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How Does Manny Pacquiao Maintain His Stamina- Along with Supplementation


Alex Ariza

Stamina has a lot to do with your heart rate- how relaxed are you, but more importantly, what happens to your breathing pattern once your heart rate elevates.

How you breathe will determine the amount of oxygen your body gets in- the longer you will last in a fight.

1st off there are different breathing techniques while running that can be employed for exercises.

I have even heard so much as, “breathe through you nose and your mouth at the same time”, which I believe to be impossible. I will discuss this in a video blog.

If you do your research you will read “Breathe through your nose and out through your mouth.” You will read this is the way to train, because it maximizes air to your lungs. When you get more air to your lungs you will be able to perform your cardio routine for a longer period or time.

In the corner I do have my fighters breathe through their nose and out through their mouth in order to relax, refuel, and get ready for the next round.

Breathing through your nose and out through your mouth is an excellent way to calm your body down and get the maximum amount of oxygen to your lungs, but it is not a realistic way to train when you are training for a fight, because it is not the way you will breathe during the fight itself.

I always train my fighters to breathe through their mouth and out their nose. This is realistic during the fight. I want my fighters to have a rhythm to their breathing, maximizing the realities they will feel when they get in a war during the fight. If I was to train my fighters to breath through their nose and out their mouth then they would not be prepared for what was ahead.

Their reality is they will be in a fight that will raise their heart rate to a level causing them to breathe through their mouths in order to get the amount of air their body is demanding from them at that very moment. When this happens in a fight my fighters are mentally and physically ready for it.

This is why I like swimming so much. It teaches your to breathe through your mouth and slowly let the air our of your nose. Even when you are fatigued in the water and your heart rate is pounding your have to stay to that same rhythm; “In through your mouth and slowly let it trickle out your nose.”

In a fight and your body forces your to breathe through your mouth and when you train for this action to occur you are 100% comfortable and ready for it. If you weren’t then your heart rate would go even higher, causing you to become exhausted sooner. If you are not trained for this and your body goes against something it has been trained for it will go into a panic. Guess what happens when your body goes into a panic? It gets drained even faster, causing more fatigue to set in.
This is one of the main reason you see Pacquiao strong in the later rounds, it is because his breathing patterns are something he has come equipped to learning and mastering. I can not emphasize this aspect of training enough. If you are in a fight and start breathing in a way you have not trained your body to become accustomed to it will panic and you will exhaust yourself.

There, I have let out a secret and one of the reasons you see what you see in all of my fighters.

Sometimes it is hard for me to write these blogs, because I have to let out what my specialties are, but I feel I have the best boxers in the world and if some other boxer learns some of my techniques then so be it, we will still beat them!

Plus, I have more conditioning methods than just this. I am letting out the little things to let people know the truth. The truth is, their fighters, or they themselves, are not doing things the proper way. Most boxers are behind the times or they are not working with someone that knows what he or she is doing.

For me this is easy. I think about it in my sleep. I figure things out and I apply them to my fighters.

We all have our gifts in life.

Most of the gifts people have are not from something they read out of a text book; it is something that was written in a text book because of what they know.

Until Next Time Only on

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Please stay tuned for all the updates.

Alex Ariza

Bob Arum Says Pacquiao’s Right Hand is Reason Mayweather Isn’t Fighting


by Leo Reyes


Manny Pacquiao’s promoter Bob Arum says Floyd Mayweather will never fight Manny Pacquiao because the unbeaten champion is afraid of Pacquiao’s powerful right hand. Continue reading “Bob Arum Says Pacquiao’s Right Hand is Reason Mayweather Isn’t Fighting” »

John Scully: “There is a lot of doubt surrounding injury”

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By Tom Donelson


Since the Hopkins-Dawson, much have happened including WBC getting involved by restoring Hopkins his title. California commission have yet to render its own position but the WBC did not just restore Hopkins title but stated that Dawson purposely try to hurt Hopkins. I asked the question in a previous column on whether WBC is trying to pressure California Boxing commission into reversal the decision from a TKO for Dawson to disqualification of Dawson. Continue reading “John Scully: “There is a lot of doubt surrounding injury”” »

Donarie wins a boring fight!

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Tom Donelson

Nonito Donarie is on the verge of superstardom and in the original capital of boxing, New York City; he faced the undefeated Argentina fighter Omar Andres Narvaez. Donarie have beaten some of the better fighters in the lower weight division including Fernando Montiel and the power punching Vic Darchinyan. Donarie wanted to make his point that Pacquaio wasn’t the only great Philippine fighter. Continue reading “Donarie wins a boring fight!” »

Ariza:“Where is Donaire’s Conditioning”


Keith Terceira

“I saw Donaire’s weigh-in and he is a pound and three quarters underweight. Why come in that light in you don’t have to? Where is Donaire’s muscle symmetry and his definition? ” Continue reading “Ariza:“Where is Donaire’s Conditioning”” »

Too Many Fight Distractions Could Cause Manny Pacquiao’s Defeat against J.M. Marquez

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by Leo Reyes


Barely three weeks before the big fight with Mexican counter-puncher Juan Manuel Marquez, Manny Pacquiao is suddenly beset with too many distractions ranging from his controversial promotion as Lieutenant Colonel in the AFP Reserve Force of the the Philippine Amy to another rumor of a new love child, this time with the young and attractive Cullinary Arts student. Continue reading “Too Many Fight Distractions Could Cause Manny Pacquiao’s Defeat against J.M. Marquez” »

Arum: There’s only 1 Pacquiao

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ABS-CBN Sports News

MANILA, Philippines – Top Rank CEO Bob Arum said it would be unfair to compare any fighter, including rising star Nonito “The Filipino Flash” Donaire Jr., to boxing’s living legend Manny Pacquiao.

He believes no boxer will ever be the same as the Filipino boxing congressman.

“There’s no next Manny Pacquiao… There will never be another Manny Pacquiao,” said Arum.

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Bizarre Boxing Continues with “Believe it, or Not”


Keith Terceira

What in the world is happening to the sport of boxing?

A few months ago boxing began its ride through a twisted macabre world of blindness, incompetence, and academy award performances. It is like we are caught in “Groundhog Day” and boxing fans are now taking the lead role from Bill Murray. Continue reading “Bizarre Boxing Continues with “Believe it, or Not”” »

Bernard Hopkins Workout Quotes

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 BERNARD HOPKINS, WBC & Ring Magazine Light Heavyweight World Champion


“Being 46 and sexy with the body of a 25-year-old?  I think that is pretty impressive.


“I can predict I will win this fight.  How I win will come out this Saturday night.


“I want the best Chad Dawson on Saturday night.


“He has to come out in character and not be the Dawson that he has been for many of his fights. The name doesn’t match the last three or four outcomes.  When you have the name ‘Bad’ and you’re not Michael Jackson, you have to be able to own that.  They call me ‘The Executioner’ for a reason.


“I have no problem putting the title on the line.  This is what I do.


“I don’t know if Dawson is hungry.  He says he is.


“The past is the past and tomorrow is unknown.  On Saturday night, I want to put another page in the history book of my career.


“If I am still going to compete and be the best in the division, and part of the conversation of the best in boxing, then this fight is the next step.


“Every now and then an athlete comes along and does something different than those before him or her.  It takes guts to be different.


“I don’t go into camp needing to lose 20-30 pounds.  I don’t need to get into physical shape.  I am a health and wellness guy.  This is part of my lifestyle.  It is automatic to me to be ready to fight. My engine is always running.


“It takes me a round or two until I know exactly what I have to do in a fight.  You can’t overstudy a test, so your natural instincts have to be your guide.  The great athletes always adjust.  I don’t care what sport it is, only an elite athlete can do that.


“You have to be strong.  It’s easy for me to look at adversity and temptation and not even have an urge.  It isn’t a struggle.  That isn’t me.  That is part of my longevity.


“The difference in this fight is that I am fighting Chad Dawson who has plenty of credentials.  He believes he is the guy to beat me.  I have to win to prove him wrong.  The problem is whether or not he means what he believes.


“I am a pretty good dancer, but if my dance partner steps on my feet, it will make me look bad.  If Dawson is ready to dance, then it will be a good fight.  It could be the ‘Fight of the Year.’


“I am knocking on the door of being the oldest ‘Fighter of the Year’ ever.  I have a chance to seal that deal this Saturday night on pay-per-view.


“I always have a motivation.  Something to push me to win and that motivation is to become the oldest ‘Fighter of the Year.’  It puts pressure on the writers, 90 percent of whom are 40 and up.  I want to put a bug in their ear that I am trying to make history on that front.


“I never operate well when I am the favorite in a fight.  I like being the underdog.  I think that is the reason a lot of people want to watch.  I am not surprised I am the underdog.


“This is a new movement in my career.  Am I the underdog because of my age or  because of my resume?  It must be my age, because I know can’t be the resume.


“I am 12-1 against southpaws, arugably 13-0 with the Calzaghe fight.  I am a right handed fighter which is death to a southpaw.


“I am fighting someone taller than me for the first time in almost 10 years.


“I might have little in my favor, but I will win on Saturday night.”



Oscar De La Hoya, President Golden Boy

“As every fight goes by, I think Hopkins gets better and better and is demonstrating to everyone that he is going to be around a long time.


“Bernard Hopkins has faced them all.  He has fought every style, every adversity.  Everything they put in front of him, he leaps over.  He is our bionic man.


“You have to look up to Hopkins and what he is doing at his age.


“The beauty about Hopkins is that fighters usually have one, maybe two styles.  He has a plan C, D and E.


“Hopkins is able to adapt to any style.  He is a chameleon in the ring and that is dangerous for any opponent.


“It doesn’t surprise me that Hopkins wants to fight the best.  He is the best that I faced in my career.”



“Believe It Or Not!: Hopkins vs. Dawson” is a 12-round bout for Hopkins’ WBC and Ring Magazine Light Heavyweight World Championship Titles taking place on Saturday, Oct. 15 at STAPLES Center in Los Angeles, Calif. and will be produced and distributed live by HBO Pay-Per-View® beginning at 9:00 p.m. ET/6:00 p.m. PT.  The event is presented by Golden Boy Promotions and Gary Shaw Productions and sponsored by Cerveza Tecate, AT&T and Ripley’s Believe It or Not.  In addition to this championship main event showdown, the televised pay-per-view undercard will also feature Antonio DeMarco vs. Jorge Linares in a 12-round fight for the vacant WBC Lightweight World Title, Kendall Holt vs. Danny Garcia in 12-round bout for the vacant NABO Junior Welterweight Title and Paulie Malignaggi vs. Orlando Lora in a 10-round welterweight bout.  DeMarco vs. Linares is presented in association with Teiken Promotions.

Tickets for Hopkins vs. Dawson, priced at $300, $150, $75 and $25, are on sale now and are available for purchase online at or, via Ticketmaster charge-by-phone lines at (800) 745-3000and at the STAPLES Center box office.


Manny breaks tradition, starts sparring in LA

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The Philippine Star

Abac Cordero

MANILA, Philippines - Manny Pacquiao broke an old practice when he sparred on a Monday (yesterday in Manila) at the Wild Card Gym in Los Angeles.

Pacquiao arrived in LA last Saturday and rested the following day in time for the resumption of his training for the big fight set Nov. 12.

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Pacquiao wastes no time in 1st training day at Wild Card gym

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GMA Sports News

Eight-division world champion Manny Pacquiao plunged into action right in his first day of training at the Wild Card gym in Hollywood, California.

Boxing’s pound-for-pound king was thrust into an eight-round sparring Monday (Tuesday in Manila) by trainer Freddie Roach, banging away for four rounds each with Jorge Linares and regular Wild Card sparmate Ray Beltran.

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Pacquiao: Marquez tough, but not toughest

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ABS-CBN Sports News

MANILA, Philippines – Filipino boxing champion Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao says Mexican rival Juan Manuel Marquez is not his toughest opponent at the welterweight division.

“I still consider (Marquez) to be one of the toughest opponents in this weight division, but not the toughest,” Pacquiao said in an interview with

Read more:

Roach’s Plan: Pacquiao Won’t Try To KO Marquez Early

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Chris LaBate
Trainer Freddie Roach has revamped Manny Pacquiao’s strategy for his upcoming defense of the WBO welterweight crown. On November 12th at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Pacquaio will face Juan Manuel Marquez for a third - and likely final time.

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Pacquiao: “I can fight next week.”

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Eddie Alinea

After completing three weeks of high altitude training in Baguio City and a little more than a month before his trilogy with Juan Manuel Marquez, Filipino World Boxing Organization welterweight champion Manny Pacquiao pronounced himself ready to rumble.

Read more:

Pacquiao spars for 6 more rounds, leaves for US Saturday night

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GMA Sports News

Reining pound-for-pound king Manny Pacquiao sparred for six more rounds at the MP Tower (formerly L&M gym) in Manila to finally end his Philippine training camp Saturday.

Team Pacquiao will be leaving for the US later in the night to resume his preparation for his November 12 meeting with Mexican rival Juan Manuel Marquez.

Read more:

Pacquiao wraps up Baguio training on Friday

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ABS-CBN Sports News

MANILA, Philippines – Manny Pacquiao will wrap up his high altitude training in Baguio City on Friday, after which he will be leaving for the US to continue his preparations for the Juan Manuel Marquez fight.

Pacquiao’s boxing coach, Freddie Roach, said he was pleased with his ward’s training in the City of Pines.

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Pacquiao paid P29.10-B in taxes

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The Manila Bulletin

Jun Ramirez

MANILA, Philippines— Boxing great Manny Pacquiao paid the government more than P29.1 milion in capital gains and documentary stamp taxes for buying a house and lot at the posh Forbes Park Subdivision in Makati City.
Read more:

Pacquiao wraps up Baguio training camp, to resume preparation at Wild Card gym

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GMA Sports News

Manny Pacquiao’s high altitude training in Baguio ends on Friday as the camp of the reigning World Boxing Organization (WBO) welterweight champion moves to the trainer Freddie Roach’s Wild Card gym in Los Angeles.

Team Pacquiao will leave for Los Angeles over the weekend. Pacquiao’s entire entourage will return to Manila after Friday’s training camp.

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Pacquiao-Marquez III boasts solid undercard

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Philippine Daily Inquirer

Roy Luarca

Rising star Timothy Bradley, a possible future opponent of Manny Pacquiao, tangles with veteran Joel Casamayor in the undercard of the Pacquiao-Juan Manuel Marquez trilogy on November 12 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The unbeaten Bradley (27-0 with 11 KOs) will be dangling his World Boxing Council super lightweight crown against the 40-year-old Casamayor (38-5-1 with 22 KOs), who is bidding to become the first three-division champion from Cuba.

Read more:

Manny Pacquiao: Juan Manuel Marquez is Biggest Rival

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Opposing Views

Nick Tylwalk

Before we get to the third fight between Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez, or even the 24/7 series leading up to the bout, we’ve got Max Kellerman sitting down with both men and their trainers. Time for Face Off.

Read more:

Pacquiao vs Marquez: HBO Face-Off With Max Kellerman (Video)

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Bad Left Hook

Scott Christ

Here’s the full HBO Face-Off between Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez, with trainers Freddie Roach and Nacho Beristain, with Max Kellerman serving as host.

Read more:

Pacquiao-Marquez ticket sales: $11.7 M

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The Manila Bulletin

Nick Giongco

MANILA, Philippines — The Nov. 12 trilogy between Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez has generated sales of around $11.7 million, Hall of Fame promoter Bob Arum told

The $11.7 million ranks ninth among the largest gate in Nevada history, according to Arum, whose Top Rank Inc. is staging the world welterweight title fight at the 16,000-capacity MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Read more:

Manny Pacquiao vs. Juan Manuel Marquez: Only KO Victory Will Satisfy Pacquiao Fans


by Leo Reyes

You cannot blame the more passionate fans of Manny Pacquiao for telling their idol to go for a knockout win over Mexican counter-puncher Juan Manuel Marquez as they collide on November 12 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada.

To these fans, a mere win by Pacquiao won’t make them contented and happy. Some of Pacquiao’s millions of boxing fans say Marquez has shown flagrant disrespect for their idol by downgrading his boxing talent and skill. Others say Marquez is so talkative and that Pacquiao should shut his mouth for good.

And if we scrutinize their feelings by reading their comments in newspaper articles and on Internet blogs, we will understand why they are not happy with what Marquez had been telling the public about his being robbed of victory in their past two encounters.

It must be recalled that during their first encounter in 2004, Marquez and Pacquiao fought on a split draw in a featherweight limit of 126 lbs. The truth is Pacquiao should have won on a split decision if not for an scoring error committed by one of the judges who scored a round at 10-7 instead of 10-6 for Marquez’s three knockdowns.

In 2008, fighting on a super featherweight limit of 130 lbs, Marquez and Pacquiao clashed in a hotly contested rematch with Pacquiao earning a split decision victory with a third round knockdown which clinched the fight in his favor.

To these select passionate group in Pacquiao’s fan base, their idol should get the respect that he deserves, being the 8-division and pound for pound best fighter in the world.

In one of my early evening drinking sessions with a small group of passionate Pacquiao fans, I had a heated exchange of views or argument with some of them which led to a brawl that brought us to a police station for variety of charges.

My two friends and I were only telling them that Marquez was only trying to get into Pacquiao’s nerves so he can get Pacquiao’s attention and hope a third fight can be made. I told them If Marquez is successful, it will be his biggest fight ever and a fight that will guarantee him at least $5 million, the biggest in his boxing career. That is all there is to it —and nothing personal, we told them.

But these fans took Marquez tirade and allegations seriously and it did hurt their feelings. So now they want Pacquiao to silence Marquez and to knock him out in round one if at all possible.

It is interesting to note that no other than Pacquiao’s trainer, Freddie Roach has joined the passionate Pacquiao fans bandwagon.

In numerous interviews with media, Roach said “This fight is more personal,” “(The previous) fights were good for boxing. It wasn’t our fault the judges voted for us. But when Marquez came to the Philippines with those t-shirts … it was a slap in the face to Manny. He will get his payback.”

On several occasion, Marquez tried to annoy Pacquiao with his wearing of shirts with printed words: We were robbed,’ and ‘I beat Manny Pacquiao twice.’

Marquez antics must have gotten into Roach’s nerves. Now he is being joined by Pacquiao’s trainer Alex Ariza who is predicting Manny will shut his mouth up and that Marquez will go down inside six rounds.

Marquez watch out, Pacquiao ends careers!

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Diamond Boxing

Albert Alvarez

Pacquiao ends careers!- After Pacquiao smashed Hatton, Hatton never went on to fight again and then recently just retired. Oscar De La Hoya also retired himself after the typhoon swallowed the tycoon and spit him out. Will Juan Manuel Marquez be next on the retirement list? It’s really too early to say right now, especially when we have all seen in their first two fights that Marquez has given the mighty Pacquiao all he can handle and then some. I hate to say this because I am a huge Marquez fan, but it is the opinion of I that Manny Pacquiao is going to ruin Marquez and end Marquez’s career. Yes you read that right, Juan Manuel Marquez’s great Hall of Fame Legendary career will come to an end the second that Pacquiao decides to drop the curtain.

Read more:

Freddie Roach Responds to Victor Conte


By Keith Terceira

Former Balco founder Victor Conte, you remember him don’t you, the guy that assisted a great number of athletes in ruining their careers by creating and supplying them with various steroids, including Shane Mosley. The character that was sentenced to 8 months, four in prison and four at home, well he is spouting off on Manny Pacquiao and steroids, like anyone would lend credence to a word this supposedly reformed money launderer and drug distributor would say.

Freddie Roach, a true gentleman of boxing was very cordial in his responses to questions regarding Conte’s weighing in with an opinion on drug testing.

“I’m surprised Victor would ever say anything. Victor Conte is always so nice in person, so why would he want to say things like that behind my back.”

Roach was asked if he thought Conte was jealous, seeking attention, or if he thought maybe Conte doesn’t understand how Roach’s and Ariza’s fighters are so good.

“Victor just doesn’t understand in my opinion and Victor’s inability to understand how these fighters do it is what prompts him to make remarks like that. What is sad is that Manny Pacquiao works his ass off in training and when you say things like he is cheating you are taking away from the aspect of his work ethic.”

Continuing further on Manny’s drive to succeed and focus in training, the Hall of Famer continued by stating.

“Manny Pacquiao is this good because of how hard he works, he works harder than anyone and that is why he deserves that respect. If one of Victor’s fighters rose to the top like Pacquiao and always tested clean like Manny I would never call Victor’s fighter a cheater, I would congratulate him.

This is where we interject some personal thoughts, and I’m not as nice towards sports hall of shame inductee Victor Conte.

I enjoy the fact that Victor Conte is in boxing even less than I enjoy seeing Jose Conseco putting on a pair of Everlast gloves. Any boxing manager worth his salt would never have Victor Conte within a mile of his corner because of the big red bull’s-eye it places on that fighter’s career and reputation. “Dr. Steroid” chiming in on Manny Pacquiao is about as trustworthy and interesting as getting Osama Bin Laden’s view on Catholicism.

Remember yesterday when wrote “ a Phantom in a back alley wearing an overcoat” when discussing the “Orange Potion” that Manny takes is really just Designer Whey. Well, that phantom for years was Victor Conte and his Balco lab, this man has the honor of being is one of the people that I wouldn’t interview in boxing for all the money in Manny’s accounts.

If Freddie Roach hadn’t responded to Conte I wouldn’t be writing this and giving this ex-con credibility in the sport that has my heart. His association with boxing gives us just another black eye and detracts from all the hard work men like Alex Ariza do for the sport.

The man is an embarrassment to any sport and all he is attempting to do is make a new name for himself because he blew all credibility he ever had in his previous career and it seems that all one has to do to get attention in boxing is lay rumors and aspersions on Manny Pacquiao’s doorstep and throw Ariza under a bus.

His taking a stand for blood testing in Mayweather-Pacquiao is so hypocritical and ironic that I can barely contain the bile that rises in my throat when I write his name. Bedazzling us with his bullshit knowledge on steroids that was acquired during and prior to the destruction of many a sports legacy is a testament to Conte’s arrogance and vileness.

If Victor Conte wants a second chance, an opportunity to redeem himself then let him go back to baseball and repair the chaos he left behind there. He may have paid his debt to the legal end of our society but he hasn’t even come close to paying the debt he owes to sports and sports fans.

If Victor Conte ever showed his face near my fighters he would be escorted out the back door like the rest of the human garbage that tends to attempt to leech on to fighters. Boxing fans should listen to whatever Victor “Dr. Steroid” Conte has to say right about the time I let Joran Van der Sloot date my daughter, or Charles Manson take my four kids for a day in the park.


Road to Marquez: Baguio Training Day 10- Keith Terceira

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By Keith Terceira,

Manny Pacquiao left Baguio today to travel to Manila for his daughter’s birthday tomorrow and we at MP8 would like to wish the Pacquiao family well on this special day.


Continue reading “Road to Marquez: Baguio Training Day 10- Keith Terceira” »

Should Floyd Mayweather Heed Oscar de la Hoya’s call for a rematch with Ortiz?

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by Leo Reyes

After a controversial win over WBC welterweight champion Victor Ortiz last September 17, Floyd Mayweather has been widely criticized for not giving Victor Ortiz a fair chance by granting the 24-year-old ex-champion a rematch.

The clamor for a rematch stemming from the bizarre fourth round knockout by Mayweather on defenseless Ortiz, continues to grace the Internet as well as print and broadcast media, almost two weeks after the controversial fight.

In the heavily-promoted match which was viewed by millions of boxing fans around the world, Mayweather was leading on points from first to third rounds. However on the fourth round, Ortiz stepped up his assault with a series of combinations forcing Mayweather to lean on the corner rope for safety.

Before the end of the round, referee Cortez caught and confronted Ortiz for intentional headbutting and slapped him with a one point deduction. After the break-up by referee Cortez, Ortiz approached Mayweather to offer his apology for which Mayweather seemed to have accepted.

But while Ortiz’ hands were still down presumably waiting for the referee Cortez to give signal for the resumption of the fight, Mayweather threw a powerful unobstructed left hook that shook Ortiz so badly and followed it up with a right punch that sent Ortiz reeling down the canvas and was counted out by Cortez.

Boxing fans and critics say what Mayweather did was very unsportsmanlike while Mayweather and his supporters defended the unbeaten champion for seizing the opportunity when Ortiz opened up in a live round.

Pound for pound king Manny Pacquiao in his statement after watching the fight on TV commented, “There was nothing illegal in what Floyd did but it was unsportsmanlike,” said Pacquiao, noting that he acknowledged the fact that referee Joe Cortez had signaled the fight to continue, something a lot of ringsiders said they never saw.

Leading the call for a rematch is legendary boxer Oscar de la Hoya, whose company, Golden Boy Promotions is promoting Floyd Mayweather’s fights.

Boxing fans were expecting a good fight but Mayweather ended it in a very unsportsmanlike manner. “Everyone was cheated from a great fight.” The fans were cheated, dela Hoya told Boxing Scene.

“Call it legal or call it illegal, it was bad sportsmanship plain and simple, and if Floyd has any sort of honor he will give Victor Ortiz a rematch,” De La Hoya said.

After engaging dela Hoya in heated discussion on the issues via their Twitter accounts, Mayweather said Ortiz should first get past Andre Berto before he considers a rematch.

Mayweather seems bent on giving Ortiz a rematch as he suggested he should first face Andre Berto but boxing fans and critics say he should grant Ortiz request for an immediate rematch without preconditions.

I was suicidal after Pacquiao defeat, says Hatton

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Agence France-Presse

LONDON—Britain’s former world welterweight champion Ricky Hatton admitted on Thursday that his brutal defeat at the hands of Filipino superstar Manny Pacquiao drove him to the brink of suicide.

Hatton, who retired in July, was demolished inside just two rounds by Pacquiao in Las Vegas in May 2009, a fierce battering which caused his life to spiral out of control in a battle with drink and drugs.

Read more:

PPV price for Pacquiao Marquez fight is set at $54.95

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Glendale Boxing Examiner

Igor Frank

“I am going to pre order Manny Pacquiao fight,” said Big Steve while pouncing on a heavy bag at the Y in Glendale:” My friend Tony ordered Mayweather show the day of the fight and ended up paying almost seventy bucks.”

HBO earlier announced that Pay Per View for November 12th Manny Pacquiao Juan Manuel Marquez third encounter is set at a retail price of $54.95, a bargain comparing Mayweather’s “ Star Power” which was priced at $59.95 for pre order and $64.95 the day of the fight.

Read more:

Road to Marquez: Baguio Training Day 9

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By Keith Terceira

Today’s training day was an incredible sight to witness as Manny Pacquiao got in the ring and did the first 5 rounds of sparring with Jorge Linares. Manny cracked Jorge in the mouth and split his upper lip slightly then proceeded to continuously take it to Linares making Jorge slow down, and use more of a tactical approach for a couple of rounds.

What started out as a sprint became a game of chess. During the fourth and fifth rounds the Venezuelan loosened up and became a bit of his own typhoon, showing his lighting speed delivering his own arsenal of completed punches.

Manny Pacquiao was less than satisfied though when they finished and he said he wanted Jorge to throw more. He was a bit upset because he wanted more of an all-out war.

Alex Ariza told Manny,

“Hey listen, when these fighters who are getting paid millions of dollars to fight you on fight night and they don’t throw that much after you hit them, what do you expect in sparring? Remember you are the best fighter in the world and you hit like a heavy weight, people have to play chess with you, because they do not like to get hit.”

Alex stated, all in all Jorge is doing much better and on fight night this experience with Pacquiao will really make a more complete fighter of Jorge.

“He is finally starting to get in shape and his abs are coming in. There is already a transformation going on in the physique of Pacquiao”

Freddie Roach informed MP8 that;

“I am very happy with the progress of Pacquiao. His timing and endurance in right on track, his power is already there.”

HBO 24/7 started filming today and they discussed and informed people at ringside that they will feature Alex more, commenting also that the difference between this fight and the two past Marquez fights is Alex Ariza and they want to highlight the complete fighter Manny has become since Ariza joined the team.

Alex stated his Ariza fitness is taking off and he is putting a program together to put diets and workouts together for people on line.

For boxing and fitness fans we have a bit of news as well, the Manny Pack is now for sale on the online store. Thia is the exact vitamins that have been custom made by Alex Ariza are now for sale, check them out on, go to the store and click supplements.

Finally we asked Alex if he is looking forward to going back to the U.S. in 8 days;

“Yes, Linares is fighting on the 15th at the Staple Center in Los Angeles and also my favorite UFC Fighter BJ Penn is supposed to be training in Orange County. I am looking forward to hopefully watching him train. I am a big fan of BJ Penn and UFC.”


Pacquiao “Orange Potion” Revealed


By Keith Terceira

The buzz around boxing for years was that Manny Pacquiao was receiving a secret and supposedly illegal potion from strength and conditioning coach Alex Ariza. People in the industry that had something to gain by putting out rumors that it was a concoction that had a steroidal ingredient that suddenly made Manny Pacquiao the mega star he is today would be saddened today to view video done by MP8 at the Baguio training camp.

The mixture is so secret that Manny put it out in plain view for the world and his critics to see, and even the packaging is visible to Pacquiao detractors. All the smack talking, hatred laced rumormongering in the world can’t neglect the fact that it’s in living color, on digital format, and in several flavors.

It is Designer Whey Protein. Orange Flavor of course because that is the flavor Manny enjoys and it doesn’t upset or hurt his stomach.

Sorry, there is no secret formula of greatness that one can drink like Tang, and turn you into a Manny Pacquiao, it requires hard work in the gym and possible a bit of divine intervention during your genetic making.

There are of course things that some can possibly drink in the clubs that make young men believe that they are the equal to Pacman, the result usually is quite different, painful, and could lead to a night in the slammer or even the urge to burn hundred dollar bills.

It is really just the number one selling protein on the market worldwide and can be found sold over the counter, instead of a phantom in a back alley wearing an overcoat.

I do understand that this revelation will be ignored by many, that the conspiracy theorists and Mayweather Jr fans will come up with some new accusations to throw around. Remember that Floyd won’t even face the fact that Manny has agreed to drug testing.

This news will certainly depress some, that no great mystery surrounds the Philippine phenomenon’s nutritional and supplemental intake. Guess for some it’s back to investigating Area 51, Sasquatch, and the chupacabra.


‘KO win will put emphatic end to trilogy

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The Philippine Star

Abac Cordero

BAGUIO CITY, Philippines – Freddie Roach wants Juan Manuel Marquez down and out in November.

“Victory is no longer enough. I want Manny to knock out Marquez,” declared the celebrated trainer from the City of Pines yesterday.

Pacquiao and Roach are entering their second week of training in Baguio, for the Nov. 12 showdown with Marquez at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Roach spoke to reporters yesterday and said he wants Pacquiao to finish Marquez off, and shut him up.

Read more:

Pacquiao foe giving sparmates hell

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The Manila Bulletin

Nick Giongco

MANILA, Philippines — The thunderous fists of Juan Manuel Marquez have been rocking the foundations of Mexico City.

“Marquez has been beating up his sparring partners,” said Top Rank chief Bob Arum after receiving reports directly from Marquez’s training headquarters at the Romanza Gym.

Read more:

No more Mr. Nice Guy, Roach tells Pacquiao

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Inquirer Northern Luzon

Frank Cimatu

BAGUIO CITY—Bringing out the killer’s instinct used to be easy for Manny Pacquiao.

Once his opponent landed a solid blow and he was unable to retaliate, Pacquiao would get mad. He would bang his gloves, snort and move in ready for the kill.

Well, not anymore. Pacquiao seems to have mellowed with age and his esteemed position as congressman of Sarangani.

Read more:

Is Manny Pacquiao Getting Lazy for Marquez Fight?

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Opposing Views

Alex Groberman

One second after it was announced that Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez would meet in the ring for the third time on November 12 of this year, the end result was deemed a foregone conclusion.

Everyone ranging from pundits to fans to odds makers unanimously came together and anointed Pacquiao the winner, no ands, ifs or ors about it.

Read more:

Manny Pacquiao Has 10 Years to Prepare for 2022 Presidency — Part 5

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by Leo Reyes

In the fourth article of this mini series about Manny Pacquiao and his politics, we laid down the basic framework to work on for a shot at the presidency in 2022 (Part 4 - dated Sept. 26), and we now pose another important question — What should be done now and what kind of preparation is needed to ensure his victory in the 2022 polls?

In boxing, Pacquiao knows the value of training and preparation. Whenever he starts training for a major fight, he is unstoppable and focused on what he does in the training camp.

In one of his past columns in Philboxing, Pacquiao said he becomes a different person as he engages his opponent inside the boxing ring. His transformation from a kind and humble fighter off the ring to a fighting and raging beast while confronting his opponent coupled by intense training and preparation, are some of his winning secrets.

But we all know that his real secret is faith in God.

Pacquiao’s winning secrets on and off the ring can be a good political model that he can use and apply if he is dead serious with his plan for 2022.

So we go back to the question on the things that should be done now and the necessary preparation for the campaign.

Obviously, there is a need to create a “Political Road Map (PRM)” which will guide political planners and strategists in pursuing the 10-year plan. The PRM is a broad set of tasks or goals that are fairly easy to identify but difficult to attain in the light of prevailing political realities.

There is therefore a pressing need to organize a core group in Team Pacquiao who will create the PRM so that political planners and strategists who will soon join the campaign would be guided in the formulation of guidelines to set the political machinery in motion.

In any plan, research and data gathering is important in formulating a sound strategy and in decision-making. This is what the core group will focus on initially in order to create a real and implementable PRM which will guide the campaign up to 2010.

Still we have not talked much about Pacquiao’s educational qualifications which is expected to be attacked heavily by political opponents and some voters as well.

We definitely have to address this question and we see no difficulty in finding a way to cushion its impact on his candidacy.

The next question now is — What should Pacquiao do to face his critics who are expected to focus on his educational qualifications as a way of attacking him in the campaign?

This is part 5 of the mini series about Manny Pacquiao and his politics. Watch out for its continuation as we dissect his political ambitions in relation to his plan to run for either vice-president or president of the Philippines in 2022.

‘Pedring’ forces Pacquiao to adjust training

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ABS-CBN Sports News

MANILA, Philippines – Eight-division boxing champion Manny Pacquiao was forced to adjust his training schedule due to the inclement weather brought by Typhoon “Pedring.”

Pedring affected the whole Luzon, including Baguio City where Pacquiao is holding camp.

Conditioning coach Alex Ariza said in that the Filipino champion could not push through with his conditioning workout at the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) oval inside the Teachers Camp because of strong rains.

Read more:

Juan Manuel Marquez:” I want this fight!”

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Glendale Boxing Examiner

Igor Frank

“According to my bookie Marquez has as much of a chance of beating Pacquiao as Ortiz did against Mayweather,” said Big Steve during our morning coffee at Starbucks on Glenoaks and Western Avenue:” Do you think it will be a better fight?”

Dealing with Juan Manuel Marquez in the ring is not for the faint of hearts. There is a very good reason why his boxing moniker is Dynamita or handle with extreme caution. All you have to do is ask the current pound for pound king of boxing, Manny Pacquaio who dropped Mexican warrior three times in the first round of their memorable battle in 2004 only to be out boxed down the stretch for a highly disputed draw. Manny tried to do it again in 2008; he dropped Marquez with a shot that could have ended a career of any other fighter, only to see Juan Manuel get up and take him to the limit of yet another historic bout.

Read more:

Road to Marquez: Baguio Training Day 8.


By Keith Terceira

Manny Pacquiao took this morning off from his road work to let his legs rest and because he wished to be at his best today for sparring against Jorge Linares, Pacquiao has a lot of respect for the young boxer and he likes the challenge but the five rounds he was hoping to spar today was nixed by Freddie having him stick to 3 rounds.

Not because Freddie wanted to limit Manny, but because Jorge had already sparred eight rounds and Freddie did not want to over work Linares. Remember, Pacquiao has done four rounds in each of his two previous sparring sessions, though not scheduled to spar until next week, and Freddie has already made that exception.

Due to the Manny’s disappointment, Roach has agreed to start the champ with Jorge from now on, allowing both fighters to enter the ring fresh and making for some exciting productive sparring.

Timothy James was the next victim in the team member sparring sessions, which came to his surprise as it had been rumored he would face a Pacquiao bodyguard, well that rumor proved false and instead James faced a 29 year old pro, Bunso, with 4 pro bouts under his belt.

James gassed out around the 30 second mark, but because of a rabbit shot to the back of the head he received a point from Manny who was referee, Alex Ariza worked as James corner man, Freddie the Judge.

The second round became a clinch fest for James as he had no legs and could barely walk. The sparring match ended up being a draw, but mainly because prior to the event James was seen (on Camera) paying off the referee twenty pesos, Manny changed the decision from a draw to a win, and James took the win sitting down with both hands in the air sucking wind.

James fights again in one week and this time Alex Ariza says he is starting Ariza Fitness Training and Ariza believes he will have Timothy in shape by fight time. Rumor is MP is calling out Elie Seckbach to fight James

The highlight of the day was when Manny Pacquiao informed Ariza that he wanted Ariza to spar Michael Koncz.


Roach plans small changes for Pacquiao

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ABS-CBN Sports News

MANILA, Philippines - Four-time Trainer of the Year Freddie Roach is planning to make some small adjustments to pound-for-pound king Manny Pacquiao’s fighting style in preparation for his November 12 bout against Mexican rival Juan Manuel Marquez.

“I will have to make a very small adjustment in his style of fighting,” Roach told

Pacquiao is currently in Baguio City for the first leg of his training camp.

Read more:

Juan Manuel Marquez has no animosity towards Manny Pacquiao

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Latino Boxing Examiner

Ricardo Lois

One would think after two tough fights against Manny Pacquiao, where the Pinoy pound for pound boxing stand-out knocked him down four times in 24 combined rounds, Juan Manuel Marquez would have some personal ill will against his archrival.

Not the case said Marquez from his training camp on Monday.

Coming off a press tour which touched down in the Philippines, Mexico, Los Angeles, and New York to bring attention to a November 12 Las Vegas fight, Marquez insists that the perception of bad blood between the two is a media creation to sell tickets.

Read more:

Linares, Ariza: Marquez will fall in six rounds

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The Philippine Star

Artemio Dumlao

BAGUIO CITY ,Philippines – Filipino boxing sensation Manny Pacquiao will stop Mexican Juan Manuel Marquez inside six rounds.

This bold prediction came from Venezuelan lightweight Jorge Linares who serves as Pacquiao’s sparring partner.

Linares believes that Pacquiao will be too strong for Marquez when the two great fighters meet for the third time in November.

Read more:

How did HBO get Manny Pacquiao back?

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Glendale Boxing Examiner

Igor Frank

“Did you see the replay of Mayweather Ortiz on HBO yesterday?” inquired Big Steve while devouring a fried potato ball freshly made at Porto’s Bakery in Glendale:” Wow! I watched the whole thing like it was a movie, with the weigh in theatrics etc… I felt the day of the fight anxieties from both fighters and build up anticipation. It’s as if I was privileged to inside information before and after and during the fight itself in the middle. It was awesome! I’ll tell you what, the only way to watch boxing is on HBO. I am sure glad they will be doing next Manny Pacquiao fight.”

Read more:


Road to Marquez; Baguio Training Day 7

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By Keith Terceira

Manny changed his normal running routine today, but even the rain would not prevent him from doing the Ariza Fitness workout where he ran at a faster pace around the track for about thirty minutes which included sprint work. The sprint work was followed by side steps, running backwards, and he worked on specialty drills with Alex Ariza.

Jorge Linares can also be seen performing the Ariza workout which was a new technique it seemed to him but before long Jorge was streaming right along and seemed to be enjoying the different routine which was winding the athletes not used to training in that manner.

The Ariza fitness workout seems to concentrate more on, high energy speed work and lower body plyometric exercises and as a coach myself I am interested in what Alex has devised for upper body plyometric work such as plyometric pushups which increases upper body strength in young amateurs.

Fittingly today Manny wore a white Nike “Manny Knows Precision” long sleeved tee-shirt and that precision could be seen in his footwork as he went through the steps and cones of the Ariza fitness routine.
Team Pacquiao worked out for about 2.5 hours, after working out MP went and gave a speech in front of the police and military recruits during a flag ceremony for the Philippine Public Safety College. Doing the ceremony MP danced a traditional dance as well to the delight of soldiers present. Pacquiao honored the recruits by stating that they are performing

“An honorable and rewarding career…our healthful gratitude goes to those who choose to protect and serve” Pacquiao finished his speech which a movie quote I have heard him state previously;

“Let me leave you with a quote from Spiderman, with great power comes great responsibility”

The afternoon workout Pacquiao worked mitts with Freddie Roach and this was the best day yet. Freddie commented

“I have no concerns or worries about this fight.”

The way the training is going the fight will go just the way Freddie wants it to go. As we know, Freddie wants a knock out.

Alex Ariza stated

“This is the best training camp ever. The mood of the champ is great, he is intense and giving everything he has.”

Pacquiao is finding his timing and his speed is improving daily, his muscles are already starting to show as his healthier diet is creating more muscle, reducing what little fat he had and his skin is getting thinner, so you can see the muscle definition more.


Pacquiao-Marquez III : Roach plans small adjustments


Eddie Alinea

BAGUIO CITY – Except for some minor adjustments, Manny Pacquiao’s training regimen in preparation for his coming third fight with Mexican Juan Manuel Marquez will follow the same course as when his team pitched camp here a week ago.

“I will have to make very small adjustment in his style of fighting which I readily observed when I arrived here Tuesday, “ chief trainer Freddie Roach bared yesterday . Maybe because Manny thinks, or somebody told him that Marquez doesn’t have a good jab.

Read more:

Manny Pacquiao has 10 Years to Prepare for 2022 Presidency — Part 4

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by Leo Reyes

In the third article (Part 3 - dated Sept 23), we pose a very important question to the fighting congressman from Sarangani. The question was — Will Manny Pacquiao run for president and go toe-to-toe with Chiz Escudero or would he rather choose the vice-presidency and be Escudero’s running mate in 2022?

The answer of course depends on many factors and circumstances prevailing at the time of the filing of his candidacy in 2022. But as we recall Pacquiao has already made public his desire to run for vice-president.

Seemingly, his plan to go for the second highest executive post in 2016 was purposely floated in media by his political handlers in order to get the pulse of the electorate.

We all know that his public statement was well applauded though he was criticized for his handlers’ ignorance of the constitutional provision on age qualifications of candidates. He was also criticized for making his public statement in a foreign land (Mexico) and not in his own country.

Again it may yet be considered a clever political move to get the pulse of the voters despite the criticisms.. And it seems his political guardians have been successful in doing so.

In his first attempt to run for a congressional seat, many of his passionate and avid boxing fans did not approve of his plan to enter politics at the height of his successful boxing career. He did not listen to the pulse of the people in his constituency. No opinion polls were made to get the real sentiments of the electorate.

Consequently he suffered his first tragic political defeat. But it was a lesson he can learn from and a reminder that no political battle can be won without the support of the voters. And this is where opinion polls play a very pivotal role in any electoral campaign.

If Pacquiao is indeed serious in pursuing his declared political ambitions, it is important that he prepares well for it and it appears he has ample time to do so. But it must be started now, not next year or “saka na lang”.

Pacquiao knows the importance of preparation as he does every time he prepares for a major fight. Well-thought preparation and execution spell success.

The next possible question is — What should be done now and what kind of preparation is needed to ensure his victory in the 2022 polls?

This is Part 4 of the mini series on Manny Pacquiao and his politics. Watch out for Part 5 on this site.

Road to Marquez; Baguio Training Day 6.

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By Keith Terceira

Today was an off day from training and Manny Pacquiao still found time for cardio training, he spent part of his time today
playing basketball. Yesterday’s team sparring between Raffi and Higard demonstrates the jubilation and looseness of this camp.
Believe it or not the looseness prevents Pacquiao from over training and overthinking on his upcoming bout in November. It was good
to see the support that Manny offers his website

Training will pick up again tomorrow. For me it is a day for family and fun as well.


MP New Story

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From: Rose Tamayo-Tesoro
Public Information Officer
Office of Sarangani Rep. Emmanuel D. Pacquiao
Constitution Hills, Quezon City

BAGUIO City—-World Boxing Champ and Sarangani lone district Rep. Emmanuel D. Pacquiao has no opposition in the proposed renaming of the Sarangani Provincial Capitol as James L. Chiongbian Capitol Building in honor of its founder, the late Rep. James L. Chiongbian.
“Okay naman sa akin at maganda naman ‘yung move”, the boxing legend who is now on his “high-altitude” boxing training in Baguio City said.

Pacquiao’s reaction is relation with the Draft Ordinance No. 2011-7-08 which was jointly sponsored by Provincal Board Members Eugene Alzate, Cornelio Martinez, Elmer de Peralta, Alexander Bryan Reganit, Hermie Galzote, Eleanor Saguiguit, Virgilio Clark Tobias, Limuel Gacula, Benedicto Ruiz II, Abdulracman Pangolima, George Perrett, Arman Guili and Victor James Yap Jr.

The ordinance noted that other than the world-class coastal highway, the Provincial Capitol Building serves as a prominent feature of the province’s infrastructure development achieved under the initiative of the late Rep. Chiongbian.

Sarangani was created in 1992 as a new province from then the 3rd District of South Cotabato.

The Sarangani Capitol Building was erected during the leadership of the late Rep. Chiongbian in 1993 and was inaugurated in 1996 under the governatorial leadership of his wife Priscilla Chiongbian in 1996.

Former Pres. Fidel V. Ramos was the guest of honor during the inauguration ceremonies.

“As a new province at that time, Congressman James L. Chiongbian
tirelessly accessed funds and implemented social and economic infrastructure like farm-to-market roads, bridges, flood control, school buildings, spring and water development, irrigation, municipal hospitals, sea walls and ports,” according to the draft ordinance.

“He granted scholarships to poor but deserving students of the province, provided livelihood programs and sponsored and co-sponsored hundreds of House bills with local and national applications.”

In addition, the ordinance stated that “enough space” would be provided “outside the main Provincial Capitol building for the institution of a statue, signage, memorabilia, and/or any landmarks representing the late Congressman James L. Chiongbian and his remarkable accomplishments for the Province of Sarangani and the whole SOCSARGEN area.”

The ordinance also provides for activities to be conducted honoring the deeds of the late Congressman during foundation anniversaries of the province, with appropriation to be included in the regular subsidy of the provincial government.

The Sarangani Provincial Employees Union through its president Anacleto Saya-ang has expressed support to the ordinance.

In a letter sent to the Sangguniang Panlalawigan, Saya-ang said “we in the Sarangani Provincial Employees Union (SPEU) are very much supportive to the draft ordinance of the honorable board members naming the main Provincial Capitol Building of the Provincial Government of Sarangani as Congressman James L. Chiongbian (JLC) Building.”

Aside from the creation of Sarangani as a province through Republic Act No. 7228, Chiongbian also authored Republic Act No. 5412 otherwise known as the Charter of General Santos City.

In an interview with Alzate, the renaming of Sarangani Capitol Building into Cong. James L. Chiongbian Building shall take effect immediately upon the approval of an ordinance. (Rose Tamayo-Tesoro)

Juan Manuel Lopez shows interest in bout with Nonito Donaire in 2012

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Las Vegas Boxing Examiner

Chris Robinson

Nonito Donaire made such a splash this past February by moving up to the bantamweight class and blitzing champion Fernando Montiel inside of two rounds, that people in the sport of boxing couldn’t help but ponder how high he could rise after that virtuoso performance in Las Vegas. Having captured titles at 112 and 118 pounds, with a short run as an interim champion at 115 pounds, Donaire has stated that he will again be moving north come 2012 following his October 22nd date against super flyweight champion Omar Narvaez in New York.

Read more:

Pacquiao-Marquez undercard taking shape

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ABS-CBN Sports News

MANILA, Philippines – At least 2 undercard bouts have been set for Filipino boxing icon Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao’s trilogy fight against Mexican rival Juan Manuel Marquez.

Pacquiao’s promoter, Top Rank CEO Bob Arum, told that Mike Alvarado will be facing off against Breidis Prescott in the undercard.

Prescott, best known for knocking out Pacquiao’s sparring partner Amir Khan in 54 seconds, lost his most recent bout against Paul McCloskey last September 10.

Read more:

Manny Pacquiao Has 10 Years to Prepare for 2022 Presidency — Part 3

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by Leo Reyes

In the second article (Part 2 - dated Sept. 23) we talked about the hurdles that Manny Pacquiao will have to go through if indeed he is serious with his presidential plans in 2022.

Yet we failed to talk about the “roadblocks” along the way to the 2022 presidential elections. We’re not talking about the legal impediments — rather we will touch on the matter of “competition”.in relation to the campaign.

We all know for a fact that Vice-President Jejomar Binay has declared his intention to run for president in 2016. This is not Pacquiao’s concern because he is not running in the next presidential election due to the constitutional prohibition on age of candidates.

Most probably Binay will have Chiz Escudero as his vice-president and running mate. The Binay-Escudero tandem is a powerhouse and seems unbeatable. Again, Pacquiao is lucky not facing Binay in a presidential race. Binay, as we all know is ineligible to run again in the 2022 presidential election due to constitutional prohibition.

In the 2016 presidential election, Pacquiao should be running for Senator, assuming we follow the imaginary plan we have laid down earlier.

The scenario would have Escudero, Roxas and most likely Gibo Teodoro in one last attempt at presidency, all gunning for the 2022 presidency.

These presidential candidates are well prepared in terms of educational qualifications and experience in governance which Pacquiao clearly lacks at this time.

But who cares? Erap did not have a formal college education when he ran for president but the people elected him by a wide margin over his opponent. Fernando Poe was not different from Erap in terms of educational preparation when he ran for president against Gloria Arrroyo who’s got a Masters Degree. The people know that Poe “won by a wide margin” if the elections were fair— and we’re still debating if the elections at the time were indeed fair

In 2022, Escudero who by then would have been immersed himself into an executive position (assuming he wins the vice-presidency in 2016) with a cabinet position courtesy of Binay, may have his sight on the presidency.

Roxas, on the other hand could partner with Gibo for another shot at their original targets, while Pacquiao can likewise partner with Escudero for a “masa sanctioned” candidates.

An Escudero-Pacquiao tandem is unbeatable if we consider today’s ‘masa votes” as shown in the recent candidacies of Joseph Estrada and Fernando Poe Jr.

The next question would be — Will Pacquiao run for president and go toe-to-toe with Escudero or the other candidates or would he settle for the vice-presidential post in the 2022 presidential elections?

This is Part 3 of the mini series on Manny Pacquiao and his politics. Watch out for Part 4 on this site.

Roach Surprised at Manny Pacquiao’s Conditioning for Marquez Fight

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Opposing Views

Alex Groberman

The dynamic duo is back at it again.

Freddie Roach has never really gotten his due credit for ensuring that Manny Pacquiao’s career stayed on course. Sure, folks mention the famed trainer in passing while marveling over his star fighter, but not nearly as much as they should.

Read more:

Pacman can’t wait to rumble vs Marquez

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The Philippine Star

Abac Cordero

MANILA, Philippines - If he can’t wait to get his hands on his sparring partner, Manny Pacquiao is even more eager to face Juan Manuel Marquez.

“Sparring is not supposed to start yet. Dapat sa Tuesday pa,” said Pacquiao from his training headquarters in Baguio City.

“Pero feeling ko kundisyon na ako (But I feel I’m in good condition now),” he said as he explained why he jumped ahead of schedule. Pacquiao said his Nov. 12 fight with Marquez will provide the answers to all the questions surrounding their first two bouts.

“Dito magkaka-alaman,” he said.

Read more:

Road to Marquez; Baguio Training Day 4


By Keith Terceira

Manny Pacquiao awoke at 4:30 am to start this day’s training in a somber mood that continued for the ride to his mountain run. As he hopped out of the team van at 5:15am and started to run approximately a 4 mile uphill run, one could see something was still on the champ’s mind, because he did not do his normal routine.

Most mornings Manny will ride in the Escalade, but this morning he elected to ride in the back up vehicle. Normally he jokes around with the team before they hit the trails together, with his headphones on, listening to music he has selected for his morning routine.

This time Manny Pacquiao started up the hill alone and ran without music, he seems to require solitude today, a time to reflect, and think about things. Perhaps, losing the headphones so he can listen to his thoughts instead, whatever those thoughts may have been.

The period of silent thought and reflection could not withstand Pacquiao’s personality, his normally jovial mood and as his team members began to join him, he loosened up becoming more himself, gregarious and cheerful.

Today, once again after his morning rest following the roadwork, Manny decided to hit the gym early. Freddie Roach joked with Manny asking if his watch worked, because this is the second day in a row that Manny has shown up early for the afternoon workout. Pacquiao has been known to make the coach wait for hours in the past.

The real fun came for Manny Pacquiao after his training day was complete, as two of his team challenged each other to spar. James Dayap, the videographer for and Aplas (Roger Fernandez) the right hand man for Manny Pacquiao in the Philippines. James stands 5′ 2″ tall and weighs about 135. Aplas stands about 5’6 inches tall and weighs about 180lbs.

Cheers and smiling faces greeted the two as they entered the ring, and rather than spoil the outcome, I will let readers view the video, which by the way, James had to edit himself after the session. The butt of the jokes at the end were about Manny’s refereeing and his performance being compared to Hall of Fame Referee Joe Cortez and his not so Hall of Fame work in the Mayweather – Ortiz bout last weekend.

As stated Manny Pacquiao refereed, Freddie Roach judged, Alex Ariza worked the corner for James Dayap, Bobby Pacquiao worked the corner for Aplas, and Buboy Fernandez was the time keeper.

The fight was the hit of the day. The entire gym shut down and every camera was rolling and focused even HBO was intent on filming every second. The S.U.B gym went crazy once the action begin. There were a total of 3 knockdowns in the bloody exchange, and Manny Pacquiao, the fighters, and the entire place had their most enjoyable time thus far, in this training camp.

A rematch is slated for some time in the future and it is safe to say some conditioning is required by both game combatants, perhaps Alex Ariza can assist. If you hear a little envy from this ancient warrior/scribe you are correct, what an honor to spar in the same ring as Pacquiao and have him referee as well.

Congrats to both James and Aplas, it is a story you can pass on generation to generation. Salute!

The video is posted on and is a must see!

Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Back to Battling for Pound-for-Pound Status

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Bad Left Hook

Scott Christ

Now that Floyd Mayweather Jr is back in the ring as an active fighter, the debate is once again on: Who’s the best fighter in the sport, pound-for-pound?

The most recent Yahoo! Sports voting — now with yours truly having a ballot, an invitation I was flattered to receive from Kevin Iole — has Pacquiao edging by Mayweather, 413 points to 390. Pacquiao received 26 of 43 first-place votes, and Mayweather received the other 17.

Read more:

UFC’s Dana White fires shots at Larry Merchant following Mayweather scuffle

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Chris Robinson

It’s no secret that UFC President Dana White is critical of Floyd Mayweather Jr., often blaming the flamboyant superstar of being the main reason that a fight with Manny Pacquiao has yet to happen because of his reluctance to face the Filipino icon.

Read more:

Manny Pacquiao has 10 Years to Prepare for 2022 Presidency — Part 2

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by Leo Reyes

As mentioned in part 1 ( dated Sept.22) of this article, Manny Pacquaio needs to hurdle some test questions when he presents himself to the electorate as a viable alternative to aspiring traditional Philippine politicians.

If the people are made to choose who will they vote as vice-president or as president (discounting the age limit issue) in 2016, most likely he won’t get the majority of the votes and consequently won’t get elected to the position.

Why is this so? First and foremost is the perception that he is not prepared for the position, having been a single-term congressman. Even if he wins in the 2013 local election as Governor of Sarangani, his experience in governance won’t be enough to propel his candidacy for the highest position in the land.

Pacquiao has earlier announced he will be running for Governor of Sarangani province in the 2013 local elections,

Having been a one-term congressman, Pacquiao must have gained some knowledge in law-making, enough to make him understand how the legislative process works and how are laws affect the lives and rights of the people.

His plan to run for Governor of Sarangani Province where he officially resides and where his lovely wife Jinkee was born, is definitely a good and calculated political move on his part if he is really bent on aspiring for the highest executive position.

Still, having been a congressman and hopefully a Governor, won’t be enough to equip the fighting congressman in seeking the presidency. People would still look for more credentials from him in order to convince them of his capability and preparedness and eventually get their votes.

Pacquiao’s preparation for seeking the top executive position, won’t be complete if he fails to land a Senate seat, a legislative position with nationwide constituency and a position that will allow him to touch the hands of more than 40 million registered voters across the country and feel their sentiments.

If elected to the Senate, Pacquiao can aspire for the Senate presidency, a very powerful position that could help and influence his presidential ambitions.

Having been a Governor, Congressman and a Senator by the time a national and presidential election is held in 2022, it would appear the 8-division champion and boxing superstar is ready to the 2022 presidential derby.

By then, he would have a truly enviable credential to present to the people.

All these can be done in 10 years provided the fighting congressman remains focused on his presidential ambition.

This is Part 2 of the mini series on Manny Pacquiao and his politics. Watch out for Part 3 on this site.

Pacquiao includes basketball in Baguio training

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The Philippine Star

MANILA, Philippines - Manny Pacquiao has included basketball in his training for the trilogy against Mexican slugger Juan Manuel Marquez, a member of the Filipino boxing champion said today.

Buboy Fernandez, assistant trainer of “Team Pacquiao,” said Coach Freddie Roach has allowed Pacquiao to play more basketball games to increase his speed and stamina.

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Rankings: Pacman holds off Mayweather


Yahoo! Sports

Kevin Iole
April was the last month that Floyd Mayweather Jr. was eligible because he had last fought in May 2010 and the poll’s rules require a fighter to compete at least once in a 12-month span to be eligible.

But in that poll, Mayweather not only wasn’t first, he wasn’t second. He finished third, well behind middleweight champion Sergio Martinez, as well as behind Pacquiao.

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Road to Marquez: Baguio Training Day 3

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By Keith Terceira

The third day of Baguio training started at 6:00am with Pacquiao going to a flat track called “Teachers Camp” in Baguio City and with headphones in place, sporting a blue and white “Manny Knows Speed” shirt he jogged 3 miles today at about a 7 minute pace, 7 miles in 23 minutes. Brian Livingston commented that Manny was moving smoothly in a good cadence.

The group of boxers that Manny ran with this morning also spent a few rounds shadow boxing at the track and the speed that Manny displayed assured all that Manny definitely knows speed , that speed is power, and that power devastates.

Pacquiao spent a large portion of the morning working with a new up and coming fighter Lorenzo Villanueva whom Manny assisted with his footwork and hand speed.

My friend Governor Manny Pinol was also present today and was excited for his fighter Villanueva, whom Manny assured would be on the undercard of the Marquez fight in November. Manny “Braveheart” Pinol compared Lorenzo’s background to that of Pacquiao’s, in that Villanueva was an orphan at 14 and that he has the similar heart, dedication, and hunger to be successful.

Pacquiao himself commented to MP8 that he was pleased with how his own training is progressing;

“(I’m)Doing good, everyday getting stronger, getting better, its coming.”

Pacquiao was not scheduled to train again until 3pm, but showed up at the S.U.B. gym two hours early with his gold sparring equipment. Though not scheduled to spar for another week and a half, Manny got in the ring early to go four rounds with Jorge Linares who has a bout on Oct 15th at the Staple Center in Los Angeles.

When he got his training gear on he literally ran into the ring like a little kid going to Disneyland. Manny wanted to go more than four rounds as he looked to be truly enjoying himself in the ring. Manny has been watching Linares for the past week and said he is impressed with this kid and wanted to get in the ring with him, because it would be exciting to spar him, he thinks this kid is great.

At first Linares was timid to hit Pacquiao- but after Manny let loose a 15-20 combination that backed Linares up from one side of the ring to the next, Linares blasted Manny with hard shots to the body and head.

It’s interesting to me to see the respect and consistent observance to his religion that Manny makes several times a day, totally unlike many fighters that do so only when the cameras are rolling or when the hype machines are in full swing. Just as he does when in the ring when it comes to his beliefs, Manny walks the walk, not just talks the talk.

Freddie Roach was impressed with by both boxers, and said Manny started early, but Manny knew Linares needed some more rounds and was happy to help. Freddie Roach also acknowledged that both fighters have sparred before so they know each other.

In another conversation Roach reiterated that he wants Manny to knock Marquez out and also stated
“Manny has taken it easy on his last two opponents and he was too compassionate.”

Alex Ariza felt that Jorge Linares was intimidated at first, but after he got touched a couple of times he hit Manny Pacquiao hard and that both looked great.


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