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“Marquez is going to get wrecked. Like I said, he [Koncz] doesn’t know anything. I don’t think it’s all about that. Those are fights that Manny had when I wasn’t with him, you know? He had a lot of those ailments. He had a lot of leg problems, he had shoulder problems. Those are all things that kind of hindered him in those fights with Barrera and Marquez, the last one. Obviously the weight was an issue, so we’re not going to have those issues for this fight.

He had to make moves and adjustments because of his legs, so he won’t have to make those. He’ll be able to use the angles that he wants to use if he wants to use them. If he wants to go in and just go toe to toe and knock this dude out early, he’ll be able to do that. He’ll have the strength and the power to do that as well. Manny’s a whole different fighter than back in those days. As far as Marquez having his number or this is going to be controversial, shut up,” stated strength and conditioning Alex Ariza, who talked about Manny Pacquiao’s long-awaited third showdown with Juan Manuel Marquez. In two weeks, Ariza will be arriving in the Philippines to officially kick off training camp. Check out what else he had to say about training camp for Marquez, Zab Judah’s desire for a rematch against Amir Khan, and much more.


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