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Malignaggi defeats Senchenko for Title!

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Keith Terceira

Paulie Malignaggi (31-4, 7KOs) became a two division world champion , stopping previously undefeated  Vyacheslav Senchenko (32-1, 21KOs) in the ninth round to capture the WBA’s welterweight championship.

Malignaggi  used sharp punches to continuously  damage  Senchenko’s face. By the ninth round, the champion could barely see out of his left eye and was taking a lot of punishment. Referee Steve Smoger had seen enough and stopped the fight.

WBA Inter-Continental cruiserweight title fight, Iago Kiladze (19-0, 13 KOs) scored a second round knockout over Julien Perriaux (15-9, 8 KOs). Kiladze rocked Perriaux in the first round and sent him down with a huge right in the second. Perriaux made it  to his feet, but appeared to be unsteady and the fight was stopped.

In a bout for the WBA Inter-Continental featherweight championship, Oleg Yefimovych (22-2, 11 KOs) used his boxing skill to win a dominating twelve round unanimous decision over Sergio Santillan (29-12-3, 14 KOs).

‘Chocolatito’ Gonzales stops Garcia-Hirales in four!

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Keith Terceira

WBA junior flyweight champion Roman Gonzalez (32-0, 26KOs) made his second ring appearance in the United States and stopped former champion Ramon Garcia- (16-4-1, 9KOs) in the fourth round. Gonzalez controlled the contest and put Garcia down twice in the fourth before the fight was stopped.

Welterweight contender Anthony Lenk (14-1, 7KOs) won an eight round unanimous decision by outboxing Alberto Herrera (8-6-1, 5KOs). The scores were 78-74, 78-74, and 77-75.

In the co-feature, welterweight prospect Wale “Lucky Boy” Omotoso (22-0, 19KOs) stopped Larry Smith (10-10, 7KOs) in the eighth and final round.

Smith was dropped in the seventh and again in the eight before the fight was stopped.

Omotoso will now return on June 9th at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, as part of the Manny Pacquiao-Timothy Bradley undercard.

Super Bantamweight Jesse Magdelano (9-0, 6ko) remains undefeated , stopping Nick Fast (7-2-2, 6ko) in the first round. Jesse returns to the ring June 8th at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas against Carlos Valcarcel (12-4-4, 5ko).

Gonzales, Salgado continue title reign!

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Juan Leon

WBC featherweight world champion Jhonny Gonzalez (52-7, 45 KOs) continued his stranglehold on the title by easily defeating WBC world champion in recess Elio Rojas (23-2, 14 KOs) by scores of 116-111, 116-112, 117-111.

Gonzales scored a knockdown in the the tenth round and was never on serious trouble of losing his title as Rojas attempted to box from the outside , missing often as Jhonny pressured constantly, forcing Rojas to counter.

IBF jr lightweight world champion Juan Carlos Salgado (25-1-1, 16 KOs) won a majority decision to retain his title from Martin Honorio (32-7-1, 16 KOs). Though Honorio was dropped in both the 2nd and 3rd rounds he worked his way back into tthis fight and prevailed over the remainder of the bout. The two knockdowns were the deciding factor in this fight and minus one of those would have taken the title. Scores for the majority decision were   114-112, 114-112, for Salgado and 113-113, and some rounds could have gone either way. A rematch would be a great event for both these fighters.

On the same card;

Unbeaten super bantamweight Julio Ceja (19-0, 18 KOs) quickly stopped former WBO champ Cruz Carvajal (32-19-2, 26 KOs) at 44 seconds of round three.

Flyweight Luis Ceja (22-1-3, 18 KOs) stopped Sammy Reyes (7-9, 5 KOs) at the 2:14 mark in round five.

Mitchell wins Thriller, Dawson defeats Hopkins!

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Tom Donelson

Bernard Hopkins faced a possible final battle against the younger Chad Dawson, a light heavyweight coming into his peak. Hopkins and Dawson engaged in a controversial two round bout that ended up in a no-contest.


Hopkins has continued to surprise as he continues to be one of the best light heavyweights in the world at the age of 47 and over the years, he has managed to upset younger fighters including Jean Pascal, Antonio Tarver, and Kelly Pavlik. It seems whenever pundits bury Hopkins’ career, Hopkins comes back to pull off an improbable victory.


Like Archie Moore, the Old Mongoose, Hopkins has managed to keep fighting at high levels late in his career. Moore depended upon his knowledge of the sweet science, an inner toughness and a knockout punch.


Hopkins doesn’t have Moore power but he has Moore ring smarts and his knowledge of the ring has allowed him to control the action and fight at his pace plus he can still adjust to the situation. Dawson wanted to show Hopkins that he was the master of light heavyweights and the master of Hopkins.


In the opening bout, rising, undefeated Heavyweight prospect Seth Mitchell faced veteran Chazz Witherspoon, who came in the fight with a 30-2 with 22 knockouts. Witherspoon started jabbing and controlling the real estate before Mitchell hit Witherspoon with two wicked body shots. Witherspoon shot a right hand that shook Mitchell and followed with several short rights that put Mitchell on wobbling legs. Mitchell barely made it through the first round and it took will just keep standing.


In the second round, Mitchell pounded the body and got inside of Witherspoon with occasional right hand body shots to get back in the fight after being pounded over the last minute of the first round.


In the opening seconds of the third round, a Mitchell right followed by left hook to the chin sent Witherspoon down. After Witherspoon wobbled back up, Mitchell pounded Witherspoon to the body with vicious left hooks and right hands before going up stairs. With the forty seconds left, he nailed Witherspoon with a right hand that sent Witherspoon to the rope and followed up a left hook and yet another right hand before the referee Randy Neuman determined the rope held Witherspoon.


As the referee began his count, he looked into Witherspoon eyes and determined Witherspoon had enough.


Mitchell is inexperienced fighter but he is also quick learner as he learned to move his body and avoid Witherspoon’s punches in the second and third rounds.


In the first round, he got nailed by short right hands but he found ways to avoid those right hands as the fight progressed.



Dawson moved forward with jabs in the opening round as Hopkins moved side to side while avoiding the jabs by forcing Dawson to come up short with his punches while looking for counter punches. The first round was more tactical as Hopkins forced the pace to slow down slightly over the second half of the round.


Hopkins played the boxing version of four corners as he moved away from Dawson in the second round. Hopkins would occasionally charge Dawson to force the action and then go back to movement as he got Dawson to fight his pace.


The third round was similar to the first two rounds as Dawson was the busier fighter and had a nice rally in the beginning but Hopkins let his hands go at the end of the round.


In the fourth round, Dawson got head butted and it open up a cut. Dawson looked mad and he allowed Hopkins to carry the fight as Hopkins connected with two solid right hands. With the fight third of the way done, it was a Hopkins style of a fight.


In the opening minutes of the fifth round, Dawson landed a volley of punches and while Hopkins landed two solid rights but Dawson connected on two left hands that hit Hopkins flushed.


The sixth round was one of those typical rounds you see in a latter day Hopkins fight when one or two punches can make the difference. Dawson may have won that round by landing two lefts over the last minute.


In the seventh and eighth rounds, Dawson started to find a home for his left and added a right hook plus an occasional left uppercut. Hopkins started to hold more and punch less, not able to get his right hand to Dawson face like he did in the early rounds but he did manage to open a cut over right eye with left jabs.


Dawson continued to connect with his left and Hopkins charges missed their mark as Dawson simply moved out of his way but HBO Emanuel Steward noted that each round was often decided by one or two clean punches most often by Dawson. The eleventh round was close that could have gone either direction as both fighters connected on double digit punches.


With a minute left, Dawson managed to connect on a left hand in an exchange in which he got the best of in the only real volley of the round.


Dawson won a majority decision in a fight that hardly will make it among the classics but he simply found a way to win rounds by being busier and connecting on one or two punches a round more than Hopkins.

Dawson puts end to Hopkins’ Run!


Keith Terceira

Another ugly bout, has finally ended the long standing feud between the now former light heavyweight champion, Bernard Hopkins (52-6-2, 32 KOs) and newly crowned king “Bad” Chad Dawson (31-1, 17 KOs) youth and finesse, finally prevailed over experience and tricks.

Wrestling, clinching, headbutts,  and tackles, the entire arsenal of the tricks by the once great “Executioner” all came to play in this rematch of “Fugly” Championship boxing.

Hopkins of course had a ready excuse for his less than stellar or legal performance citing “ political odds” being stacked against him as well as feeling that Dawson didn’t do enough to defeat him.

“What did he do to win that fight?” Hopkins said. “The only way I knew I would win is if I knocked him out. Let the public judge for themselves.”

What Dawson did do was box in the manner of a champion versus pull out all the stops, an aged fighter could think of to retain the title, Dawson used his calm and intelligence, Hopkins just used his head in this fight.

With scorecards of 117-110 twice and a “what the heck was that guy watching ” 114-114, Dawson put an end to the long  run of Bernard Hopkins in fine fashion.

Hopkins gave us short glimpses of his former greatness during the fight, working the right,  some good body shots, but reverted back to the  less honorable trade-craft of a past the prime champion.

“My head is hurting from all of the head butts,” Dawson said afterward. “I got to give him credit — he’s a future Hall of Famer. He’s a hell of a fighter. He’s a dirty fighter. But if you can get through 12 rounds with him, you can get through anything.”

Constantly the aggressor, Chad maintained his cool, keeping a level head in spite of the tactics,  and from the fifth to the twelfth round forced the champ into survival mode rather than allow him to take control of the fight.

The twelfth and final round was more wrestling and clinching rather than boxing.

History has proven that in time people will remember the younger Hopkins that earned his way into the Boxing Hall of Fame, and not the Bernard of the last several years, but it will take time due to the ugly bouts where Hopkins used ugly to extend his career. Even in the ugly era of Hopkins he gave us the Pavlik and Pascal wins.

Dawson immediately after his hand was raised as victor,  wasted no time on talks of a rematch,  instead went directly to putting Bernard Hopkins in his rear view mirror and issued a challenge to  Andre Ward!

Hopefully, this puts an end to the era, of Bernard Hopkins which was dying a slow , ugly death, and tarnishing a brilliant, illustrious legacy.



Thoughts on Friday Night Fights

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By Tom Donelson

Two undefeated talent started the ESPN Friday Night Fights and the first round saw fireworks begin immediately as Javier Fortuna caught Yuandale Evans with a left hand and right hand that forced Evans hand to hit the canvas but the referee did not catch the hands hitting the canvas. Fortuna moved forward with several power punches and as Evans attempted to fight back, Fortuna nailed Evans with a straight left that sent Evans down. Evans barely got up and Fortuna finished the job as he nailed Evans with a second left that turned Evans head 180 degrees and sent him crashing to the canvas. The referee stopped the fight but there was no way that Evans was getting up.
The second bout featured Ismayhl Sillakh challenging Denis Grachev in another battle of undefeated. Sillakh jab and occasionally left hook connected while Grachev moved awkwardly forward and unable to avoid the punches. Sillakh continued to fight defensively in the second round as he showed caution as he simply jab while maintaining distance. Grachev had problems reaching his opponent as his punches kept coming up short and missing, so Sillakh cruised to easy round.
In the third round, Grachev moved right into a Sillakh right hand but Sillakh continued to play it safe after knocking Grachev down. Sillakh nailed Grachev with an uppercut and left hook in the fourth round but Grachev continued to come and continued to be a target for Sillakh’s punches. Throughout fifth and sixth rounds, fans started to get impatient while Sillakh never seem to fight with any urgency. Grachev landed his best punch, a right with time running in the sixth round, but there was nothing indicated that it hurt or even bother Sillakh. In the seventh round, Grachev close the gap against Sillakh and near the end of the round, Grachev threw a left jab to the body before landing a beautiful right that seem to bother Sillakh for the first time in the fight.
Grachev began the round by pursuing as he did the previous rounds but after closing the gap in the seventh round, he continued to close the gap even further. He was now close enough to land right hands consistently and halfway through the round, Grachev landed a right hand that sent Sillakh into the corner and followed with three rights hand that sent Sillakh to the canvas. As Sillakh’s eyes rolled up, the referee stopped the fight. This was a fight that saw Sillakh controlling the fight but as Ted Atlas noted, he was vulnerable to a right. For the first 20 minutes and 50 seconds, Grachev could not connect on a right hand. At the end of the seventh round, he landed his first right that showed damage. Grachev right hand erased a seven round deficit with one punch.
On Shobox the Next Generation, Christ Martin started the fireworks as he fought Luis Del Valle in a battle of 122 pound fighters. Del Valle attacked in the first round and put Martin on the defensive as Martin retreated and looked for places to counter. Martin did very little countering as Del Valle did a good job of pressuring Martin. Del Valle continued to move forward in the second round without much fear of retaliation from Martin as Martin never could effectively jab or counter with his right as he was too busy keeping his hands up in defending himself from De Valle punches.
Martin started to stand and fight in the fourth round as he looked to be more engaged as he retreated less. De Valle landed two good left hooks to body but Martin countered right hand that nailed De Valle and as the round ended, Del Valle retreated for the first time in the fight.
Del Valle came out with a sense of urgency next round as he attacked Martin but Martin landed two left hooks in the corner. Martin right hand started to land effectively against the hard charging Del Valle but Del Valle managed to land some body shots. In the sixth round, Martin allowed his hands to go but De Valle was more active but his nose was bloody and right eye started to swell.
Del Valle took control of the fight as he landed some body shots and he landed a solid left hook to Martin chin that sent Martin down for an eight count. Martin got back up but De Valle continued to pursue Martin as he took an easy 10-8 round.
Del Valle continued to be aggressive as he scored with upper cuts to the body followed by hooks while slowing down Martin comeback but in the ninth round, Martin came forward as he feared that he was behind. Martin landed some solid rights and over the final minute, he added some lefts that forced De Valle to retreat as the bell rang ended the round. Both fighters fought with determination for the first two minutes and thirty seconds of the final round, it was even as both fighters exchanged blows. Over the final thirty seconds, Martin landed three solid lefts that pushed Del Valle back.
Del Valle won the decision but it was a brutal fight and while the scorecard had it for Del Valle in wide numbers, the fight was closer in the ring than on the scorecard but Del Valle was the winner.
Tom Oosthuizen fought Marcus Johnson in a battle of Super Middleweights in the main event. Oosthuizen came out in a southpaw stance and Johnson unleashed some rights against the southpaw. Johnson strategy was to attack and Oosthuizen volley with some solid body shots while both fighters unloaded at close range. In the second round Tommy “Gun” Oosthuizen unleashed barrages of punches to begin the round as Johnson trapped Oosthuizen on the rope but Oosthuizen landed multiple punches on the inside.
The third and fourth round were fought along the rope as both fighters exchanged punches and making it difficult for judges to really determine who was winning the round. At the opening of the fifth round, Oosthuizen attempted to keep the fight in the middle of the ring while Johnson did managed to get Oosthuizen on the rope for brief moments. In the sixth round saw Oosthuizen maneuver Johnson in the middle of the ring but over the last minute of the round, Johnson scored on two effective rights and a left hook that shook Oosthuizen.
Oosthuizen was the busier fighter between the fourth and seventh round as Johnson was often throwing one punch at a time wheareas, Oosthuizen threw in combinations. With two minutes in the eighth round, a body shot from Oosthuizen followed by a straight left sent Johnson down. Oosthuizen nailed Johnson with three body shots followed by an upper cut. Johnson managed to land some solid rights in the ninth round but the round may have belonged to Oosthuizen as he continued to outpunch Johnson. While Johnson attacked in the final round but not effectively as he was getting nailed two punches for every one he threw in Oosthuizen direction. Oosthuizen won the easy decision and the deciding factor was his ability to out punch Johnson while showing will to survive the early rounds. Oosthuizen showed boxing skills as he could jab from distance but he also showed that he could fight inside as he wore Johnson down.

Mayweather conference call transcript II


The first question I want to ask you I read that you said when Tim Bradley took the fight against Manny Pacquiao you thought he made a bad decision in not having mandatory or random drug testing, and that’s become kind of a big story after the MMA fighter had his penalty reduced by the commission. I know you’re probably asked this a lot of times, can you talk about your thoughts about the drug testing and what would have to happen for boxing to have reform where it is mandatory to have random drug testing?

F. Mayweather
I think that Timothy Bradley, I had a chance to see him fight I think a couple times, probably no more than three times, and one particular fight I thought he lost, but Timothy Bradley is a good young boxer, his is a very, very good young boxer so I can’t take that away from him. I don’t think there’s going to be an easy task for Manny Pacquiao.

But I think since I’m the face of boxing, I have totally changed the sport of boxing, I’m the reason why they don’t talk about heavyweights anymore, I’m the one, like I said before, outside the box, I’m doing record breaking numbers. So since I’m the face of the sport I should be always, like I said, trying to change the sport and make the sport a lot better, and the best thing is to always put every man on an even playing field. So like I said before, everyone should be, like I said before, on an even playing field; that’s what I truly believe. I think that Manny Pacquiao had done a lot in the sport, but he should also be standing behind me and say, “We should clean up the sport because I’m a clean athlete.” So I’m letting the world know that Floyd Mayweather is a clean athlete, and if you’re the best step up and take the test.

Um-hmm. But it seems like you’re the one voice who is really pushing for the random testing. Who else do you think needs to stand up or should stand up with you? Is it the promoters, is it the commissions, and I know you mentioned Manny, but who else should stand up and try to you think should help push this through?

F. Mayweather
Well I don’t know who else is going to stand up, but I’m going to stand up because I’m a fighter as well as a promoter, and we got the same vision, me and fighters have the same vision. I think a fighter health is more important than anything-health is more important than money. So I want any fighter or anybody that’s reading this article to stand behind me just so all fighters can go into a fight and feel comfortable knowing that he was fair and the opponent that he’s across the ring from is fair.

And then earlier you talked about Bradley, you said you saw three fights and you said there was one fight you thought he lost. Which fight was that that you thought he lost?

F. Mayweather
I think he lost to Kendall Holt. Like I said before, that’s in the past. I still think the guy is a good boxer. If you have a chance to win it, absolutely, and so anything can happen in the sport of boxing. And so, like I said before, the main thing is about a even playing field and these fighters treated fair.

I hope you don’t mind me asking you this, but as far as the Bradley/Pacquiao fight do you have an interest in it? I know financially there would be an interest in having Pacquaio win for making a fight with you.

F. Mayweather
We just spoke on the same situation-if you’re the best take your test, simple as that. Money is not more important than my health.

So my question is on 24/7 you mentioned that it’s not just game plans, it’s about God given talent, but every fighter that you face has talked about coming in with a game plan to beat Floyd Mayweather. Do you find it funny when everybody keeps saying that they have this game plan to beat you? Does one even exist?

F. Mayweather
Well 42 times they game plan hasn’t worked. May 5th we’ll have to see if it work for the 43rd time. Why don’t a fighter just say I’m going to go out there and win, I’m going to fight hard, and the game plan is to go in there and just do me?

Now in your interview with Dyson you mentioned the retirement age being 37, you’re not looking to fight past 38. Why did you come to that conclusion of 37, why’d you pick that age?

F. Mayweather
It’s just the number that I chose. I’m really not sure, could be earlier, could be later, but that’s just a reasonable number that I chose.

If you were to go that far it’s almost like you’re running out of opponents at this point but you’re still the main attraction no matter who you fight … people will watch. How much do you want to fight for the next couple of years? I know you say you want to stay active, but realistically is it possible for you to fight more than twice a year?

F. Mayweather
I don’t think so, me just being honest, like I said before, it takes six months to build a pay-per-view fight, so like I said before, that’s probably only two fights a year if that. Probably a little less than six months to build a fight, but two fights a year sounds about right.

Does that mean given that you said 37 is possibly the age we may only get to see you for maybe three more times before you call it quits?

F. Mayweather
Of course I want to give you guys more than just a few more fights. I want to, this fight plus five more if I can.

Miguel Cotto has a great fan base around the world, but especially this Cotto fight will be the biggest fight for any Puerto Rican fans since Tito Trinidad that beat De La Hoya. All boasting fans in the island believe that if Miguel wins, a lot of people think he will, he will become a bigger legend than Tito. Tell me what you think of that, and finally what you think of Tito Trinidad’s place in boxing history and how do you compare him to Miguel Cotto?

F. Mayweather
I think Tito Trinidad is one hell of a fighter. I think he was a hell of puncher, a hell of a boxer, and I think he’s one of the guys that kept Puerto Rico on the map at one particular time. He’s the one that kept boxing alive in Puerto Rico, Tito Trinidad, and I think then he eventually handed the torch to Miguel Cotto. And when Tito Trinidad fought Oscar De La Hoya I did bet on Trinidad. I’m glad I won money, but I honestly don’t think he won the fight.

I think, of course, the fans in Puerto Rico you can’t, you know me I’m a betting man and I don’t bet with my heart, you can’t bet with your heart. Of course I have a huge fan base in Puerto Rico myself, and that showed by the first press conference; I think it was 10,000 people in the arena and probably 5,000 was rooting for me. So I love my Puerto Rican fan base, I want to commend and thank them for supporting me for so many years, and the best man will win May 5th.

Your last fight you had a great victory over Victor Ortíz, a young talented boxes that maybe made some mistakes. Miguel Cotto is a ring veteran that will not fall for any kind of a mind tricks in boxing. Are you prepared to give the performance of your lifetime, and what makes you think you have a great advantage over a heavy puncher like Miguel? Because you must know your strong skill, what is Floyd advantage?

F. Mayweather
Well I just say like this, it was one mind trick when Bob Arum made him fight Pacquiao at a catchweight. He fell for that didn’t he? Another mind trick is when his corner man didn’t thoroughly check out the hand refs of Antonio Margarito. He fell for that didn’t he? So if a guy fall for certain tricks he’ll fall for it again.

Is there a rematch clause in the contract if the results deserve it between you and Cotto?

F. Mayweather
I’m really not thinking about a rematch clause right now. My main focus is just going out there and performing May 5th and becoming victorious May 5th and giving the fans excitement. That’s what it’s about.

And finally, Floyd, we have seen you very relaxed in this fight promotion and in an extreme concentration, maybe a little different from the Floyd we all like. Do you see it that way, and if you do why is it, is it respect for Cotto or maybe a new Mayweather is born?

F. Mayweather
No, Mayweather was born 1977. The fighter you’re talking about that’s reborn is Cotto; he’s the guy that they said that was reborn in the last Antonio Margarito fight. I’m always the same; I’m very, very outspoken, sometimes, like I said, since I’m outspoken they just say it’s overconfidence; I’m very animated, so they just say that it’s cocky, but that’s life. When it’s all said and done only God can judge me, so while I’m here and I’m in this sport I’m going to continue to entertain and give the fans what they want to see.

Let me ask finally, and this is my last question, an answer like the Floyd Mayweather we all like in boxing, what’s your prediction for this fight, it’s going to be a knockout, it’s going to be a decision?

F. Mayweather
I just want the fans to tune in May 5th. I can’t really say how this fight is going to play out. I always like a difficult and a tough test, and it’s like a tough math problem; if I sit back for a while I could eventually solve the problem with ease.

My first question, how much respect do you feel for Miguel Cotto as a boxer and as a person as well?

F. Mayweather
I respect Miguel Cotto as a man always. I think he has a beautiful family. I don’t really know him, but he seems like a cool guy. But yes, I respect him as a man, what else can I say. Come May 5th he’s going to have to make me respect his boxing skills. Every fighter you have to earn that; that’s nothing you can’t just get from me. Marquez he earned my respect, he made me earn his respect, a couple other guys made me earn their respect, Shane Mosley made me respect his power. But when it’s all said and done I’m pretty sure they respect in my fighting skills also.

Where do you see in five years from now?

F. Mayweather
I really can’t say. Hopefully my children has graduated from high school, that’s very, very important; my mother I want her to still be happy and want to be able to go over my mother house every Sunday, like I do; and I want Mayweather Promotions to be a very, very huge company, which I truly believe will happen. There’s so many different things that I want, but everything takes time. I believe in just taking one day at a time and eventually my goals will get accomplished.

What you want to be your legacy? You have talk you want to clean up the boxing, that’s very good.

F. Mayweather
I mean that’s going to be a part of history anyway, I think, in the sport of boxing. Eventually random blood and urine test it will be in the sport of boxing, I truly, truly believe it, and everyone’s going to be saying Mayweather was the first one-he was the first one. It’s not a good thing, I think it’s a great thing that I’ll be a part of history and I was a part of cleaning up a sport that’s been around for ages.

Can you give me one pro and one con in regards of stepping up in the weight to 154 pounds?

F. Mayweather
I think with me it really don’t play a major factor, but with some fighters it do play a major fighter, because some guys can push certain guys around. But you know me; I think my skills are on a different level from any other fighter, so when it’s all said and done skills pays the bills. You got certain guys that it all depends on what style of boxing, what style of fighting a guy is doing when you move up to a different weight class. I’m a guy that doesn’t believe in really taking any punishment-I believe in dishing it out. I’m very, very offensive minded, I’m an offensive minded fighter, of course, because that’s what the pay-per-view fans want, but I have been a defensive fighter, because if I wasn’t a defensive fighter I wouldn’t have lasted this long in the sport of boxing. And I don’t really weight is going to really play a major key. I think it’s going to come down to the skills.

You always seem very confident and very grateful and you just make things look so easy, but like what does it take for something to actually challenge you?

F. Mayweather
I really don’t know. I really just don’t know. I think that I don’t believe in people praising me. I don’t want to be praised for being in a war. I want to be able to say that I put in the hard work, before I got to that ring I put in the hard work in training, I was mentally ready, I was physically ready, and I worked my ass off before I got to that ring and if you work hard before you get there the job would be that much easier. So that’s what I want to be remembered for, this guy worked hard and when he got to the ring he made it look so easy …

Tell me the last time something actually did challenge you.

F. Mayweather
I’m challenged every day as far as when I go into that gym, as far as trying to out work the young guys in the gym, and I’m out working them every day. It’s a good thing. The young guys are pushing, every day the young guys push me and push me. I see a young guy doing something in the gym he’s probably doing one of the exercises that he seen me do on TV or that he came to the boxing gym and watched me do. If I see him do a certain number I got to out do him if I want to stay on top.

I’m one of the guys I’m fortunately old enough to remember that, I was at that Emanuel Augustus fight, and my recollection that day was that the first half of that fight was a difficult, probably some of the most difficult rounds I’ve seen you involved in.

F. Mayweather
Not really difficult. You need to realize I was the guy that was fighting every two to three months, and then I took almost a year off and I fought a guy that fought normally at 135, 140, and I moved up from 130. So that’s what I think that was probably a little difficult, but not really, because like I said before, I could solve any problem so I think that was the problem. It really wasn’t difficult. When you got a guy like that, like I said before, he came in without a game plan-his game plan was just going in and give it his best.

Yes, it seemed to me that night, though, that’s what was interesting to me about that fight, because it appeared that about halfway through the fight you figured out what it was, but there was a point there where you had to bite down and fight, and I always sort of felt that anybody who thought you weren’t capable of doing that didn’t see that fight, because you really did have to at one point just bite down and say, “Okay I’m going to fight.”

F. Mayweather
Well if anybody’s going to YouTube that fight you got to YouTube Floyd Mayweather and Emanuel Burton, because when I fought him he was Emanuel Burton. Now he’s Emanuel Augustus. So whosever on the line really don’t know the career Floyd Mayweather look him up. He’s a tough opponent. What else could I say?

What do you say to people who ask that question-you talked a little bit about it earlier-that all the great fighters at some point in time, I mean from Titanic back, where … Leonard and Hearn’s or Hagler and Hearns, that type of a fight, you obviously haven’t been in those fights and wisely don’t want to be in those fights, but what do you sort of say to the people that say well until a guy’s in that you don’t really know everything about it.

F. Mayweather
Well a part of that comes with the territory, but obvious it hasn’t came my way yet, but I don’t think that being a rough and tough fight is cool. I think what’s cool about my career is that I work hard before I get there and I work on my skills day in and day out. And I really, really I studied the sport of boxing at a very, very young age and I mastered my craft, and so I’ve been in front of every style. So when I did get to a certain level I made it look so easy, because I paved the way early on.

Do you think in some ways that works against you, by which I mean perhaps some people don’t recognize how skilled you are because either you’re physically superior or you’re technically superior to the point where people kind of shrug their shoulders and don’t quite get what’s involved?

F. Mayweather
Like I said before, I’ve never fought a guy at a catchweight. I don’t fight guys at catchweights. I don’t put plaster in my gloves. These are things I don’t do, because I’m not that type of guy. What I do do is I dedicate myself when it’s time to fight, and that’s what I can say I do do. To each his own.

As far as my career I think, like I said before, I think I will be really appreciated probably 15, 20 years from now I think I’ll really be appreciated. It’s crazy, it’s crazy every day I look at the sport and I’m very, very happy that I basically got my own style-in the sport of boxing I have my own style. When a fighter’s fighting they be like, “Oh that’s Mayweather style,” and I think that’s a great thing. You got southpaw, you got orthodox, and you also got Mayweather style. I think that’s a great thing. Canelo has done it, Cotto has done it, Gamboa has done it, Andre Dirrell has done it, Andre Ward has done it; a lot of fighters have done it, and I think it’s a great thing. And all those fighters are, like I said before, they’re champions.

One last thing, for you personally, and you know as big as this fight’s going to be a multitude of people still want to see you and Pacquiao. Are you personally disappointed in the fact that that fight hasn’t happened?

F. Mayweather
No, I don’t worry about that, I don’t worry about that at all. If it really was all about Pacquiao, if it really was all about Pacquiao then I didn’t have to fight all 42 opponents; all I had to do was come to the sport of boxing and fight one guy then I would went down as the best, just one guy. So I guess the 42 guys that I’ve faced didn’t count. All I had to really do was come into the sport of boxing and train for just one fight, just train for one twelve-round fight, beat that guy, then I was going down in history as the best. Now all of a sudden a guy come from out of nowhere then they say, “Well, Floyd, you’re not the best because you haven’t beat this guy yet.” Like I said before, Floyd Mayweather has to live his live for Floyd Mayweather, and I’m happy, I can care less what Manny Pacquiao is doing. He’s with Bob Arum, and Bob Arum lives his life the way he lives his life and live my life the way I live my life.

F. Mayweather
Ben, you know this training camp been real, real difficult for me. I haven’t heard from you, I haven’t talk to you, but you best believe I’m going give you an exclusive interview, baby.

Oh, brother, you already know I’m waiting to get out there. I’ll be out there in a couple days, my man.

F. Mayweather
Okay. I just been in a real, real grueling and tough training camp, and I really just been very, very focused, but I’m going to give you an exclusive when you come out here, because you have been writing positive stories about me from the beginning. You had a chance to come into my life and really get a chance to grow close to me, and I just really want to thank you and let you know that, and FightHype is also my home, and you’re my dude.

That’s what’s up my man, you know I appreciate that. Like I said, man, I can’t wait to get out there and I’m looking forward to it. I know you’re about to get out of here, man, I’m not going to take up too much of your time, but I did want to ask you real quick you’ve obviously had a lot of firsts in your career, whether that’s the first to do over two million pay-per-view buys, the first to do a 24/7, and now even recently the first to stream your workouts and your press conferences online. You’ve really embraced the social media and the different online outlets to promote not just yourself, but the sport of boxing as well. How important is that to you and how much time do you actually put into thinking outside the box to come up with just all these different ideas to do that?

F. Mayweather
I don’t want to sit on the phone and just say you know what, because the majority of them they’re my ideas, so basically what I do is I may say something, when people are around me I may say something, then they be like, “That’s a good idea,” and then they come and say, “Floyd, let’s do this,” but they just heard me say that a couple days before. So I think it’s a great thing.

Everybody that’s on the phone right now, everybody that’s in the tech world, all the writers, man, I love you guys. But of course, Ben, you’re my guy, and you’ve been writing-I mean when everyone else was counting me out and constantly dogging Floyd Mayweather and writing negative stories-you constantly you wrote great stories about me, because you had a chance to come into my life, had a chance to get a chance to know me. Not, Ben, that I’m just picking you, because there’s a lot of guys out there that wrote great stories, and I’m very, very appreciative. But I just know you love the sport of boxing, this is what you eat, sleep, and drink. You may love boxing more than Roger Mayweather. But like I said before, all the Websites and boxing magazines and the different newspaper articles I’m just thankful for you guys, man, rather it was a good story or a bad story you guys kept me relevant for 16 years.

Well I think that, whether people realize it now or whether they realize it after you’re done with the sport and whatnot, I think at the end of the day everyone will realize that we all appreciated you and we’re definitely going to miss you when you’re gone. One last question before you get out of here, and this is just a quick one, the last time you were at 154 you fought De La Hoya. I thought you won that fight hands down eight rounds to four or something like that, but one of the judges actually gave the fight to De La Hoya. Obviously there’s been a lot of controversial decisions lately going on with a lot of these judges. Is there any concern whatsoever going into this fight with the judges that might be assigned to the fight or that somebody might see something that they saw in the De La Hoya fight … give that fight to De La Hoya?

F. Mayweather
Before I touch on that question you just asked me I want to say one thing. When I faced De La Hoya I had on 10-ounce gloves; De La Hoya gave me heavyweight 10-ounce gloves, which was pillows. And then in the Ricky Hatton fight right after that I had on 10-ounce gloves, and you see how I displayed my skills and my punching power. I wanted to do the same in the De La Hoya fight, which I felt that I boxed De La Hoya, but I feel that if I would have chose my own gloves I think it would have been a lot more blood drawn, because that’s very, very important in a pay-per-view fight.

Well basically I was just wondering if there was any concern, because obviously in that fight-

F. Mayweather
About the judges. Yes. De La Hoya know he didn’t win. Pacquiao know he didn’t win against Marquez the last time, he know he didn’t win. I didn’t get a chance to see the Brandon Rios fight, because I just didn’t get a chance to see it, but I heard that it was a bad decision. I don’t know. I’m just saying that I just need to start getting treated fair, I truly believe. But you got to realize what I always tell people this is also a business, this is also a business. If Pacquiao didn’t get his hand raised, if Pacquiao didn’t get his hand raised then Pacquiao facing Floyd Mayweather would be down the drain, cause the world billions of dollars, so economic wise they know what they’re doing. Even like with the Mayweather/De La Hoya fight we have to make it very, very interesting in saying it’s a split decision. A fighter know when he has got his ass kicked.

But while I’m on this call I really want to take my hat off to Richard Schaefer, because Richard Schaefer has done a hell of a job with Golden Boy Promotions. Richard Schaefer, you a great guy.

R. Schaefer
Thank you, Floyd.

F. Mayweather
So when we first got together and started doing business our relationship really wasn’t that good, because he really wasn’t seeing the same vision I was seeing, but once we had a chance to fly to London together and sit for hours and just talk. Richard, you a great guy, you have a beautiful family, a beautiful wife, beautiful children. Your son came up with a great name for this fight. Golden Boy Promotions and Mayweather Promotions we’re going to continue to build each company and we’re going to be the future of boxing, we’re not going to be like Don King and Bob Emmett and have hatred towards one another. I think you done a great job with that company, and I must take my hat off to you and say you done a good job, Richard.

R. Schaefer
Thank you very much, Floyd. Thank you I appreciate that. And I’m really excited to keep on working with you, breaking records, and bringing new ideas and innovation to the sport of boxing. For too long King and Arum basically did what they did, but I think here we are reenergizing the sport. The fact is that ratings on all platforms, pay-per-view numbers, new sponsors coming to the table, movie theaters embracing Floyd Mayweather fights, and on and on and on, 24/7, and I could give many, many examples, they are all results of creative minds and talents working together and I really appreciate-

F. Mayweather
… to cut you off, Richard, but people don’t give you the credit that you deserve. I’m going to give you the credit that you deserve on the phone. Leonard, and you know, Leonard, I don’t have to tell the world what you have done. You have stood by me, you and Al has stood by me, and through good times and bad times, and we know together there’s no stopping us. But Richard, you working with Al Haymon and you working with Leonard Ellerbe you guys have done a remarkable job.

R. Schaefer
Thank you, Floyd.

L. Ellerbe
Thank you, Floyd.

F. Mayweather
I got to go to the boxing gym, ladies and gentlemen.

R. Schaefer
Okay. Thank you so much, Floyd, for your time, over an hour on the call here and answering all the questions. We all look forward seeing you next week to what is going to be another great, great event with Floyd Mayweather against Miguel Cotto.

Just a reminder, the media room is going to open on Tuesday at 12:00 with the fighters’ arrival scheduled at the MGM at 1:30. See you all there. Thank you so much.

Mayweather conference call transcript I

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Thank you, everybody, for joining us today for Floyd “Money” Mayweather’s conference call. As probably most of you know, yesterday Floyd did his open media workout, and it was a grand success. The gym was packed. And I have to commend Floyd as he did every single interview that was asked of him and he has been doing that throughout the whole promotion. He now is making himself available for this conference call.

So we are going to get right to it and I’m going to go ahead and introduce Richard Schaefer, Chief Executive Officer, Golden Boy Promotions, to make the introductions. Richard.

Richard Schaefer
Thank you very much, Kelly. Terrific turnout yesterday and Kelly is absolutely right. Ten days to go for the big showdown between Floyd Mayweather/Miguel Cotto and “Canelo” Alvarez against Floyd Mayweather. Great response we’re getting and those of you who know me they know that I’m not a betting man, but I could tell you right now I would take any bet that this is going to be the single biggest pay-per-view event since De La Hoya/Mayweather. You will see this absolutely a huge, huge turnout; we see it at the gate, we see it on the closed circuit, we see it the sponsors, we see it with the pre-sales, at the movie theaters. It’s absolutely unbelievable.

And we’re now in the final stretch of this great promotion, and I just want to quickly point out and thank as well HBO and Time Warner; the kind of muscle and platforms they have put behind this fight is unprecedented. And I just want to point out, as a reminder, that Floyd Mayweather speaking out will be on CNN on Saturday, April the 28th, this coming Saturday, along with 24/7 episode three Saturday, April the 28th. It’s always a huge hit; the ratings are usually 35% higher when Floyd Mayweather is in a 24/7 than any other 24/7. A few days later, of course, on TNT for the first time, for the first time on TNT we will televise the 24/7 episodes each night following the NBA coverage on Tuesday night, Wednesday night, and Thursday night. So right after the basketball games on TNT the fight fans, sports fans, and the general public are going to be able to watch on TNT 24/7-never happened before.

And then there’s going to be the night of nights on May the 4th when, first of all, HBO will televise the weigh-in live and a stack of all episodes of 24/7, plus of course the final episode of 24/7. So I really, as I said before, I really want to thank Time Warner for putting all of their assets into play and clearly making this one of the biggest, if not the biggest, pay-per-view of all time.

I want to thank the man with whom it starts and ends, and that of course is Floyd Mayweather, for his continued trust in Golden Boy to help him … the fights and assist him in the promotions. And it is a pleasure and an honor for me now to introduce to you the CEO of Mayweather Promotion, Leonard Ellerbe.

Leonard Ellerbe
Thank you, Richard. You’ve touched on everything. This has been an unbelievable promotion thus far, all the assets are in place, and everyone is talking about this fight. I do think it is going to be Floyd’s biggest fight since the De La Hoya fight and the sky is the limit.

I would like to thank everyone for joining us on the call today, all the media members. Like I said, this has been an unbelievable promotion this far and it’s going to get even bigger. We’re ten days away, and we’re really, really excited.

The preparation that Floyd has had at the “doghouse,” as we like to call his gym here in Las Vegas has been unbelievable. This has been the best preparation that I’ve seen in the last 16 years. We brought in some very, very young talent that has really, really pushed Floyd to the max and that’s really what he needs to really put on a great performance come next Saturday night.

So without further ado, he don’t need no introduction, the best fighter in the planet.

Floyd Mayweather
Hey, how are you all doing? First off, I want to thank the media, all the different websites that have been supporting me for so many years; it has truly been a blessing. I appreciate the stories. I appreciate you guys covering all my fights. Richard Schaefer, you have done a hell of a job with Golden Boy Promotions, Kelly Swanson for so many years thanks for your help, Leonard Ellerbe, of course, I take my hat off to you. May 5th I’m going to dedicate this fight to Leonard’s mother who just passed away. So this fight is very, very important to me. So I want to thank everybody for this call and just thank you guys for supporting me for so many years.

Hey, Floyd, considering all the things that have been going on with boxers and athletes and their careers how they’re derailed sometimes by personal problems, maybe pending legal things, most recently you think back to Tyson as he was a great champion and it sort of bumped him off the track. What’s going to make it different for you with what you have coming up after the fight? We know you got this big fight coming, but how are you going to be able to overcome that and maybe stay focused, and not only now but into the future?

F. Mayweather
Well you got certain obstacles that get in your way throughout your career, but you have to be a strong individual. If anyone has followed my career they know that there’s been a lot of obstacles and a lot of ups and down through my career. But day in and day out and in the square circle I went out there and always did my best. I always put my boxing first.

My question for you is after you fought Shane in 2010 you were off for about a year and a half and when you came back against Victor you were very sharp. I wonder now that you’re taking a second fight in such quick time turnaround, especially the way that your career has gone, since 2007 where you’ve had some layoffs, you took a little vacation, you retired for a little while, you’re coming back now right back into camp, right back into a fight. I wonder are you noticing in the training that you’re that much sharper because it’s a quick turnaround and that you don’t have that kind of long layoff? We haven’t seen the skills or anything erode, but do you feel like you’re even better than what you’ve looked in recent fights because you’ve been able to go back-to-back in fairly short period of time?

F. Mayweather
Absolutely. I think anybody that’s always out there displaying their craft or going out there putting on a show on a regular basis, just like a guy in a three-point shooting contest a guy that’s out there shooting every day and every night is going to be better than the guy that’s shooting we’ll say twice a week or three times a week. So, like I said before, I think I’m going to be a lot sharper come May 5th because I’m getting right back in there. Like I said before, I want to stay active and I want to constantly give the fans excitement.

And the main thing this fight is I have some real, real good work and I’m boxing a lot. I’m boxing a lot with some strong young guys, but I’m not really taking no punishment. I think a great thing about my career is that as far as me taking a long vacation helped as far as letting my body heal totally. So May 5th I think is a great thing. I think I’m going to be a lot sharper this fight than I was for the Ortíz fight.

Is that a scary thing for Miguel Cotto if Floyd Mayweather can be even sharper than he’s been in recent fights because of the quick turnaround?

F. Mayweather
I think that’s a scary thing for any fighter, of course.

You’re fighting Cotto, though, so for Cotto I mean specifically.

F. Mayweather
Yes. I’m saying but I would like to fight a lot more, but when it’s a fight of such high magnitude it takes four to six months for a pay-per-view fight. It takes a very, very long time to build a fight of this magnitude. So, like I said before, when I was young I was able to fight-that was just fighting on HBO-but now it’s pay-per-view this thing has to be done, of course, in a correct fashion, because this not just a sport, see this level it’s a business.

And so it sounded like in your previous statement that you said you like to stay busy. Is your intention-I know you have the situation coming up June 1st-but your intention once that’s over with is still to fight again in 2012 or how are you going to-

F. Mayweather
Absolutely. Absolutely. I want to stay active, I want to fight again in 2012 before the year is up; I want to constantly go out there, like I said before, and test my skills and I want to continue to just push myself to the limit.

Okay, and so even though you have the situation June 1st you think that while you’re away for whether-I don’t know if it’s a month, if it’s two months, or if it’s the full 87 days-that you’ll be able to come out and have the mentality to just restart life and go back to the gym and stay busy? How do you think about that at all?

F. Mayweather
Oh absolutely. My thing is I try to turn anything negative into something positive. That’s why when I go to the gym, when I see my family and I see my team and I see my fans come support me every day it’s a motivational builder for me. So even when I go away, the only thing I it can do is make me mentally strong and grow mentally strong as a person. So, like I said before, certain things you go through in life is an obstacle. It’s all part of life, you have good days, you have bad days. But the main thing is to grow mentally.

You just talked about the fact that you say the things that you go through just make you stronger, and in light of some of the things that have happened recently in public you kind of have done the opposite, you’ve opened yourself up, did a live stream of your workout, you go on an interview with (Michael Eric) Dyson and he asked a lot of questions. What prompted you to make that decision to just open yourself up to let everybody see your workouts in full and what effect you think that has had?

F. Mayweather
I think it’s going to help with certain pay-per-view buys. It’s about having a sharp mind and having a strong business team around you. I think it’s a great thing, even with the Dyson interview I think it was marvelous, because the people had a chance to see how articulate I am and I’m not just a young flashy hothead man that’s making a lot of money. When it’s all said and done I’m making smart business decisions. I understand when I’m on 24/7 it’s about the viewers; it’s about “You Must Watch TV”. When I’m on TV I want to keep people glued to the television, because that’s what it’s about. So even people that aren’t boxing fans are going to say, “you know what, we got to tune in and watch this guy; he’s very, very interesting, he has a great story.” So I don’t mind telling my story to the world, and I think sitting down with Dyson was great.

And you have been interviewing me for years and you know me as a person and you know I don’t ever go out there on a limb and talk about how many things I have done for the people that’s less fortunate, those things me and my team have done, but that’s not important. I do it for myself. I do it because I feel it’s the right thing to give back to certain public schools, give back to children that’s less fortunate, Habitat for Humanity, Three Square Meals. It’s very, very important. But on 24/7 we don’t always talk about those things or on TV we don’t always talk about those things, because a lot of time the feedback we get is that that’s not entertaining, that’s boring. We want to see the Floyd Mayweather with the flashy money, we want to see Floyd Mayweather with the diamond necklace, we want to see Floyd Mayweather with the nice cars. And the respond we get from that it they love it, they love it, we get more viewers, but then on the flipside they say, “All the guy do is show off.” So it’s a catch 22, it’s like damn if I do, damn if I don’t.

Floyd, when you watch your workout, if you’re your opponent, and you see clearly that you’re able to go several minutes on the mitt and yet you’re still talking and you’re not breathing hard, you’re really comfortable with your workout at the level you’re doing it. If you’re your opponent and you’re watching that what do you … you’re seeing somebody in that kind of shape at 35 years old?

F. Mayweather
I think I’m getting better with age, actually-I think I’m still sharp, I’m still hungry. But to answer that question as far as my opponent. I think if it was my opponent I think when he look at it if he’s on live stream he has to say, “I can’t watch this,” because I think it’s going to throw his focus off, because I know there’s no fighter in the history of the sport that’s dedicated like I’m dedicated. There’s no fighter that’s going to work as hard as Floyd Mayweather, because again I have the will to win. And like I said before, I think my opponent, once they show me on live stream, the opponent may let his trainer watch and the trainer don’t mind watching because the trainer don’t have to get inside that ring, but I think the fighter just think, “I’m not thinking about it, I’m not going to look at it, I’m not going to watch it; I’ll just wait until the fight get here and I’ll go out there and press.”

Floyd, does this-Bernard Hopkins on his conference call he at one point said he implied that it gets old and he’s kind of tired of it, he’d rather just go through the-he kind of implied that.

F. Mayweather
He kind of implied what?

That what he’s doing, getting on the conference calls and having to deal with us, gets kind of old. Does that ever old to you? Do you-

F. Mayweather
I think Bernard Hopkins I take my hat off to him, I think he’s a hell of a champion, but when we get to talking about record breaking numbers and different things on this level it’s totally different. But I think Bernard Hopkins is, of course, to be his age-not just to be his age-he has accomplished a lot in the sport, and I commend him for that. But I think with my career it’s totally different. Floyd Mayweather can go anywhere on this earth and do record breaking numbers. I think not just a good thing; it’s a great thing.

Do you ever get tired of doing these interviews where you have to answer questions about what you said about Jeremy Lin or on the-

F. Mayweather
Yes, of course, but this is what I chose, this is what I chose to do. Media can make or break you and has wrote bad stories about me, the media has wrote great stories about me, but this is what I chose … and its my life and this comes with it. Sometimes you may be like, “Damn.” Even a fan, a fan may come to you and may want to take a picture, but that day you’re not feeling it, you’re not feeling right, something can be going not be right in your household, but sometimes you do, sometimes you don’t. You don’t. When I walk away from a fan sometimes that I don’t take a picture for or I don’t sign a autograph for it bothers me, because I’m like, “Damn, this is a fan that probably has boughten pay-per-view each time I went out and I couldn’t take a picture.”

But I can’t go out to a regular store like everyone else, but like I said before, this is what I chose so I mean something has to suffer, it’s certain sacrifices that has to be made, so I don’t mind doing it with the media. You guys have been great to me, so it’s okay to get on here to give you guys at least 45 minutes to an hour of my time.

I know you haven’t met him yet and you haven’t fought him in the ring, but can you rank Miguel Cotto among your career opponents as far as talent and skills in the ring?

F. Mayweather
Well Miguel Cotto, of course, I could just say time Miguel Cotto went out there and gave it his all out there and performed well I think that’s not a good thing that’s a great thing and has won. I just got to go out there and perform to their best every night. So I think that I can’t really just put a certain number on Miguel Cotto, because at this particular time if I was rating certain fighters out of every guy that I fought I’m going to rate Emanuel Augustus first compared to all the guys that I’ve faced, and he didn’t have the best record in the sport of boxing, he has never won a world title, but he came to fight, and of course at that particular time I had took a long layoff. That was our longest layoff at that particular time, that’s when I was fighting I think at 130, 135. So he’s a guy right now I have to say Emanuel Augustus is number one, but I can’t say where I rate, can’t rate a guy until you get inside that ring with him to see where his fresh skills are.

Going into a fight in a good state of mind is obviously important, and knowing what you face after the fight is over are you going into this fight in a good state of mind?

F. Mayweather
I’m always in not a good state of mind, a great state of mind before the fight, after the fight, and when the fight is happening. I’m blessed-I’m blessed to be able to put my family in a great position. Like I said before, I’m able to give my children the education that I didn’t have. I made certain sacrifices for my family so, like I said before, I don’t try to think about the negative thing when we in our gym. We always smiling, as you can see in training camp, we always having fun. I’m very, very outspoken, very animated, and that’s just my personality. You got different men that judge you and got different women that judge you, but I think that even with my date I think the judge I think she’s a great lady. At the time she thought that she’d done the right thing, so I don’t have anything negative to say about her. I wish her nothing but the best. Those things happen and you just live and you learn.

You do seem to have fun when you’re preparing for a fight. Is that you, is that really you, or is that you being in front of the camera like you have-

F. Mayweather
Oh I think that there’s a little bit of both. I think before the cameras came around I was having fun and smiling on my job. Why not go to work and have fun, why not have fun on your job, and then once the world get a chance to come and see your life why not interact with them and give them “You Must Watch TV”.

Leonard described you as not only one of the most talented but one of the most despised athletes in the world. Do you think that’s true, and if so why?

F. Mayweather
I think Leonard has to answer that question. Everybody’s entitled to their own opinion. Leonard, you’re on, go ahead and speak up.

L. Ellerbe
No, no, no, whoever took that comment, and I didn’t use the word despised, I said that he’s an athlete who has a different type of fan base, I said that you have a lot of his fans who love him and a lot of his fans who don’t really care for the entertainment side, and that’s a true factor. I don’t know where you got the word despised from.

Okay. That’s what it said, but in any case I just wondered if Floyd feels that way or do you feel like you get as much love as you do hate out there?

F. Mayweather
It’s all said and done, okay. When I go into an arena, right, if the fans are cheering that’s a great thing. Fans boo, they boo, that’s a great thing, because they’re letting me know that I’m relevant and they’re letting me know that they do know who I am, and if they didn’t make a noise then I would have a problem with that. But the great thing is that they boos, they cheer, they know who I am so I’m relevant. So at one particular time in their life they paid attention to me, so it’s a good thing.

You covered our XXL cover with 50 Cent, of course, and we know he’s a great friend of yours and he’s been around for several of your fights. Does he have a role, as far as more than being your friend, a role with the camp?

F. Mayweather
Well 50 is getting involved with boxing far as getting involved with fighters, because he boxed at one particular time in South Side Jamaica Queens and I had a chance of actually going to his neighborhood and he was a rough, rough kid, tough. But we don’t just have a friendship, we have a tremendous bond, we have a tremendous bond. But to answer your question far as with boxing, I think he’s going to be involved on the promotion side, we may even put him there let him fight on pay-per-view one time. So we don’t really know what the future holds, but he is getting involved with boxing.

On the promotion side is that something that you would kind of help guide 50 through and perhaps a joint venture with him in the promotion?

F. Mayweather
Always. We’re a team-he’s a part of Mayweather Promotions. Come May 5th he will be performing, he will walk me to the ring, he’s performing, and we believe in it’s enough to go around. He’s not just my friend, he’s not just my best friend, he’s also one of my business partners, and very, very, very smart, one of the smartest guys I know.

What does a average money team celebration look and feel like, man, after a victory?

F. Mayweather
Well actually what we do after a victory is we go to my house and we sit down to eat a meal and just talk, we don’t even talk about the fight. We sit down to eat a meal and we just sit down and just talk about life. Now once that’s over with we leave it where it’s at, behind us, and we moving on to the next, what’s the next venture, what’s the next thing we can get involved with and take things to the next level, what’s the next concert that we can do, let’s talk about some real estate business, let’s talk about some visions and the movies that we can get involved with. So once the fight is over with I come talk to the media after the fight, and then I go home then it’s on to the next.

50 is known as the ultimate hustler in hip-hop, and what would he bring to the boxing promotion game do you think in your opinion?

F. Mayweather
He’ll bring a lot as far as a new fan base. He brings a lot to the table. When I say the big five in the hip-hop game when I say the big five I mean MC Hammer, …, Icky, of course we got 50 Cent, and who else we got-we got one more I can’t think of it offhand. That’s crazy; normally I know the big five.

Sugar Ray Leonard speaks with Manny Pacquiao!



Great interview between two legendary champions from the Sugar Ray Leonard youtube interview collection


YouTube Preview Image

Leonard interviews Freddie Roach

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Keith Terceira

Interview by Sugar Ray Leonard with Freddie Roach which will be and is a classic for fight fans to watch!

YouTube Preview Image

Hopkins-Dawson;Weights from Atlantic City

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Keith Terceira

Weights for the Hopkins - Dawson bout this weekend have just come in.

Both fighters are below the 175 pound limit and both Mitchell and Witherspoon look to be in good shape as well.


Bernard Hopkins 173.5 vs. Chad Dawson 174.5
Seth Mitchell 241.5 vs. Chazz Withersp0on 231.5
Shawn Porter 153.5 vs. Patrick Thompson 153.5
Mike Faragon 137.5 vs. Sergio Rivera 139.6
Lavarn Harvell 174.5 vs. Tony Pietrantonio 175.4
Julian Williams 154.5 vs. Hector Rosario 155.5
Phil Lo Greco 149 vs. Hector Orozco 149

Venue: Boardwalk Hall
Promoter: Golden Boy/Gary Shaw


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Kirill Pchelnikov’s KP Boxing Promotion and Art Pelullo’s Banner Promotions will present a sensational world championship fight card on Tuesday, May 1, at Sport Complex Krylatskoe in Moscow, Russia. The fights will be televised in Russia on Channel 2. Check local listings for times.

May 1 is “Spring and Labor Day” in Russia, an official holiday.

In the main event scheduled for 12 rounds, World Boxing Organization middleweight world champion Dmitry Pirog, 19-0 with 15 knockouts, of Gelendzhik, Russia, will make his third defense of the title against WBO No. 11-ranked middleweight contender Nobuhiro Ishida, 24-7-2 with 9 knockouts, of Osaka, Japan.

Pirog, 31 years old, is coming off a 10th-round TKO win against Gennady Martirosyan in his last fight on September 25. He won the vacant WBO world title with a fifth-round knockout against previously undefeated Danny Jacobs in July, 2010, and defended it for the first time with a 12-round unanimous decision win against Javier Francisco Maciel in March, 2011.

The 36 year-old Ishida, promoted by Golden Boy Promotions, is a former WBA interim super welterweight world champion - he won the title in August, 2009, and made one successful title defense. Ishida shocked the boxing world in April, 2011 – he scored three knockdowns and stopped previously undefeated James Kirkland in the first round.

Dmitry told RIA Novosti, “He’s a really tricky boxer - tall, really unorthodox, throws a lot of punches, but not using his maximum strength. It’s good that I’ll have an opponent like that. It’ll give me important and necessary experience that I didn’t have before.”

Golden Boy Promotion’s Eric Gomez said, “We are very thankful for this great opportunity. Ishida has had a great training camp. He is looking to upset Dmitry Pirog in his home country, as he did when he defeated James Kirkland. It has been a pleasure dealing with Artie Pelullo of Banner Promotions and Kirill Pchelnikov. Everything went great, and we are looking forward to great event in Moscow on May 1.”

Quotes from Hopkins and Dawson in Media Round Table!

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Bernard Hopkins, WBC & Ring Magazine Light Heavyweight World Champion stated during media Round table event

“I’m a throw back. I live in a time where it is so microwavable that there is no time to cook, season, chop or marinate any more. I’m the last of a dying [expletive] breed.


“They were calling me old when I beat Trinidad 11 years ago.


“Sticks and stones will break my bones, but names will always motivate me.


“I have proven who I am. The reason I’m here is because Dawson didn’t do what he should have against Pascal.


“My biggest motivation has been adversity.


“I don’t drink or smoke and if some is drinking or smoking around me I get up. It’s called discipline.


“This fight all you hear is ‘Chad is bigger. Chad is stronger.’ Not that he is more talented.”




Chad Dawson, Former Light Heavyweight World Champion


“It all depends on how Bernard comes in the ring. If he comes to fight, that is great. If he comes to lie down like he did last time, then I feel sorry for the people that bought tickets or are going to watch on HBO.


“The first fight wasn’t a long fight, but in the two rounds that it was, I was the one trying to press the fight. I was trying to make the action.


“Bernard just backed up the whole time and didn’t try to make the fight. I think people saw the difference between the size and the strength. It wasn’t many punches landed, but I did land a good right hand in the first round and he found out that night that I was serious.


“I have taken criticism in the past that I wasn’t in the best of shape, but that night I was all there. Mentally, physically, I was all there.


“If Bernard comes to fight and he wants to give the fans what they are looking for, and then let’s fight. I am here to fight and finish off what should have happened the first time we fought. I was supposed to be crowned light heavyweight champion.


“Last fight, he had no fire in his eyes. I could look at him from across the ring and I saw he didn’t want to be there that night.


“I know he is not going to come after me. I have to take the fight to him. I am not the same young fighter as Pavlik or Pascal. They don’t have the same options that I have in the ring. I can box, switch up.


“He is not going to get into my head. Mind games don’t work with me.


“We have a good plan. I am not thinking about a close decision. I don’t see it happening that way at all.”



Seth Mitchell, Heavyweight Rising Star


“The only thing I really miss [about football] is the team camaraderie. Boxing is a lonely sport.


“I’m just focused, if you can’t tell. I’m excited about the fight I’m ready to go out there and perform.


“If you take the Klitchko’s out of the picture, right now, I think I’m right up there with the top heavyweights.


“I’m not a braggadocios person. There is no false bravado here. I handle my business when I get in the ring.


“I don’t just want to be the NABO champion; I believe I can be the heavyweight [world] champion



“Hopefully this time next year I will have the opportunity to fight for one of those titles.



“This is what I chose to do in order to support my family.



“Nothing spectacular sticks out in my mind about Chazz. He is a solid fighter but he has heart and he comes to fight.



“I think Chazz is a fundamentally sound fighter. He does a lot of things well. He throws a good jab and he stays busy. He throws punches in bunches.



“When I was a football player, I wasn’t worried about making it in college. My mindset was the NFL. When I decided to box, I didn’t want to be just the NABO champion. I set my goals high.”



Chazz Witherspoon, Heavyweight Contender


“This is a fight that can move me to the Top 10, so this is very important to me too.


“There is a lot of room to grow, but there is enough Chazz Witherspoon to be victorious Saturday night.


“I have more experience than the person I am fighting. I believe I hold the experience edge over Seth, but we will see how the fight plays out Saturday night.


“I have four boys and another boy on the way. I don’t encourage my kids to pay attention to my boxing, but rather I am not pushing them towards the sport. I want them to play other sports. My brother is a professional soccer player so I want them to consider soccer.


“My mother and father always supported everything I have done. I have people to support me, but not a lot of yes men.


“I started boxing to stay in shape when I was at St. Joe’s on academic scholarship. They said don’t do it, but once I get a challenge, I try harder. I made it to the Olympic Trials because of it and that is where I first met trainer Virgil (Hunter).


“I had Virgil on a list of people that I would work with and then it all came together, so I am really happy now as a fighter.


“This is my first real camp and seeing the level that that involves, I see that I had been missing something up until now. This is a whole new level for me and I am happy I did it. I think there will be a lot of opportunities that will open up for me.


“Virgil taught me a lot just in one camp. He is a great man. He is very wise, breaks it all down and makes it all make sense. I am going to keep getting that knowledge and I see great things to come.


“I am a fighter and I am going to fight. They call me the “Gentleman” but I am a fighter and am going to fight.


Can Timothy Bradley Shock the World?



By Edgar Solorzano

On June 9, the world of boxing will have a horrific battle that will end up in the history books.  Top Rank’s new warrior, Timothy Bradley (28-0, 12 KO’s) will try to finish what Juan Manuel Marquez couldn’t, to conquer the eight-division world champion Manny  Pacquiao (54-3-2, 38 KO’s).

The majority of the fans know that Pacquiao’s last battle was not his greatest performance compared to his other victories. Some may even wonder if Pacquiao still has what it takes to keep embarrassing the big strong welterweights.

However, do not let Pacquiao’s last performance fool you. Juan Manuel Marquez is a smart fighter and knows the Pac-Man better than any other fighter.  Always remember that any student can get a math problem correct if he keeps trying over and over again; but there is always a great possibility that others may struggle when trying to solve that problem for the first time.

So can Timothy Bradley defeat Manny Pacquiao on June 9? Sure, anything can happen in the ring. You never know what you may witness when watching two fighters trade punches inside those ropes. Bradley is a dangerous fighter with explosive combinations. Although his fight against Casamayor was not his most exciting victory, he did enough to prove the world he has a chance against the Filipino super-star. Bradley is the type of fighter that creates fire-works against active fighters; he is a brawler that does not know how to give up.

When watching Timothy Bradley fight I always end up asking myself the same two questions. Firstly, can Bradley take a punch from an elite fighter? And secondly, can Bradley’s head dent a metal trash-can? Now, you may be scratching your head after reading my second question. You may even be asking yourself, “why does it matter if Bradleys’ head can dent a metal trash-can?!”  Well, think about it. If Bradleys’ head can dent a metal trash-can then could that possibly affect Pacquiao’s performance if there happens to be a head-butt during the early or late rounds?

Anyways, enough with the philosophy junk; let’s talk a little more about the young Timothy Bradley.

The majority of the fight-fans do not give Timothy Bradley enough credit for beating a fighter like Devon Alexander. Before Alexander lost his first fight against Bradley, the world was ready to crown him and treat him like a king. Some people even began to question if Alexander could beat a fighter like Manny Pacquiao or Floyd Mayweather. Thanks to Bradley, the majority of the fight-fans now know that Alexander does not have a chance against a Mayweather or a Pacquiao.

There are three simple reasons why a fighter like Timothy Bradley could give Pacquiao some great rounds.

First of all, Bradley likes to be the aggressor. He is always coming forward and never seems to back down. That is always a good thing; a fight with two aggressors is always exciting. Since boxing has been like the Discovery Channel lately, televising lions hunting deer; when there are other dangerous competition. Whenever there are two aggressors in the same ring, there is always a high possibility that both fighters will look like they ran into a storm of tomatoes by the end of the fight.

Secondly, Bradley is a brawler. Only problem is that his punches are a little too wide, and that will not work against a fighter like Manny Pacquiao.  If Bradley improves his punches, timing and foot-work, he may have a decent chance against the Filipino champ. Yes, Bradley has a lot to improve before he steps in the ring against Manny Pacquiao, however; that does not mean he won’t make it exciting.

Last but not least, Bradley is a young hungry fighter ready to prove the world wrong. He has never tasted defeat, and is planning to keep it that way. Undefeated fighters like Bradley are always confident. Confidence is one of the golden elements in the sport of boxing. Without confidence, a fighter is just a machine without a brain. Confident fighters are never too shy to mix it up in the ring. They love to give the fans what they want, and that always creates great energy in the sport.  A great example of a fighter without confidence is a fighter like Joshua Clottey. Clottey forgot how to throw punches on fight night against Pacquiao; the fans did not seem to like it. Many people claimed Joshua Clottey was a punching bag for twelve-straight rounds, I can’t blame them.

On the opposite corner, Manny Pacquiao is a punching machine that likes to annoy welterweights. The Pac-Man never seems to get tired of coloring people’s faces with Cleto Reyes leather, and the fans love it. But once again, how can a fighter avoid bruises when his opponent is throwing 100-punches per round? Trying to avoid Pacquiao’s punches is like trying to walk on water… Not happening.

Any fighter that steps in the ring against Pacquiao has to be prepared to taste leather. June 9 should be an interesting night of boxing for the fight fans.  Expect another explosive victory by Manny Pacquiao if Timothy Bradley does not fix his errors. The chances of Bradley shocking the world are not that great. So if he wins, yes, it will shock the world.




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It has long been understood that if you are a Mexican superstar fighter, you will be fighting on Cinco de Mayo weekend, which has traditionally become the date and stage for boxing’s biggest mega-events. Thanks to precocious 21-year-old WBC Super Welterweight World Champion Canelo Alvarez, it’s clear that this fistic holiday tradition will continue well into the future.

In that vein, Canelo will be defending his title against Six-Time and Three-Division World Champion Sugar Shane Mosley as the co-main event of “Ring Kings: Mayweather vs. Cotto,”on Saturday, May 5 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nev. which will be produced and distributed live by HBO Pay-Per-View®.

Canelo will be making his second Cinco de Mayo appearance, with his first being on May 1, 2010, when he defeated Jose Miguel Cotto on the undercard of Floyd Mayweather’s win over Mosley. This year’s Cinco de Mayo celebration will also mark the 150thanniversary of the famous Mexican military victory over the French in 1862.

Along with Cinco de Mayo weekend, Mexico’s Independence Day weekend has also long been a traditional weekend for Mexico’s most celebrated fighters to step into the ring. Canelo has been in the spotlight for three straight Mexican Independence Day weekends, knocking out Carlos Herrera in Puebla, Mexico on Sept. 15, 2009, knocking out Carlos Baldomir on Sept. 18, 2010 in Los Angeles at STAPLES Center and stopping Alfonso Gomez on Sept. 17 of last year, also in Los Angeles at STAPLES Center.

Canelo’s ascent to holiday headliner is something that’s been important to his promoter, Golden Boy Promotions, and its president, Oscar de la Hoya, who long fought on these holidays himself.

“It has become a rite of passage, as well as a sign of greatness, when a Mexican or Mexican-American fighter is given the opportunity to fight on either Cinco de Mayo weekend or Mexican Independence Day weekend,” said De La Hoya. “Those weekends mean a great deal to our Hispanic fans. It also means that a fighter is a tremendous box office draw. Canelo is heir to the throne. His popularity and appeal among sports fans, both Hispanic and non-Hispanics, has led him to his prominent place on the May 5 card.”

Canelo’s fight with Mosley is the biggest of his career. A win over the future Hall of Famer will launch the undefeated Canelo (39-0-1, 29 KO’s) to an even higher level of stardom. He could take ownership of these nights, joining the ranks of other popular Mexican fighters who have participated in Cinco de Mayo weekend and Mexican Independence Day weekend events.

Julio Cesar Chavez Sr. took on Terrance Alli and Frankie Randall on Cinco de Mayo weekends in 1993 and 1994 respectively. He also went to battle on five consecutive Mexican Independence Day weekends in the early 1990s, defeating Lonnie Smith and Hector Camacho Sr., drawing with Pernell Whitaker and beating Meldrick Taylor and David Kamau. He passed the holiday torch to De La Hoya on Sept. 18, 1998, and his last bout before retiring was on Sept. 17, 2005.

De La Hoya headlined Cinco de Mayo events in 2003, 2006, 2007 and 2008, knocking out Yory Boy Campas and Ricardo Mayorga, losing to Mayweather and defeating Steve Forbes respectively. The Golden Boy was also a familiar face on Mexican Independence Day weekend, facing Camacho Sr. in 1997, Chavez Sr. in 1998, Felix Trinidad in 1999, Fernando Vargas in 2002, Mosley in 2003 and Bernard Hopkins in 2004.

The epic battle between Diego Corrales and Jose Luis Castillo took place on May 7, 2005. On that undercard was Juan Manuel Marquez, no stranger himself to fighting on the Mexican holiday weekends with his first bout against Manny Pacquiao coming on May 8, 2004 and having fought on Mexican Independence Day weekend cards in 2004, 2008 and 2009 against Orlando Salido, Joel Casamayor and Mayweather.

Marquez’s compatriots, Marco Antonio Barrera and Erik Morales, both fought on several occasions around Independence Day with Barrera defeating Robbie Peden in 2005 and Rocky Juarez in 2006, and Morales beating Junior Jones in 1998 and Pablo Cesar Cano last year.

These two holiday weekends and the legendary fighters who have fought on them have given Mexicans and Mexican-Americans many reasons to celebrate. Canelo Alvarez has the talent and charisma to give them one more reason for several more years to come.

“Ring Kings: Mayweather vs. Cotto,” a 12-round fight for Cotto’s WBA Super Welterweight World Championship and the vacant WBC Super Welterweight Diamond belt, is promoted by Mayweather Promotions, Golden Boy Promotions and Miguel Cotto Promotions. Also featured will be Canelo Alvarez vs. Sugar Shane Mosley, a 12-round fight for Canelo’s WBC Super Welterweight World Championship which is presented in association with Canelo Promotions and Sugar Shane Mosley Promotions and a 10-round welterweight fight featuring undefeated rising star Jessie Vargas and former World Champion Steve Forbes. Opening the pay-per-view broadcast will be a 10-round bout between super welterweight contender DeAndre Latimore and former World Champion Carlos Quintana which is presented in association with DiBella Entertainment. The mega event is sponsored by Corona, Hatfields & McCoys on HISTORY™, DeWalt Tools, AT&T, O’Reilly Auto Parts and Puebla - Cinco De Mayo and will take place Saturday, May 5 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas and will be produced and distributed live by HBO Pay-Per-View® beginning at 9:00 p.m. ET/6:00 p.m. PT.

Demetrius Andrade headlines May 5th at Mohegan Sun

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Joe DeGuardia’s Star Boxing will celebrate Cinco de Mayo with an exciting pro boxing card featuring a legitimate star-in-the-making, undefeated 2008 U.S. Olympian Demetrius “Boo Boo” Andrade, on Saturday night, May 5 at Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Connecticut.

Light middleweight contender Andrade (16-0, 11 KOs) faces The Contender, Season Two participant Rudy Cisneros (12-3, 11 KOs) in the 10-round main event, which will air live (10-11 PM / ET) as an ESPN Boxing: FNF Special Edition presented by Corona Extra.

After the live boxing concludes, fans in attendance will have the added enjoyment of watching a closed circuit showing of the Floyd Mayweather, Jr. vs. Miguel Cotto fight on Mohegan Sun Arena’s jumbo screen.

“Demetrius Andrade has clearly graduated from prospect to contender,” Star Boxing president Joe DeGuardia said. “He’s getting close to a world title shot. We’re very happy to be back at one of the best venues in boxing, Mohegan Sun Arena, where Demetrius has become a genuine house favorite. Fans there can watch an entertaining live card, plus Mayweather-Cotto without leaving the comfort of their seats. I think ESPN showcasing Demetrius on a special Saturday night broadcast is a strong indication of how highly he’s respected in the boxing world as a potential star.”

The 24-year-old Andrade has been rising in world light middleweight ratings, recently moving to No. 6 in the World Boxing Organization (“WBO”) and No. 7 in the International Boxing Federation (“IBF”), as well as No. 15 in the World Boxing Council (“WBC”) and World Boxing Association (“WBA”).

Fighting out of nearby Providence, Andrade was a 2007 World amateur champion who will be fighting at Mohegan Sun for the sixth time. The gifted Cape Verdean boxer is co-promoted by Star Boxing and Banner Promotions

Andrade has been favorably compared to a younger, heavier, left-handed Mayweather due to their similar boxing styles, featuring lightning-quick feet and hands, incredible defensive reflexes and strings of dominant victories. “Boo Boo” has stopped of 11 of 16 opponents, collectively winning 57 of 61 rounds fought on the judges’ scorecards.

In his last fight February 10 at Mohegan Sun, Andrade absolutely smoked Angel Hernandez (30-10), stopping the former world title challenger in the second round, coming on the heels of solid back-to-back victories against former world title challenger Saul Duran (TKO3) and veteran Grady Brewer, winner of The Contender II television reality series.

The subject of a feature story in the current edition of The Ring Magazine, Andrade is a multi-gifted southpaw who is co-promoted by Star Boxing and Banner Promotions.

The May 5th supporting fights will include some of New England’s most popular boxers. The eight-round co-feature marks the long-anticipated return of Hartford fan favorite Addy Irizarry (8-5, 2 KOs), who has been sideline since November 20, 2010, after suffering a fractured ankle during a first-round loss to former International Female Boxing Association (“IFBA”) World welterweight champion Jill Emery. Irizarry faces Victoria Cisneros.

Undercard fighters include Hartford super featherweight Joseph “Chip” Perez (7-1, 2 KOs) vs. Juan Jaramillo (8-9-2, 3 KOs) in a six-round bout, as well as Hartford light heavyweight Tylon “Shadow Boi” Burris (1-0, 1 KO vs. pro debuting Robert Jackson, Springfield (MA) light heavyweight Reinaldo Graceski (1-0) vs. Borngood Washington, and Windsor (VT) light middleweight Chris Gilbert (3-0, 2 KOs) vs. TBA in four-round matches.

Tickets are $75.00, $40.00 and $30.00 (plus $5.00 facility fee for all tickets) and are on sale now through Ticketmaster. Ticketmaster customers may log on to; call Ticketmaster’s national toll free Charge By Phone number 1.800.745.3000; or visit any Ticketmaster outlet. Tickets are also available at the Mohegan Sun Box Office, subject to availability, or by calling Star Boxing at 1.718.823.2000 and online via

For more information go online to or


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41 world champions have been recognized by the WBC, of whom only three have regained the title: Vicente Saldivar (Mexico), Jose Legra (Cuba-Spain), Erik Morales (Mexico), Injin Chi (Korea).

122 featherweight world title fights have been held in WBC history.
20 featherweight world title fights have been held in Mexico in WBC history.

WBC Featherweight World Champion
Age, date of birth: 30 (September 15, 1981)
Residence: Mexico City, D.F., Mexico
Birthplace: Mexico City, D.F., Mexico
Record: 51-7, 45 KOs
Stance: Righthanded
Total rounds: 275
World title fights: 10 (7-3)
Trainer: Ignacio Beristain


ELIO “The Kid” ROJAS (Dominican Republic)
WBC Featherweight World Champion in Recess
Age, date of birth: 29 (September 25, 1982)
Residence: Brooklyn, New York
Birthplace: San Francisco de Macoris, Dominican Republic
Record: 23-1, 14 KOs
Stance: Righthanded
Total rounds: 118
World title fights: 2 (2-0)
Trainer: Buddy McGirt

1. Davey Moore (US) + 1963
2. Ultiminio Ramos (Mex) 1963 - 1964
3. Vicente Saldivar (Mex) + 1964 - 1967
4. Howard Winstone (Wales) + 1968
5. Jose Legra (Cuba) 1968 - 1969
6. Johnny Famechon (Fran) 1969 - 1970
7. Vicente Saldivar (Mex) * + 1970
8. Kuniaki Shibata (Japan) 1970 - 1972
9. Clemente Sanchez (Mex) + 1972
10. Jose Legra (Cuba) * 1972 - 1973
11. Eder Jofre (Bra) 1973
12. Bobby Chacon (US) 1974 - 1975
13. Ruben Olivares (Mex) 1975
14. David Kotey (Ghana) 1975 - 1976
15. Danny Lopez (US) 1976 - 1980
16. Salvador Sanchez (Mex) + 1980 - 1982
17. Juan Laporte (P. Rico) 1982 - 1984
18. Wilfredo Gomez (P. Rico) 1984
19. Azumah Nelson (Ghana) 1984 - 1987
20. Jeff Fenech (Aust) 1988 - 1990
21. Marcos Villasana (Mex) 1990 - 1991
22. Paul Hodkinson (GB) 1991 - 1993
23. Goyo Vargas (Mex) 1993
24. Kevin Kelley (US) 1993 - 1995
25. Alejandro Gonzalez (Mex) 1995
26. Manuel Medina (Mex) 1995
27. Luisito Espinosa (Phil) 1995 - 1999
28. Cesar Soto (Mex) 1999
29. Naseem Hamed (GB) 1999
30. Guty Espadas (Mex) 2000 - 2001
31. Erik Morales (Mex) 2001 - 2002
32. Marco A. Barrera (Mex) 2002
33. Erik Morales (Mex) * 2002 - 2003
34. Injin Chi (Korea) 2004 - 2006
35. Takashi Koshimoto (Japan) 2006
36. Humberto Soto (Mex) Interim 2005 - 2006
37. Rodolfo Lopez (Mex) 2006
38. Injin Chi (Korea) * 2006
39. Jorge Linares (Ven) 2007
40. Oscar Larios (Mex) 2008 - 2009
41. Tahakahiro Aoh (Jap) 2009
42. Elio Rojas (Dom. R.) 2010
43. Hozumi Hasegawa (Jap) 2010 – 2011
44. Jhonny Gonzalez (Mex) 2011 -
* Regained

Sep. 26, 1964 Vicente Saldivar KO12 Ultiminio Ramos, Naucalpan - F
Jan. 28, 1968 Chartchai Chionoi KO13 Efren Torres, Naucalpan - FL
Apr. 14, 1973 Rafael Herrera TKO12 Rodolfo Martinez, Monterrey - B
Aug. 24, 1992 Julio Cesar Chavez TKO5 Greg Haugen, Mexico City - SL
Mar. 8, 2008 Samuel Peter TKO5 Oleg Maskaev, Cancun - H

There have been 12 WBC world title fights between boxers from Mexican and Dominican Republic.
Mexico has won eight, Dominican Republic has won two, with one draw and one no contest.

Oct. 29, 1977 Carlos Zarate TKO6 Danilo Batista, Inglewood - B
Jun. 9, 1978 Carlos Zarate KO4 Emilio Hernandez, Las Vegas - B
Aug. 21, 1987 Julio Cesar Chavez W12 Danilo Cabrera, Tijuana - SF
Jan. 27, 1992 Humberto Gonzalez W12 Domingo Sosa, Inglewood – L FL
Jun. 2, 1995 Hector Acero Sanchez D12 Daniel Zaragoza, Ledyard - SB
Nov. 6, 1995 Daniel Zaragoza W12 Hector Acero Sanchez, Inglewood - SB
Jul. 13, 2007 Gamaliel Diaz W10 Elio Rojas (Qualifier), Gomez Palacio - F
Jul. 28, 2007 Hector Velazquez TW10 Mario Santiago (Eliminator), Tacoma - F
Jun. 28, 2008 Humberto Soto NC4 Francisco Lorenzo, Las Vegas - SF
Sep. 13, 2008 Elio Rojas W12 Hector Velazquez (Eliminator), Biloxi - F
Dec. 20, 2008 Humberto Soto W12 Francisco Lorenzo (Interim), Cozumel - SF
Feb. 20, 2010 Elios Rojas W12 Guty Espadas Jr., Merida - F

WBC Statistics by Luis Medina.


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Star Boxing’s undefeated heavyweight contender Joe “The Future” Hanks will return to action in a non-televised bout against veteran Marcus Rhode on Friday, April 27th at the Buffalo Run Casino and Resort in Miami, Oklahoma.

Later that night on ShoBox: The New Generation, (live on SHOWTIME, 11p ET/PT) super middleweights will be featured as Thomas Oosthuizen battles Marcus Johnson in a ten round bout and junior featherweights clash with Orlando Del Valle facing Chris Martin in a scheduled ten rounder along with an eight round junior lightweight bout between Jose Pedraza and Gil Garcia.

A native of Newark, New Jersey, now training out of Los Angeles, California, the 29-year-old Hanks kicked off his 2012 campaign on February 4th with a second round knockout of monstrous Cuban, Rafael Pedro.

The stoppage over Pedro at the Times Union Center in Albany, New York raised Hanks’ record to 19-0-0 with thirteen knockouts as he defended his IBA Americas Heavyweight Title.

In addition to his training regimen, Hanks has also kept busy with former world title challenger Jameel “Big Time” McCline in the production of a new DVD for the BBC series, Frozen Planet. More information can be found at

The Buffalo Run Casino is located at 1000 Buffalo Run Road, Miami, Oklahoma, 74354. For more information please visit their website at

Mayweather Media Quotes


Floyd Mayweather, Seven-Time and Five-Division World Champion

“I can’t overlook a guy like Miguel Cotto.

“I’m always looking to give the fans what they want to see.

“Uncle Roger said this is the hardest he’s ever seen me train. This is the hardest he’s ever seen me work for a fight.

“It’s been a roller coaster ride throughout my whole career, but I’m blessed to be where I am and I want to continue to go out there and dominate.

“The hard work has been done. During fight week, we will focus on shadow boxing, mental work and light training.

“The fans should watch this [fight] because in my eyes Miguel Cotto is an undefeated fighter. He fought one guy at a catch weight and another guy who got in trouble for cheating. He’s strong a knockout puncher and he always comes out and fights in a pleasing way.

“I’m always happy to go out there and put on a pleasing performance for the fans, the media and the people that have been supporting me for years.

“Rafael [Garcia] is the godfather of boxing. He has done a great job. He is a hand and eye specialist and a guy I wouldn’t trade in for anything in the world.

“I have been in boxing for 16 years and I haven’t stretched at all. I don’t stretch when I run. I’ve never stretched.

“Last time I checked, all 42 [of my opponents] have been dangerous, but they all ended up in the same place.

“I think I can look into a guy’s eyes and I can see the body language. I know when he’s a beaten fighter.

“The nick name ‘Money’ came from when I was joking and throwing money into the camera, so it stuck with me. You can’t be a 35-year-old man calling yourself ‘Pretty Boy.’

“The key to me winning is being in control like always, keeping my composure like always and never going out of character.

“I don’t think I have changed, maybe I don’t move as much. I’m going much more toe-to-toe these days.

“I haven’t taken any abuse in the sport of boxing. I think I’m done before 38.”

Roger Mayweather, Floyd Mayweather’s Trainer and Uncle

“All fighters are dangerous. Anybody who can punch is dangerous.

“Floyd fights for his own legacy.

“Fighters don’t have to fight that much these days to determine how good they are.

“I don’t have to tell you who the best fighter is out there. We already know who the best fighter is out there.”

Leonard Ellerbe, CEO of Mayweather Promotions

“This is a fight that everywhere you go, people are talking about.

“Cotto is a very dangerous opponent and anybody who’s thinking otherwise is foolish.

“Miguel is a tremendous fighter who has had a tremendous amount of success. He’s fought every fighter in this era.

“Floyd is one of the most despised athletes in the world, but he’s also the most talented athlete in the entire world. What other athlete do you know who has dominated his sport for 16 years?

“Over the last 12 months, Floyd Mayweather has earned more money than any athlete in the entire world.”

Richard Schaefer, CEO of Golden Boy Promotions

“This fight has two A-side fighters fighting each other. This is not like one guy having to carry the fight, but two A-side guys who can make the promotion as big as it is.

“I am being asked ‘how many pay-per-views will this fight do?’ That is always a crystal ball question. What I will say, and I will even take bets on this, is that this fight is going to be the biggest pay-per-view since De La Hoya and Mayweather. Now, is it going to break the record that De La Hoya and Mayweather set? I am not going to predict that but, I do think it will be the biggest pay-per-view since then, absolutely.

“With Floyd Mayweather, you have the king, the pay-per-view king and the number one attraction in the sport. Whenever Floyd Mayweather is involved, it is always considered a Super Bowl for boxing.

“With Miguel Cotto, you have an amazing fighter with a large fan base not only from Puerto Rico but Puerto Ricans everywhere and fight fans too. He has a very crowd pleasing style and is coming off such a big performance and win over Margarito. He is a star himself and can carry his own pay-per-view. When you add one and one together and it doesn’t equal two, three or four. What it equals is millions of pay-per-views and millions of fans for this May 5 card.

“Then you have Canelo fighting the most dangerous fight of his career against Sugar Shane Mosley. Mosley is going to bring his A game too as I know when Shane hears people saying he is not the fighter he used to be, he proves even more that he still has the will to win. He is going to teach the young Canelo a lesson and we will see what happens on May 5.

“There is so much support for this fight. Our sponsors, Corona, Hatfields & McCoys on HISTORY™ AT&T, DeWalt Tools, O’Reilly Auto Parts, Puebla-Cinco De Mayo, COSTCO stores and movie theaters NCM Fathom, have so many levels of activation happening it is going to be hard for people not to know Mayweather vs. Cotto is happening on May 5.

“Clearly another huge night for boxing. “Ring Kings: Mayweather vs. Cotto” on May 5 is as good as it gets.”

Jessie Vargas, Undefeated Welterweight Rising Star

“[On Gomez pulling out of the fight] I don’t know anyone who has been in this position as much as me.

“I’ve been around the sport for a while. I have a massive amateur background and I’m not scared of anyone.

“There are different types of fighters - those that try to beat you physically and those that try to beat you mentally. Whoever they put in front of me can try, but it isn’t going to happen.

“Robert [Alcazar] has been teaching me a lot and I’m looking forward to learning more.

“Robert is a great trainer and he’s teaching me a style that I want to learn and build on.

“I’m a very confident fighter and whoever they have in front of me, I’ll be ready.

“After people see me on pay-per-view, I think they’ll begin to recognize me and get to know who I am.”

DeAndre Latimore, Super Welterweight Contender

“It’s been great working with Jeff [Mayweather]. I actually have someone who’s bringing out the best in me.

“I know May 5 is going to be a tough fight, but people can expect to see fireworks.

“Now that I’m with a promotional company that cares about me, my family and what’s best for my career, the hard work and dedication is paying off.

“When I was working with Floyd, it wasn’t easy at all. It was tough, but it was the best thing that could happen to me. He took me under his wing and now I’m going to take care of him by getting that victory on May 5.

“On May,, I expected to have my hand raised when it’s all said and done.”



Floyd “Money” Mayweather invites boxing fans around the globe to tune into his media workout today as he streams it LIVE on his website  Continue reading “FLOYD “MONEY” MAYWEATHER’S MEDIA WORKOUT LIVE TODAY” »

USBA Championship Boxing: Yusef Mack vs. Omar Sheika

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Press Conference TODAY at Global Boxing Gym at 1:00pm in North Bergen, NJ for Omar Sheika vs Yusef Mack for the USBA Title.

Other fighters featured on the card at the Press Conference will be Juan “The Beast” Rodriguez and Przemyslaw Opalach. Come see the open workout and support Nedals Promotions and KEA Boxing show This Friday at Resorts Casino Hotel in AC!

Kea Boxing is combining with Nedal’s Promotions to present LIVE BOXING with a USBA Championship fight as the Main Event! The card also features KEA Boxing’s own undefeated prospect, Juan “The Beast” Rodriguez!

The action will be hot inside and out of the ring all night long as Nedal’s Promotions and KEA Boxing take over the Resorts Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey on Friday, April 27th.

Are you ready???

You’ll get an early look at some of the best young boxing talent in the New York and New Jersey area… and from all over the world! This card is loaded with impressive up-and-coming fighters!

In the Main Event, the USBA Championship is on the line as Omar Shieka faces Yusaf Mack. Also scheduled to be in action are Nedal’s newly signed middleweight from Olysztan, Poland, Przemyslaw Opalach and KEA’s undefeated prospect Juan “The Beast” Rodriguez.

The tentative card (subject to change) features:

USBA Light Heavyweight Championship!
Yusaf Mack, 29-4-2, 17 KOs v. Omar Sheika, 32-11, 21 KOs, (12 Rds)
Derrick Webster, 12-0, 7 KOs v. Sabou Ballogou, 8-4, 3 KOs (8 Rds)
Przemyslaw Opalach, 9-0, 8 KOs v. Sean Rawley Wilson 5-9-1, 1 KO (6 Rds)
Thomas Lamanna 7-0, 5 KOs v. Keuntray Henson 4-4, 1 KO (6 Rds)
Juan Rodriguez Jr., 8-0, 3 KOs v. Daniel Crabtree 3-4, 3 KOs (6 Rds)
Alando Swain, 4-1, 1 KO v. Wilkins Santiago, 4-0, 1 KO (6 Rds)
Tyrone Luckey, 4-1, 4 KOs v. TBA (4 Rds)
Anthony Young, 3-0, 2 KOs v. Jose Javier Calderon, 4-1, 4 KOs (4 Rds)
Gabriel Diaz 0-1-1 v. TBA (4 Rds)
David Roman Curiel 2-0, 1 KO v. Dominique Foster 0-0-1 (4 Rds)
Stivens Bujaj 7-0 5 KOs v. TBA
For additional information email [email protected]

If you’ve come to one of our previous fights, you already know what to expect. If this will be your first fight with us, here’s a taste of what you’ll get:

Great action! — You’ll see competitive fights involving some great local prospects and seasoned professionals
Beautiful ladies! — Round Card Models will be in the house!
Great food and drink! — A full bar is available along with a snack bar.
Music! — DJ Edit and DJ EQ will be rocking the house!
Surprises! — Who knows what may happen including celebrity appearances, pics with the models, pics with the boxers, raffles and other surprises!

Order tickets today over the phone by calling 973-903-2907 to make sure you’re part of the excitement!

Under the Radar: War of the Week!

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Keith Terceira

My first pick of our new column; Under the Radar -War of the Week features the little published Japanese flyweight title bout between Takuya Kogawa  (18-2, 10ko) and Tetsuma Hayashi (18-1-16KO) .

Kogawa is returning in only his second bout since losing to future hall of fame champion   in Thailand, on July 1st of last year and though  Hayashi has a lighter record of competition this fight may prove to be a good test for both.

Kogawa is favored to win easily but it may prove out as one of the better bouts of the week as Tetsuma shows a good chin and the heart of a lion. I expect Takuya to take a decision but this fight is one to watch if you can.

Below is the youtube link for Tetsuma Hayashi vs. Somsak Singmanasak  which you can use to see the skills the young man will bring into the ring on the 26th.

As well here is link for Kogawa’s battle with Pongsaklek Wonjongkam.

We will wait and see if this bout develops to deserve the status of the first War of the Week honoree.


El Mexicanito back in action Thursday!

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Keith Terceira

Tomoki Kameda makes his return in the main event ,Kameda (22-0, 14 KOs) will defend his unbeaten record and fight for the WBC bantamweight silver World Championship against Javier “Chispa” Chacón from Argentina.

Kameda of the sensational Kameda Brothers recently stated;

“I’m very motivated for this fight, and that’s why I prepared 100%, as it is a pretty big commitment to fight in the city where I did my debut in this country, which has treated me very well”

Tomoki Kameda has a Spanish nickname El Mexicanito which translates to (“The Little Mexican”), he also trains and fights out of Mexico. He has started to earn the respect of Mexican boxing fans, due to his very aggressive style of fighting.

The youngest of the three brothers (Koki, Daiki)  Koki Kameda was chosen as Rookie of the Year 2005 as well as Japan “Noqueador of the Year” in 2005 Japan. In 2006, Koki Kameda was awarded the “fighting spirit of the Year” in Japan by the Commissioner of Boxing in Japan.

Former IBF light welterweight champion Juan Urango returns to action Thursday in Mexico when he faces journeyman boxer Christian Chavez (24-18, 12ko) in what may prove to be  very work  for the Columbian strongman.

Urango returns after a  two year layoff, since the loss of his title to Devon Alexander in Connecticut in March of 2010.

At 32 years of age Urango may still have the ability to return to contention in the 140 or 147 pound divisions and this bout signals the start of his comeback run.

Also headlining the card that will appear on United States Televisa, undefeated Roberto Ortiz (23-0-1, 20ko) will make his 4th defense of the WBC Silver light welterweight title against Javier Prieto (16-6,11ko).

Virgin Island’s to host Fistic Fireworks on Wednesday, 25th!

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Keith Terceira

St Thomas, Virgin Islands will be the site Wednesday of two WBC Youth Title fights with John Jackson (12-0,11kos) facing Jesus Selig (14-0-1, 9KO) for the Light Middleweight belt and Julius Jackson (12-0,8ko) meeting Wilson Theophile (5-3,4ko) for the super middleweight version.

Promoted by Sampson Boxing LLC and 340 Promotions , the card features some of the best upcoming Caribbean boxers in three ten round bouts that headline the show.

John Jackson defends the crown he won, when he stopped previously undefeated  Keandre Leatherwood (9-1-6ko) of Alabama in december of last year in the sixth round.

Julius Jackson will also compete for a Youth belt facing Theophile , added to that he competes for the USNBC Super Middleweight crown.

Both young brothers are making a steady climb into contention for serious talks for major titles and this event could propel them further into the limelight.

23-year-old John Jackson was a 2008 USVI Olympic representative. He and his brother, undefeated super middleweight contender Julius (also a 2008 Olympian) are the sons of former world middleweight champion and one of the hardest punchers in boxing history, Julian “The Hawk” Jackson.

Topping the undercard another Jackson family member, Samuel Rogers (11-0 9 KOs), nephew of Julian, will make the first defense of his WBC FECARBOX Title against Durrell Richardson (13-4, 5 KOs) of Youngstown, Ohio.

Super Middleweight Clarence Joseph will be looking for his first victory (after being involved in two No Contest fights) against Eric Clinton 1-6 of Tallahassee, Florida, while super middleweight Austin Joseph will make his pro debut against Adam Schwartz (1-3) of Pembroke Pines, Florida.

Andy Lee, Julio Caesar Chavez Jr. and Senior hit El Paso!

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Keith Terceira

WBC Middleweight Champion arrives in advance of the  open press conference scheduled for today at the Sun Bowl Stadium Field at 12:30 pm MT, the Chavez’s arrived in good spirts ready to face the public and the media to announce the June 16th title fight with Ireland’s Andy Lee.

Top middleweight contender Andy Lee of Limerick, Ireland arrives in El Paso, Texas Monday night for a press conference Tuesday, to announce his upcoming challenge to Chavez’s title.

Not seen Monday night was Alex Ariza , whose choice to leave the Pacquiao camp is now drawing the ire of even Freddie Roach.

One wonders if Ariza will be at press conference , and if he is will he steal the thunder from the two combatants with the press.

Photos by Chris Farina/Top Rank

King’s Boxing to hold a weigh-in Thursday April 26th

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Kings Boxing Presents
Reading, Pa- King’s Boxing to hold a weigh-in Thursday April 26th, at Sofrito Gastro Pub,
220 Douglass St. Reading, Pa 19601 at 6:30pm. This weigh-in will be overseen by Pa Executive

Boxing Commissioner Greg Sirb. This press conference is open to the public.
Who: Keenan Collins(PA)vs. George Rivera(NY),

Glenn Tapia(NJ) vs. Manuel Guzman(PA)

Frank Dealba(PA) vs. Ivan hernandez(NY)

Josh bowles(PA) vs. Derrick Bivins (PA)

Rolando Chinea (PA) vs. Jamell Tyson

Cesar Gonzales(PA)vs. Jeremy Miller(MD)

Marie Robson
What: REVERB RUMBLE Weigh- in for all boxer’s on the card for Friday’s match up, April 27th
REVERB RUMBLE at REVERB at 1402 N. 9th
Street Reading 19604
Where: Sofrito’s Gastro Pub -220 Douglass St. Reading , Pa 19601
Why: The Charity for this fight is Susan G. Komen Foundation. Help Knock out Breast Cancerand support female boxer Marie Robinson as she raises money for the Susan G. Komen Foundation.
When: Thursday, April 26th at 6:30pm…you can preview the menu at Sofrito on Facebook Great
deals going on for restaurant week.

Tickets are $35 General Admission/ $50.00 Ringside/ $65.00VIP Purchase Tickets at Go Fish! Seafood
Market or Sofrito Gastro Pub Doors Open at 6:15- First Bout 7pm


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FOX Sports Media Group (FSMG), the umbrella entity representing News Corporation’s wide array of multi-platform U.S.-based sports assets,announced today that it has reached a multi-year, multi-media agreement with Golden Boy Promotions to provide live boxing content in the United States and internationally. Golden Boy Promotions, owned by renowned former Ten-Time World Champion Oscar de la Hoya, is the first Hispanic-owned boxing promotional company in America doing business domestically and internationally.

Domestically, Golden Boy fights will be carried on FOX Deportes, the leader in U.S. Latino sports media, on FOX Sports regional networks, the nation’s leading provider of local sports and FUEL TV, FSMG’s dynamic sports network for males and television’s fastest-growing cable network. One originally produced boxing event per month from the United States airs live on FOX Deportes, FUEL TV and FOX Sports regional networks. Additionally, live boxing events from cities throughout Mexico will be carried on FOX Deportes. The first U.S. event is scheduled for Friday, May 4 (11:00 PM ET/8:00 PM PT), live from The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas and features an all-Mexican battle between former World Champion Daniel Ponce De Leon of Cuauhtemoc and Juarez’s Eduardo “El Chucky” Lazcano in a 12-round main event for the vacant WBC USNBC Super Featherweight title and, in the co-feature, perennial contender and Las Vegas favorite Ishe “Sugar Shay” Smith facing Derrick Ennis in a 10-round junior middleweight bout.

During the first year of the partnership, FOX Deportes is scheduled to air a total of 44 live events originating in both the United States and Mexico; for every year thereafter, the network airs 36 live events. In addition, FSMG networks gain access to classic fights from the Golden Boy fight library which features fights of past and current world champions such as Oscar de la Hoya, Bernard Hopkins, Erik Morales and Marco Antonio Barrera.

“Led by the incomparable Oscar de la Hoya, Golden Boy Promotions has developed a great reputation over the last few years for putting together very exciting cards,” said Bill Wanger, Executive Vice president, Programming & Research, FOX Sports Media Group. “It’s great that we’ve been able to establish what we hope will be a fruitful relationship that benefits multiple networks within the FOX Sports Media Group for years to come.”

“We are excited about our new partnership with FOX Sports Media Group,” said Oscar de la Hoya, President of Golden Boy Promotions. “This is another step in ensuring that fight fans around the world don’t miss out on any of the great boxing action we present, both in the United States and Mexico. It’s a very important move towards increasing viewership and knowledge of our great sport. We are thrilled about this new partnership.”

Internationally, FOX’s networks have exclusive rights to FOX’s U.S.-produced fights throughout Latin America, the Caribbean, sub-Saharan Africa and Europe and to fight cards originating in Mexico throughout most of South America, the Caribbean and Europe.

Additionally, FOX’s networks have exclusive rights to Golden Boy’s Solo Boxeo series in Mexico and Central America, while FOX Sports Brazil has rights to select Golden Boy Promotions premier events.

Boxing back at Pechanga - May 11

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Emanuel Steward, and his famed Kronk Boxing, return on May 11 to Pechanga Resort & Casino in Temecula, California. In the main event, unbeaten jr middleweight Tony “Super Bad” Harrison (6-0, 6 KOs) takes on Ishwar Amador (11-9, 7 KOs). Harrison is considered Kronk’s next big star and has won all six of his fights by KO.

“The fans are in for a special treat with Tony Harrison,” said Steward, “He’s very similar to Thomas Hearns. He comes to fight, he is fearless in the ring, he doesn’t fight in reverse like many young fighters of today, he has a lot of poise and confidence, and he has a crowd-pleasing fighting style that Southern Californian fans will appreciate.”

Also featured on the card is featherweight Walter “Schoolboy” Sarnoi (10-2, 5 KOs) against Jonathan Alcantara (5-7-2, 1 KO). Tickets available at Pechanga Resort & Casino Box Office, by telephone at 1-877-711-2946, and at


Hopkins - Dawson Conference Call Transcript!

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“Hopkins vs. Dawson: Once And For All,” a 12-round bout for Hopkins’ WBC and Ring Magazine light heavyweight world championships, is presented by Golden Boy Promotions and Gary Shaw Productions and sponsored by Corona, AT&T and Caesars Atlantic City. Also featured will be a 12-round heavyweight battle between Seth “Mayhem” Mitchell and “The Gentleman” Chazz Witherspoon for the vacant NABO heavyweight title. The event will take place at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, New Jersey and will be televised live on HBO World Championship Boxing beginning at 10:15 p.m. ET/PT.

Kelly Swanson
Thank you, everybody, for joining us. We are going to feature both Bernard Hopkins and Chad Dawson on the media conference call today. Both fighters are training hard in the hot, hot sun of Florida. So I think we’re going to have a great fight.

We will have Chad Dawson with us first, and then when we’re finished with Chad, Bernard Hopkins will be calling in. So two separate calls but on the same call. And without further ado, I’m going to turn it over to Richard Schaefer, CEO of Golden Boy Promotions to make the announcement. Richard?

Richard Schaefer
Thank you very much, Kelly. Hello, everybody. Good morning, good afternoon. First I want to thank Gary Shaw, the co-promoter of this terrific event. It’s always a pleasure to work with Gary. It was very smooth, very easy, and I think the results will speak for themselves.

We will have a tremendous crowd in Atlantic City. Tickets have really been one of the best selling events in a long time, and this is just a further testament to these two great fighters, and as well that if you price tickets right, starting at $25-It’s unbelievable, for $25 to be able to see a double header like that is unheard of and the public will obviously respond accordingly.

I want to thank Caesars, as well, Ken Condon, HBO, and all the sponsors led by Corona, AT&T, and Caesars Atlantic City.

These are two great fighters. One is a legend. One wants to become one. He knows what he has to do. Both fighters will be ready. You’re absolutely right, Kelly. They worked hard. Stayed very, very focused on the training camps. They both know what’s at stake here and I’m really excited to be sitting ringside and see you all, members from the media, down in Atlantic City.

Just before I turn it over to Gary Shaw, I do want to point out again, as well, I know we had a conference call last week, about the terrific opening bout. It’s a double header on HBO World Championship Boxing with Seth Mitchell versus Chazz Witherspoon, a 12-round fight for the vacant NABO heavyweight title. So without any further ado I’d like to introduce Gary Shaw.

Gary Shaw
Thank you very much, Richard. I’m not going to go through all the thank yous. Richard already thanked everyone, but I do want to special thank to Ken Hershman for buying this fight and putting it on HBO not pay-per-view. So all the fans that watch fights all year long can watch this.

I’m just going to say that I never thought Hopkins was hurt. I still don’t believe Hopkins was ever hurt. We never heard anything about his rehabbing or anything else. My only fear is that Hopkins will not go through with the entire fight. That somewhere in this fight, after he’s getting a beating from Chad, will find a way to get out of the fight. Chad is a much superior fighter, younger, stronger, more aggressive and eager, once and for all, to put the legend where he belongs, retired and into the Hall of Fame. So that’s my feeling.

As Richard said, tickets are selling terrific. We are very short. We only have a few tickets more to sell to beat where Pavlik was. I think he had 7,000 seats and we’re almost there. And all our seats have sold.

So we want to thank for sure Ken Condon of Caesars. They’re doing a great job. Thank you very much all. Richard, thank you once again for another great co-promotion. I’d like Chad to open up and say a few words.

Chad Dawson
How’s everybody doing? I’d like to thank Gary Shaw, Golden Boy, HBO for putting on the fight. I’m just excited and I’m just happy we get to do this one more time. Hopefully this time we’ll give the fans what they want to see, a real fight.

I have to tell you, that Tomasz Adamek fight, I think that was one of your best fights ever. Even though you got knocked down you came back stronger. You became focused and you kept that fight and you controlled the pace.

Hopkins has a habit, of course, of bullying fighters. He comes in there and he gets into your head mentally. He’ll punch, clench, make cute little moves. How are you going to stay-and you’ve seen that in the first fight-how are you going to stay focused on this fight? How are you going to control the fight from the beginning to the end?

C. Dawson
By just being me. I think the last fight I didn’t get a lot of credit for being the aggressor and being the one that tried to press the fight. Bernard backed up the first two rounds, even though there were only two rounds, but I was the aggressor. I was pressing the fight. I tried to get Bernard to fight, but he didn’t show any signs that he wanted to fight until the fight was over. So, I mean I plan on going out there, using my jab, using my hinge speed, my youth, and winning the fight.

And kind of a follow up to that too, Bernard still at the same time is remarkable being 47 years old and doing what he does and coming there with a young man, as yourself, who’s 29. What kind of kudos do you give Bernard Hopkins for being in the game at this stage and what he’s been able to accomplish against world-class opponents?

C. Dawson
I mean like I tell everybody else, I admire everything he’s done in the sport of boxing over the last few years, you now, becoming the oldest world champion. Those are the things you can’t take away from Bernard Hopkins. You can’t take that away from him. The only thing I have to do is go out there and dethrone him. I want to become the world champion. I want the same recognition that Bernard gets. So, on the 28th that’s what I’m going out to get.

Gary, I’ve got a quick question for you. I know you were dissatisfied when the WBC ordered the rematch. And the money back then, Bernard Hopkins got paid $1 million. Chad’s purse was $800,000. How is the money different this time?

G. Shaw
I worked hard to get Chad this mandatory rematch or there’s not a chance that Hopkins would’ve gotten in the ring with him. We had to take short money because that was the ruling by the WBC, but Chad knows that we may take short money this time but this is the last fight. This is the end of Hopkins.

Hopkins won’t even do a press conference with Chad. He wouldn’t do a one-on-one with Max Kellerman and Chad. He won’t do a real press conference with Chad. That tells you all that you have to know about this fight.

And Richard, one question for you sir, too, as we were saying, Bernard has been an exceptional athlete fighting at 47. Do you have plans for him past this fight win or lose?

R. Schaefer
I’m going to be sitting with Bernard after the fight and see how he feels and then we’re going to go from there. For big fights you really don’t make any plans, I don’t think. You just see what happens and then you deal with it.

Chad, in that first fight I know it only lasted not even two full rounds, but in those two rounds it seemed like you were beginning to establish some control of the fight. Do you think that when this fight starts that your mentality will be to sort of try to pick up exactly where you left off? Sort of taking it to him and fighting with a little bit of kind of a chip on your shoulder?

C. Dawson
Yea. I mean the way the last fight ended; I could only take as a confidence builder because I really don’t believe Bernard Hopkins was hurt. He showed that he really didn’t want to be in the ring with me that night. So it’s a confidence booster for me and I want to go in there on the 28th and I want to pick up right where we left off. Be the aggressor. I want to make him fight and hopefully we can give the fans what they came to see the last time, a real fight.

Gary’s made it very clear he doesn’t believe that Bernard was injured. You’ve stated that
multiple times today during this call, many times. If that’s the case, why do you suppose
that Bernard, with his age, his stature, all the money that he’s made, his name, you know he
could’ve maybe looked elsewhere. If he really wasn’t hurt, why do you suppose then he took
this rematch with you when, even though it was mandatory because of the belt, he really didn’t
have to do that if he didn’t want to being where he is in the sport?

C. Dawson
I guess it’s all about his legacy. I mean if I was him, I wouldn’t want to go out on a bad note like that. I wouldn’t want to have anybody saying that you’re ducking this guy. So, I’m not going to say he’s scared because I don’t believe any fighter is scared. If any man gets in the ring with another man they’re not a scared person. But if you look at the last fight, he said he dislocated his shoulder but we didn’t see any weakness in his shoulder. We didn’t see any doctor’s notes or anything like that.

So like I said, my confidence is through the roof right now, you know, and I’m looking forward to going out there on the 28th. I’m looking forward to becoming a world champion once again.

G. Shaw
They didn’t want the fight. They lobbied against the fight, but I won on the floor of the WBC convention. That’s why Hopkins is taking it, because without the belt, Hopkins is just an old fighter. So he needs that belt to be someone. He’ll lose it on April 28th.

I was just going to ask you, Richard, if you had anything to say.

R. Schaefer
This is ridiculous. I was recently at Bernard’s house. Bernard has more belts than all the people have to hold up their pants. And so the fact is that Bernard at this point, at 47-48 years old, doesn’t need any belts. He could have gone and fought Shumenov for the WBA belt. He could have gone and fought Clevery, a youth showdown in the U.K. with huge crowds. I mean there were so many other options, but this is what Bernard Hopkins is.

I mean this exactly shows again the kind of fighter Bernard Hopkins is. He never turns down a challenge. Everybody felt that he was going to not fight him again, and guess what? He always does the unexpected. He even surprises Gary Shaw and Chad Dawson. And if Gary thinks that the result of Bernard taking the fight is because of some silly ruling from the WBC, he is mistaken. And he knows that.

G. Shaw
Richard, I love you, but that’s not true. We chased Hopkins for three years and we only got him in because of what happened with the Pascal fight, and you know that.

R. Schaefer
Well because he was in bigger fights where he made more money, that’s why, and then he got it. Bernard Hopkins could’ve gotten a TV date whether he fights Chad Dawson or not. You know that and everybody on the line knows that.

It doesn’t really matter. The fact is you know just because the WBC rules something that doesn’t mean everybody has to follow, but Bernard wanted the fight and took the fight. He was not obligated, wasn’t forced into it.

Thank you, gentlemen. Chad, Bernard’s age has been a big topic here. He’s 47. I think it was pretty clear that you were doing very well in the first couple of rounds before the aborted ending of the fight. Is the biggest statement that you can make in this fight to knock out Bernard Hopkins and end his career?

C. Dawson
That would be a big statement to make. Due to the fact that he’s never been knocked out before, I can’t say that I’m going in there looking for the knockout. I had a great training camp. We’ve been in training camp seven weeks already and everything’s been great. We’ve worked on a lot of different things.

We know Bernard is not going to come in the same fighter he was the last fight. We know he’s a little stronger than he was the last fight. I hope Bernard comes to fight. He took the fight. He wanted the fight. So hopefully we’ll be fighting on the 28th and we’ll get our fans their money’s worth.

Very good. By the way, you’re still with Scully for this fight correct?

C. Dawson

The fact that Bernard is from Philadelphia and has fought in Atlantic City for like 16 or 17 times, is there any concern on your part or on your camps part that there’s some sort of hometown advantage that he might enjoy?

C. Dawson
No concern at all. No concern at all.

G. Shaw
No, his promoter was on the board of New Jersey for a lot of years.

Yes, I know that.

G. Shaw
Okay, so that should answer it.

R. Schaefer
What do you mean by that, Gary? Could you elaborate?

G. Shaw
Sure. I mean that nobody has an advantage. Bernard’s from Philly and I had a relationship with the State of New Jersey. So we’re all even.

I just meant as far as like-I would imagine that Bernard’s going to have fan support and whether you think that that might sway the judges refereeing, unintentionally of course, but could it be a factor? Chad or Gary?

C. Dawson
I’m not worried about that at all. We’re not worried about that at all. We’ve never even brought that up. That’s never been a topic of discussion with us. We’re just looking forward to going out there on the 28th and becoming a world champion once again. I’m confident in my abilities. I know what’s going to happen on the 28th. If Bernard comes to fight, then the fans will get a great fight.

On a similar note, being from Connecticut, relatively close, why is that you’ve never fought in Atlantic City? It just didn’t work out that way?

C. Dawson
I guess it just never worked out. I don’t know what it is, but I’ve got the opportunity now and I hope a lot of my fans and family get to come and watch me laugh.

My question for you, Chad, and I also have a question for Richard Schaefer as well, but Chad, Bernard Hopkins seems to have a way against younger fighters. He beat Kelly Pavlik; He beat Antonio Tarver and all those guys. How do you plan to counteract him and what types of problems does he present to say younger guys as yourself?

C. Dawson
I don’t know because I can’t compare myself to other young guys. I think I’m fully different from all the other young guys he’s beaten. I have more will. I’m definitely smarter. I know Bernard’s been around the game for a long time. I know he knows all the tricks and all of the tactics and everything, but I’m not worried about that. Like I keep saying, if Bernard comes to fight on the 28th then the fans will get a great fight and I will be the one who comes out on top.

My other question is for Richard. How do you explain Bernard Hopkins’ popularity? Is it a matter of that there are no other younger fighters in the game with the kind of drawing power, the start power that he has or is it just that Bernard Hopkins is still that fascination in boxing that we have today?

R. Schaefer
Well you know I think if you look at the kind of fights and fighters Bernard fought and won, like De La Hoya, Trinidad, Tarver, Winky Wright, Kelly Pavlik, Roy Jones, and the list goes on and on, pretty much any and every big name, which was in or around his weight class over the past 20 years, he has fought and he has won against. So I think that sort of like is what built the status he has, which is a legendary status.

And the fact that he did make history to beat George Foreman’s record to become the oldest champion ever, I think you add all of these things together and people are taking notice that this is something very special, a very special athlete that we are seeing here, and I think that is what makes Bernard Hopkins so popular.

Coming into your fight, Bernard had an incredible he had an incredible record against south paws. It was 10-1 with five knockouts and one no contest, but the one guy who beat him, controversially, and Hopkins still thinks that he won the fight, was Joe Calzaghe.

And I interviewed him before the fight and I asked him, “Do you believe that Hopkins is going to win?” And he said, “My heart says Hopkins will win on points but my head says Chad Dawson will beat him on points or maybe even late round stoppage. My heart wants Bernard to win on points, but my head says Dawson will beat him.” What do you think he saw that many other people didn’t see thinking that you were going to beat him, perhaps even worse than what happened with him?

C. Dawson
I mean Joe Calzaghe was a great fighter, but me and Joe Calzaghe are two different fighters. We’re both southpaws, but Calzaghe uses his hand speed. I use my hand speed too, but my punches mean something. My punches count. My punches hurt. Joe Calzaghe was more of slapper with his punches. There wasn’t that much power on his punches but he threw a lot of punches.

I mean I have every advantage. I got the fire in my eyes and people saw that at the last fight. I really wanted to go out and I really wanted to beat Bernard Hopkins. Bernard had other plans. I’m going to keep saying this; Bernard did not want to be in the ring with me that night. Maybe he undertrained and he didn’t expect to see what he saw that night. Maybe he needed more time to get in better shape. I don’t know, but I’m here and I’m for real and I’m coming to fight.

I’m sure now maybe some more than others believe it, but going into the fight you were saying a lot of the things you’re saying now. That he was ducking you and that kind of thing. Do you think that regardless of what the result was the last time, do you think now that you’re getting more credit for being the fighter that you thought you were going into that fight?

C. Dawson
I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t really listen to things like that. I just know what I can do and I know what happened that night. I looked into Bernard’s eyes that night and Bernard did not want to be in the ring that night. He may tell you otherwise and Richard Schaefer may say otherwise but I’m telling you, Bernard didn’t want to be in the ring that night.

Like I said, maybe he undertrained and he underestimated me. Maybe he needed a little more time to get in a little better shape. Maybe that’s what he did by taking the rematch. He wanted to get in better shape then he came into that fight, but he didn’t have that fire that night.

Was the decision to reunite with John Scully because there was a style that you liked earlier in your career and you wanted to get back to that particular style of fighting?

C. Dawson
Yes that was the main reason I switched. I wanted to become myself again. Me being with so many different trainers, I think that kind of derailed my own style and going all of these different ways. One trainer wanted me to work on this and another trainer think I’m better at this so I should be working on that.

Well Scully is different because Scully knows all of my strengths. So we add to that. I’ve known Scully since I was 12 years old. I sparred with him when I was coming up younger, earlier in my career. So Scully knows me. He knows everything about me. We’ve been in the ring together. So he knows my strengths and he knows my weaknesses. So we had the chance to work on all of those things.

And I’m also working on all of my strengths because he knows what they are but to work on my weaknesses. And I think on the 28th everybody will see a total package. And it was a good thing, not a great thing, but the fight didn’t go past the second round so I really didn’t break a sweat. So we got a chance to get back into camp and go back to work. So we got right back to work and I’m going to be in even greater shape this fight right here.

And speaking of the abbreviated version of the fight, it didn’t last long, but were there any things that you picked up during the fight that you can use for the rematch or was this a situation that you feel Bernard kind of did everything that you thought he would?

C. Dawson
No. I think he did everything we thought he was going to. He started head butting early. He started all of his dirty tactics. He kept jumping on my back. Everything he did that night we expected. Even when he hit the canvas we knew he wasn’t getting back up. We knew he was going to fake it until he made it, and that’s what happened.

Both of your responses kind of segue way into my questions. There was a point where-Bernard’s been called-some of his tactics have come into question in the past, and you tried to put your forearm, I guess, into his neck. I guess my question is was that forearm a response to something he did or was it just your way of sending a message that you can change tactics and fight anyway that you need to?

C. Dawson
Actually you’re the first person that point that out, but that was a little bit of both. I wanted to let him know that I wasn’t going to put up with his tactics all night and I wanted let him know I’m strong, “I’m too strong for you,” and I think he felt that.

We’ve been talking a lot over here about Nathan Cleverly, and there’s obviously the potential for a unification fight if you or Bernard, whoever is the winner of this fight, takes on Nathan. Frank Warren, the promoter in the UK has promised that. Is that something; that Nathan Cleverly is on your radar?

C. Dawson
The only person on my radar right now is Bernard Hopkins.

I know you don’t want to look too far ahead of yourself, I suppose, but is he a big enough name now in this division to be mentioned alongside yourself and Bernard and Beibut Shumenov and people like that?

C. Dawson
Honestly, I’ve never seen him fight. I’ve heard his name a few times, but I never seen him fight. So I don’t know much about him. But like I said, my whole focus is on Bernard Hopkins.

Wherever me and Gary Shaw come to after this fight is where we come to. So whatever we have to do, but right now it’s Bernard Hopkins.

You’ve addressed this a little bit, but you know often in fights fighters start off the first couple of rounds as sort of a feeling out round. You’ve had that almost two rounds already. Are you going to be able to sort of dispense with that learning what you’ve already learned from the first fight, as short as it was?

C. Dawson
Yeah. I mean I feel like even the first round is going to be the third round because I think Bernard got to feel me out a little bit. I got to feel him out a little bit. So I think this for him makes for a great fight because we’ve been there. With only two rounds we’ve both been in there with each other and we know what to expect.

If you look at even the fights that he’s officially lost, except for the first fight he had with Roy Jones and his first fight, he hasn’t really-the fights that he’s lost, by decision, have been kind of controversial. Do you want to sort of put an exclamation point on your performance and win in a very clear-cut fashion for your legacy?

C. Dawson
Yes, sir. That’s the goal. That’s my plan. I want to go out there. I want to beat him. If it goes 12 rounds, I want to win 11 or 12 of those rounds. I’m looking to go out and I’m looking to beat Bernard in a great fashion, a fashion that no one can say, “Oh but this, but that. It was a close fight.” I don’t even want a close fight. I want to beat him decisively.

K. Swanson
Okay great. That was the last question for Chad and Gary. If you guys have any final comments, and then we will get Bernard Hopkins on the line and start the second part of this call.

G. Shaw
I just want to say thank you to everybody. Thank you, Richard, for another great co-promotion. I promise you, Chad Dawson will walk out of that ring victorious. He will have the ring belt. He will have the WBC belt, and I wish Bernard Hopkins a lot of good luck on his entry into the hall of fame.

K. Swanson
Okay, we can get started. Richard, if you’d like to make the introductions, we’ll turn it over to Bernard for comments and then open it up for questions.

R. Schaefer
Okay. Great. Well, it’s a pleasure again to be on here and I have to say it was quite funny to listen to those silly comments from Gary Shaw about Bernard having to take this fight. Bernard, at this point in his career doesn’t have to do anything, and he’s certainly not going to be driven by a mandatory or a mandate at the defense of his title against Chad Dawson.

And it’s funny as well because it sort of reminds me about the whole thing that’s going on here, about October 18, 2008. That was an interesting day. It was an interesting night. All of you guys from the media didn’t really give Bernard any chance. And yes that was his fight against Kelly Pavlik, and yes it was in the same venue. I sort of compare stories and I look at all of that and I see a lot of similarities.

And again, after everything Bernard has achieved in his career, I mentioned it before, wins against pretty much anyone who was anyone in the last 20 years in our around his weight class from De La Hoya to Trinidad to Tarver to Winky to Pavlik to Jones and on and on and on, people are still doubting him. It’s amazing. I guess some people never learn. I’m just telling you guys you bet at your own risk against legendary Bernard Hopkins.

For me to, yet again, be able to introduce this legend in another significant fight is just really an honor. And it really is an honor for me, Bernard, to introduce you on this call. Bernard “The Executioner” Hopkins, with a record of 52-5-2, 32 KOs, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; please, Bernard Hopkins.

Bernard Hopkins
Thank you, Richard. I’m here to answer some questions.

Talking to Dawson earlier he said that he would use his physical strength and kind of take control of the fight and that he really didn’t get much from the first fight, of course, because it was ended in two rounds. I was wondering are you going to approach this fight a little bit differently because you’re able to get into a fighter’s mind.

You’re able to kind of bully them around. You do clench, punch, make cute moves at times, but with Dawson being who he is with his quickness, we didn’t really see a lot of it on display in the first fight, how are you going to approach this fight? Are you going to approach it any differently from the first encounter?

B. Hopkins
I’m going to approach it the way I’ve been trained to approach it and the way I’ve been working and camping my strategy. But all that he said was what he’s going to do but let’s see your work. If he said he’s going to do what he’s going to do then I think the best thing to witness is come April 28th.

So I’m not going to get into a dog and cat fight and I ain’t the cat. I’m not going to go back and forth and say he’s going to do this and he’s going to do that.

At the end of the day, I really don’t have too much to say but this is protocol. You have to do things to bring people interest. So I understand that. But right now it’s too much for me to say. The only thing I want to do is this show. Whoever can make it, make it. Whoever don’t, don’t, but it will be on TV.

And Richard Schaefer did point out that you didn’t have to take this fight, although Gary Shaw pointed out that it was mandated by the WBC. Why did you take this fight? You know you don’t have to take any fight you don’t want to take, you had other fights out there on the horizon, why did you take this fight, this rematch?

B. Hopkins
Because I’m a legend.

Is this the type of fight here, of course you win, your legend gets even bigger, what do you look ahead of accomplishing? If you get this fight, do you want to unify the title? Do you want to move up? You talked about moving to heavyweight. What is there ahead of you if you win this fight?

B. Hopkins
Right now I want to beat Chad Dawson. Right now I want to beat Chad Dawson in one of the greatest places that I’ve started my career on the mat, and that’s Atlantic City.

Who knows what the future holds after I beat Chad Dawson, because if you remember when I beat Kelly Pavlik they blackballed and sat me down for 16 months after a hell of a performance that most of you all had me losing, not only by a decision, but by a knockout. So it isn’t up to me where I go when I win. Just watch what the establishment might do because there’s another person that will want to … a list of so many young fighters and we never saw them again. Some ran into the trees. Some tried to revamp their career. Some just fell off the planet earth, boxing wise.

So my plan is April 28th because I understand what I’m facing. I understand what I’m up against. And when you understand that for years and years and years of my career, I don’t think as far as you all do. I know where to think and I know where to cut it off. I know what a win would do and what a win won’t do for me, only me.

This is the only Bernard Hopkins’ rule they got for me. This isn’t anybody else’s rule in boxing, not Floyd Mayweather, not Amir Khan, not any other fighter the last 15-20 years. It’s the Bernard Hopkins rules that they made up.

So winning isn’t always a good thing in the politics of Bernard Hopkins. Trust me. Look at the track record. When you see come the 28th of April and you see me reenact what I did in October of 2008, even better performance, then I’ll think about what I’m going to do not what they want to do with me. That’s the difference.

Bernard, I think those might look at this match up and see you’re the underdog, as you’ve been other times, and it’s almost like it’s where you want to be; underdog against Tarver, underdog against Trinidad, underdog against Pavlik. You pulled the rabbit out of the hat and beat all three of those guys. You didn’t just beat them; you beat them decisively.

Are you basically in a spot where you want to be? Where you thrive the best when there are not a lot of people that give you the real legitimate chance to actually win the fight against a guy that’s so much younger than you are, almost 20 years younger than you?

B. Hopkins
Well that’s being kind of mild. I was born in 1965 and a great year for segregation. I was the underdog based on being black. So being the underdog in boxing or being the underdog when others have their opinion, this is kids play.

You’ve taken it a little too deep than what it is. To be the underdog, obviously you’re blessed not to have a sun tan like me, but trust me, people like me, and I say people like me, understand underdog as the sport - whether it’s sport, whether it’s play, whether it’s corporate America, whether it’s just being the situation you are. So am I comfortable being in this situation? Maybe. Maybe I got immune to it. Maybe it grew on me over the years.

But whatever it is, it doesn’t take away the talent of Bernard Hopkins in the last 20 plus years. It doesn’t take away what I do in the ring and what I’ve done out of the ring. At the end of the day, whether it’s the underdog because they say I should be the underdog, I can say I fight and I prove that and I’m going to continue to show that you might have opinions, whoever, but that don’t mean that you have to be right. And that’s my job to prove it come April 28th.

I know what I know and I start getting kind of old in boxing because to be honest with you, I don’t really have too much to say any more the last two or three years even though I try to push myself to give people something because it’s part of the game in boxing. You do a lot of talking. Then you do a lot of backing up. Some do and some don’t, but I think I am getting kind of old in my age where right now I get agitated even doing these interviews because it seems to be the same questions and nobody else has anything different to ask me.

It’s not that people are wrong for asking me, it’s that I’ve been around so long. 24 years if my math is right, 1988. If you take half of those 24 years, what else can you ask Bernard Hopkins? The news isn’t when I win. The news is if I lose. That becomes news to you all, and I understand that because I’ve built a track record. I’ve been right more than I’ve been wrong. You all have been wrong more than you have been right. It’s nothing personal.

I just want to lay the platform out there for everybody who’s on the air listening that I understand that you have to dig in the bag of tricks or a rabbit out of the hat, because it’s what else are you going to ask me? “Are you going to stay, Bernard?” You can’t ask me that or, “Are you mentally ready, Bernard?” You damn sure aren’t going to ask me that. So you got to find these things to create what, a conversation. I’d rather talk about something else, but this is part of the protocol game so let’s play the game.

April 28th is the only thing I want to say, the only thing I want to show, and you’re going to see it. You’re going to want to come up and shake my hand and tell me how great I am. And that’s when I’m going to say, “Thank you,” and go home and sleep in my bed that I haven’t been in for nine weeks.

Bernard, with this fight, you’ve made a big deal about your age for a long time. 47 years old now going into this fight, do you think about it, win, lose, draw, whatever the case may be; do you see yourself with a future in boxing beyond this fight?

B. Hopkins
I just repeated something that happened in October of 2008. Now I’ll repeat it again. The rules are different for Bernard Hopkins. The rules should be different for Bernard Hopkins because I’ve made them that way, in the ring and out of the ring.

Winning doesn’t mean that you might see me fight HBO or Showtime again. You know why? Because if you remember, as Richard eloquently reminded ya’ll, that after the Pavlik fight, which any other fighter would become an instant, if he wasn’t a star, he would have been a triple star, instead I went fishing for 16 months. Do you think that was an accident?

No, what I’m saying is this. When you ask me questions like that, if I was any other fighter, from top to bottom, it would be already there before you know the next move. The next move would’ve not been even a question of where that person would go, where that fighter would go.

But see, I didn’t already establish a lot of things that you can’t really see things will be great and dandy after this fight because they’ll find an excuse to say, “Well Chad Dawson wasn’t.” They’ll find a loophole, like in court, to say what Chad Dawson didn’t have all of a sudden, but they’re going to reserve that just in case they’re right about what they predicted. So I know what I’m dealing with here and they know I know what I’m dealing with and they know me. So let’s play the game and let’s see who can play it the best.

There’s one thing everybody on this line can understands and knows; I’ve been right more than I’ve been wrong. How many reporters can say they’ve been more right about their predictions than more wrong? How many are honest to say he was more right than wrong? But when it comes to me, I guess the predictors; they know what my track record is. They know what my track record is. I don’t have to repeat that. I don’t have to repeat that. I’ll just say we’re on the countdown right now, and any other sticky coat questions or scenarios or what’s going to happen, this better be shown April 28th, because at the end of that day that’s all that really matters.

You know you’re going to get a sound bite from him. You’re going to get a sound bite from me. But at the end of the day, what you care about is when you sit down there in the audience and is Bernard going to do what you said earlier, pull a rabbit out of a hat? I will see a rabbit out of a hat. I will say I’ll just continue to kick the naysayer’s ass in and out of the ring, because that’s the task that I’ve always been up against. And I don’t mind that. It’s not anger. It’s a challenge. You all have been by biggest motivator. Without that, it wouldn’t be me where I’ve been.

You fought here about 16 or 17 times now. Is there a comfort level that comes with fighting in Atlantic City, being that it’s been, especially lately, it’s been home to some of your biggest wins? Is there like a, I don’t know, like a hometown advantage do you think almost for you?

B. Hopkins
No. There’s no hometown advantage for me. My opponent, he’s from Connecticut, which is around the corner. I’m from Philadelphia, which is next door. There’s no hometown advantage.

A hometown advantage is when you’ve got the judges, the referee, and the politics on your side. That’s hometown advantage. That’s home court. Trust me. When you’re the basketball player and you got your cousin as a referee, he’ll blow the whistle every time. You don’t even have the ball and he blows the whistle. That’s the hometown advantage.

But with me, you have to remember you’re dealing with Bernard Hopkins. You’re dealing with Bernard Hopkins. There is no home court advantage for Bernard Hopkins. The rules are different for me, man. The rules are different.

The rules are different for certain athletes that come amongst us. The rules are different for Jim Brown. He made a way. The rules are different with Satchel Paige. He made a way. The rules are different with Muhammad Ali. He made a way. The rules are different with Gary Russell. He made a way.

The rules are different for anybody that’s stood up for what they believed in, whether they’ve cost them their career, their lives or their job. The rules are different for certain unique people that do these things. So it’s never a home court advantage.

They would never rock me to sleep. Matter of fact, as far as I’m concerned, I’m fighting in his backyard. As far as I’m concerned, I’m fighting on enemy territory because you won’t rock me to sleep and you can’t rock me to sleep, to think that anybody’s going to do Bernard Hopkins a damn favor.

Okay. I just thought the fact that you’ve fought there 17 times, he never has fought there, that you might have some sort of comfort level maybe.

B. Hopkins
No. That’s because 17 times I was right more than I was wrong. It just happened to be that way. Hey listen, it just happened to be that way. You can look at when I fought in L.A. the last fight. Golden Boy is based out of L.A. Oscar is from L.A. You see what they did to me and tried to do to me there if I didn’t stand over my lawyers and my promotional team?

Are you kidding me? This is in Los Angeles, California where Oscar is famous like a Magic Johnson who plays for the Lakers. Are you kidding me? This is where you fight even harder. Where it should be a little different because you are home and everybody’s catering to you.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, I’m too much of a veteran to go for that okie doke. That’s one of those moves when you’re a rookie you think that you home and everything’s good and most fighters lose at home because they so comfortable and they so relaxed and they so everything’s going to be catered to them and then the it’s the worst day of your life, the worst night of your life.

Well I was just curious why you call it one of the greatest places you’ve ever fought on the map earlier?

B. Hopkins
Because I’m biased because I live right up the road. I’m supposed to say that. I’m from Philadelphia.

Listen, I like this. This is all a game. It’s all a game. It’s a game of chess not checkers. It’s a game in the ring. There’s a game out of the ring. I hear the whispers. I hear the whispers. It’s all a game. And you know what? Right now I’m winning the game. I’m winning the game and April 28th that the physical part of the game, but the other game is vicious because you don’t see the part that’s coming.

Bernard, I’m going to ask the same question as I asked you in front of the art museum last summer. How is it that a lot of these younger fighters, strong, fast and all this other stuff, why do they have problems against you? Is it more a mental thing? Is it a physical thing? Is it a combination of both?

B. Hopkins
Well I’m not young so you can’t ask me that question. You have to ask them. I don’t know what’s in their head. We all call ourselves fighters. We all call ourselves athletes. They’ve got great trainers or you could say good trainers or potential great trainers, some had, some don’t, but I think it’s the lame excuse to downplay who I am.

Because when you take away the person’s ability to make a person do what you want them to do and you say because it’s mental, like I did something to undermine it all, underhand or under the table, like it’s against the rules, you just flat out beat a guy because maybe I’m just better.

Did anybody ever thought or think that maybe I’m just better than the generation that’s here in the last five or ten years. Maybe I’m just better. Did anybody ever think maybe it isn’t the mind games? It isn’t that Bernard Hopkins has got that look that he can bully somebody before the punch is thrown.

I disagree that most people think that what I do is about a head game. Why do you think I’ve been quiet? Because to be quiet, until this media phone conference-because if I don’t say anything and I don’t do anything then they can’t accuse me and charge me, “Well you know, Bernard, witness here.”

So I’m trying to eliminate a monster let the cat out of the bag since we kind of close. I was trying to eliminate the excuse for my performance and the excuse for my eye openers, since they don’t want to give me the money that I deserve and they don’t want to give me the prestige that I deserve, as Richard said, and they don’t want to give me credit for what I deserve. Then maybe, just maybe Bernard’s just better than this generation.

It’s not a crime. It’s very unique, I would say. It’s very strange in a good way, if strange can be mentioned in a good thing. So they rely on other excuses to downplay Bernard Hopkins’ uniqueness in the world of all these fighters that fight in the day past 30 years old or younger. They just don’t want to give me the credit.

But they don’t have to because I already won. I won ten years ago. I could’ve stopped and did them all a favor. I already won. But I’m on something else right now and that something else is even greater than what I’ve done in the last 10-15 years, believe it or not, and I’ve done a lot of great things. But April 28th is going to be something that you’re all gonna saying, “Man”-I’m gonna rewrite the book. I’m gonna rewrite the book.

Bernard, one of those fights that comes to mind where this very similar situation developed and the guy was a southpaw was the first fight with Robert Allen. And I remember even the commentator, was questioning you as is Dawson and his promoter whether or not you were really hurt. We know what the result of that second fight was a second round knockout, seventh round knockout.

Am I right about the similarities between that fight and this one? You getting pushed out of the ring and then questioned about whether or not you were hurt and then the way you came back in that fight and Robert questioning you as well?

B. Hopkins
Carbon copy, it’s like looking in the mirror. Fortunately and unfortunately in my career I’ve been in two situations, maybe three. I remember Antoine Echols I just remember that. He picked me up at the Venetian. He been frustrated I was dancing circles around his head and he picked me up and slammed me down. And I had a dislocated shoulder. I remember that fight on HBO.

Yes, but you won that fight that night. This one-

B. Hopkins
I understand I won that fight because I chose to get up and I chose to do what I had to do. I won it by a knockout in the 11th. But to answer the question about the Robert Allen second fight, it is a similarity. So close its not scary but it is very profound that I’m under the same situation and it’s going to be even stranger when the same result happens.

Because at the end of the day, I’m always at my best when by dignity, my pride and my name is the only thing that I have when I leave this earth. And even though I can’t stop everybody and anybody from saying what they think about me, I’m on something else. I’m fighting for something else more than just a … in this game that some of us can fall in love with.

So as I sit here and I do this interview and I’m looking at the gym right now, I know what I have to do. Whatever he said he’s going to do I believe he’s going to try, and that’s when everybody’s going to enjoy Bernard Hopkins in the … that I’ve always showed but they just wasn’t paying attention. They weren’t paying attention. They seriously weren’t paying attention.

I believe I’m the most underrated fighter that ever walked on the planet Earth that reached this level. When it comes to speed, when it comes to talent, when it comes to hit and not get hit without running, when it comes to the basic fundamentals of boxing, I believe that I’m the most underrated fighter that ever laced a pair of gloves on, that reached a level that I’ve reached in my 24 years. And that’s a motivation for me to keep pushing, to prove that I’ve been and who I am.

Bernard, are you also at-you talked about being at your best when your dignity and pride is at stake. Are you also at your best in terms of the fight itself when a guy feels brave enough to challenge you and feel like you’re not what he thought you were? Do they play into your hand similarly?

B. Hopkins
I don’t know. Well it wasn’t anything that played into my hand because it’s nothing I set up. It’s nothing I would use as a strategy. It’s nothing I’d use as a head game, some would say, when they want to make an excuse for their wrong and my right.

I believe that the older guys that happen to be around are very few has enough sense and have enough experience to know that they have to be more careful in any certain spots. That’s the veteran in some of the fighters that may be still around. But any entity or any person that’s young, they haven’t reached that level of patience and experience. So it’s nothing that they’ve done wrong. It’s just something they’ve got to live through.

Some will live through it and realize this year and some won’t. Some will fall victim to what you just mentioned. That they will play into our hand that really wasn’t leading out for them to play in to, but because of their thinking, because of what they feel, it could be dislike, it could be, “I’m better.” It could be, “I’m jealous.” It could be, “I envy.” It could be, “I want his status. I want his life. I want his record. I want to be this. I want to be that.”

A lot of us want to be a lot of things that we can’t be yet or never. That’s the game changer, and instead of six, five, four, three, two, one or even up to eight, nine, ten and 11, that’s the game changer sometime in the fight where you have to man up and nothing else matter, nothing else matter.

So you want him to come to you and try to take your head off is basically what you’re saying?

B. Hopkins
I want him to come to me and stick his chin out and let me hit him.

R. Schaefer
As long as he doesn’t lift your legs off.

B. Hopkins
Exactly. I mean he can come the way we want to come, but I don’t think a 29-year-old or a 30-year-old right now is going to dance away from a 47-year-old. Ya’ll would embarrass him. Ya’ll would kill him in your papers.

So any 27-year-old is told, already know the strategy, with an old guy or older guy what do you do? You make him fight harder than he wants to fight. Well, that’s one way if you’re dealing with an average 47 year old, but what happens where he matches the same energy and matches the same speed and he isn’t breathing?

Is he going to use the excuse that Pascal used and say I was on some kind of steroids? Is he going to use the excuse that I’m drinking some kind of jungle juice? Is he going to use the excuse that maybe sometime I might’ve seen some witch doctor? See, when they got a plan because their trainer and the people tell him this and they tell him that and it doesn’t work, that’s the fight. That’s when you sit back and you say, “Man we got him by another-”You all are going to call an upset. And you know what? You should, because I’m 47 right?

So look for the excuse when it’s all said and done. You’re going hear so much crazy stuff. It isn’t going be laughable to some media people because they went out gung ho and they want be right just like I want to be right. So a lot of them aren’t going be happy.

. Don’t miss it. Thank you very much.


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Top junior lightweight prospect Andrew “Chango” Cancio has passed the tests placed in front of him thus far, but the biggest test of his career will come on Saturday, June 2 when he faces former world title challenger and 2000 Olympic Silver Medalist Rocky Juarez in the main event of TeleFutura’s “Sólo Boxeo Tecate,” at Fantasy Springs Resort Casino in Indio, California.

Cancio vs. Juarez, a 10 round junior lightweight bout, is presented by Golden Boy Promotions and is sponsored by Cerveza Tecate. Doors open at 6:00pm PT on fight night and the first bell rings at 7:00pm PT. The TeleFutura broadcast begins at 11:00pm ET/PT.

Tickets, priced at $25, $35 and $45 are on sale now and available for purchase at the Fantasy Springs Box Office, by calling (800) 827-2946 or online at

Hailing from Blythe, California, 23-year-old Andrew Cancio (13-1-2, 11 KO’s) will have the home crowd in his corner on June 2 when he steps up to the plate against the world-renowned Juarez. The winner of five fights in a row since his lone loss which came via a controversial decision to Carlos Vinan in 2008, Cancio has won three of those fights (against Lowell Brownfield, Fernando Carcamo and Gerardo Zayas) at Fantasy Springs, and he can’t wait to put on a show for his growing fan base and a national television audience against the former Olympian.

Houston’s 32-year-old Rocky Juarez (28-9-1, 20 KO’s) represented the United States in the 2000 Olympics and his popularity has only grown since then, thanks to his aggressive style and willingness to go to battle with anyone who steps through the ropes to face him. A six-time world title challenger who has come extremely close to nabbing a championship, Juarez has faced the best of his era, including current and former world champions Juan Manuel “Dinamita” Marquez, Marco Antonio “Baby Faced Assasin” Barrera, Chris “The Dragon” John and Humberto “La Zorrita” Soto. Now looking to put a recent winless streak in his rearview mirror, Juarez will be bringing his best to Indio on June 2.

For more information, visit,, follow us on Twitter at,, or visit us on Facebook at or


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Six of the eight boxers who will fight on a SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING Quadrupleheader on Saturday, June 2, live onSHOWTIME® (9:00 p.m. ET/PT, delayed on the West Coast) from TheHome Depot Center in Carson, Calif., will participate in a press conference to formally announce the event.

Former Light Heavyweight World Champion Antonio “Magic Man” Tarver (29-6, 20 KO’s) faces unbeaten Lateef Kayode (18-0, 14 KO’s) in a 12-round cruiserweight fight. In the co-feature, former undisputed junior middleweight kingpin Winky Wright (51-5-1, 25 KO’s) returns to the ring to meet undefeated Peter Quillin (26-0, 20 KO’s)in a middleweight bout. In two world championship fights on the telecast,Austin Trout (24-0, 14 KO’s) risks his perfect record and WBA Super Welterweight belt against Delvin Rodriguez (26-5-3, 14 KO’s) and IBF number one rated bantamweight contender Vusi Malinga (20-3, 12 KO’s) faces top Golden Boy prospect and IBF number five rated contender Leo Santa Cruz (19-0-1, 11 KO’s) for the vacant IBF bantamweight title.

Tickets for the June 2 bout will go on sale to the general public onMonday, April 23 at 10:00 a.m. PT and are available as low as $25, with VIP floor seats priced at $200. Other tickets in the 8,000-seat outdoor stadium at The Home Depot Center are available at $50 and $100. Fans can purchase tickets at or by phone at 888-9-AXS-TIX (888-929-7849), as well as The Home Depot Center Box Office (open Monday through Friday, 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. PT). VIP Suites are available for purchase by calling 1-877-604-8777. For more information on group discounts or VIP packages, please call 1-877-234-8425.

Former Light Heavyweight World Champion Antonio Tarver
Undefeated, World-Rated Cruiserweight Lateef Kayode
Former Undisputed Junior Middleweight World Champion
Winky Wright
Unbeaten, Hard-Hitting Middlweight Peter “Kid Chocolate” Quillin
Undefeated WBA Super Welterweight World Champion Austin Trout
Unbeaten Bantamweight Rising Star Leo Santa Cruz

WHERE: JW Marriott L.A. LIVE (Adjacent to STAPLES Center)
Georgia Rooms 1-2
900 West Olympic Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90015
Phone: (213) 765-8600

WHEN: Monday, April 23
1:00 p.m. PT - Press Conference Begins

Father Time Rules Heavyweight Division or was that the Plan?

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By Keith Terceira

Each and every year, thousands of young American males, weighing over 200 pounds, take to gyms across America with the hopes of becoming professional, well paid, athletes.

Unfortunately, these young men are not interested in the sport of boxing!

Once football, baseball, and basketball took the best athletes from the sport of boxing, now the MMA promoters are siphoning off the majority of heavy hitters interested in fistic sports.

The division and its fans so crave a changing of the guard, that even young big men with mediocre skills get tons of interest as they proceed up the ladder.

The division is so lacking in competitors that boxers like Hasim Rahman, Tony Thompson, Evander Holyfield, and Michael Grant can still command large purses well past their prime. While 20 year old big men fill stadiums and crack helmets, every Saturday afternoon, finding a twenty year old heavyweight that has major backing in America is relegated to a handful.

The adage that a heavyweight doesn’t mature until past the age of thirty, not only is historically false, but is an excuse used by the boxing community to justify the lack of interest in the division.

Joe Louis, Marciano, Patterson, Ali, Leon Spinks, Larry Holmes, George Foreman, Michael Spinks, and others all won the heavyweight titles before their thirtieth birthdays, and in the case of Michael Spinks he held the light heavyweight crown for years prior to becoming the heavyweight champion. The youngest of all, Mike Tyson, was not yet 21 when he won the crown.

Over a decade ago, Don King made an aggressive effort to gain control of the contenders in the heavyweight division, locking up many of the best to contracts, and then shelving them. With Mike Tyson no longer running the division, many thought King was doing so to rule what was once the sport’s most followed division.

Could that run at the heavyweights by King, have been for a totally different reason?

From the mid to late nineties onward, promoters started seeing huge profits for the first time, outside of the heavyweight division, without having to compete to sign  the few big men remaining in the sport.

Fighters like Marco Antonio Barrera, Floyd Mayweather Jr, Oscar de la Hoya, were shattering PPV records and where once only a handful of lighter fighters had the attention of fight fans,  the swing towards a Latino based market in America now had dozens of fighters, all with the future possibilities of becoming mega stars and cash cows for the promoters.

Where once, several large promoters competed to sign top billing heavyweights,  to headline shows to expose lighter weight fighters,  suddenly no heavyweight at all was needed to make a nice living, and the need to develop heavyweights who would command six and seven figure fights disappeared.

During the 80’s and early 90’s in America it was hard to find a casual fight fan that could name you a champion in any weight division below middleweight and now many can’t name a heavyweight beyond the champions and most won’t get those names correct.

Whether Don King had planned by signing and shelving dozens of heavyweights, that the lack of competitive fights in that division would assure that the dozen divisions below would prosper, only he knows.

If it was not a plan by King, if Don had originally thought to become the king of the heavyweights, his greatest contribution to boxing may have come from a mistake.

What King effectively did was make a dozen other divisions more prosperous and attractive by curtailing the resurrection of the heavyweight division, shutting down its hundred year reign over the sport.

Did Don,  increase the interest in the smaller divisions, by accident?

Hard to think Don King would make that big an error, with his intelligence and experience.

Did Don King see the writing on the wall with the increase popularity of the NFL and nudge the demise of America’s heavyweight supremacy along, and in doing so, make boxing more attractive to a new developing fan base and more lucrative for promoters across the board?

Only DKP can tell you what fighters, from a decade ago until now, they own/owned unadvertised percentages of.

Only Don King knows for sure the truth, but thanks either way!




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World ranked junior middleweight contender Delvin “EL Peligro” Rodriguez has signed on to challenge defending WBA World Champion Austin “No Doubt” Trout on Saturday, June 2nd at the Home Depot Center in Carson, California, it was announced today by Joe DeGuardia, President of Star Boxing.

The twelve round Rodriguez/Trout clash will be broadcast on Showtime World Championship Boxing as part of their scheduled “quadruple header” evening of LIVE professional boxing.

“This is an excellent opportunity for Delvin and we’re very thankful to Showtime for broadcasting his world title fight against Austin Trout. Delvin’s been looking for big fights since his dominating win over Pawel Wolak in December at Madison Square Garden and was thrilled when we spoke about the world title fight” said DeGuardia.

“‘Delvin hasn’t fought on the West Coast since early in his career, and the Home Depot Center is an outstanding venue for boxing and he’s looking forward to fighting in front of the knowledgeable and supportive Southern California fight fans.”

Born in the Dominican Republic and now residing in Danbury, Connecticut, the East Coast fan favorite Rodriguez, 28-5-3 (14KO’s), has been a staple of ESPN2′s Friday Night Fights for many years, having appeared eleven times and participating in numerous memorable battles.

In 2011, Rodriguez’s ten round war with Pawel Wolak was named “Fight of the Year” by the Boxing Writers Association of American along with numerous other boxing outlets. The unforgettable fight, promoted by Star Boxing and broadcast on ESPN2′s Friday Night Fights, took place at a sold out Roseland Ballroom in New York City on July 15th with Rodriguez valiantly fighting to a ten round majority draw over the bull-rushing Wolak.

In the rematch with Wolak on December 3rd in front of a sold out Madison Square Garden crowd and broadcast on HBO Pay Per View, Rodriguez dominated Wolak in winning a lopsided ten round unanimous decision. Rodriguez brought the sold out Garden crowd to its feet in the 10th and final round as he went for the knockout and brutally battered Wolak, who was saved by the bell.

Rodriguez is currently world ranked #5 by the IBF, WBA and WBO along with #7 by the WBC. He previously challenged for the IBF World Title on August 1, 2009, losing an exceptionally close and controversial split decision to Hlatshwayo. Four of Rodriguez’ five loses have been controversial split or majority decisions.

Sporting a record of 24-0-0 with fourteen knockouts, Trout won his world title with a twelve round unanimous decision over Rigoberto Alvarez on February 5, 2011 in Jalisco, Mexico. He has defended it twice, most recently stopping Frank LoPorto on November 11th in El Paso, Texas.


Op-Ed - Ariza set to be fall guy, if Pacquiao stays distracted!


Keith Terceira

Alex Ariza seems to be getting set-up to be the fall guy, should the distractions in the world of Manny Pacquiao prevent the champion from looking great against Timothy Bradley.

Pacquiao’s strength and conditioning coach, who works with several of the best athletes in the business, has been in the Philipines for several weeks now, fully prepared to begin training with Manny as soon as Pacquiao chose to be available.

Though Pacquiao has stated that Ariza left camp with his ok, to work with another of his clients, Julio Caesar Chavez Jr. , seems promoter Bob Arum has come out against the move.

“That’s very unprofessional,” Arum stated “There’s something with his attitude.”

“We can get the job done. We know what to do. Even Manny said last night that we can take charge,” said Buboy Fernandez.

I don’t know that Ariza has an attitude, when it comes to this camp, but I do feel that promises made during training for the Marquez trilogy as well as assurances made to Ariza about the way Pacquiao would train for this bout may have gone out the window when Manny failed to show up at the time promised for high altitude training.

There is very little a strength and conditioning coach can do without an live body to train.

Time an again we hear Ariza stating to the press that Pacquiao needs to train harder and focus more on the sport , time an again we see Pacquiao doing something besides just that, in the middle of his camps. The rise to stardom has diluted the hunger in camp that was once constantly present. Where once the drive was to survive and prosper, seems the focus is now on luxury cars, yachts, homes and estates, everything but the task at hand. Pacquiao has become the real Rocky Balboa, like Rocky, letting the fame reduce his drive.

It is the over-confident man that gets surprised!

Now if Pacquiao shows poor against Bradley, everyone will have a fall guy to blame rather than the fact that Manny has once again allowed his other roles in life to take precedent over training camp and conditioning.

Training and running in the streets of a major city with open gyms, media events, entourage boxing events, and breaks for game shows, politics, etc, is no way to maintain the legend that is Manny Pacquiao.

Perhaps God’s next message to Manny will be humility and respect for the gifts, talent, and good fortune, bestowed upon the legend.

Is there a chance that Ariza, is sending a message to Manny, with the decision to leave camp for another client’s camp?

Perhaps not, perhaps just a conflict in scheduling!


Mijares stops Julio in four, eyes Donaire July 14th!

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By Keith Terceira

Cristian Mijares continues his quest for pound-for-pound battler Nonito Donaire stopping Eddy Julio in the fourth round of their main event Saturday evening in Morelia, Mexico. Mijares taking the fight to the over matched Julio from the opening bell, Julio though offered as a tune-up for Mijares, fought with determination.

Mijares took control of the bout and Julio spent the majority of his efforts, attempting to set the pace and regain momentum in his favor.

Mijares focused his assault in a balanced body and head attack, with the body-punching keeping Julio from being more active,  yet it was a one-two combination that sent Julio to the canvas in the fourth, and once down Julio had seen enough and the referee seeing that the Colombian was down for good, waved off the bout,2:47 of round four.

Mijares moves to 45-6-2 (21KO) with his ninth straight win and adding the WBC International Silver Super Bantamweight title to his collection. has Mijares scheduled to face Donaire , July 14th in Dallas, Texas!

If the Boxrec schedule is correct it will be yet another example of Donaire giving a smaller and naturally lighter boxer  a title shot!

Mares Manhandles Morel

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By Lou Eisen

Youth was served last night at the Don Haskins Convention Center, El Paso, Texas as Abner Mares defeated Eric Morel by unanimous decision to capture the vacant WBC super bantamweight title. In so doing, Mares erased any lingering doubts that may have arisen from his two controversial wins over previous foe Joseph Agbeko.

For those people who are critical of boxing, the Mares-Morel fight showcased everything that is great about boxing. Fought at a catch weight of 120 lbs., Mares victory was decisively one-sided with one judge giving him all 12 rounds while the other two judges gave him 11 rounds. Mares controlled the fight by utilizing his technical superiority. In a word, Mares was brilliant, using a blistering body attack punctuated by a devastating left hook to systematically break down Eric Morel round by round.

Eric Morel was very game and had his moments during the match but they were very few and far between. The much slower Morel absorbed a tremendous amount of punishment and looked in danger of going down on several occasions. A fighter of lesser ability would have succumbed earlier in the bout. Mares doubled and tripled up on his jab and gave a clinic on body punching, landing 6 and 8 punch combinations at will on Morel’s battered and bruised flanks for all 12 rounds.

Mares came in behind his jab and overwhelmed Morel with his hand speed and punching power. Mares was equally good on defense, giving Morel a lot of head movement and shoulder rolls, making it difficult for the older man to find his target on a consistent basis. Morel fought his heart out in every round but was soundly beaten by a vastly superior fighter.

Morel did land some very hard shots on Mares chin in the later rounds but those shots had absolutely no effect on the shorter man. Mares’s domination of Morel was evident from the opening bell and he was not going to be denied in his quest for the WBC super bantamweight title belt. Mares was focused and determined and left little if any room for criticism.

Time and again Mares bounced hellacious right and left hooks off of Morel’s exposed chin, hurting the older fighter on numerous occasions, and forcing him to clinch and cover-up. Mares landed over 57% of his power shots in the fight. Suffice to say, anytime you reach or go beyond a 50% connect rate in any fight, you are going to walk away with the win.  Morel was gracious in defeat, acknowledging the obvious, that the better man won. After giving Mares his just due, Morel vowed to continue on with his career.

The future looks bright for Abner Mares and the super bantamweight division. There is already talk about a possible unification fight with WBA super bantamweight titlist Anselmo Moreno, who successfully defended his title last night by way of 9th round kayo. Such a fight would be every boxing fan’s dream.

The reigning WBO super bantamweight champion Nonito Donaire is widely considered to be the top super bantam in the world. He is preparing to face Mexican Cristian Mijares on July 14th in Texas, in defence of his title. With Donaire, Mares, Moreno and Mijares all in the mix, the super bantamweight division looks set to embark on a golden era.

Photos: Tom Casino/Showtime







Mares over Morel, is Morano next!

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By Tom Donelson


Showtime presented an undefeated Abner Mares move up to super bantamweight and provided Anselmo Moreno a national audience to show that he is one of the best small guys in boxing. Moreno, who came into the fight winning ten straight championship bouts, faced the confident David de la Mora. In the opening bout, Moreno dominated the first half of the round as he jabbed before unleashing a straight left, which he did twice in the opening two minutes. De la Mora attempted to go downstairs but Moreno slick boxing skills allowed him to avoid being hit.

In the second round, Moreno became the hunter as he sat down on his punches and nailed De la Mora with solid straight lefts. With forty seconds left, Moreno unleashed a right hook to De la Mora body which put De la Mora down for an eight count.

Moreno continued his mastery over De la Mora in the third round as he took his time before unloading accurate shots to the head but the body shots hurt De la Mora. Throughout the fourth and fifth round; Moreno simply boxed while avoiding many of De la Mora punches. With a minute left in the sixth round, a straight left to the body sent De la Mora down for the second time and Moreno staggered de la Mora near the end of the round with another straight left to the head. Next two rounds were simply a repeat of the whole fight as Moreno not avoided any rush by De la Mora, but Moreno continued to nail his opponent. After the eighth round, David de la Mora did not come out as he had enough of being nailed with vicious body shots.

Moreno showed himself a skillful fighter who can unleashed body shots that paralyzed his opponent plus accurate head shots and in this fight He connected on over half of his punches while rarely getting hit, showing that he mastered all phrases of the fight game.

In the next bout, Eric Morel was a former champion and he faced a younger and hungry fighter in Abner Mares. The opening bout saw Morel jabbing and controlling the first two minutes and Mares closed the gap over the final thirty seconds as he bullied Morel to the corner.

Mares continued to pressure in the opening minutes of the second round and landed a right hand as Morel staggered into the rope and followed up with a left hook. Mares controlled the action and forced Morel to stand and fight. Morel managed to land punches but Mares punches were the more powerful. He ended the second round with a big right hand to send a message to Morel, “I will be in your face all night.”

Mares’ pressure forced Morel to retreat throughout the third round as he trapped Morel on the rope on couple of occasion but Morel managed to pivot his way out of the trouble and managed to connect on a sneaky right or two but Mares concluded the round with a devastating hook that once again staggered Morel.

Within a minute of the fourth round, Morel no longer had the fluid movement of the first two rounds as body shots slowed Morel down. Morel problem was could he survive another eight rounds as Mares dominated the round with his body shots and overhand right.

Morel managed to slow the pace in the sixth round as he pot shot Mares and showed the movement that he showed in the opening rounds for his best round of the first half of the fight. Unfortunately, Mares may have taken the round as he landed a solid left hook and a right hand over the final thirty seconds.

Beginning in the seventh round, Mares step up the pressure as he jabbed his way in before nailing Morel with left hooks and right hand. Throughout the eighth round, Morel kept the fight mostly in the middle as his movement allowed him to set pace. Morel managed to land uppercuts but at the thirty second mark, Mares nailed Morel with body shots after body shots off the rope but Morel did managed to land a solid left hook that momentarily stopped Mares. If the eighth round featured Morel’s mobility, the ninth round saw Mares pounding Morel to the body.

Over the first minute of tenth round, Morel and Mares engaged in a brief firefight with both nailing each other with body shots. Morel continued to throw punches but his punches did not seem hurt Mares and when Morel connected, Mares answered back immediately. Mares took Morel to a new place as Mares threw one power punch after another as Morel stood his ground, occasionally countering but not enough to win the round. Going into the last round, Mares may have been up on the score cards, he also had a bloody nose from Morel uppercuts. Morel went for broke, knowing that his days as championship contenders were on the line. Mares connected on solid right hands but Morel continued to connect with solid combinations. Both men went toe to toe and with thirty seconds left, a Mares right hand shook Morel but Morel stood his ground off the rope by throwing his own combinations. The fight ended with both men going for broke.

Mares won a unanimous decision but it was not as easy as the scorecard showed. Morel landed some solid shots and while he was easily outpunched, he kept each round competitive. Mares showed that he may be one of the best fighters in the world. Over the past year, he has fought some of the best bantamweights and he is climbing up the rank of pound for pound fighters. Some might want to see a bout between Moreno and Mares, a contrast in style between a pressuring boxer-puncher against a defensive wizard.

Bryant stops Andrade with third round shocker!

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Keith Terceira

El Paso, Texas - At the Don Haskins Convention Center,  prospect Francisco Vargas (10-0-1, 8KOs) made easy work of the over matched Rafael Lora (11-8, 5KOs) , clearly displaying an overwhelmingly better skill set and constant pummeling until finally in the third round Lora’s corner asked for a stoppage.

In what may be tonight’s biggest shocker, Rowland Bryant (16-1, 11KOs) surprised veteran Librado Andrade (30-5, 23KOs) with a third round TKO. Rowland opened up a  cut above the left eye of Andrade with a clash of heads.

Andrade was back into the fight  in the second, put constant pressure on Bryant in that round.

In the third, a  right hook wobbled Andrade and Rowland started landing clean devastating blows on Librado who was hurt to the point he did not return fire, and the ref decided it was time to end the fight.

Taylor - Truax Thoughts

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By Tom Donelson

Shobox presented an evening of fights of fighters with much to prove and needed victories to keep their careers going. Ronald Hearns faced Erislandy Lara in a battle of two fighters coming off losses. Lara loss was a disputed affair with Paul Williams in a fight that most felt he won and Hearns last loss was a knockout loss for Felix Sturm’s version of the Middleweight title.

Hearns started out jabbing for the first minute and looked sharp, but then out of nowhere; Lara nailed Hearns with a left. The left sent Hearns down for an eight count. Hearns wobbled back up and Lara attacked with more ferocity as Hearns retreated to avoid the constant barrage.

Another straight left thrust Hearns into the rope and only the rope prevented Hearns from hitting the ground.


The referee gave an eight count and allowed the fight to continue but the fight lasted another fifteen seconds as Lara threw one more solid left that nearly turned Hearns’s head around 360 degrees and Hearns merely slumped to the canvas. Referee stopped the fight.


Lara put himself into a championship contention and may have ended Hearns’ career as a contender.


Jermain Taylor was involved in his second fight of his comeback and fighting undefeated middleweight Truax Calex, whose blemish was a draw. The opening minute of the first round saw Taylor feeling out Truax to see what he had. As the round progressed, Taylor jab started to penetrate Truax defenses but Truax never was hurt or bothered.


Taylor jab carried the second round as he forced Truax to retreat and with a minute left, Taylor unleashed a right hand that connected for the best punch of the round. Taylor looked at ease as he controlled the third round with his jab and started to connect on some combinations. Truax started to inch forward and even managed to connect on a couple of combinations but the more effective combinations came from Taylor.


Truax started to let his hands go and while he was still getting nailed by Taylor combinations, there were moments in the fourth round that Truax started to connect with his right hand. In the sixth round, Truax connected on his best punch, a solid right hand but Taylor did not move backward, which was a good sign for Taylor. Just in other rounds, the sixth round saw the fight fought mostly on the outside which benefitted Taylor.


Taylor slowed down in the seventh round as Truax managed to connect on two solid rights and Taylor grabbed more often to keep Truax from throwing but with a minute left in the eighth round , a Taylor uppercut buckled Truax knee.

Over the last minute, Taylor put on the pressure with solid combinations but Truax managed to survive.

Truax pulled the surprise of the night in a fight that he was easily losing when he unleashed a right hand that sent Taylor down for an eight count. Taylor looked wobbled as he attempted to survive the knockdown and save his career. Truax went after Taylor as he knew that he had his opportunity to finish the favorite Taylor and he managed to unleashed three right hands but Taylor managed to unleash enough offense over the past thirty seconds to discourage Truax from one more major offensive.


Going into the tenth round, Taylor was ahead on the scorecard but he looked hurt at the end of the previous round. Taylor past history came back to haunt him as he started to tenth round in a survival mode, grabbing when he had the chance.


Truax pursued Taylor but at the minute mark, Taylor threw a solid three punch combination and followed up with another before tying Truax up. Truax missed with a wild right hand with 45 seconds left but Taylor countered with his own right. Both fighters exchanged left hands over the last ten seconds.


Jermain Taylor won an easy decision but this win left many questions as he did get up from the knock down but he was against an inferior puncher so could he survive against a better puncher? Truax came into the fight undefeated but he came from Minnesota and faced nowhere the competition as Taylor.

The fight did not answer the question, is Taylor a serious contender for the Middleweight title or a fighter a victim of to many brutal fights and on the downside of his career?

Chavez Jr. - Lee news conference open to public on Tuesday!

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EL PASO, TEX. (April 20, 2012) – Undefeated World Middleweight Champion and the Son of the Legend, JULIO CÉSAR CHÁVEZ, JR. and No. 2 world-rated middleweight contender ANDY LEE will host an El Paso News Conference Luncheon to discuss the details on their upcoming world title rumble, This Tuesday! April 24, on the field of Sun Bowl Stadium. Media may reports at Noon MT, with lunch served at 12:30 p.m. MT and the news conference beginning at 1:00 p.m. MT. Joining Chávez Jr. will be Hall of Fame promoter Bob Arum and Fernanado Beltran. Lee will be with Hall of Fame trainer Emanuel Steward and Ron Rizzo of DiBella Entertainment.

Chávez, Jr. returns to the boxing metropolis of El Paso, Texas for the first time in nearly six years, headlining “Viva Chávez!” on Saturday, June 16, at Sun Bowl Stadium. Chávez Jr., who will be making the third defense of the title he won last year, against No. 2-world-rated contender ANDY LEE, marks the first world championship fight to be held in Sun Bowl Stadium since June 13, 1998 when Oscar De La Hoya knocked out Patrick Charpentier in the second round to retain his welterweight crown. The Chávez Jr. vs. Lee world championship rumble will be televised live on HBO World Championship Boxing®, beginning at 10:00 p.m. ET.


Promoted by Top Rank, in association with Zanfer Promotions, DiBella Entertainment, AT&T and Tecate, tickets to the Chávez Jr. vs. Lee world title tilt go on sale Saturday April 28 at 2 p.m. ET / Noon MT. Tickets, priced at $200, $100, $60, $40 and $25, plus applicable service charges, can be purchased at the UTEP Ticket Center, all Ticketmaster outlets, online at and by phone at (915) 747-5234.

Chávez Jr. (45-0-1, 31 KOs), of Culiacan, México, making his first appearance in El Paso since August 19, 2006 when he knocked out Jermaine White in the fourth round of their welterweight bout, is the son of Mexico’s greatest fighter Julio César Chávez. Chávez, 26, took up the “family business” in 2003, winning a four-round decision in his professional debut. Eight years later, the reigning World Middleweight Champion and superior gate attraction is poised to make his own mark in the boxing world. He took a major step toward that goal by enlisting legendary trainer Freddie Roach to take him to the next level. Their first fight together was a gigantic success, a dominant 12-round unanimous decision victory over top-10 contender John Duddy (29-1, 18 KOs) in June 2010 at the Alamodome in San Antonio. After his January 29, 2011 unanimous decision win over Billy Lyell, Chávez Jr. became the second family member to win a world title, dethroning undefeated World Boxing Council (WBC) middleweight champion Sebastian Zbik via a majority decision. That June 4, 2011 slugfest took place at STAPLES Center in Los Angeles just a few blocks north of the Olympic Auditorium where the legendary Julio César Chávez won his first world title. Chávez Jr. successfully defended his title on November 19, 2011 with a fifth-round knockout of Top-Five contender Peter Manfredo, Jr. at Reliant Arena in Houston, followed by a hard-fought unanimous decision on February 4 over No. 1 contender Marco Antonio Rubio at the Alamodome.


Lee (28-1, 20 KOs), who at 6’2, is one inch taller than Chávez, Jr., was born in London but is Irish of heritage. Ireland’s sole boxing representative in the 2004 Olympics, Lee made his professional debut in 2006, winning a six-round decision over Anthony Cannon. Trained at the famed Kronk Gym in Detroit by Hall of Fame inductee Emanuel Steward, who has referred to Lee as “my left-handed Tommy Hearns,” Lee possesses exceptional skills, speed and movement, complemented by good punching power and experience against good opposition. He enters this fight riding a four-year, 13-bout winning streak with eight of those victories coming inside the distance, including a win over Bryan Vera last October to avenge the only loss on his professional ledger. He enters this fight as a consensus Top Three world-rated contender, ranked No. 2 by the World Boxing Association (WBA) and World Boxing Organization (WBO) and No. 3 by the WBC.


Mares-Morel Fight Prediction!

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Keith Terceira

Abner Mares (23-0-1, 13KO) who moves from bantamweight to the super class, with his promotional company ,may have performed a bit of slight of hand with the first foray into the higher division. Choosing an opponent, in Morel, who has fought the majority of his career at bantamweight or below makes for a smart business decision but the craftiness and experience of Morel may make for a boring fight until the late rounds.

Morel’s toughest opponent in the last couple of years was Gerry Penalosa, and my personal thoughts on that fight was that Morel received a gift.

Though Morel may hold an edge in this fight in defensive skills,his age, lack of recent high level opponents, and Mares  accumulating accuracy will be his downfall. At 36 years old Eric, is 5-6 years removed from his prime performances and championship quality opposition.

With a chin of stone, Morel could make the first half of the bout interesting and competitive before a prime Mares begins to take command of the bout.

Mares himself has a few gifts on his undefeated record as well, but his talent is undeniable. Abner’s habit of working the body a bit low may make for an interesting night of refereeing, and Morel may have better odds of winning the fight on a disqualification than any other manner.

I look for Mares to step up his performance in the later rounds when Morel fades in the hopes of being the first to stop the tough veteran.

My prediction is Mares by an overwhelming unanimous decision and won’t be shocked if Morel succumbs in the later rounds to an accumulation of punishment.

Noe not Kryptonite for Superman!

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Keith Terceira

Southpaw Adonis Stevenson (18-1,15KO) added nearly a half dozen titles to his collection last night when he made short work of Uruguay’s Noe Gonzalez (28-2,20Ko). “Superman” Stevenson enlarged his reputation in the boxing community as one of the most dangerous punchers in the sport, by ending Noe’s World Boxing Council Silver belt rein at super-middleweight in under 6 minutes.

Though the crowd seemed to feel that the bout was ended prematurely by referee  Michael Griffin, it was obvious that Gonzales had been hurt 3-4 times in the bout and that the ending was inevitable .

While the crowd complained loudly the former WBC silver champion remained silent .

This was Stevenson’s second bout with Emanuel Steward working his corner.  February, in Stevenson’s first fight with Steward  he made quick work of Jesus Gonzalez, knocking him out in only 99 seconds.

“I thought Adonis’s performance was super. I thought he fought the perfect fight,” Steward said. “He realized his opponent was a good puncher, but systematically broke him down. He was always in balance and placed his punches well.”

Yvon Michel, promoter for Stevenson, has positioned his fighter as the number 2 ranked super middleweight  in the IBF, and Stevenson holds the IBF’s Intercontinental title.

Michel, would like Stevenson’s title aspirations  to come against Montreal’s Lucian Bute after seeing  the results of the Carl Froch bout.

Bute-Stevenson would make for a mass influx to Canada by boxing fans to witness the two exciting fighters clash.

Ponce De Leon - Lazcano; May 4th!

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On Friday, May 4, a hard-hitting double-header comes to The Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nev., when FOX Sports Regional Networks and FOX Deportes televise an exciting doubleheader featuring an all-Mexican clash between former World Champion Daniel Ponce De Leon of Cuauhtemoc, Chihuahua, Mexico and Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico Eduardo “El Chucky” Lazcano in the 12-round main event for the vacant WBC USNBC Super Featherweight Title, while in the co-feature, perennial contender and Las Vegas favorite Ishe “Sugar Shay” Smith tangles with Derrick Ennis in a 10-round junior middleweight showdown.

De Leon vs. Lazcano and Smith vs. Ennis are presented by Mayweather Promotions and Golden Boy Promotions. FOX Sports Regional Networks, the nation’s leading provider of local sports, and FOX Deportes, the leader in U.S. Latino sports media, will simulcast the event live at 11:00 p.m. ET/8:00 p.m. PT.

Tickets, priced at $100, $60, $30, $25, along with a limited number of VIP suite seats priced at $125, go on sale SATURDAY, April 21 at 12:00 p.m. PT and will be available for purchase at the Hard Rock Hotel Box Office, all Ticketmaster locations, online at or by phone at (800) 745-3000.

Already off to a fast start in 2012 thanks to his January 21 knockout win over Omar Estrella, former Junior Featherweight World Champion Daniel Ponce De Leon (42-4, 35 KO’s) has been putting in long hours in the gym to make sure he keeps the momentum going against Lazcano. The owner of a nearly three year reign atop the 122-pound weight class from 2005 to 2008, the 31-year-old former Mexican Olympian is now seeking a second divisional title at 126 pounds, and a win over Lazcano will keep the hard-hitting southpaw on the right track.

Fellow southpaw Eduardo “El Chucky” Lazcano (24-2, 11 KO’s), like De Leon, also had an impressive amateur background, winning over 50 fights. Now he wants to match his fellow countryman by bringing a world title back home in 2012. The winner of three fights in a row and nine of his last 10, the 26-year-old Lazcano recently picked up two regional super featherweight belts, decisioning Alejandro Barrera for the WBC FECOMBOX title and outpointing Heli Quiroz for the interim WBC Latino strap, but is biggest accomplishment to date would be beating former World Champion De Leon.

Las Vegas’ Ishe Smith (22-5, 10 KO’s) has shown off his extensive skill set in the ring from the time he turned professional in 2000, defeating Sam Garr, David Estrada and Randall Bailey along the way, but he truly introduced himself to fans around the world in 2004 as a member of the cast of season one of NBC’s hit boxing series, “The Contender.” Following the show, he has continued to rack up wins and face impressive competition, handing Pawel Wolak his first loss in 2008 and battling it out with the likes of Daniel Jacobs, Fernando Guerrero and Sechew Powell. Back in the ring for the first time since November of 2010, the 33-year-old is eager to show that the best is yet to come.

When you’re a fighter from the city of Philadelphia, you have a lot to live up to, and thus far, Derek Ennis (23-3-1, 13 KO’s) has done just that. A professional since 2002, the 31-year-old Ennis has racked up an impressive record, defeating the likes of Eromosele Albert, Troy Browning and Gabriel Rosado. The winner of 12 of his last 13 fights, Ennis knows that a win over Smith will catapult his career to the next level, which means that the Philly warrior in him will be on full display at The Joint on May 4.

The action in the ring won’t be all that will heat up viewers’ televisions as the two hour broadcast is set to include exclusive behind the scenes footage of the build-up to Mayweather vs. Cotto as well as special guests who will give their take on the action at The Joint as well as their predictions for the May 5 pay per view mega-fight.

Taylor comeback marred by yet another knockdown!

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By Keith Terceira

Former Champion Jermain Taylor(30-4-1,18KO)  returned to the comeback trail , at the Beau Rivage Resort & Casino, Biloxi, Mississippi against undefeated Caleb Truax (18-1-1, 10ko), and while he was taking Traux’s undefeated statis from the Minnesota fighter, Taylor looked anything but the championship boxer he once was.

Questions have been present for several years whether Taylor’s chin has left him and the lighter hitting Truax answered that question in ninth round by waking up the sleeping crowd by sending Taylor to the canvas.

A bout that was pretty much an on paper affair to propel Taylor back to a national stage, started slow and continued as such,  suddenly becoming an exposure fight for the Arkansas native.

One needs to question, if  Caleb Truax who in 20 rounds could not send Phil Williams (11-5-1) to the mat, can send Taylor to the canvas, what would middleweight champion Sergio Martinez do to the rebounding former titlist.

Phil Williams was stopped in three rounds by both Andrzej Fonfara, and Don George, in seven by Marcus Oliveira.

Judges had the bout scored 98-91, 97-92 and 97-94 for the technically better Taylor.

Perhaps the best fight on the horizon for Taylor is Paul Williams (41-2, 27KO) (no relation to Phil) who looks equally past his prime.

Williams is campaigning in the 154 range, but could easily make the middleweight division and probably , naturally belongs at the higher weight.

With no bout currently on the schedule, making a Williams - Taylor bout would hopefully encourage the loser to retire and assure a healthier future.

Lara: One round sends message!

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Keith Terceira

“I don’t want 154, I want Sergio Martinez,” said Lara informed fans“He’s the best fighter in the world at 160 pounds. That’s who I want, I want Sergio Martinez. I know that no one, not Kirkland, not ‘Canelo’ Alvarez, nobody at 154 is going to fight us especially after the way we looked tonight. You know what? We want Sergio Martinez, the toughest fight out there.”

Erislandy Lara (16-1-1, 11KO) needed one round to send a definitive message to the middleweight division that there was a new gun in town.

Shocking second generation boxer Ronald Hearns (26-3,20ko) at night at the Beau Rivage Resort and Casino in Biloxi, Mississippi.

In the opening minute Lara connected with a devastating right hand that sent Hearns to the canvas then followed with two more knockdowns before the fight was waved off, 1:34 minutes  into the bout.

Referee Keith Hughes had seen enough of the middleweight bout and the #3 ranked Lara, tired of waiting for a shot at the junior title weighed 156 for this event and sends notice that champion Sergio Martinez is within his sites.

Lara in his first fight back from the controversial loss to Paul Williams, took no chances with the judges, the referee, or the commission to do their appointed jobs, he ended the bout quick, decisively,  and in fine fashion.

Denmark Weighin

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Weights from Nordic Fight Night weigh-in, Frederikshavn, Denmark

European Super-Middleweight Title:
James DeGale: 168 vs. Cristian Sanavia: 167.6

WBA Intercontinental Middleweight Title:
Patrick Nielsen: 159.2 vs. Gaston Vega: 159.6

WBA International Featherweight Title:
Andreas Evensen: 125.9 vs. Willie Casey: 125.2

Weights from Caguas, Puerto Rico

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Jose M.Cotto 142lbs vs. Eric Cruz 141.8lbs
Alvin Torres 129lbs vs. Irvin Hernández 128lbs
Jeffrey Fontánez 133lbs vs. Jesse Padilla 139.2lb
José Martinez 119.2lbs vs. Hiram Agosto 124.6lbs
Albert Cruz Jr. 141.4lbs vs. Orlando Falcón 143.6lbs
Antonio Salgado 126lbs vs. Christopher Rivera 126lbs
Emanuel Ramirez 113.8lbs vs. Jeffrey Mojica 105.8lbs
Pedro Vicente 127.8lbs vs. Miguel Alvarez 135.4lbs
Héctor Cervantes 167.8lbs vs. Jorge L.Pérez 174lbs
Robert Figueroa 126lbs vs. Peter Rampolla 126.4lbs
Keith Tapia 200.6lbs vs. TBA
Promoter: Golden Boy Promotions, Miguel Cotto Promotions & H2 Entertainment
TV: Univision Deportes / Solo Boxeo Tecate
Venue: Roger Mendoza Coliseum, Caguas Puerto Rico
Tickets on sale: Tickecenter (787)792-5000 or visiting
Prices: $25,$15,$10
For more information please log on :


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AS VEGAS, NEV. (April 20, 2012) – Top Rank announced the signing of amateur sensation JESSE HART to an exclusive long-term promotional agreement today. Hart, son of Eugene “Cyclone” Hart, a highly-rated middleweight contender in the late ‘60s and early ‘70s who in 2003 was named to the The Ring’s list of 100 greatest punchers of all time, will be making his professional debut, as a middleweight, on the undercard of the Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley, Jr. World Welterweight Championship, Saturday, June 9 at MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nev.

Hart, 22, is looking to continue the long and illustrious lineage of great Philadelphia-based middleweight fighters. He compiled an amateur record of 85-11, highlighted by a stellar 2011 which included winning the National Golden Gloves at 165 lbs., the USA National Tournament at 178 lbs and going undefeated at the double elimination USA Olympic Trials box-offs. Hart also tied the knot last August, marrying childhood sweetheart Starletto Brayboy-Hart. The Harts are expecting their first child, a daughter who will be named Halo, in August.

Hart, who signed on with the Philadelphia-based D&D Management, where he will be co-managed by Alfred “Doc” Nowicki and David Price, will continue training with his father.

“Eugene ‘Cyclone’ Hart fought in Philadelphia in an era of unbelievable middleweight talent. Now we have the opportunity to promote Jesse Hart, the son of the Cyclone,” said Hall of Fame promoter Bob Arum. “We hope Jesse will be a future superstar which will make all of us, including his father, very proud.”

“I always admired Top Rank, Bob Arum is the best! They are and have been the premier boxing promoters for over 30-40 years,” said Hart.

“As an amateur Jesse won 85 fights and a lot of gold medals. He is a very skilled fighter who has knockout power. We think he is a future world champion,” said Nowicki.

“I am very excited that Jesse has signed with D&D Management as well as a promotional deal with Top Rank,” said Price. “I think that everyone involved, especially the fans will thoroughly enjoy watching the career of Jesse Hart.”


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Philadelphia, PA (April 20, 2012) - Joining the esteemed ranks of Philadelphia boxing champions Joe Frazier and Bernard Hopkins is the newest world champion from the City of Brotherly Love, Danny “Swift” Garcia. Garcia will be honored and recognized at a special reception with Philadelphia Mayor Michael A. Nutter, co-sponsored by Councilwoman Maria Quiñones Sánchez (7th Dist.) and Councilman Curtis Jones, Jr. (4th Dist.) to be held on Monday, April 23, 2012 at 11:00 am ET.

“We are proud to call ‘Swift’ a local hero and role model for our young people,” said Councilman Jones. “We need more champions in our communities who are excelling and realizing spectacular achievements like this.”

“I’m proud to be another Philadelphia champion, because this is a tough city,” said Garcia. “I’m ready to make a historic mark as a Philadelphia fighter and make my city proud.”

“We are extremely proud of Danny’s accomplishments at such a young age,” said Oscar de la Hoya, president of Golden Boy Promotions, Garcia’s boxing promotional company. “We know he is going to keep improving and continue to make the great city of Philadelphia and Golden Boy very proud.”

Danny “Swift” Garcia is a Puerto Rican-American professional boxer and the current World Boxing Council (WBC) Super Lightweight World Champion. On Saturday, March 24, 2012, Garcia captured the WBC Super Lightweight title by defeating future Hall of Fame and Mexican superstar Erik “El Terrible” Morales by unanimous decision.

Boxing runs in the Garcia family, as Danny’s father and former boxer, Angel Garcia, introduced him to boxing as a youngster and began taking him to Philadelphia’s Harrowgate Boxing Club when he was just 10 years old, the minimum age allowed by local law for a minor to train.

Garcia’s professional record stands at 23 wins and zero losses with 14 wins coming by way of knockout. He compiled over one hundred wins as an amateur, and won a U.S. National Amateur title.

The reception will be held at the Mayor’s Reception Room, 2nd Floor, City Hall, on Monday, April 23, 2012, at 11:00 am ET with a reception to follow in Conversation Hall.


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BRONX, NY (April 20, 2012) Joe DeGuardia’s Star Boxing has announced a sensational super middleweight clash between Jason “Monstruo” Escalera and Nick “Machine Gun” Brinson for their ESPN2 Friday Night Nights event set for Friday, May 18th at the Times Union Center in Albany, NY.


The Escalera/Brinson scheduled eight rounder is the chief support to the junior welterweight showdown between undefeated contenders Ray ‘Tito” Serrano and Karim “Hard Hitta” Mayfield for the NABO Championship.


The 27 year old, heavy-handed Escalera, sporting a record of 13-0-0 (12KO’s), has stunned boxing fans in the New York/New Jersey area with his show stopping knockouts since turning professional four years ago.


Recently (February 4th), the Union City, New Jersey based Escalera made his Albany debut with a devastating fourth round stoppage of Marcus Brooks at the Times Union Center.


Fighting out of Geneva, New York, the 24-year-old Brinson heads into battle with Escalera with a record of 9-1-1 (5KO’s). He is currently riding a two bout-winning streak since suffering his only loss, by then undefeated prospect Lennox Allen in November 2010.


“For both guys this is an opportunity to fight in front of a huge live crowd at the Times Union Center in Albany as well as show the national audience on ESPN and the rest of the world that they can take the next step” said DeGuardia.




“With similar records it’s a true showdown between 2 prospects. Escalera and Brinson and they have very contrasting styles. Escalera has been brutally knocking out just about everyone while Brinson is much more of a boxer-puncher.”


In addition to the two headlining bouts Star Boxing will soon be announcing details of a terrific undercard including the return of Capital Region’s favorite son Kevin “Kid” Rooney Jr.


Priced at $75, $50, $40 and $30, advance tickets will be available through Ticketmaster, (, 800-745-3000) or at the Times Union Center Box Office, (1-800-30-EVENT), and at select Wal-Mart Music Centers. Tickets are also available by calling Star Boxing at 718-823-2000 or on their website at


The Times Union Center is location at 51 South Pearl Street in Albany, New York, 12207. Doors on the night of the event will open at 6:30pm with the first bell scheduled for 7:30pm.






Upstate New York’s premiere sports and entertainment facility, the Times Union Center, located in Albany, NY, is excited to welcome boxing back after a 14 year hiatus. Hosting boxing in 1990, 1991, 1992, and 1997, the Times Union Center offers the perfect atmosphere for championship events, and our fans are ready for championship boxing to make its long awaited return to the biggest stage in the Albany. Nestled between Hall of Famer Mike Tyson’s hometown of Catskill, NY, and the International Boxing Hall of Fame in Canastota, NY, the Capital Region is a great boxing community for both fighters and fans locally and in our surrounding areas. Albany, NY is easy to get to from anywhere! Amtrak offers direct trains from New York City, Buffalo and all points in between, and major interstates from points east, west, north and south intersect in the capital region making it easy to drive from all parts of the state. For more information, please visit their website at



Hearns; Back at 154lbs!

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Former middleweight world title challenger Ronald Hearns (26-2, 20KOs) will be dropping down in weight and looking to establish himself as a force in the junior middleweight division when he takes on former Cuban amateur standout Erislandy Lara (15-1-1, 10 KOs) Friday night at the Beau Rivage Resort & Casino in Biloxi, Miss. For Hearns, the son of all-time great Thomas “The Hitman” Hearns, it will be the first time back in the ring since losing to “Super” WBA middleweight champion Felix Sturm in February 2011. “This fight can open up the doors for me to fight some of the top guys in both weight classes, 154 or 160,” said Hearns. “Lara is a very talented fighter. I am grateful for the opportunity.”

Regarding the weight at which he will look to fight, Hearns says he is just looking for the biggest opportunities out there for him, and he is comfortable competing in either division.

“I don’t have a problem making weight in either weight class. I was bringing my weight down too early and holding it for weeks at a time. This training camp has been great. The world is going to see how much I have improved.”

Hearns, who, like his father, is trained by the legendary Emanuel Steward, has been getting arguably the best southpaw sparring available, as he has been working with stable-mate, and imminent middleweight world title challenger, Andy Lee. Lee, who will be challenging Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. for the WBC middleweight championship on June 16th, has not only been working with Ronald during training camp, but will also be in his corner on fight night. Lee feels that in all of the years they have worked together that this is the best Ronald has ever looked.

“I’ve had some hard hitting and spirited workouts with Ronald the past two weeks,” said Lee. “I think it’s been a benefit to us both. He is looking good for this Friday night for sure. He’s determined to win. I’ve never seen him hit like this before. It should be a great fight.”

The fight between Hearns and Lara was originally scheduled for February 11 as the co-feature to Victor Ortiz vs. Andre Berto II, but that was rescheduled after a Berto injury caused a postponement of the event.

Senchenko-Malignaggi Undercard

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From the Klitschkos on down, Ukrainians rank among the best contemporary boxers in the world. American fans will now get their first collective look at some of these standout fighters on the undercard of the April 29th WBA welterweight world title fight between undefeated world champion Vyacheslav Senchenko (32-0, 21 KOs) and challenger Paulie “Magic Man” Malignaggi (30-4, 6 KOs), airing live on pay per viewfrom Donbass Arena in Donetsk, Ukraine. Senchenko vs. Malignaggi, presented by Union Boxing Promotion, is being distributed in the United States by Integrated Sports Media for live viewing at 1:00 PM/ET – 10:00 AM/PT on both cable and satellite pay-per-view via iN Demand, DIRECTV, DISH Network and Avail-TVN for a suggested retail price of $29.95.

“Boxing is an international sport and we’re very happy to introduce some possible future world champions from Ukraine, as well as France and South America, to boxing fans in the United States,” Integrated Sports Media president Doug Jacobs said. “Not only will they be treated to a tremendous fight between Senchenko and Malignaggi, they will enjoy a full afternoon of world-class boxing.”

WBC Inter-Continental Cruiserweight Champion Iago Kildaze (18-0, 12 KOs) defends his belt against WBC Mediterranean title-holder Julien Perriauz (15-8, 12 KOs) in the 12-round co-feature.

WBC Inter-Continental Featherweight Champion Oleh “Doctor” Yefimovych, the WBA No. 12 ranked and top European contender, defends against South American challenger Sergio Carlos “El Tigre” Santillan (29-11-3, 14 KOs) in the third of five 12-round championship matches.

Senchenko and stable-mate Yefimovych are both trained by Hall of Famer Freddie Roach.

Also fighting on the undercard is 2004 Ukrainian Olympian Volodymyr Kravests (25-1, 15 KOs), defending his IBC welterweight crown against French champion Abdoulaye Soukouna (14-10-6, 1 KO).

Ukrainian favorite Andy Kudryavtsev (39-9, 17 KOs) takes on undefeated Frenchman Samir Ziani (10-0-1, 2 KOs) for the vacant WBA International Lightweight Championship.

International favorite Michael Buffer will be the ring announcer.

WBA Welterweight Title Fight Apr. 29 Live On PPV

Go online to for additional information. Follow Integrated Sports Media on Twitter @IntegratedPPV.


Pacquiao Starts Off Strong in Baguio !


Manny Pacquiao is off to a fast start in training – power, speed, movement – says chief trainer Freddie Roach. Pacquiao is in his high-altitude phase of training in Baguio City. “Now I believe what I had been reading,” Roach said. “Manny was working hard in training before I got here.” Pacquiao told reporters he is re-charged with a change of lifestyle and is eager to take on undefeated Timothy Bradley at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on Saturday, June 9. Bradley is training in his hometown of Palm Springs, California.

Pacquiao has been running for miles each morning at Burnham Park in Baguio City. Yesterday in training Pacquiao hit the mitts with Roach, then did work on the heavy bag, double end ball and speed bag. Trainers in camp include Buboy Fernandez who oversaw Pacquiao’s earlier workouts in General City. Pacquiao is scheduled to arrive into Los Angeles during the first weekend in May. He will work out at the Wild Card Gym in Hollywood, California.


Miguel Cotto;Media Workout Quotes

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With a giant 50-foot by 25-foot banner emblazoned across the facility, there is no missing Miguel Cotto’s training headquarters in Orlando, Florida. Today Cotto, his trainer Pedro Diaz and promoter Oscar de la Hoya spoke to the press about the upcoming May 5 super fight between Cotto and Floyd Mayweather in Las Vegas.

Miguel Cotto, WBA super welterweight world champion: “We are working hard to achieve our goals. I’ve achieved everything I’ve wanted to so far during this camp. I am thinking about the victory and after that, we will celebrate. You have to keep your eyes on your opponent and always be prepared for anything in the ring.

“[On watching film of Mayweather] My work is just to train. Pedro studies the tapes and I follow him.

“[On being a man of few words] It’s my way of life. I prefer to be quiet and calm.

“My father passed away January 3, 2010. He will always be with me. Anything I am right now is because of him. I owe him everything. My dad is always on my mind. He lives with me and in everything I do. He taught me how to go forward and do my thing.

“I feel that this is my moment. I feel great and I am in my prime. I have great people around me. I have a purpose to train every day. I am motivated to fight anyone in boxing. This is how I am and how I have always been. Every fight is a big challenge. Everyone wants to win. Everyone works to win. This is going to be mine and Mayweather’s next big chapter in our careers.”

Pedro Diaz, Cotto’s trainer: “Miguel is ready for war. He is ready for victory and that is our goal. We have a great camp. Miguel is working really hard and he is putting a lot of motivation and focus into every training session which will be the key to win. Everything is there for a reason in our training sessions. The rope, the wheel…they all have a purpose and give great results in training. Miguel and I have a great relationship. We are like good friends outside of the gym, but inside the gym, I am his trainer and he is the athlete. We respect each other a lot and work well together every session in the gym.”

Oscar de la Hoya, President of Golden Boy Promotions: “I think anyone who faces Floyd Mayweather will have little chance of winning. He has great defense, but he is not a perfect fighter. He has never faced Miguel Cotto. Miguel Cotto has the right game plan and the perfect corner. It will really come down to who has the better game plan. Miguel Cotto is a strategist. He will wait and he will be patient. Will Mayweather be able to dictate the pace? Will Miguel’s patience be a problem for Mayweather? It will be very interesting.

“Mayweather just wants to win the fight no matter what and if Miguel can have that same mentality, it will be a problem for Mayweather. If there is a perfect time to beat Mayweather, it is now. No fighter is invincible. At some point Mayweather will run into that as well. He is a tremendous talent, but it is not easy to stay undefeated in this game. Eventually that ’0′ has to go.”

Photos: Octavian Cantilli – Hoganphotos/Golden Boy

Nordic Fight Night Presser

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Gaston Vega (17-4, 6 KOs) believes he has gotten into the head of Patrick Nielsen (13-0, 7 KOs) ahead of the WBA Intercontinental Middleweight Title clash at the Nordic Fight Night in Frederikshavn on Saturday. The 28-year-old Argentinian wore a jersey with the words “The Nielsen Slayer” on his back during yesterday’s press conference in Copenhagen. “I think the Argentina shirt made him nervous,” Vega said after today’s press conference at Arena Nord in Frederikshavn. “That is good. It was my plan to make him nervous and unsettle him. I think I have succeeded, Patrick did not look into my eyes today. I will knock him out and take the title on Saturday.”

“He has not gotten into my head,” Nielsen replied. “The only thing he has gotten himself into is even more trouble. I planned to take him down but now I will take him down hard. He will not leave Denmark with the belt because I will take it home to Copenhagen.”

Also facing the press today were 2008 Olympic gold medal winner James DeGale and former world title challenger Cristian Sanavia. They clash for DeGale’s European Super-Middleweight Title. “I am ready to defend my title on Saturday night,” DeGale said. “I am in great shape and I will defeat Sanavia.” The experienced Italian expects a hard fight. “He is young and talented but I am more experienced. I am very determined to win the European title.”

In the third title fight of the night, Norwegian featherweight Andreas Evensen faces Willie “Big Bang” Casey for the WBA International featherweight title. “He is a strong opponent but I believe I have more power and stamina,” Evensen said.

Said Casey: “My nickname is “Big Bang” because I use to knock my opponents out. I am confident I will beat Evensen.”


“I am ready to surprise with my performance” Cotto

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Ready and prepared: firmly stated world class veteran Jose Miguel Cotto (32-3-1, 24 KOs), who is making his return this Saturday against hard-hitting Eric Cruz (15-8-3, 15 KOs) in a 10-round bout at the Roger Mendoza Coliseum in Caguas, Puerto Rico.

After months of inactivity, Jose resumed his promising career and moved to Buffalo, New York, to complete his preparation. “I feel really good. I’ve been training for months and I am ready to surprise with my performance. I still have things to do in boxing, and I have a renewed desire to be world champion”, José stated. The clash “Cotto vs. Cruz” will be the headliner of the TV series “Solo Boxeo Tecate” which airs on Univision’s Telefutura.

“My brother Jose is in great condition I see him ready and particularily motivated. This fight with Eric Cruz will be very exciting,” said super welterweight champion and co-promoter of the event Miguel Cotto.

Also in action is Puerto Rican sensation and KO Artist Jeffrey Fontánez (5-0, 5 KOs) . Boxeo Boricua in Caguas: Under Fire will be a co-promotion between Oscar de la Hoya’s Golden Boy Promotions and Miguel Cotto Promotions. Tickets are available on Prices: $25, $15, $10. For more information log on to

Texas Media Workout- Mares vs. Morel: Battle on the Border

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World Championship Doubleheader THIS Saturday on SHOWTIME®

With just three days before their World Championship Doubleheader, World Champions Abner Mares and Anselmo Moreno and their challengers, former Two-Time World Champion Eric Morel and bantamweight contender David de la Mora, worked out for the local media in El Paso, Texas, as they make their final preparations for this Saturday’s showdowns, live on SHOWTIME® (9:30 p.m. ET/PT, delayed on the West Coast) from the Don Haskins Center in El Paso.

Included in this email are photos from the workout as well as exclusive, behind-the-scenes shots from a SHOWTIME creative photo shoot featuring Morel, Moreno and de la Mora.

Mares (top) and Morel (above) during the photo shoot in El Paso. Photos by Tom Casino/SHOWTIME.

Unbeaten former Bantamweight World Champion Mares (23-0-1, 13 KO’s), of Hawaiian Gardens, Calif. by way of Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, will return to the 122-pound division for the first time since 2006 to face former Two-Time World Champion Morel (46-2, 23 KO’s), of Madison, Wis. by way of San Juan, Puerto Rico, for the vacant World Boxing Council (WBC) Super Bantamweight World Championship in the 12-round main event.

In a second world title fight, World Boxing Association (WBA) Bantamweight Super World Champion Moreno (32-2-1, 11 KO’s), of Panama City, Panama, will risk his crown for a 10th time when he faces Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico’s de la Mora (24-1, 17 KO’s) in the 12-round co-featured bout.

“Mares vs. Morel: Battle on the Border” is a 12-round fight for the vacant WBC Super Bantamweight World Championship set for Saturday, April 21 at UTEP’s Don Haskins Center in El Paso, Texas. The co-featured fights will see Anselmo “Chemito” Moreno vs. David de la Mora in a 12-round fight for Moreno’s WBA Bantamweight Super Championship. The event is presented by Golden Boy Promotions and sponsored by Corona and AT&T. The SHOWTIME Championship Boxing doubleheader airs live at 9:30 p.m. ET/PT (delayed on the West Coast). Just prior to the action on SHOWTIME, preliminary bouts will air live on SHOWTIME EXTREME® beginning at 7:00 p.m. ET/PT (delayed on the West Coast).

Tickets, priced at $25, $50, $75 and $150, are available for purchase at the UTEP Ticket Office, all Ticketmaster locations or by phone at (800) 745-3000. Tickets may also be purchased online at For more information, please call: (915) 747-5234.

A special preview episode of THE FRANCHISE: A SEASON WITH THE MIAMI MARLINS will air at 9 p.m. ET/PT (delayed on the West Coast) immediately preceding SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING on SHOWTIME.




How Will You Accomplish Your Dreams?


“ ‘…Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,’ says the LORD Almighty”
(Zechariah 4:6)

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By Tom Donelson

Manny Pacquaio faces off against Tim Bradley, who played a smart waiting game to get this fight. Bradley declined to fight Amir Khan after he defeated Devon Alexander for most of the junior welterweight titles. Bradley gambled that he could enter the Pacquaio’s sweepstakes and fighting Khan would have been a great risk. Why risk a possible or even a probable lost to Khan when there were millions more waiting on a PPV date with Pacquaio? The strategy was a high risk since a year ago; there were bigger names for Pacquaio and over the horizon, the possibility of a Mayweather mega event.

Unfortunately, the Mayweather-Pacquaio event is still on hold and both fighters have decided on different opponents for PPV events. Mayweather will be facing Miguel Cotto in Las Vegas and Bradley will be fighting the PacMan. So how do we rate the chances of the challengers in both fights? Both fighters actually picked fighters who they should beat but a loss by either Pacquaio or Mayweather could derail the mega event that could garner both men the biggest purses in boxing history.

Bradley is a tough, in fighter who is not bless with a one punch power but does have the ability to wear an opponent out as he did against Alexander. Unlike his last fight against Marquez, who was excellent counter fighter, Pacquaio will have a fighter who won’t be hard to find and in front of him. This will allow Pacquaio to use his quicker hands to unleash his combinations and over the past few years, Pacquaio has shown that he still has the power in the upper division and will have the power advantage over Bradley. Bradley chance is simple, turn this fight into a brawl and use rough tactics to upset and frustrate Pacquaio. He is not going to outbox Pacquaio and he can’t match the PacMan in hand speed. If anything, Pacquaio picked the right guy to beat; a younger fighter with a style built to Pacquaio advantage.

As for Mayweather, Cotto is more problematic and Cotto comes into this fight with a big win over Margarito. Cotto looked sharp in this bout as he revenged an earlier lost but there is enough evidence that Margarito was farther down the road of decline and Cotto has been in his share of war. In the run up to Cotto’s last fight, I observed that this was bout between two fighters who have engaged in some rough bouts over their career and it was case of who was the more worn fighter and we found it was Margarito.

Cotto is a heavier puncher than Mayweather but Mayweather certainly has one punch knockout power that he has demonstrated on occasion. Cotto is a technically sound fighter but he has already lost to Pacquaio but he did manage to keep the fight competitive in the early rounds before PacMan hand speed got the better of Cotto. Against Mayweather, he will be facing another fast hand merchant but Mayweather has shown that a pressure fighter who keeps pushing the action can give him trouble just as Jose Castillo did in their two fights in the lightweight division. Cotto is capable of doing that but the real question is how he will react when he fails to connect with solid shots against the defensive wizardry of Mayweather and he gets nailed with quick counters. Mayweather controls his fights with fast hands as opponents become very wary after being hit with quick combinations and unable to counter to the faster Mayweather. Mayweather rarely get hits with solid punches and have avoided major wars in the ring, so he is a fresh fighter in his mid 30’s.

While he comes into the fight as the older fighter chronologically, he is the younger fighter in the ring as he has taken far less punishment than Cotto, who has never turned down a brawl. So the real question is whether Cotto can set a quick pace early in the fight and force Mayweather to fight at a higher level with the idea of wearing the master counter puncher down. If he can, it will be a close and entertaining fight. If not, it will be a slow motion demolition of a very good fighter by a very great fighter.