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Chin Check: Pacquiao, Mayweather and Berto

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`By Jason Bey: In order to be a great fighter there are certain attributes that a fighter has to have. Some fighters are considered great boxers and others may not possess the skill to box as well as others, yet they have power or speed or a combination of both. However one thing is for sure, in order to obtain greatness in the brutal sport of boxing, one must have a good chin. If we take a look at the ever evolving 140 - 147lb. divisions there are several dimensions to the welterweight royalty, but let’s check their chins.

Let’s start with World Boxing Organization (WBO) welterweight champion Manny Pacquiao. Moving up to the welterweight division seems to have benefited the Pacman in more ways than just monetary. Manny‘s chin has more than stood up to the test thus far in his welterweight campaign, in fact it is safe to say his chin is better than ever. His famous trainer, Freddie Roach had counted on the fact that not having to make weight (135lbs.) the day before the fight, and then rehydrate back up to Manny’s fighting weight of 145lbs. in 24 hrs. would do wonders for Pacquiao’s durability.

Instead Manny is able to eat as much as he wants. In fact it was revealed on HBO’s 24/7 that his physical trainer Alex Ariza had trouble getting him to consume all of 7,000 calories per day in training camp. As a result, Pacquiao has shown obvious improvement in speed, power, stamina and all around ferociousness. Never the guy to avoid…

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