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Alex Ariza Talks Pacquiao

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Alex Ariza has stated, “Manny Pacquiao wants to go back to the plyometrics  and strength conditioning which he told me after his last fight… I think he’s got it in his head this is the way he wants to train for this fight.”
Ariza added that Pacquiao’s new-found religiosity could even work wonders in their training camp.

He said that Pacquiao will have more energy in training if he stays away from excessive partying and other vices.

“It is always a big deal. He probably will have more energy and have more time to recover from the harder workouts that I give him,” said Ariza.

Conditioning expert Alex Ariza believes his top client, Manny Pacquiao, still has enough motivation left in him to stay in the sport of boxing.
In fact, Ariza said, the 8-division champion wants early preparations for the June 9 welterweight title fight against Timothy Bradley.

“[Pacquiao] wants to start training on March 26 and to bring all the equipment, vitamins and proteins because he wants to get started,” Ariza told Boxing Scene’s Ronnie Nathanielsz.

The conditioning expert was reacting to reports about Pacquiao’s retirement.
Experts believe that this could affect his motivation and enthusiasm in his future fights.
“Manny is still very enthusiastic,” maintained Ariza.

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