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Ariza’s Corner Of The Ring


Hello New Zealand, BC Canada, Saudi Arabia, UK, Vancouver, Caloocan, Mizoram India, Toronto Canada, More shot outs to follow tomorrow!

Today we will be speaking on Insulin surges and how they affect your body.

I do want to mention that I will be dedicating my time when I get to LA to answer all these questions.

I apologize there are unanswered questions on the comments sections. I will get to everyone one of them. Things are always a bit more difficult when you are away from home and do not have the comforts you are used to.

I did see some great questions and look forward to our continued dialogs.

First thing I want to discuss is: What is Insulin? Continue reading “Ariza’s Corner Of The Ring” »

This Pacquiao-vs-mayweather-Manny Pacquiao to Fight Floyd Mayweather Jr.! (In Court)

News by Courthouse News
(1 Day Ago) in Sports / Boxing/MMA

Boxer Manny Pacquiao can go forward with a defamation suit against Floyd Mayweather Jr., Oscar De La Hoya and several promoters, a federal judge ruled, finding that the Filipino pugilist showed evidence that the group conceived a career-ending plot to spread rumors that Pacquiao uses performance-enhancing drugs.

U.S. District Judge Larry Hicks of Nevada declined to dismiss the lawsuit, as requested by De la Hoya, promoter Richard Schaefer and Mayweather Promotions.

“A reasonable listener would understand and interpret the moving defendants’ statements to imply that Pacquiao has used and is using [performance enhancing drugs] PEDs,” Hicks wrote in a March 21 order. Continue reading “This Pacquiao-vs-mayweather-Manny Pacquiao to Fight Floyd Mayweather Jr.! (In Court)” »

Juan Manuel Marquez Update


By Gabriel F. Cordero,

Three division world champion Juan Manuel Marquez has again spoken to his promoter Golden Boy Promotions about a better financial offer and the possibility of four fight deal with fights against names like Robert ‘The Ghost’ Guerrero and Zab Judah among others. Marquez has been considering the Continue reading “Juan Manuel Marquez Update” »

Another Boxing Source Picks Manny Pacquiao

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By Johnny Benz,

Recently I wrote a piece that showed three top Boxing sources picking Manny Pacquiao as their Pound For Pound Best. Yahoo Sports, Ring Magazine and had recent P4P updates and they were all unanimous in Pacquiao being the best. has just recently published their updated P4P list, and like the three source mentioned above, SportingLife is also picking Manny Pacquiao as their number one.

SportingLife’s Top Five Pound for Pound are: 1 Manny Pacquiao, 2…. Continue reading “Another Boxing Source Picks Manny Pacquiao” »

Brock Lesnar, Manny Pacquiao, Muhammad Ali, Jon Jones and Today’s Fighter Buzz

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By Rob Kelly,

Brock Lesnar has been hitting the sports interview circuit as of late, answering questions from all different avenues.

Lesnar has appeared on everything from SportsCenter to Jimmy Fallon, and just like in the UFC, he does not duck any challenge. Continue reading “Brock Lesnar, Manny Pacquiao, Muhammad Ali, Jon Jones and Today’s Fighter Buzz” »

Pacquiao to finish Baguio training on Friday


MANILA, Philippines – After 3 weeks of high-altitude training in the City of Pines, Fighter of the Decade Manny Pacquiao will wrap up his training camp in Baguio City on Friday.

Pacquiao, who is due to defend his World Boxing Organization (WBO) welterweight crown against Shane Mosley on May 7, will return to Manila on Saturday for one more boxing session before eventually heading off to Los Angeles, California. Continue reading “Pacquiao to finish Baguio training on Friday” »

Preparing For Battle Is not always preparing for battle.


At 9:00pm on Thursday Eve., you could be one of the fortunate people sitting inside a very distinct and distinguished, cozy hotel, located in Baguio Philippines.

These surroundings are not to be taken for granted, because of their unique qualities.

Inside this four-story structure, designed to blend neatly with the towing pines, provides a magnificent view of the Cordillera mountain range. Continue reading “Preparing For Battle Is not always preparing for battle.” »

Ariza’s Corner In The Ring


We are starting to get ready to head back to the U.S.

Today we are going to have to pass on the nutritional blog aspect of this segment.

I did want to take a moment to speak to you about how the champ is doing. Continue reading “Ariza’s Corner In The Ring” »

Team Pacman puts accent on endurance

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BAGUIO CITY, Philippines – Manny Pacquiao, who’d gone 12 hard rounds in each of his last three fights, is making sure he’ll have enough steam against Shane Mosley.

As he trains up in Baguio for the May 7 fight at the fabled MGM Grand in Las Vegas, the 32-year-old Filipino superstar is putting premium on endurance.

“We’re trying to build up his endurance,” said Pacquiao’s conditioning coach Alex Ariza after yesterday’s morning workout at the Sta. Lucia Golf and Country Estate Continue reading “Team Pacman puts accent on endurance” »

The Floyd Mayweather JR – Manny Pacquiao Story: The Pound for Pound King Crowned

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By Geno McGahee

On October 3rd, 1998, a 130 pound Floyd Mayweather, JR., stepped into the ring with the tough veteran and holder of the WBC Super Featherweight Title, Genaro Hernandez, 38-1-1, 17 KO’s. Hernandez’s only defeat on his record was to a prime Oscar De La Hoya, where he quit in the 6th round due to a severely broken nose. It was nothing to be ashamed of. Continue reading “The Floyd Mayweather JR – Manny Pacquiao Story: The Pound for Pound King Crowned” »

Brock Lesnar, Manny Pacquiao, Jon Jones and The Latest Pugilist Buzz

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It’s a big day in the world of mixed martial arts.

The 13th season of “The Ultimate Fighter” begins tonight with Brock Lesnar, the biggest drawing card in the sport, as one of the coaches, along with Junior dos Santos.

In uncharacteristic fashion, Lesnar has been making the media rounds all week hyping up the show and talking about all kinds of things. It’s been really strange to see him doing all this, if you have followed his career you know how private he is, but it’s all part of the job. Continue reading “Brock Lesnar, Manny Pacquiao, Jon Jones and The Latest Pugilist Buzz” »

Pacquiao works hard with mitts

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BAGUIO CITY. – Manny Pacquiao resumed his roadwork on Wednesday, took his breakfast at mid-morning and then slept till 2 p.m., reporting for his workout with trainer Freddie Roach late by nearly two hours.

Continue reading “Pacquiao works hard with mitts” »

No gloating by Bob Arum: I’ll promote Nonito Donaire, not punish him

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By Michael Marley,

Promoter Bob Arum, who just celebrated the 45th anniversary of his first promotion (1966, Toronto Maple Leaf Gardens, controversial “draft-dodger” Muhammad Ali against Canadian George Chuvalo), has a message for wandering bantamweight champion Nonito Donaire, Jr.

In sum and substance, lawyer Arum did not say all is forgiven. His message is really more of a “come home, Lassie, come home” type signal. Continue reading “No gloating by Bob Arum: I’ll promote Nonito Donaire, not punish him” »


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“He Called Me For An Interview and you know me: I will talk to everybody, but not anymore. I’m gonna watch who I talk to from now on… I got a friend of mine from the gym that’s always on the Continue reading “FLOYD MAYWEATHER SR: “I DIDN’T SAY I KNOW FOR A FACT PACQUIAO WAS ON STEROIDS” By Percy Crawford | March 30, 2011” »

(Camp Photos) Shane Mosley to counter-punch Manny Pacquiao

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By Marv Dumon,

Boxing  - Welterweight “Sugar” Shane Mosley (46-6-1) will likely bring a counter-punching and boxing style when he steps into the ring against pound-for-pound king Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao (52-3-2) of the Philippines, according to a source following the boxer’s training at Big Bear, California. Continue reading “(Camp Photos) Shane Mosley to counter-punch Manny Pacquiao” »

You are here: * Las Vegas * Sports * Fight Sports Showtime’s Steve Farhood on Pacquiao’s rise, Maidana-Morales, Las Vegas and more

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By Chris Robinson,

Being a boxing writer, there is honestly no other place I would rather be than Las Vegas. With gyms around every corner full of some of the sport’s best fighters, live events coming to the city on constant basis, and the game’s top promotional entity, Top Rank, just down the street, it’s a great time to be in this city. Continue reading “You are here: * Las Vegas * Sports * Fight Sports Showtime’s Steve Farhood on Pacquiao’s rise, Maidana-Morales, Las Vegas and more” »

Nonito Donaire facing return to Top Rank or long period of inactivity

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By Scott Heritage,

Earlier today news broke that mediator Daniel Weinstein had ruled in favor of Top Rank regarding the dispute over the contractual status of Bantamweight star Nonito Donaire, who recently attempted to jump ship to Top Rank rivals Golden Boy.

Donaire’s existing contract with Top Rank was originally due to have ended by now.

Continue reading “Nonito Donaire facing return to Top Rank or long period of inactivity” »

Ariza’s Corner Of The Ring


Good Morning Madagascar!!! I will be giving all the countries a shout out this week that have been following my blog!

We expect and hope Manny Pacquiao will be doing the same via video very soon. We really appreciate your support and continued great feedback from all of you.

We hope that this blog will benefit people out there everywhere.

Today we are going to speak about Continue reading “Ariza’s Corner Of The Ring” »

Pacman-Mosley eve fight card

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Tickets are on sale today for Top Rank’s fight card on May 6, on the eve of the showdown between Manny Pacquiao and Sugar Shane Mosley. Diego Magdaleno, Bernabe Concepcion, Continue reading “Pacman-Mosley eve fight card” »

Pascal rips Hopkins as drug cheater, hits bystander Mosley with BALCO flashback

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You would think that, despite all the compliments they keep trading across the ocean, Sugar Shane Mosley’s worst enemy right now is Manny Pacquiao.

That’s what you get for thinking, old boy, because suddenly, popping up in La Belle Provence, comes a genuinely agitated WBC light heavyweight champ named Jean Pascal. Continue reading “Pascal rips Hopkins as drug cheater, hits bystander Mosley with BALCO flashback” »

Boxing Roundtable: What’s next for Gamboa? Will Kirkland be a star?


1. Yuriorkis Gamboa’s fourth-round knockout of Jorge Solis was easily his best win to date. Were you impressed with Gamboa?

CHRIS MANNIX: Impressed? How about wowed, dazzled and amazed, too? For weeks we heard about Solis’s experience, how he had once gone toe-to-toe with Manny Pacquiao and, for a while, held his own. Against Gamboa, Solis was a punching bag, and not a very sturdy one at that. Gamboa’s blend of speed and power is frightening; he puts together combinations that appear fast even when played in slow motion. Top Rank CEO Bob Arum seems determined to make the world wait for Gamboa-Juan Manuel Lopez but I don’t think he can keep putting that fight off much longer. Continue reading “Boxing Roundtable: What’s next for Gamboa? Will Kirkland be a star?” »

Bob Arum’s Take On Manny Pacquiao- Nonito Donaire

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By Lem Satterfield,

Top Rank Promotions CEO, Bob Arum, weighed in with his thoughts on Manny Pacquiao and Nonito Donaire, natives of the Philippines who also happen to be two of boxing’s pound for pound best fighters.

The 32-year-old-Pacquiao (52-3-2-) is an eight-division titlist as well as the current WBO welterweight champion, and will take a 13-bout winning streak that includes eight knockouts into his May 7 defense against Shane Mosley (46-6-1, 39 KOs).

The 28-year old Donaire (26-1, 18 KOs) earned his second championship over as many….


Pavlik set to fight on undercard of Pacquiao


Former world middleweight champion Kelly Pavlik was added to the undercard of the May 7 welterweight title fight between Manny Pacquiao and Shane Mosley at the MGM Grand Garden

Continue reading “Pavlik set to fight on undercard of Pacquiao” »

Manny Pacquiao: Why Is Floyd Mayweather Jr. Still Talking About Pacquiao?


By Tom Kinslow,

Manny Pacquiao Is Training For His Next Fight, But Floyd Mayweather Jr. Can’t Stop Talking About A Fight Between the Two.

For years, people have wanted to see a fight between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. The only problem is that two sides have never been able to agree on conditions for a bout more specifically on blood testing leading up to and before the fight.
Mayweather Jr. wants Olympic-style testing, but Pacquiao has balked at those conditions and it has created a war of words between the two sides. We haven’t seen Money Mayweather in the ring in a long, long time, but it hasn’t stopped him from running his mouth to anyone who will listen. Take this interview with ESPN 1000 in Chicago for example, where he talked more about himself, Pacquiao and the blood testing. Continue reading “Manny Pacquiao: Why Is Floyd Mayweather Jr. Still Talking About Pacquiao?” »

Alex Ariza’s Corner Of The Ring


March 29Th, 2011 We took the morning off training today. This decision was made yesterday. It was made, because Manny Pacquiao had such an intense training session during the afternoon workout at the Shape Up Gym, here in Baguio. When we made this decision we also had to take into consideration that Manny Pacquiao is sparing later this afternoon.

Remember we train with a very high level of intensity that requires a lot of rest. We rest so we can allow our muscles to heal and grow. When are muscles have fully rested and healed we can focus on speed and accuracy.

We do not enter a training session over trained from the day before. If we did, we could not be at our best to focus on getting better. That is our goal everyday; our goal is, “The next day when we enter the gym we can train hard enough to continually get better”. Continue reading “Alex Ariza’s Corner Of The Ring” »

Floyd Mayweather: Manny Pacquiao ‘is a media creation’

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The thing is that Floyd Mayweather doesn’t talk a lot about Manny Pacquiao these days. But when he does, it’s usually noteworthy. Such was the case on Saturday when he joined ESPN Chicago for a radio interview, and the subject inevitably shifted toward the Non-Fight of the Decade. Marvel at his verbal footwork.

Continue reading “Floyd Mayweather: Manny Pacquiao ‘is a media creation’” »



On Monday March 28th, 2011 Manny Pacquiao had his best day of training so far. Inside the Shape Up gym, which is located in the city of Baguiao, Manny Pacquiao is preparing for the fight of his career. On May 7Th, 2011 Manny Pacquiao will face off against Sugar Shane Mosley at the MGM Garden Arena, located in Las Vegas Nevada. A fight that will have the fans on the edge of their seat all night long.

Today inside the Shape Up gym, Continue reading “BEST DAY OF TRAINING YET!!” »

Manny Pacquiao is making Floyd Mayweather look pathetic without doing or saying anything


By Superstar Billy Graham

On an Espn radio show with Carmen, Junko and Harry, Floyd Mayweather was their guest and of course they spoke about Manny Pacquiao and asked the most obvious question when will Floyd finally fight Manny Pacquiao. Continue reading “Manny Pacquiao is making Floyd Mayweather look pathetic without doing or saying anything” »

Floyd Mayweather Envies Manny Pacquiao’s Rise in Stardom


By Troy Sparks,

Floyd Mayweather won’t stop running his mouth against Manny Pacquiao. In a phone interview on the “Carmen, Jurko and Harry” radio show on ESPN Chicago, he was asked if a fight with Manny Pacquiao was in his future plans.

“I’m an American citizen,” he said, ducking the question, “and I represent the red, white and blue. And the only thing I want is for the people in America to stand behind me.” Continue reading “Floyd Mayweather Envies Manny Pacquiao’s Rise in Stardom” »

Alex Ariza’s Corner Of The Ring


Good Morning Baguio, (and of course all 101 other countries currently gracing the new mpboxing site)

We had a great weekend and wrapped up things by getting back to the hotel last night (Sunday Night) around 10:00P.M.

Last week is over and this week begins. We expect to take it up a notch. Manny Pacquiao has gone through the initial phase of training.

During the initial phase your body feels a certain soreness, because it has not done a certain activity in a while, and that certain activity is re-introduced to the body.

The first couple weeks are always the most Continue reading “Alex Ariza’s Corner Of The Ring” »

Alex Ariza’s Corner Of The Ring


Just letting everyone know I will be posting another blog after our morning routine. The beginning of the 3rd week of training starts tomorrow.

There are so many great questions and comments, and thank you for that. I will be addressing Continue reading “Alex Ariza’s Corner Of The Ring” »


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By Felix Strunk,

Pacquiao doesn’t hit that hard. He throws a lot of punches, but he doesn’t hit that hard. Gamboa hits very Hard, “Stated featherweight contender Jorge Sollis, whom moments ago was completely dominated and destroyed by WBA featherweight champion Yuriokis Gamboa.



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By Ray Ender

As much as I respect legendary boxing trainer Emmanuel Steward, I don’t think he is the right trainer for NFL player Tommy Zbikowski. I could be wrong and Steward and Tommy Z make a good tandem, but I think Tommy would mesh better with Manny Pacquiao’s coach Freddie Roach. Freddie focuses on explosive power and angles, he also loves to push his fighters stamina to the


Never Mind Haye-Klitschko Or Pacquiao-Mayweather: Gamboa-Lopez Is The Most Exciting Fight That Can Be Made Today!

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By James Slater - Yuriorkis Gamboa, the quite sensational Cuban featherweight king, did it again last night. Looking sizzling in stopping tough Mexican Jorge Solis inside four breathtaking rounds, scoring multiple knockdowns along the way, the 29-year-old handed Solis his most comprehensive defeat yet. Even the great Manny Pacquiao had to settle for an 8th-round KO win when he met Solis back in 2007 and, dare I say it: Pac-Man didn’t look as good as the Cuban typhoon did against the Mexican. Continue reading “Never Mind Haye-Klitschko Or Pacquiao-Mayweather: Gamboa-Lopez Is The Most Exciting Fight That Can Be Made Today!” »

Pacquiao to begin sparring tomorrow

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On road to Baguio City after spending the weekend in Manila, trainer Freddie Roach said he’s looking forward to the first day of Manny Pacquiao’s sparring with Shawn Porter and David Rodela on Tuesday afternoon. Continue reading “Pacquiao to begin sparring tomorrow” »

New Videos


New videos of the awards shows and what MP has been doing will be posted with and hour or so!!! Keep checking back! I hear they are great!! Mp is resting with his family right now and will be heading back to Baguio very soon..

Alex Ariza’s Corner Of The Ring


Today is a rest day for everyone. We will be resting, including me writing an article. That being said, there is a great UFC on tonight. Check it out! Keep the questions coming. I really enjoy everyone’s responses.
Thank you for all your support and I will talk to you soon.


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Here are some reviews of the book:
This review is from: Pacman: My Story of Hope, Resilience, and Never-Say-Never Determination (HARDCOVER)
I’ve watched Manny Pacquaio’s movie (his life story) many times and so I assumed this book will be the same. However, like any other fans, I also wanted to have a copy of the book. I was going to send it to my brother in the Philippines who is a HUGE fan. (He named his son, “Emmanuel” and we call him “Manny”). I started reading it last weekend and couldn’t put it down because it was totally different from the movie. There are so many lessons learned. The “author” did a great job in putting together Manny’s life. I’m hoping this is also available in Tagalog version to make it more meaningful to Filipinos like me. Manny’s words will be more touching and revealing if there will be a Tagalog version. I’m Manny’s fan because of the honor he brings to our country but he also became an inspiration to me after reading this book.

Here is another

It is an easy book to read. His story is inspiring. It is easy to see how Manny has become known as the people’s champion. He has never forgotten his humble beginnings.

Here is another

Pacman: My Story of Hope, Resilience, and Never-Say-Never Determination (Hardcover) I’ve always been a huge supporter for Pacquiao. I love how he carries himself with pride knowing that he makes other Filipinos hopeful and proud to be a flip even for just those moments in the ring. This book actually shows the reality of what he went through. Its a story that is not new to many Filipinos. The dirty streets, slum, and the feeling of utter poverty has been experienced first hand or has been humbled enough when around it. The book gives anyone a taste of what its like to come from nothing to a whole lot of things. Its a book that will motivate you to strive for better. All at the same time, Manny doesn’t forget his roots. He exudes what it is to be a down to earth Filipino, a good winner, and someone for kids to look up to. Its an easy read that will keep you turning pages because after all, who doesn’t like to hear about a true rags to riches story?

here is another

Pacman: My Story of Hope, Resilience, and Never-Say-Never Determination (Hardcover) I could not put this book down! As a huge Pacquiao fan, I felt I already knew all there was to know about Manny, turns out I was dead wrong! This book has a lot of great insight on Manny not just as a boxer, but as a person. From his early days boxing just so he’d have money to eat to becoming the #1 boxer in the world making millions, this book covers it all. The author Timothy James really gives the reader all there is to know about Manny. Don’t let other “Pacman” books fool you, this is the REAL DEAL! I recommend this book to any real Pacquiao / Boxing fan!


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I am Arnel Samudio recently lives in Toamasina Madagascar i ve never missed even a day without reading all d article related to boxing especially d concern is my super idol Manny Pacman Pacquiao since 2003, Am contented seeing him in all videos, news most in cinema when i am in Philippines, hope one day may meet manny in person
So far and pacland filled my enjoyment
regards and thanks to Admin

Pacquiao to outbox Mosley

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By Nick Giongco,

You don’t have to be a master of the ring to know the key to beating Shane Mosley.

Trainer Freddie Roach said Friday that Manny Pacquiao will resort to precision punching and movement when the Filipino pound-for-pound king meets Mosley on May 7 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

“The key (to a victory) is to outbox Shane Mosley,” said Roach, who will train Pacquiao for two days in Metro Manila before returning to Baguio Sunday afternoon. Continue reading “Pacquiao to outbox Mosley” »

Caleb Grummet goes from Orbit Room to HBO because of Pacquiao absence

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By Michael Marley,

A totally obscure heavyweight boxer from Floyd Mayweather Junior’s hometown of Grand Rapids, Mich., will be a real Cinderfella Saturday night on the HBO boxing card from Atlantic City.

His name is Caleb Grummet, I kid you not, and HBO will show clips of the 0-0-1 fighter, who made his pro debut at The Orbit Room in Grand Rapids and fought a four-round majority draw.

It can be truly said that Grummet is yet another beneficiary of the Manny Pacquiao Effect because HBO is only showing Grummet as the opponent of Baltimore Ravens football safety Tommy Zbikowski, Bob Arum’s latest novelty project.

Continue reading “Caleb Grummet goes from Orbit Room to HBO because of Pacquiao absence” »

HBO Boxing After Dark Cheat Sheet- Mar. 26, 2011

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By Marty Mulcahey

Last night, ESPN2 featured two talented Cuban upstarts; a HBO show like tonight’s is where those men aspire to ply their trade. Currently, fellow Cuban expatriate Yuriorkis Gamboa is paving a fast path for his compatriots to follow. Select few boxers have the style and charisma that destines them to HBO gigs and it was evident from his amateur days that Gamboa is such a fighter. The last boxer to combine the powerful skill set of Gamboa was cocky Englishman Naseem Hamed. Both men’s flair put them on HBO’s wish list early on; I just hope Gamboa does not flame out as unexpectedly as Hamed did. Jorge Solis, Gamboa’s opponent, is not to be underestimated and can make it a close or ugly fight, which is why I tab the undercard battle of undefeateds between Miguel Garcia and Matt Remillard to steal the show.

Continue reading “HBO Boxing After Dark Cheat Sheet- Mar. 26, 2011” »

Floyd Mayweather Jr. rumor sizzles: HBO fight against Pittsburgh Kid, Spadafora

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Sometimes, people wonder why reporters write about rumors.

The answer is always the same, because the rumor is newsworthy because of the celebrity factor and/or because of the wide circulation of the rumor.

Sometimes, a rumor’s existence can be news in and of itself.

So it is with the persistent drumbeats, heard even in faraway Baguio, Philippines, at the training camp of Manny Pacquiao by his promoter Bob Arum. Continue reading “Floyd Mayweather Jr. rumor sizzles: HBO fight against Pittsburgh Kid, Spadafora” »

Efrain Esquivlas and Artemio Reyes Win By KO

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Written by David A. Avila
Saturday, 26 March 2011 07:52
ONTARIO-It was work as usual for Efrain Esquivias despite missing his famed trainer and a demolition job for Riverside’s Artemio Reyes Jr. on Friday.

Esquivias (13-0, 9 KOs) was missing trainer Freddie Roach who is in the Philippines with Manny Pacquiao and Amir Khan, but the ace trainer wasn’t needed as the Carson boxer beat up Colombia’s Jhon Molina (27-16-3, 18 KOs) before a sold out crowd at the Doubletree Hotel.

Continue reading “Efrain Esquivlas and Artemio Reyes Win By KO” »

Cantu heads eight-bout pro card tonight

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By John Whisler,

By his own admission, welterweight James Cantu hasn’t always been able to stay motivated. Among other things, an infrequent fight schedule has made it difficult to remain in the gym.

But Cantu (6-0, 3 KOs), regarded as one of San Antonio’s top prospects, may have gotten the boost he needs. Continue reading “Cantu heads eight-bout pro card tonight” »

Marquez next for Pacquiao?

Written by : Gerry Ramos

CLAMOR for Manny Pacquiao to fight bitter nemesis Juan Manuel Marquez for a third and last time may finally take place before the year ends.

Assuming the boxing superstar from the Philippines get past Sugar Shane Mosley in their May 7title fight for the World Boxing Organization (WBO) welterweight championship, Bob Arum, Pacquiao’s consummate promoter, is contemplating on pitting the Filipino against the durable Mexican.

Continue reading “Marquez next for Pacquiao?” »

With Lopez bout on hold Gamboa To Defend Titles Against Solis

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Boxing’s biggest non-fight the past two years has been Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. The hard-core as well as casual fan continues to hope that Pacquiao and Mayweather will eventually fight, after repeated breakdowns in negotiations. Continue reading “With Lopez bout on hold Gamboa To Defend Titles Against Solis” »

Floyd Mayweather continues attacking Manny despite defamation suit going forward

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Despite the defamation suit moving forward in a Nevada district court, Floyd Mayweather Sr. continued to publicly attack Manny Pacquiao and accuse him of taking PEDs. Earlier this week Nevada District Court Judge Larry R. Hicks ruled that Pacquiao’s lawsuit sufficiently met the burden of proof. However, on Wednesday, Floyd Mayweather Sr. continued his one man campaign of hate toward Pacquiao by making the following comments to Continue reading “Floyd Mayweather continues attacking Manny despite defamation suit going forward” »

Pacquiao’s angles to put Mosley in trouble

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MANILA, Philippines – Boxing trainer Freddie Roach said one of the strategies of Manny Pacquiao against the power-punching American “Sugar” Shane Mosley is the use of angles. Continue reading “Pacquiao’s angles to put Mosley in trouble” »

Bob Arum Talks Pacquiao-Mosley and Hints at Marquez Fight

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Joaquin Henson of The Philippine Star reports that Top Rank promoter Bob Arum is expecting big buys for the May 7 Showtime pay-per-view bout between Manny Pacquiao and Shane Mosley, and says that this is a one-fight deal with Showtime and CBS for the Filipino superstar. Continue reading “Bob Arum Talks Pacquiao-Mosley and Hints at Marquez Fight” »

Added Dates and Times To Videos

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For your convenience we have added the date and time the video was loaded to the site. This should help you sort through them from newest to oldest. We will continue to make small improvements like this to try and make this site more likable to all it’s viewers.

We are not done building this site. We have a lot more features to add. Hopefully by the time May 7th comes around we will have this site done.

Thank you for all of you views!

Support the Champ,


New Photo Album Just Uploaded!!


We just uploaded a new photo album titled, “Personal Photos.” There are a lot of great photos from Baguio. Please enjoy.




You guys are bombarding with me with comments and questions and I love it.

It is never easy to start something you have never done before. Writing a blog is something I have never done before. When Timothy James asked me to write for Manny Pacquiao’s Official Website I thought he was crazy. I almost smacked him. I heard that dude was crazy, so he was just proving to be what I heard. The past two days I have read all your feed back, comments, and questions I am now understanding why I am doing this.

Luckily Tim took his time and explained to me what this blog would be. This blog is about what I know, so I do feel some level of comfort. I have never written out what I do for anyone. I may not even explain it much to my fighters. I am more of an action person and tell them, “Just Do It.” Thank God they trust me and for the most part they do it.

Nutrition, working out, and Continue reading “ALEX ARIZA’S CORNER OF THE RING” »


1 Comment
By Timothy James,
For Manny Pacquiao, Week 2 of training has already come to a close at the Shape Up Gym in Baguio, Philippines. Normally, the Champ begins on Monday and works all the way through until the final bell rings on Saturday, when Freddie Roach officially calls an end to the week of training. He is allowed one day of rest, Sunday, per week. It’s the price that must be paid in order to be the best fighter in the world. This week, however, was a little bit different as Pacquiao was allowed two days off after an impressive start to training camp. You don’t have to tell the Champ twice. Continue reading “PACQUIAO UNWINDS AFTER IMPRESSIVE FIRST TWO WEEKS OF TRAINING” »

Gamboa Says He Isn’t fixated on JuanMa… FOLSTAD

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By, Rick Folstad,

He isn’t Juan Manuel Lopez or Chris John, but Jorge Solis did put up a pretty good fight against Manny Pacquiao four years ago. Sure, he was stopped in the eighth, but so what?

Depending on your perspective, that’s how far we’ve come or fallen in the fight game since the Manny years. If a guy loses to Pacquiao, we still consider it a badge of honor if he looked good in losing. We don’t care if he only Continue reading “Gamboa Says He Isn’t fixated on JuanMa… FOLSTAD” »


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Filipino fight sensation Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao is already in tip-top shape,just barely a week into the high-altitude training in preparation in Baguio, for his May 7th showdown against Shane Mosley. Running up the mountains and non-stop mitts training are Pacquiao’s daily routine to build up stamina and strength. Long-time trainer Freddie Roach is also putting emphasis on Pacquiao’a right hand punch for this will play a big role in neutralizing Shane Mosley. Continue reading “MANNY PACQUIAO’S BAGUIO TRAINING CAMP UPDATES” »



By Timothy James,

There are few elite athletes that I would love to introduce to the fans of Manny Pacquiao. This particular individual was the first MMA athlete that I could not wait to write about.

With BJ Penn’s God given talent, mixed with the warrior mentality that you only find in Manny Pacquiao, who else would be the first non-boxer I would ever write about or introduce to the site.

There are some athletes in boxing and in martial arts that just go in the fight to get a check. They have the thought process Continue reading “BJ PENN” »


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By Danny Howard,

Stop me if you’ve heard this before: A guy fights another guy, who happens to be a highly-regarded, pound-for-pound fighter, and everybody seems to be anticipating a tough fight. Instead, the fight is over before you know it after a quick shot renders the champion unconscious, leaving a star in the market headed for the sure road to superstardom.

What ends up happening, however is…



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By Felix Strunk,

Shane has a puncher’s chance, I mean, just as he did against Floyd, Actually, with Floyd, he almost..

delivered, so I think that, with that being said, Shane is a very very live underdog, you know,  if he hits Manny with the same things he hit Floyd with, I mean, you know, maybe…

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