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Two hands better than one!


Keith Terceira

The development of the right hand for Manny Pacquiao has everyone convinced that Saturday’s bout with Juan Manual Marquez will be shorter than the last two and give a decided advantage to MP.

Top rank Chief Bob Arum is convinced that the added arsenal is the difference maker.

“Well it’s certainly a lot bigger than the last two fights, but essentially what makes this fight unique is that in the two prior fights, there was very little to differentiate the two fighters. The difference now is that Manny fights with two hands. His right hand is as good as his left. But you’ve got to understand that Marquez and Nacho [Beristain] are brilliant guys and the style of Manny is made for Marquez because he’s a counter-puncher.”

Manny becoming more bi lateral in his movement and in his usage of his right hand will give Marquez more trouble but remember it will also open more opportunity for the counter punching Marquez to open up against the southpaw.

I’ll save the prediction for later in the week but I am leaning to the bout being another long exciting event.

“The question is – can he fight with that right hand? Everybody sees these Hispanics like Cotto and Margarito, they don’t know about quitting. When Manny fought Clottey and when he fought Moseley, what made these fighters quit is that they were trained to fight the southpaw, then when they got clocked with the right hand, they couldn’t believe it.” Arum also stated to UK writer Gareth Davies.

Pacquiao will have no problem fighting with the right hand , throughout the beginning rounds, what remains to be seen though is when he is pressured in the later rounds and becomes more automatic as a fighter, is if he will revert to old ways and become one dimensional again out of fatigue.

For both fighters the first five or six rounds will set the stage on which direction the championship rounds go. Pacquiao has the ability to get this win completed inside of six rounds by showing a completely different more polished fighter at times and being the warrior we know at others.

Instead of a complete onslaught from the start, Pacquiao can test Marquez’s ability to handle the added weight by forcing Marquez to counter and be active in the early rounds, wearing him down for stoppage in the 8-12 rounds.

Constant lateral movement with the utilization of both hands to set up dual handed power shots, popping in and out of range landing the right as well as left hooks to the body may be the way to break down Marquez. Landing his own upper cuts as Juan attempts to close on the counter, will slow the Mexican fighter down, and force him the either walk through the punishment or pick his shots better, which slows his action and gives the combination punching Pacquiao a chance to pile up the points early.

The time that Marquez has had to adjust to the higher weight will play a significant roll if Pacquiao can keep Marquez moving and throwing punches that miss or get blocked.

Growing accustomed to the weight increase in the gym is something entirely different than competing full out in the ring.

More later on this!


Boxing Fans Need Occupy Mayweather Protests!


Keith Terceira

As our boxing scribe, Leo Reyes, has stated Floyd Mayweather Jr. has blitzed the airways, press rooms, and any avenue available, to upstage Saturday’s mega event of Pacquiao-Marquez III.

Fact is, Floyd Mayweather, and his , “on again, off again” antics are getting more play in the media than the Occupy Wall Street protests.

In a strategic media move, that is par for the “Money” course whenever Pacquiao fights, Mayweather PR machine released news that he would fight the “Little fella” next in his newly scheduled May event. Of course the “little fella” was immediately taken as Manny Pacquiao by yours truly and a great many others.

So a rush of articles went up for the last week or so, totally blotting out the news releases from all other boxing, and then came the “angle”.

Suddenly the “little fella” became Eric Morales, a move totally unexpected by anyone in the sport outside of Mayweather and his own “in the know” people.

Like showing up at a concert where the “Boss” was advertised to be playing and finding up they were really talking about Donald Trump.

What a disappointment!

So, immediately,nearly everyone who had a checkbook in hand and a finger on the enter key to purchase a ticket, folded up the old leather satchel, stuck a different finger in the air, and went back to whatever they were doing.

There is always a possibility, that after Saturday’s bout, Mayweather Jr. will announce that, yes he was really talking about Pacquiao, but that Arum has already shot it down, yada, yada , and yada.

This will once again re-focus the media back to Floyd, and off the winner of the weekend’s bout. Another ploy successfully deployed by Mayweather after all of Manny’s events.

Getting about time to start our own protest I think regarding Mayweather Jr. promotions.

I will begin the protest by no longer writing Mayweather articles to this site until a contract is negotiated with Pacquiao. That won’t be hard really considering outside of Pacquiao, I have no desire to see Floyd fight. Well, maybe Sergio Martinez, so a wee bit difficult depending on the news.

Now, I could be wrong and because I am a Pacquiao supporter, I may be blind to the millions of fans that really want to see a Morales – Mayweather event happen.

Let me know if you are willing to part with your money for this bout, please.

Like the Occupy Wall Street protests, we Pacfans, are the 99% and “Money” fans are the 1%.


Mayweather facts off as usual, forgets Guillermo Jones


By Keith Terceira


There are times when my frustrations at the blathering’s of Floyd Mayweather Jr. , his entourage, and family members reach  such a crescendo, that I must lash out with some real facts and examples.

Once again, “Money” has thinly veiled an accusation of performance enhancement at Manny Pacquiao based solely on the fact that Pacquiao has been highly successful as a 106 pounder to the 154 division.

Another comment from Floyd given to the press shows his lack of knowledge on boxing history as well as current boxing news.

Mayweather states: “I never said that Pacquiao was on anything, it’s just that it’s not natural for any athlete to come from 106 all the way to 154 all natural and to compete with the best fighters.”

Well, first off, the quote is misleading, Manny Pacquiao has never weighed- in for a fight any higher than 145 ¾ pounds, which he did against Joshua Clottey, in March of 2010. Manny may have defeated guys who competed and were champions at 154 but the bouts were at catch weights. Pacquiao did not even weigh in at the welterweight limit when he won the light middleweight title.

Floyd may have been too busy counting his money to notice there was another person climbing the title ranks from a much larger weight differential.

The Panamanian version of Manny Pacquiao is cruiserweight champion Guillermo Jones, who began his successful career as a welterweight in 1993. From 1993 to 1996 , Jones went 16-0 as a 147 pounder and won the WBC FECARBOX Welterweight title, WBA Fedelatin title and the Panamanian Welterweight Crown.

Standing currently at six foot four inches, Jones began filling out his body in 1996 and moved to light middleweight winning the WBA Fedelatin title from Gilberto Barreto and from 1999 to 2000 Jones competed as a middleweight, though never competing for a title.

In 2001 Jones moved to light heavyweight and in 2002 he jumped to cruiserweight where he has reined in one form or another as a champion with both minor titles as well as WBA World Cruiserweight titlist.

Jones has competed successfully from 147 to 213 pounds over his 18 year career, which is a weight swing of nearly 70 pounds.

Manny Pacquiao is a unique fighter in boxing history and comparisons in terms of his success , it will forever, be hard to find other examples that have reached the same rung on the ladder that Manny ha,s but there are dozens of  boxers that achieved great success and moved several weight classes doing so.

What Floyd Mayweather Jr. is doing, is running a constant head game on both Manny Pacquiao and the world of boxing. His only leverage in this issue is that he holds the key to a very large payday for Manny Pacquiao, and he has utilized his leverage at every point in his career.

The next issue to be raised in my opinion will be the attempt to force Pacquiao to train solely in the USA for a bout to materialize.


Road to Marquez: LA, 8 Days Remain


By Keith Terceira


With training camp winding down Manny Pacquiao has been lessening his sparring working seven rounds yesterday then moving to a couple more rounds of mitts with Freddie Roach.

The surprise of the day came when L.A. Laker great Kobe Bryant appeared at the Wild Card and has some marvelous video of his visit with Manny and Team Pacquiao. Kobe took time to talk with members of the team and signed autographs.

In the afternoon Manny left for his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel and of course the conversation with Kimmel turned to a bout with Floyd Mayweather Jr. , which of course was Mayweather’s plan when he released the news from a couple of days ago that Pacquiao would get a shot, finally at the elusive champion.

The strategy that Mayweather used by releasing such news just prior to the appearance on Kimmel and the ratcheting up of media appearances and conference calls of both Pacquiao and Marquez shows Mayweather’s knowledge of self- promotion and whether you love him or dislike him you have to give him credit for being able to direct the attention from others back onto himself.

Floyd’s strategy has forced all parties involved in the Marquez-Pacquiao fight to put Mayweather Jr. as a focal point, when the limelight should be on the participants.

The “Winner takes all” proposal was a great counter to the Mayweather strategy though by Pacquiao and Kimmel, because I can see the day that Floyd gets in the ring with a risk of leaving beaten and purse-less about the same day I see swine fly.

The MP8 video of Alex Ariza talking with Buboy Fernandez about the filming of Marquez training during HBO 24/7 episode 2 was quite on point as when I saw it myself I laughed, knowing it was good cinema based on nothing but smoke and mirrors.

During one part of the filming they say that the new power that Marquez is showing is damaging the structure that the speed bag is hanging on and they show a crack in the weld of the steel frame.

If one looks a little closer at the film, you can see that the steel frame has a new coat of paint over the ancient apparatus with also shows the divots and ripples of a great many coats of paint. Of course the cracking weld has to be because of Juan Manual Marquez, it can’t be from the hundreds of other fighters that have pounded that frame, time, and perhaps, shoddy workmanship.

That explanation would not make for good promotion of a pay per view, but you can’t complain really as it’s HBO’s responsibility that this PPV is successful for both Pacquiao and Marquez.

During the conference call Juan Manual Marquez and Nacho Beristain remarked about strength and conditioning coach Angel Hernandez and allege they had no knowledge as to Angel’s background. Marquez gave this explanation in regards to his lack of knowledge;

“I just know that when I met him his background was with elite athletes. We discussed what I needed to do. I didn’t find out anything about this stuff that has been written until the last few days. It was big news to me but it is a shame because of all the work I have done and preparation has been thrown into the trash can by this guy Conte and Ariza by saying these things. I worked very hard but I’m not going to stop training for the fight. Whatever testing they want to do, blood or Olympic, I am ready to do it. We’ll do it, no problem, as long as he does it too.”

Guess there was some bad vetting done by someone on the team, because you know that the guy has worked with “elite athletes” but did anyone call those athletes then do a Google search .



Road to Marquez: L.A. Nine Days Remain

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Keith Terceira


Alex Ariza informed MP8 last evening that camp will conclude by Monday and they will leave Los Angeles for Las Vegas.

Yesterday, Manny Pacquiao took the day off from training and rested a bit, after a long training camp that instead of 8 weeks was closer to 10 or 11 total weeks of preparation for Marquez.

“He is ready (Pacquiao) we are ready, definitely ready for the 12th” Ariza informed us, during our chat.

On Tuesday, Manny completed 8 rounds of sparring with three sparring partners, a couple rounds on the heavy bag and some speed bag work, basically the same routine he has been following the last couple of weeks.

The announcement by Floyd Mayweather Jr. that a fight date with Manny was set for May 5th , has brought comments from Michael Koncz, and as we suspected it’s been another Mayweather attempt to transfer  the limelight from the Pacquiao/Marquez bout to “Money”.

“How can he set the date, how can he set the venue without consulting with your opponent?” stated Koncz today.

““Mayweather has not spoken to anybody that has the authority to negotiate. They have not spoken to Bob Arum and they have not spoken to me.”

Alex Ariza during our conversation also discussed the rumors swirling about with Angel Hernandez, the current strength and conditioning coach for JMM.

“I don’t know anything about that dick, one way or the other, all I said was that I heard that Bolt’s conditioning team was one of the people that was training Marquez, and Victor Conte is like a bitch, so he had to go see who that was, and so he outed him as the guy that put him in prison. I didn’t know who he was to be honest and I didn’t really care.”

We discussed Conte and Hernandez, focusing on the fact that both Conte and Angel are trying to clean up their acts.

“Conte outs the guy to the media for trying to do the same thing Conte’s is doing and that’s making a living and cleaning up his act. What a hypocrite! I don’t think either one is worth worrying about anyway.”

Somehow Angel Hernandez has gotten into his head that Alex Ariza has made remarks concerning him and has told Mexican media that he will allegedly file suit. The things about lawsuits are that both sides are allowed to ask questions and get into prior bad acts etc. For someone looking to start a new life a lawsuit may not be the way to proceed.

Mayweather screams take the test, Pacfans should be screaming sign a contract, sign a contract!




Roach to US Troops: “I’ll put Manny in front of Martinez”


Keith Terceira


Manny Pacquiao and Freddie Roach conversed with US Army soldiers of Task Force Duke, 3rd Brigade, 1st Infantry Division from Ft. Knox, Kentucky via a Skype call yesterday, the soldiers are currently stationed in Afghanistan as part of Operation Enduring Freedom. Continue reading “Roach to US Troops: “I’ll put Manny in front of Martinez”” »

MP8 Exclusive Interview with Rafael Marquez



By Keith Terceira


Four time world champion Rafael Marquez (40-7, 38ko’s) has thrilled boxing fans around the world with his heart and knowledge of the sweet science. Forever remembered for his trilogy with Israel Vazquez, Rafael Marquez is not finished just yet; soon he hopes to catch Juan Manuel Lopez (31-1, 28KO) for another great bout that will no doubt thrill fans. Continue reading “MP8 Exclusive Interview with Rafael Marquez” »

Would European Invasion Profit Pacquiao?


By Keith Terceira

The last bastion of boxing as a main stream sport may just be the European continent, an area that has yet been tapped by Team Pacquiao. While boxing fans wait with baited breathe the announcement that Floyd Mayweather will finally agree to face Manny Pacquiao somewhere, besides an American courtroom, Continue reading “Would European Invasion Profit Pacquiao?” »

Road to Marquez: LA, 19 Days Remain!

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By Keith Terceira


Juan Manuel Marquez is working hard, both in the gym, and in the media, to assure his fans that he will be prepared for this final bout with Manny Pacquiao and the chatter in the press ratchets up on a daily basis. Continue reading “Road to Marquez: LA, 19 Days Remain!” »

Road to Marquez: LA, 23 Days Remain!


By Keith Terceira

With just twenty three days remaining until the two warriors meet , both Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez are putting their finishing touches on conditioning. Continue reading “Road to Marquez: LA, 23 Days Remain!” »

Road to Marquez: Ariza Interview, only 24 Days Remain!

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Keith Terceira and James Dayap

Though technically twenty-four days remain, Manny Pacquiao will stop training the week before the November 12th showdown with Juan Manuel Marquez. That, combined with rest days, leaves only two weeks of hard training remaining for Team Pacquiao to finish putting the polish on the plan to defeat Marquez. Continue reading “Road to Marquez: Ariza Interview, only 24 Days Remain!” »

Road to Marquez: LA, 25 days remain!


By Keith Terceira

Strange goings on today as Amir Khan is alleging that there is some problems between his camp and Team Pacquiao. Now whether this is accurate or not we are attempting to get straightened out as we speak. Continue reading “Road to Marquez: LA, 25 days remain!” »

Armstrong faces Ceferino Garcia for Fourth Title

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By Keith Terceira

August 17, 1938: Henry Armstrong defeated Lou Ambers, of New York in a 15 round decision to win World Lightweight Title. In a span of  less than a year “Hammering Hank” defeated Pete Sarron for the Featherweight title, Barney Ross for the Welterweight crown, and then Ambers for lightweight title. Continue reading “Armstrong faces Ceferino Garcia for Fourth Title” »

Road to Marquez: LA, 26 Days Remain


Keith Terceira

Yesterday, Bob Arum paid a visit to the Wild Card gym and as seen on the video asked Manny about whether or not they should of stopped the Linares fight. Manny’s opinion was that there was a lot of blood and Linares couldn’t see. Continue reading “Road to Marquez: LA, 26 Days Remain” »

Road to Marquez: LA, 28 days remain!

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Keith Terceira

The intensity level is growing and workouts are getting more demanding as Pacquiao increases, step by step, to the November 12th showdown with Juan Manual Marquez. Manny is working all his exercises with just a bit more spark, a bit more muscle goes into the heavy bag, and believe it or not, more speed in the mitt work. Continue reading “Road to Marquez: LA, 28 days remain!” »

Road to Marquez: LA Countdown 30 days

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Keith Terceira

At the Wild Card Gym yesterday, Manny Pacquiao while giving interviews to boxing scribes stated that this fight with Marquez will put to rest all the doubts in fans minds that may remain from the first two bouts.

“I want people to be satisfied ….This fight will be the answer of all the  doubts “ Continue reading “Road to Marquez: LA Countdown 30 days” »

Road to Marquez: L.A. Countdown


Keith Terceira

All Business today, that is the best way to describe the Wild Card Gym as Pacquiao worked his way another day closer to the final showdown with Marquez. Basically, the huge crowds that we saw in Manila and in Baguio for high altitude training have disappeared. Continue reading “Road to Marquez: L.A. Countdown” »

Road to Marquez: Baguio Training Day 13

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By Keith Terceira

Alex Ariza was up at the crack of dawn today taking his new star pupil Jorge Linares to the track for one of the most intense, one on one, workouts we have ever witnessed in camp. Luckily we caught it all on video for the fans. Jorge Linares not only has some of the fastest hands in boxing, but he has the skills, stamina, and heart that make a man a champion.

Alex pushed Jorge to the limit and for the first time we heard what we have heard from all of Alex’s best fighters.
“Fuck you Alex”

Please check out the video section to see this display of athleticism Continue reading “Road to Marquez: Baguio Training Day 13” »

Road to Marquez: Baguio Training Day 12


By Keith Terceira,

“Manny Knows Speed” is displayed on some of the shirts that Pacquiao wears while training and today that was the focus in camp. Manny got up at 6am and traveled to Burnham Park, we he wanted to have and easy day at the track, but when numerous people started to jog around him he Continue reading “Road to Marquez: Baguio Training Day 12” »

Road to Marquez: Baguio Training Day 11. Keith Terceira

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Keith Terceira

Manny Pacquiao was up and back at training this morning at 6am after spending the weekend with family in Manila for his daughter’s birthday and today he decided to run the hills of Baguio. He was in a great mood and it showed in his running. Continue reading “Road to Marquez: Baguio Training Day 11. Keith Terceira” »

Road to Marquez: Baguio Training Day 10- Keith Terceira

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By Keith Terceira,

Manny Pacquiao left Baguio today to travel to Manila for his daughter’s birthday tomorrow and we at MP8 would like to wish the Pacquiao family well on this special day.


Continue reading “Road to Marquez: Baguio Training Day 10- Keith Terceira” »

Road to Marquez: Baguio Training Day 9

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By Keith Terceira

Today’s training day was an incredible sight to witness as Manny Pacquiao got in the ring and did the first 5 rounds of sparring with Jorge Linares. Manny cracked Jorge in the mouth and split his upper lip slightly then proceeded to continuously take it to Linares making Jorge slow down, and use more of a tactical approach for a couple of rounds.

What started out as a sprint became a game of chess. During the fourth and fifth rounds the Venezuelan loosened up and became a bit of his own typhoon, showing his lighting speed delivering his own arsenal of completed punches.

Manny Pacquiao was less than satisfied though when they finished and he said he wanted Jorge to throw more. He was a bit upset because he wanted more of an all-out war.

Alex Ariza told Manny,

“Hey listen, when these fighters who are getting paid millions of dollars to fight you on fight night and they don’t throw that much after you hit them, what do you expect in sparring? Remember you are the best fighter in the world and you hit like a heavy weight, people have to play chess with you, because they do not like to get hit.”

Alex stated, all in all Jorge is doing much better and on fight night this experience with Pacquiao will really make a more complete fighter of Jorge.

“He is finally starting to get in shape and his abs are coming in. There is already a transformation going on in the physique of Pacquiao”

Freddie Roach informed MP8 that;

“I am very happy with the progress of Pacquiao. His timing and endurance in right on track, his power is already there.”

HBO 24/7 started filming today and they discussed and informed people at ringside that they will feature Alex more, commenting also that the difference between this fight and the two past Marquez fights is Alex Ariza and they want to highlight the complete fighter Manny has become since Ariza joined the team.

Alex stated his Ariza fitness is taking off and he is putting a program together to put diets and workouts together for people on line.

For boxing and fitness fans we have a bit of news as well, the Manny Pack is now for sale on the online store. Thia is the exact vitamins that have been custom made by Alex Ariza are now for sale, check them out on, go to the store and click supplements.

Finally we asked Alex if he is looking forward to going back to the U.S. in 8 days;

“Yes, Linares is fighting on the 15th at the Staple Center in Los Angeles and also my favorite UFC Fighter BJ Penn is supposed to be training in Orange County. I am looking forward to hopefully watching him train. I am a big fan of BJ Penn and UFC.”


Road to Marquez: Baguio Training Day 8.


By Keith Terceira

Manny Pacquiao took this morning off from his road work to let his legs rest and because he wished to be at his best today for sparring against Jorge Linares, Pacquiao has a lot of respect for the young boxer and he likes the challenge but the five rounds he was hoping to spar today was nixed by Freddie having him stick to 3 rounds.

Not because Freddie wanted to limit Manny, but because Jorge had already sparred eight rounds and Freddie did not want to over work Linares. Remember, Pacquiao has done four rounds in each of his two previous sparring sessions, though not scheduled to spar until next week, and Freddie has already made that exception.

Due to the Manny’s disappointment, Roach has agreed to start the champ with Jorge from now on, allowing both fighters to enter the ring fresh and making for some exciting productive sparring.

Timothy James was the next victim in the team member sparring sessions, which came to his surprise as it had been rumored he would face a Pacquiao bodyguard, well that rumor proved false and instead James faced a 29 year old pro, Bunso, with 4 pro bouts under his belt.

James gassed out around the 30 second mark, but because of a rabbit shot to the back of the head he received a point from Manny who was referee, Alex Ariza worked as James corner man, Freddie the Judge.

The second round became a clinch fest for James as he had no legs and could barely walk. The sparring match ended up being a draw, but mainly because prior to the event James was seen (on Camera) paying off the referee twenty pesos, Manny changed the decision from a draw to a win, and James took the win sitting down with both hands in the air sucking wind.

James fights again in one week and this time Alex Ariza says he is starting Ariza Fitness Training and Ariza believes he will have Timothy in shape by fight time. Rumor is MP is calling out Elie Seckbach to fight James

The highlight of the day was when Manny Pacquiao informed Ariza that he wanted Ariza to spar Michael Koncz.


Road to Marquez; Baguio Training Day 7

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By Keith Terceira

Manny changed his normal running routine today, but even the rain would not prevent him from doing the Ariza Fitness workout where he ran at a faster pace around the track for about thirty minutes which included sprint work. The sprint work was followed by side steps, running backwards, and he worked on specialty drills with Alex Ariza.

Jorge Linares can also be seen performing the Ariza workout which was a new technique it seemed to him but before long Jorge was streaming right along and seemed to be enjoying the different routine which was winding the athletes not used to training in that manner.

The Ariza fitness workout seems to concentrate more on, high energy speed work and lower body plyometric exercises and as a coach myself I am interested in what Alex has devised for upper body plyometric work such as plyometric pushups which increases upper body strength in young amateurs.

Fittingly today Manny wore a white Nike “Manny Knows Precision” long sleeved tee-shirt and that precision could be seen in his footwork as he went through the steps and cones of the Ariza fitness routine.
Team Pacquiao worked out for about 2.5 hours, after working out MP went and gave a speech in front of the police and military recruits during a flag ceremony for the Philippine Public Safety College. Doing the ceremony MP danced a traditional dance as well to the delight of soldiers present. Pacquiao honored the recruits by stating that they are performing

“An honorable and rewarding career…our healthful gratitude goes to those who choose to protect and serve” Pacquiao finished his speech which a movie quote I have heard him state previously;

“Let me leave you with a quote from Spiderman, with great power comes great responsibility”

The afternoon workout Pacquiao worked mitts with Freddie Roach and this was the best day yet. Freddie commented

“I have no concerns or worries about this fight.”

The way the training is going the fight will go just the way Freddie wants it to go. As we know, Freddie wants a knock out.

Alex Ariza stated

“This is the best training camp ever. The mood of the champ is great, he is intense and giving everything he has.”

Pacquiao is finding his timing and his speed is improving daily, his muscles are already starting to show as his healthier diet is creating more muscle, reducing what little fat he had and his skin is getting thinner, so you can see the muscle definition more.


Road to Marquez; Baguio Training Day 6.

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By Keith Terceira

Today was an off day from training and Manny Pacquiao still found time for cardio training, he spent part of his time today
playing basketball. Yesterday’s team sparring between Raffi and Higard demonstrates the jubilation and looseness of this camp.
Believe it or not the looseness prevents Pacquiao from over training and overthinking on his upcoming bout in November. It was good
to see the support that Manny offers his website

Training will pick up again tomorrow. For me it is a day for family and fun as well.


Road to Marquez: Baguio Training Day 5.


Keith Terceira

Today was another early morning for Manny Pacquiao (53-3-2, 38KO) who awoke at 4:30am, heading out the door by five, beginning his training a half hour after. The champion we all know and love is back to himself today, headphones on, laughing with people, and enjoying life’s journey to its fullest. Adorned in his grey jacket- yellow Pacquiao versus Margarito hat took off around the Birmingham Park.

The streets are wet and there is dampness in the air as Pacquiao ran about four miles today at the same pace of about seven minutes thirty seconds per mile, but his heartbeat was about 4 beats less per minute than the last time we timed him, proof that he is starting to get in condition.

Following his routine by impressing the crowd with his hummingbird speed while demonstrated punching the air like an old Bruce Lee movie, hands moving faster than your eyes could see, his foot work is coming along. There is a notable difference in how light his body is when he lifts off the ground, it is almost coming effortless.
Light hearted banter between team members and MP still is humorously discussed this morning about yesterday’s sparring between James and Aplas. Jokingly, Alex Ariza swears he will never bring another of his fighters to the Philippines as he feels his man was robbed in the judging and desires a rematch or an official protest to be lodged.

It’s great to see the flashes of MP8 tee-shirts being worn by the Pacquiao team, but where can one get the “Manny Knows Speed” shirt that he wears while running as no truer brand was ever created or perhaps one that says “Manny Knows Titles” would also work.
Manny’s second routine started at 12pm at the Shape- Up Gym, a bit early because Manny Pacquiao had to film a live performance for his Manny Many Prizes T.V. Show that is being filmed here in Baguio at the SM Mall.

Jorge “El Nino de Oro” Linares (31-1, 20ko) took to sparring and looked great, he is fighting at the Staples Center on Oct 15th against Antonio DeMarco (25-2-1 18ko) and when MP entered the gym he just stood there and watched his friend work. You could see the interest in Manny’s eye, as if he couldn’t resist being in the ring doing battle with Linares, which is a compliment to Jorge by the competition loving icon.

After studying Linares for a time, Manny succumbed to the temptation to get in the ring and did four rounds with the future champ. Manny’s timing was better today, it appeared that both men got 30% better from their last outing in the ring, which was only two days ago. Manny caught Linares early with fast flush shots, but Linares picked up on the timing in the 3rd and 4th rounds starting to make it an even bout. It was exciting to watch and we will be posting video of this for the fans to see later.

Per Freddie Roach, we can only post photos of the sparing session, between Manny Pacquiao and Jorge Linares which only makes sense of course as we don’t need to offer any assistance to the opposition.
The day ended when two more Team Pacquiao members entered the ring for their version of boxing. I think we will be seeing a daily trend of team Pacquiao sparring.

Rumor is one of the largest bodyguards has called out for Timothy James to put on the gloves come Monday and this is shaping up to be a very exciting training camp. I’ll be considering taking odds and side bets should this rumor be confirmed.


Road to Marquez; Baguio Training Day 4


By Keith Terceira

Manny Pacquiao awoke at 4:30 am to start this day’s training in a somber mood that continued for the ride to his mountain run. As he hopped out of the team van at 5:15am and started to run approximately a 4 mile uphill run, one could see something was still on the champ’s mind, because he did not do his normal routine.

Most mornings Manny will ride in the Escalade, but this morning he elected to ride in the back up vehicle. Normally he jokes around with the team before they hit the trails together, with his headphones on, listening to music he has selected for his morning routine.

This time Manny Pacquiao started up the hill alone and ran without music, he seems to require solitude today, a time to reflect, and think about things. Perhaps, losing the headphones so he can listen to his thoughts instead, whatever those thoughts may have been.

The period of silent thought and reflection could not withstand Pacquiao’s personality, his normally jovial mood and as his team members began to join him, he loosened up becoming more himself, gregarious and cheerful.

Today, once again after his morning rest following the roadwork, Manny decided to hit the gym early. Freddie Roach joked with Manny asking if his watch worked, because this is the second day in a row that Manny has shown up early for the afternoon workout. Pacquiao has been known to make the coach wait for hours in the past.

The real fun came for Manny Pacquiao after his training day was complete, as two of his team challenged each other to spar. James Dayap, the videographer for and Aplas (Roger Fernandez) the right hand man for Manny Pacquiao in the Philippines. James stands 5′ 2″ tall and weighs about 135. Aplas stands about 5’6 inches tall and weighs about 180lbs.

Cheers and smiling faces greeted the two as they entered the ring, and rather than spoil the outcome, I will let readers view the video, which by the way, James had to edit himself after the session. The butt of the jokes at the end were about Manny’s refereeing and his performance being compared to Hall of Fame Referee Joe Cortez and his not so Hall of Fame work in the Mayweather – Ortiz bout last weekend.

As stated Manny Pacquiao refereed, Freddie Roach judged, Alex Ariza worked the corner for James Dayap, Bobby Pacquiao worked the corner for Aplas, and Buboy Fernandez was the time keeper.

The fight was the hit of the day. The entire gym shut down and every camera was rolling and focused even HBO was intent on filming every second. The S.U.B gym went crazy once the action begin. There were a total of 3 knockdowns in the bloody exchange, and Manny Pacquiao, the fighters, and the entire place had their most enjoyable time thus far, in this training camp.

A rematch is slated for some time in the future and it is safe to say some conditioning is required by both game combatants, perhaps Alex Ariza can assist. If you hear a little envy from this ancient warrior/scribe you are correct, what an honor to spar in the same ring as Pacquiao and have him referee as well.

Congrats to both James and Aplas, it is a story you can pass on generation to generation. Salute!

The video is posted on and is a must see!

Road to Marquez: Baguio Training Day 3

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By Keith Terceira

The third day of Baguio training started at 6:00am with Pacquiao going to a flat track called “Teachers Camp” in Baguio City and with headphones in place, sporting a blue and white “Manny Knows Speed” shirt he jogged 3 miles today at about a 7 minute pace, 7 miles in 23 minutes. Brian Livingston commented that Manny was moving smoothly in a good cadence.

The group of boxers that Manny ran with this morning also spent a few rounds shadow boxing at the track and the speed that Manny displayed assured all that Manny definitely knows speed , that speed is power, and that power devastates.

Pacquiao spent a large portion of the morning working with a new up and coming fighter Lorenzo Villanueva whom Manny assisted with his footwork and hand speed.

My friend Governor Manny Pinol was also present today and was excited for his fighter Villanueva, whom Manny assured would be on the undercard of the Marquez fight in November. Manny “Braveheart” Pinol compared Lorenzo’s background to that of Pacquiao’s, in that Villanueva was an orphan at 14 and that he has the similar heart, dedication, and hunger to be successful.

Pacquiao himself commented to MP8 that he was pleased with how his own training is progressing;

“(I’m)Doing good, everyday getting stronger, getting better, its coming.”

Pacquiao was not scheduled to train again until 3pm, but showed up at the S.U.B. gym two hours early with his gold sparring equipment. Though not scheduled to spar for another week and a half, Manny got in the ring early to go four rounds with Jorge Linares who has a bout on Oct 15th at the Staple Center in Los Angeles.

When he got his training gear on he literally ran into the ring like a little kid going to Disneyland. Manny wanted to go more than four rounds as he looked to be truly enjoying himself in the ring. Manny has been watching Linares for the past week and said he is impressed with this kid and wanted to get in the ring with him, because it would be exciting to spar him, he thinks this kid is great.

At first Linares was timid to hit Pacquiao- but after Manny let loose a 15-20 combination that backed Linares up from one side of the ring to the next, Linares blasted Manny with hard shots to the body and head.

It’s interesting to me to see the respect and consistent observance to his religion that Manny makes several times a day, totally unlike many fighters that do so only when the cameras are rolling or when the hype machines are in full swing. Just as he does when in the ring when it comes to his beliefs, Manny walks the walk, not just talks the talk.

Freddie Roach was impressed with by both boxers, and said Manny started early, but Manny knew Linares needed some more rounds and was happy to help. Freddie Roach also acknowledged that both fighters have sparred before so they know each other.

In another conversation Roach reiterated that he wants Manny to knock Marquez out and also stated
“Manny has taken it easy on his last two opponents and he was too compassionate.”

Alex Ariza felt that Jorge Linares was intimidated at first, but after he got touched a couple of times he hit Manny Pacquiao hard and that both looked great.


Road to Marquez: Baguio Training Day 2

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Keith Terceira

The second day of training in Baguio started at 8am when Manny Pacquiao took to the hills and we started using a heart monitor today, so the fans via video can see the actual heart rate of the champ. Today, Manny’s heart rate got up to 177 beats per minute.
Even though this heart rate monitor is something for the fans to enjoy it is really a tool that Alex Ariza will use to help monitor overall conditioning. The heart monitor being utilized is a Nike device called the Nike GPS Sports Watch.

It was a challenging run for the champ- MP had to stop about 3 times before he made it to the top of the journey which lasted about 2.5 miles. It was about a 1,000 foot climb in a brisk temperature of 72 degrees.

Pacquiao renewed his energy with a two hour nap and got to the Shape Up Gym at approx. 2pm where he met his coaches Freddie Roach and Alex Ariza. Manny today completed a full 8 rounds of mitts with Freddie Roach and Freddie stated, “Good Improvement from yesterday- We had to make some small adjustments on how to fight this guy- I showed him yesterday how to fight this guy and today he practiced all the right moves, today was a much better day”

It is evident from the start of training in the Philippines that the Pacquiao camp from Manny on down are tired of hearing how Marquez spouts robbery claims in the first two fights and the constant theme of discussions with Freddie on both day two and now on day three of training is how Manny’s will silence all discussion of theft in the first two close fights and permanently erase all doubts in this final bout.

Knockout is a word that continues to be thrown around camp and though it may not be wise to train for a stoppage it is definitely a mission statement for this training session of the phenomenal champion, who seems to be bothered by the hype from Marquez’s rants.
As far as the position of conditioning right now Alex Ariza said;
“They are exactly where they should be right now- Manny’s timing is not there yet or his cardio, but he is right on track”
Michael Koncz remarked today that Manny is ahead of schedule and his power looks incredible.

There are a great many quotes and comment that can be written about on this day from the varied members of the Pacquiao camp but they are better served by following the great video works of the dedicated MP8 team that is following the training routine today in Baguio. Don’t miss the chance of following along with our team on a daily basis both in print and on video.

Following his mitt work Pacquiao shadow boxed and stated;“This is my job, and I love it”

On another note Rodel Mayol, Dennis Laurente, Juan Elorde, and Lorenzo Villanueva are the Philippine warriors working in camp with Manny and they are in outstanding shape themselves. These four young boxers are soaking in all the knowledge and opportunity they can in this life altering period in both their own and Pacquiao’s career.


Road to Marquez: Baguio Training Day 1

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By Keith Terceira,

By Manny Pacquiao made the long journey to Baguio with his entourage of about 50 people, included in that entourage is Buboy Fernandez, Alex Ariza, Rodel Mayol, Michael Koncz, Joe Ramos, The entire MP8 film crew, and every cook, massage therapist, running partner, best friend, and of Continue reading “Road to Marquez: Baguio Training Day 1” »

Road to Marquez: MP Towers Training Day 3

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Keith Terceira

Manny Pacquiao’s third day of training in the Philippines for his November showdown with Juan Manual Marquez started at 3pm and there was a different atmosphere from the start. Today Alex Ariza stayed back to find better equipment for the champ, such as a speed bag and double end bag , Continue reading “Road to Marquez: MP Towers Training Day 3” »

Road to Marquez: MP Towers Training Day 2

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By Keith Terceira

Manny Pacquiao arrived at the MP Towers on Paquita Street located in Sampaloc City, Manila around 2:00 pm today, the location was once the L & M boxing gym, where trained Manny when he was only 16 years old. Back then Robert Varron was his trainer and fans in the United States had never heard of the man now affectionately known to all as Pacman. The old gym has been torn down and replaced by a tall structure called the MP Towers.

The building is beige and well a mauve color really, and its glass and concrete modern architecture stands out on the street that is only blocks away from Pontifical and Royal University of Santo Tomas, The Catholic University of the Philippines.

On the first floor is a gift shop where you can buy Manny Pacquiao memorabilia, on the third floor is the home office of Manny Pacquiao, where most of his staff resides- above the 3rd floor are dormitories and for just PHP4,000 you can stay for a month (approx. $100.00 U.S.). Nestled between the two on the second floor is the new MP gym and that is where training took place today. There is a new boxing ring located inside the gym, which has a freshly painted MP fist on the canvas and it is fully equipped with 4 heavy bags and a speed bag. It was obvious that in this setting Manny feels that he is home again.

Manny’s lifelong friend and the Philippine trainer, Restituto “Buboy” Fernandez was as usual keeping a watchful eye and stated that he just wants Manny to be loosening up right now. It is my opinion that Buboy is the secret weapon in the Pacquiao camp, that solidifying piece of the Pacquiao war machine.

“Manny should not to throw any hard punches. Now is the time to get his timing down, to get the rhythm back.”

Alex Ariza is also working, watching the champ’s moves and observing what needed to be addressed during the warm-ups. Pacquiao began with stretching routines and Ariza noticed that the Manny had some tightness, which redirected the focus to some key stretches until Alex felt that Manny was loose enough to do a full abdominal routine.

Today’s workout lasted for about two hours and besides his stretching, the day consisted once again of his abs routine , rope work and shadow boxing before Manny broke for a meal and headed off to play some basketball.

In attendance was former WBC light flyweight champion Rodel Mayol (29-5-2 21ko) who suffered an unjust loss to Omar Romero in Mexico for his title, and Rodel stated he will be on the undercard of Pacquiao/Marquez this November. His last three bouts have been fought at between 112-114 pounds.
Also ringside during training was Waki Solut,. Robert Varron, and film crew James Dayap and Timothy James; they will be bringing you great video footage of the day’s event.


The Daily Blog Begins - Day 1 of Training Begins- Live The Life With Manny Pacquiao

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Keith Terceira

Manny Pacquiao (53-3,38ko) began training in earnest today at the Jupiter Gym in Makati, Philippines for his third and most awaited bout with Juan Manuel Marquez (53-5-1,39ko) on November 12th at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada. Continue reading “The Daily Blog Begins - Day 1 of Training Begins- Live The Life With Manny Pacquiao” »

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