cooperation, and respect that would lead us all to a great promising and different future.

Our way will be with friendship, respect, cooperation, understanding, and patience to get all to understand what boxing needs to live forever, and to continue being the friendly hand for the poor of the world. If not, I believe that it is time that for those wanting boxing to live to act firmly to implement the strictest rules for the sake of peace, honesty, integrity and the good and welfare ff boxers and the sport itself.

Thank you for reading my thoughts.

Pacquiao wants Mayweather , Arum has excuses,and “Show me the Best for my Buck”!


Keith Terceira

Manny Pacquiao is on his way to Israel , to vacation with his family,  visiting some of the world’s holiest sites.

I pray daily that he receives another vision from our Lord and Savior , instructing Manny to put his efforts into one profession or another.

Pacquiao  voiced his opinion and desire to fight Floyd Mayweather in November during a dinner with his promoter, yet Bob Arum suggests that five months is not enough time for the fight to be put together and Floyd still incarcerated in Nevada makes the chance of the fight not being made even more likely.

“Obviously, the fight he wants is Mayweather. That’s the guy he wants to fight,” said Arum

“I don’t think we have enough time to do it . It won’t take place this year. Maybe next year,” Arum also said after the dinner where Pacquiao and Arum broke bread to discuss a career that seems to be stuck in “GroundHog Day”.

In the mean time Timothy Bradley has relinquished his 140 pound title in favor of the WBO welterweight crown which may signal the prelude to a rematch or it may signal the end of the rematch.

With Manny looking heavy and less conditioned for the first event, combined with the fact that many of the rounds he took the first minute or two off, he may have to drop to 140 or work harder in the gym to fight again at 147.

The choices appear to be stalled at either Marquez  IV or Bradley II, both which appeal to a limited amount of fans, and benefit Arum more than Pacquiao or Boxing. We will have to wait to see where the wheel stops on this one.

The possibility of hearing another round of excuses from either fighter (Marquez or Bradley) on why they were robbed or gifted is about as interesting as watching paint dry. My money is on the fact that I won’t be buying either one and I’ll be waiting for the replay on HBO. More importantly with either fight what the hell is left for HBO to script for 24/7, interviews with their pastor’s and mail carriers…

While fans of Manny wishes him to be successful and make money , judging by the sub - million buys for Bradley’s fight, they shouldn’t be buying fights today because of performances in the past.

I love Roy Jones Jr. , Evander Holyfield, and Zab Judah, but I’m not spending 60 bucks to watch them fight any longer if they can’t compete at a sixty dollar level, the same goes for Manny. If Manny is gonna come in under-trained, and fight only 12 minutes of a 36 minute fight, then I’m spending $29.99 and that’s my limit.

Also if Arum wants to give us Marquez IV then I’m lowering my hard to come by investment by 75% and giving him $12.99…We been there done that, and making Arum, Marquez, and Pacquiao richer is not as important as college funds here at home.

From now on if HBO and Showtime PPV’s want my money, you better show me more than one good fight, and a half baked Hollywood sitcom for $59.99.




Message to All Petition Signatories From Manny Pacquiao


Keith Terceira

The following message is from Manny Pacquiao regarding those that signed our petition.

“Your support will definitely be a wake-up call that those in charge of the sport of boxing should strive to bring honesty and competence in every competition” - Manny Pacquiao.

Keith -

When judges ruled that Manny Pacquiao lost his bout against Timothy Bradley, boxing fans like Keith Terceira were outraged. But now, after you and thousands signed his petition, the World Boxing Organization has reviewed the decision — and said that Pacquiao should have won the fight.

Along with media and officials around the globe, Keith was disgusted by the Nevada State Athletic Commission’s decision — he says he knew Pacquiao was the clear winner, and he couldn’t believe the World Boxing Organization wasn’t investigating.

So Keith decided to fight for “integrity and justice” in the sport he loves. He started a petition on asking for the decision to be reversed, and over 40,000 people rushed to throw their support behind him.

And it worked — the World Boxing Organization decided to investigate the fight’s decision, and said Pacquiao should have won.

Manny has just expressed his profound gratitude to you and everyone who signed Keith’s petition — he knows you were crucial in convincing the World Boxing Organization to investigate.

Today, you and fans around the world have helped Keith win his fight for “integrity” in boxing — and every day, people around the world are using to win other victories.

Thanks for being a change-maker,

- Michael and the team

Making a case for the “Fix”!


Keith Terceira

There  are times in the business world of boxing when common sense is ignored, and the “Business” end is of boxing takes control over the sports end.

One example is the recently announced “Title” bout between Victoria Cisneros (6-13-2, 2 NC, 2ko) and Chevelle Hallback (28-8-2, 11KO) by the WIBA. This obviously was a business decision, and one not based on sport, as the tough Victoria is 3-12-2 with 2 no contests in the last 7 years, and has rarely won a round against anyone but Hallback, in her title chances. A championship fight this is not , but that’s the business of boxing, and a great case why sanctioning bodies get a bad wrap.

In the case of Pacquiao - Bradley there are factors that point directly to a scripted choreographed event that even though we write for  MP8 has to be written about.

Let’s start in Baguio during high altitude training and the fact that Alex Ariza asked and was allowed to leave the camp to work with Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. rather than train Manny Pacquiao for what was billed as a tough competitive fight.

I asked one insider about Manny’s training during his time in that Philippine city and his dedication ,and my response was.

“He is training, kind of! Manny is more concerned with Bible study than training.”

Manny first off was late to camp, secondly he was not dedicated to training, third he even felt it was unnecessary for his strength and conditioning coach to be present.

You would figure that his sparring partners would benefit from working with the great champion but in reverse two of his sparring partners lost their fights after training with the eight time world title holder.

The fight hype was left primarily to Bradley to carry the burden to sell the show in what could be considered an attempt to introduce the world to Timothy Bradley, with Manny seemingly going through the motions and only appearing on the larger staged events like Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Bradley may have been allowed to rant on a daily basis, with little return fire, to set up a strong foundation for his victory.

Then one has to consider the dramatics of the rematch ticket and the poster Bradley began displaying almost as soon as the camps hit Las Vegas.

It was the first time in my slowly fading memory when a promoter allowed a rematch to be “Sold” to the public while there were still tickets to be sold for the first bout.

Another factor that is suspicious is that the Nevada Commission allowed other fights on the card to have outside judges but refused completely to have assistance from outside their own pool of judges with the main event.

Let’s go to the weigh-in, when a normally cut and ripped Pacquiao , came to the fight  seemingly out of shape in my eyes for the first time in several years.

Advancing to the event night , we have the Celtics - Heat fiasco, Manny  being late for the bout, and the whole scoring of the 5th and 7th rounds.

Let’s look at  the fact that Arum, ran to the Attorney General of Nevada to ask for an investigation. The Attorney General has to have evidence of a crime to do anything about the scoring of the fight. No trail , no evidence - No evidence a huge waste of taxpayers funds.

The question is where is the official complaint filed with the Nevada Athletic Commission by Top Rank if Arum honestly felt that there was an error made by the judges?

Headlines read Top Rank CEO Bob Arum says he submitted a formal request for an inquiry to the Nevada attorney general’s office on Monday.

Why not follow the procedure laid out by NSAC..

NAC 467.770  Change of decision after contest or exhibition: Factors considered by Commission. (NRS 467.030)  Except as otherwise provided in subsection 6 of NAC 467.850 , the Commission will not change a decision rendered at the end of any contest or exhibition unless:

1.  The Commission determines that there was collusion affecting the result of the contest or exhibition;

2.  The compilation of the scorecards of the judges discloses an error which shows that the decision was given to the wrong unarmed combatant; or

3.  As the result of an error in interpreting a provision of this chapter, the referee has rendered an incorrect decision.

Larry Holmes and others have filed official protests regarding “Collusion” by officials, but they filed them through attorneys with the NSAC and not with the Attorney General as laid out by the NSAC rules.

We have a lot of “Smoke and Mirrors” by many involved with the biggest robbery in boxing history, that has become the biggest promotion for a rematch,  in the chronicles of the sweet science.



Randy Caballero: A Fighter With A Bright Future!

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Edgar Solorzano

Saturday, June 23, Coachella’s Randy “El Matador” Caballero fought an explosive battle against Jamal Parram on the Ortiz-Lopez under-card at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, Calif.

The first round started a bit slow. Caballero was looking quick, sharp and confident. Randy kept coming forward chasing Parram; nothing exciting took place in the first round as both fighters were still trying to figure each other out.

However; round two was a bit more explosive and exciting. Caballero kept coming forward being the aggressor.  Caballero was landing straight right-hands against Parram. Parram did not appear to be hurt and was taking the punches like a warrior.  Parram had his moment when he caught Caballero with a wild left hook.  The hook did not hurt his opponent from Coachella; Caballero was still pressuring and landing combinations. Before the round ended, a head-butt took place; Caballero went down for half a second and got right back up. However; it was nothing major.

It was round three when Caballero began to show his boxing skills. Parram’s head was going back and forth whenever Caballero used his jab. Neither fighter showed any signs of getting tired and traded punches for about ten to fifteen seconds. Caballero was landing most of his combinations while Parram was landing a few.

Round four was an exciting one for the fight-fans watching at Staples Center. Caballero was on fire and was starting to break down his opponent. Parram began to show signs of poor stamina by trying to hug Caballero every time he landed a good body shot. The last minute was filled with action. People began cheering as Caballero was landing some strong combinations.

Round five was the round Caballero conquered his opponent. Parram took a heavy body shot and was forced to take a knee. As soon as the referee backed off, Parram was on survival mode trying to avoid Caballero’s power.  Caballero managed to land more powerful body shots, and Parram took a knee for the second time, forcing him to quit.

Randy Caballero’s record improved to (15-0, 8 KO’s).

After the fight was over, I was waiting for team Caballero to make it to the media room. I was impressed with Randy’s victory, and had some questions to ask him and his team.

Here is what Randy Caballero and his team had to say.


Edgar Solorzano:  How did you feel in the ring?

Randy Caballero: I felt really good man. All the hard-work we did inside that gym paid off inside the ring. We trained hard for this kid, whoever they put in front of me; we are going to train hard for it. Regardless of how many rounds it is, who it is, we are going to train hard for it. You know, that’s why I came up with that win.

Edgar Solorzano: The fight before, you were televised on Showtime. Did you feel more pressure on that fight or this fight?

Randy Caballero: No pressure at all, it was just two different styles. On this one, I set my mind to be a lot more calm, don’t rush things and things like that. I felt a lot more relaxed in this one, and that’s why I came off with the stoppage.

Edgar Solorzano: In this fight you looked sharper, faster, and your body hook was pretty powerful as well. Did you work on many other things?

Randy Caballero: No, basically we did the same thing. You know, just tough training every-day. Wake up in the morning; get my training in all the way till the night. Just finish off with hard train throughout the whole day.

Edgar Solorzano: Are you still sparring with Rosendo Alvarez?

Randy Caballero: No, Rosendo had just fought like two or three weeks ago. But that was great, great experience. Tough guy, he still has that toughness from back in the days, and I thank him for all the sparring.

Edgar Solorzano: Last time, like four months ago. You were saying that you want to fight Jorge Arce?

Randy Caballero: Whoever it is, whoever it is that’s on top…

Edgar Solorzano: Are you ready for those fighters yet?

Randy Caballero: I’m ready for anybody they put in front of me. I’m hungry, that’s what I’m here to do. I’m ready to make a name for myself in this sport, and just go all the way to the top.

Edgar Solorzano: How do you feel from last year to this year, do you feel much better now? More confident?

Randy Caballero:  Definitely, is a learning experience. Every time I step in the ring I learn something new, and now I feel a lot better. Just every time I step in the ring, like I said; is a learning experience and I’m getting better and improving.

Edgar Solorzano: You trying to fight at the different places or still fight at Fantasy Springs?

Randy Caballero: Definitely, It felt good fighting somewhere else. But you know, I love Fantasy Springs; is my home-town. Getting those fan bases there, supporting me, I thank everybody for that. But it feels good fighting at different places, especially at big fights like this. Like I said, I’m ready for big things too.


Moments after, I interviewed Caballero’s father/trainer about his son’s fifth round TKO victory.


Edgar Solorzano: How did you feel in this fight?

Marcos Caballero: Great, I think Randy did some different things in this fight. He looked better.  There are still some things we need to fix, but we are a step closer to a championship fight. Hopefully we can make it happen for next year.

Edgar Solorzano: From last year to now, do you guys feel far more confident now?

Marcos Caballero:  Boxing is a process, I think as we continue to fight, we will continue to grow little by little till we make it to a championship fight. I still think there are many things we need to fix, and hopefully by next year we can get a championship fight.

Edgar Solorzano: Where do you guys see your team two years from now?

Marcos Caballero: Hopefully Randy will be world champion. We got plans for him, when he gets twenty to twenty-one fights, he may by then be ready for a title.

Edgar Solorzano: How did it feel fighting at Staples Center instead of Indio?

Marcos Caballero: It’s great, we love Indio. It’s our home-town, the fans are right there and they support Randy 100%, and we are happy for that. But I think a little bit of change, coming over here… a little motivation, and Randy’s performance was a little better. But I think sooner or later we will back in the valley with the fans over there.

Edgar Solorzano: Have you guys been working on that body hook?

Marcos Caballero: Yeah, we definitely work on the hook. Randy has a hard punch. We practiced that body hook and Randy was telling me about it after the fight, how it worked.

Edgar Solorzano: What is your message to the fight-fans?

Marcos Caballero: Thank you for supporting my son. Let’s hope one day we make it. All the ones that love him, thank you. The ones that hate him, thank you too.

Another person I talked to from team Caballero was Randy’s friend Jacob, who also coaches at the Coachella boxing gym. Here’s what he had to say.

Edgar Solorzano: What did you think of Randy Caballero’s win?

Jacob Najar: I think it was an impressive win; it was something we were looking forward to. We worked with the body, trying to pick up some body punches, and he came in and executed the plan.

Edgar Solorzano: The body punches looked pretty good, have you guys been practicing that in training?

Jacob Najar: Yeah, that’s exactly what we have been practicing. At first it was a little difficult because we didn’t know much about the opponent. We didn’t know if he was a lefty or righty. Certain people were telling us he was lefty, and others were telling us he was a righty. So we trained for both, we had a very good sparring partner, Gary Salazar. Salazar can switch, so we did four rounds of this and four rounds of that, you know, trying to work the body. And we did it; we came in and executed the plan today.

Edgar Solorzano: Where do you see Randy Caballero two years from now?

Jacob Najar: I see him as a world champion. I like what Golden Boy and Cameron Dunkin are doing with him. They are taking him up slowly as a champion should, they are not rushing things. But in two years, I see him as a world champion.

Edgar Solorzano: Randy has been fighting for a little over a year now; do you guys feel more confident now when Randy steps in the ring?

Jacob Najar: Absolutely, Randy is still twenty-one years old; he is still learning and has a great amateur career of 170-fights. But in every fight, he is progressing better and better.

Edgar Solorzano: Who can you see Caballero fight next?

Jacob Najar: Well, we live that up to Cameron Dunkin. All our team does is train and Dunkin makes the decisions.

Edgar Solorzano: What is your message to the fans?

Jacob Najar: Just thank everyone for the support, especially in the Coachella Valley. The fans from San Francisco that came down today and the fans from Los Angeles area, continue to follow him. We are trying our best to make you guys happy.

Randy Caballero has a bright future, keep an eye on this young talented prospect as he continues to win battles in the squared-circle.


Former HBO Prez: Pacquiao vs. Mayweather “Will Never Happen”


Mark “Scoop” Malinowski

Former HBO Sports President Seth Abraham attended the Funeral mass for renowned artist LeRoy Neiman Monday morning at St. Ignatius on 84th and Park Avenue in New York City and I asked him as we exited, as the former President of HBO Sports what would you do to help make the biggest fight of all time, Manny Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather, a reality?

“I wouldn’t do anything,” responded Abraham. “The fight will never happen. Mayweather believes he’s one of the top five greatest fighters of all time. And maintaining his undefeated record, in his mind, will preserve that all-time status.”

Abraham, who left HBO Sports in 2001 and started a sports marketing firm in New York City called Starship SA LLC, thinks there is no amount of money that can lure Mayweather to fight Pacquiao. “Not even a $100 million. He doesn’t need the money. Fighting Pacquiao is a major risk to his undefeated record. He is not willing to take that risk.”

When pressed about what he would do to persuade Mayweather to take the fight the entire world has been demanding for over two years, Abraham answered that he “wouldn’t even bother, I’d work on something else.”



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By Reni M. Valenzuela

This must be mere hearsay.

Having disappointed the fans in his trilogy bout against Juan Manuel Marquez, Manny Pacquiao is in for another fix and twixt that would surely disappoint again his legions of followers upon learning the odd “news” if the “news” are the actual facts.

On November 12, 2011, with all the distractions that bothered Pacquiao, It was a common knowledge that the Filipino sports icon apparently lost himself in a very small place called boxing ring.  Pacquiao groped helplessly to find his genuine form all throughout that fight with the Mexican “Dinamita,” yet to no avail. Therefore he yielded much of the rounds to Marquez to “win” the contest by majority decision, courtesy of blind masseurs, of course.

But going into the same ring this time versus the unbeaten but lesser pound-for-pound showman in the person of American Tim Bradley two weeks ago, and Pacquiao having made to believe that he would score big anyway (truly he did except in the “official” scorecards) to run with a convincing unanimous decision, I heard that Pacman deliberately made himself “lost” in a way foreign to the game plan strategized  by his  team and apart from the knowledge of his chief trainer.   How could Pacquiao do such to boxing?

Unbelievable! But what about reading some “unfamiliar” Pacquiao body language during the fight and immediately after “Dessert Storm” was announced the winner?

Since Bradley was considered to be an easy fight for the still vibrant and young 33 year-old Welterweight champion, I heard that few concerned “influentials” privately begged Pacquiao to temper his power and not go all out hitting Bradley with full force of his aggressive instinct due to the possibility that Bradley might not be able to recover from Pacquiao’s fatal left knock-out booms that have battered and broken giants and vultures in just the past three years, straight to the hospitals nearby for treatment and emergency precautionary tests.

On top of that rationale, it was argued that there is no better boxing update which would lure Floyd Mayweather Jr. to fight Pacquiao soonest than the observation that “Pacquiao is on the decline or has declined as a boxer.”  Floyd Mayweather Jr. should stay motivated to face Pacquiao even after the Bradley fight but which would otherwise be remotely probable and negate Floyd’s confidence had Pacquiao demolished Bradley “his signature-way,” I heard.  Therefore the potentially most exciting and richest boxing match in history keeps swinging and blending good.

Has Pacquiao truly waned in power and skill as the People’s champion?

Or, could it be the “drama” is part and parcel of the grand conspiracy to sell even much more wildly and in wholesale packages to the remaining few equally wild “crazy preys”  for the second time as an inept “official peddler” organization soon orders a rematch?

But that one I just thought and didn’t hear.


Last Friday Night: Mike Dallas Jr.

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Tom Donelson

In the opening bout, the undefeated Brandon Gonzalez fought Eric Augustama, a self-managed fighter. The taller Augustama started boxing but the battle quickly evolved into a grind it out inside game. In the third round, Augustama started to jab to get away from the grind it fight and had some successes as he at least avoided the accurate Gonzalez’s uppercut. This lasted for two minute before Gonzalez got back inside. Gonzalez started to hurt Augustama with uppercut sin the last minutes of the fourth round as he stayed on Augustama chest.

Going into the seventh round, Gonzalez was winning easy or I should say, winning easily in the ring even though Augustama allowed himself a little room, he found that he could connect with a couple of rights. Over the last minute of the eighth and final round, Gonzalez unleashed a series of body shots that led to solid uppercuts and left hooks to the head. Augustama survived those last minutes. The judges gave Gonzalez all eight rounds and maybe the news of this fight that the referees got the decisions right without controversy.

The main event featured Mike Dallas and Javier Castro in a fight that had meanings for both fighters. A win could move either fighter up the ratings and lost could send their career spiraling downward. Dallas used quickness to move in and out of Castro reach.

The second and third round, Dallas speed countered Castro advantages, his pressure game. Castro could never truly trapped Dallas but both men were bloodied by head butts in the third round. Going into the second half of the fight, Dallas quickness was allowing not just to escape, but also on occasions, unleashing vicious combinations.

Halfway in the sixth round, Dallas right hand stunned Castro and as Castro retreated, Dallas nailed Castro two big rights that twisted Castro’s head. Dallas nailed Castro with a combination as Castro retreated to the rope. Castro could not defend himself and the referee stopped the fight. Dallas looked impressive and matured as a fighter as he improved and learned from past losses. For Dallas, this impressive performance will get him noticed in the light welterweight division.

On a why boxing is in trouble, Ted Atlas noted that the former Balco head, Vince Conte was involved in providing supplements to fighters including Gonzalez. No fighters was tested for any Performance enhancing drug but considering that one of Conte’s client, Andre Berto, was caught with steroids; one is left with the question, why is this guy anywhere near any fighter?

Speaking of steroids, Antonio Tarver was caught with steroids after his last fight for his cruiserweight title fight. This may be the end of Tarver’s career but for boxing, it is another black eye with yet another champion caught with performance enhancing drugs. Two big fights canceled and a champion may lose his title; all in the past year! Throw in the various bad decisions in big events including Paquiao-Bradley. 2012 is the year that boxing keeps stepping on its toe.

Ortiz loses in Upset

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Tom Donelson

Victor Ortiz was scheduled to fight Andre Berto but a drug test exposing Berto use of performance enhancing drug scuttled that fight. Ortiz ended up fighting Josesito Lopez. Before the main event, Knockout King Lucas Martin Matthysse faced the tough Humberto Soto. Matthysse has only two losses on his record, close controversial defeats to Devon Alexander and Zab Judah and he viewed Soto as an obstacle to returning to the elite status.

The fight began fast as Soto began with effective jabbing that created space between him and the more powerful Matthysee and this continued through the second round until the end of the round when Matthysee trapped Soto for the first time in the fight on the ropes. From this point, it alternated from a boxing match to a slugging match and this benefited Matthysee.

In the third round and fourth round, Matthysee unleashed vicious body shots while Soto countered with solid combinations on his own but by the end of the fourth round; Soto slowed down. The hand speed and foot movement that allowed Soto to escaped from danger in the first three rounds slackened. Matthysee garnered strength and momentum as the fight continued and at the end of the fifth round, a right hand stunned Soto.

Soto retreated and Matthysee nailed Soto with two more rights that sent Soto to the floor. While Soto beat the count and had a one minute rest, the Soto’s corner realized that their fighter was finished. Matthysee did not want to see the fight go to scorecard and he reminded others in the junior welterweight that he is still a force to be reckoned with. Soto showed courage and over the first twelve minutes; hand speed and nice combination allowed him to stay in the fight but the question that remains, would Soto be better off fighting as a lightweight and can he move down to that weight at the age of 32.While the post-fight question was the end near for Soto, Soto was up against one of the hardest slugging fighter in the junior welterweight and if two close decisions went Matthysee way, we would be talking Matthysee as one of the elite fighters.

In the main event, Victor Ortiz had a big money fight on the line with Saul Alvarez but he had to beat Josesito Lopez first. Moving up for junior welterweight, Lopez came in as the smaller fighter but he had a game plan. His plan was to play matador and step aside Ortiz bull rushes by unleashing his right. The right hit its mark as Lopez was able to nail Ortiz with his right followed by left hooks. Ortiz found that he could land his straight left as Lopez sometimes moved right in front of Ortiz left as oppose to moving left as his corner instructed.

Every round was competitive and in the fifth round, Ortiz nearly stopped Lopez halfway through the round but over the last thirty seconds, Lopez countered with a solid right hand of his own. Ortiz power appeared to give him advantages over the last few rounds before the end. At the beginning of the ninth round, Ortiz began the round strong but at the end of round. Lopez struck with a left hook and a right hand that sent Ortiz spinning. Ortiz went to his corner but in the round, Lopez broke his jaw and he couldn’t continue.

Lopez won a fight that he was behind on the scorecard but it was a tough fight as Ortiz ended the fight with a broken jaw and broken dreams as his PPV big match went bye-bye. As for Lopez, he may have put himself line for some bigger fights in the junior welterweight and welterweight divisions.

In the first bout, Omar Figueroa looked impressive in one of those step up for fights that prospects go through as he faced the veteran Alian Hernandez. Figueroa started out jabbing the smaller Hernandez before he nailed Hernandez with a series of body shots; forcing Hernandez to the rope. From there, it was a matter time as Figueroa simply threw one power shot after another before the referee stopped the fight.

Jerrell Charlo showed adaptability as he out fought Denis Donglin before ending it with one big right hand in the fifth round. Donglin had trouble getting inside Charlo before the third round when he managed to follow his jab to Charlo’s inside. Charlo simply changed his style in the fourth round as he moved an inch or two further and this forced Donglin to move one step more before getting nailed with right hands. At the beginning of the fifth round Donglin’s jab missed but Charlo right ended the fight with one punch.

Showtime featured a good card with action fights throughout the evening but the main event had drama and an upset as Ortiz found his dream crushed when he could no longer continued.

Ortiz-Lopez: Health of a Fighter is Always Important


Edgar Solorzano

Saturday night was not a great night for one of Golden Boy’s future talent, Victor “Vicous” Ortiz, who stopped the fight due to a broken jaw.

As soon as the fight-fans found out Ortiz did not want to continue the battle, everyone started calling him a quitter. The world dropped on the young boxer and the majority of the fans turned their backs on him.

Sad to say, people often forget that fighters do not have metal jaws. They are brave-talented people that try to please the fans. Unfortunately, neither the media nor the fans can respect these types of risky decisions that fighters make. Fighter’s like Fernando Vargas posted negative things about Ortiz on twitter. Again, Vargas has been criticizing Ortiz for quite a while now.

“SMELLS LIKE AN UPSET!!! MY BAD, it WAS AN UPSET!!! LOL.” Vargas tweeted. He later stressed, “Yes, I have lost by TKO, but have never been stopped and never quit. Never quit.” Referring to the young Vicious Ortiz.

However; Vargas was not the only critic. Boxing websites like Fight-Hype criticized Ortiz as well.

“Shout out to Paulie Malignaggi, who finished his fight against Miguel Cotto with a broken orbital bone.”  Fight-Hype said.

Victor Ortiz did not show up to the post-fight conference. He went straight to the hospital after the fight. Ortiz had to deal with surgery on Sunday, his jaw was broken and he clearly was not faking it.

Ortiz’s good friend and sparring partner, Steve Forbes stressed on Sunday night, “Ortiz just got out of surgery. He had multiple breaks, but he is doing well and resting.”

“I don’t know anyone who can endure the pain of multiple breaks. Even talking with the doctor, which fans, and reporters don’t get to do; the doctor said he had to be going through horrible pain and it wasn’t a one shot and that’s it. For multiple breaks it had to have been broken earlier and more started breaking the longer it went.” Forbes stressed.

ESPN’S, Dan Rafael tweeted, “Pernell Whitaker broke his jaw in the 4th round against Felix Trinidad.”

“I know Muhammad Ali fought with a badly broken jaw. To be great, sometimes that’s what you have to do.” Rafael stressed.


Yes, fighters like Pernell Whitaker have fought with a broken jaw. However; these are different styles, different fights we are talking about. Whitaker was a defensive genius and Ortiz is an aggressor type of fighter. He likes to come in and trade till the last bell rings. You can watch these two fights, and any fight-fan will clearly see that the Ortiz-Lopez fight was a punch-fest. It was a dangerous fight with two explosive fighters. It is sad that writers like Dan Rafael would bring up that Whitaker once fought with a broken jaw, knowing that it was a completely different fight.

Again, I disagree 100% with big Dan on the Muhammad Ali statement. Ali is the greatest; a legend. However; we cannot forget that his health is not in the best condition due to fighting so many great battles.

That is why Victor Ortiz did the right thing. Health always comes first! Of course, Dan Rafael would not know that. He obviously breaks that rule.

It is easy to criticize fighters, but only a few know the pain that fighter’s suffer in the ring. Getting upset over a fighter worrying about his health? You think big Dan has taken a nice clean punch by the jaw before? No! Well, not in this world.

Health is first, and it should always be. It is common sense.

Let’s go back to Saturday night and pretend Ortiz went all twelve rounds with half his face broken. He gets a split-decision victory and people talk about it for a few weeks.  Years later go by; he is retired and can’t talk or think right. What would the people say? I’ll leave that blank for you to fill in.

If Ortiz had continued the battle, it could have affected his career. We all saw what happened to Margarito. Yes, he went twelve straight rounds against Pacquiao and did not quit. But who is talking about that fight now? Margarito’s decision helped Cotto capture that victory on the re-match. Margarito almost lost one eye and who is talking about it now? Not many people.

It is easy to point fingers and call Ortiz a quitter. But let’s leave the fiction stories aside and focus on reality. Pain is real, and risky decisions are hard to make.

A champion is not exactly a fighter that always wins battles. A champion is someone that either wins or learns, there is no losing in the positive mind of a champion. Ortiz did the right decision. Health comes first, just not in Dan Rafael’s world.


Ortiz-Lopez: Lopez Shocks the World

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Edgar Solorzano

Just two days ago, June 23, Victor “Vicious” Ortiz fought a bloody battle against the hungry Josesito Lopez at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, Calif.

The fight started a bit slow in the first round as both fighters were testing each-others punching power.  Ortiz was landing good left and right hooks with his bright-red Cleto Reyes boxing gloves. However; Lopez did not respect Ortiz’s power and kept coming forward like a gorilla with a metal chin. Lopez’s head-movement looked great in the first round; he started with great rhythm that helped him build enough confidence to keep coming forward.

As soon as the bell rang in the second round, the fight rapidly changed into a dangerous battle. Ortiz came in strong throwing strong combinations, but only a few were landing. Ortiz looked a bit frustrated and was aiming for a knockdown; Lopez’s heart let that plan stay in the fiction section.  Ortiz managed to land some powerful punches, however; Lopez took them like vitamins and only helped him get stronger and build more confidence. Lopez did a great job getting in Ortiz’s head as he pulled an old-school boxing move by pushing Ortiz into the corner before the referee separated them. Ortiz was the aggressor for the majority of round two. Both fighters kept coming in forward to trade punches, leaving the boxing crowd with a face similar to a kid eating sour candy.

Fight-fans knew a battle had started at the Staples Center, and round three surprised them as the fire-works were still shining.  This time around both fighters came in strong like real rivals, trading punches and bruising each-other’s faces with every inch of excitement they had. Sweat flying, heads going back and forth, crowd screaming, this was only the start of the climax of a terrific battle between two brave fighters. Ortiz’s confidence did not change in the third round, it remained the same. Ortiz used his right hand mainly to deliver upper-cuts and quick jabs to create good distance to avoid trading punches from the inside. His left hand looked like it was frozen, not using it much. The under-dog, Lopez, had his moments landing wild left and right hooks on Ortiz’s face. The fans got off their seat like if they just saw big-foot. They could not believe what they were seeing. Some stay loyal to ‘Vicous’ Ortiz and others decided to cheer for the hungry ‘Mexican’ Rocky, Lopez.

Josesito Lopez seemed to get hungrier as the rounds were fading. Round four began, Ding Ding! Bell rang; fight-fans were watching carefully, some sweaty and others holding a beer. Ortiz started strong, a bit frustrated not boxing anymore. He was trying to land hard punches as he kept coming forward. Lopez showed no fear, did not back down and kept swinging. Ortiz kept looking for open spots, and later began to use his left hand to try to mark Lopez’s face as he kept moving left and right like an old-school clock. In this round, there was a lot of holding and hugging. Ortiz got the best of it and was still frustrated.

Round five, the fight-fans, announcers, and every person watching the battle began questioning which fighter is going to stop. And how long will he last? It was clear that one fighter had to eventually go. Ortiz and Lopez began the round a bit calm, still figuring ways to end this bloody battle. Ortiz kept coming forward, showing no mercy, swinging with a strong force. Lopez responded by doing the same, swinging, some punches landing and others only touched by the air. Just a few seconds later, Ortiz’s frustrations got the best of him and lead him to punch Lopez on the back of his head. The fans did not seem to like it. Some were booing, others were cursing, and some did not want to drink their Tecate beer anymore. Seconds later, the fight-fans decided to support Lopez and the arena started chanting “Lopez, Lopez, Lopez!” The clocked stopped at 1:45, as Lopez was trying to recover. It was a hard punch that landed on the back of Lopez’s head, so he needed some time to recover in order to continue the battle. As soon as the ref gave the sign of the fight continuing, the Staples Center shook a bit with 7,865 people present for the terrific battle. Lopez came in hungrier than ever, throwing left and right body shots, left and right hooks, he was doing it all. The young man had a goal and his heart did not showed any signs of quitting. Just seconds before the bell ended the round, Lopez slipped due to being off-balance. It was nothing major, as soon as he got up, round five had already ended.

Ding, ding! Round six began; fans already knew the action was going to stay on till one fighter went down. Both fighters showed great stamina, Lopez looked a bit tired, however; he never fought like it. Lopez kept throwing strong combinations that kept fooling Ortiz. Some landing and others touching his bright-red gloves.  Ortiz responded by delivering few punches back as he kept coming forward. Lopez slipped for the second time. This time around, an Ortiz punch did land before Lopez slipped. As soon as the ref backed off, Ortiz came in strong ready to end the battle. Lopez’s chin kept rejecting Ortiz’s plan. Lopez continued to shock the fans as he kept trading punches like an old-school fighter. He came to win and did not care about anything else. Both fighters had their moments in this explosive round.

Rounds seven and eight were full of excitement. These two warriors kept the same style, and did not seem to have a game-plan. They only had a goal and that was to win. Ortiz did not look as confident as the early rounds. He still came in forward, but was a bit more careful when throwing a left hook.  Lopez’s punches began to break Ortiz down. Inch by inch, punch by punch, history was being written on Saturday night.

Round nine came and Ortiz was looking good. He seemed calmed and was still throwing punches. Keeping the fire-works bright and explosive for the fans.  Lopez did not respect Ortiz in the ring and kept swinging, hoping to end the battle soon. As soon as the ninth round ended, people around the arena were questioning who was going to take the decision if the fight went to distance. Unfortunately, Ortiz stopped the fight due to a broken jaw. Lopez’s corner could not believe it. Lopez looked at the crowd with a confused-shocked face and proudly raised his hand with a sweaty bruised face.

June 23 was a night to remember. Josesito Lopez did not only prove the world wrong; he showed that nothing is impossible with a big heart, hard-work, and some sweet boxing leather gloves.

“We did it, we did it.” A proud Josesito Lopez stressed at the post fight.  “I’m the new Paul Williams; this poor Mexican from Riverside did it.” Lopez said.

The media respected Lopez and congratulated him.  Just moments after the post-fight conference was over, Lopez was walking outside of Staples Center and the city of Los Angeles treated him like a celebrity chanting, “Lopez! Lopez! You did it!” Hundreds of people were trying to take pictures and congratulate him. He deserved all the respect he was getting after fighting like a warrior.

With this shocking, explosive victory, Lopez’s future looks bright. He has some great choices for his boxing career. Since he is promoted by Thompson’s Promotions, he can face a Top Rank fighter like Timothy Bradley, Brandon Rios, Jessie Vargas once again or a Golden Boy fighter like Lucas Matthysse, Amir Khan, Danny Garcia or Victor Ortiz for the second time. Another great match-up for Lopez would be against Brooklyn’s Paulie “The Magic-Man” Malignaggi. Since Malignaggi is coming off an impressive TKO victory. That could be another classic battle for Golden Boy Promotions.




Lopez Displays Heart of A Lion!

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Keith Terceira

Josesito Lopez (30-4, 18KO), a name that is now on the lips of all boxing fans this morning, where yesterday he was the late replacement for Andre Berto, today he is a new WBC champion of the squared circle.

Last night’s performance was entertaining to the point of concern as fans watched a man that entered the ring with nothing to lose and the universe to gain, against a fighter who has had his share of troubles in the ring,  both for and against. Ortiz was the more polished fighter, patient and composed, Lopez fought with wild aggression. At any moment it appeared that Ortiz would take control of the fight catching the wild swinging Lopez with a power shot and ending the warrior’s run at glory.

Instead, with every landed blow by Ortiz , Lopez came back with a vehemence that was straight out of boxing chronicles of old , limited polish, just real grit, plan and simple. Often out of balance, over-swinging his punches, or walking into Ortiz’s jab, Lopez plowed on, stalking the Garden City fighter, and Victor began treading water, then started backing away, taking time off in the middle rounds, winded.

Time and again, minute after punishing minute, Josesito Lopez refused to be pressured , in every advancing step that Victor attempted, Lopez returned fire. In each instance that Ortiz gained advantage, it was taken away with an uppercut or a solid left hook from the penciled in challenger, each time Victor thought , this fight is mine, Lopez’s thundering body punches would say “NO PUEDES”

Slack-jawed and sucking wind in the beginning of the ninth , Lopez landed another series of left hooks  as he battled back once again with his back to the ropes, not willing to give  into the periodic pressure that Ortiz would muster. That was the end, the round would continue but the fight would be over as soon as Victor met his stool, with his corner-man attempting to shield Victor from the referee, attempting to prevent the injured fighter from informing the official he had had enough, Ortiz was done, finished, his heart taken by a lion with a heart of iron and fists of steel.

At the post fight press conference Golden Boy or a member of Ortiz’s camp began a spin , looking foolish , saying the jaw had been broken in the second round, when the world already knew from Victor’s own words and the images from Showtime, that the damage was done in the ninth. The spin was to calm the backlash, to attempt to restore a little of the reputation that was sullied by the resignation in the ring.

Ortiz became the “Man that cried wolf” quitting once to often in his career, displaying a heart that is often tested to much for his level of perseverance. Every man has a breaking point and Victor’s is less than some and more than most. To insult the warrior that fights miles from the keyboards of his detractors is a curse of the internet age. Many of his critics never made it past a ring apron let alone wrapped a hand, or taken a blow.

Ortiz always struck me as a fighter , like the Klitschko brothers , who view boxing as a sport, not a lifestyle, not an occupation to be killed for or left to suffer lifelong debilitating injuries over.  He is a talented businessman, in a sporting world that wants gladiators and blood sport, perhaps a wasted talent limited by the size of his intestinal fortitude or his regard for it’s danger. The sound of applause from the Ortiz - Berto Ring Fight of the Year faded both in memory and reality last night, many who cheered now heckle.

Lopez should note this, that the wild support today may be the heckling of tomorrow, because though he has the heart of a lion, last night, exposed some weaknesses, some wild, explosive, entertaining weaknesses that can be exploited by fighters in the top ten of the welterweight division.

Today is a day to celebrate, but tomorrow is a day for training, for knowledge, and polishing the technique in a body that holds the heart of a Lion.

Thanks to my friend  Hector Jimenez for the Spanish lesson and contribution (aprecio el ayudar)

Photo Tom Casino/Showtime


Lopez, forces Ortiz to say No Mas before the Tenth Starts!

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Keith Terceira

Ortiz suffers broken jaw from pounding hooks of Lopez and Ortiz stopped fight before the beginning of the tenth.

No rushes by Ortiz this round, both fighters are felling each other out in the first round, Ortiz working his jab sneaks in a slick left for the southpaw. Working the body as well Victor and Lopez are showing each other alot of respect. Lopez with a nice combination, Ortiz forces Lopez to the ropes and Lopez spins him landing a few good strong shots. Lopez lands some good rights at the end of the round, and bell ends with the edge going to Josesito Lopez.

Round Two: Lopez moving forward and forcing the fight Lopez landing left hooks to the body , and Ortiz catching Lopez with a combination that hurts Lopez. The fighters are banging away and Lopez catches Ortiz wiuth a crushing right hand and he is stacking Ortiz now and lands a right hand upper cut lands for Lopez and counter left by Ortiz ..Round ends and it appeared that both fighters hurt each other but Lopez may have squeaked it out.

Round Three; Lopez comes out with a seven eight punch combination and Ortiz counters with a big left. Ortiz landing better this round but Lopez comes right back at him . Lopez lands a left hook and he has no fear of Ortiz, Lopez is here to when and not collect a check. Josesito moving forward guiding Ortiz around the ring , Victor comes back strong towarss end of round but many of his punches are on the gloves of Lopez. Round to Lopez.

Round Four; Lopez comes out strong again , Victor is calmer and more selective with his shots. Lopez is more hurried, as Victor forces him to the ropes, an a short exchange put the two fighters back in the center of the ring with neither gaining an advantage. Ortiz  backing Lopez now with better power shots. Lopez comes right back behind the jab slipping under the straight left of Ortiz, as the round ends Ortiz lands a left but Lopez is right there with him. Round to Ortiz

Round Five; Center of the ring and both fighter working at distance, Ortiz lands first and Lopez comes right back with a digging left hook to the body. Ortiz catches Lopez on the back of the head in a foul, referee stops action. Lopez is hurt and is clearing his head , doctor talking to him. He has the opportunity for five minutes and seems he is taking it. Referee warning Ortiz , the two get back at it and Lopez is the aggressor landing a big left hook, Ortiz moving in and Lopez ties him up, there is no backing Lopez off, he is like a bulldog on Ortiz. He is digging the body and landing good solid blows with Ortiz landing equally as well.  Close round but my call is Ortiz on the bigger punches. Both fighter only landed 18 punches.

Round Six; Ortiz comes out behind the jab, he seems to be throwing much more than in previous fights. Ortiz landing bigger but Lopez landing sweet combinations. Ortiz need s to be careful of the punches in the back of the head during clinches because the referee will take a point. Very tight fight with only a seventeen punch difference in Ortiz’s favor in the whole  bout. Lopez is still going strong and Victor seems more energized. Round ends with the better combinations landed by Lopez. This scoring will depend on what a judge prefers the bigger power shots or the multiple combination. Round to Ortiz

Round Seven; Lopez is a little wild and off balance , he need to be careful  Ortiz’s power. Lopez lands two vicious uppercuts, and they are at war on the ropes with both fighters getting hit hard, Lopez hurting Ortiz and Lopez has this round by far , stacking and landing blows on Victor. When Ortiz forced Lopez to the ropes and began exchanging Lopez showed the strength of a champion by taking control of the fight. Round to Lopez

Round eight: Lopez is no opponent , no replacement fighter, he is game and in this fight for the glory.. His uppercut is landing well against Ortiz this round slower both fighter seem to taking a break Lopez lands a lead right and then an uppercut. THen a left hook and uppercut, Ortiz coming back behind a big right hook but Lopez’s uppercut catches Ortiz coming in. Left hook and short right hand lands for Lopez countered by a right hook by Ortiz.. Another close round ….I’ll give this round again to Lopez on the busier hands and bigger punches.

Round nine; Swelling over the left eye of Lopez and he appears the more damaged fighter but he continues to charge on, landing the uppercut when Ortiz comes in . Ortiz works behind the jab, and Ortiz seems to be slowing another breather round in the earl;y going Lopez landing, now Ortiz puts together a flurry behind the jab. Straight left lands by Ortiz and they are at war again Lopez chasing Ortiz around the ring throwing punches as Victor slips and runs. Round to Lopez

Between the (th and tenth round Victor Ortiz quits on the stool and Josesito has won the title…Victor may have quit but make no mistake Lopez forced him to quit, he was a game warrior that everytime he got hit , he came back stronger matching aggression with more aggression.

Matthysse stops Soto after five; Soto’s corner throws in towel!

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Keith Terceira

Lucas Matthysse  is battling Humberto Soto and the exchanges are fierce with Soto putting together the combinations in round one but Lucas nailing Soto with the heavier punches. Round one to Soto

Round two; Lucas continues to move forward but the speed of Soto is ruling the round, Soto has a magnificent upper cut that he is beginning to use this round , Soto off the ropes catching Matthysse. Matthysse appeared slightly hurt and forces Soto to the ropes with powerful shots to end the round. Matthysse strong toward the end of the round. Soto’s round

Round Three; Matthysse scoring more to the body rocking Soto, both fighters going to war now , exchanging combinations constantly. Matthysse is dedicated to the body work this round and Soto seems to be slowing. Lucas continuing to move forward taking the fight to Soto and Soto is throwing combo’s into the face of Matthysse. Alot of good action this round . Tight round could be either way.

Round Four; They start the way they ended with fierce exchanges, but this time Soto is digging the body and both are setting down on their shots , so all blows are thrown with bad intent. Soto catch with big right and staggers then comes right back winging. Soto throws a three punch combination and Matthysse returns a three punch one of his own and it continues this way throughout the round. Towards the end Matthysse gets hit with a left hook to the liver and it appeared to shake him at the end of the round. Matthysse takes this one.

Round five; Matthysse lands two good left hooks over the span of 15 seconds and Soto is slowing this round, beginning to clinch inside. Two more good hooks land for Lucas and Soto comes right back. Heavy blows being landed now by Matthysse, big right staggers Soto and he is done….Count is completed and round ends..10-8 round Matthysse anbd Soto’s corner stops the fight…

No one has been able to stop Humberto Soto in his career until now, Matthysse began working the body and it forced Soto to begin protecting his midsection , when the hands began to drop the big hooks and right hands began landing for Lucas.

Great fight that was billed as a war , totally lived up to the billing!

Tarver Issues Statement Regarding Failed Testing


Keith Terceira

Antonio Tarver has issued a statement regarding his failed test for drostanolone, an anabolic steroid in his pre-fight test for Lateef Kayode in California.

“I have always been a proponent of a clean sport and an advocate for the most rigorous drug testing in boxing. The positive test results came as a complete surprise to me today. I will be examining every potential cause and ultimately, I am confident that my fans will see that I was not at anytime attempting to gain an unfair or illegal advantage in my performance.”

Both Danny Green and Kayode have come out against Tarver’s usage with questions and concerns of their own.

In an interview with’s , Ryan Maquiñana, Kayode displayed compassion for a boxer he looked up to;

“I just feel sorry for this guy because he is a champion. I don’t want to see him give himself a bad name like this because I have respect for everything he has done in the ring. I know he has beaten a lot of world champions. I hope he hasn’t been doing this for his whole career.”

Meanwhile Danny Green suggested that rumors were swirling in Australia of Tarver’s PED usage prior to his bout there;

“It’s pretty ordinary,” Green said to Telegraph Sport. “There were definitely whispers when Antonio was out here that he may be using something, but when you’re that close to a fight, you can’t worry about stuff like that. You get on with the job.

“I’ve only just heard the news myself, so what can I say? Do I really need to say anything? Certainly I didn’t have a great night against him, but I now have to wonder if he had a bit of extra magic. When Antonio came out here for the promo tour he was huge. Massive. I’ve still got photos of him standing next to NSW Origin players like Timmy Mannah and Greg Bird. He made them look small. Then eight weeks later he comes back for the fight and weighs in light. I couldn’t believe it.”


MP8 Exclusive Interview; Erislandy Lara “Canelo won’t last five rounds with me”

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Keith Terceira

Erislandy Lara had just completed his sparring in Houston for today when MP8 caught up to both the fighter and his manager Luis Decubas.

Lara , whose rising career was thought to have been at a meteoric point after the controversial Williams fight, instead has found himself the leper of the division and even the top middleweights have avoided the Cuban sensation.

Next week, Lara faces, in what some are calling a stay busy fight, the tough Freddy Hernandez ( 30-2, 20ko) at The Fantasy Springs Casino in Indio California.

Lara has been attempting to get Sergio Martinez in the ring this year , and instead now watches as Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. is negotiating for that fight.

“I think it’s a tremendous  fight ,it’s the best fight that night. It’s the best event of the night because I should be fighting Canelo that night on the Chavez-Martinez event”

Freddy Hernandez is coming off a solid victory against  former WBC  World welterweight champion Luis Collazo(31-5, 16KO) last November at the Staples Center, proving that he still had gas left in his 31 year old tank. Lara is not taking Hernandez lightly , by no means. His time during camp has been filled with video of many of Freddie’s fights, including his loss to Berto in the first round of that bout.

Lara has been turned down as a possible match by Trout, “K9″ Bundrage , and  Vanes Martirosyan, and  according to manager Luis Decubas;

“There is not one guy in the division that hasn’t turned us down, except Carlos Molina, who we wish to fight , we are just trying to get a date for it, if it’s possible. Lara has been turned down by everyone in the division ,and that also includes the 160 lb division as well.”

None of the sanctioning bodies that rate Lara in the top ten have come out and mandated that Erislandy deserves a shot, so we asked if that was a frustrating issue for him as he continually trains like there is a big fight on the horizon.

“It might have frustrated me before , but not anymore because I’ve come to realize it only shows how good I really am. I’m going to continue to train hard, and these guys are going to have to fight me sooner or later, they can run but they can’t hide forever.”

The mental aggravation of waiting and being avoided may have effect on some fighters to slack off but for Lara it is a different story

“It gives me much more strength and motivation to train because I know when I get the chance I’m going to beat someone badly and knock them out.”

Lara seems to enjoy having a solution to fighters in the very first round, 9 of 11 of his knockouts have come in the very first three minutes of his bouts. When others are figuring out their opponents Lara is prepared.

“I prepare myself the best, I think I’m a very sharp puncher perhaps catching guys off guard”

Decubas added to Lara’s explaination;

“Lara and I for every fight, we study tape during camp. We study tape and often we know what our opponent is going to do before they realize it. Basically when we go out there we are the boss, we know our opponents and they have to do something different to catch us unprepared. We studied hard for Williams and Hearns, now we have come up with a great game plan for Hernandez. Believe me we are prepared. We sit down and find the spots, the weaknesses , where we can capitalize on the openings. That is why, 9 of his 11 knockouts are in the first round.”

No secrets were revealed when asked what he expected to see when he steps into the ring with Lara on the 30th.

“To be honest we are prepared for whatever Hernandez has to bring  to the table, whether it’s ten hard rounds or one hard round, it doesn’t matter we are ready.”

Lara has been passed by now three times by Canelo Alvarez , so we asked the obvious question , why does Lara feel that Canelo is avoiding him?

” I think Canelo is scared to death of me, we are promoted by the same promoter so it shouldn’t be that difficult to make this fight. Plus it’s a fight that should be made. I guarantee you one thing, the kid doesn’t make it past five rounds, if he even makes it out of the first. We are going to go out there in the first and run Canelo out of the ring. His manager knows it, his team knows it, even our own promoter knows it. It’s a fight that I really want.”

Our question to Luis Decubas was if he personally thought it was a business decision or a money situation with Golden Boy.

“It has to be a money situation and Golden Boy probably has a lot invested , got a lot of return coming from the kid, but then do what is right by my kid, get him another big fight, don’t let him go out and beat Paul Williams and then get demoted to the minors. It doesn’t work that way. He deserves better after beating Paul Williams on a HBO after Dark. Lara goes 4-4 with a homer, a double and a couple of singles, four RBI’s and they decide to drop him to double A. It doesn’t make sense. We expect to go out there and shine and the next fight , we expect a Bundrage or Trout , fight for a world title. I think we have a big promoter and this is supposed to be one of the advantages of having a big promoter, getting big fights. I think there are going to be good things happening over the weekend and I think fans will have something to look forward to with the moves we are making in Lara’s career.”







Reni M. Valenzuela

The conspiracy continues!

First is the grand larceny last June 9 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

Second is the World Boxing Organization released the result of its pointless review and re-scoring of the fight telling the world that Manny Pacquiao won handily over Timothy Bradley but only for the WBO to assert its rules “which don’t allow the bout being overturned under whatever circumstances.”  Paco Valcarcel nails it down hard and proudly in few words,  “The only thing that we can do is authorize a rematch.  We cannot go any further than that.  That is our rules.. If they want to make a rematch, we will approve a rematch, and if they don’t, we will order one.”

Then suddenly those who are “in cahoots” have the gull to talk in serious tone about a “compelling” rematch this coming November as the WBO announced its “findings” and as they heard Pacquiao say in ESPN interview:  “My supporters shouldn’t worry, we’re going to get that title” (alluding to an immediate rematch).

Shame of all shame!

Does everything have to always end up in rules when such rules over rule sanity?

If it is bad to call for a Pacquiao-Bradley rematch before “the review,” how much can the call get even worse to being hellish, now that it was “proven” that Manny won or “money” won?  The WBO is done with its part going through the motion just to reinforce absurdity and injustice further, giving way to the grandest of grand conspiracies in boxing.

But we saw it coming.

These reprobates and apostates are probably thinking that majority of us are foolish enough to succumb to their schemes when only stray cats and dogs in the city jungles could have the inclination to follow their path, neck-chained.




It’s like a moronic father who learned from outside sources that his son is deep into addiction of illegal substance.  So he conducted an investigation with relatives just to find out the truth of his son’s addiction with overwhelming evidences.

But the father simply shrugged off and said:  “Well it’s an established fact, I admit my son is into a vicious vice.  I am deeply saddened.  But I cannot do anything about it because he insists on his addiction after having talked to him for hours, otherwise he might revolt and rebel.  It’s his life anyway. Lest I become a dictator, the least I can do is allow my son space to decide for himself and “authorize” him another chance at life. I surely can’t make him quit his addiction by force because the freedom to choose is fundamental in human liberty.  Everyone should be accorded such basic right under all circumstances. I am cautious not to violate human rights and if I’m careless, I may even be accused of child abuse.”

Folly of all folly.

That’s how stupid laws or people can be.  And that’s exactly how they’ve been doing it in boxing to fool the fans with corrupted rules.  Worse, the promoters and their cohorts can so conveniently carry out their masterful boxing “business” plans each time in connivance with some so-called “influential” personalities in the sport, and with the willing consent and backing of the narrow-minded sector of media well along with the support voice of equally beleaguered “experts.”

Good that the WBO came out strongly with their stand not to overturn the erroneous, rather anomalous, decision of the judges in the Pacquiao-Bradley farce because it further strengthens the argument for the world and the entire boxing community to demand the WBO’s abolition with the government’s intervention. The WBO as a sports sanctioning body has no right to stay a day longer unless they change WBO’s meaning to World Bullying Organization.  By their mere one-sided “injustice-laden” and “corruption-laden” rule, we as a people have every legitimate and moral ground to “occupy boxing,” just for now.

The WBO’s “rules” obviously and deliberately provide space for wrongdoing and such seemingly tiny insignificant space is worth millions and millions of dirty dollars going into pockets of crooks, straight from the hard-earned money of the innocent unsuspecting fans.



This is no perspective aimed at appeasing the storm by confusion back to status quo, but purely common sense perspective intending to put boxing back to earth.  Nothing or nobody could certainly make any headway stepping forward without his feet on the ground.  We better heed reason and the truth to stand on solid clay, even in boxing.

If the problem is the people’s hunger, you don’t commit genocide.  You feed them.  And if the problem is the rule, you overturn the rule to make things right and have life simple.  Hence by doing so, you overturn the Pacquiao-Bradley verdict to do justice to the sport and the people, officially.  Then we move on.

The world is full of lions, but the world needs Daniels anyway, and those who have the courage to refuse bowing to false gods and to the “one-sided” idolatrous decree of King Darius.

God rules!

Grano - Williamson Weigh-in

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Keith Terceira

At the Seminole Hard Rock Casino tomorrow evening , heavyweights collide as Tony Grano faces off with Davarryl Williamson for the NABF title. Finally, some King promoted heavyweights are getting some work.

Viva Don King II  fighters have weighed in;

Tony Grano 221.5 vs. Davarryl Williamson 215
(NABF heavyweight championship)
Angelo Santana 131.75 vs. Justin Savi 125.75
Joey Hernandez 156 vs. Brandon Baue 152
Omar Henry 154 vs. Tyrone Selders 153.75
Thomas Snow 112.5 vs. Ernie Marquez 112.75
Amir Imam 138 vs. Kelvin Williams 136.75
Trevor Bryan 225.25 vs. Hector Hodge 213.5
Esaie Estimar 148.5 vs. Xavier Lugo 144

Undefeated Angelo “The Cobra” Santana (12-0,9ko) faces his most accomplished fighter to date , Justin Savi (26-1,18KO) in a graduation bout for both the Cuban defector and the Benin native.

Armando “Wiz”  Fernandez, a world class cut-man ,as well as being  Santana’s manager tells MP8 that Santana who now trains with a conditioning coach may be able to drop to 130.

“Angelo came in at 131 pounds and he was eating good yesterday” the “Wiz” confirmed.

Trick to “Magic Man” Discovered; Anabolic Steroid !

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Keith Terceira

The list of PED users continues to grow with Antonio Tarver testing positive for positive for drostanolone, an anabolic steroid, during his prefight test against Lateef Kayode.

No official statement has been issued from Kayode’s camp, one should be forthcoming after Lateef’s manager Steven Feder, discusses the matter with his fighter.

Tarver getting caught continues the streak of fighters being bagged recently, he joins the elite classless combo of Berto and Peterson.

News that Nonito Donaire will test 365 days a year, becoming the first fighter to publicly announce his intent to be transparent with regards to PED testing, is now countered by Tarver’s positive testing. THe sport gets clocked in the face again by a loud and outspoken fighter that doesn’t walk the walk, instead choosing to be contrary to his bluster.

From our vantage point, boxing continually re-positions itself, going from the obnoxious to sublime .

The 43 year old Tarver (29-6-1,20ko) and Kayode(18-0-1,14ko)  fought to a split decision draw twenty days ago at the Home Depot Center , in Carson, California.

MP8 will bring more on this issue as a call to the California Commission was unable to be returned today due to the large schedule of events in that state.

Ortiz - Lopez Weigh-in !

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Tomorrow’s event at the Staples Center (Showtime) is shaping up to be a war as Victor Ortiz and Josesito Lopz had some good tension at the weigh-in. No blows thrown but a little heated exchange perked up the stare down.

Soto - Matthysse may be the surprise bout of the night, as both have something to prove to their fans.

Victor Ortiz 146.5 vs. Josesito Lopez 144.75
Humberto Soto 139.5 vs. Lucas Matthysse 138.75
Jermell Charlo 153.75 vs. Denis Douglin 154.5*
Omar Figueroa 137 vs. Alain Hernandez 137
Randy Caballero 119.5 vs. Jamal Parram 120
Michael Finney 148 vs. Joel Vargas 150.75
Julian Ramirez 123.75 vs. Israel Navarrete 125
*Douglin half pound over given two hours to make weight.


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Possessing the power and talent to make all fight fans sit up and take notice, 18-year-old phenom Andres “Jaguarcito” Gutierrez has been making some serious noise on the Mexican fight circuit and will face a stiff test when he faces off against Colombia’s Onalvi Sierra in a 12-round bout for the vacant IBF International Bantamweight title on Saturday, June 23 at Gimnasio Municipal Miguel Hidalgo in Puebla, Mexico in a fight which will be televised in the United States on FOX Deportes.

In the televised co-feature, Torreon’s Yazmiin “La Rusita” Rivas defends her IBF Bantamweight title against New York’s Nydia Feliciano.

Gutierrez vs. Sierra is presented by Golden Boy Promotions and Canelo Promotions. The FOX Deportes broadcast will air at 10:00 p.m. ET/7:00 p.m. PT.

A professional since the age of 15, Queretaro, Mexico’s Andres Gutierrez (21-0-1, 18 KO’s) is a rare talent that you don’t find too often. A blistering puncher who, at only 18, is only getting better with time, “Jaguarcito” has been very impressive already, ending eight of his wins in two rounds or less. Fresh off of three straight wins over veterans Carlos Guzman, Franklin Varela and Devis Perez, Gutierrez is looking forward to adding Sierra to that list on June 23.

24-year-old Colombian Onalvi Sierra (24-5-1, 21 KO’s) is anything but a stepping stone for Gutierrez. Rebounding from an 8-4-1 start to his career to win 16 of his last 17 fights, Sierra promises to match his powerful opponent punch-for-punch. Ready for an explosive battle, this may end up being a career defining fight for the ultra-tough Sierra.

Perhaps the most active female fighter in the sport today, 24-year-old Yazmin “La Rusita” Rivas (24-7, 9 KO’s) has been perfecting her trade in the ring for nearly 11 years, taking on all comers everywhere from her native Torreon, Coahuila de Zaragoza, Mexico to the United States to North Korea to Germany. In October of last year, Rivas won the IBF title with a decision victory over then 21-0 Susie Ramadan, defending her crown with a win over Edith Matthysse in February in her most recent outing. She will look to make it two successful defenses in a row against 23-year-old Bronx, New York native Nydia Feliciano (5-2-3), who has won three in a row after a 2-2-3 start to her career.

Ortiz Needs To Make A Big Statement!

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Lou Eisen

This coming Saturday evening at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, “Vicious” Victor Ortiz will enter the ring to do battle for the first time since his stunning knockout loss to Floyd Mayweather Jr. There are many questions in the boxing world about Ortiz and how he will handle his return to the squared circle.

All of the questions about Ortiz can only be answered in the ring. Will he suffer from shell shock after being on the receiving end of a vicious knockout defeat?  Perhaps a more pertinent question is, how will he do against Josesito Lopez after originally preparing to face Andre Berto again?

Berto, a strong advocate of VADA, tested positive for a banned substance and was temporarily suspended from boxing, forcing him to withdraw from this Saturday’s brawl with Ortiz.  It is often difficult for a fighter to prepare for one guy only to end up facing someone else with a completely different style and pace.

Boxing history is littered with top fights being upset by stand-ins who caught their heavily favored foes off-guard and by surprise.

It will be a mistake for Ortiz to assume that Lopez, because he is not of the quality of Berto, will be a pushover. Ortiz will be better served to take his time and feel out his new opponent during the first several rounds before wading in with both fists blazing, as he often likes to do.

Who is Josesito Lopez? He is a 27 year-old welterweight fighter who fights out of an orthodox stance. He is from Riverside, California and stands 5’ 10”, one inch taller than Ortiz. Ortiz, however, has the advantage in reach with a wingspan of 70 inches, one inch more than Lopez. Of course, as most boxing fans know, it is not what you have that counts, but rather, what you do with what you have.

Lopez’s most notable fight was a tough split decision loss to Jesse Vargas in September of 2011. His most recognizable win was over former prospect Mike Dallas Jr. via a 7th round kayo to capture the lightly regarded NABF welterweight title in January of 2011. It is safe to say that Lopez has never faced a fighter with the talent and two-fisted crushing knockout power of Ortiz. The fight will revolve around how well Lopez can withstand Ortiz’s power punches.  Lopez is 29-4 with 17 KO’s, so he does have some pop in his fists.

Ortiz was dropped by Berto and has been sent to the canvas by other fighters as well. He would be wise to use his jab to work his way in and to set up his power shots. Ortiz sometimes gets impatient in the ring, and lunges at his opponents, leaving himself open for dangerous counter shots.

Early in his career, one of the most frequent criticisms leveled at Ortiz was that his chin was sub par at best.  If you look back on many of his fights, Ortiz only hit the canvas when he was off-balance after lunging at an opponent. Give Ortiz credit. He has corrected that problem and thus has a much better and stronger chin.  He is now able to diffuse incoming power shots through his legs by simply improving his balance and leverage.

Many boxing experts look at leverage as only being important on offense.  In fact, leverage is vital to all aspects of the game, including defense, as Ortiz has now learned.

This is a fight where one guy (Ortiz) has everything to lose and the other guy (Lopez) has nothing to lose, as he is not expected to win anyway.  Such a scenario can be a recipe for disaster. With nothing to lose, Lopez can really kick start his career with an upset victory over Ortiz. How can he accomplish this?

Lopez needs to give Ortiz angles, while at the same time, circling the ring, forcing Ortiz to constantly keep turning, never allowing him to set his feet long enough to get unleash any of his bone-rattling hooks and crosses. The longer Lopez can keep the fight on the outside, the more frustrated Ortiz will become.

If Lopez can frustrate Ortiz he is almost halfway home. Ortiz will start taking foolish chances, like lunging with his shots, thereby exposing himself to harm’s way.  That is when Lopez can nail him coming or catch him with stiff counter shots. Lopez also has to remember to throw his punches in combinations, and then get out of Ortiz’s wheelhouse.  If Lopez can steal some rounds, Ortiz may start to get desperate and take some unnecessary chances.

Power is the great equalizer in this bout. Ortiz is a major league puncher, no doubt about it. Ortiz has enough power in either hand to end a fight with just one punch. Usually though, Ortiz gets people out of there with combinations of power shots.  Ortiz could very well catch Lopez early on, before he has sufficiently warmed up, and stretch him in the first or second round. He will certainly try to test his foe’s chin in the first couple of rounds.

The reason why this scenario is a distinct possibility is that Lopez has never been clocked by anyone possessing anywhere near the power of a Victor Ortiz. It remains to be seen how his body will react after tasting Ortiz’s vaunted power for the first time.

Ortiz needs to make a big statement in the ring this Saturday night against Lopez to help erase the stink of his embarrassing loss to Floyd Mayweather Jr. the last time out. Hopefully Ortiz can learn from his past mistakes. If Ortiz can stop apologizing in the ring, then he won’t have reason to apologize outside of it either.


Will Manny Pacquiao lay down his rook to protect his queen, or forfeit?


Keith Terceira

MP8 has confirmed that Manny Pacquiao is in route to America and a meeting with Bob Arum is on his agenda.

With the WBO confirming what all the world witnessed, during the judging of the Pacquiao - Bradley fight on June 9th,  a review of five well sighted  judges, Manny once again shut-out Bradley by a margin of 5-0, affirming that a robbery took place in Las Vegas. Regrettably, the WBO has little in the way of recourse except to order a rematch, which may be the last thing that Manny Pacquiao honestly desires.

Manny did state after the WBO announced their verdict  that; ”My supporters shouldn’t worry. We’re going to get that title.” Continue reading “Will Manny Pacquiao lay down his rook to protect his queen, or forfeit?” »


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SHOWTIME EXTREME will bring some exciting undercard action home to fight fans on Saturday, June 23 when it televises two live co-featured undercard fights from Los Angeles’ STAPLES Center beginning at 7:00 p.m. ET/PT (delayed on the West Coast).

In the featured SHOWTIME EXTREME fight scheduled for 10 rounds in the junior middleweight division, undefeated Jermell Charlo faces off against fellow prospect Denis Douglin of New Jersey. Plus, unbeaten Texas knockout artist Omar Figueroa seeks another victory when he battles Mexico’s Alain Hernandez in an eight-round super lightweight matchup.

“Ortiz vs. Lopez,” a 12-round fight for the vacant WBC Silver Welterweight Championship taking place Saturday, June 23, at STAPLES Center in Los Angeles, Calif., is promoted by Golden Boy Promotions in association with Goossen Tutor Promotions and Thompson Boxing Promotions and sponsored by Corona, DeWalt Tools and AT&T. The co-feature will see former Three-Division World Champion Humberto “Zorrita” Soto battle Argentinean knockout artist Lucas Matthysse in a 12-round fight for the vacant WBC Continental Americas Super Lightweight title which is presented in association with Baja Boxing Promotions and Arano Box Promotions. The SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING doubleheader begins live at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT (delayed on the West Coast) with preliminary fights airing on SHOWTIME EXTREME at 7:00 p.m. ET/PT (delayed on the West Coast).

Tickets priced at $250, $150, $100 and $50 are available online at,, via Ticketmaster charge-by-phone lines at (800)745-3000 or at STAPLES Center box office.

Houston’s Jermell “Iron Man” Charlo (17-0, 8 KO’s) has long been considered a promising up and comer in the junior middleweight division, and beginning in late 2010 and continuing in 2011, the former amateur star began making a lot of noise with wins over Luis Grajeda, Larry Smith and Francisco Santana. In March of 2012, a third round technical knockout over highly-regarded Chris Chatman got even more people talking and this weekend, he aims to make another statement by beating Denis Douglin.

Proudly nicknamed “Momma’s Boy” because his mother Saphya is his trainer, Marlboro, New Jersey’s Denis Douglin (14-1, 8 KO’s) is a respected east coast prospect looking to introduce himself to west coast fight fans. The 24-year-old has gone 2-0 since an upset loss to Doel Carrasquillo in February of 2011 including an eight round win over previously unbeaten Steve Martinez in January in his last outing.

Currently riding a five fight knockout streak that includes four finishes in two rounds or less, Omar “Panterita” Figueroa (17-0-1, 14 KO’s) has been staying busy and wrecking anyone who dares to stand and trade with him. Getting ready for his fifth fight of 2012, the 22-year-old from Weslaco, Texas has every intention of making it another short night’s work when he meets up with Tijuana’s Alain Hernandez (18-10-2, 10 KO’s). The 33-year-old Hernandez is a 10-year-professional who has been in with former World Champion Paul Spadafora and he has every intention of putting a stop to Figueroa’s meteoric rise on Saturday.

A bout scheduled for four rounds in the featherweight division will see Los Angeles’ Julian Ramirez (2-0, 2 KO’s), the nephew of the late Genaro “Chicanito” Hernandez, stepping into the ring for the third time as a professional against Santa Ana’s Israel Navarrete (6-4, 1 KO) which, time permitting, will be televised on SHOWTIME EXTREME.

In off-television action, Coachella, Calif. favorite Randy Caballero (14-0, 7 KO’s) will make his second start of 2012 in an eight round fight against St. Louis’ Jamal Parram (5-5-1, 4 KO’s). The 21-year-old Caballero is coming off of a 10-round unanimous decision victory over Jose Luis Araiza in March that earned him the NABO bantamweight title and he’s looking forward to scoring another big win on Saturday against the hard-hitting Parram.

Opening up the night of boxing is Pahrump, Nevada’s Michael Finney (8-0, 7 KO’s) who takes on Joel Vargas (3-6-1, 3KO’s) of Durango, Mexico in a four round junior middleweight fight. Finney is making his second appearance of 2012 following a six-round win in January over heavy hitter Hector Orozco.


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Former World Champion Victor Ortiz (29-3-2, 22 KO’s) of Ventura, Calif., former NABF Champion Josesito Lopez (29-4, 17 KO’s) of Riverside, Calif., former Three-Time World Champion Humberto “Zorrita” Soto and hard-hitting, top rated contender Lucas Matthysse took part in a final media workout on Wednesday at Fortune Boxing Gym in Los Angeles, just days before they do battle on SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING on Saturday, June 23 live on SHOWTIME® (9 p.m. ET/PT, delayed on the West Coast) from STAPLES Center in Los Angeles, Calif.

The vacant World Boxing Council (WBC) Silver Welterweight title is on the line in the 12-round Ortiz vs. Lopez bout while Soto (59-7-2, 34 KO’s), of Los Mochis, Sinaloa, Mexico, will battle Trelew, Argentina native Matthysse (30-2, 28 KO’s) in 12-round co-featured bout for the vacant WBC Continental Americas Super Lightweight title.

Tickets priced at $250, $150, $100 and $50 are available online at,, via Ticketmaster charge-by-phone lines at (800)745-3000 or at STAPLES Center box office.

Here are what the fighters had to say on Wednesday:

“Fans can expect a great show on Saturday night. There haven’t been many changes in this camp. I have always had a goal to be one of the greatest fighters of all time and that goal is still there. I have trained hard for a good fight and I am ready.

“Josesito is a hell of a fighter. I’m not taking anything away from him, but right now he is stepping into the wrong den. I will show it Saturday night.”

“I just recently started watching tapes. It does make a difference. I used to just let my coach watch, but it does give a clearer idea about what you have to look forward to. Training has been going great. I moved up in weight and it’s given me that much more energy. I’ve had the energy, power, and strength throughout camp to not have to slow down.

“I am at a position where there are bigger things I want to achieve, and that’s motivation right there. On Saturday it all starts. On Saturday the smarter fighter will win.”

Regarding the Canelo Alvarez vs. Ortiz announcement:
“I find it disrespectful to announce the fight ahead of time, but if anything it gives me more motivation to achieve what I want to achieve. I think (the result) is going to surprise everyone.”

“I am a very professional fighter. I feel very good at 140 pounds. Whoever said I lost speed and power, well that’s not true. I proved with my last three fights in this division that I can handle it.”

With regards to his game plan:
“Things change in the ring. I have my game plan, but once the bell rings I am going to see what’s in front of me, but I always prepare to win. I know Matthysse has as well, so it’s going to make for a very good fight.”

“I expect to win by KO. I think I was robbed against Zab Judah and Devon Alexander in the United States, so expect a KO. I don’t want it going to the judges on Saturday, so expect a good fight.

“I respect Soto because he was a three-time world champion. He comes from lighter divisions and my strength will help me win.

“I trained in Junin, Buenos Aires, for two months. I sparred with nine sparring partners. I am in the best shape of my life.”

“Ortiz vs. Lopez,” a 12-round fight for the vacant WBC Silver Welterweight Championship taking place Saturday, June 23, at STAPLES Center in Los Angeles, Calif., is promoted by Golden Boy Promotions in association with Goossen Tutor Promotions and Thompson Boxing Promotions and sponsored by Corona, DeWalt Tools and AT&T. The co-feature will see former Three-Division World Champion Humberto “Zorrita” Soto battle Argentinean knockout artist Lucas Matthysse in a 12-round fight for the vacant WBC Continental Americas Super Lightweight title which is presented in association with Baja Boxing Promotions and Arano Box Promotions. The SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING doubleheader begins live at 9 p.m. ET/PT (delayed on the West Coast) with preliminary fights airing on SHOWTIME EXTREME at 7 p.m. ET/PT (delayed on the West Coast).

The Problem with Boycotts!

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Keith Terceira

Boycotts are a wonderful tool to be used by an outraged public, they work wonders when a group of customers, or a group of fans can express their dissatisfaction to people that give a hoot. I would love to be able to boycott a ton of things, Gasoline prices, Food Prices, Utility bills, or over-charging medical institutions.

Unfortunately, there are repercussions to boycotts, that are unfair to both the individual boycotting, and collateral damage to those that don’t deserve it.

Boycotting food prices by not shopping would land me in jail for not feeding my family, boycotting gas prices would make travel in the summer sun extremely uncomfortable, though I do have a horse that would get me around, two day trips for the 30 mile doctor visit is not very welcome.  Well you get the point!

A boxing boycott, well to what end, frankly most people don’t care about mega millionaire athletes, pissing and moaning about an obviously staged event, my concern lies with the dozens of under-card fighters that would eventually  be effected by a boycott. If they can’t make a living then it’s off to the 9-5 job or the UFC and fans get the shaft as usual.

The fact is that the global petition to send a signal of the outrage  to Nevada officials, well it drew less signatures than the attendance figures for a single practice day (45,000)  for Golf’s Masters tournament. We were actually criticized for raising it to 50k when it looked like fans were finally gonna have there fill.

In the sport of boxing, there already is a boycott happening, the millions of casual fans that used to fill stadiums are gone, the two biggest names in the sport can’t manage two million buys on a HBO Pay per view in a world of  nearly 7 billion. In a country like America, when many of the biggest names in boxing fight , they can’t draw flies, arenas are not filled,  even Manny and Floyd can’t get near two million buys anymore in a country of over 311 million people.

A sport that was once the second biggest attraction in the US, behind only baseball, has now dropped well below the top ten in America, and is outsold globally, by even Rugby, which is followed professionally only in a handful of countries.

Two Mid-America teams, in last years major league baseball world series, teams not affiliated with major metropolitan areas, on either of our coasts, drew an average of 16.6 million television watchers per game. The 2009 World Series between the Yankee’s and Phillies averaged 19.9 million fans watching per game.We will not even get into the staggering numbers of the NFL versus Boxing…

Broadcast companies are paying billions to professional teams for television rights and the average boxing commission can’t pay a reasonable fee for an entire days work often two days, to judges, referees, or inspectors. Fact is for several years, I functioned as an inspector in my state as a volunteer, at times having to work two locker rooms because of lack of interest by people in the sport, as the commissioned gained fees but had no policy to pay officials.

The costs to attend a baseball game, this year, for two adults is 107.00, much more expensive than a boxing world title pay per view extravaganza promotion like Mayweather - Cotto, or Pacquiao - Bradley. That is just the average ticket prices for two not including the additional costs which brings the total to $197.oo on average. Last year, Major League Baseball drew 73,425,568  paying fans, not including television viewers. The NBA 17,100,861 paying attendees, The National Hockey League has better attendance records even in cities that it’s children have never seen snow or ice. The Phoenix Coyotes sell better in America than most “Championship” boxing events do.

There has been a boycott of boxing for longer than a few decades, and as our fan base shrivels, their interest waned by incompetence, as our amateur programs suffer in poverty, as MMA offers added action and not scripted drama, we continue the decline.  UFC 140  in Toronto,Canada  out sold Pacquiao - Bradley 18,303 to 13,229 tickets though the gates was larger of course, the fact remains that the inflated prices to watch the biggest robbery in boxing  history, with one of the two biggest  ticket sellers had 925 comps and 2,075 unsold tickets. A far cry from the largest indoor attendance that was in 1978, when Muhammad Ali fought Leon Spinks  at the Louisiana Superdome. That crowd was 63 315.

The largest outdoor boxing attendance record was set on Feb 20, 1993 in Mexico City. A reported 136 274 spectators filled Estadio Azteca to watch a then unbeaten Julio César Chávez against Greg Haugen in a WBC Light Welterweight title match.

That was nearly twenty years ago.

Like it or not, there is not as many fans left of boxing in America, only die hard fanatics, who have grown so accustomed to being mistreated and feed a load of BS, that they appear jaded to the controversial habits of the sport, like the parents of a drug addict that become so accustomed to their darling children ripping off the silver for their next fix that they make excuses for them.

Boxing, has been under a  boycott, for quite some time, it’s just that both fanatics and officials are either to uncaring or to jaded to recognize it!


The IBHOF: Class of 2012

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Lou Eisen

This year’s inductees to the International Boxing Hall of Fame were a most worthy and deserving group. They included Thomas “Hitman” Hearns, Mark “Too Sharp” Johnson, trainer Freddie Roach, broadcaster Al Bernstein, writer Michael Katz and ring announcer Michael Buffer. Each of these inductees has left an indelible mark on the sport of boxing in a very positive way.

There was one more inductee into the Hall of Fame that bears mentioning.  However, this inductee is not a person, it is a sweater. Why on earth, you might say, would a sweater be inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame? The answer is quite simple. It is the sweater worn by Hall of Fame member Angelo Dundee during all of the fights he worked as a cornerman. Angelo worked from 1947 to the late 1990’s. That is a lot of fights.

This is the sweater that helped Carmen Basilio defeat Sugar Ray Robinson. Angelo wore this sweater when, a young Cassius Clay defeated Sonny Liston to capture the world heavyweight crown and this sweater was there when Ray Leonard beat Marvin Hagler and it witnessed George Foreman regain the world heavyweight title by knocking out Michael Moorer.  So, yes, this sweater has certainly earned its rightful place in the Hall of Fame. Angelo’s son Jimmy donated his father’s sweater to Hall of Fame executive director Ed Brophy at the Rusty Rail restaurant during the “Night of the Heavyweights,” event. It was a tearful moment for everyone who was there.

That same night saw Michael Moorer, Lamon Brewster, George Chuvalo, “Merciless” Ray Mercer and Gerry Cooney all swap war stories with their colleagues and an eager and appreciative audience.  I was privileged to sit at a table that night with Jimmy Dundee and one of Angelo’s all-time favorite fighters, the legendary “Rockabye” Ruben Olivares.

In the years to come, when people look back on this year’s festivities, they will remember 2012 as the year of Thomas Hearns. Hearns was simply mobbed by huge crowds wherever he went. Hearns was very affable and outgoing with every fan he encountered and took the time to sign every autograph presented to him by his many fans.

Hearns goes down in boxing history as one of the top several fighters ever to have lived. His spectacular knockouts of Pipino Cuevas (to capture the world welterweight title) and Roberto Duran are forever etched into the memories of all fight fans.  His three round war of attrition with Marvin Hagler is considered to be the greatest three rounds ever fought in boxing history.

Hearns would have entered the Hall of Fame a long time ago if he had not chosen to fight again in 2005 and 2006.  Hearns won five different world titles in five different weight divisions. Hearns many incredible boxing accomplishments will be forever enshrined within the Boxing Hall of Fame’s hallowed walls.

He now takes his rightful place alongside his fistic brethren Ray Leonard, Marvin Hagler and Roberto Duran. It is highly unlikely that we will ever see another era in boxing with so many Hall of Famers fighting in the same weight division at the same time.

Fellow 2012 Hall of Fame inductee Mark “Too Sharp” Johnson defied the odds and became the first ever African American fighter to win the flyweight and super flyweight world titles. In a weight division usually dominated by Asian fighters, Johnson rose to the top of his division by utilizing his pinpoint accuracy and incredible punching power. Johnson could knock out an opponent with either hand.

Johnson was the terror of both the fly and super flyweight divisions and goes down as one of the most avoided and accomplished fighters in both divisions. Johnson was one of boxing’s all-time greatest finishers once he had his opponent hurt. During his induction speech, Johnson thanked his father, the only trainer he ever had in the sport as both an amateur and a professional. Johnson became very emotional near the end of his remarks, finishing triumphantly by raising his hands in the air and saying, “I did it! I made it! I am here!”

Michael Buffer and fellow inductee Freddie Roach chartered a plane from Las Vegas to fly in to Canastota very early on Sunday morning. They had both worked the night before in different capacities. Roach was the chief second for Manny Pacquiao’s appalling decision loss to Timothy Bradley while Buffer was the ring announcer for the HBO broadcast of the fight.

Roach gave a very short speech to the assembled crowd after his induction, thanking his mentor, the immortal Eddie Futch. Futch, also a Hall of Fame member, is considered to be one of the top several boxing trainers ever to have lived. Now, Freddie Roach is earning similar accolades.

Buffer mentioned how his son told him one day that he had the right voice to become a boxing ring announcer. Buffer mentioned how he still regrets introducing Joe DiMaggio before a fight, only to realize that the famed Yankee Clipper was not in attendance. A writer jokingly told him that DiMaggio was in the audience.  Buffer never made the same mistake again.

Al Bernstein’s recognition is long overdue. Long considered the most knowledgeable boxing broadcaster in the sport, Bernstein is respected and revered by his colleagues, fans and, especially, fighters. Bernstein’s speech was the most thoughtful. He explained that the Hall was built for “These great warriors here behind me on this stage.” He was very humble and modest throughout his speech. He also said his cardinal rule when broadcasting is to never demean a boxer or his efforts in the ring.

Thomas Hearns thanked his family, Emanuel Steward and all of the fighters who helped him achieve his Hall of Fame status. He mentioned how Ray Leonard beat him in their first fight and then, said, “But who won that second fight Ray?” Leonard yelled loud enough for everyone to hear, “You did Tommy. You won that fight!” Hearns pride in his remarkable boxing accomplishments was clearly evident. He said his only regret was that he didn’t get a chance to fight Hagler a second time.

Hearns told the huge crowd that he was very proud that he has developed a very close friendship with Ray Leonard, which he cherishes. Their deep bond was obvious to all as Leonard was always the first person to hug and congratulate Hearns at every event.

New York Times boxing writer Michael Katz was inducted as well in the Hall of Fame. He also scored the biggest laugh of the entire weekend. Addressing the sold-out crowd, Katz remarked, “I can’t believe how badly they ripped off Manny Pacquiao last night in Las Vegas. I don’t think I have ever seen a fighter get screwed that badly before. How about you Marvin? (referring to Leonard’s still controversial decision over Hagler in their 1987 fight in Las Vegas)” It brought the house down. Hagler stood briefly, waved his finger at Katz and then sat down again.

There was a bittersweet air that hung over this year’s festivities due to the recent deaths of some of boxing’s greatest figures, such as Angelo Dundee, Bert Sugar, Don Fullmer, Ron Lyle, Joe Frazier and Johnny Tapia. Thanks to the Hall of Fame their memories and accomplishments will live on for all to see.

Juan Manuel Marquez faces Philippine Southpaw July 21st!



Keith Terceira

Juan Manuel Marquez is being reported as facing twenty three year old Philippine southpaw Al Sabaupan (19-1-1, 14KO) on July 21st in Mexico. Sabaupan is from Sipocot, Camarines Sur, Philippines and will challenge Marquez for his WBO light welterweight title.

“The itch to fight the legendary Pacquiao remains strong for Juan Manuel and I believe that he will settle for a Pacman dead ringer,” said Saved by the Bell Promotions president Elmer Anuran who works with Sabaupan.

The fight may be in preparation for a November showdown between Pacquiao and the Mexican icon. Styles make fights, and Sabaupan has the active dangerous style of Manny Pacquiao. It will also display to the world whether or not Manny will get a fair shake from the officials of Mexico if he does decide to travel to that country for what may be his last bout under Top Rank’s banner.

Sabaupan has been stopped by a less dangerous opponent in Marvin Quintero during the IBF title eliminator and while he is definitely not Manny Pacquiao , his youth and aggression will test whether Marquez has aged further since his battle last year and provide good tape for the Pacquiao team.



Donaire surges ahead of Mayweather as Anti-PED Champion

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Keith Terceira

Super Bantamweight Champion, Nonito Donaire, earlier this week  announced that he had volunteered to undergo year-round testing for performance enhancing drugs, and became the first true champion of Boxing’s anti-steroid movement.

The hard hitting Filipino hero, may be working with the infamous nutritionist, Victor Conte, who served time in 2005 for distributing steroids and money laundering but he has stepped to the plate and put his reputation as well as Conte’s on the chopping block. Conte claims to be a changed man and has assumed a role as a pro-testing advocate, though his fighter Andre Berto has failed a test that was attributed to contamination .

It is easy to agree to test for a specific fight, it is another thing to commit to a totally clean lifestyle with a microscope planted firmly in your legacy to the sport, and the announcement to the world, will be a near impossible one to back away from with Conte in your camp, without looking guilty as sin.

Donaire begins testing after his July 7 title unification bout with IBF champ  Jeffrey Mathebula and will use the Volunteer Anti-Doping Association (VADA), the Las Vegas agency run by Dr. Margaret Goodman.

With Donaire testing voluntarily year round it applies pressure to others in boxing to agree as well, and he takes the lead from Floyd Mayweather regarding anti-PED activism.

Hopefully in time his actions and the actions of other fighters will force the commissions to adopt stricter policies regarding testing for PED’s including surprise gym inspection in all states.

That may be more a dream than a actual reality because their are still commissions that don’t test for HIV or Hep B-C .

The campaign against PED usage can only really be pushed in the major fight domains that have established solid commissions that can afford to enforce a policy for testing unannounced.

Donaire deserves credit for his stance regarding voluntary testing as long as he completes the promise and if he does cleanly then Victor Conte has to be looked at in a different light, a true PED genius or a reformed master of his craft.

HOOK TO THE LIVER;Proposed Solutions to Controversial Decisions

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By José Sulaimán

The result of the recent Pacquiao-Bradley fight outraged the boxing fans of the world, the press, and even politicians in the U.S.A. The many damaging commentaries against boxing were unfortunate. It was certainly a bad decision - Manny Pacquiao should have never lost a fight that he so clearly won. Some are talking about investigations, but for what? It was to me nothing but a wrong appointment of one judge without enough experience for this type of fight, and one other - well-known as a good judge who, the same as any human being, just had a bad day. There is unquestionable honesty and experience in Duane Ford. The Nevada Commission? There is no doubt of the rectitude and high respectability of all of its members.

Boxing is perhaps the must subjective sport. The only score is punches thrown at high-speed from one boxer to the other that are practically impossible to count. It is also excellency in dominating the round - either by the boxer not letting the puncher score, or the puncher not allowing the boxer to excel. Because of its subjectiveness, the appointment of ring officials needs extreme care and competency. The decisive punching with power and accuracy that almost knocked down Bradley three times, like Pacquiao did, and who was clearly far superior, according to basic guidelines, against the fast glove and arm punching by Bradley, that count much less.

The main problem lies in the fact that the appointment of ring officials is no easy matter, as many think that it is just routine. The highest responsibility of a boxing commission is the right appointment of ring officials for the sake of justice and respect for the boxing fans - the appointment of ring officials is as important as being a judge in a highly competitive fight. Judges have the same mentality as boxers: they are either punchers, fine boxers, or a mixture of styles. If you appoint a judge who likes fine boxing in a fight that a puncher and a boxer are rivals, you are helping, inadvertently perhaps, the boxer. People in other countries are not happy with some, but not all, commissions in the U.S.A. disregarding the neutrality of judges. The NFL, MLB, the NBA, etc., send their own neutral officials, but not boxing.

In the old days, New York used to score by rounds won. California by 0 to 0 on even rounds and 1 to 0 on wide margins. Great Britain had a 1/4 of a point as an advantage in a round, later modified to 1/2. The amateurs had 20 for the winner an 19 or less for the loser. Today amateurs use a device that is highly criticized today - that if three out of five judges click at the same time, the boxer scores one point.

In 1963, the world got together to found the WBC and they all agreed to implement the 10-point Must system. It gives the winner of the round 10 points mandatorily, and 9 or less to the loser. It has worked for 50 years. The big problem is that judges score 10-9 for the winner of the round, regardless if it is by a slight, clear, very clear, or overwhelming difference. It practically destroys the fairness of the system. Boxer A wins slightly the first round: 10-9. Boxer B wins the second, but overwhelmingly, also 10-9. Where is justice? Judges are afraid of scoring 10-8 rounds, which they should. In any of the systems, however, it is absolutely necessary to put the appointments in the hands of competent officials, who are constantly trained and boxing-educated, and appointed not by “being my turn” or any other form, rather than for proven professionism in boxing matches.

Due to all of the above, I believe that we have allowed the 21st Century to leave boxing much behind. The invention of the computer has invaded most - if not all - systems of today, in every activity of science, medicine, industry, and even in children’s entertainment and school. But scoring in boxing has remained in the 20th, or even 19th century. We at the WBC are known to be people who practice reform. Some times we have failed, while other times the reform has taken years to be applied by others. However, with the unity and similar ideals of a good number of outstanding boxing commissioners from all over the world, including many Americans, the WBC has changed the world of boxing. Many rules and actions of reform have been implemented to take the old legalized savage sport of boxing to the highest levels of safety, justice, and equal opportunities.

We at the WBC have one more plan to reform - to bring the officiating of boxing into the present times of the 21st Century. We will be bringing boxing into the computer era. We will have our judges leave the paper and pencils at home. We will present a new computerized system by having a computer devise in the hands of each of the three judges, connected to a main computer that will be adding automatically, instantly, and accurately, the information sent by the judges’ devices into the computer.

We will propose to totally change the system into clicks on buttons designating the differences in the action, but not in numbers. We will let the judges click the buttons for: 1- very slight difference; 2- somewhat clear difference; 3- clear difference; 4- overwhelming difference; and 5- a beating. In addition to that, we will have: 6- one button for knockdowns; and 7- one other button for fouls. We will let our English speaking friends find the right name for the buttons. And I apologize and feel very sorry for the ring card girls not to take the scorecards from the judges to show their beautiful bodies to the cheers of the crowd, but we can still have them show the number of the round, as ring card girls have become a tradition in boxing.

We could still discuss, in addition, the possibility of raising the number of judges to five instead of three, not approved before because of the opposition of promoters, probably right, in not raising their total expenses.

The computer and devices will be taken for demonstration to the WBC’s 50th anniversary convention in the paradisiacal city of Cancun, Mexico, where we all will find light blue-green waters, blue skies, warming sun, traditional Mexican hospitality, and a great reunion of the nicest people in the world: the boxing family.


Thank you for reading my weekly thoughts.


WBO Judges Fight in Favor of Pacquiao


Keith Terceira

A five-member panel of judges associated with the   WBO  and it’s President Francisco “Paco” Valcarcel has unanimously scored in favor of Manny Pacquiao after watching video of  the Bradley - Pacquiao bout from June 9th  that robbed Manny of his WBO Welterweight Title.

The results were released to on Wednesday.

The WBO  informed that his judges all had the matchup for Pacauiao by scores of 117-111 twice, 118-110, 116-112, and ,115-113.

“Paco’s not a dictator. He’s saying that it’s up to the fighters and the promoter, as well it should be. My first stop on any quest to determine what to do next is that I have to talk to the guy who is the money generator, and that’s Manny Pacquiao,” said Arum.

“And I have to then determine after dicussions with him what he wants to do next and we’ll go from there. Until Manny makes a determination, then I’m like a dog chasing its tail.”



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Interesting news came from the world of sports this week when Forbes Magazine announced that their annual list of top paid athletes is headed by two boxers, Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao at #1 and #2 respectively.

Its with great pride that the promoters involved in The Boxing Promoters Association had such a prominent role in re-establishing boxers as the top paid athletes in the world. It furthers our cause in doing our part in keeping our sport at the very top of every list in the future.

Names such as Tiger Woods, Peyton Manning, Kobe Bryant, Lebron James were unseated by “Money” Mayweather and “Pacman.”

“The Boxing Promoters Association is thrilled that this great sport of boxing leads the list of top paid professional athletes in the World. Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao topping all other athletes on the Forbes Magazine list reflects the power of the fans when you give them great fights,” said Joe DeGuardia, President of the Association.

“Boxing seems to create controversy, even when there isn’t any, and the media then sounds the death knell. But TV ratings and attendance for boxing across the U.S. would dictate otherwise”.

“It’s a tribute to Floyd’s and Manny’s hard word and dedication to their sport but also to the reality that the top professionals in boxing continue to hover near or at the top of the earning levels.”

“We need to reach out and assist with the individual commissions in providing whatever support is best for our sport and the public and keep moving forward to make boxing the best it can be.”

Julio Cesar Chavez is ready to fight Sergio Martinez

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By James Blears

A couple of years ago, the notion of a very green Julio Cesar Chavez Jr fighting evergreen Sergio Martinez would have been absurd.

The culmination of what’s changed over that spell, was there for all to see in the fight against Andy Lee. Julio Jr punished the Irishman’s body in a manner reminiscent of his Father’s intricate leatherwork, then switching upstairs to close the show.

The versatility of punches showcased, delighted WBC President Jose Sulaiman, who’s sometimes been a critic of Julio Jr, when the lad’s taken his foot off the pedal, or been content with a pedestrian one two combination lacking versatility or real sting.

As Sulaiman observed, Julio certainly has age and tonnage advantage over Sergio, but also a lot of meaningless fights until recently. While Sergio, who’s a natural Super Welterweight who moved up, to cut up Kelly Pavlik, has oodles more big fight experience, and real one punch knockout power, especially with his southpaw left.

International Matchmaker Sampson Lewkowicz who’s Sergio’s Advisor now agrees that Julio Jr is ready for the September 15th showdown. He says:

“I must give credit to his (Julio Jr) people, for waiting for the right moment to make this, and it’ll be a more exciting bout. He has improved greatly in his last two fights especially against Andy Lee, where his skills were clearly evident.”

Sampson confirms Sergio will be very happy to be able to recoup his “Beloved” WBC Belt, and predicts that this’ll be by far the most intriguing fight of the year.

He also commented: “Julio is a big middleweight. He is strong and will go the distance. Sergio’s speed and experience will be key, and Sergio will take advantage of every mistake that Julio Jr makes.

Sulaiman enthused: “Julio has the mind, heart and blood of the best Champion ever in Mexico!”

As for Julio Chavez Jr V Sergio Martinez, plus Saul Canelo Alvarez V Victor Ortiz, in Vegas on the same night- one at the Thomas and Mack Center and the other at the MGM Grand, Sulaiman concedes it might be one to ponder for Mexican fans.

But the best attraction for every other fan around the World, Sulaiman predicts: “No question. Chavez Jr V Martinez.’’

Photo; Stacey Verbeek

Plea to Arizona for Gerardo P. Rivera

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Keith Terceira

Hermie Riviera is a colleague in the world of boxing, a true and faithful fan of our sport , a loving father, doting grandfather, and in need of assistance from the people he has entertained over the years. I am reposting this without his knowledge or consent , in the hopes that our attempt to assist does not offend him.

The Honorable Hearing Judge of the State of Arizona:
We are writing to appeal for help concerning our son’s plight. Gerardo (Andy) Rivera was one of the 3,168 illegal aliens and immigrants arrested in a nation-wide sweep by the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement Officers. Andy is a doting father to his children, a loving husband, and a productive member of his community. He is a dependable and hardworking employee who works full-time to support his family (Stacie, wife, a 14 year-old son, Nicolus, and his 5 year-old daughter, Leila.)

Andy, participates actively in the care-giving of his two children, also in his son’s scholastics (straight A’s) sports (football & baseball) and in other aspects of parenting. As a young adult, Andy experienced difficulties, a story of a young and impressionable immigrant aching so much to fit in his new environment.

Andy came to the US as an eight-year-old. In his desire to be accepted in his adopted country, he fell victim to peer pressure and succumbed to willful influence of his flawed friends. Andy is not violent. Neither is he mean-hearted. In fact, he struggled to break away from his crowd after serving time for non-violent crime (drug use). He successfully turned around his life and is now a respectable member of his community. He went back to school, finished a course, is gainfully employed, got married and never looked back to a once-sordid past.

We hope you will consider the circumstances surrounding Andy’s challenges that led him to exercise bad judgment. Andy is a good person— a loving and caring son. He made a mistake but paid for it dearly and he deserves a second chance, one he truly needs since he has no family, no ties left, no home and no job in a country he left decades ago.

Here he has his children, parents, siblings, and friends who are all praying for his freedom, not to mention a job that is left open for him by his considerate bosses.

My wife and I are elderly and currently not in the best of health. And, we still have not recovered from the sudden demise of our daughter, Christine, who died last year at a young age of 38. But this letter of appeal is not at all about us. Andy’s two young children who need his love and support is the compelling reason for our earnest request.

Right now, Niko and Leila who both adore their father are experiencing the darkest hours of their lives. Losing a nurturing father will devastate them, a tragedy that is detrimental in their growing years. Fact is, Leila is so depressed, constantly crying and asking for her father.
Kindly therefore bestow kindness on our granchildren who’ve done nothing to deserve losing a loved one. Andy has since led a productive life and is looking forward to implementing his great plans for the future of his family.

He is one caring soul who has erred in the past, paid for his mistakes and has since learned from it to lead a responsible life since his full rehabilitation.


Hermie and Cristina Rivera
Parents of Gerardo P. Rivera

Josesito Lopez Smells Upset

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Edgar Solorzano

Golden Boy Promotions are already making future plans for Victor Ortiz. If Ortiz successfully defeats Josesito Lopez this Saturday night, he will touch gloves with Saul “Canelo” Alvarez on Sept. 15 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nev.

Everyone seems to be talking about an Ortiz-Canelo fight, however; Josesito Lopez does not see it happening. In fact, he is not happy about it. One thing the Ortiz-Canelo talk is building is confidence on Lopez’s corner.  Lopez believes they will be an Ortiz-Lopez re-match, since he feels ready to upset the world of boxing.

“I don’t think I can get possibly more motivated [than I already am] but if anything, yeah, it does add a little bit more,” Lopez stressed during a recent appearance on ‘The Boxing Lab.’ “I’m here to mess all that up. I’m here to mess up the plans for September. You know, there’s a rematch clause so they might as well start planning the rematch with me and Victor Ortiz. … All my focus up until the fight is the fight and the fight only. I don’t make any plans ahead and I find that a little disrespectful.”

Lopez is a hard-working athlete that always gives it his all in the squared-circle. If Lopez shocks the world this Saturday night, Ortiz will have a tough time with the boxing media, and could possibly ruin his chances of getting another shot at Floyd Mayweather.

However; Ortiz has made it clear in past interviews that he is happy to hear Lopez is going to come 100% ready on Saturday night, since he wants to give the fight-fans a terrific battle to remember.  Ortiz seems to be only focusing on Lopez, he does not want to talk or think about opponents that he is not going to trade punches with without defeating Josesito Lopez first.


Sulaiman says Manny should fight Floyd next


By James Blears

World Boxing Council President Jose Sulaiman says that Manny Pacquiao should fight Floyd Mayweather Jr next, and the WBC can be instrumental in making it happen.

Brushing aside the notion of a re-match with Timothy Bradley or a fourth chapter with Juan Manuel Marquez, Sulaiman explained that the everyone should re-double their efforts to facilitate the MEGAFIGHT.

Jose Sulaiman stressed: “Last Saturday, Bob Arum told me that they (Floyd’s entourage) don’t want the fight, so he believed that the fight might not take place.

“I believe that the WBC can participate and make this fight happen! Everybody wants to see this fight, so why not give it to them?”

Sulaiman also urged Manny and Floyd to think about the fight, as a cornerstone of boxing history, commenting: “Both have made such fantastic careers, that the looser of this fight wouldn’t have to be sad or embarrassed. The looser would also be remembered as on of the greatest fighters of all time.”

On the Manny front, Don Jose is asking him not to be downhearted following the Bradley fight, saying: “Manny Pacquiao is still adored by the World and he will be a hero today, tomorrow and forever.

“I recall when he was in Mexico with Juan Manuel Marquez. When they came to an event here in Mexico City, Marquez said oh my God I didn’t know I was so famous. Well its wasn’t him. It was and is Manny Pacquiao!”





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By Reni M. Valenzuela

Lest we lose track of the main purpose why there is need for change and reform in boxing at this juncture, we have to maintain the proper perspective.  Or boxing will end up the same while the key players stray for now and forever, and as the sport returns to its vomit and wander aimlessly again in the wilderness, sidetracked.

There are always side issues and sub-issues to every main issue.  Therefore we should not blow things up from their size and nature lest we get pictures out of proportions to distort the truth and mislead all of us.

It comes as a sigh of relief, just for now, knowing that two US senators are on track to do their part to alleviate the people’s frustration in the sport of boxing. The revival of the proposed legislation aims to “create a special boxing commission to oversee all matches and restore integrity to the sport… Under the legislation, all referees and judges participating in the championship or a professional fight lasting 10 rounds or more would have to be fully registered and licensed by the commission.  A sanctioning organization could provide the names of the judges and referees it considers qualified for that caliber bout, but only the commission could appoint judges and referees to participate in the matches.”

The bill is actually far from polished and perfect in details. Hence valid arguments inside the chamber would have to do the job of making everything right as it is presented for formal deliberations in the US Senate. Neither the two senators who are sponsoring the bill nor the content of the bill itself are not without flaws, just as columnist Keith Terceira laid out so well in his informative article, if indeed such are the facts.

But it is enough, just for now, that the need to heal the sport is felt so strongly like never before.  It is so good, just for now, to know certain prominent legislators are motivated and driven to act with urgency in resolution of the problems that have plagued the sport for so long.

And it is heartwarming, just for now, to hear a senator said two days ago on the Senate floor, “Clearly, the conspiracy surrounding the integrity of the sport and how it is managed in multiple jurisdictions.” Senator John McCain further stressed that among all the other sports, boxing is the only one in America without a strong and centralized association regulating it.  He reasoned out that the ongoing controversy arising from the Pacquiao-Bradley fight “is the latest example of the legitimate distrust that boxing fans have for the integrity of the sport.”

No great and lofty idea is perfect at first.  Yet we don’t let flaws overshadow the idea itself. Systemic “flaws” are usually and simply oversight which are mostly treatable by paracetamol.  Corruption, however, along with injustice and conspiracies are deeply imbedded cancer cells in any human or sports organization.  They are not curable by mere anti-biotics.  Even the most advanced pro-biotic radical substance would be too insignificant to heal a disease that requires major surgery and the world’s ardent prayers.

If the proposed bill has headache due to stress or suffers from a stomach upset caused by acidity, we treat it with over-the-counter medicines.  But if boxing  or a loved one is terminally ill, we go to the emergency room and allow surgeons to do the delicate work as we are constrained to enter alone our  private closets sobbing and  storming  heaven for mercy.

Boxing is so sick and is currently undergoing some radical procedure as it is supposed to be treated.  Hard and painful, but it’s the “healing balm” needed to restore health and rejuvenate life, not “life” in the sport.

One ironic truth in boxing these days is Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao being the top two highest paid athletes today.  The fans are rather confused whether it’s something to rejoice about or a news to grieve over  because the fans have always been at the receiving end of countless shenanigans in countless ways and in countless major and minor boxing events for the past many years, with the Pacquiao-Bradley, being the most celebrated among the most recent ones.

The “highest paid athletes” revelation speaks of boxing being afflicted with a rare disease that “baffles” medical science and “experts.” Some promoters and pundits just don’t seem to be earth-dwellers.

Hopefully, just for now.

Weights for Prizefighter Int’l Heavyweights !

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Albert Sosnowski 223.5 vs. Maurice Harris 241.5

Noureddine Meddoune 245.25 vs. Kevin Johnson 243

Tor Hamer 227.5 vs. Marcelo Luiz Nascimento 227

Tom Dallas 233.5 vs. Tom Little 260

Venue: York Hall, London, England Promoter: Matchroom Sport

Photo by Marty Rosengarten


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Former NABF Lightweight Champion Josesito Lopez took the mound at Dodger Stadium yesterday afternoon on Father’s Day and pitched a perfect strike that no one on the visiting Chicago White Sox would have been able to hit.
The Dodgers mounted an exciting comeback to tie the game in the bottom of the ninth inning and won the game an inning later when Dee Gordon looped a walk off single into the outfield bringing in Tony Gwynn Jr.

Prior to the his pitching debut, Lopez signed autographs and took photographs with many of his fans at the “Viva Los Dodgers” event.

The special day kicked off the official fight week for “Ortiz vs. Lopez,” which takes place on Saturday, June 23 at STAPLES Center when he takes on Victor Ortiz for the vacant WBC Silver Welterweight Championship on a SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING broadcast.

“Ortiz vs. Lopez,” a 12-round fight for the vacant WBC Silver Welterweight Championship taking place Saturday, June 23, at STAPLES Center in Los Angeles, Calif., is promoted by Golden Boy Promotions in association with Goossen Tutor Promotions and Thompson Boxing Promotions and sponsored by Corona, DeWalt Tools and AT&T. The co-feature will see former Three-Division World Champion Humberto “Zorrita” Soto battle Argentinean knockout artist Lucas Matthysse in a 12-round fight for the vacant WBC Continental Americas Super Lightweight title which is presented in association with Baja Boxing Promotions and Arano Box Promotions. The SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING doubleheader begins at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT (delayed on the West Coast) with preliminary fights airing on SHOWTIME EXTREME at 7:00 p.m. ET/PT (delayed on the West Coast).

Tickets priced at $250, $150, $100 and $50 are available for purchase online at, or via Ticketmaster charge-by-phone lines at (800)745-3000. Tickets are also available at the STAPLES Center box office.
For more information, visit,,,,, follow us on Twitter at @GoldenBoyBoxing, @VICIOUSOrtiz, @josesitolopez,@goossentutor,@thompsonboxing, @SHOsports, @STAPLESCenterLA; or become a fan on Facebook at,, or

All Photos Credit:  Carlos Baeza/Thompson Boxing




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A big night of boxing at Fantasy Springs Resort Casino in Indio, Calif. just got even bigger as the special Saturday night edition of ShoBox: The New Generation on June 30 which features the IBF Junior Middleweight World Championship bout between champion Cornelius “K9″ Bundrage and Cory Spinks, has been bolstered by the addition of unbeaten featherweight contender Gary Russell Jr. taking on Christopher Perez and Cuban junior middleweight star Erislandy Lara facing Freddy Hernandez in a pair of 10-round co-featured attractions.

Bundrage vs. Spinks, a 12 round fight for the IBF Junior Middleweight World Championship, is presented by Golden Boy Promotions and sponsored by Corona. Doors open at 3:30 p.m. and the first fight begins at 4:00 p.m. The ShoBox: The New Generation telecast will air live on SHOWTIME at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT (delayed on the West Coast).

Tickets, priced at $25, $35 and $45, are on sale now and available for purchase at the Fantasy Springs Box Office, by calling (800) 827-2946 or online at

A member of the 2008 United States Olympic team, Gary Russell Jr. (19-0, 11 KO’s) will make his long-awaited first appearance of 2012 following a stellar 2011 campaign that saw him go 6-0 with blistering knockouts over Antonio Meza and Heriberto Ruiz. Currently ranked in the top 10 in the world by the WBA and WBO, the 24-year-old begins his road to a title shot on June 30 against Perez.

One of the most active young fighters in the game today, Culiacan’s Christopher “Huracan” (Hurricane) Perez (23-2, 14 KO’s) brings a hurricane every time he steps between the ropes. A hard-hitting competitor with the skill and stamina to take Russell into deep water, Perez has the determination and desire to halt his unbeaten opponent’s rise.

The latest phenom from the boxing-rich nation of Cuba, Erislandy Lara (16-1-1, 11 KO’s) has had little difficulty living up to the hype following up his amazing amateur career with a blistering start to his professional endeavors. After a 2011 campaign in which he had controversial decision bouts against Carlos Molina (D10) and Paul Williams (L12), the 29-year-old southpaw has taken matters into this own hands, knocking out Ronald Hearns in just 94 seconds in April. Now he’s hungry for more fast finishes and will look for a similar result against Hernandez on June 30.

Mexico City’s Freddy “El Riel” Hernandez (30-2, 20 KO’s) is an 11-year veteran of the sport who has the experience and power to give anyone, including Lara, a rough night at the office. Having faced four former or current World Champions in a row (DeMarcus Corley, Mike Anchondo, Andre Berto and Luis Collazo) in his last four fights (and losing only to Berto), the 33-year-old veteran plans on handing Lara a loss that he won’t forget.

The event’s non-televised undercard fights will be announced shortly.

Hiding Bad Law behind Pacquiao - Bradley Controversy

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Keith Terceira

Senator John McCain and Senator Harry Reid have introduced, once again McCain’s terribly fashioned law into the Senate, in the hopes of pushing it through, behind the recent controversies in boxing, with the main focus being on Pacquiao’s loss to Timothy Bradley.

Rather than putting some teeth behind the already established ABC , the Muhammad Ali Act, The Federal Boxing Safety act of 1996, the lawmakers hope to once again put their hands in the pockets of boxers, managers, Promoters, and the lesser makers of money in the sport.

This  boxing bill they wish to make law, will effectivelly kill the sport of boxing for the small promoter, protect only the high dollar fighter, and make it cost prohibitive for anyone outside the Arum’s, de la Hoya’s, and Don King’s of the sport to advance to elite Promotional  status, it will also make it nearly impossible for an honest manager to manage a fighter to the elite level and force people to do business only with people in the good graces of government, not the people a boxer wishes to be involved with.

This Bill, like all the rest that McCain has attempted to push through, only picks the pockets of Elite fighters, and does nothing to stop the frauds and mismatches that occur in the sport at the prelim level. It continues to allow promoters and managers to abuse prelim fighters , only taking effect after a boxer has reached the level of ten round fights or better, or when the money is finally coming in for a fighter and his team. Then the federal government steps in and rakes them over the coals, as well as promoters etc.

In the world of boxing the fraud begins in the debut fight and continues on into the championship bouts in the career of our athletes, but the National Commission ignores the fact that often it is the big promoter’s fighter that gets the gifted fights and gifted calls on his way up the ladder, not as often when he is at the top level and the world is watching.

This bill does nothing to stem the tide of promoters having influence on a states commission, having  relationships with commissioners, judges, referees, or even politicians that appoint commissioners. McCain’s bill only preserves the status quo and  makes it more difficult to break into the sport for managers, cut men, etc. , and any additional costs to promoters etc will only be passed down to the fighter, as always.

This bill does nothing to prevent a fighter from having to pay the cost of the sanctioning fee from his purse when the majority of benefit for a title fight on a promoter’s card lies with the promotion. Why should Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. pay a sanctioning fee out of his purse when the promoter stands to gain millions more because a title fight is happening on his event…

This bill does nothing to prevent a promoter from ripping off a boxer’s social network sites, his merchandising rights, or the rights to his endorsement deals.

Why should a fighter pay yet another fee, when he is already paying so much out of his purse?

Instead of putting teeth and rules changes into the ABC the federal government wishes to once again get in the act of passing one level of law on top of another level just to appear as if they are reacting and helping the sport when all they are doing is getting in on the act of pick-pocketing.

All that is needed if the politicians were serious , are amendments to the current regulations that formed the ABC;

1.) All judges must be certified and approved through the ABC

2.) All Commissions must follow ABC rules and guidelines.

3.) All controversies are subject to review and oversight by ABC.

Instead we now have the prospects of a law that will effectively take our sport and make it impossible for anyone that is not a millionaire to take part,and put our kids in the sole hands of the professionally, federally, approved crooks in the game.

“Clearly, the conspiracy theories and speculation surrounding the fight are given life because there are so many questions surrounding the integrity of the sport and how it is managed in multiple jurisdictions,” said McCain, who pointed out that professional boxing is the only sport in the United States without a strong, centralized association regulating it.

McCain’s bill,S. 3306 , has about a one percent chance to pass the Senate, and has already been soundly defeated by Republican’s, John’s own party, when the Republican’s owned the Senate. Everything you are hearing at this moment about this law is to stem the tide of boxing fans anger for real change. This bill like it’s twin that failed will be left at the roadside, along with the careers of so many fighters, abused in the infancy of their careers by shoddy management.

The bill is not even available for the world to see online and already the sound bites start and the pumping of this Bill, this is the message from the Library of Congress on bill S3006

“The text of S.3306 has not yet been received from GPO”

If we look at the bill that has been defeated or died in the Senate twice already , we will see some issues;

`(a) Noninterference- Nothing in this Act prohibits any boxing commission from exercising any of its powers, duties, or functions with respect to the regulation or supervision of professional boxing or professional boxing matches to the extent not inconsistent with the provisions of this Act.

`(b) Minimum Standards- Nothing in this Act prohibits any boxing commission from enforcing local standards or requirements that exceed the minimum standards or requirements promulgated by the Commission under this Act.

So if you have a bill that states it will not interfere with the State Boxing Commission and that state approves judges that are incompetent what the heck is good about this bill. This bill will not take effect for fights under 10 rounds, so you can rest assured that incompetent judges will just be hidden in the 4-8 round fights.

Don’t be fooled by the media attention , wait and read what this law proposes, then consider all those  OTHER ATHLETES  this bill does not protect from the supposed crooks in the sport, the 99% it still allows to be ripped off, miss-judged, and cast aside.

Before shoving bogus laws down the throats of good people in boxing, why don’t you have an investigation first into Pacquiao - Bradley, find the root cause of the stench, and keep your hands out of the boxer’s pockets!

What is the PACMAN Future?


Tom Donelson

I will begin this piece with an apology to Harold Lederman. In a previous column, I assumed that he used a monitor in his work to a view a fight and he does not. Mr. Lederman is one of the best in the business and I met no harm. My quote in question was “The other aspect is that judges are looking up and this, too, puts the judges at a disadvantage. HBO Harold Lederman views the fight through the monitor or I would suspect that he does.”This was inaccurate and I should have followed up with Mr. Lederman to verify. My Lederman does not use a monitor and he corrected me by writing, “I have never looked at a monitor in twenty seven years on HBO. I watch the fight, the same as the judges do.” To Mr. Lederman, I apologize.

As for the future of Pacquiao, where does the PACMAN go from here? In the Saturday night fight, NBC Chris Mannix mentioned that he was told by Top Rank that there is no plan for a rematch with Bradley but a possible fourth match with Juan Manuel Marquez. As I mention in a previous column, this is a strategy reflecting a future plan that does not include fighting Mayweather. Whether one believes that Pacquiao was robbed or not is immaterial; Bradley was rewarded the fight. While I felt that Pacquiao won the fight, the record will show that Bradley won. Pacquiao has to revenge this loss and considering that Bradley style is more made for Pacquiao than Marquez, I have to wonder, does Top Rank want to see a Mayweather-Pacquiao fight? Does Pacquiao? And why would Pacquiao not want a rematch to revenge what most boxing observes feel was a misjudgment? Why take a chance with a fighter who has shown that he can beat you with a big payday on the line? Unless you have no intention of fighting for that big payday, then It makes no sense.

Certainly a rematch would generate interest and I would suspect that it would in fact lead to bigger numbers in a PPV. And at 33, time is starting to run out for Pacquiao. My own observations on this fight after previewing it a second time, is that Pacquiao is showing sign of skill erosion. Boxing writer Amy Green observed after the fight “Certainly Pacquiao didn’t dominate Bradley in his usual take no prisoner’s style- which we haven’t seen frankly, since he beat the hell out of Margarito. He beat Bradley but it was a far from stirring performance, with no effort to stop Bradley. To Bradley’s credit, he fought a good fight, came to the game prepared and did what he was supposed to do- fight. The win, mistake or not was huge for him.” Green point is that Pacquiao did not show the energy shown in past fight and in many of the rounds; he did not fight all three minutes of the bout. This could be a sign of a fighter on the downside of his career. When a fighter no longer throws punches in bunches as he has done in the past and but instead, pick and chooses when he fights hard in rounds; this is the first sign of a fighter who no longer has the confidence to fight hard every minute of every round.

Pacquiao has fought many of wars over the years and over the past several years, he has moved up in weight beyond his normal fighting weight. Even in this fight, both Bradley and Pacquiao did not add much weight twenty four hours after the weigh in. So both fighters were in superb shape but also at the upper range of the weight they should be fighting.

Considering Pacquiao advantage in hand speed, I never felt that Pacquiao hand speed wasn’t that much superior to Bradley, but only slightly so. For Pacquiao, the longer that he waits for a Bradley rematch, the probable Bradley will beat him for two simple reasons; Bradley is younger and has not had the kind of wars that shorten careers.

In boxing, you have to sometimes forget the actual chronological age and look at what I will call ring age. When a fighter has been involved in many tough brutal fights, skill levels may erode quicker. Muhammad Ali was finished fighter after the third Frazier and while he continued to keep his championship for another three years, he was not the fighter in subsequent fight than he was before the third Frazier fight. Mayweather is the older fighter chronologically but in the ring, he has not suffered that brutal fight contrasted to Pacquiao due to his superior defensive style. He rarely gets hurt badly or takes severe punishment so in a bout with Pacquiao; he may be the fresher fighter of the two.

Pacquiao has very few fights left at his present high level and he can’t afford to waste opportunities or the body will simply give into the father age before he is allowed that one big money fight with Mayweather. If I was Pacquiao, I would fight Bradley and if I would win, then fight Mayweather for the real big dollar! With his many outside interests competing for his time; Pacquiao has decisions to make. Time is running out for the Pacman and review of the last two fight films would indicate, future is now for Pacquiao as the sand in the time glass is running low.

Ortiz-Lopez: Ortiz Ready to Start New Chapter

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Edgar Solorzano

Living in a world with over a million houses and different window views may be interesting but frightening at the same time. There are over a million windows in this world, and ironically, they all share something in common. Yes, some are shiny, and others may be a little dirtier than an NBA player’s sock. However, a window may have a complete different meaning to the person looking from inside or outside that transparent glass.

Victor “Vicious” Ortiz was one of the kids who didn’t grow up in a house with a nice big window with a peaceful view. Ortiz was born to be a world champion. Growing up, Ortiz did not have much but a smile; a heart and a dream to keep him focus. Many fighters fail to get up once life knocks them down, but Ortiz didn’t. He understood that no matter how many times life knocks him down, the finish line would always be there and in order to get there, he had to keep moving forward.

Ortiz is one of the fighters that ironically gets criticized quite often by the media and some fight-fans. Even though he dominated the once un-beaten warrior, Andre Berto; some people cannot accept Ortiz’s heart, work-ethic, and skills in the ring.

As soon as Ortiz moved up to 147-pounds, he transformed into a monster with a very tough goal. He successfully achieved his goal to be the first fighter to defeat Andre Berto. The fans couldn’t believe what they witnessed with their own eyes. It was a terrific win that had the boxing world on fire.

Believe it, behind every monster there is a kid with a dream and behind every victim there is confidence infected with fear. Ortiz was that kid with a dream that shook the world with his hard-work and positive mentality.

Everything was going great for the new champion, till he stepped in the ring with the undefeated pound-for-pound king, Floyd Mayweather. Ortiz was in great shape, ready to shock the world. However; his frustration got the best of him and Mayweather took advantage of the situation. Floyd Mayweather finished what Ortiz had started with a one-two combo that ended the fight in the fourth round.

Once again, the media and several fight-fans began questioning Ortiz’s heart after his knockout loss to Mayweather. Ortiz stayed positive and kept moving forward.

Vicious Ortiz was ready to prove the world wrong for the second time on June 23, however; Berto tested positive for steroids and Golden Boy had no choice but to replace Berto with Josesito Lopez.

Even though most people say Josesito Lopez is not as tough as Berto; Victor disagrees.

“Josesito is definitely a bigger threat than Berto. He has that title shot, so he is going to come ready. I don’t ever care what people have to say about me. I don’t focus on any of that sort of stuff,” Ortiz stressed.

Ortiz’s life in the ring has recently followed the same pattern like a checker board. He keeps winning the crowd and later gets criticized by few.

Ortiz has been training just as hard as when he was getting ready for Floyd Mayweather. He is not underestimating the heart and skills of Josesito Lopez in the squared-circle. He knows Lopez will be ready to make some noise at the Staples Center on Saturday night.

Victor may be the first fighter to stop Josesito Lopez if the same Victor Ortiz that defeated Andre Berto shows up on the day of the fight.

Victor’s trainer, Danny Garcia, also believes Ortiz should be able to dominate the fight.

“Victor is too strong and too fast. He is a much better fighter,” Garcia stated.

If Ortiz successfully defeats Lopez, he will get a chance to start a new chapter in his boxing career by getting a shot at Saul “Canelo” Alvarez. A fight that could make him a strong pay-per-view attraction in the sport of boxing.




Randy Caballero Will Be Back In Action on June 23

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Edgar Solorzano

Coachella’s un-beaten star and current NABO bantam-weight champion Randy “El Matador” Caballero (14-0, 7 KO’s) will be back in action against Jamal Parram (5-5-1, 4 KO’s) on June 23 on the undercard of the Ortiz-Lopez clash at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, Calif.

Randy Caballero, 21, is a young fighter with a bright future. When he is not punching, he is spreading his positive words to the young crowd. Motivating the kids in the Coachella area, letting them know that with hard-work anything is possible.

Caballero has all the right tools to succeed in the squared-circle. His speed, timing and foot-work seems to be getting better as he continues to add more impressive victories to his undefeated record.

The young matador has an explosive boxing style that could give any fighter problems. Caballero likes to use his upper-cut, jab, hooks, and body punches.  That’s what makes this young fighter dangerous. He has several combinations to offer to the opposing corner; forceful combinations that attract respect, fear and action.

Even though Caballero only has fourteen victories inked on his record, he has plenty experience in the ring. He has sparred against great talent like Nonito Donaire and Abner Mares, two explosive fighters that have been making plenty of noise in the sport of boxing. Caballero, also, has a strong amateur background; he was the Amateur Flyweight Champion in 2008 with an amateur record of 167-10.

Caballero should not have a problem succeeding Saturday night if he stays focus and executes the game-plan. As some say, when the bears aren’t playing, they are hungry. Jamal Parram will be stepping in the ring ready to fight a bloody battle. Young-hungry fighters like Parram can always be a threat to any fighter coming in cold on the day of the fight.  Caballero’s speed, foot-work, and experience are three heavy advantages Caballero will have when he touches gloves with Parram.

These two young-hungry fighters have been preparing mentally and physically for June 23, however; only one warrior will end up victorious. As I like to say, “Sweat now or bleed later.” Saturday night, the world will witness an explosive battle full of action.




By Reni M. Valenzuela

How can it ever be right for boxing to move on unless we right what is wrong?  And when do we say past is past?

One week since that June 9 infamy in the MGM Grand Arena, the “minority” bloc is now trying to water down the overwhelming sentiment of the people which saw Manny Pacquiao winning over Timothy Bradley by a wide margin.  They play us a different tune this time by conceding that Pacquiao clearly won the contest while claiming it was a “close fight” if we would have to re-watch the bout on video with muted sound to do the “scoring” by ourselves.

But we did that, and we didn’t see it close except the eyes of a few stubborn reprobates who insist on hallucinating. They probably think they can justify the erroneous scoring by saying the fight was “too close and difficult “ to judge.  They are wrong again because they probably think also that we are blind not to see that.

Such veiled contradiction is pointless and hollow for all intents and purposes to arrive at a just and reasonable conclusion because it only aims at appeasing the “storm” and diverting the public’s attention and media’s focus.  These camp mouthpieces are into the same word-play-conditioning as the HBO anchorman (not Mario Lopez) who tried to accomplish a “decision result” even before the game was over by portraying a false picture to the viewers while performing his ringside media job during the fight, as scripted.

This is no abstract painting.  The message is lucid, plain and manifest.

Right the wrong now by reversing the decision in the Pacquiao-Bradley farce last week as well as don’t aggravate the sport’s agony by agreeing to a rematch allegedly to resolve the controversy. The rematch will enforce injustice further and perpetuate depravity in boxing.

The old judges must be retired.  They must have gotten too accustomed to seeing different things for having been part of rottenness in boxing for a long, long time.

Top Rank’s Bob Arum cares about just one thing in boxing.  He always wants a win for himself, not necessarily for the winner or the “winner” whenever he promotes a fight.



True enough, he won the latest one by “succeeding” to make Pacquiao “lose” in the judges’ scorecards, probably (Lol!).  And he won it big again, in our face.  But how could he do such a thing except the people have been blind from the time boxing has first become a big joke? And how can we correct the affair now that the same people are beginning to gain their sight back?

You need not look at the stars for the answer.  You have it.

NOTHING SHORT OF REVERSING THE ANOMALOUS DECISION CAN DO JUSTICE TO ALL OF US IN THIS ROBBERY OF THE DECADE IN FIGHT SPORT. And nothing short of instituting thorough reforms in boxing can the issue do good to resurrect a bedridden sport that was mercilessly sucked by vampires many times over.  Making it right this time would be a perfect way to start again.

Don’t let the “astute” promoter win anew, and win even bigger by allowing the Pacquiao-Bradley rematch.  A rematch may be sensible but only if they restore the belt  back to Pacquiao and that the bout should be held on a later date after the Pacquiao-Mayweather and  Pacquiao-Marquez IV; and on few other  compelling conditions I set forth and proposed in my previous article. And if I may suggest, alongside the bright ideas that have thus far been proffered:  In case the same larceny would occur in the future, a refund should be made by promoters to all the people who bought the Pay-per-views and venue tickets.

Some indifferent souls may say “enough of this controversy because boxing has to move on.”  But how can it be when boxing can’t even move inside the ICU, sucked anew?

If we ultimately do the Pacquiao-Bradley rematch without the conditions being met, I would be inclined to believe that Arum’s ingenuity is indeed unparalleled since Albert Einstein.  Or, it could be that our eye sight as a people is in such terrible condition that we can only be able to see and appreciate colorful art masterpieces in a totally dark exhibit venue.  If not, the one most probable reason left for us to imagine is a problem in the brain.

The future is now. We cannot right what was wrong in the past, but we can surely right the wrong today which was the same wrong that made the past ugly and would make the days and years ahead even much more undesirable.

If we let the rematch have its way, we knock ourselves out to the canvass because nothing can be more self-defeating than letting it happen for wrong reasons.



If we let the rematch have its way, we make Bob’s another scheme-hatched dream come true and the problem would no longer be the “problem” that we love to point out. Hence in such situation, since we already are the problem, we need perhaps to simply go back to enjoying “rhymes” in school and in sleep bed. Or we have to go to a circus show where the real clowns are for better entertainment so that we can bid vampires and their victims sweet goodbye.

Another clarion call should “ring a bell”:  Abolish the “highly influenced” WBO and NSAC or demand the resignation of all the present officials of such inept or.. organizations.  A fresh start or a massive clean-up in those lairs is of utmost importance. Let a new body and commission be formed in line with the spirit and intentions of Senators Harry Reid and John McCain’s yawning overture.

This is the true score surrounding the controversies of the Pacquiao-Bradley farce.  Could somebody close to Pacquiao enlighten the People’s Champion so that he would not have to always say yes to a demi-god.

Tell me what’s wrong if you stand your ground while others bowed down to the Golden Calf to be swallowed up by shaken open grounds?

Prospects for Chavez Jr. V Sergio Martinez

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By James Blears

Finally Julio Cesar Chavez Jr looked like the real deal, in stopping Ireland’s Andy Lee, with a barrage of punches in the seventh round of their clash in The Sun Bowl, El Paso, Texas.

And that leads him directly to the looming challenge of another southpaw, who’s far more wily, and carries a way bigger pop in his blows.

The son of a legend, who’s often been huffing and puffing like Steam Boat Bill Jr in previous fights, before transforming into a buster, due to drastic weight loss and then weight gain, was lean and taut this time around, rather than pallid and gaunt. Proper conditioning and sensible dieting retained his strength, which was evident against the Irishman. Lee, who was actually leading on all three judges score cards, when Julio changed gear, closed the range, punished the liver and ribcage, like a chip off the old knock you block off, and then switched to the head. Lee looked to be nursing a badly broken nose, after referee Laurence Cole stepped in to save him from far worse.

After the stoppage, Bob Arum confirmed that the fight with Sergio Martinez will be on September 15th in Las Vegas. That’s Dia del Grito. Mexican Independence Day is the next day.

Martinez who wants to add Chavez Jr’s Championship Belt, to his Diamond one, hasn’t gained the nickname of Maravilla for nothing, and will be a very different kettle of fish to Lee.

When they fight, I dare say, it wouldn’t be wise for Julio Jr to drop his hands, stick his chin out and grin, as he did against Andy in the fifth. Clowning could lead to downing.

More than a year and a half ago, Martinez’s Advisor Sampson Lewkowicz who was visiting Mexico, said that in respect to the WBC and the Chavez Family, he wouldn’t match Sergio with the lad, as it’d be a destruction derby.

A lot has changed since then. Julio Jr has become the WBC middleweight champion of the world and is more than holding his own there. Granted the bum fluff on the side of his face, still doesn’t pass for whiskers, but he’s proved he’s got them in the chin department, when caught with more than half decent punches.

Against Martinez, he’s definitely going to have to tighten up a still leaky defense. In his favor, at 26 and exuding bags of energy, he’s a huge middleweight, but minus one punch “Goodnight” capacity.

Although only an inch shorter than Julio, Martinez who’s on the wrong side of 37, isn’t by any means a big middleweight, but he does possess a hurtful right hook and a thunderbolt of a left.

The win against Lee means Julio Jr graduates to the sterner examination, which will reveal if he can pull off a ring PHD, determining who the best middleweight is around.



Boxing; Shock and Awe!


Keith Terceira

The shock and awe of last weekend’s bombarding of Manny Pacquiao by the Nevada Athletic Commission’s appointed judges has worn off already in the eyes of many fans inspite the call by Jim Lampley last evening that fans boycott pay per view bouts until changes are made in the sport of boxing.

After review of the replay last evening, one needs to wonder just what Ross and company saw, especially in the fifth round of the fight when Bradley not only didn’t land a clean scoring blow for two minutes of the fight but barely landed in the round completely.

Though Duane Ford has made a name for himself in the sport as a competent normally reliable judge , his defense of the scoring fell on deaf ears because our eyes told us a completely different story than his appearance with Lampley.

The fact that Manny Pacquiao refuses to protest the call, that everyone including the Promoters Association has come our to have a say in the debacle, has withered the fans outrage, making a need for a petition for fans harder to sell. Like all boxing outrages they fade  when the next bout comes along for fans to cheer.

Change may come but most likely it will not, and outrage will remain short lived, commissions will cravckdown on judges for a short period of time to allow the memory to fade for fans.

Last night though the replay of the Pacquiao fight drew interest , it was Julio Cesar Chavez that awed fans with his destruction of tough Irishman Andy Lee, who stood and traded with Julio coming out on the short end against a fighter that has grown before our eyes.

The son of such a legend as Julio Cesar Chavez Sr., has stepped up his game, beginning to create a legacy of his own. The chatter that Julio has been coddled and a fraud, died last night when he continuously walked through the heavy-handed Lee’s punches and broke down the fighter with body punches that echoed throughout the border-town of El Paso, Texas.

THe 26 year old Chavez has had nine years to develop, forming himself into a powerhouse fighter with a iron will and steel chin. Lacking the amateur career that most top fighters enter the professional ranks with Chavez has used the time well as a professional, ignoring the bias and remarks from haters, entering the ring time after time to prove them incorrect in their assessment of his career.

Last night’s HBO broadcast gave us both shock and awe, the shocking defense of the indefensible, the awe of a second generation boxer becoming a superstar on his own merits.