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Arum narrows list of Pac-Man foes

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Promoter Bob Arum says that he doesn’t believe Floyd Mayweather will be available to fight Manny Pacquiao in May, so he’s narrowed his choices for the pound-for-pound king’s next bout to Shane Mosley, Juan Manuel Marquez and Andre Berto. Continue reading “Arum narrows list of Pac-Man foes” »

If Floyd Mayweather stopped dodging Manny Pacquiao - perhaps he wouldn't face defending that unbeaten record behind bars

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Manny Pacquiao has promised to box on for up to three more years but even if Floyd Mayweather Jnr ever braces himself to challenge the Filipino phenomenon for the mythical title of the greatest pound-for-pound boxer on earth it looks increasingly unlikely that he will be at liberty to do so.

While the PacMan has carried on beating bigger and bigger men inside the ring to establish a seemingly unsurpassable record of eight world titles in different weight divisions, the Money Man keeps collecting criminal indictments for alleged violence outside the ropes.

Increasingly, Mayweather seems hell-bent on following Continue reading “If Floyd Mayweather stopped dodging Manny Pacquiao - perhaps he wouldn't face defending that unbeaten record behind bars” »

Does Manny Pacquiao Now Hold the Trump Card?

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It’s really funny how the tables have turned in favor of Manny Pacquiao after his domination of Antonio Margarito over two weeks ago.  Pacquiao doesn’t have to prove anything to anybody.
Well, at least one fighter, and a familiar one, thinks that the Pac Man owes him again.  Didn’t we witness this same old song and dance twice before?
Juan Manuel Marquez wins his recent fight, then calls out Manny to fight him a third time.  It’s not Manny’s fault that Marquez didn’t correct mistakes from Continue reading “Does Manny Pacquiao Now Hold the Trump Card?” »

Margarito Trainer Post Fight Interview about Pacquiao

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Robert Garcia talks about Manny Pacquiao being the “best in the world” and about

Manny not avoiding third Marquez bout


MANILA, Philippines - Manny Pacquiao was getting ready for a commercial shoot in Manila yesterday when Juan Manuel Marquez kept calling his name from Las Vegas.
“We know that Pacquiao has been avoiding us,” Marquez said following an impressive ninth round knockout of Michael Katsidis at the MGM Grand.
“Pacquiao, Pacquiao, Pacquiao, I sound like a broken Continue reading “Manny not avoiding third Marquez bout” »

The rise of Filipino boxing - Pacquiao opens doors and gives hope to his people

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Wouldn’t it be great as an American boxing fan to be able to read an article entitled, “Floyd Mayweather Jr making America proud!” Or something close to that? America has not dominated the boxing world such as it used to back in Continue reading “The rise of Filipino boxing - Pacquiao opens doors and gives hope to his people” »

Andre Berto Scores First-Round KO, Wants Manny Pacquiao


WBC welterweight (147 pounds) titlist Andre Berto of Winter Haven, Fla., nailed Freddy Hernandez , of Mexico City, with a head-swiveling, right cross that was set up by a left hook to the other side of his face, dropping his rival for a first-round knockout in Saturday’s HBO televised triple-header from Continue reading “Andre Berto Scores First-Round KO, Wants Manny Pacquiao” »

Marquez wears ‘I beat Pacquiao twice’ shirt

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MANILA, Philippines — After beating Australian Michael Katsidis on Saturday, Mexican boxing champion Juan Manuel Marquez said he has become more keyed up for a possible third bout with Fighter of the Decade Manny Pacquiao.

“Pacquiao, Pacquiao, Pacquiao, I sound like a broken record already,” Marquez said in the post-fight press conference. He wore a shirt that stated, “I beat Pacquiao twice,” according to Philboxing.
The boxer asked for a  third fight immediately after he Continue reading “Marquez wears ‘I beat Pacquiao twice’ shirt” »

Fully deserved

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There was genuine admiration and affection for Rep. Manny V. Pacquiao from his colleagues during the awarding of the 2nd Congressional Medal of Distinction last Monday at the Batasan.
In response, Rep. Pacquiao delivered a humble acceptance speech giving credit and thanks to the Filipino people.
President Noynoy should direct DBM Sec. Butch Abad to release forthwith P200 million Continue reading “Fully deserved” »

Pacquiao prepares special Christmas gift for colleagues

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MANILA, Philippines — Manny Pacquiao, the fighting congressman from Sarangani, has a special Christmas gift for his colleagues at the House of Representatives.
Pacquiao’s Canadian adviser Mike Koncz said a miniature replica of the Continue reading “Pacquiao prepares special Christmas gift for colleagues” »

Arum: Harder to deal with troubled Floyd

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MANILA, Philippines - As much as he wants to make the Manny Pacquiao-Floyd Mayweather fight happen, legendary promoter Bob Arum said there’s really nothing much he can do, nothing much he can say.
“I have nothing to report on Mayweather because we haven’t been able to get to him,” said Arum.

Manny Pacquiao: The People’s Champion


Outside the ring, fully clothed, Manny Pacquiao looks almost delicate and vulnerable. The first reaction that many people have on meeting him is surprise that he’s so small. His voice is soft. There’s a gentle quality about him.

But in the ring, Pacquiao is a destroyer. He won his first world title in 1998 at 112 pounds and hasn’t lost Continue reading “Manny Pacquiao: The People’s Champion” »

Beyonce, on Manny Pacquiao being a "Beast"

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An ESPN Video of Beyonce, (a superstar diva in her own right) comparing herself as a performer to some of her favorite superstar athletes, with Manny Pacquiao being one of them.

Mayweather will fight Pacquiao in due time: Golden Boy exec

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MANILA, Philippines – Richard Schaefer, chief executive officer (CEO) of Golden Boy Promotions (GBP), defended unbeaten and outspoken boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. amid claims that he’s ducking Filipino superstar Manny Pacquiao.

The GBP executive claimed in a blog by Ring Magazine’s Michael Rosenthal that Mayweather is currently preoccupied with his Continue reading “Mayweather will fight Pacquiao in due time: Golden Boy exec” »

Pacquiao reveals secret of success

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MANILA, Philippines – Philippine boxing hero Manny Pacquiao said he could have never reached the pinnacle of his career without the help of Continue reading “Pacquiao reveals secret of success” »

Pacquiao Tearing it up [throwback vid]

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Pacquiao & Roach tearing it up with some laughs at a sparring session [throwback vid]

Stick & Move [Throwback Vid]

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Manny & Roach training stick & move techniques.  [throwback vid]

Manny Pacquiao: How Much Does His Eighth Title Mean To His Legacy?

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With the news that Manny Pacquiao will probably retire in three years, it is safe to say that his boxing days are numbered.  With his duties as a Filipino congressman beckoning and only one fight that the public is truly waiting for, his fight against Continue reading “Manny Pacquiao: How Much Does His Eighth Title Mean To His Legacy?” »

Pacquiao: Aquino to allot P200M for Sarangani hospital


ALABEL, Sarangani – World boxing champion and Sarangani Representative Manny Pacquiao assured his constituents, on Thursday, of President Benigno Aquino III’s commitment to allot P200 million for the building of a provincial hospital here.
Pacquiao said the President made the commitment during their Continue reading “Pacquiao: Aquino to allot P200M for Sarangani hospital” »

Manny Pacquiao Vs Antonio Margarito: The Definition of a Warrior

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People often don’t know the definition of a warrior when it comes to the sport of Boxing. It is one of the oldest Olympic sports known to man. You can ask any fight fan for the meaning of a warrior and they will give you 1/4th of the answer.
A warrior is not just a person that will fight till the end, but a person who Continue reading “Manny Pacquiao Vs Antonio Margarito: The Definition of a Warrior” »

Manny Pacquiao vs. Shane Mosley: Quit Playing the Race Card To Get the Fight

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I guess we shouldn’t bat our eyelashes at anything in boxing anymore, but I was appalled by Bernard Hopkins’ decision to play the race card against Manny Pacquiao in a recent interview where he arbitrarily decided that Pacquiao would lose to an “inner city” black fighter.

Find me one inner city African-American fighter who can even beat one of Pacquiao’s recent opponents, and we might begin to have an intelligent discussion, Bernard.

I think we all realize that Bernard Hopkins is desperately seeking to Continue reading “Manny Pacquiao vs. Shane Mosley: Quit Playing the Race Card To Get the Fight” »

Agility, Speed, Tenacity…[Throwback Vid]

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Throwback Video of Manny Training for his fight with Clottey.  Agility, Speed, Tenacity, all rolled into one machine we like to call:  Manny Pacquiao.

Pacquiao returns to Sarangani on Thursday; holiday declared

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MANILA, Philippines — Sarangani Representative Manny Pacquiao’s constituents and fans in southern Philippines are set to welcome the World Boxing Council (WBC) super welterweight champion with another grand celebration when he arrives on Thursday.

“It will be sort of a funfare, welcoming activity,” Joseph Aguilar, the administrative officer of the Sarangani congressional office, said.

At 9 a.m., Pacquiao will be welcomed at the General Santos International Airport by his relatives and ex-political rival, former South Cotabato Rep. Darlene Antonino-Custodio.

The pound-for-pound king will then ride Continue reading “Pacquiao returns to Sarangani on Thursday; holiday declared” »

Pacquiao asserts himself as pay-per-view star

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NEW YORK — Manny Pacquiao is not simply the best boxer in the world. He’s also the sport’s biggest box office attraction.

Pacquiao’s comprehensive destruction of Antonio Margarito for a vacant junior middleweight title on Nov. 13 at Cowboys Stadium generated at least 1.15 million buys and $64 million domestic revenue, according to figures announced Tuesday by HBO Sports.

Those numbers are expected to increase slightly once all the figures are counted, but Pacquiao already is assured of his third straight year with at least one fight breaking the 1 million mark.

“It wasn’t even on Continue reading “Pacquiao asserts himself as pay-per-view star” »

Time to Push the Envelope: The Future for Manny Pacquiao?

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It was certainly another dynamic performance by Manny Pacquiao recently in Dallas. It was indeed the stuff of legend as the fearsome Pacquiao delivered such a terrible beating to his opponent that Margarito was taken to a hospital for surgery on a fractured orbital bone. Nobody wants to see someone hurt in the ring, least of all Manny Pacquiao. But the fact that fighters have to fear for their physical well being if they even dare to enter the ring with him makes for a fascinating back story for the biggest name in boxing. Yet, the Margarito fight is merely a blip.

A matchmaking sham perpetrated on a public so enthralled with a transcendent fighter that they would likely pony up to see him hit Continue reading “Time to Push the Envelope: The Future for Manny Pacquiao?” »

Speed and Finesse

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a throwback vid showing manny exhibiting his breakneck speed and finesse.



We can all discuss, fantasize, and dream about the next time the “Pacman” will get into the ring and who he will fight. The next time he will dazzle us with his amazing performance. The showmanship that keeps us on the edge of our seat our hearts pounding. “Pacman Vs Any opponent is a thrilling thought!

Here on we will keep you updated on all the up to date information regarding Manny Pacquiao’s next VICTIM, but I say this as a friend of the Champ and as a Fan. “Can we just celebrate the victory over Antonio Margarito just a little bit more.”

Can we Give MP a break on who his next fight will be until we have fully celebrated this one. There are so many people just asking MP who his next fight will be with. That is all fine and good, but personally I think when we do this so quickly we are not showing Manny Pacquiao the respect he deserves after the show he just put on for us.

Let’s Celebrate.

Manny Pacquiao just defeated Continue reading “OFFICIAL STATEMENT ON THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE” »

Pacquiao, Mayweather and Martinez: The Pound-for-Pound Trinity?

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Last weekend’s sequel to the fight of the year became knockout of the year when Sergio Martinez pulled off a surprise KO victory in the middle of the second round. After suffering a controversial decision loss, he was determined to make it clear who was the best middleweight.

The fight on November 20 would prove a perfect place for this as they fought for the same belt Sugar Ray Leonard and Marvin Hagler fought for years ago, making the winner the legitimate champion.

Sometimes we forget there wasn’t as many commissions, belts, and sub weight classes before(junior or super middleweight etc). In the days of the greats, there was only one Continue reading “Pacquiao, Mayweather and Martinez: The Pound-for-Pound Trinity?” »

Arum not interested in pitting Pacquiao vs Martinez

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MANILA, Philippines — Boxing promoter Bob Arum has rebuffed a proposal to have his top fighter, Filipino champion Manny Pacquiao, pitted against against middleweight king Sergio Martinez of Argentina at 155-pound catch weight.

Pacquiao won the World Boxing Council (WBC) super welterweight title by beating Antonio Margarito while Martinez retained the WBC middleweight belt by knocking out Paul Williams.

“Yes, it is an absurd proposal at least right now,” Arum told Michael Marley of

On fight night at the Cowboys Stadium against Margarito, the 148-lb. Pacquiao gave away a 17-lb. advantage to the 165-lb. Margarito. Aside from the disparity in weight, the 5’11” Tijuana tornado also enjoyed a 5-inch height advantage over the 5’6” Filipino champion.

Martinez’s promoter Lou DiBella suggested that Pacquiao take on the Argentine since the Filipino doesn’t “duck any challenge”.

Arum said he would rather have Pacquiao fight Continue reading “Arum not interested in pitting Pacquiao vs Martinez” » - Pacquiao's Commercial at San Manuel Casino

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EXCLUSIVE behind-the-scenes footage, brought to you by
Pacquiao gets down with the ladies in his commercial for the San Manuel Indian Casino. Continue reading “ - Pacquiao's Commercial at San Manuel Casino” »

Pacquiao picks Mosley over JMM

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MANILA, Philippines – Newly-crowned World Boxing Council (WBC) super welterweight king Manny Pacquiao said he is willing to face former champion “Sugar” Shane Mosley.

Pacquiao said a battle against Mosley may turn out to be a more interesting fight than with his other rival, Juan Manuel Marquez of Mexico.

“Magaling naman si Shane Mosley, eh (Shane Mosley is a good fighter),” the 8-division champion told ABS-CBN’s Dyan Castillejo.

He added that the former World Boxing Association (WBA) welterweight champion has a wider fan base compared to Marquez.

“Marquez? Siguro walang manonood… walang pay-per-view (Marquez? Nobody might watch us… no pay-per-view),” said Pacquiao.

Mosley has been chasing Pacquiao since Continue reading “Pacquiao picks Mosley over JMM” »



We have something VERY Special for our Pacman Fans!!!

Enter to win Manny Pacquiao’s Actual Original Training Mitt from years ago when he first trained in Manila. An EXTREMELY RARE Collectible for Pacman Fans, EXCLUSIVELY from Team Pacquiao at

Pacquiao: Pinoy is 8th wonder of the world

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MANILA, Philippines - Eight-division champ Manny Pacquiao came home to a warrior’s welcome at the House of Representatives on Monday after becoming the first sitting congressman to win a boxing championship.

In a privilege speech before his fellow lawmakers, the congressman from Sarangani dedicated his triumph over Mexican pugilist Antonio Margarito to all Filipinos worldwide.

“The victory of the Filipino people in Texas, USA last November 14 is a testament that the Filipino race can rise above all odds and be the best in their chosen fields. Ang tagumpay na ito ay tagumpay nating lahat. Nagpapatunay na iba ang lahing Pinoy,” he said to rousing applause inside the plenary hall.

Pacquiao credited his Filipino supporters, including congressmen who flew to Nevada to watch the fight, for giving him the strength to overcome a challenger who was taller and heavier than him.

“My championship belt in the 8th weight division, the first in the history of boxing, shall forever Continue reading “Pacquiao: Pinoy is 8th wonder of the world” »

Pacquiao ready to be tourism poster boy

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MANILA: Boxing icon Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao has volunteered to be the poster boy in the campaign to encourage more tourists to visit the Philippines.

Pacquiao made the offer following an order from President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino cancelling a new tourism slogan “Pilipinas, Kay Ganda” (Philippines, So Beautiful) amid widespread criticisms that it is Continue reading “Pacquiao ready to be tourism poster boy” »

Pacquiao Ready to Fight Anyone

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WHETHER it’s black or white, Filipino ring icon and world’s pound-for-pound king Manny Pacquiao is not afraid to face anybody. Pacquiao, 31, who won a unanimous decision against Antonio Margarito on Sunday in Arlington, Texas, told reporters during his home coming victory party at the GMA 7 Studio 6 that no black fighter has challenged him yet.

“There’s no any African American has challenged me yet,” said Pacquiao (52-3-2 with 38 knockouts).

“Otherwise I wouldn’t have earned Continue reading “Pacquiao Ready to Fight Anyone” »

Manny Pacquiao Official Statement

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We are extending the Dunham promotion for only a couple of more days. Dunham Books will send you a free copy when you buy a book from the link provided on either, pacman.craveonline or This book is available Now on Amazon. Please click… Continue reading “Manny Pacquiao Official Statement” »

Manny Pacquiao says "I love you" to God

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Manny Pacquiao attended Mass today at 9:00 a.m. and made the statement, “We need to tell God we love him as much or more then we tell our Family and our loved ones.” We need to tell God we Love Him More.

Manny Pacquiao attended the Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene Church, which drew more worshipers to the Church. The crowd in side reach well over 1,500 people.

There were even member who came to the 6:00 a.m. Mass that stayed for the following Mass, just because Pacquiao was there.

Pacquiao Stated, “I only dreamed Continue reading “Manny Pacquiao says "I love you" to God” » - EXCLUSIVE!!! Inside the Pacquiao LA Mansion

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Exclusive Mini-Tour in the LA Mansion of Manny Pacquiao before he leaves for his flight to the Philippines.

Manny tells Asiad bets: Pray, give your best

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World champ Manny Pacquiao and wife Jinkee are welcomed by their four children upon their arrival at the Centennial Terminal 2. RUDY SANTOS

By Abac Cordero (The Philippine Star) Updated November 21, 2010 12:00 AM

MANILA, Philippines –  Manny Pacquiao has called on all Filipino athletes competing in the 16th Asian Games in Guangzhou to give their best in their quest for honor for the country.

“Sa lahat ng atletang Pinoy lakasan ninyo ang loob ninyo (To all the Filipino athletes strengthen your will),” the world’s greatest boxer said upon his arrival from Los Angeles yesterday.

Pacquiao flew home fresh from a huge victory over Mexican Antonio Margarito, winning his eighth world title in as many weight classes and cementing his hold as the boxing’s pound-for-pound king.

Pacquiao started out as an amateur boxer but never got to Continue reading “Manny tells Asiad bets: Pray, give your best” »

Pacquiao Autobiography Out Soon

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World boxing champion Manny Pacquiao attends Mass at the Quiapo Church yesterday, hours after his arrival from Los Angeles. Beside him are former DENR Secretary Lito Atienza, his wife Beng and son Ali. EDD GUMBAN

MANILA, Philippines –  This is the story of how the poor boy from General Santos City conquered the world.

New World Boxing Council super welterweight champion and Sarangani Rep. Manny Pacquiao has written an autobiography, which will soon be released nationwide by Dunham Books USA and Anvil Publishing.

The book, entitled “Pacman: A Story of Hope, Resilience and Never-Say-Never Determination,” is written in English and promises to “capture the innermost thoughts and recollections of Pacquiao from his childhood to his recent life as a champion.”

“The book contains new anecdotes and shows Pacquiao’s deep sense of family and loyalty to friends,” Anvil said in a statement.

“It also portrays a humility that is Continue reading “Pacquiao Autobiography Out Soon” »

Manny Pacquiao arrives to Warm Embraces

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Manny Pacquiao arrives home to the Philippines. Manny is greeted by warm smiles, hugs and love from all his country men and woman. Manny is being recognized as the greatest fighter to ever grace the sport of Boxing. There is a new feeling of awe, even with the closest of closest of friends. People are really starting to realize the person they have in front of them. Manny Pacquiao is becoming much more then just a hero. Manny Pacquiao is becoming much more then just the people’s champion. Manny Pacquiao is becoming a World Hero, A World Champion and globally is being recognized as Continue reading “Manny Pacquiao arrives to Warm Embraces” » - Pre-Concert & Signing in Vallejo, California

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Quick interview with performer, Madonna Decena before the Concert & Signing along with side footage of Manny being interviewed by Channel 7 in Vallejo, California.  More footage to come!
The ONLY Official Manny Pacquiao Site
twitter: @PacmanOfficial

OFFICIAL STATEMENT!! Manny Pacquiao Official Book / Manny Pacquiao Official Autobiography

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OFFICIAL STATEMENT!! Manny Pacquiao Official Book  / Manny Pacquiao Official Autobiograph

Manny Pacquiao’s Official Book / Manny Pacquiao’s Official Autobiography will be released to the public on November 19th 2010

There is a promo right now on that will be ending SOON! When you buy a book through and link directly to through Manny Pacquiao’s Official website Dunham Books will send you a free Continue reading “OFFICIAL STATEMENT!! Manny Pacquiao Official Book / Manny Pacquiao Official Autobiography” »

Manny Pacquiao Has Left The Building

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Outside Manny Pacquiao’s house, on the black top of the city streets carried a large black stretch Hummer Limo. But even larger than the Limo, was the man inside, The man known all over the world as a Hero. You will hear Manny Pacquiao being called the People’s Champ, The pound 4 pound best fighter in the world, the greatest boxer to every grace the sport of boxing.  What Manny Pacquiao is to me; is a hero.

My heart is sad to think he has gone back to the Philippines, as I will miss my friend, but I am happy for him and for his family, as now they can go celebrate with their loved ones, and with the millions of fans that cherish their idol so much.

Dear Manny Pacquiao, Thank you for the fight you gave us on November 13th, 2010, thank you for putting your heart into everything you do, because God gave you a heart that bleeds for your people. A heart that bleeds for Continue reading “Manny Pacquiao Has Left The Building” »

Manny Pacquiao heads out to San Manuel Indian Bingo & Casino for Appearance

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Manny heads out to the San Manuel Indian Bingo & Casino for an appearance.

777 San Manuel Boulevard
Highland, CA 92346

Facebook Update:

Had a great day at San Manual Casino! The people there are fantastic! They did everything they promised and more. just left the house to go to the Airport!


Just boarded the plane to the Philippines. Talk to my fans soon.

Start of the New Contest: 45DAY CHALLENGE CONTEST (formerly 30DAYS)

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CONTEST: 45 DAY CHALLENGE (updated 11:29pm 11.17.10)

receives the following:
1. 2nd Copy of the Original Manuscript Autographed by Manny Pacquiao & Timothy James,
2. 2nd Copy of Autobiography, Off Press, signed by Manny Pacquiao & Timothy James
3. Two Autographed Boxing Gloves
4. Two Autographed T-Shirts
5. Two Autographed Photographs Continue reading “Start of the New Contest: 45DAY CHALLENGE CONTEST (formerly 30DAYS)” » EXCLUSIVE - Leaving Lake Tahoe and heading to Vallejo California

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Manny presents a signed photograph to John Koster, President of Harrah’s Nevada in Lake Tahoe.  While leaving the hotel, He stops to take some photos with fans.

How Lucky was Margarito?


I am making a brave statement.

Manny Pacquiao was only 80% of what he could have been November 13th, 2010, when he squared off in the ring against Antonio Margarito at the Dallas Cowboy Stadium, located in Arlington Texas.

It is my opinion that Manny Pacquiao wanted to weigh in at 147-148 pounds.

It is my opinion that Manny Pacquiao’s trainers wanted The “PACMAN” to weigh in at 147-148lbs.

In my assessment, Manny Pacquiao waited until the last three weeks to really kick it into high gear.  Manny trained harder Continue reading “How Lucky was Margarito?” »

Official Statement Manny Pacquiao after the Fight

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Manny Pacquiao Live
at Hiddenbrooke Golf Club, Vallejo, CA
on Wednesday, November 17th at 6:00 pm
Go to Manny Pacquiao’s official Facebook to get more info! - Prediction from Juanma

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Juan Manuel “Juanma” Lopez & Timothy James of talk predictions before the Margarito vs Pacquiao Fight!!!
The ONLY Official Manny Pacquiao Site
twitter: @PacmanOfficial - Predictions - Mansueto "Onyok" Velasco Jr.

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Timothy James with good friend Manueto “Onyok” Velasco Jr. (Boxer/Actor from Show Me Da Manny) gives his predictions for the Margarito vs Pacquiao fight!!!
The ONLY Official Manny Pacquiao Site
twitter: @PacmanOfficial - Predictions with Matthew McCaulley & Fred Mollin

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Timothy James sits down with Music Producers/Artists Matthew McCaulley & Fred Mollin to get their predictions for the Pacquiao - Margarito fight. right before the fight!!!
The ONLY Official Manny Pacquiao Site
twitter: @PacmanOfficial Predictions with Edward Lura

No Comments’s Timothy James gets a prediction from Team Pacquiao LA’s Edward Lura.

New Weigh In Video Posted!

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MPBoxing gets you front row during the Weigh-In the night before the fight!  Watch as Manny, ever the prankster runs away with the belt!

Official Statement from MPBOXING

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What did Manny Pacquiao say to Margarito during the fight? What was Antonio Margarito’s reply? Why did Manny Pacquiao slow down in the 10th, 11th, and12th, round? ……..

We all saw Manny Pacquiao looking towards the referee and gesturing him to stop the fight. Manny Pacquiao knew that he could finish Antonio Margarito off at anytime, but Manny Pacquiao also knew it would take too many punches. Those too many punches might permanently end Antonio Margarito’s career.
Manny Pacquiao knew it would not just take one punch to KO Antonio Margarito- Margarito was too strong, too determined, and would not quit.
Manny Pacquiao did not want to….

unload his arsenal on Antonio Margarito after the 10th and 11th round. Manny felt this might cause serious and lasting damage.

Manny Pacquiao turned to the referee and wanted the fight stopped, because Manny felt Margarito was not able to defend himself intelligently.

When Manny Pacquiao and Antonio Margarito would clinch- Manny pleaded with Margsrito- Just stop, quit, you can’t win… Margarito simply replied- Never- I am a Mexican!! EXCLUSIVE! Fight Predictions!

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Big from MTV’s show: Rob & Big gives his predictions for tonight’s fight along with Eric Pineda, Manny Pacquiao’s Manager. Mr. Pineda also promotes the Manny’s Autobiography! Stay tuned for more exclusives!
The ONLY Official Manny Pacquiao Site
twitter: @PacmanOfficial


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“Welterweight Super Champion Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao is scheduled for an appearance tonight (12/11c) on the George Lopez Show on TBS;  MP will also be starting his Book Tour, Signing his Autobiography Book at

Saban Theatre in Beverly HIlls on Monday, November 15 from 7 to 9pm (UDPATE!! special guest:  Sugar Ray Leonard) Continue reading “MEDIA ADVISORY: PACMAN HITS BEVERLY HILLS FOR BOOK TOUR & IS ON GEORGE LOPEZ TONIGHT!” »

The Day After the Fight

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Post Interview Margarito

This morning Manny Pacquiao woke up and he knew he was in a fight. Today Manny Pacquiao wanted nothing more than to just lie in bed and try not to feel the pain his body is now going through. Staying in bed is not an option for Manny Pacquiao, as he has a priority in his life and that is to thank God for all of his blessings, especially today. After such an incredible war, Manny Pacquiao is thankful nobody was seriously injured.

At noon time today Manny Pacquiao wore his nicest suit, his signature hat, and was escorted by his wife Jinkee Pacquiao, his family, and his friends to the downstairs auditorium at the Gaylord Hotel in Arlington Texas, where Manny Pacquiao attended mass.

It is very difficult for Manny Pacquiao to walk today. His kidneys are Continue reading “The Day After the Fight” »

New Site Update!

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This is a brand new site and will be updated daily. We are still very busy importing content from the archives of our original site:

While this site will be very INTERACTIVE, fans are encouraged to go to both sites for the latest content.

Thank you for your understanding.

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