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Khan jumps in on Ariza Smackdown!


Keith Terceira

Photo credit; Stacey Verbeek

Amir Khan who now suddenly considers himself, the previous number two guy in the shrinking stable of fighters trained by Alex Ariza, stated yesterday that he never gave permission for Alex Ariza to leave him  during training in Baguio.

Right around April 21, Ariza left the Philippines to train with Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. with the permission of his CONTRACTED (save that for future reference) boss Manny Pacquiao ..

By May 8th , two weeks later the news broke that Peterson had failed his drug test for the Khan fight, and the entire card was called off, but Khan still contends that Ariza left him, though, two things were happening simultaneously.

Peterson failed drug tests were known and yet to be released to the press.

Alex Ariza had no signed contract to even work with Amir Khan for the Peterson rematch.

Khan has still come out with the following statement;

“Alex left my camp in the middle.  Manny said it was okay to leave - but I didn’t -  I was his number two fighter. My new strength coach is down to earth. He doesn’t want his name mentioned ,” Khan said

Alex Ariza informed MP8 shortly after leaving camp;

“Amir and I had no contract to train him for the Peterson fight, they never signed one”

Ariza also re-explained his position on Twitter ;

“He didn’t give me permission, that’s because I didn’t ask for it. Julio and I havé contract, the Khans didn’t, it was a Con game”

In my neck of the woods , no contract means no work, no work means no shoes for the baby, so I wonder why Amir is jumping on the bandwagon to slam Ariza, if he didn’t even bother to hire the guy in the first place. You have to have money on the table before you have a right to control the movements of an employee, at least in America.

Khan who holds no title, was defeated by a Peterson with a normal testosterone level instead of low, can’t truly believe he is the number two guy in the group of Manny , Julio and Khan. Perhaps someday Julio and Khan will meet in the ring to decide that for themselves.

Is Khan just following Freddie Roach’s lead in slamming Ariza?

The Legacy of Mayweather and Pacquiao could be Better!


Keith Terceira

The great English poet John Milton (1608-74) apply wrote in regards to his blindness

“Either man’s work or his own gifts. Who best
Bear his mild yoke, they serve him best. His state
Is kingly: thousands at his bidding speed,
And post o’er land and ocean without rest;
They also serve who only stand and wait.”

One could easily tranfer Milton’s thoughts to the wait the boxing community endures while Mayweather and Pacquiao haggle over money and position in negotiations for a mega-fight that is slowly becoming a mega- disaster. It is hard to fathom that as these two warriors age that they will be able to live up to the expectations of fans when and if they do ever meet.

In the history of boxing the money was always more important than the “O” after a man’s record and only Marciano ever truly retired as a champion with the O intact . Even boxing historians now have to admit the famous undefeated record of Rocky Marciano was hand crafted by a large extent. The famous Canadian heavyweight Earl Walls walked away from boxing rather than continue to wait for a shot at Marciano, whose management made sure that all the contenders fought off for a shot at him until just when the moment was right in favor of Marciano , the management team picked the most advantageous opponent. Most often it was a smaller man like Archie Moore or Ezzard Charles. Both Charles and Moore were at their best between middleweight and light heavyweight.

Mayweather has slowly fallen from the grace of some boxing fans like myself, when he changed his persona from “Pretty Boy” the fighter that wished to fight anyone , anywhere, to “Money” , where he now fights all about the …well you get the picture.

While Mayweather fights all about the dough ray me, his strangle hold on the big O is slowly becoming more in the vein of Marciano’s hold on it, a manufactured meaningless number backed by hand picked opponents less skilled, less experienced , or longer in the tooth than the champion.

Now Manny Pacquiao has reached the point where his bouts are beginning to appear in the same distinct realm of Mayweather’s, as both fighters continue to circle the wagons to protect the legacy , all the while waiting for the shot at the “BIG EVENT”.

It’s a waiting game for boxing fans, some like myself resent being fed the crumbs of  Mosley, Marquez III, Mayweather-Cotto, and Bradley-Pacquaio, paying PPV bills while the two fighters maneuver for accounting superiority.

Fighters like Julio Caesar Chavez Jr. and Canelo Alvarez are quietly making their own “O-fer” numbers with Julio overtaking Mayweather by a couple of fights in fact.

There are times when I long for the days of Harry Greb, Mickey Walker, and Archie Moore, days when promoters promoted and fighters fought. If the title was there you fought for it and got what you could for it. PPV may have put more money in the pockets of fighters and promoters but it sure has destroyed boxing for the fans.

Now the advent of Boxers promoting themselves has made issues like Mayweather- Pacquiao a more disturbing reality, no successful boxer in the world ever thought himself less or equally  deserving than his   opponent and it continues with Floyd Mayweather.

Perhaps, with Pacquiao’s and Floyd new respect for the LGBT Community they will come to a 40 - 40 agreement with 20% going to LGBT awareness… Probably not but I couldn’t resist.

I would much prefer that the two fought for a 40-40 split, with 20% going to assist all the fighters, that have retired before them , remember the guys that bled for alot less money , were ripped off by shady or criminal promoters, that suffered injury upon injury fighting once a month or more, creating a sport that  HBO and Showtime could rule  and make mega-millions, and so Mayweather and Pacquiao could as well.

If Pacquiao and Mayweather wish to do something truly great for the sport of boxing, if Mayweather wishes to truly “Clean-up” the sport, how about cleaning up the long forgotten mess of retired boxer’s getting nothing for your chance to make mega millions, every other professional sport has already moved in that direction for their founders.

I know that Mayweather and Pacquiao will say that they created their fading legacies, they did not, fighters that fought, suffered, and forced the advent of the Muhammad Ali Act, Commission oversight, and Federal Rules and Regulation, they laid the groundwork for Mayweather-Pacquiao millions. The world of boxing would be a much different place without their sacrifice.

Had Floyd Mayweather Jr. attempted to force drug testing during the 1920′s-1950′s he would have faced swimming with the fishes in the Hudson River or Lake Michigan. The mysterious lives and  deaths of fighters like  Sonny Liston paved the way.

Mayweather and Pacquiao would have fought for guys like Frankie Carbo 75 years ago!

The boxers that suffered under the contracts of  promoters like Frankie Carbo, Ettore “Eddie” Coco, James “Jimmy Doyle” Plumeri, Frank “Blinky” Palermo, Harry “Champ” Segal and Felix Bocchicchio, or “The Combination” as they were called in the 1940′s onward. Budd Schulberg had this to say about them in 2002.

“…Frankie Carbo, the mob’s unofficial commissioner for boxing, controlled a lot of the welters and middles…. Not every fight was fixed, of course, but from time to time Carbo and his lieutenants, like Blinky Palermo in Philadelphia, would put the fix in. When the Kid Gavilan-Johnny Saxton fight was won by Saxton on a decision in Philadelphia in 1954, I was covering it for Sports Illustrated and wrote a piece at that time saying boxing was a dirty business and must be cleaned up now. It was an open secret. All the press knew that one - and other fights - were fixed. Gavilan was a mob-controlled fighter, too, and when he fought Billy Graham it was clear Graham had been robbed of the title. The decision would be bought. If it was close, the judges would shade it the way they had been told.”

All those before these two have made it possible for these big fights to occur and they are forgotten. One-eyed fighters like Harry Greb, punch drunk and ill fighters like Jimmy Young, who would have died , forgotten and alone without the intervention of the RBF, and minority fighters like Earl Walls ,Sam Langford , and Sammy McVea that kept the sport alive, in the minority community, without a title shot,  for a better tomorrow that is yet to appear for 99% of fighters.

The two greatest champions of our generation, may one day stand in the ring as opponents, but in their shadows, in the ghostly bloodied past  that is boxing history,  beside them will stand the specters of fighters forgotten, a long line of red and blue corners, all bathed in bloody crimson, shed for your chance to bicker over millions.

They will stand waiting for the day, when they will not be honored with words and museums, but concrete pensions and healthcare, by the ones they created these opportunities for.

Mayweather and Pacquiao have fought for their record, but the fighters before them fought for these two legends to make the money they will receive!

Someday, someone with courage will stand up, as Mayweather Jr. has stood for drug testing, and say “There but for the grace of God, go I” and do something for retired Boxers.

I pray daily,  it’s sooner rather than later, as we lose our greats to poverty, illness, and age!

Pacquiao versus Obama; Whose opinion wins out?


Keith Terceira

Recently Manny Pacquiao voiced his opinion on the subject of same sex marriage in opposition and criticism  of  U.S. President Barack Obama.

“My Justice Department has said to the courts, we don’t think the Defense of Marriage Act is constitutional,” the president said. “This is something that historically had been determined at the state level and part of my believing ultimately that civil unions weren’t sufficient.”

Obama recently stated ;

“This is something that historically had been determined at the state level and part of my believing ultimately that civil unions weren’t sufficient, and I’ve been a longtime supporter of civil unions for same-sex couples, was partly because of the issue of Social Security benefits and other laws,”

Manny responded;

“God only expects man and woman to be together and to be legally married, only if they so are in love with each other,” he said.

“It should not be of the same sex so as to adulterate the altar of matrimony, like in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah of old,” he added, citing the Bible.”

In his recent interview Manny observed that  Obama’s view was nothing more than a direct attack on the morals of society and the will of God.

Last year Manny sided with the Catholic Church in regards to use of condoms and abortion during his country’s controversial family planning bill.

Fr Mariani, a PIME missionary in the Philippines commented last year;

“Pacquiao is very Catholic,” Fr Mariani said. “He comes from a poor Mindanao family and has said many times that he wants to use his money to fight poverty. On 8 May, the country came to a halt to follow his match, including criminals, soldiers and police.”

MP8 is interested on how it’s readers feels on Pacquiao’s stance on same sex marriage, abortion , and prevention of pregnancy.

Pacquiao’s opinion states

“America should be the model of morality for other countries to emulate and must have the responsibility to uphold the Scripture to the highest order of God’s command”

What’s your opinion? Please leave your comments directly to Manny Pacquiao here- nothing will be edited

Ariza comments on Peterson, Leaving Baguio, and PEDS


Keith Terceira

Strength and conditioning coach Alex Ariza is back with Pacquiao and training is progressing at a tremendous rate. Pacquiao appears slick and in fight ready condition at the Wild Card, so much so that three and a half weeks out from the bout , the team has called in a fourth sparring partner to give the three in attendance a bit of a break.

Ariza, who is no longer training with Amir Khan informed me that , he really wasn’t officially working with Khan as no contract had been offered or signed, when we discussed the cancellation of fight between Khan and Peterson.

Alex is everything good with Manny and yourself?

“I never had a problem with Manny, the press likes to pump it up like there was but there wasn’t”

Both Freddie Roach and Bob Arum criticized Ariza leaving Baguio to train Julio , Alex though insists that his agreement was with Manny and even Michael Koncz did not come out publicly against the move.

“In regards to Freddie, it’s not my fault that Manny didn’t feel that he was important enough to let in on the secret. The funny thing is it’s because of Arum, that I had to leave. I told Manny that Arum was trying to get me out of Julio’s camp so bad that he was trying to pull all these maneuvers and things like that, so I asked Manny if I could go. I remember they were telling Julio that I wasn’t gonna be able to be with him and this and this, we got to find a new trainer. So Manny says “I know , I know” he knows what Arum is doing. So he said “go, Julio needs your help with the weight” and he told me it’s only a couple weeks anyway it’s not a big deal. Believe me if it was a problem Michael Koncz would have been the first one to say something. Instead Michael told everyone to shut up.”

Michael Koncz , Pacquiao’s business adviser was quiet on the subject, while both Freddie and Arum were on similar pages and Ariza informed that all is not well between Arum and Freddie when it comes to Julio Chavez Jr.

“Arum wants Freddie out of Julio’s corner and maybe Freddie feels that I should have stayed with him and  had loyalty to him instead of going to Julio, I don’t know, it’s not how I saw it.”

With all the things that have been alleged against the fighters you work with regarding PED’s ,and then Lamont Peterson winds up the one that fails a drug test for synthetic testosterone, what are your feelings on that, are you fist pumping in private?

“Not really, it’s one of those things, reporters are only asking the easy questions nobody is really asking the hard questions. Like the time I left from Manny, these guys are crying over two weeks and Manny told me that Freddie left him for a whole camp once, when he went to train Oscar De La Hoya , I said I didn’t know that. Reporters obviously aren’t asking Freddie the hard questions but they want to ask me them. With the whole Peterson thing , you have to take alot of testosterone to make a difference in a fight. I mean alot of testosterone. I don’t know what medical or clinical reason for taking the pellets or whatever, but I don’t imagine that those pellets can be more than 25-50 milligrams. So how much did it really change the fight, I don’t know.You have to watch what you say in the press like Peterson saying before the first fight “I know their are people using it” of course you do because you are the one using it.”

We spoke with Alex regarding the ABC President , informing us about disclose and certain forms required to be filled out before testing in some states, and Ariza informed us of what he remembered the night of the first Khan Peterson fight.

“When we did our medicals with Amir, it’s kind of ironic , they didn’t ask us anything in regards to medicines , they just did a quick physical, filled out the forms and boom we were out of there in less than 5 minutes. Usually the forms have something on there but honestly I can’t remember if they did or didn’t.”

Though Khan and Ariza have gone separate ways Ariza wishes him the best!

“THere is no hard feelings , good luck to them, they have to go do their thing, I know what Arum did, and I know what Freddie did, I’m not going to comment on why they did what they did, or said what they said. It takes to much energy for me to be bitter with these guys. It’s like Manny told me when it was really really bad  for a while there , like for the first couple of weeks and I text Manny and told them that man they are killing me , and he said ” listen bro, I know , you know, and God knows and that’s all that matters. You know that I gave you permission, and that’s all that matters.” So if you notice I didn’t respond much or answer any questions, try to clear the air, Manny wanted me to leave it alone and that is really important for him right now, that we don’t have so much turmoil in camp. Most people would have said how come Michael Koncz isn’t saying anything, because Michael Koncz knew.”

“I work for Manny , if Manny wants me , he’ll keep me. If Manny doesn’t he will get rid of me. When it comes to the Peterson thing, I was a little upset with him , they seem genuinely nice and good people, but when you say “I want the test because I know everyone is using PED’s”. You know,  how do you know, I mean that is a strong statement, to say that.”

Bradley or Alvarez Looking Beyond Current Fight is Unhealthy!


Keith Terceira

Timothy Bradley has made the statement, that after he defeats the eight time champion Manny Pacquiao, he feels that Mayweather as well is beatable, and he will set his sights on Floyd.

With the headlines and media swirling around this weekend’s bout between Floyd Mayweather and Miguel Cotto, it stands to reason that both Bradley and Pacquiao will issue statements about fighting Mayweather. Realistically, seems like everyone is coming out of the woodwork to issue challenges to Mayweather for his next fight including Canelo Alvarez.

Not one statement has come out in regards to a bout against Cotto or Mosely, for either champion, they’re immediately overlooked and practically guaranteed a loss this weekend.

It is just this sort of hype that gives boxing a tone of disgrace and shadiness, with the majority of writers and fighters assuming that they already know the outcome of these boxing events, then when it comes true, the casual fan, can’t help but think that the fix was in.


Let’s start with Canelo Alvarez (39-0-1, 29KO) looking past Sugar Shane Mosely (46-7-1, 39KO);

This is a do or die fight for Mosley, who is one of the top champions of the past 15 years, he has power, speed, and while slowed by age and possible injury in his last couple of big events, he is not someone the 21 year old Alvarez can dismiss as a walkover opponent and start contemplating Mayweather.

Alvarez may have a firm belief in himself, and the confidence needed to win this bout, the experience is on the side of the veteran, who has already faced both Pacquiao and Mayweather, with neither being able to finish Mosley inside the 12 rounds.

Mosley may be on the tail end of his career but this is still a step up for Canelo, and being on the undercard of Mayweather – Cotto may be the prep for Mayweather’s next bout.

Two of the world’s greatest boxers in the prime of their careers, out boxed Sugar Shane but what they didn’t do is stop the aged Hall of Famer and they definitely didn’t overlook his skills, Alvarez to even consider anyone after Mosley could be a serious distraction from the job that lies ahead.

Canelo Alvarez will not out box Mosley if Sugar can get his 40 year old body returned to form, and unless Alvarez can loosen up a bit and not just count on his amazing power, he may just walk away this weekend with nothing more than a boxing lesson.

In fairness to Saul, his power may be his answer to Mosley’s craftiness and experience, you can’t make them all miss and if Shane lets the wrong punch slip through then out of all the young welterweights Alvarez is the one that could end this fight early.

Timothy Bradley (28-0-0, 12KO) versus Manny Pacquiao (54-3-2, 38KO) ;

For Bradley to be looking past Pacman to Floyd kind of like the guy who gets his first job and starts talking about how after he makes his first million, he is going to be a billionaire, not quite so easy as talking about it. Timothy Bradley has been skillfully moved along in his career fighting some of the best fighters a couple of rungs on the ladder below Pacquiao.

His toughest opponent Devon Alexander his defeated on a clash of heads in the tenth round and the fight was close enough to be in doubt prior to the stoppage. Devon Alexander is a solid fighter who will, if allowed, be a solid champion one day, but only after the likes of Manny and Floyd finished their careers.

Bradley had a very difficult time getting past Junior Witter, let alone having the likes of Cotto , Margarito, Juan Manual Marquez, Mosely, and Ricky Hatton on his recent resume.

Twelve knockouts in his career against lesser quality fighters doesn’t encourage many to believe that he will suddenly develop the tremendous power needed to stop the Filipino star. Frankly I can’t imagine Bob Arum putting his cash cow in the ring with a fighter that could prevent the future payday that Manny brings to Top Rank.

Looking past Manny Pacquiao a month before the fight is not only comical to fight fans but could very well be an unhealthy proposition for Bradley. Saying things in the press, that may solidify Manny’s determination in training, give him ammunition to further motivate him to be in deadly shape, is the sign of Bradley’s inexperience at this level.

Freddie Roach is a master at finding the holes in a fighter’s defense and creating the combinations and arsenal needed to capitalize on the gaps he locates. Quiet confidence combined with a great performance the night of the event will better serve Bradley in the long run, instead of promises of great performances after this opportunity. Seeing weaknesses in a fighters style is easy at times , it’s the getting in the ring and creating the offense needed to take advantage of those weaknesses that is the part that opponents of both Pacquiao and Mayweather have found difficult.

I agree that Bradley could be dangerous for Manny, as does Emanuel Steward but could be, is not will be.

At the end of the night, Manny Pacquiao will add the WBO title to his trophy cabinet, and all the talk will be back on to Mayweather vs. Pacquiao, as soon as Floyd exchanges his orange jump suit for his boxing trunks again.

Frankly when comparing all the upcoming bouts , it appears to me that if Mayweather – Pacquiao doesn’t occur Pacquiao stands a better chance of either facing Sergio Martinez or Canelo Alvarvez in the future than does Mayweather, who seems to avoid difficult challenges until the odds are swung in his favor. Mayweather may decide though that getting Alvarez in the ring before he has a chance to develop further will be his best move.

It’s all in the numbers fight fans and those numbers begin with dollar signs.


Alex Ariza: “If Manny wants me out, then I will be out”


Keith Terceira

Strength and conditioning guru Alex Ariza , who is an important piece of Team Pacquiao, recently spoke with Ben Thompson of in a scathing article that was critical of Bob Arum’s behavior and comments in regards to his handling of fighters he is contracted with. Ariza also alleged that Arum was complaining and dissatisfied with the fact that he handled the cut over Manny’s eye during Pacquiao-Marquez III.

The day after his interview was published we caught up with Alex, whom even though it was Thanksgiving weekend, was still in the gym working with his boxers.

Alex, seems that there is some confusion over whether or not Arum and Manny are negotiating at this moment for a bout with Floyd Mayweather Jr.

“I never tried to dip my hat into the promotional ring, it’s none of my business but Bob went above and beyond , trying to get me fired , trying to get me discredited ,trying to interfere with my fighters.”

What do you feel Arum is trying to do with Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. and your agreement?

“Like I said he was trying to move him over the hill”

Move him over to Robert Garcia, you mean?


Do you have a written contract with your fighters or a handshake agreement?

“It’s a contract”

Would it not be Tortious interference then if you have a contract?

“You know the thing is that he (Arum) is not stupid, he has a way of doing things.”

Are you saying that he is doing it thru a third party?

“He could be doing it thru 3-4 different parties”

So, you think he has a gofer , doing it for him?

“Exactly, so that is why I came out and said what I had to say, and if he leaves me alone things are fine, if not I’ll have more things to say.”

To be honest Alex, I wrote yesterday that perhaps it’s time Manny promoted himself?

“I wish I would have said that one myself. You know I just saw an article where Manny’s doctor said that the cut was down to the bone, but yet after I stopped the bleeding in the tenth round, I don’t understand what he is so upset about.”

If that cut was down to the bone then I would imagine that you did as much and as well as any cutman in the business could, considering it stopped bleeding?

“Yeh but that is not good enough.He has to find the bad in it, like what am I doing in there. He could have just said thank you. It could have been a disaster. Well I’m more upset with Miguel (Diaz) as well , Miguel didn’t man up and say hey, I missed it, I missed the cut , I didn’t see it.”

Is Miguel Diaz, Bob Arum’s guy?

“Of course, we will see what comes from all of this.”

I read someones opinion that you are on your way out with Manny Pacquiao, is everything cool with you and Manny?

“That’s why I got so upset Manny and I spoke about everything on Saturday. We sat down we watched the fight together and I just gave him an overview. People think Manny is stupid, Manny is not going to sit there and look …Chavez is fighting like he has never fought before, Amir Khan is fighting the best ever, and they are doing the program, they are following the routine. This fight I didn’t feel like fighting with Manny as much, He had a great camp , his training was very focused , he was very into what he was doing, and sometimes as a trainer you can only make suggestions. When things don’t go your way, it’s time to just take a step back and let him do his thing.”

He also had a lot going on around him and by pushing too hard; it may have made matters worse instead of better!

“Yes, I didn’t feel like I was going to push my agenda, once I saw he wasn’t going to go with things the way I wanted things to go I left it alone and just supported him in the things he was doing and help him as much as I can. He told me this time, he promised that we would go back to doing things the old way, so we will see. Listen nothing that I say is going to get me fired from Manny. Manny is going to fire me based on him not wanting me being there, period. It’s not going to be that I said something about Bob or I said something about Michael, it’s not going to be over that, it’s just going to be my time to go. That kind of shit doesn’t bother Manny, If Manny wants me out I’ll be out. If Manny wants me in I’ll be in. Nobody is going to convince him one way or the other.”

Alex thanks for talking to me today, I figured to give you a call and see if you had more to add to your interview?

“Like I said, I’ve said all that I have to say, I’m going to leave it alone, and hopefully Bob leaves me alone, let him do what he wants to do, and he lets me be me. I don’t think anyone should try to fuck with anyone’s livelihood. That is very, very, dangerous business.”


Team Pacquiao splitting at seams AGAIN!


Keith Terceira

“Sliding down a 50 foot razor blade into a shark infested pool with only your private parts for brakes” is probably the best way to describe navigating around Team Pacquiao for news these days without running a fowl of some team member.

It makes no sense whatsoever that Manny Pacquiao puts up with the distractions surrounding him and that those distractions themselves can cause performance issues with the eight time champion.

Whether the charges leveled against Bob Arum and Pacquiao “Business Manager” Michael Koncz by Strength and conditioning coach Alex Ariza are accurate remains to be seen, but the fact that they are being levied at all lends substance to the allegations that Arum and Koncz are working together to prevent or stall the Pacquiao – Mayweather bout in the eyes of a team member.

Whatever, the real inside scoop are the fact remains that Team Pacquiao continues to fracture at an incredible speed and this is just prior to the toughest fight of Pacquiao’s career, should a Mayweather bout occur.

Strong, successful personalities surround Manny yet this division needs to end before it affects the outcome of future fights.

Each member of Pacquiao’s cabinet has had success in their specific fields and without one of the key ingredients, perhaps the career of the champion looks quite different.

Freddie Roach stood beside Manny through lawsuits and slick management that resulted in Pacquiao walking away from Murad Muhammed with Pacquiao regaining some missing funds, and Roach has done a masterful job developing a one dimensional fighter into a master at the sweet science.

Alex Ariza has the knowledge and skill to turn Pacquiao into a well-oiled machine when Manny decides to follow Alex’s brand of training regime.

Both trainers have made statements that are often counterproductive to the Team as a whole, granted with Manny’s best interest at heart, and the fact remains that all four of these major components come out in public with some real whoopers at times.

Michael Koncz appears to have both Arum’s and Manny’s ear when it comes to successful branding of the world’s most recognized fighter, but has been an issue for several team members.

Bob Arum has put a lot of money in the pockets of Manny Pacquiao as well as his own with the promoting of Manny Pacquiao’s career during his tenure yet continues to do things that mainly benefit Top Rank rather than Manny Pacquiao.

If Bob Arum disagrees with a fighters choice of whom is on his team then Arum should not interfere unless he is picking up the tab on that cost. Should Arum be working behind the scenes to interfere with a contract between a fighter and his trainer or coaches, it can further expand the explosiveness of this fracture within the team by opening the door to litigation.

We don’t know which one of these gentleman are correct in their positions, hopefully we can get Manny’s take on the issue in the future.

Personally, I would pay to see Manny give them all a baseball bat and put them in a steel cage together for a battle royal or a tag team event.

It would be Bob Arum’s best Pay Per View.

Perhaps the time has come in Manny Pacquiao’s life where he takes the bull by the horns and promote himself for the rest of his time in the ring.

Pacquiao promoting himself would get rid of a lot of the infighting and perhaps erase many of the problems that disease the camp at the moment.

One thing is certain in my opinion it is time for Manny Pacquiao to display the leadership skills that may one day make him the President of the Philippines and put an end to the public display of infighting.

“Good Ole Days” are always today in Boxing


By Keith Terceira

Having spent much of the last twenty four hours dealing with lousy weather, cancelled flights, and concern over a travelling father-in-law, I awoke this morning in an aggravated mood that carried over while reading some of the latest boxing articles around the web.

No news popped up about a mega-fight between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather, so my semi-vacation was not further spoiled by being out of the loop for a day. I also didn’t miss much in the way of news but it was evident that people are itching for an announcement regarding Manny Pacquiao that probably won’t come until after Christmas.

One article did catch my eye and it critiqued boxing as a sport that has suddenly gone to the dogs and that it has been exposed for being scandalous, crooked, and deceitful. All this wrapped around a headline mentioning Pacquiao and Mayweather.

As a student of boxing , I have read the same comments in newspapers ranging from the late 1800’s to this very day, as every new generation brags, complains , or analyzes our great sport. All one needs to do is drop in a different name or two and you have a current event in place from an old write-up.

Particularly funny was a comment referring to the good old days of Mike Tyson’s career , knocking out everyone, and taking on all the heavyweights of his time?

Wonder what Tim Witherspoon would say to that comment this morning.

Though frustrating at times boxing is in pretty good shape when compared to the “Good ole days of Mike Tyson”. Lord, what a boring couple of decades  we saw after coming off the wars of the 60’s and 70’s that were led by a solid heavyweight division.

Gatti – Ward is talked about in the same vein as we spoke about Hagler-Hearns or Leonard –Hagler, and let’s not forget Pryor-Arguello  and the list goes on and on across time and space.

Boxing has its ebbs and flows more than any other sport but some things are no longer an issue like the true “Old Days” and some things remain similar.

We can yell that boxing is a crooked and deceitful sport but it has cleaned up nicely when compared to the days when Ray Arcel after 30 years of training and producing champions suddenly disappeared from boxing for twenty years after being hit with a lead pipe outside a Boston Hotel in 1953.

Thankfully, disappeared are the days where it was so difficult to get a title shot against Marciano and other champions, unless you were among the favored sons, that contender Earl Walls, who was ranked in the top ten at the time,  just walked away from boxing and went home to Canada.

We await the stars to align just right for Pacquiao & Mayweather  to face off with slightly less patience than we should display,  but when compared to the life and times of legends like Sam Langford , Harry Mills, Joe Jeannette, or Charley Burley, we are truly blessed that we even have a discussion at all.

Imagine being a fan of those great pugilists and cheering them on from the stands knowing that they would never see a contract to fight for a world title.

Even though boxing judging is controversial at times , the days of you never beat a guy in his hometown has passed us by for the most part, the days of newspapers being the ones that decided who won or lost a fight has flown the coup, and the blatant in your face era of “payola” has been pushed far underground.

Yes, judges screw up from time to time, as do referees, but one needs to read a bit to understand how much different and better overall  the sport has evolved.

There was a time, like during the career of Harry Greb , who fought from 1921 to 1926 blinded in one eye, that boxing had no commissions that cared enough to protect the career of a fighter as NYSAC is attempting to do with Antonio Margarito. There was no one but deathly crooked promoters and managers to protect a fighter from his own bad judgment.

As every boxing generation passes, there is a discussion that one era or the other was greater than the era ahead.

The old men, sitting around a gym, gossiping about fighters will someday be us, and thankfully they won’t be filled with cigar smoke, as they were in my youth. We, will be the ones telling the youngsters that we saw Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather at their greatest moments, and eyes will fill with disbelief as they counter with their favorite flavor of the day.

Remember the “Good Ole Days” are always today in Boxing!





Pacquaio-Marquez III; Fight Reviews and Emotional Blockages!



Keith Terceira

The announcement that GMA Channel 7 will be conducting a replay and analysis of Pacquiao – Marquez III will no doubt educate and inform fight fans that have the opportunity to view this event, but the truth of fight reviews are that they do little to sway the fight fans mind.

Most people have already set their positions when it comes to whom honestly won in Las Vegas a week ago and a review of the fight, even when the evidence is served, will  do little to change a position because , well frankly, no one enjoys being wrong.

The news that a week after the fight that Juan Manual Marquez will not retire and suddenly feels he has a few good years left, is also no sudden shock, only Marvin Hagler had the honesty to retire after he felt that he was robbed against Sugar Ray Leonard. The rest of boxers who threatened retirement when fights didn’t go their way suddenly returned when the smoke cleared and they realized that they themselves may have been defeated but also that the controversy around the loss can put gold in the bank.

Boxing fans that go into this review should honestly attempt to clear their minds and opinions before witnessing this event, though many will refuse to do so. Most will go into this appraisal looking to defend the position they hold and pick out the points in the fight that strengthen their argument, much as many writers already do.

Personally, I view a fight once as to make a decision, then the rest of the times just to enjoy the fight, because I already know that it will be difficult to redo the atmosphere and the nuances of the original experience.

Viewing the fight the first time I didn’t use the sound as it allows the commentators to interject their opinions as to who is winning. I don’t desire to be convinced as to what I am seeing as I’m trying to form an independent decision.

After being asked a dozen times by friends how can I be impartial when I write for Manny Pacquiao’s website , the answer is simple because I am not restricted by time as a boxer is , I need to be impartial, because someday Pacquiao will be retired to his estates and I will still be writing about boxing.

I scored the fight 115-113 for Pacquiao and my wife sitting beside me felt that Marquez may have pulled it off or it was a draw.

The fact is that the subjectivity of judging a boxing match is something that makes boxing attractive for both fans and writers. In a close fight there will be fans lined up behind the red and the blue corner when the final bell tolls, but they were there already when the first bell sounded, some just shifted sides based on their impression of how the fight went. If not for the subjectivity of the sweet science besides the violence there would be little attraction.

Writers are fans as well, in one form or another, so they too will line up behind the corner they predict will win before the fight is even announced, some will shift when it is over, others will stand in the middle waiting to see what position to take based on hits and clicks. Even writers though, will view a fight with a preconceived notion and expectation of whom and how a fighter will be victorious based on the pride of their predictions.

I predicted before the fight that there would be a later round stoppage or a distance fight with Pacquiao the winner; I based this on many points of interest including the chance of a mega-fight with Floyd Mayweather.

Frankly, I thought that the fight had the best percentages to go just the way it did based on the previous 24 rounds but I too, got caught in the knockout hysteria surrounding Team Pacquiao predictions, so I went out on a limb to predict a latter round stoppage because of Marquez’s age.

Predictions about knockouts sell tickets and buys, but have very little to do with the breakdown of a potential fight, when taking into account styles and history. Most often a fighter that goes into a tough equal fight predicting a knockout will do poorly, which is why trainers will tell you that looking for the knockout is not something that a fighter trains to do. Better to train for a difficult fight and let the knockouts just come.

So when reviewing the fight I think the best thing to do is just enjoy it, you can’t change the outcome.

If you are undecided, then view this fight with an open and honest mind, taking one round at a time, punch for punch, asking who is making the fight, controlling the action ,  landing the better quality blows, and remember not to double dip your chips.



Review of Pacquiao-Marquez I; Feet not an Issue


Keith Terceira

“A Paranoid is someone who knows a little of what is going on” William S Burroughs

It truly bothers me when intelligent people faced with an obvious situation would rather brush it aside instead of confront it and create change. It has been the situation in boxing for a great many decades and will continue to be so.

Yesterday I went online and searched through websites on dirty tricks in boxing and found several ,one in the middle of the list was the foot stomp, or foot hold depending on what country or region. On one site about Irish Brawling it described it as a way to hold your opponent in a stationary position to complete a knockout punch. I’ll let the reader do his own search to find these locations as not to influence their opinions.

Instead, I will give you the figures I came up with from the first bout.

In  the first round of Pacquiao – Marquez I, there were several instances where both lead feet of the fighters brushed against each other side to side and one instance where Pacquiao stepped on the TOES of Marquez. No instance where the top of the foot or arch is involved. Feet were not involved in any of the knockdowns.

Round two action showed Pacquiao’s toes hit Marquez’s toes twice and on one occasion the toes of Marquez hits the arch of Pacquiao’s  foot but Marquez applies no weight to the arch and you can see the weight stays on the heel of his foot. Some of the action is out of camera angle and the feet are not shown.

Round three again Pacquiao has hit Marquez feet more often as he is the aggressor and Marquez is stepping either left or right of Pacquiao’s feet. Once in round three does it seem that Marquez holds the foot down of Pacquiao but no punches are thrown and he releases it.

These are normal foot collisions that happen in a boxing match between a southpaw and an orthodox fighter so far, and they don’t appear to be timed to a punch.

Round four; during round four Joe Cortez warns both fighters to watch their feet, he appears to understand the sport of boxing, and I don’t see any further brushes this round, though I feel at one point Pacquiao foot did hit Marquez.

Round five: Side of Marquez’s foot lands on top of Pacquiao’s toes and gets removed quickly. During this round you can witness Marquez come forward and almost purposely retain his weight on his heel when stepping close to Pacquiao’s foot on two occasions so the foot doesn’t touch the arch of Manny’s

Any experienced boxing person, one who has been in wars or in the gym can tell the difference between accidental and purposeful contact. There is a response in the weight shift and in the boxer’s reaction when his foot lands on the texture of another foot versus the ring surface. Boxers and trainers out there will understand what I am talking about immediately.

Round six; Once again we have side to side contact and a couple of toe on toe contact , but no high arch contact what so ever and no appearance of contact combined with or timed to a punch.

Round seven; No toe contact evident though sides of feet brush.

Round eight; about thirty seconds left in round Pacquiao steps forward and loses balance when he steps on Marquez foot and Marquez tries to go on attack. This is a turning point in the round.

Since Joe Cortez’s warning about watching feet there is less contact and all is slight and accidental and Manny hitting Marquez’s foot at end of eighth causes a momentum shift and Manny may have lost the round due to his being off balance and Marquez taking control.

Round nine; clean round with slight touches and one instance of top of foot contact by Marquez that was quickly removed.

Round ten; no foot holds , and once again very slight accidental contact.

Round eleven; No contact visible to tops of fighters feet.

Round twelve; Round twelve Marquez makes contact with top of Pacquiao’s foot right at beginning of round and it is quickly removed no punch thrown. Pacquiao also steps and lands on Marquez’s foot and removes it quickly at end of round.

I am not going to bother with examining fight number two as I have witnessed enough to confirm my personal suspicions.

From the time I was nine years old I have been in a boxing gym, first as a tot learning , then as an adult attempting to turn pro, I have written about boxing since the 1980’s which has taken me to a great many camps and a great many gyms, my career has spanned managing part of the careers of Xavier Toliver, Calvin Shakir, and Vedran Akrap unlike many I still call them friends,  I coached for amateur boxing and held a license to do so,  as a licensed matchmaker in a few states I have done complete shows and was present at them, as a ratings chairman and member of boxing organizations I viewed thousands of fights all the way back to ordering them from Bella in New York before the days of YouTube.

In the years, the nearly 42 years I have spent in gyms, I have witnessed dirty tricks used and taught, and  personally, I  have attempted to teach my boxers the prevention and  counters to them ,so my experience is more than some and less than others.

There is a combination of events and a method to applying a dirty trick, from foot stomps and elbows, to the old lace rake and nut punch in the clinch, all have methods and ways to apply, so not to be caught. There is a difference between holding a foot in place and landing on the foot, there is a difference between placing the foot with all your weight, holding, and combining it with the execution of a punch simultaneously, or landing with foot to foot contact and throwing a punch or combination a second later with your body weight removed and your foot coming off your opponent’s.

I suggest you do your research if you are interested in the truth , viewing the first and last fight, if you are of an open mind, and you will see what you will see.

Keith Kizer should also view both fights and make his own call, perhaps he can get the assistance of Joe Cortez, as Joe could see the feet of the fighters where Tony Weeks couldn’t.

For those that feel that this subject is only being broached by whiners and conspiracy theorists, do the work, and then talk your talk.

One never knows if there is Gold in Fort Knox until one makes the attempt to look.

Updated: Marquez gains a Foothold on Pacquiao; 17 to be exact!


very cheater marquez

Keith Terceira

Thanks to readers and posters, we have been made aware of at least seventeen foot fouls by Juan Manual Marquez that went un-noticed by referee Tony Weeks during Pacquiao Marquez III.

A Foot Foul is akin to a holding foul and can cause damage as well as an unfair advantage to an opponent by making it impossible to move out of the path of an oncoming assault.

While it is normal for these types of errors to occur during a matchup between a southpaw and an orthodox fighter, it is also a dirty trick that has been employed in boxing since the beginning of the sport as the referee has their attention on the blow being thrown and not the feet of the opponent.

Fans complained that Pacquiao looked flat footed and did not display the movement or fight at angles like he normally does, this foot holding or fouling could have contributed to much of that appearance as well as make Marquez look quicker and better armed this fight. It is much easier to hit a stationary target than a mobile one, and these foot holds would have given that advantage to JMM.

Tony Weeks had seventeen chances to warn Marquez alone to watch his foot location and even Pacquiao has been noticed on video stepping on Marquez’s foot during the fight.

There is a limit to how many times an accident occurs, before it becomes questionable in the eyes of a referee. Weeks obviously did not catch this at all during the fight.

As pointed out by Ed de la Vega , who was the cut man in the corner for Rodel  Mayol during his bout in Mexico against Omar Nino Romero, Omar also used this “Trick” to his attempted advantage.

We passed on the count, questions, and a link supplied by an reader to Keith Kizer, President of the Nevada State Athletic Commission asking for an explanation why Tony Weeks did not catch these fouls by both Boxers and issue a warning.

The link below is one supplied by an reader.

Foot Hold Video


According to Keith Kizer of the Nevada State Athletic Commission , this is , as we already know something that occurs between an Orthodox and  Southpaw fighter all the time. When presented with the knowledge that it was more blatant during the last fight than the first two, Mr Kizer informed us that if the referee thought it was a problem he would have warned Marquez.

Kizer also confirmed that it is an old trick that has been used in boxing often but didn’t see it as a problem in this fight and that it is only disgruntled Pacquiao fans that are raising the question.

We wonder if Mr. Kizer would have felt the same way if it had been 17 low blows landed, as low blows are also something that occurs all the time in boxing , which is why there are rules against them.

Oh, I forgot, been there done that remember Mares-Agbeko I, when Kizer ruled that referee didn’t miss anything and did a good job, but the boxing world knew different.

I’m not a disgruntled Pacquiao fan, as Pacquiao won, what I am is a disgruntled boxing fan who has reviewed all three fights and saw something that disturbed my investigative gut.

Remember insiders that warned about Bernie Madoff were just disgruntled employees, people who warned boxing about Bob Lee and the IBF were just crazy, and folks thought Jose Conseco was just plain lying about Steroids in baseball to make a buck.




Michael Koncz: No decision until after Christmas


Keith Terceira

Manny Pacquiao’s business advisor Michael Koncz, spoke with MP8 yesterday regarding several issues surrounding Pacquiao-Marquez III and the great job that MP Promotion fights did over the weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Koncz has been busy with endorsement deals that have made Manny Pacquiao one of the most successful boxing brands in recent history rivaling Ali, Foreman, and Rocky Marciano, who also were highly successful in marketing their image and popularity to the world.

In discussing MP Promotion boxer Allan Tanada (11-1-2, 5KO) , that came away with a tough Majority decision win against Juan Ruiz (23-8) and Fernando Lumacad (25-3-3, 11ko) who won a unanimous decision against Joseph Rios (10-6-2).

Allan Tanada fought last Friday at the Mandalay Bay and Lumacad on the Pacquiao undercard.

“As to Allan, I thought he had a difficult seasoned opponent but I saw a lot of good things in Allan, and I’m very happy with his performance. Lumacad did a good job though I wasn’t personally able to see the fight, because I was with Manny. I will have to watch it on tape, Dennis Laurente had a very tough opponent and did a good job, and so as to the undercard boxers of MP Promotions, I’m very happy with the outcome of the results.”

Michael, I noticed last week it was mentioned that MP Promotions was signing some new fighters, any comments on those developments?

“I’m going to hold off on those until we actually sign them, I think it was a mistake to make that comment, I didn’t make the comment someone else did, and now we got all kinds of people chasing the person we wanted to sign.”

The talk now Michael is Marquez IV, do you feel that will develop?

“I want to back-up a bit first; I think the fans were treated to a good fight this weekend. Marquez, we got to give him credit, he is a very intelligent boxer and was in great shape at 38 years old, he went the distance with Manny. I think people expect too much out of Manny, they think he is going to knockout every opponent out he fights. They forget that Marquez is a damn good fighter and very intelligent, so we are not going to have knockouts, I wish we could but unfortunately we are not going to have knockouts every time. I think no matter how many times we fight Marquez, and I’ve said this in the past, it’s going to be a controversial decision, whether it’s in favor of Manny or in favor of Marquez because these guys know each other so well and the styles. “

“They both gave it the best they could, that’s what we have judges for. The judges saw that Manny won and I believe he won. As to whom our next opponent is or whether Marquez IV, we are going to take a few days and relax. Let Manny enjoy his family and then we will sit down and talk. There is no rush. We usually don’t make a decision as to our next fight, when we fight in November, until after the Christmas holiday.”

Michael, I think fans fail to remember that Marquez is a three time Champion himself and that he came into the fight bigger than Manny?

“Yes, and I think that what people fail to remember is that Marquez uis the only boxer that we have ever fought that Manny has put down four times and he has been able to get back up, so again, as you said they don’t give enough credit to Marquez. The styles of the fight, it certainly was an entertaining fight, much more than a couple of those fights we had in the past where the opponents truly didn’t come to fight and I think Marquez understood it and because he knows Manny so well, he can’t just stand there and go toe to toe with Manny, that’s why he kept moving.”

Let’s talk about Manny’s new sponsorship deals like State Street Produce, were you involved in that one?

“Yes I was involved in that, yes. I’m excited about that, we are going to get behind it 110% and do what we can, it’s not all about money but obviously Manny has to get paid for endorsements, so we took  a small amount of money  upfront compared to our normal fees and we loaded it on the backside, the percentage of revenue from each bag of produce. Another thing we incorporated is a certain percentage of the total sales per year are going to be donated to children throughout the world. We are very excited about that.”

I wrote yesterday regarding Nevada allowing other drinks besides water to be used between rounds like Gatorade, PowerAde, etc. and Keith Kizer of Nevada told us that he expected that when the rule went into effect that fighter would have a good opportunity to utilize the rule for endorsement deals have you explored that?

“We are in the process of putting something together, we didn’t rush into it, it should be finalized here in the next month, but I can’t disclose that one right now, either.  It’s not either of the ones you talked about but it’s similar. Corporate America has embraced the boxing world in the past and boxers like Mike Tyson, George Foreman and Oscar have had good endorsement deals. I think  in regards to Manny it’s not so much the boxing , it’s the total storyline of Manny coming from poverty, becoming an eight time world champion, becoming a congressman , his humbleness , his charitable work, and  his humanitarian efforts . We have to give a lot of credit to HP for taking a chance and they have told us that it was one of the most successful ad campaigns that they have had and that has opened up a lot of doors for us. Corporate America has seen the success HP had and now we are getting bombarded , but we are being very careful and selective because it’s important how we brand Manny and what image we project to the world especially children.”



Interview: NSAC President Keith Kizer on Judging and Drink


Keith Terceira

Nevada State Athletic Commissioner Keith Kizer was gracious enough to return our call this morning to inform boxing fans as to the drink that Marquez was allowed between rounds on fight night.

Kizer was instrumental in getting other drinks allowed in Nevada besides just water between rounds to assist fighters replace nutrients lost during the bout. When asked what Marquez got approved to use last Saturday Kizer informed us.

“Marquez was using water and Pedialyte between rounds; They have to get the fluids approved prior to the bout and be in factory sealed containers at the arena for our inspectors. Our people check it and if it is some kind of drink they have never heard of they will look at the ingredients, if need be they will grab one of our ringside doctors. Once they check it in if the corner wants to put it in a squeeze bottle or something then the inspector will observe that.”

We confirmed that the corner can transfer the fluid between rounds, taking it from a factory container to another bottle, just as they are free to put water into a squeeze bottle after it is opened under the observance of an inspector.

“I kind of pushed for this when I was dealing with the health and safety committee. Baseball, football , basketball players , even bowlers drink Gatorade during sporting events, why are boxers treated as some kind of sub athlete. Very few fighters have taken advantage of that and we even thought it might help them with endorsement deals or something. I’ll bet that maybe three out of a hundred fighters do something other than water. Whither it’s because of many fights are shorter rounds   or they are in air conditioned arenas here in Nevada and or they are just used to drinking water. Why change something that works.”

Kizer agreed to answer some questions regarding the judging of Pacquiao – Marquez III and these were his thoughts regarding the event. Asked whether he thought it was harder for a counter puncher on an even round to win that round , because it would be natural for a judge to score the round for fighter making the fight happen Kizer responded;

“I think generally speaking yes, any second of any round can turn around a judges score, generally speaking I think that is the case. If all things are equal the person showing the aggression, the ring generalship , you know , bringing the fight, it is probable going to get a slight nod most of the time. Not all the time but that comes to play.”

Does it not play into the subjectivity of a judge and what he looks for in a fighter?

“Most judges , experienced judges, if you sat them all down and asked what their criteria was generally speaking it would be very similar. First and foremost how effective were the punches that landed, how much damage did it cause, in lieu of a better  term. You and I could be watching a fight thinking wow those counter right hands are powerful and another one could say no , they are more defensive in nature, keeping the guy off him or out of range, they are not really doing much damage, and I can be saying what are you crazy he is lighting him up, and you can disagree saying they are getting partly blocked. I remember seeing one fight years ago where people still complain about it, and the guy was saying that the guy blocked most of the punches  and I said yes, but he is blocked them with his arms and shoulders , they were still landing. Let some guy punch you as hard as you can in your upper arm a hundred times and see if it doesn’t take a toll you have to give some credit for that because it still a landing blow.”

“There are different things you look at, one guy who is more defensive minded might say he blocked them and someone else more offensive minded might say yeh but do you want to get hit in the arm like that  a hundred times. So that comes into play with a puncher – counterpuncher argument.”

Kizer went on to discuss how Pacquiao and Marquez appeared on fight night.

“Obviously Marquez looked impressive and Pacquiao looked great as well, they both looked great, Marquez had his counterpunching back down and he looked better than he did against Mayweather, but Pacquiao was doing well too. You have to wonder too, a lot people think that one fighter is going to walk over the other fighter, and then it’s a lot closer fight, so all of a sudden it’s oh this guy must have won because he was still standing  at the end or he did just as well. As you know it’s a round by round thing as well, a lot of people look at the fight as a whole and think it was a close fight. Someone was complaining about  the judge that had it 116-112, people in the press like Lederman had the fight had it 115-113, and they say that well ,” I can see that” but they fail to realize that 116-112 and 115-113 is one close round difference. They make it sound like it’s a three round difference. There were plenty of close rounds in that fight and if you gave Marquez every close round you probably had it 8-4 Marquez, if you gave every close round to Pacquiao you had it 8-4 the other way.”

Keith, I feel that a lot of people don’t understand that judges score round at a time and they don’t go back and change the scoring to consider the fight on a whole as they can do!

“Exactly, I hear people say during fights that they don’t understand how a fight was a unanimous decision , that was a close fight, and it doesn’t make sense to me because  these are three independent judges that don’t look at the other scorecards as well so, It one of those things that I’m glad it was a close fight, I* would have no problem with a draw , I like draws, because it makes everything look go in the sense of good matchmaking. Both these guys know each other and none of us should have been surprised it was a close fight, despite the odds being so overwhelming in favor of Pacquiao.




What was Marquez Drinking between Rounds 6 and 7!


Keith Terceira

A review of the video of Pacquiao Marquez III shows that between the 6th and 7th rounds of the event Juan Manual Marquez is given a yellow colored liquid to drink by his corner man.

Due to the controversy surrounding the hiring of Angel Heredia Hernandez, it is a logical question unfortunately, for fans to ask what the contents of the bottle contained, as Pacquiao could be clearly seen drinking a clear liquid in between rounds and Marquez was not that round.

It appears to be a bottle of a power drink but the specific label  is not showing which is raising questions amongst some fans.

In a conversation with ABC president Tim Lueckenhoff , we were informed this morning that it is up to individual states as far as what is consumed between rounds.

“We had discussed in meetings that if a corner was to give Gatorade or PowerAde  to a fighter between rounds it would have to be clearly labeled as such and be in unopened containers in the dressing room”

After presenting Lueckenhoff with the fact that Marquez was given a yellowish fluid between rounds 6 and 7, in a clear bottle , not readily distinguished with a label that we could see, Tim informed us that:

“That is a good question for Keith Kizer (Nevada Athletic Commissioner) this morning”

Nevada does allow the drinking of PowerAde, or Gatorade type fluids, between rounds but they must be in an unopened container and clearly labeled as to the content in the bottles.

As to the label on this bottle it was not clearly marked for cameras to see or the label is not visable at this angle..

We have contacted the Nevada State Athletic Commission regarding what Marquez was allowed to re-hydrate with between rounds and Keith Kizer was not yet in his office.

More will follow as information comes in.


Blame falls to Nacho Beristain not Judges or Manny Pacquiao



Keith Terceira

The duties of a trainer are not only to prepare a fighter to be physically fit to compete against a champion but also to develop a strategy that will be successful.

After 24 rounds of boxing against Manny Pacquiao with a draw and a loss as the result of previous tactics in the ring, Nacho Beristain once again took Juan Manual Marquez into the ring with the same old bag of tricks expecting a different result.

Repeating the same mistake over and over and expecting a different result is not an intelligent way to expect to wrestle a title from a titlist let alone an eight time world champion that has the respect and admiration of the majority of the boxing world.

Where was the promised attempt to knockout Manny Pacquiao by Juan Manual Marquez who entered the ring Saturday night the heavier of the two fighters with a 3 pound weight advantage and a new game plan?

The new game plan was in fact the previous one, or , “Same Old, Same Old”.

Fans received the same old result.

When looking for a scapegoat in all this, Juan Manual Marquez needs only to look to his own camp for blame.

Nacho informing his fighter throughout the final rounds that he was winning, was also a mistake that an experienced trainer would not commit normally because it is just natural for a counter-puncher who is being told that he is winning to stay in that mode and not take the fight to his opponent.

Once again, you cannot beat the champion by expecting that a new group of judges will score the fight any different than the last.

When Nacho Beristain saw the exchanges taking place in the ring, with Juan countering Manny, then Manny applying a counter to the counter, he should have switched to plan B.

There was unfortunately, no plan B and so fans were treated to a replay of tactics.

In an even round a judge will most always score for the fighter that makes the fight and not for the boxer that only reacts to the aggression. It is a basic tie-breaker in judging, that Beristain is familiar with.

In round 10 Pacquiao threw 50 punches to JMM’s 37 with Manny landing 18 to Juan’s 13, with no knockdowns, and Manny advancing constantly, making a boxing match happen, it is only common sense to give the round to Pacquiao. Same follows suit with rounds 11 and 12.

The fact of the matter is that many rounds went that way and even in the middle rounds, where I scored Juan Marquez winning some rounds Pacquiao was the more active aggressor, outworking and out landing Marquez.

Beristain should have compensated for that event and planned accordingly.

Controversy only exists with Writers and Marquez Fans!


Keith Terceira

Writers and Fans were conditioned to believe that Pacquiao – Marquez III would somehow suddenly become a one-sided affair that would instantly prove that the first two bouts between these legendary fighters were a fluke, an injustice to Manny Pacquiao, or to Juan Manual Marquez.

So when the bout didn’t go the short route that nearly all writers convinced themselves, and the majority of fans that it would, the buyer’s remorse set in.

The problem with listening to sparring partners, coaches, and trainers is that they aren’t in the ring getting hit, trying to figure out an opponent that does nothing but wait to play off your offense, or do they suffer the backdrop of performing for the crowd while attempting to not get too injured or worse.

Throughout  training camp Manny Pacquiao refused to make predictions, saying only that he would give a good fight and entertain the boxing fan. He did hope to prove that he would be better than the first two fights.It was other people that guaranteed the knockout , writers that exclaimed that it would be short and sweet, unfortunately  the fans listened, and some were disappointed, blaming the champion.

We had 24 rounds of action prior to last night, to inform us as to just how things would pay out,  then last night followed suit, oh what a shock….

Now we will have writers creating a controversy where it does not exist, just to get the numbers needed to buy groceries and pay the rent.

In the history of boxing one rule remains constant in a close fight, “You must beat the champ , to be the champ”. Counter punching challengers only really win close contests if they overwhelm their opponent, they do not win contests if they lay back and wait for the action to greet them at the front door.

If you are a champion and counterpunch, you are defending your title in a judges eyes and more consideration is giving in that event.

The scorecards, punches landed , and power punch numbers do not lie. This was not a case of Lara-Williams where a challenger overwhelmed the favorite with more punches, harder punchers, and was the effective aggressor throughout the fight. This was a case where the welterweight champion went  forward attacking his challenger, throwing punches that landed at a greater rate throughout the majority of the fight and the challenger failed to bring a deciding factor into play to make a judge feel that he was taking a champion’s title, instead feeling safe by just countering and defending his spot in the ring.

Marquez did just that, defended his spot (the challenger) extremely  well, what he did not do is challenge Pacquiao for his title, instead being content to exchange with Pacquiao only after Manny went seeking an exchange.

Pacquiao did as Champions do , he went looking to retain his title, not only defending it with aggressiveness but firing back after he was countered, keeping intact his role as the titlist.

Fans of Marquez can be upset that their fighter did not win, and fans of Pacquiao can be disappointed as to the outcome not being as many predicted, with an early stoppage. What is wrong, is to assert that a champion was beaten inside the ring last night.

Writers can now write about controversy so their newspapers, websites, and blogs get more readers and more money, because that is what they do for a living.

One fact is clear in warfare, you cannot win the war by shelling up in your castle throwing bombs at the invading forces; you can only prevent the capture, and defend the turf. Marquez had no turf to defend as he was the invading force. He had a limited time to capture the flag and did not. Period!

The only mystery will be what article about controversy will get written, well enough, to get the most hits.


Pacquiao –Marquez IV: Is it possible?


Keith Terceira

The blood had yet to dry on the cut over the left eye  suffered by Pacquiao from an unintentional head-butt last night , when the discussion at the post-fight press conference turned to another contest between the two warriors. Continue reading “Pacquiao –Marquez IV: Is it possible?” »

Pacquiao wins 12 round Majority Decision


Keith Terceira

Every fighter at one point of his career meets his counter-part, the one man that seems to be able to withstand his every plan of attack. The Pacquiao - Marquez trilogy will go down as one of the best in boxing history and forever be divided by fans as to who accurately won all three bouts.

As predicted this fight went the distance with Marquez playing it a little safe in the final rounds and his trainer did not help Juan Manual Marquez by informing him that he was winning the fight which I had scored Manny up 3 rounds going into the 12th and final round.

Both fighters played it safer than the previous two bouts and a tenth round head-butt, that cut Manny Pacquiao, causing a bit of concern for a moment,  a cut that was quickly and professionally handled by Ariza and Roach, stopping it from ever becoming a problem.

Throughout the fight Pacquiao was the aggressor and punch stats show that Manny threw and landed more punches than Marquez. As promised the right hand came to play much more, and the right hook landed often.

Another see-saw battle is complete and this time despite Team Marquez complaining once again they were robbed, there is no controversy, Manny Pacquiao was the aggressor, controlled the action in the ring where Marquez was once again happy just to counter, threw and landed more punches, and Manny displayed more ring generalship. Pacquiaio threw  578 punches connecting on  176, Marquez threw 436 landing 138.

The scores were Robert Hoyle, 114-114; Dave Moretti, 115-113 and Glenn Trowbridge, 116-112 for Pacquiao.

That is the recipe for a victory, plain and simple, if you don’t or can’t stop your opponent. That is the sport of boxing!

More to follow as the day progresses.


Welcome to the PacFan’s FanCave on!


Keith Terceira

It’s exciting to see all the new visitors to MP8, Manny Pacquiao’s official website, and we would like to welcome you.

Take time look around as there is much to see. Visit our video library and join either to assist Manny with stopping poverty or view video with a free membership.

Documented in Video and still photos are the professional and private times of Manny Pacquiao, you can see the progression of training for several of his bouts as well as the daily events surrounding Team Pacquiao training for Marquez III.

Follow Pacquiao from Los Angeles, to Manila, to Baguio for High Altitude training, then back to LA, and on to Las Vegas.

Catch all the behind the scene action of the Pacman in your own home.

Join the new forum and post your thoughts with other PacFans on tonight’s event.

Welcome to the PacFan’s FanCave, ENJOY!


Pacquiao – Marquez III: Predicting by Predicament

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By Keith Terceira and Friends

Tomorrow evening at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada , a bigger, stronger, and more polished Manny Pacquiao steps into the ring with a suspected bigger stronger, and older, Juan Manual Marquez

At the moment the odds sit at 8-1 in favor of the Philippine great, with many fans suggesting that the fight will not last after the sixth round. Those predictions are a distinct possibility based on Manny’s continued evolution as a boxer and as an athlete.

Pacquiao’s boxing knowledge combined with the added arsenal should provide that missing link excluded from the first two bouts. The predicament I find myself in attempting to make a prediction is balancing what I would like to see and just what might truly happen on Saturday evening.

As a writer for Manny Pacquiao and a fringe member (extremely fringe) of Team Pacquiao, I wish the quickest most direct route to a win for MP possible. As the boxing fan, that part of me wishes for the war of all wars to break out and erase months of disappointing pay per views , create a lasting trilogy that I will enjoy telling my grandchildren about (with pride of playing a small part) and a bout that will slap the face of every boxing critic in the world. member Mos_shark shared his thoughts and predictions this week.

As a die-hard boxing fan from Mexico, I witnessed Manny’s first bout against JMM back in 2004. Of course, I was rooting for Marquez,, but was immediately taken back after that explosive first round by Manny. I thought, “Wow, this is going to be over in the next couple of rounds.” As we all know, Marquez miraculously recovered from the knock-downs and went on to give Manny a serious run for his money. After the 12th round bell, I was on the edge of my couch in awe at how great the fight was and I just kept thinking, “Who is this Pilipino guy?? Where did he come from? How on earth did he knock down JMM 3 times?.. in the first round?” The judges’ decision was just to me, I thought Marquez had lost actually, but his recovery and incredible come-back earned him the draw.. And in my own personal opinion was rightfully discouraged that he didn’t get the decision to go in his favor.

The fight they had 4 years later was another classic. Evidently, Marquez made some adjustments and hurt Manny pretty well in some rounds. I had their second bout more as a draw then the first one but Manny’s 3rd round knock-down proved to be the icing on the cake. I think in this fight Manny really opened himself up to Marquez’ counters and could have lost this fight if it had not been for his persistence, and granite-like chin. I thought he was visibly more buckled in this fight by JMM’s blows than in their first bout..

Here we are 3 years later (7 after their first meeting) and they are facing each other again.. Having since followed Manny’s incredible career, it’s almost unfair to Marquez that it took so long for them to face each other after their last bout. With the incorporation of Alex Ariza, Manny’s domination of the welterweight divisions, and Freddie’s boxing engineering magic having developed Manny into a COMPLETE thinking-fighter, it really is, (to me) this time around, a no contest fight.

The weight/speed issue is going to be key this time. The only other time JMM fought at this weight was against Floyd Mayweather and it was obvious that he had no business at that weight having been completely dominated by Floyd’s speed and size difference. JMM’s camp argument was that he went about gaining the weight the wrong way and made him slow, but to me, I just saw a fighter that was out of place in his natural fighting weight. I think JMM realized he had no business there and didn’t even bother with a rematch bout. The 24/7 series side that covers Marquez, says that, this time around JMM went about gaining weight “scientifically” and it actually shows.. JMM is looking much, much, bigger than he did when he faced Mayweather, so who knows. Maybe he has gained weight, and picked up speed along the way…


…Honestly, I highly doubt it. JMM may be stronger and bigger, but certainly not fast enough to keep up with Manny’s speed. What is crazy is that, I think, Manny is faster at this (143-144.5lbs) weight than he was when he faced Marquez both times at lightweight. So JMM is in for a little bit of a surprise.


Having said all that, my prediction is this; Manny size’s up JMM in the first round.. Jabs around, throws his straight left, no power shots, no knockdown.. Round 2; Depending on how JMM reacts in the first round, he will either knock him down by connecting a straight left early in the round or continue to box until he can set him up late in the round for a crushing “Lights-out Hatton” blow. If Marquez is still on his feet by the 3rd round, I will be surprised. Round 3; Manny goes in for the kill here for sure. If JMM can weather this storm, it could go for the long-haul but I think in this round Manny Pacquiao knocks JMM out cold with a right hook, Kenny Bayless doesn’t even bother counting out.

Forum member Depilar had this to say regarding his prediction for the event.

“I think Manny has improved but I do think Marquez as a p4p boxer has an option to fight in a survival mode. Clottey & Mosley had shown us this path. Marquez might choose to survive, even avoid being knocked down, just to prove he’s better than all the other victims of Manny. Manny by UD is my prediction.”

As you can see these fans are split as to the manner in which this bout will unfold just as I am ….Basically!

My prediction falls somewhere between the two at this point in the week and may change depending on what occurs in the following twenty-four hours.

In my opinion Marquez will come into this bout knowing that he cannot weather a more polished Pacquiao that can now boxing and punch with two hands. To counter the new equations in the MP arsenal he may just attempt to take Manny out inside of three rounds rather than deal with the added weight over the course of 12 championship rounds.

I think the time has passed for Marquez’s 38 year old body to not tire late in the fight with not only the added weight but the added muscle mass. If Marquez attempts to fight Manny in the same way that he did the first two fights, that added muscle will drain him quickly and make a 12 round bout less likely.

If Marquez can weather the return fire from the quicker Pacquiao he may last until later in the fight through his counterpunching skills.

There are so many variables in this bout that a prediction is difficult, but I feel that towards the seventh and eighth rounds this fight will be over and Pacquiao the TKO victor with the referee stopping the contest.

The boxing fan in me would love to see this bout go to the end with it being a mirror image of the first two bouts, it’s what boxing needs, it’s what fans need, it’s also what “Fair-weather Fighter” needs to continue his verbal onslaught against Pacquiao and perhaps boost his courage enough to face Pacquiao, if he sees Manny have a difficult time with Marquez. As we all know “Fair-weather” only fights the people he feels he can beat easily.

So here is my final say and I’m sticking to it …For the moment…

The writer predicts Pacquiao by TKO in the eighth, the fan hopes it goes the distance and Pacquiao gets a 3 round edge on all  three scorecards putting an end to Marquez’s doubts in a great completion of this trilogy.



Interview: Lumacad looking for redemption!

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By Keith Terceira

Peter Maniatis manager for Fernando Lumacad spoke with via email today regarding his 25 year old fighter that will appear on the undercard of Pacquiao-Maarquez III. Continue reading “Interview: Lumacad looking for redemption!” »

Pacquiao’s and Marquez’s behavior refreshing!


Keith Terceira

In a world so wrapped up in reality shows that feature rolls in the hay, repo wars, and bullies being bullied, the media blitz surrounding Pacquiao Marquez III has been  professionally refreshing.

One reason perhaps is that the history surrounding these two boxers doesn’t need the trash talking or foul behavior that other recent events have needed to sell the, yet to be disclosed, PPV numbers.   I don’t  know what the worlds sudden attraction is with reality TV, life is strange and difficult enough, without getting involved with someone else’s drama.

When the television goes on most would rather be entertained in a pleasant non-demeaning manner but times do change and I eagerly await the reality era to end. What many people don’t realize is that reality TV is mostly choreographed , practiced, and edited.

These two great champions have refrained from physical contact and explosive behavior at the final press at the MGM, and throughout the training camps, which is always a refreshing sight because it shows the true spirit that most all boxers display.

Rarely are boxers’ disrespectful and obnoxious people, in my long career, I have had boxers call me to state that they never said the things that their promoter’s public relations people have put out in the media.

The minority of boxers get the most attention with crazy, thuggish behavior because it is human nature to enjoy a train wreck, a murder mystery, or psychotic behavior, if only to reaffirm the “average Joe’s” grasp on their own reality.

To watch the final press conference and see no chairs thrown, security called in, entourages battling across the podium are so refreshing, it is almost as if boxing is a main stream sport again in America.

Everywhere one looks on the internet there is a promo for Pacquiao-Marquez III , giveaways for tickets, signed memorabilia, or merchandise.

No matter the outcome of this event, or the brevity of the action, these two combatants have propped up the sport by simply behaving in a professional manner.

Nothing has swayed them from this course and several have tried to turn it into a circus, Heredia-Conte debacle,” Fairweather Fighter” and his announcements, and even Enquirer type accusations against Manny’s commitment to his family.

Outside of any officiating errors, bouts of forgetfulness from a referee, or unlikely, in the ring theatrics from the boxers, this event will propel boxing to a better place should it compare in action to the first two meetings.

It may be boring to some followers of the sport, but I have a full an enriched life, and do not have to be entertained by idiotic activities or moronic behavior by the fighters and their teams.

Some have commented that the 24/7 episodes for Pacquiao and Marquez were boring. I disagree, I found them interesting, informative, and entertaining in a professional sport manner. I did not find them to be comparable to Cops, Hoarders, or Pawn Stars which exploit peoples lack of knowledge , their sickness , or their poverty.

I prefer to see action in the ring and feel fans will see plenty on Saturday!


Two hands better than one!


Keith Terceira

The development of the right hand for Manny Pacquiao has everyone convinced that Saturday’s bout with Juan Manual Marquez will be shorter than the last two and give a decided advantage to MP.

Top rank Chief Bob Arum is convinced that the added arsenal is the difference maker.

“Well it’s certainly a lot bigger than the last two fights, but essentially what makes this fight unique is that in the two prior fights, there was very little to differentiate the two fighters. The difference now is that Manny fights with two hands. His right hand is as good as his left. But you’ve got to understand that Marquez and Nacho [Beristain] are brilliant guys and the style of Manny is made for Marquez because he’s a counter-puncher.”

Manny becoming more bi lateral in his movement and in his usage of his right hand will give Marquez more trouble but remember it will also open more opportunity for the counter punching Marquez to open up against the southpaw.

I’ll save the prediction for later in the week but I am leaning to the bout being another long exciting event.

“The question is – can he fight with that right hand? Everybody sees these Hispanics like Cotto and Margarito, they don’t know about quitting. When Manny fought Clottey and when he fought Moseley, what made these fighters quit is that they were trained to fight the southpaw, then when they got clocked with the right hand, they couldn’t believe it.” Arum also stated to UK writer Gareth Davies.

Pacquiao will have no problem fighting with the right hand , throughout the beginning rounds, what remains to be seen though is when he is pressured in the later rounds and becomes more automatic as a fighter, is if he will revert to old ways and become one dimensional again out of fatigue.

For both fighters the first five or six rounds will set the stage on which direction the championship rounds go. Pacquiao has the ability to get this win completed inside of six rounds by showing a completely different more polished fighter at times and being the warrior we know at others.

Instead of a complete onslaught from the start, Pacquiao can test Marquez’s ability to handle the added weight by forcing Marquez to counter and be active in the early rounds, wearing him down for stoppage in the 8-12 rounds.

Constant lateral movement with the utilization of both hands to set up dual handed power shots, popping in and out of range landing the right as well as left hooks to the body may be the way to break down Marquez. Landing his own upper cuts as Juan attempts to close on the counter, will slow the Mexican fighter down, and force him the either walk through the punishment or pick his shots better, which slows his action and gives the combination punching Pacquiao a chance to pile up the points early.

The time that Marquez has had to adjust to the higher weight will play a significant roll if Pacquiao can keep Marquez moving and throwing punches that miss or get blocked.

Growing accustomed to the weight increase in the gym is something entirely different than competing full out in the ring.

More later on this!


Joe Frazier has passed, Good bye my friend!

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Keith Terceira

(Christmas card from Joe Frazier and Eva Futch)

In the stillness of a small basement bedroom, with a flashlight, and an old am radio, a young man listened to the sounds of Ali, Frazier, Foreman, and Norton pound out the greatest fights this writer has ever experienced.

When news came that boxing at a professional level was something that same young man would never physically be able to perform, his heart was empty, all the dreams of being Ali or Frazier gone in the flash of an x-ray.

His insides still loved the sport so greatly that even the act of writing about it filled him with happiness, so he persisted and learned to the point that in the 1980’s he wrote coverage of fights occurring in Madison Square Garden’s Felt Forum and in the casinos of Atlantic City, for a small weekly paper.

In 1981, this young man finally met one of his greatest idols during the rise of Marvis Frazier’s career, Marvis was just beginning and it was only his third bout against Melvin Epps.  Joe’s first word to him, as he stood in the locker area was;


Though the man’s face turned a bright crimson his heart sung proudly that he had his opportunity to stand in the space required of “Smokin” Joe Frazier. Over the course of the next decade the two would often meet in Atlantic City, or Philadephia , covering both Marvis and Joe Frazier Jr.

This morning, everyone will write about a great man’s career, today instead I will write about missing a friend with the hopes that Joe will find peace and comfort in the arms of our dear Lord and Savior.

The man I called friend has passed of the same disease that took my mother six years ago, liver disease once again has claimed an idol of mine. It is an evil thing that needs to be eradicated!

Goodbye my friend, thank you for giving me hope, enjoyment, and encouraging my small career.

You are still my greatest …


Boxing Fans Need Occupy Mayweather Protests!


Keith Terceira

As our boxing scribe, Leo Reyes, has stated Floyd Mayweather Jr. has blitzed the airways, press rooms, and any avenue available, to upstage Saturday’s mega event of Pacquiao-Marquez III.

Fact is, Floyd Mayweather, and his , “on again, off again” antics are getting more play in the media than the Occupy Wall Street protests.

In a strategic media move, that is par for the “Money” course whenever Pacquiao fights, Mayweather PR machine released news that he would fight the “Little fella” next in his newly scheduled May event. Of course the “little fella” was immediately taken as Manny Pacquiao by yours truly and a great many others.

So a rush of articles went up for the last week or so, totally blotting out the news releases from all other boxing, and then came the “angle”.

Suddenly the “little fella” became Eric Morales, a move totally unexpected by anyone in the sport outside of Mayweather and his own “in the know” people.

Like showing up at a concert where the “Boss” was advertised to be playing and finding up they were really talking about Donald Trump.

What a disappointment!

So, immediately,nearly everyone who had a checkbook in hand and a finger on the enter key to purchase a ticket, folded up the old leather satchel, stuck a different finger in the air, and went back to whatever they were doing.

There is always a possibility, that after Saturday’s bout, Mayweather Jr. will announce that, yes he was really talking about Pacquiao, but that Arum has already shot it down, yada, yada , and yada.

This will once again re-focus the media back to Floyd, and off the winner of the weekend’s bout. Another ploy successfully deployed by Mayweather after all of Manny’s events.

Getting about time to start our own protest I think regarding Mayweather Jr. promotions.

I will begin the protest by no longer writing Mayweather articles to this site until a contract is negotiated with Pacquiao. That won’t be hard really considering outside of Pacquiao, I have no desire to see Floyd fight. Well, maybe Sergio Martinez, so a wee bit difficult depending on the news.

Now, I could be wrong and because I am a Pacquiao supporter, I may be blind to the millions of fans that really want to see a Morales – Mayweather event happen.

Let me know if you are willing to part with your money for this bout, please.

Like the Occupy Wall Street protests, we Pacfans, are the 99% and “Money” fans are the 1%.


Morales to face Mayweather; Say it isn’t so!


Keith Terceira

Just when you thought, it was going to turn around. Boxing is preparing for another mistake to baffle its fans. Continue reading “Morales to face Mayweather; Say it isn’t so!” »

MGM Grand Front Lobby to Host Arriving Warriors

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Keith Terceira

MGM Grand will welcome both Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manual Marquez beginning tomorrow November 7th with Marquez arriving at noon Pacific Time.

Manny Pacquiao will arrive at the same time, the following day (Tuesday) , and both appearances are open to the public. Continue reading “MGM Grand Front Lobby to Host Arriving Warriors” »

Kirkland Victorious in Classic Battle!

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Keith Terceira


James Kirkland (30-1, 27ko) traveled into enemy territory to upset Alfredo Angulo (20-2,17KO) last night in Cancun, Mexico. The first round of this matchup started as the normal Angulo round then progressed into an instant boxing classic. Continue reading “Kirkland Victorious in Classic Battle!” »

Mayweather facts off as usual, forgets Guillermo Jones


By Keith Terceira


There are times when my frustrations at the blathering’s of Floyd Mayweather Jr. , his entourage, and family members reach  such a crescendo, that I must lash out with some real facts and examples.

Once again, “Money” has thinly veiled an accusation of performance enhancement at Manny Pacquiao based solely on the fact that Pacquiao has been highly successful as a 106 pounder to the 154 division.

Another comment from Floyd given to the press shows his lack of knowledge on boxing history as well as current boxing news.

Mayweather states: “I never said that Pacquiao was on anything, it’s just that it’s not natural for any athlete to come from 106 all the way to 154 all natural and to compete with the best fighters.”

Well, first off, the quote is misleading, Manny Pacquiao has never weighed- in for a fight any higher than 145 ¾ pounds, which he did against Joshua Clottey, in March of 2010. Manny may have defeated guys who competed and were champions at 154 but the bouts were at catch weights. Pacquiao did not even weigh in at the welterweight limit when he won the light middleweight title.

Floyd may have been too busy counting his money to notice there was another person climbing the title ranks from a much larger weight differential.

The Panamanian version of Manny Pacquiao is cruiserweight champion Guillermo Jones, who began his successful career as a welterweight in 1993. From 1993 to 1996 , Jones went 16-0 as a 147 pounder and won the WBC FECARBOX Welterweight title, WBA Fedelatin title and the Panamanian Welterweight Crown.

Standing currently at six foot four inches, Jones began filling out his body in 1996 and moved to light middleweight winning the WBA Fedelatin title from Gilberto Barreto and from 1999 to 2000 Jones competed as a middleweight, though never competing for a title.

In 2001 Jones moved to light heavyweight and in 2002 he jumped to cruiserweight where he has reined in one form or another as a champion with both minor titles as well as WBA World Cruiserweight titlist.

Jones has competed successfully from 147 to 213 pounds over his 18 year career, which is a weight swing of nearly 70 pounds.

Manny Pacquiao is a unique fighter in boxing history and comparisons in terms of his success , it will forever, be hard to find other examples that have reached the same rung on the ladder that Manny ha,s but there are dozens of  boxers that achieved great success and moved several weight classes doing so.

What Floyd Mayweather Jr. is doing, is running a constant head game on both Manny Pacquiao and the world of boxing. His only leverage in this issue is that he holds the key to a very large payday for Manny Pacquiao, and he has utilized his leverage at every point in his career.

The next issue to be raised in my opinion will be the attempt to force Pacquiao to train solely in the USA for a bout to materialize.


Arum Answers Mayweather Proposal


By Keith Terceira


Bob Arum doesn’t believe that Floyd Mayweather Jr. is being sincere in his proposed May 5th bout with Manny Pacquiao, recently stating to ESPN’s Dan Rafael that he believes it’s Floyd’s way of stealing Pacquiao and Marquez’s thunder and diverting the spotlight away from the November 12th event.

“Listen, we’re not going to consider anything until after the Marquez fight,” Arum said. “The way they are going about it seems like a bizarre way to go about it. If you want to put it together, you meet, you talk. You don’t just come out and say, ‘The fight is May 5 at the MGM.’ What kind of negotiation is that? So I don’t take what they said seriously.

“I think it’s Floyd’s way of trying to grab a little bit of the spotlight away from Manny. I’m not going to get upset. I take it with a grain of salt.”

Further in the article found on ESPN Los Angeles Bob Arum explains that the selection of the May 5th bout and it’s venue may not have been explored by Mayweather properly and with the biggest players in the arena business.

“Don’t you have an obligation to the fighters to maximize the revenue?” Arum asked, adding that he thought it would make sense to at least talk to such players as Jerry Jones, who paid millions to have Pacquiao twice fight at Cowboys Stadium in 2010, or Las Vegas casino magnate Steve Wynn, who has been involved in several major fights, to see if they are interested.

“Don’t you want to hear what they have to say?” Arum asked. “And before you set a date don’t you want to see if the guy you want to fight is available?”

As suspected by many, Mayweather may just be playing a PR game with this announcement and it doesn’t slip by Arum who is taking it all in stride not being aggravated in the least by the news released by the “Money” team. Instead he suspects that the attention that the upcoming event and Pacquiao are receiving caused Floyd to be uncomfortable leading to the proposal being made in the press.

“I’m not bent out of shape at all,” he said. “For me it’s sort of funny, amusing. It’s noise and it probably helps my Pacquiao-Marquez event. I’m happy with it. It’s out there. But it’s a joke. You don’t negotiate this way. The reason I don’t take it seriously is why make an announcement now? Why now? How do you justify it? What’s the hurry?

“Either, they’re just amateurs and not thinking or they thought I would go ballistic. There is some Mickey Mouse agenda. And of course (Golden Boy promoter Richard) Schaefer (whom Mayweather hires to promote his fights) is just a tool. He does what they ask him to do. This isn’t Schaefer thinking it out. He is doing what he is told. They had some kind of reason to do this. Floyd was getting pissed off with all the attention Manny is getting.”

Road to Marquez: LA, 8 Days Remain


By Keith Terceira


With training camp winding down Manny Pacquiao has been lessening his sparring working seven rounds yesterday then moving to a couple more rounds of mitts with Freddie Roach.

The surprise of the day came when L.A. Laker great Kobe Bryant appeared at the Wild Card and has some marvelous video of his visit with Manny and Team Pacquiao. Kobe took time to talk with members of the team and signed autographs.

In the afternoon Manny left for his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel and of course the conversation with Kimmel turned to a bout with Floyd Mayweather Jr. , which of course was Mayweather’s plan when he released the news from a couple of days ago that Pacquiao would get a shot, finally at the elusive champion.

The strategy that Mayweather used by releasing such news just prior to the appearance on Kimmel and the ratcheting up of media appearances and conference calls of both Pacquiao and Marquez shows Mayweather’s knowledge of self- promotion and whether you love him or dislike him you have to give him credit for being able to direct the attention from others back onto himself.

Floyd’s strategy has forced all parties involved in the Marquez-Pacquiao fight to put Mayweather Jr. as a focal point, when the limelight should be on the participants.

The “Winner takes all” proposal was a great counter to the Mayweather strategy though by Pacquiao and Kimmel, because I can see the day that Floyd gets in the ring with a risk of leaving beaten and purse-less about the same day I see swine fly.

The MP8 video of Alex Ariza talking with Buboy Fernandez about the filming of Marquez training during HBO 24/7 episode 2 was quite on point as when I saw it myself I laughed, knowing it was good cinema based on nothing but smoke and mirrors.

During one part of the filming they say that the new power that Marquez is showing is damaging the structure that the speed bag is hanging on and they show a crack in the weld of the steel frame.

If one looks a little closer at the film, you can see that the steel frame has a new coat of paint over the ancient apparatus with also shows the divots and ripples of a great many coats of paint. Of course the cracking weld has to be because of Juan Manual Marquez, it can’t be from the hundreds of other fighters that have pounded that frame, time, and perhaps, shoddy workmanship.

That explanation would not make for good promotion of a pay per view, but you can’t complain really as it’s HBO’s responsibility that this PPV is successful for both Pacquiao and Marquez.

During the conference call Juan Manual Marquez and Nacho Beristain remarked about strength and conditioning coach Angel Hernandez and allege they had no knowledge as to Angel’s background. Marquez gave this explanation in regards to his lack of knowledge;

“I just know that when I met him his background was with elite athletes. We discussed what I needed to do. I didn’t find out anything about this stuff that has been written until the last few days. It was big news to me but it is a shame because of all the work I have done and preparation has been thrown into the trash can by this guy Conte and Ariza by saying these things. I worked very hard but I’m not going to stop training for the fight. Whatever testing they want to do, blood or Olympic, I am ready to do it. We’ll do it, no problem, as long as he does it too.”

Guess there was some bad vetting done by someone on the team, because you know that the guy has worked with “elite athletes” but did anyone call those athletes then do a Google search .



Road to Marquez: L.A. Nine Days Remain

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Keith Terceira


Alex Ariza informed MP8 last evening that camp will conclude by Monday and they will leave Los Angeles for Las Vegas.

Yesterday, Manny Pacquiao took the day off from training and rested a bit, after a long training camp that instead of 8 weeks was closer to 10 or 11 total weeks of preparation for Marquez.

“He is ready (Pacquiao) we are ready, definitely ready for the 12th” Ariza informed us, during our chat.

On Tuesday, Manny completed 8 rounds of sparring with three sparring partners, a couple rounds on the heavy bag and some speed bag work, basically the same routine he has been following the last couple of weeks.

The announcement by Floyd Mayweather Jr. that a fight date with Manny was set for May 5th , has brought comments from Michael Koncz, and as we suspected it’s been another Mayweather attempt to transfer  the limelight from the Pacquiao/Marquez bout to “Money”.

“How can he set the date, how can he set the venue without consulting with your opponent?” stated Koncz today.

““Mayweather has not spoken to anybody that has the authority to negotiate. They have not spoken to Bob Arum and they have not spoken to me.”

Alex Ariza during our conversation also discussed the rumors swirling about with Angel Hernandez, the current strength and conditioning coach for JMM.

“I don’t know anything about that dick, one way or the other, all I said was that I heard that Bolt’s conditioning team was one of the people that was training Marquez, and Victor Conte is like a bitch, so he had to go see who that was, and so he outed him as the guy that put him in prison. I didn’t know who he was to be honest and I didn’t really care.”

We discussed Conte and Hernandez, focusing on the fact that both Conte and Angel are trying to clean up their acts.

“Conte outs the guy to the media for trying to do the same thing Conte’s is doing and that’s making a living and cleaning up his act. What a hypocrite! I don’t think either one is worth worrying about anyway.”

Somehow Angel Hernandez has gotten into his head that Alex Ariza has made remarks concerning him and has told Mexican media that he will allegedly file suit. The things about lawsuits are that both sides are allowed to ask questions and get into prior bad acts etc. For someone looking to start a new life a lawsuit may not be the way to proceed.

Mayweather screams take the test, Pacfans should be screaming sign a contract, sign a contract!




Mayweather vs. Pacquiao on May 5th; No so Fast!


Keith Terceira

According to reports and writer Leo Reyes,  Floyd Mayweather has located a venue and notified pay per view companies that on May 5th  he will face none other than Manny Pacquiao!

Fans should say not so fast, unfortunately,  when it comes to believing Team Mayweather as they normally release some sort of gang buster news a week away from a rival fighter’s main event as a distraction, and to place the limelight  on himself.

Yesterday during my interview’s with both Alex Ariza and Jeff Mayweather, both which will appear later today on MP8, neither man was aware of any such agreed upon bout.

As, we speak there has been no contract signed and thus lies the rub, is this just a Mayweather attempt to distract Pacquiao, nine days before he faces a tough third battle with Juan Manual Marquez.

“We’re looking to make the biggest fight possible and everyone knows what that fight is the little fella. Floyd made it very clear that he wants to give the fans the biggest fights that are out there. He wants to stay active,” Ellerbe said. “We’re going to do everything in our power to make the biggest fight out there for the fans and we all know what the fight is.”

Still hanging out there are purses and drug testing protocols that are not negotiated and have caused talks to break down in the past.

What remains to be seen is whether this is a publicity stunt or Mayweather Jr. has been motivated to face Pacquiao by all the recent quotes from Arum, Team Pacquiao, and Manny himself that Mayweather Jr. isn’t necessary to Pacquiao’s future.

We hope that this will be the real deal this time out!




Are Mayweather PPV Numbers a Hoax?


Keith Terceira

It’s a simple question to ask, yet perhaps hoax is too strong a word for it, sleight of hand or bait and switch, may be more appropriate.

What HBO and the promotional companies fail to inform us of is how many paid viewers complained about the quality of the show, how many asked for refunds, and how many would have taken a refund if they had the chance to.

Mayweather-Ortiz is similar to the Ford Pinto in my opinion, built from 1971-1980 the car was the US answer to the invasion of smaller cars from Asia. It sold 100,000 units by 1972 and by 1980 was down to 68,000.

But, when the dust cleared and the lawsuits started, because of flaws in the design, exploding gas tanks etc. it was not all that the world and Ford thought the Pinto was to become. Yes, they had great sales but at what cost to Ford’s reputation and eventual bottom line.

Mayweather –Ortiz figures in the same light, 1.25 million buys may be what were sold but the question remains just how many people would scramble to have their sixty dollars returned if the opportunity arose and how many asked for one.

I once had the idea, because of all the “Go Green” talk around the world, to advertise in magazines an energy efficient, totally green, solution to drying your laundry for the amount of only $59.99.

Imagine the surprise, shock, and outrage by consumers when the postman delivered to the door, a 50 foot package of clothesline rope and 50 clothes pins.

Well, based on forum postings around the web sites, blogs, and articles written in on the web customers of Mayweather-Ortiz felt about the same way as my fictitious customers would have. Cheated and hoaxed!

It’s quite easy to post the numbers that bought into the charade that was this PPV and fail to post the outrage, the complaints, and the backlash that customers brought to the table as well.

Why brag on it being the second highest grossing event when you know it’s all a numbers game.

Yes. Perhaps you had 1.25 million buys, but, you also had one of the most expensive events, so of course it will gross more money, and how many people after the fact will tell you to stuff your 59.99 to next time Mayweather fights.

Just as the justice department screamed about how many people and how much money,  over the years, Bernie Madoff bilked out of customers, what they fail to post is just how much and how many pension plans, IRA funds, and big banks made going in and getting out of Madoff schemes for fear that another Pandora’s box would be opened. HBO fails to notify its customers just how many calls and denials of refunds they received regarding this pay- per-view, most likely because it would create a larger backlash.

Fortunately, for fans, after Mayweather-Ortiz, and Hopkins-Dawson, we once again have Manny Pacquiao-Juan Manuel Marquez coming in to save the day for HBO and Boxing in general.

HBO must hold the hope that Manny and Juan can not only sell huge PPV numbers but even draw back into the PPV ranks the customers who felt cheated and disillusioned by earlier bought shows.

The quality of PPV shows have now twice bait and switched  the promised, exciting, competitive, championship  match-ups with low quality, Academy Award performances on its viewers.

It remains to be seen if they can recoup its reputation and boxings.

Frankly if another business like a restaurant offered up something much different than what it advertised you could send back the food before paying with a complaint. HBO has the luxury of getting paid prior to proving to consumers the product is worth the money.

When you get in the business of singling out fighters for your support and promotion you have the responsibility to provide solid content for your shows. If you are going to act the matchmaker then you must guarantee the product.

It would surely assist boxing to have better overall cards if you could offer a complaint and get a refund on a stinker!


Roach to US Troops: “I’ll put Manny in front of Martinez”


Keith Terceira


Manny Pacquiao and Freddie Roach conversed with US Army soldiers of Task Force Duke, 3rd Brigade, 1st Infantry Division from Ft. Knox, Kentucky via a Skype call yesterday, the soldiers are currently stationed in Afghanistan as part of Operation Enduring Freedom. Continue reading “Roach to US Troops: “I’ll put Manny in front of Martinez”” »

Show me the “Money”, Please!


By Keith Terceira


Top Rank’s main man Bob Arum has gotten extremely vocal lately regarding undefeated WBC Welterweight champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. (42-0 26ko) and his constant dodge around setting his name on a contract to face P4P great and 8 time champion Manny Pacquiao (53-3-2 38ko). Continue reading “Show me the “Money”, Please!” »

MP8 Exclusive Interview with Rafael Marquez



By Keith Terceira


Four time world champion Rafael Marquez (40-7, 38ko’s) has thrilled boxing fans around the world with his heart and knowledge of the sweet science. Forever remembered for his trilogy with Israel Vazquez, Rafael Marquez is not finished just yet; soon he hopes to catch Juan Manuel Lopez (31-1, 28KO) for another great bout that will no doubt thrill fans. Continue reading “MP8 Exclusive Interview with Rafael Marquez” »

Would European Invasion Profit Pacquiao?


By Keith Terceira

The last bastion of boxing as a main stream sport may just be the European continent, an area that has yet been tapped by Team Pacquiao. While boxing fans wait with baited breathe the announcement that Floyd Mayweather will finally agree to face Manny Pacquiao somewhere, besides an American courtroom, Continue reading “Would European Invasion Profit Pacquiao?” »

Road to Marquez: LA, 19 Days Remain!

1 Comment

By Keith Terceira


Juan Manuel Marquez is working hard, both in the gym, and in the media, to assure his fans that he will be prepared for this final bout with Manny Pacquiao and the chatter in the press ratchets up on a daily basis. Continue reading “Road to Marquez: LA, 19 Days Remain!” »

In Defense of Narvaez!


Keith Terceira

Last night the 36 year old Omar Narvaez sold his zero for a check with several of its own. Even the staff of HBO “Boxing After Dark” informed the boxing community that Narvaez in conversations with them  held no lofty goals of defeating or even damaging, Nonito Donaire. Continue reading “In Defense of Narvaez!” »

Ariza:“Where is Donaire’s Conditioning”


Keith Terceira

“I saw Donaire’s weigh-in and he is a pound and three quarters underweight. Why come in that light in you don’t have to? Where is Donaire’s muscle symmetry and his definition? ” Continue reading “Ariza:“Where is Donaire’s Conditioning”” »

Road to Marquez: LA, 23 Days Remain!


By Keith Terceira

With just twenty three days remaining until the two warriors meet , both Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez are putting their finishing touches on conditioning. Continue reading “Road to Marquez: LA, 23 Days Remain!” »

Road to Marquez: Ariza Interview, only 24 Days Remain!

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Keith Terceira and James Dayap

Though technically twenty-four days remain, Manny Pacquiao will stop training the week before the November 12th showdown with Juan Manuel Marquez. That, combined with rest days, leaves only two weeks of hard training remaining for Team Pacquiao to finish putting the polish on the plan to defeat Marquez. Continue reading “Road to Marquez: Ariza Interview, only 24 Days Remain!” »

Road to Marquez: LA, 25 days remain!


By Keith Terceira

Strange goings on today as Amir Khan is alleging that there is some problems between his camp and Team Pacquiao. Now whether this is accurate or not we are attempting to get straightened out as we speak. Continue reading “Road to Marquez: LA, 25 days remain!” »

Armstrong faces Ceferino Garcia for Fourth Title

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By Keith Terceira

August 17, 1938: Henry Armstrong defeated Lou Ambers, of New York in a 15 round decision to win World Lightweight Title. In a span of  less than a year “Hammering Hank” defeated Pete Sarron for the Featherweight title, Barney Ross for the Welterweight crown, and then Ambers for lightweight title. Continue reading “Armstrong faces Ceferino Garcia for Fourth Title” »

Road to Marquez: LA, 26 Days Remain


Keith Terceira

Yesterday, Bob Arum paid a visit to the Wild Card gym and as seen on the video asked Manny about whether or not they should of stopped the Linares fight. Manny’s opinion was that there was a lot of blood and Linares couldn’t see. Continue reading “Road to Marquez: LA, 26 Days Remain” »

Bernard it’s Time to Say Farewell

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Keith Terceira

The late great Sugar Ray Robinson was quoted

“You always say ‘I’ll quit when I start to slide’, and then one morning you wake up and realize you’ve done slid.” Continue reading “Bernard it’s Time to Say Farewell” »

Road to Marquez: LA, 28 days remain!

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Keith Terceira

The intensity level is growing and workouts are getting more demanding as Pacquiao increases, step by step, to the November 12th showdown with Juan Manual Marquez. Manny is working all his exercises with just a bit more spark, a bit more muscle goes into the heavy bag, and believe it or not, more speed in the mitt work. Continue reading “Road to Marquez: LA, 28 days remain!” »

Bizarre Boxing Continues with “Believe it, or Not”


Keith Terceira

What in the world is happening to the sport of boxing?

A few months ago boxing began its ride through a twisted macabre world of blindness, incompetence, and academy award performances. It is like we are caught in “Groundhog Day” and boxing fans are now taking the lead role from Bill Murray. Continue reading “Bizarre Boxing Continues with “Believe it, or Not”” »

Musings: Thoughts on Linares, Haye, Wolak, and more!

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By Keith Terceira


Tonight the “Believe it or Not” or “buy it or save it” event will take place at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. If not for the fact that Jorge Linares is also on the card, my interest would be at a minimum.We have watched Jorge over the last few weeks as he trained, sparred, and formed a vast friendship with Manny Pacquiao, because of that the desire to see him succeed is building for me as a fan of Pacquiao and now of Linares.

Continue reading “Musings: Thoughts on Linares, Haye, Wolak, and more!” »

Frankly Speaking: Mayweather Sr. is Full of @##%


By Keith Terceira

Once again the manure has hit the fan, and that fertilizer comes from the mouth of Floyd Mayweather Sr. who seems to put his Nike in his proverbial mouth every time someone mentions the name Manny Pacquiao to him.

He just cannot resist the temptation of casting aspersions on Manny Pacquiao’s accomplishments in the ring no matter how unfounded or how inaccurate.  At least now, with lawsuits in progress, he is making the attempt to lightly veil his belief that something chemical is enhancing Pacman’s career. Continue reading “Frankly Speaking: Mayweather Sr. is Full of @##%” »

Road to Marquez: LA Countdown 30 days

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Keith Terceira

At the Wild Card Gym yesterday, Manny Pacquiao while giving interviews to boxing scribes stated that this fight with Marquez will put to rest all the doubts in fans minds that may remain from the first two bouts.

“I want people to be satisfied ….This fight will be the answer of all the  doubts “ Continue reading “Road to Marquez: LA Countdown 30 days” »

News Editor Added to MP8

1 Comment is proud to announce that it has promoted writer Keith Terceira to the position of News Editor. Mr. Terceira’s experience will assist the site in constant updating of news, the inclusion of new writers, and an overall smoother running experience for as we grow. Continue reading “News Editor Added to MP8” »

Road to Marquez: L.A. Countdown


Keith Terceira

All Business today, that is the best way to describe the Wild Card Gym as Pacquiao worked his way another day closer to the final showdown with Marquez. Basically, the huge crowds that we saw in Manila and in Baguio for high altitude training have disappeared. Continue reading “Road to Marquez: L.A. Countdown” »

Steward: “Cotto got someone for $50,000 less!”


By Keith Terceira

A few weeks ago I spoke with Hall of Fame trainer Emanuel Steward and was a bit concerned that my old friend was ill, his schedule was forcing increased travel abroad, his stable of fighters that he was training continued to grow, and frankly he sounded a bit under the weather. When the news broke that both Chad Dawson and Miguel Cotto had sought new trainers I grew more concerned.

Today, my fears were put to rest completely, because Steward sounded his old self and reassured me he was well rested and ready to roll this weekend when he works the HBO show at the Staple Center. Continue reading “Steward: “Cotto got someone for $50,000 less!”” »

Prospect Watch; Lionell “Lonnie B” Thompson

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By Keith Terceira,

Lionell Thompson aka Lonnie B, is a Buffalo, N.Y. native that boxes in the light heavyweight division and trains with perennial contender Ross Thompson, (no relation) in this my first installment of “Prospect Watch” we are featuring this young man who has a long pedigree of amateur accomplishments, and he has jumped to an 9-0 record, with 6 knockouts to his credit. Continue reading “Prospect Watch; Lionell “Lonnie B” Thompson” »

Road to Marquez: Baguio Training Wraps Up



Keith Terceira,

Half of the Pacquiao Team has taken flight returning to Los Angeles today. Due to the P.A.L. strike in the Philippines flights outward bound are at a premium and Pacquiao, Michael Koncz, Freddie Roach, Jorge Linares, Alex Ariza, and the Chief Security Officer will stay in Manila until their Saturday flights.

The L.A. Boys (Team Pacquiao L.A. members) have already arrived in California after an 8 hour bus ride, a 13 hour plane ride and a couple hours by car. Timothy James reported; “After all that travel walking in my front door was priceless”

Monday Team Pacquiao will be back at training in the Wildcard after resting Sunday and there will be a great deal of people available for him to continue his sparring. MP8 will continue to bring you up to date training camp quotes and possibly some interviews now that all will be stateside next week.

High altitude training went better than expected and by completion the worry with Freddie and Alex was that Manny was too far ahead of schedule and that training needed to be toned down a bit so Pacquiao would not get stale and leave it all in the gym.

I have to agree that for a month out, Manny looked ready to rumble right now, so the slowdown was warranted. My guess is that they would have to acknowledge the chance of injuries if the level of training didn’t taper off a bit to preserve the strength that was already developed. One negative result Pacquiao’s dedication is that someone must keep close watch on his activity and let him know when enough is enough or this guy just keeps right on working hard.

Personally, I would be interested in what Jorge Linares’ opinion is of not only working with Pacquiao but also training with Ariza for first time.

Seemed that some of the Ariza fitness work was new to Jorge and after a bit he took to it quite well.

The opportunity to not only watch Manny developing in camp but Linares as well was an added benefit for this fight scribe. All in jest: Well we have had a month of articles all around the globe discussing the what, when, and why of how Manny would knockout Marquez in the upcoming trilogy thriller.

Everyone from the bucket carrier to stars of stage and screen have been giving their opinion on how and when Manny would knockout the Mexican great. Well this week I actually read an interview with Marquez that he is quoted as saying he would drop the eight time champion.

My opinion is that if Marquez’s defense is as slow in the ring as his defense of his legacy is outside of it then Manny can phone in his offense and still complete his combinations.

Why is it taking Juan so long to respond to the entire world that he will be stopped in November and why does it seem that in his interviews he already appears to be making excuses for a loss.

It’s one thing to talk about your age and that a rematch was late coming in your career after you lose the fight, but to discuss it in interviews prior to the fight is just planting the seed of failure in your mind and psyching yourself out. If this behavior is not a ploy and is what Juan Marquez truthfully feels then I wouldn’t be surprised if we see the corner throw in the towel or a stoppage shortly after the middle rounds.

Negative thoughts have no business in a fighters mind this early in camp because they will just grow and grow. Ciao!

Road to Marquez: Baguio Training Day 13

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By Keith Terceira

Alex Ariza was up at the crack of dawn today taking his new star pupil Jorge Linares to the track for one of the most intense, one on one, workouts we have ever witnessed in camp. Luckily we caught it all on video for the fans. Jorge Linares not only has some of the fastest hands in boxing, but he has the skills, stamina, and heart that make a man a champion.

Alex pushed Jorge to the limit and for the first time we heard what we have heard from all of Alex’s best fighters.
“Fuck you Alex”

Please check out the video section to see this display of athleticism Continue reading “Road to Marquez: Baguio Training Day 13” »

Freddie Roach Responds to Victor Conte


By Keith Terceira

Former Balco founder Victor Conte, you remember him don’t you, the guy that assisted a great number of athletes in ruining their careers by creating and supplying them with various steroids, including Shane Mosley. The character that was sentenced to 8 months, four in prison and four at home, well he is spouting off on Manny Pacquiao and steroids, like anyone would lend credence to a word this supposedly reformed money launderer and drug distributor would say.

Freddie Roach, a true gentleman of boxing was very cordial in his responses to questions regarding Conte’s weighing in with an opinion on drug testing.

“I’m surprised Victor would ever say anything. Victor Conte is always so nice in person, so why would he want to say things like that behind my back.”

Roach was asked if he thought Conte was jealous, seeking attention, or if he thought maybe Conte doesn’t understand how Roach’s and Ariza’s fighters are so good.

“Victor just doesn’t understand in my opinion and Victor’s inability to understand how these fighters do it is what prompts him to make remarks like that. What is sad is that Manny Pacquiao works his ass off in training and when you say things like he is cheating you are taking away from the aspect of his work ethic.”

Continuing further on Manny’s drive to succeed and focus in training, the Hall of Famer continued by stating.

“Manny Pacquiao is this good because of how hard he works, he works harder than anyone and that is why he deserves that respect. If one of Victor’s fighters rose to the top like Pacquiao and always tested clean like Manny I would never call Victor’s fighter a cheater, I would congratulate him.

This is where we interject some personal thoughts, and I’m not as nice towards sports hall of shame inductee Victor Conte.

I enjoy the fact that Victor Conte is in boxing even less than I enjoy seeing Jose Conseco putting on a pair of Everlast gloves. Any boxing manager worth his salt would never have Victor Conte within a mile of his corner because of the big red bull’s-eye it places on that fighter’s career and reputation. “Dr. Steroid” chiming in on Manny Pacquiao is about as trustworthy and interesting as getting Osama Bin Laden’s view on Catholicism.

Remember yesterday when wrote “ a Phantom in a back alley wearing an overcoat” when discussing the “Orange Potion” that Manny takes is really just Designer Whey. Well, that phantom for years was Victor Conte and his Balco lab, this man has the honor of being is one of the people that I wouldn’t interview in boxing for all the money in Manny’s accounts.

If Freddie Roach hadn’t responded to Conte I wouldn’t be writing this and giving this ex-con credibility in the sport that has my heart. His association with boxing gives us just another black eye and detracts from all the hard work men like Alex Ariza do for the sport.

The man is an embarrassment to any sport and all he is attempting to do is make a new name for himself because he blew all credibility he ever had in his previous career and it seems that all one has to do to get attention in boxing is lay rumors and aspersions on Manny Pacquiao’s doorstep and throw Ariza under a bus.

His taking a stand for blood testing in Mayweather-Pacquiao is so hypocritical and ironic that I can barely contain the bile that rises in my throat when I write his name. Bedazzling us with his bullshit knowledge on steroids that was acquired during and prior to the destruction of many a sports legacy is a testament to Conte’s arrogance and vileness.

If Victor Conte wants a second chance, an opportunity to redeem himself then let him go back to baseball and repair the chaos he left behind there. He may have paid his debt to the legal end of our society but he hasn’t even come close to paying the debt he owes to sports and sports fans.

If Victor Conte ever showed his face near my fighters he would be escorted out the back door like the rest of the human garbage that tends to attempt to leech on to fighters. Boxing fans should listen to whatever Victor “Dr. Steroid” Conte has to say right about the time I let Joran Van der Sloot date my daughter, or Charles Manson take my four kids for a day in the park.


Road to Marquez: Baguio Training Day 10- Keith Terceira

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By Keith Terceira,

Manny Pacquiao left Baguio today to travel to Manila for his daughter’s birthday tomorrow and we at MP8 would like to wish the Pacquiao family well on this special day.


Continue reading “Road to Marquez: Baguio Training Day 10- Keith Terceira” »

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