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Ariza Fitness- Building to Avoid Injuries- The Push-Pull

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By Alex Ariza,

It’s easy to over stress body parts in a very short time and thus hamper recovery. Training push/pull lets muscle groups rest completely.
Let’s take the issues so many boxers and other athletes have with their shoulders-

Most people when they are focusing on their strength and conditioning are not also focusing on their symmetry. Symmetry is basically making sure everything is proportionately balances, so one muscle is not over powering the next.

An over-developed front delt can result in chronic rotator cuff pain and that all-too-common protracted (forward extension), “hunched-over” look.

If you have shoulder pain or a previous rotator cuff injury, you should focus only on strengthening the four small muscles of the rotator cuff and the posterior (rear) delts. Shoulder presses often recruit too much of the front delt, so I wouldn’t recommend them unless you work with very light weights.

Rear delt training, on the other hand, is crucial, and I’ve seen many athletes dramatically improve their bodies just by developing the rear delts. Stronger rear delts result in retraction of the shoulders, a substantial increase in bench press, improved aesthetics, and stronger back muscles.

Now betting into the benefits of Push/ Pull workout routines. In traditional workout schemes, you might work chest on one day, shoulders the next, and then triceps the next. That would constitute training the triceps and, to a lesser extent, the anterior delts, three training sessions in a row!

Push-Pull avoids that by grouping all the muscles involved in pulling (back, biceps, rear delts, traps, forearms, hamstrings) and all the muscles involved in pushing (chest, triceps, quads, lateral and medial delts) together.

You Increase Physical Fitness and Burn Extra Fat

By separating your body parts by function, you’re able to hit the gym/workout more often because, presumably, the muscles you’re working that day aren’t screaming for momma. Also, by splitting a total body workout into two, you’re simply forced to go to the gym more often.

Doing so logically increases your physical fitness and burns some extra calories along the way.

Just another tip for you guys to help you get to your next goal.. The Correct Way!

Until Next Time- Ariza Fitness……

Remember, proper supplementation is always a key to recovery- Don’t settle for less- make sure the supplements you choose are the best!

1 Comment

Comment by cesar sanchez — March 6, 2012 @ 7:23 pm

thanks for the article, i always read and apply your advices.. thanks again.

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