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Could Chavez Jr. face Martinez?


Could Chavez Jr. face Martinez? Should Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. get beyond the HBO-televised defense of his WBC middleweight title against Marco Antonio Rubio on Saturday, Top Rank Inc. CEO Bob Arum said that he would consider matching the 25-year-old son of the Mexican legend against former two-time welterweight beltholder Antonio Margarito and then THE RING middleweight champion Sergio Martinez.  Chavez, THE RING No. 5-rated middleweight, is unbeaten (44-0-1, 31 knockouts) heading into his fight with Rubio (53-5-1, 46 KOs).

“I think that certainly if Chavez keeps going at the high pace at which he’s going, I think that I would like to do a Martinez fight by the end of the year,” said Arum.  “In other words, I would probably do a fight in early April or early May for Chavez on HBO, and then, maybe a fight against Margarito. And then Martinez.”  Chavez has also expressed interested in an all-Mexican clash with 21-year-old countryman Saul “Canelo” Alvarez, holder of the WBC junior middleweight belt.

Another consideration WBA junior middleweight belholder Miguel Cotto of Puerto Rico.  Arum said Chavez would drop no lower than 158 pounds for either Alvarez or Cotto.  “The problem with Cotto and Alvarez is that they want to have Chavez come down to a ridiculously low weight,” said Arum.  “That’s just not possible. He’s happy to do it, but he can’t. Every time that I see him, the kid is getting taller. He’s bigger than Rubio.”  Chavez is trained by five-time Trainer of the Year Freddie Roach, and is coming off November’s fifth-round stoppage of Peter Manfredo Jr in the first defense of the belt he won from Sebastian Zbik in June.

“Julio’s conditioning is good and his boxing ability has improved. We’re trying to make him a better boxer, and I think that showed a lot in his last fight  with Manfredo. I think that you will see that even a little bit more in this next fight,” said Roach.  “He’s coming into  his own and he’s training harder and trying to be more like his father. He’s using his abilty and his height advantage and his reach advantage. Those are the things that he has and he’s doing quite well.”  Roach likes either Alvarez or Cotto as the next fight should Chavez defeat Rubio.  “Either one of those guys would be credible. Cotto is a great fight. Canelo is a fight that has been talked about. We’re interested in that and the world wants to see it,” said Roach.  “Canelo would be a big draw in Mexico, and I would like that fight. But I’m not sure that’s going to happen right away. Arum told me that he spoke to Cotto and that Cotto has shown interest in Julio.

HBO To Debut New Technology On Chavez Jr vs Rubio Undercard

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Some people may be excited to see Nonito Donaire back in the ring against a willing opponent. Some people may be excited about seeing how Julio Cesar Chavez Jr handles himself against a tough veteran Marco Antonio Rubio. I’m curious to see all of these things, but it is not what has grabbed my attention in the week before this big fight card. In fact it is something very small, but with the potential to drastically improve the post-fight analysis done by people like us.

According to Ronnie Nathanielsz of Boxing Scene, HBO is seeking permission from the WBC to use a 1″ x 1″ sensor in the wrist of the boxing glove. Theoretically, this device would be able to measure the speed and force of the punches thrown in real time. The device has already been tested at 60 professional fights and countless amateur fights. I would assume that this would be the first time that this device has been used on a televised card. To borrow from the software vernacular, this would essentially be beta testing for the device before the designers choose to go gold.


The amount of data that would be available after this device becomes fully adopted will be staggering. We could figure out what a fighter’s average punch speed is for each type of punch that he throws. We would be able to tell if a fighter is slowing down by looking as his average punch speed over his past couple of fights. If a boxer got knocked out by a punch, we could figure out the amount of force necessary to knock that boxer out, and which fighters in the division are capable of producing that kind of power. There would be no more arguments about who is the biggest puncher in a given division, because we would have the measurements. Same thing goes for the fastest hands in a given division. Also it would be easy to figure out if a boxer is carrying his power with him as he goes up or down in weight.

Essentially, this device would allow for a more statistical measurement of boxing, something that is severely lacking in the sport of boxing. Hopefully, this system can also improve the accuracy of Compubox punch statistics. Do you guys see any more potential uses for this new technology?

Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley: Oscar De La Hoya not happy with Bob Arum


Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley: Oscar De La Hoya not happy with Bob Arum

The Desert Strom, Timothy Bradley, who is the current WBO light welterweight champion and former two-time WBC light welterweight champion, is now the frontrunner to face the Filipino star, Manny Pacquiao, and this news has not gone down well with the Golden Boy, Oscar De La Hoya, as he wanted to see a mega-fight between Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jnr.

The President of Golden Boy Promotions and Olympic Hall of Famer, De La Hoya, not too long ago predicted that Pacquiao’s promoter, Bob Arum, will choose Timothy Bradley and now when their match is about to come to fruition on June 9 this year, De La Hoya is not happy.

De La Hoya Tweeted, “I told you bob will do Bradley vs manny what a shame.”

The undefeated American legend, Floyd Mayweather Jnr, who is a five-division world champion and the current WBC welterweight champion, is returning to the ring on May 5 and he wanted to take on Pacquiao this time but Arum has turned his offer down since the American superstar said he would not have a 50/50 split with Pacquiao.

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THE Catholic Church in the Philippines has asked boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao to follow in the footsteps of NFL hero Tim Tebow.


Bishop Pablo Virgilio David, who presides over the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines’ (CBCP) bible ministry, said church leaders had approached Pacquiao with the idea of becoming a “Bible ambassador”, but received no feedback from the 32-year-old fighter.

“We asked him to partner with us in promoting the reading of the Bible among Catholics,” Bishop David told reporters.

“We told him: ‘You would be a big help to us brother Manny’, but he has not pledged his partnership yet.”

He said Pacquiao could follow the example of the Philippine-born Denver Broncos star Tebow, a devout Christian dubbed by some in the press as “God’s quarterback”.

Tim Tebow became very popular by promoting the word of God,” Bishop David said. “Some have referred to Manny Pacquiao as the Tim Tebow of the Philippines.”

Tebow, born in Manila in 1987 to a Baptist missionary couple, has emerged as America’s hottest football star with his come-from-behind heroics for the Broncos.

Tebow has been very vocal about his Christianity and recently pledged to help fund a $US3 million ($2.84 million) hospital in the southern Philippines.

Pacquiao is regarded as one of the greatest boxers in history, amassing a 54-3 win-loss record with two drawn bouts. He holds a record eight world titles in as many weight divisions.

Pacquiao, who is also a politician and recently elected to the Philippines’ lower house of parliament, often cites God as the source of his success, and wears a rosary around his neck before and after his fights.

But the ultra-rich sportsman has not escaped intrigue, and reports of him womanising and gambling have become rich tabloid fodder.

In an interview with Philippine TV station ABS-CBN this month, Pacquiao said he had recently renewed his faith and given up vices following an “encounter with God” during a dream.

In the dream, Pacquiao said he found himself in a forest, where a bright light shone, believed to be God, asking the fighter why he was veering away from Him.

“I woke up crying. I remember I was crying in my dream and when I touched my pillow, it was wet,” he said.

“If I had died last year or in the last two years, I’m sure I would have gone straight to hell. My faith in Him was there, 100 per cent, but behind it, after prayers, I would still do evil things.”

Pacquiao said he now immersed himself in Bible study and spent more time when not in training with wife Jinkee and his four children, according to ABS-CBN.

Bob Arum Says Mayweather vs Pacquiao DEAD FOR MAY!!!


By Tim Sladeck,

Was it ever really alive Bob? Common Bob really… Tell the truth..

Bob Arum says Mayweather-Pacquiao won’t happen in the spring

By Lance Pugmire

Manny Pacquiao won’t fight Floyd Mayweather Jr. until November at the earliest, Pacquiao’s promoter Bob Arum said Monday.

Arum said Mayweather is trying to stage his next fight May 5 at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas without promising Pacquiao a 50-50 split of fight revenue. As a result, Mayweather “isn’t in the picture” as Arum plans Pacquiao’s next fight for June 9.

“They don’t want to fight in late May,” Arum said of the Mayweather camp. “It’s dead for May, so we should … let Mayweather fight someone else May 5 and we’ll fight someone else June 9, and then let’s get a signed contract for [Mayweather-Pacquiao] in November. That’s a win-win for everybody.”

However, there remains deep skepticism the super-fight will ever happen, given the long-standing animosity among Arum, Mayweather and the fighter’s advisor, Al Haymon.

Richard Schaefer, the Golden Boy Promotions chief executive who has helped promote all of Mayweather’s fights since 2007, was asked about Arum’s comments that the chance has slipped away for a Mayweather-Pacquiao fight this spring. “Everybody moves on. That’s what we’re doing. Moving on,” Schaefer said.

Arum on Monday also narrowed the pool of potential June 9 opponents for Pacquiao to two: world super-welterweight champion Miguel Cotto and World Boxing Council junior-welterweight champion Timothy Bradley of Cathedral City, Calif.

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Pacquiao Fighting Bradley and Mayweather Fighting Canelo


By Tim Sladeck,

I just received a text message from a top member of Team Pacquiao- He stated to me it has been confirmed.

Manny Pacquaio will be fighting Timothy Bradley on June 9th 2012

Floyd Mayweather Jr will be fighting Canelo Alvarez on May 5th 2012

Let the Festivities begin.



By Ben Thompson

With all the latest talk about guaranteed purses and revenue splits, I decided to take a much closer look into the anatomy of a bout agreement, namely that of Manny Pacquiao and how it relates to Top Rank and his co-promotional agreement with them. The majority of this information is public record. While some of it is taken directly from comments made by Pacquiao’s own promoter, Bob Arum, a good portion of information is derived from a copy of a 23-page lawsuit document filed by Golden Boy Promotions against Top Rank in 2010. In that document, you can find details of how the percentages are split up to derive his purse guarantee, his promotional guarantee, as well as any additional revenue he may earn from the net profits. On the surface, the information may seem complex, but if you follow along, you’ll find that’s easier than you think and extremely educational.


Manny Pacquiao’s income is largely dependent on the projected total net profits of an event. In 2006, Top Rank entered into a “Co-Promotion Agreement” with MP Promotions USA, Inc., Pacquiao’s promotional company. The agreement allows Pacquiao to earn revenue as a result of his purse and as being the owner of MP Promotions, setting aside 72.5% of the net profits for Pacquiao while the other 27.5% is retained by Top Rank. Prior to the event, both Pacquiao and his promotional company are guaranteed a minimum against the projected net profits. In other words, the 72.5% is broken up in a manner that guarantees 45% to Pacquiao and 27.5% to MP Promotions. So just to recap, Pacquiao and MP Promotions are given a guarantee against the projected net profits and the percentages are broken down as such:

45.0% - Pacquiao
27.5% - MP Promotions
27.5% - Top Rank Promotions

So what does that mean as far as dollars are concerned? Well, basically, when you hear Bob Arum telling you that Pacquiao was guaranteed $22 million, as he recently said he was for his third bout with Marquez, then worst case scenario, Pacquiao’s 72.5% of the net profits will amount to a guaranteed minimum of $22 million. Knowing that, and knowing that his 72.5% is broken up into 45% for himself and 27.5% for his promotional company, it’s fairly simple to calculate the dollar breakdown using good ol’ fashioned algebra to solve for X.

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Pacquiao poised to agree Bradley battle


After talks between the Mayweather and Pacquiao camps showed no sign of progress earlier this year, Arum drew up a list of four potential opponents for Pacquiao: Bradley, Lamont Peterson, Juan Manuel Marquez and Miguel Cotto.

But three of those options have fallen away: Cotto is refusing to drop to the welterweight limit; Peterson has been ordered to give Amir Khan a rematch and Marquez wants a March bout in his native Mexico.

“Does it look closer to being Bradley? It looks closer to being Bradley, obviously, by the process of elimination,” Arum said to “What happens if Miguel Cotto comes back and says, ‘Okay, I’ll make the weight’? That opens up another possibility. But right now, he’s saying that he wouldn’t.

“Floyd is out of the picture for May. He put himself out of the picture for May. Any discussion with Floyd was over when he said he wouldn’t go for the 50/50 split.”

Bradley, the WBO light-welterweight champion, is unbeaten from 29 professional fights (including one no contest).

Cotto holds key to Manny’s next bout


MANILA, Philippines -  Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather won’t happen soon has opened all the possibilities, great ones, for fighters in and around the weight class the sport’s two biggest superstars are in right now.

Mayweather will fight on May 5, if he gets a license from the Nevada State Athletic Commission, and in the list of potential opponents are Miguel Cotto, Canelo Alvarez and initially, Robert Guerrero.

Pacquiao, on the other hand, is looking at June 9 for his return to the ring. The names in his own list include Cotto, Timothy Bradley and Lamont Peterson.

If Pacquiao vs Mayweather were to happen on May 5 or June 9, then it leaves these other boxers going at each other’s throats. But since it’s far-fetched from happening, the merry-go-round begins.

Mayweather and Pacquiao,  the WBC and WBA welterweight champions, want Cotto, because a fight with the heavy-handed Puerto Rican would perhaps be the easiest to sell.

The problem with the weight, however, is keeping Cotto away from a rematch with Pacquiao, who’s insisting on 147 lb. Cotto said he won’t go that low for Pacquiao, in contrast to Mayweather who’s open to fighting Cotto at 150.

But the NSAC could stand in the way of Mayweather-Cotto, and if the undefeated American, who’s supposed to go to jail starting on June 1, is denied a license, then where goes Cotto go?

He can go to Pacquiao, and beg for a catchweight of 149 lb, or try to defend his junior-middleweight crown against Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., and make much less money than with a fight with Pacquiao.

Pacquiao’s promoter, in anticipation of a non-fight with either Mayweather or Cotto, has broached the idea of a mini-tournament featuring Pacquiao vs Bradley and Marquez vs Peterson.

Then the winners could clash sometime in October or November, again leaving Mayweather out of the picture.

Even without Mayweather, Pacquiao is in for two big fights this year, and Arum said the 33-year-old Filipino congressman should get no less than $20 million for each bout.

Mayweather can go to jail in June without fighting in May, and that’s if the NSAC denies him a license. But if he gets one, he’d most likely land the fight with Cotto.

Right now, Bradley, the undefeated light-welterweight champion, has the inside track in the Pacquiao derby.

“Does it look closer to being Bradley? It looks closer to being Bradley, obviously, by the process of elimination,” Arum told <> .

“Pacquiao’s opponent will be decided late this week. We’ve got plenty of time,” said the Top Rank chief, however, adding that Cotto still has a chance.

“What happens if Miguel Cotto comes back and says, ‘Okay, I’ll make the weight?  That opens up another possibility. But right now, he’s saying that he wouldn’t.”

Everything might change depending on what the NSAC says Wednesday when it deals with Mayweather’s license.

Then the music stops.

Manny Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather Update: No Fight in 2012

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Written By Alex Groberman,

After what felt like months of optimism regarding a potential Manny Pacquiao versus Floyd Mayweather Jr. showdown, reality is beginning to rear its ugly head.

As we noted on Opposing Views recently, the prospect of Pacquiao and Mayweather squaring off in early May essentially died when the pair realized they couldn’t come to a settlement on a fair purse split arrangement. Pacquiao, despite once agreeing to give his arch rival the lion’s share in the event of a superfight, demanded a 50-50 deal. Mayweather, for his part, had it in his head that he for some reason deserves more money than a guy everyone agrees is his equal.

The financial problems coupled with Mayweather’s looming June jail time (which would have rushed the proceedings) made the likelihood of a fight happening in early May very unlikely. The hope was, though, that what wouldn’t be set up for May of this year would eventually be arranged for November.

Well, as it turns out, that probably won’t happen either. As per Salvador Rodriguez of Boxing Scene:

The prospect of a welterweight mega-fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao is very unlikely for 2012, according to the recent run of events and the behind the scenes negotiations for several possible fights. Top Rank’s CEO Bob Arum was shocked with last week’s erroneous reports regarding a Mayweather-Pacquiao bout for the month of November in Qatar.

“We believe that November is a good date, but we do not expect it to be in Qatar. In fact, I was surprised by the statements when we saw them on the internet. The reality is, that there is nothing [to those reports],” Arum said.

With Pacquiao and Mayweather going their separate ways, several other fights are taking shape.

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Arum: Bradley the leading candidate for Pacquiao; Mayweather out of the picture


By Chris Williams: Manny Pacquiao’s next fight is looking more and more like it’s going to be against fellow Top Rank fighter WBO light welterweight champion Timothy Bradley, as that’s the guy that their promoter Bob Arum likes for Pacquiao’s next fight in June.

Arum says Floyd Mayweather Jr. isn’t in the running due to his request for a 50-50 deal, although he probably never seriously had a real chance in landing the Pacquiao fight the way that Arum seemed resistant to the idea of Pacquiao fighting him when it was learned that Mayweather’s 90-day jail term was postponed until June 1st. That was when Arum started coming up with different excuses on a daily basis for why Mayweather wasn’t a good option.

In the end, it looks as if Mayweather’s request for a 50-50 deal gave Arum all the excuses he needed not to make the fight. Also Miguel Cotto looks to be out of the picture for Manny as well, because Cotto doesn’t want to drain down all the way to a 147 and be too weak to fight.

Pacquiao isn’t at all interesting in giving him a tiny catchweight of 150lbs, so that leaves only Bradley. Lamont Peterson will be used by Arum to fight Juan Manuel Marquez in a fight sometime between April and July at the Cowboys’ stadium in Arlington, Texas as part of Arum’s four-fighter tournament with Bradley-Pacquiao & Peterson-Marquez.

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Manny Pacquiao will fight on, with or without Mayweather


  Written by Joseph Herron

When 2012 began, it marked a time to reflect on the good and the bad of the previous year and the opportunity to look forward with optimism at the endless and exciting possibilities of an unprecedented New Year.

Unfortunately, what we’ve seen within the first few weeks of 2012 is more of the same from Floyd Mayweather Jr and Manny Pacquiao. There is much improvement needed to bring boxing back to the forefront of the mainstream sports universe.

Another year of hoping that the potentially most lucrative and inspiring match-up in the history of the sport was beginning to look promising when Floyd Mayweather Jr. delayed his stint in the “clink” for a possible May 5th bout with Manny Pacquiao.

At least, that was the excuse Floyd cited to the authorities. Whether or not those were his true intentions still remains to be seen.

His actions, as of late, could be interpreted as an unwillingness to truly make the mega-fight happen by his detractors and naysayers…and there are quite a few out there.

But, logic tells us that Floyd unfortunately has become a slave to his ego and truly feels that he deserves more than a “measly” equal share when viewing the potential millions that a Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather Jr. event would surely produce.

Someone close to the self-heralded biggest star in boxing should explain very clearly that 50% of $150 million is a far greater payday than 70% of absolutely nothing; which is what he is ultimately risking by not recognizing Manny Pacquiao as a more than deserving opponent.

Here’s the biggest problem: Read more Click Here:,-with-or-without-Mayweather

Manny Pacquiao Vs Floyd Mayweather What Is The Date We Are Really Waiting For!


By Tim Sladeck,

Bob Arum recently offered Floyd Mayweather $45 million dollars (negotiating in the media even though he’s against it) under the same terms and conditions that Floyd Mayweather offered Manny Pacquiao $40 millions dollars.

At this time we do not know if this was some sort of a joke or if this was really a way for Mr. Arum to try and show Manny Pacquiao and the fans he was trying to get the deal done.

This has to be some sort of a joke. Bob Arum knows Floyd Mayweather would not accept that offer. If Bob knows Floyd would not accept the offer then why even make it?

It has been reported that Floyd Mayweather makes significantly more than $45 million fighting the Victor Ortiz’s from the sport of boxing. So why then would Floyd Mayweather accept less money to fight Manny Pacquiao.

On the other hand Bob Arum reported that Manny Pacquiao made somewhere around $28 million from his last fight against Juan Manual Marquez.

It appears that the pay-per-view numbers for the Pacquiao vs Marquez III fight were the highest of Pacquiao’s career. It would stand to reason that the Marquez III fight was Manny Pacquiao’s highest paid fight to date.

Offering $40 million to Manny Pacquiao was a 33% increase in pay. I could see that making some sense. After all no matter who Manny Pacquiao fights in June he will make substantially less than $40 million.

If Manny Pacquiao fights in June, he will most likely make around $17 million when the checks actually roll in. (Sure they will say that there is a guarantee much higher than that, but why not put that in the purse? Reality is, It’s not a guarantee.)

Why would the advisers to Manny Pacquiao think it better to accept approx $17 million dollars than a guaranteed $40 million dollars?

That being said, I do agree that a 50/50 split is the correct split on the fight- however the $40 million at least had some reason to it.

The $45 million that Bob Arum offered was just another slap in the face to the fans of boxing.

The slaps in the face keep coming and It is sad when you think of the accomplishments Bob Arum has done in the sport of boxing.  In his early years he brought the fans the fights.  However, Bob has taken all the good he has done over the past 30 years in the sport of boxing and in his dying senile years is single handily taking this incredible sport to the grave with him.

Let’s face it the facts are out there.

Fact #1: Prior to Bob Arum and Michael Koncz arriving in the Philippines Manny Pacquiao agreed to give Floyd Mayweather the lion’s share of the profits for their upcoming bout. That was until Bob Arum and Michael Koncz flew to the Philippines to discuss fight options with the champ.

Fact #2: Prior to Bob Arum and Michael Koncz arrival Manny Pacquiao thought the negotiations were 80%-90% completed for him to fight Floyd Mayweather on May 5th 2012.

Fact #3: Manny Pacquiao didn’t have a problem with the May 5th date.

Fact #4: Bob Arum had problem after problem with the May 5th date. Most of them turned out to be completely challenged by Manny Pacquiao himself.

Fact #5: Michael Koncz was in constant communication with Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather. This is a key point, because he was obviously relaying information to both parties. How else would Manny Pacquiao know he had to give up some of his equal shares.

Fact #6: We know that Manny changed his stance on giving up a percentage-

Could it be that Bob Arum’s posturing ways of a new stadium, a new date,  and more money have created a mirage for the champ to think something was there that really wasn’t?

What changed in the Philippines when Bob Arum came to town and dictated the terms?

It has been reported that there are investors coming in to try and buy out the fight- Those investors have stated that Bob Arum is demanding $40 million dollars to buy out his promotional release of the fight.

Is that the date we are really waiting for?

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Pacquiao vs Mayweather | Does Floyd Deserve More Money?


Written by Leroy Cleveland

Nick Giongco of Tempo reported that during their recent phone conversation, Floyd Mayweather Jr offered Manny Pacquiao $40 Million USD as a flat rate. Nothing more and nothing less.

“He said he will guarantee me $40 million but I won’t have any share on the pay-per-view and other sources of revenue,” said WBO Welterweight Champion Manny Pacquiao.

So what does that leave Floyd Mayweather Jr?

If the bout grosses over $100 Million - and most experts think it will - Mayweather would stand to earn considerably more than his superstar foe. Keep in mind, Mayweather would ask for a percentage of the pay-per-view (PPV) revenue and may seek to receive a cut of the profits made from concession stands (beer, hot dogs and etc) and fight-related apparel.

So which fighter should have the most leverage when negotiating the purse deal in a superfight?

The answer arguably depends on the following factors with the last two carrying the most weight.

  • Champion Status
  • Pound-for Pound Supremacy/ Accomplishments
  • Overall Popularity
  • PPV Buy Rates & Gate Revenue
  • Purse per Fight

Champion Status
Excluding rare cases when a challenger’s reputation, popularity and accomplishments far exceed those of the champion (ex: Terry Norris vs Sugar Ray Leonard, Victor Ortiz vs Floyd Mayweather Jr), a champion’s purse is usually greater than a challenger’s. However, since both Pacquiao and Mayweather are legitimate world champions in the same weight class, neither man has leverage in this department. Advantage: No one

Pound-For-Pound Supremacy/Accomplishments
Pacquiao and Mayweather are relatively equally accomplished and neither decisively owns the mythical pound-for-pound title. Boxing experts, sportwriters and the media are split between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayeather Jr. Hence, that’s one reason this bout is so compelling.

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Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather Jr yield top dollar Bob Arum…


In a rather childish move, Top Rank promoter Bob Arum gave Floyd Mayweather Jr. a counter offer of $45 million to fight his guy Manny Pacquiao on June 9th, according to the Manila Standard.

This offer from Arum was in response to the $40 million offer that Floyd Mayweather Jr had given to Manny Pacquiao to take for the fight, which entailed that Manny Pacquiao would get that money only and Floyd Mayweather Jr would be entitled to all of the pay per view profits and other outside areas for revenue for the fight.

Bob Arum told the Manila Standard writer Ronnie Nathanielsz “I am offering Floyd Mayweather Jr $45 million under the same conditions he offered Manny Pacquiao.”

That offer from Bob Arum means that there won’t be a fight between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr, which means that Manny Pacquiao will have to settle for making around half that amount for his next fight against whoever Bob Arum digs up for him. It seems to be that it would be better off for Manny Pacquiao to take the $45 million than receiving a little more than $20 million for his next fight. He’s losing close to $20 million by not taking the Floyd Mayweather Jr fight.

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Marquez wants guarantee he gets to Pacquiao

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By Abac Cordero

MANILA, Philippines - Juan Manuel Marquez will face reigning WBA/IBF junior welterweight champion Lamont Peterson if that’s the only way for him to get to Manny Pacquiao.

But he wants it written in black and white that if he beats Peterson, sometime in April in Dallas, he gets a fourth crack at his fiercest rival – Pacquiao.

He wants a contract, a guarantee.

Top Rank chief Bob Arum, who just can’t wait a second longer for Floyd Mayweather Jr., had just come up with the brilliant idea of a mini-tournament.

It involves Pacquiao, of course, who may end up fighting Tim Bradley on June 9, and Marquez, who may later on agree to a fight with Peterson.

Assuming that Pacquiao beats Bradley, he moves on to the fight with the winner between Marquez and Peterson. But that’s if Pacquiao-Mayweather doesn’t happen in November.

Another fighter that’s being considered as Pacquiao’s opponent in June is Miguel Cotto. But there’s a heavy issue regarding the weight, and it may be hard to settle.

Cotto, now the champion at 154 lb, said he won’t make the same mistake of dropping down in weight, to 147 perhaps, just to fight Pacquiao, who knocked him out in 2009.

In this case, the 31-year-old Puerto Rican should end up facing Mayweather on May 5, because the latter will have no problem moving up to around 150, give and take.

Once Mayweather vs Cotto is sealed, then it’s time to move on to Arum’s own tournament.

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Manny Pacquiao has some nerve to reject Mayweather’s offer


By Dewayne Bungo

How dare Manny Pacquiao reject a $40 million guaranteed payday, who does he think he is, Floyd Mayweather Jr?

There is only one true cash king in boxing that can demand big bucks, and that is Money Mayweather. For Manny Pacquiao to think he is on that level is absurd.

If you saw Manny Pacquiao’s last payday for the Juan Manuel Marquez fight, he only got paid a guarantee of $6 million, while Mayweather was getting $20 million guaranteed paydays, so the only reason that Manny would reject the highest payday of his career is because he is SCARED.

If Manny Pacquiao really wanted to fight Floyd Mayweather Jr. he would accept everything from drug testing to purse split. After Pacquiao got embarrassed by Marquez, I think a 70-30 split in Mayweather’s favor should be reasonably fair.

Bob Arum doesn’t want to put his fighter in with Mayweather because he knows the outcome is not going to be pretty. If you thought Juan Manuel Marquez and Shane Mosley gave Pacquiao problems, just imagine what a master boxer like Floyd Mayweather would do to him? Let’s just say the fight will not be competitive at all.


Pacquaio Fans, Post You Comments If This is how you feel!

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Pacquiao vs. Mayweather: Why a November Fight Date Makes More Sense


By Mick Akers,

With all the hoopla over getting Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao in the ring for a proposed May date, there’s no doubt that pushing the fight back to November is a win-win overall for all involved.

Getting a May date set up now will mean it will be slightly rushed, and the promotion—all though the fight doesn’t need too much hype, as it is a bout three years on the making—will benefit the bout the most.

Even when Mayweather is serving his up to 90-day jail sentence starting on June 1, the megafight can be hyped keeping the momentum building leading up to the November date.

The added time before the fight will allow the proposed 45,000 seat, temporary stadium to be built on the Las Vegas strip to be built well in time for the fight.

The fighters will benefit from the extra time as well, as they won’t have to go right into a training camp as they would if the May date was to be signed.

This will give Pacquiao time to rest after his proposed June fight and get his head right heading into training camp for the biggest fight of his lengthy career.

While a November date will allow Mayweather to focus his mind on Pacquiao while he serves his jail sentence and then put his all into his training camp after sitting in a jail cell thinking about ways to go about the fight—instead of worrying about his lingering jail sentence leading up to a May fight date.

Top Rank president Bob Arum, had this to say to the Manilla Standard about a November date:

“What we are trying to accomplish assuming he [Mayweather] is going to fight in May and Manny is going to fight in June, is that we are pressing to see if we can get a contract signed between the two fighters for November.”

Fight Still Up In Air

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January 28, 2012, 10:03pm

MANILA, Philippines — Expect a clearer picture of what’s on the horizon for Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather on or shortly after February 1.

The past few weeks, both camps have been trying to find a way to come to an agreement apart from taunting and bluffing each other with plans to fight separate opponents.

Mayweather has applied for a license to fight with the Nevada Athletic Commission (NAC) and his application will be discussed at the Gran Sawyer State Office Building at 9 a.m. of Feb. 1, according to Steve Carp of the Las Vega Review Journal in a story published two days ago.

Mayweather has a scheduled fight on May 5 at the MGM Grand but he has yet to pick an opponent, hoping that it will be Pacquiao.

But Pacquiao has expressed his disagreement with Mayweather’s demand that the Filipino settles for the smaller piece of the pie, saying it is just reasonable that they equally share the revenue that will be generated from their blockbuster brawl.

Arum makes $45 million offer to Mayweather for Pacquiao fight; DeGale still with Warren; Soto-Matthysse on the table

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By Michael Collins: Manny Pacquiao’s promoter Bob Arum had a bit of fun with WBC welterweight champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. on Friday, offering him a flat payment of $45 million to fight Pacquiao presumably on June 9th, when Mayweather Jr. will be in jail serving his 90 day jail sentence, according to the Manila Standard.

The $45 million offer would exclude the pay per view revenue, which Arum would want Pacquiao to keep. If Mayweather were to agree to this deal, he would find himself receiving much less than Pacquiao, perhaps by as much as $20 to $30 million. The fight reportedly could bring in as much as $150 million. It’s hard to tell right now because the interest in the fight might not be as high when the two fighters eventually do fight in 2013 or beyond.

They’re not likely to fight in 2012 unfortunately, as Arum is already planning a big four-man tournament involving Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley, and Lamont Peterson vs. Juan Manuel Marquez. The finals of the tournament will take place in November, and that rules out a Pacquiao-Mayweather fight in 2012.

Arum told the Manila Standard “I am offering Mayweather $45 million under the same conditions he offered Pacquiao.”

The conditions aren’t quite the same. Mayweather offered Pacquiao $40 million in a lump sum. He feels that Pacquiao doesn’t deserve to get an even deal with him.


Rios: Cotto is just looking for a payday against Pacquiao; I don’t want to see that


By Michael Collins: Former WBA lightweight champion Brandon Rios is totally repulsed at the idea of watching Manny Pacquiao fight Miguel Cotto for a second time, and he’d much rather Pacquiao take on some new blood than to see him blast apart Cotto for a second time.

Bob Arum, their mutual promoter, wants to make the Cotto-Pacquiao II rematch despite their first fight being a terribly one-sided bout with Pacquiao battering Cotto all night until stopping him in the 12th. At the time fight was halted, Cotto’s face was red and swollen and his eyes were slits for him to see out of.

Rios told writer Chris Robinson “It kind of sucks. Cotto’s done. I think Cotto is done. He’s looking for another payday before he can get out.”
It sure doesn’t seem like Cotto has been in an awful hurry to fight the other top contenders in the division in the past few years, such as James Kirkland, Alfredo Angulo, Sergiy Dzinziruk, Vanes Martirosyan, Austin Trout and Saul Alvarez.

Cotto’s loyal fans like to say he didn’t ever fight those guys because he knows he could beat them. To that you have to ask, then why did Cotto fight Ricardo Mayorga, Yuri Foreman and Antonio Margarito in his last three fights? It seems that Arum has been keeping Cotto on ice for the past three years since Pacquiao beat him and not matching him with anyone that can beat him again like Margarito and Pacquiao did.

Inviting Manny Pacquiao


Hello Mr. Manny Pacquiao,

I just finished reading your book “Pacman” My Story of Hope, Resilience and Never-Say-Never Determination. Your book was a joy to read and an inspiration to me. The reading of your book impacted me so much that I was compelled to write you this letter to let you know just how much. Your personal stories were a real inspiration and motivation to me.

I am an avid boxing fan. I was introduced to the sport by my father in the early 1970’s. As an early fan of the sport, I was fortunate to be personally introduced to Roberto Duran. I watched his career unfold. He was a real impact on my life. Until now, he had been my favorite fighter of all-time, even bigger than Muhammad Ali.

However, you’ve become not only my favorite fighter of all-time along with Duran, but much more importantly, have showed me through your book, how really special you are. What had impacted me about you, aside from all your great skills and determination in the ring, is how you take the time to pray in the corner of the ring before your fights.

I am a basketball coach at Saint John Bosco High School. I have already begun to share your story with my players as a motivation for them. I frequently use a quote of yours, “I believe if you train hard, the fight will be easy”, and I explain to them how we can adapt your message and practice hard so the game will be easy.

I was aware that basketball was one of your favorite pastimes, but was not aware that you owned PacMan Gensan, a team of the Mindana Visayas Basketball Association.

I’m regularly stopped by Filipino parents and students from our basketball program at SJB High School, who ask me questions about you, as they see me wearing your boxing shirts from your previous fights.

However, my favorite is the “MP People’s Champion” t-shirt because, it describes exactly who you are, a people’s champion for all of us people. You’re a true role model for all of our youth through out the entire world.

As your wife, Jinkee mentions in her beautiful story about you, “Although he always longed to be a priest, I know in my heart hat he is doing God’s will.”

I have begun to feel a real connection with you. I would like to invite you to attend one of our home-court basketball games at Saint John Bosco High School, in Bellflower California. It would be a wonderful experience for our boys that could impact their lives tremendously, as they could use your visit as a personal relational image that they could remember for the rest of their lives.

As your former president says on page 147, “Manny, you know you are a savior to our people. You broaden their sense of the world outside of the Philippines. You give your people hope.” You have become our hope.

I truly believe, you’ve been placed on this earth to give people hope and to do your great work for the people. As you stated, “people need hope, “and it’s with hope that I wish you consider my invitation.

I would like to invite you and your family to any of our home games this season. Please feel free to contact me. We can discuss any specifics to be considered. We remain hopeful. My hope is that I might have the opportunity to meet you in the near future.

Attached is the schedule of home court games. I’ve also attached a picture of our team.


George Middleton

Michael Koncz To Save The Day


Great News For All Boxing Fans!

Michael Koncz has flown home frantically trying to save the Manny Pacquiao Vs Floyd Mayweather fight.

As we all know Michael Koncz works strictly for Manny Pacquiao. He does NOT care what Bob Arum wants.

Michael Koncz has only wanted Floyd Mayweather- we should all be relieved he is on the job to make this happen.

How many of you fans feel Koncz can get it done or even wants to get it done?

Please post your comments

Manny Pacquiao Mail


Dear Brother Manny Pacquiao,

Christian greetings in the mighty, holy name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Ibig ko pong magpasalamat sa Dios sa pagkakataong maipaglingkod ang aking munting ministry sa isang taong gaya n’yo, na may patotoo sa TV interview, at nalaman ng buong
mundo na ika’y ibig nang magbagong buhay. Na ibig nang maglingkod sa Dios na banal at buhay.

Ibig ko pong simulan ang mensahe para sa lahat, sa aklat ng Hebrew 11:5-6: Sa pananampalataya si Enoc ay inilipat upang huwag niyang makita ang kamatayan; at hindi siya nasumpungan, sapagka’t siya’y inilipat ng Dios: sapagka’t bago siya inilipat ay pinatotohanan sa kaniyang siya’y naging kalugodlugod sa Dios.

At kung walang pananampalataya ay hindi maaaring maging kalugodlugod sa Kaniya; sapagka’t ang lumalapit sa Dios ay dapat sumampalatayang Siya nga, at Siya
ang tagapagbigay ganti sa mga sa Kaniya’y nagsisihanap.

Ang pamagat ng ating paksa ay Ang Isang Pananampalataya o One Faith. Sabi sa Hebrew 11:1-3, Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of the
things not seen. For by it (faith) the elders (prophets and apostles who wrote the Bible) obtained a good report. Through faith we understand (meaning, nauunawaan) that the worlds were framed by the Word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear. Ang “substance” ay ang action mo o ang mga gawa o spiritual fruits, after the seed-Word (Luke 8:15) is sowed in your heart: “At ang sa mabuting lupa at ang mga pusong matimtiman at mabuti, na iniingatan ang Salita pagkarinig, at nangagbubungang may pagtitiis. Ang mayaman ay hindi magtitiis ng gutom, kundi ng mga panunuya-tuya dahil sa pagsunod n’yo sa mga utos ng Biblia.

Ang sabi sa Matthew 7:15-16, ang mga bulaang propeta ay mangakikilala sa kanilang mga gawa: at sa verse 17, Gayon din naman ang mabuting punong kahoy ay nag-
bubunga ng mabuti; datapuwa’t ang masamang punong kahoy ay nagbubunga ng masama. Iyan po ang substance, ang bunga ng munting binhi-faith na nahasik sa
mababa at maamong puso: Kaya’t ihiwalay ninyo ang lahat na karumihan at ng pag-apaw ng kasamaan, at tanggapin ninyo na may kaamuan ang Salitang itinanim, na
makapagliligtas ng inyong mga kaluluwa. (Santiago 1:21)

Ang sabi sa Santiago o James 2:22, Nakikita mo, na ang pananampalataya ay gumagawa kalakip ng kaniyang mga gawa, at sa pamamagitan ng mga gawa ay naging
sakdal ang pananampalataya. Amen.

Kaya’t nang sabihin sa Hebrew 11:1, ….the evidence (faith in action) of things not seen…., faith is believing the unseen things spoken by the Words of the Lord.
Ano ang sinabi ni Jesus kay Tomas (John 20:29), Sinabi sa kaniya ni Jesus, Sapagka’t ako nakita mo ay sumampalataya ka: mapapalad yaong hindi nangakakita, at
gayon ma’y nagsisampalataya. Bakit po? dahil ang pananampalataya (na may gawa) ay katunayan ng mga bagay na hindi pa natin nakikita. Kung nananampalataya ka na
malapit na ang pagbabalik ng Panginoong Jesus upang sunduin ang Kaniyang Iglesia, ang totoong mga kristiano, 1 Thes. 4:15-18, ay pagsisihan mo na ang mga kalikuan na
iyong pinaggagawa, babae man o lalake, matanda man o binata o dalaga, upang huwag kang madatnan sa pagbabalik ng Panginoon na tulad sa magnanakaw. Ang pag-agaw o paglilipat ng mga mananampalataya, ay kagaya ni Enoc, na ….inilipat upang huwag niyang makita ang kamatayan, at hindi siya nasumpungan… Hebrew 11:5.

Ang pagbabalik ni Cristo ay isang ganap na lihim sa mga hindi mananampalataya: Nguni’t tungkol sa araw at oras na yaon walang makakaalam, kahit ang mga anghel sa
langit, kahit ang Anak, kundi ang Ama lamang. (Matthew 24:36) Sa Lukas 17:34-36, Sinasabi ko sa inyo, Sa gabing yaon dalawang lalake ang sasa isang higaan;
ang isa’y kukunin, ang isa’y iiwan. Mapapasa bukid ang dalawang lalake, ang isa’y kukunin, at ang isa’y iiwan. Bakit po? sapagka’t may pamilya na hindi lahat ay

Nakikita n’yo na ba kung anong uri ng faith ang ating pinag-uusapan? Idagdag pa natin ang ilang pahayag ng Espiritu kina Moises at apostol Pedro:

Hebrew 11:27, Sa pananampalataya’y iniwan niya ang Egipto, na hindi natakot sa poot ng hari (si Faraon):
sapagka’t nagtitiyagang tulad sa nakikita yaong do nakikita.

Inari niyang malaking kayamanan ang kadustaan ni Cristo, kay sa mga kayamanan ng Egipto: sapagka’t ang kaniyang tinitigan ay ang gantipalang kabayaran.

1 Peter 1:8, Na hindi ninyo nakita ay inyong iniibig; na bagama’t ngayon ay hindi ninyo Siya nakikita,
gayon ma’y inyong sinasampalatayanan, na kayo’y nangagagalak na totoo na may galak
na di masayod at puspos ng kaluwalhatian.

Kaya’t mula kay Cristo, kay Moises, at kay Pedro, ay ipinakikita ko sa inyo ang tunay na pananampalataya. Idagdag pa natin ang pananampalatayang na kay apostol Pablo sa
2 Corinto 4:16-18, Kaya nga hindi kami nanghihimagod; bagama’t ang aming pagkataong labas ay pahina (hindi rito puwede ang boxer na gaya mo Pacquiao)
nguni’t ang aming pagkataong loob ay nababago araw-araw.

Sapagka’t ang aming magaang kapighatian, na sa isang sandali lamang, ay siyang
gumagawa sa amin ng lalo’t lalong bigat ng kaluwalhatiang walang hanggan;

Samantalang kami ay nagsisitingin hindi sa mga bagay na nangakikita, kundi sa
mga bagay na hindi nsngakikita: sapagka’t ang mga bagay na nangakikita ay may
katapusan; datapuwa’t ang mga bagay na hindi na nangakikita ay walang hanggan.

Iyan ang ating pinag-uusapan ngayon: ang iisang pananampalataya, na magbabatak sa atin ng mga pangako ng Dios ng tunay na kaginhawahan na wala nang katapusan, na ang kapalit na hinihingi ng mahal na Dios, ay ang pagtalikod natin sa lahat ng kasalanan, ng lahat ng kalikuan at kasakiman sa sanglibutang ito na pinarumi ng kasalanan.
ni Moises ang kayamanan sa palasyo ni Faraon sa Egipto; Tinalikuran ni Pablo ang mataas na posisyon niya sa relihiyon ng Fariseo; Si Pedro ay hindi mayaman,
nguni’t tinalikuran niya pangingisda, na siyang tanging inaasahan ng kaniyang pamilya, at ginawa siyang mangingisda ng mga tao. (Matthew 19:27), Nang magkagayo’y
sumagot si Pedro at sinabi sa Kaniya, Narito, iniwan namin ang lahat, at nagsisunod sa iyo: ano nga baga ang kakamtin namin?

Iyan ang pananampalataya na ating pinag-uusapan; tinawag ito ni apostol Pedro na precious faith; tinawag naman ito ni Jude sa verse 20 na most holy faith. Bakit po? dahil sa
hindi po ito matatagpuan sa pagsanib ng relihiyon. Tinalikuran ni Pablo ang sakdal niyang relihiyon na Fariseo… alang-alang sa pagkilala ng hiwaga ni Cristo, Filipos 3:4-9.

Ang iisang pananampalataya ay si Jesus Cristo ang may-akda (author and finisher of our faith), Hebrew 12:1-2. At kailan naman ito darating sa hirang ng Dios? (Roma 8:29-39) Kung maririnig mo and totoong sinugo ng Dios. Roma 10:13-15. At sa talatang 17 ay ganito ang sinasabi, So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.
At ang tunay na sugo ng Dios ay nangangaral lamang ng purong Salita ng Dios. (John 3:34).

Nawa’y pagpalain kayo ng mga Salitang puro at walang halong aral ng tao, o aral ng relihiyon, Marcos 7:7-13.

Ang inyong lingkod ng buhay na Dios,

Rev. Franco A. Togonon
The End-time Message Ministry
Church Of The Firstborn
AFP Housing, Zone 2, Corner the main rd,
Bulihan, Silang, Cavite.

Notice: Our church is just more or less 10 km from the Carmona toll gate.

Official Statement “Take It Or Leave It!!!!”


By Tim Sladeck,

According to Manny Pacquiao’s legal counsel, Attorney Franklin “Jeng” Gacal, the only offer on the table for Money-Man Floyd (I’m No JR.) Mayweather is, “Take it or Leave it.”

Four days ago Manny Pacquiao accepted a personal phone call from Floyd Mayweather. Pacquiao advised Mayweather that he will fight anytime, but they have to agree on a 50/50 split.

This is a complete contrast from earlier statements from the Pacman, who did state he would accept less than half just to make the fight happen. (for the fans)

The change in Manny Pacquiao’s stance came after Bob Arum and Michael Koncz flew to the Philippines to advise the champ on what is best for his boxing career.

As of this time, we do not know exactly what that advise was or what they said to get the champ to decide it was in his best interest to demand 50% of the purse. We would imagine it has something to do with wanting to wait a bit longer until there are more offers on the table, more investors coming in with higher figures, and a bigger venue than the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The two boxers are in an interesting predicament, because if Manny Pacquiao gives in to Floyd’s demand to fight on May 5th, and is also willing to take less than half, than it is understandable that the Pacman will be leaving too much money on the table.

Instead it might be a better business decision to wait for more money to be offered.

Floyd on the other hand promotes himself, so he gets close to 100% of the revenue when he fights any other man on the planet other than the Pacman.

It is hard for Floyd Mayweather to swallow that if he fights Manny Pacquiao he gets the same pay as fighting any other boxer, but Manny would go from making twenty million dollars to making fifty million dollars for fighting Floyd.

Floyd Mayweather feels that if Manny Pacquiao is making substantially more fighting him, then Floyd should also make more fighting Manny.

As the tables turn we will keep you updated, but as of now, it does not seem either side is willing to concede to make the fight happen on May 5th 2012.

Here Comes Pacquiao Vs. Cotto II


The fight the fans have been waiting for! Let the excitement begin, because Pacquiao Vs Cotto II is just days away from reality.

Could the fans ask for anything more?

Bob Arum and Michael Koncz don’t think so! Their strong advisement to the champ is to take on Miguel “I’m No Angel” Cotto.

That will be their Barn Burner!
There has been talk that if Top Rank can close the deal with Cotto to fight Pacquiao and then get him a guarantee to dance with Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. Next, then there is a great chance Top Rank can keep their 2nd ranked cash cow under contract just a wee bit longer.
It seems Manny Pacquaio has a lot of weight when it comes to keeping fighters active under the banners of Top Rank.

We should hear the final answers very soon- if in deed it is Cotto I am sure there will be a mad rush to reserve portions of the bubble wrapped bleacher seats!

Stay tuned for all the latest updates!

Manny’s Loyalty Goes Unheard???


by DeAngelo Campbell

Manny has been loyal to his team and his fans. Manny’s loyalty goes beyond belief. Manny would love to give the people what they want but has anyone asked themselves…What is it that Manny wants? Arum and Koncz has showed unloyalty in the eyes of the fans. Pacman fans and boxing fans alike believe that they are not loyal to their boxer.The fans believe Koncz love the spotlighht and would like to keep Manny fighting forever. Manny has promised his country that he will be dedicating his services to them. He is now an icon but most of all a Congressman. A powerful political figure. He wants to erase the pain and suffering in his country and how he grew up. Manny want this responsibility. As boxing fans we only gravity towards his boxing side. He has gave us many of nights of great PPV fights. He has been a respectful champion who showers his team with loyalty. Konzc loosing your grip and influence and Arum let the champ decide his fate. For he decides the future fate for his country. Be loyalty to the champ and support his decision no matter the choice. Give Manny his time and I am sure we all will be happy with our champ MANNY PACQUIAO

Changing the image from glory to glory

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by Franco Togonon

Dear Congressman Manny Pacquiao,

Pagbati sa pangalan ng mahal na Panginoong Jesus Cristo.

Last week po ay naponood ko ang interview sa inyo sa TV channel, at ang testimony/confession n’yo, na nagbagong buhay na kayo. Binanggit n’yo ang pagkawala ng inyong
mga bisyo sa buhay, kagaya ng pagsusugal at pag-iinom at iba pa. Ako’y napahanga sa inyong pagtatapat sa harapan ng kamera sa TV.

Ministro po ako ng Dios kaya napahanga ako. Nabanggit pa nga ninyo ang impierno at langit…. etc. Billionaire na po kayo, nguni’t sa kabila niyan ay may nagsasabi sa inyong
puso na Kung magpapatuloy kayo sa mga kalikuan gaya ng pambababae, alak, sugal at iba pa, ang patutunguhan mo’y sa impierno. Kaya ako’y humanga dahil sa
nararamdaman mo na ang kaligtasan ng iyong kaluluwa ay hindi mabibili ng iyong salapi, Psalms 49:6-9,
They that trust in their wealth, and boast themselves in the the multitude of their riches;
None of them can by any means redeem his brother, nor give to God a ransom for him:
(For the redemption of their soul is precious, and it ceaseth for ever:)
That he sould still live for ever, and not see corruption.

Sa New Testament naman, Titus 2:13-14,
Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our
Saviour Jesus Christ;
Who gave himself for us, that he might redeem us from all iniquity (mga kalikuan)
and purify unto himself a peculiar people, zealous of good works.

Pagkatapos na mapanood kita sa interview, at narinig ang iyong patotoo, nadama ko sa aking puso ang ganito: Kung makakausap lamang kita, ay sasabihin ko sa iyo
na hindi sapat ang pagbabagong-buhay, pag-alis ng mga bisyo sa buhay natin. Kailangan mong maipanganak na muli upang matamo mo ang buhay na
walang hanggan. Nabanggit ko sa aking misis ang ganoon.

At sapagka’t wala namang paraan na makausap kita, sumulat ako noon sa inyo sa Gensan na humingi ng mga Biblia para sa mga anak ng Dios sa aming mga kapatiran,
at hindi naman ninyo pinansin, kaya hindi ko na lang inisip ang kung paano kayo makausap, dahil hindi rin naman ninyo ako papansinin.

Nguni’t nang nakalipas na Martes ng gabi, Enero 17, 2012, ay napanaginipan kita: na may malaking “larawan” mo na painting, at may hawak ako na brush, at inaayos ko
raw ang iyong larawan sa pamamagitan ng paglalagay ng mga “shadows” upang mabigyan ng buhay at magmukhang totoo. At saka ako’y nagising.

Biblically, ang “larawan” ay ang wangis o image and likeness of Jesus Christ: Romans 8:29-30,
Sapagka’t yaong mga nang una pa’y kaniyang nakilala (1 Peter), ay itinalaga
naman niya na maging katulad ng larawan ng kaniyang Anak, upang siya ang
maging panganay sa maraming magkakapatid.

At yaong mga itinalaga niya (ng Dios), ay kaniyang tinawag naman: at ang
mga tinawag ay inaring-ganap naman niya: at ang mga inaring-ganap ay
niluwalhati din naman niya.
Hindi ko alam kung bakit ako nanaginip ng gayon. Datapuwa’t kung anak ka ng Dios, ang asawa mo’y anak din ng Dios, hindi mo papayagang siya’y mapunta sa impierno, di ba?
ang mga mahahalay na pananamit ng asawa mo ay patungo sa inpierno. Ang dahilan ay hindi pa nga kilala ang Dios. Hawahawa ng mga espiritu ng mga babaeng sanglibutan.
Ang mga anak mo, ang mga magulang mo’t mga kapatid, hindi mo papayagang mapunta sa impierno, di ba?

At kung totoo at buhat sa puso ang mga sinabi mo sa TV interview, at ako’y nanaginip na inaayos ko ang “larawan” mo, ito marahil ay mensahe ng Dios. Kaya’t ipinararating
ko sa iyo na may end-time message of God in these last days, tinatawagan ng Dios ang Kaniyang mga anak sa buong mundo, Isaiah 43:4-7, John 10:16 at John 11:47-52.
na mangagsisi sa kanilang mga kasalanan, at magpa-bautismo sa pangalan ng Panginoong Jesus, sa ikapagpapatawad ng kanilang mga kasalanan, at tatanggapin ninyo ang pangakong Espiritu Santo, Acts 2:38-39, Acts 19:1-6 at Acts 17:28-31.

Malapit na Manny hahatulan ng Dios ang sanglibutan, ang mga nagsisipagsabing mga kristiano, nguni”t hindi totoo.
ang pagluhod at pagsamba sa mga rebulto ay karumaldumal sa Dios. (Psalms 115:1-8; Isaiah 46:2-7)

Biniyayaan ka ng Dios na magtamo ng yaman sa sanglibutang ito. Datapuwa’t hindi kalooban ng Dios ba patuloy kang mamuntal at manakit ng kapuwa-tao. Ang pag-ibig ay
hindi gumagawa ng masama sa kaniyang kapuwa, Roma 13:10. Ang pagbabagong-buhay ay hindi gawa mo, upang ang tao’y huwag magmalaki at huwag magpalalo. Ang pagbabago
ay gawa ng Dios. Basahin mo Manny ang Efeso 2:1-10, at ang Filipos 2:12-13, John 3:3-8 at 1 Peter 1:18-25.

Hindi ko alam kung ito’y mababasa mo. Hindi ko kasi alam ang tiyak mong address. Kung sakaling mabasa mo, at ibig mo akong ma-kontak, maaari kang mag-email sa add ko.
At nasa ibaba ang address ng aming sambahan. Kami’y mga bunga ng Mensahe sa huling panahon, na nagsilabas sa bawa’t relihiyon, dahil labag sa Dios ang mga aral sa
mga ito. Tawagin lamang po ako na si Brother Franco A. Togonon.

Gumagalang at nagmamahal kay Cristo Jesus.
Church Of The Firstborn
Lot-1 Blk-142, Afp Housing, Zone 2,
Bulihan, Silang, Cavite.

Manny Pacquiao’s decision.


Team Pacquaio and all true Pacman fans Please repost this in efforts to show the P4P king Manny Pacquaio that we support him and not Arum’s decision:

Manny Pacquaio takes a stand

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Manny Pacquiao

By Tim Sladeck

“I will fight anytime” These are the words Pacquiao told Mayweather over the phone.

It was earlier reported by this site that Manny Pacquiao was in agreement with the May 5th date, but retracted that portion of the article as we did not want to hamper the negotiations.

First we will advise everyone that this site does not work for or stand behind the decisions of Top Rank or Michael Koncz- this site is only governed by Manny Pacquiao and it’s sole purpose is to reflect the true champion to the people.

Manny Pacquaio has made it clear he is not concerned about the date of the fight. He is just concerned about the split of the purse- he wants 50/50.

Earlier reports were that Manny was willing to accept less than 50%, so why the change?

Manny Pacquiao was in agreement to take less when there was more flexibility in matters, meaning more money on the table- investors- bigger stadium- more time to make the fight etc.

Now that the fight might be deadlocked on May 5th, for Floyd’s personal reason there maybe money left on the table-

Why should Manny Pacquiao make less of a percentage when he is already willing to adjust to Floyd’s schedule, which my cause revenue for the fight to dip a bit.

This is an intelligent business decision made by the Pacman-

He definitely stepped outside his Advisors advise which was to not fight May 5th- and only accept a later fight date with Floyd or there would be no fight at all-

The fans of Manny Pacquiao should be proud that he made a great business decision, he listened to the fans voices, and he put the advise of his sleazy looking, cigarette smelling advisor in the wind.

It should also be noted Michael Koncz only put Pacquiao on the phone with Mayweather after certain members of Team Pacquiao called Manny directly to tell him Floyd wanted to talk.

If Koncz did not put Floyd on the phone, someone else would have-

Koncz’s hand was forced-

I am sure he will take credit- but this site along with Fighthype will continue to bring the fans the truth on what is happening behind the scenes and we will continue to make sure the world knows the truth.

Official Statement- Floyd Mayweather calls Manny Pacquiao on the phone


Manny Pacquiao

Manny Pacquiao received a phone call less than 24 hours ago by Floyd Mayweather. Floyd wanted to let Manny know that he is serious about the fight and the two should fight for the fans.

This opportunity should not fall at the wayside. Floyd wanted Manny to speak to Manny directly to let Manny Pacquiao know the truth about what was going on.

Since then Bob Arum has reported Mayweather is still plan A.

Bob Arum Prays For Wind, but Not Rain


Bob Arum

By Tim Sladeck

On Wednesday night Bob Arum reported to Jake Donovan from Boxingscene that Mayweather is still plan A.

Bob is still insistent upon an outdoor stadium being built and that the fight should happen at the end of May.

Mayweather’s Team has come out to bash the outdoor stadium, saying, “Who would pay $1,500.00 a ticket for bleacher seating and out door bathrooms- basically, dirty stinky outhouses.

The outdoor stadium seems to cheapen the event, not giving the true glamor it deserves.

Can you picture Oprah Winfrey sitting on a bleacher bench next to Mohammad Ali- then having her security escort her to the private outhouse labeled Celebrities only!

There is a line of celebrities waiting to use the outdoor facility! LOL

Urine and Feces smell up the joint- Bob prays for wind, but not rain!

Mayweather’s Team believes the MGM is the facility to hold such a grand event. This stadium is already built- made well at that- and is in doors- with a controlled temperature and will not be affected by the weather outside.

Security is already set up- real seats for us poor fans- bathrooms that actually flush your fluids away.

MGM is the much grander stage to set such a fight.

This fight will bring out all the celebrities and stars from every sport to movies stars- Jack Nicholson to Jeremy Pivens, Kobe Bryant to Michael Jordon- Jay Z to Kanye West- Oh and of course 50 cent will be there- We may need some back up for that one- of course this event would bring out even the UFC stars such as Tito Ortiz- BJ Penn- Jon Bones Jones- I guess back up will be in the house!

The fans beg of Bob Arum- don’t cheapen the event we have all been waiting so long for.

We know you are just trying to make an extra buck. Haven’t you made enough?

I for one would not pay anywhere close to $1,500.00 for a seat on a bleacher. I would not pay 50% of what I would pay to sit at the MGM.

The outdoor stadium will most likely cost the fight money NOT make the fight money.

This event should be held in a professional atmosphere, in the luxury of a place we have all enjoyed for years. A place proven to bring in the people. The celebrities.

Bob, you can make your money on a larger stadium on the rematch. It is time to let the fans have what they want.

Make Manny Pacquiao Vs Mayweather happen on May 5th 2012 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas-

Bob Quit Playing Games. You are the only one holding up this fight- The truth has finally come out.

Manny Pacquiao has given his life to boxing- He has given his life to the fans.


By Timothy James,

Manny Pacquiao has given everything he has inside the ring to his fans, but he has never let go of his past. His past flooding his mind of living on the streets and going to bed hungry. The memories that really haunt his mind and plague his thoughts are of all the other people he saw hungry and of all the people he knows still suffer on those very same streets today.

Manny Pacquiao’s goal in life is to take care of his people.

He knows he can not do that being a boxer. He feels boxing is just one step to becoming the person that God has intended him to become-

Manny’s purpose in life is to help his entire country- maybe even the world.

Manny Pacquiao’s true love lies in politics now and his focus is on what is going on in the community that elected him Congressman of Sarangani. That is where the majority of his time is now spent.

At this stage of Manny Pacquiao’s career he has entrusted Michael Koncz to handle his boxing career. Manny Pacquiao is listening to what is brought before him. He excepts the advise his hired hands bring him. He believes this advice to be accurate and in his best interest. He trusts them completely.

Many people feel Michael Koncz has his own agenda- I am one of those people.

Freddie Roach has stated, “It was the worst mistake in my life when I introduced Michael Koncz to Manny Pacquiao.”

I have to agree with Freddie Roach on that one.

Michael Koncz advised Manny Pacquiao not to fight Floyd Mayweather on May 5th.

In my opinion it has always been Michael Koncz’s goal to block this fight.

Everyone knows after Manny Pacquiao fights Floyd Mayweather he will probably retire- retire into the life he now loves. His life as a public servant.

When that happens there will be no more cameras on Mr. Koncz, no more spotlight- let’s face it- Who in boxing would ever want to work with that guy.

Manny Pacquiao has given his life to this sport- his life to us fans- Let’s show him the respect he deserves for all he has done. We should also respect what he is doing for his people as a public servant and understand this takes a majority of his time when he is not training and boxing.

The question we must ask ourselves is why would Michael Koncz continually want Manny Pacquiao to fight other fighters for less money?

Bob Arum Crushes Hopes Of Pacquiao Vs Mayweather


Bob Arum Crushes Hopes Of Pacquiao Vs Mayweather

Bob Arum has stated Manny Pacquiao has chosen his opponent and it is Not Floyd Mayweather.

Bob said the reason was purely FINANCIAL.

Fish-oil supplementation augments the benefits of strength training in elderly women

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At a Glance

In a new study, strength training elderly women taking 2 grams of fish oil/day improved muscle strength and function more than those who trained without supplementation.

Aging results in a general decrease in muscle strength and function among most adults. This effect can be lessened or reversed by strength training. Previous research has shown that fish oil, rich in omega-3 fatty acids, plays a role in the plasma membrane and cell function of muscles.

In a new study published online in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, researchers investigated the long-term effect of fish oil supplementation and strength training on the muscle strength and capacity of older women.

The participants included 45 women with an average age of 64 years that were assigned randomly to one of 3 groups. One group performed strength training only (ST group) for 90 days, the other groups performed the same strength-training program and received fish oil supplementation (2 g/day) for 90 days (ST90 group) or for 150 d (ST150 group) The ST150 group was supplemented 60 days before training. Muscle strength and functional capacity were evaluated before and after the training period.

No differences in the pre-training period were found between groups for any of the variables. The peak muscle strength for all muscles (knee flexor and extensor, plantar and dorsiflexor) increased from pre- to posttraining in all groups. However, the effect was greater in the ST90 and ST150 groups than in the ST group. A measure of muscle activation was also improved between the pre- and post-training periods only in the supplemented groups. Chair-rising performance in the fish oil groups was better than in the ST group.

The current study showed that fish oil supplementation in addition to strength training resulted in greater improvements in muscle strength and function than strength training alone.


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Jeff Austin

Good Day .

Came across this email address by reading Pacman, My Story of Hope, Resilience, and Never-Say-Never Determination, p. 129 , .

Great book . Outlined some details about core training that I find useful and inspiring . For I just ran the Cebu City Marathon JAN 08th, 2012 . #742 . . And will focus more on core and strength training .

For this was my 12th full marathon and each one I run I fine tune training skills and strategies .

I just coincidently bought this book, since this was my first time to the Philippines, and I got to experience some of Manny’s social and economic conditions and circumstances that Manny mentioned both Cebu City and Manila, Philippines .

Enjoyed and am still enjoying the information

Manny Pacquiao Needs To Take Control


By Timothy James,

Manny Pacquiao needs to fly to the United States and take control of the negotiations for his next fight.

Floyd Mayweather has made it crystal clear that May 5th 2012 is the only day he can fight per his agreement with the Judge in Clark County-

This agreement allowing him to vacate his earlier sentencing date which was previously scheduled for Jan 6th 2012 and have it postponed until June 1st 2012.

Is it good advise for Michael Koncz to advise Manny Pacquiao to give up $50 million - $60 million to fight on May 5th 2012 and to only make $25 million fighting Cotto on June 9th.

That math does NOT add up to me.

More important than money is the importance of this fight to the fans and to the sport of Boxing.

Manny Pacquiao needs to fly to the U.S. and be a part of his future and make sure his legacy ends up being everything he has worked so hard for



Has Koncz and Arum Been Blocking All Along?


By Upset Fan,

Let’s go back to when it all began- back in 2009. I was with Manny Pacquiao during the time the negotiations originally took place- I have also kept a detail record of what has been, said, done, and reported on the Internet and behind the scenes.

Michael Koncz: ‘We Don’t Need a Mayweather’ After Miguel Cotto


Pacquiao’s Canadian adviser, Michael Koncz says his team doesn’t need Floyd Mayweather for his next fight, preferring Shane Mosley over the former pound-for-pound king.

Manny Pacquiao’s Canadian adviser Michael Koncz says his team does not need Floyd Mayweather for the Filipino boxer’s post Cotto fight.

Asked if the team wants to do a Mayweather fight, he says ‘Of course we want to do Mayweather’. But we won’t be railroaded and pushed around, bullied around’.

December 03, 2009|
Promoter Bob Arum arrived in the Philippines and expected to start face-to-face talks Wednesday with Manny Pacquiao to try to reach terms for a mega-fight against Floyd Mayweather Jr.
Despite reports Tuesday that Mayweather agreed to terms and that a Pacquiao fight was virtually set, Pacquiao trainer Freddie Roach cautioned Wednesday that that idea was premature because the Filipino star hadn’t reviewed any contract terms.


Dec 13TH 2009

Manny Pacquiao’s trainer, Freddie Roach, on Friday said Floyd Mayweather’s camp “wants Olympic-style drug testing” for the March 13 matchup between the sports’ two best boxers — something Roach said he has “no problem” with in an interview with Elie Seckbach of FanHouse.

Pacquiao’s adviser, Michael Koncz, said Pacquiao (50-3-2, 38 knockouts) also would welcome such a procedure when reached Saturday in the Philippines, where he is with the seven-division world champion.

“Our reaction is, ‘So what?’ We know Manny doesn’t take any illegal drugs or anything. And none of this is getting under Manny’s skin or anything,” said Koncz.

“I’m here with Manny, and to him, it’s like a joke. It’s a laughing matter,” said Koncz. “It’s something foolish anyway. Why would we be concerned? We know he doesn’t do any of that shit.”

December 22, 2009

Floyd Mayweather Jr. wants Manny Pacquiao to submit to Olympic-style drug testing that would include a blood sample being taken within days of their tentatively scheduled March 13 bout.
“It is our responsibility to subject ourselves to sportsmanship at the highest level,” Mayweather said in a statement released by his promoter Tuesday.
Pacquiao has expressed reluctance to agree to a blood draw any time within 30 days of the world welterweight title fight, which will be staged at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, officials told The Times Tuesday.
So, with the drug-testing plan in limbo, Team Mayweather is claiming the verbally agreed deal by the fighters is “now in jeopardy.”
“I don’t want to speculate or make any accusations, but as management for Floyd, we’re insisting this Olympic-style, random testing take place to assure it’s a level field before the biggest fight in history,” Mayweather’s advisor Leonard Ellerbe told The Times. “We’re definitely at an impasse.”

Pacquiao and Mayweather have previously sumitted to, and passed, urine tests for performance-enhancing and street drugs supervised by the Nevada State Athletic Commission. An independent body would conduct the blood test.
Pacquiao’s trainer, Freddie Roach, said he is insistent that his fighter not be tested within 24 hours of the fight. Roach also casted Mayweather’s push for blood testing as a ploy to avoid accepting the bout against the back-to-back fighter of the year who has battered world champions Oscar De La Hoya, Ricky Hatton and Miguel Cotto in sucessive bouts.
“I knew Floyd wanted a way out of the fight and now he’s found one,” Roach said.
Mayweather advisor Ellerbe answered, “Freddie Roach is full of [it], they’re scrambling, and he knows that. Floyd doesn’t have a problem with it, so Manny Pacquiao sure shouldn’t have a problem with it.”
Roach said his concern has nothing to do with hiding anything.
“Giving blood right before the fight could be like having sex right before the fight,” Roach said. “It’s 100% mental. If it’s in your head that it weakens you, then it will weaken you.”
Roach extended an olive branch to the riff, saying he would allow Pacquiao to give a blood sample one week before the fight, but no closer than three days before the first bell.
Ellerbe said, “It’s our understanding [the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency] won’t be drawing the blood within 24 hours of the fight, so there shouldn’t be a problem. If Freddie thinks Floyd is running from him, all they have to do is agree to the testing.”
“I just hope Manny has not been properly briefed on this, because, of course, one would assume that he’d find it acceptable to be subject to the same testing that Lance Armstrong, Kobe Bryant and Floyd Mayweather agree to,” Mayweather promoter Richard Schaefer said. “If he decides to walk away from this fight because of a blood test, then draw your own conclusions.”

DEC 23RD 2009
Mayweather’s promoter, Richard Schaefer, said all other issues have been agreed upon.
“The good news is we have agreed on all the other points,” Schaefer said. “Depending on what Manny Pacquiao decides to do we either have a fight or we don’t have a fight.”
Schaefer said he is still hopeful of the fight happening, based on the fact Pacquiao himself has not publicly said he would not accept blood testing.
“I am still hopeful because I really believe this decision didn’t come from Manny Pacquiao, it came from somebody else,” Schaefer said. “It’s up to Manny Pacquiao to prove me right or wrong.”

Travis Tygart, executive director of the USADA, said he had talked to representatives of both fighters about providing testing. Tygart said he welcomed the request as he would for any sport that does not have stringent Olympic-type testing.
“I think every sport that wants to have clean athletes it’s a sign of a step forward to have out of competition testing,” Tygart said. “It’s an essential thing to do if you want to protect the integrity of the sport. Clean athletes want a level playing field.”

Dec 23rd 2009

Arum said, HE is not willing to allow Pacquiao to have blood drawn fewer than 30 days before the fight.

DEC 24TH 2009

Time To Take Matters In Your Own Hands Champ!


You know I hear what goes on and read it all the time. Does Arum pull the strings yes. But as a fighter and possible future president of the Phillipines it is time to take matters in your on hands and demand the fight. All these other fights will be there Marquez Bradley Cotto ( sorry but Peterson loses his next fight no matter the opponent) That money will be there. Take this Floyd payday and kick some a$$. To be honest Manny perfomances been okay with me. Manny is older and dont have time to chase Mosley Cotto Clottey and fighters around the ring. He tries to be great but fighters fold when he hit them. Thats not Manny’s fault. When Manny is in the ring and he get to hitting himself and loosening his arms somebody is in trouble that round. Fighters know that… thats why they run(Shane) fold( Cotto) get beat up bad( Oscar Delahoya, Margarito) go in a shell( Clottey, Marquez) or go to sleep( Hatton). Why waste time with this fight when you can get Floyd in the ring? The other names will be here. ” Don’t Meet Him There Beat Him There” hey and copy right that. you can have it before someone else steal it. Thank you MP8 for posted my blog. I really do enjoy the site. thank you for the post and yes Manny you got a official fan now….I hope this works because I am a big fan of Cotto.

Team Pacquiao


by DeAngelo

Team Manny. first off thanks for the many nights of good boxing. I been very entertained until recently. This Floyd situation has gone to far. At the end of the day when we look back at who was the greatest between Floyd and Manny we have to chose Manny because of his resume and activity. But there is a legit claim that Floyd fans have also and that is that he is 42-0. Thats factual and nothing to argue about. Now team pacman been chasing Floyd true. Now Floyd decied to come out and face the music. As a dedicated fan of boxing the best should have to meet. we the people has waited long enough. The biggest fear we have is the fight not happening. Team Pacquaio please if you wanna show your fans all over the world that you want the fight to happen, can Bob Arum set up a press conference via satelite and for team pacquaio to address the fans on the situation at hand, thats all I ask. If Floyd is ducking call him out. You have twitter also. When you were about to fight Marquez you twitter all night. I swear ESPN would shut down and show this interview if you really wanna show your fans your motives to fight Floyd. Try it. We are tired of second hand news or contradictory coming from your side of the fence. You said you take smaller purse. now that thats different. Please explain to the fans this nonsense. I’m sure Mannny means alot to alot of people but Im sure he would touch alot of people if he takes the fight. Like I said before “Don’t meet him there(May 5th) Beat him there” whats up team pacquaio?

To All Manny Pacquiao Fans Around The World


Please feel free to send us your post on what Manny Pacquiao has meant to you in your life or your community. Also, feel free to voice your opinion of who Manny Pacquiao should fight next. Also how do you feel Bob Arum and Michael Koncz handled the Mayweather situation?

We will gladly post your response as long as there is no foul language.

please send to [email protected]

Thank you

Team Pacquiao



I DON’T KNOW OF ANYONE in the Philippines more respected amongst the over 100,000 Filipinos living here In Australia than you Manny Pacquiao
Whenever one of your big fights are shown here in our clubs Filipinos and Australians flock to see them. You have done yourself, your family and your country proud.
I have visited the Philippines three times, mainly to give talks in some of your churches on Build up your self worth themes, but also to check on families I met over there and whom I have tried to support,person to person, however small, by being sponsored in events like our City to Surf the biggest fun run in the world every August, and other fund raisers. I love your country and your people – the first time my wife and I visited we had gone through a family tragedy and the friendliness kindness care of your people were like a healing process and we have never forgotten it.
I am now 73, a lolo, but was once paperweight champion of Coogee Primary School so I have always followed boxing
Here is how I start my talks in the Philippines. “ imagine if I got into a boxing ring with your Manny Pacquiao ( big Smiles) WHAT would happen ? Yes I would soon be on the canvas and I can imagine laying there, some people saying stay down, others yelling out get up and my wife yelling out get up and then to Manny she yells hit him again.
The Apostle Paul in the Bible was describing some of his tough times in Second Corinthians chapter 4 and in the Living Bible paraphrase part of it reads “ We get knocked down but we get up and keep going”.
Its then a matter of fighting back and winning through is the picture of Paul’s life here and in so doing inn our experiences we will get a sense of great self worth. That’s why I am here today to encourage you towards true self worth”.
Well Manny I took several photos on my trips to Phili including this one I saw in astreet in Ermita

here is my first support project a little guy called Regi – his teachers say he has so much potential and we met here at Jollibee

His mother Edith is in the Marketing Department of a University and is a wonderful person and friend.

A correction on the site.

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To remove any confusion in the public eye we have removed the sentence in the article titled : Official Statement to his fans: “I will fight!”

The sentence, “Manny Pacquiao agrees to fight May 5th”has been removed.

We apologize for the error on our posting.

Official Statement to his fans- I will fight!


“To all of my fans…Mayweather just needs to agree to and accept a 50 percent split, and if he does, then the fight will go through. He’s the one who needs to agree,”

“He’s the one who has to say yes. The reason is because he talks to a lot of people. He has a lot of representatives. If he takes the fight, he can make $50-to-60 million. That’s how much he can make.”

“I want to fight him. This is the fight the world wants. Mayweather wants a guaranteed purse, so what he has to do is get a promoter who can give him the guarantee,” said Pacquiao.

“I don’t have problems getting a guarantee because I have a promoter who will give me my guaranteed purse. If he gets a guarantee, then we are going to share the revenue on a 50-50 basis.”

Pacquiao will fight Mayweather

Pacquiao’s side says No Fight On May 5th


By Marcos Nunez,

On Wednesday, Mayweather demanded Pacquiao “give the world what they want to see” and agree to a bout on 5 May.
And while Pacquiao said he wanted the fight, he said he favours a date in late May and suggested Mayweather could not guarantee his side of the purse.
“This is the fight the world wants,” said Philippine superstar Pacquiao.
“[But] Mayweather wants a guaranteed purse so what he has to do is get a promoter who can give him the guarantee.
“I don’t have problems getting a guarantee because I have a promoter who will give me my guaranteed purse.
Manny Pacquiao I’m calling you out let’s fight May 5 and give the world what they want to see… Step up Punk
Floyd Mayweather via Twitter
“If he gets a guarantee, then we are going to share the revenue on a 50-50 basis.”
Pacquiao’s promoter Bob Arum added: “There is no problem on our part - the problem is on Mayweather’s.
“Mayweather needs somebody on his side that’s going to guarantee his purse. Mayweather has nobody on his side and GBP (Oscar de la Hoya’s Golden Boy Promotions) is not going to guarantee his purse.”
Arum and Pacquiao’s financial advisor, Michael Koncz, want a bout in late May to coincide with the completion of a 45,000-seater arena in Las Vegas.
The MGM Grand, where Mayweather is booked to fight on 5 May, has a capacity of only 17,000 and Koncz claims an additional $30m (£13m) could be raised if the bout took place in the new venue.
“Why would I tell Manny to fight on 5 May and throw away a percentage of $30m? That’s crazy,” said Koncz. The question is are you advising Manny Pacquiao to make less on his next fight? That is CRAZY. And We thought it was not about the money for the Pacman- it is about the fans!

Koncz blocking Pacquiao vs Mayweather Again


Official Statement from Mayweather- I am ready to fight Pacquiao on May 5th- Official Statement from Michael Koncz, To Fight Floyd on May 5th is foolish from an economic stand point.

So does this mean Manny Pacquiao will make more fighting someone else? Will he make more fighting someone else on the list of four people that Arum has brought? And what about what the fans want? I thought it was about the fans?

Please explain Mr. Michael Koncz- what about the fans? And will Pacquiao make more fighting Peterson, Marquez, Cotto, Bradley than he would Floyd, even if he fought Floyd on the 5th? It sounds like Koncz is the one to blame.

How The Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather Fight Can Happen May 5th 2012

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By Marcos Nunez,

The only way the fight can happen (in my humble opinion) is if Floyd
Mayweather offers Manny Pacquiao the fight with a guarantee-. In all
fairness, I think the guarantee should be around 35 million, which is
almost 100% more than any guarantee Manny Pacquiao has received in the
past. How could Manny Pacquiao turn down a 35 million guarantee
against Floyd on the 5th of May only to accept less of a guarantee to
fight one of Bob Arum’s four other choices.

Manny Pacquiao has already agreed to accept less of a percentage, so
Floyd could offer 45% of the total money received from the fight and
keep 55% for himself.  The fight is sure to generate well over 90
million in net revenue, so I think both fighters will be safe making
this deal.

Manny Pacquiao could then pay Bob Arum his percentage that is owed to
him as Manny Pacquiao’s promoter.

I am sure Money Mayweather will then elicit the services of Golden Boy
to co-promote the event with Mayweather Promotions, Top Rank, and Mp

I do not believe Bob Arum is prepared to present Mayweather the
guarantee he is looking for if the fight were to take place May 5th
and I do not believe that Mayweather will stand down from the date he
has already announced and has a commitment to.

Official Statement: Manny Pacquiao responds to Floyd Mayweather


Manny Pacquiao wants to make it clear the fight can happen at the end of May- Manny wants Floyd to release his grip on May 5th, so the fight can happen for the fans.

Punks, Chickens, MM’s and MP’s- Can’t we all just get along!


By Tim Sladeck,

Do ya smell what Floyd’s got cookin? I do believe we have a man that is tired of hearing his name in the same sentence with our good old friend the chicken. The fight happening on the 5th comes down to Bob Arum believing if he can come up with the demand money of the man in the blue corner, affectionately called Money Mayweather (MM) while having enough left over to feed the needy, the men in the red corner.

The reality is that will not happen by May 5th.. In Bob’s eyes there’s too much money to be had and there is no way to grab it by May 5th or May 31st. He will not allow his cash cow to fight MM now, because the reality is Bob is getting the left overs after MM’s guarantee and it will not be enough. Bob will wait until there is more on the table to feast on.

The only way to save some sort of face is for both parties to agree to fight in November and put the pen to the paper- Sign the dotted line NOW or risk both fighters next pay per views numbers go down the toilet.

If Manny can pull a rabbit out of the hat and finally get Bob Arum to commit to a fight in November he will not only save face with his fans after being called a punk, but there will be so much hype for both fighters to win their next fight that pay per views for each bout will surely sky rocket .

The fact is: It is not about being a punk, it is not about being a chicken- it never has been. This fight has always been about the good ol’ fashioned dollar man. Nothing more and Nothing less.

Manny Pacquiao makes it clear, “I want Mayweather next.”


Manny Pacquiao has stated, “I‘ve said this over and over before and I’m saying this again, I want Floyd Mayweather Jr. to be my next opponent and I haven’t changed my choice despite recent developments,”

“I am meeting with my promoter tomorrow (Tuesday) and I will insist that the fight with Mayweather be given preference than the four others in the list,”

“I don’t want some quarters to blame me if, in the long run, the fight wouldn’t push through,”

“As I have been saying many times before, I fight for the fans. I want the fans to be happy always.

“Whoever the fans want me to fight, I will face him atop the ring. I don’t choose fights. It’s my promoter who does because it’s his job. My job is to fight, everybody must realize that,”

“Whoever says I’m ducking this fighter or that fighter doesn’t know me, or just plainly wants to put me in bad light,”

“I’ve never dodged a fight. If I did, I won’t be where I am now.”

“When Arum sits in the negotiation table, he will be laying on the table all the conditions we want which, everybody knows, are simple. I will abide by his (Mayweather) demand for drug testing. I am even agreeable to getting a lesser purse just so the fight would push through. In other words, as far as my side is concerned, there will be no problem.”

“We know that Mayweather has no promoter. He negotiates by himself. So if the fight won’t be realized, it’s no longer because of me,” Pacquiao concluded.

However, Bob Arum seems to be on a different page insisting Pacquiao will not fight until June, which just happens to be after Mayweather will turn himself in for his 90 day stint in the Clark County Jail.

The diet of typical Americans is rarely in line with new Federal Dietary Guidelines and MyPlate Icon

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At a Glance

A new report shows that, despite knowing what constitutes a healthy diet, American’s rarely eat a diet consistent with the principles outlined by the new Federal Dietary Guidelines.

Recently the USDA Food Guide Pyramid was replaced as the government’s method of portraying a healthy diet. The graphic interpretation of the new federal dietary guidelines is now called MyPlate, and depicts a plate with quadrants, half of which are fruits and vegetables, and the other quarters being proteins and grains. The dairy group is portrayed by a glass aside the plate.

New recommendations are simplified and include the following: Balancing Calories - enjoy your food, but eat less, and avoid oversized portions; Foods to Increase - make half your plate fruits and vegetables, make at least half your grains whole grains, and switch to fat-free or low-fat (1%) milk; Foods to Reduce - compare sodium in foods like soup, bread, and frozen meals ― and choose the foods with lower numbers, and drink water instead of sugary drinks.

The recommendations seem simple enough and common sense. However, according to NPD, a leading provider of reliable and comprehensive consumer and retail information, there is a vast difference between the new federal dietary guidelines and what typical American’s are actually consuming. NPD’s food and beverage market research finds that for the average consumer, only two percent of their days (about 7 days a year) come close to resembling the USDA’s MyPlate.

Using NPD’s National Eating Trends® (NET®) research, MyPlate days were calculated based on consumers who, on the same day, achieved at least 70 percent of the daily recommended intake for dairy, fruit, grains, proteins and vegetables. It was also discovered that even when consumers did achieve a MyPlate day, they were very likely to have consumed more than three meals to do so.

The analysts noted that there is clearly a need for consumers to change their eating habits, especially in light of the fact that more than 65 percent of adults are classified as overweight or obese.

Ongoing research has shown that consumers are generally aware of what constitutes a healthy diet, but what they know and what they do when it comes to eating are often different. The take home message, is that everyone should be enjoying their meals but eating less while still adhering to healthy nutritional guidelines.

Dietary supplements and fortified meal replacements help ensure nutritional adequacy during energy-restricted diets for weight loss

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At a Glance
Weight control strategies that are both safe and effective are needed to reduce
the rate of the current obesity epidemic. People incorporating fortified meal replacements are more likely to have adequate essential nutrient intakes compared to a group following a more traditional food group diet.

Weight control strategies that are both safe and effective are needed to reduce the rate of the current obesity epidemic. A study published in the Nutrition Journal compared the macronutrient and micronutrient levels in the foods chosen by women following two different weight reduction programs.
Ninety-six generally healthy overweight or obese women were randomly placed into two treatment groups: Traditional Food Group (TFG) or a Meal Replacement Group (MRG). The MRG included the use of 1-2 meal replacement drinks or bars per day. Both groups aimed to restrict energy levels to approximately 1,300 calories per day. After one year, weight loss was not significantly different between the groups, and both groups had macronutrient (Carbohydrate:Protein:Fat) ratios that were within the ranges recommended. Both groups experienced an improved dietary pattern with respect to decreased saturated fat, cholesterol, and sodium, with increased total servings/day of
fruits and vegetables. However, the TFG had a significantly lower dietary intake of
several vitamins and minerals compared to the MRG and was at greater risk for
inadequate intake.

Although both groups successfully lost weight while improving overall dietary adequacy, the group incorporating fortified meal replacements tended to have a more adequate essential nutrient intake compared to the group following a more traditional food group diet. This study supports the need to incorporate fortified foods and/or dietary supplements while following an energy-restricted diet for weight loss.
Ashley JM et al. Nutrient adequacy during weight loss interventions: a randomized study in women comparing the dietary intake in a meal replacement group with a traditional food group. Nutr J. 2007 Jun 25;6:12