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A glimpse into Manny Pacquiao’s world; Mayweather ‘on the horizon’


It was not quite fight day yet, but Chelsea Pier’s The Lighthouse on February 23 was throbbing with energy.

Hordes of Filipino fans were there for a glimpse of Congressman Manny Pacquiao who was promoting the Pacquiao-Bradley bout of June 9 in Las Vegas.

When the boxing icon emerged on stage, the crowd went wild with chants of “Manny, Manny, Manny!”

For Tim Bradley, Manny’s opponent, the sight was astonishing. “He has the support of his whole country,” he told me. The undefeated Bradley said “fighting with a superstar like Manny Pacquiao is worth the risk.”

Although the fight was against Bradley, all the questions lobbed at Pacquiao were about Floyd Mayweather. Pacquiao was prepared for all of them. From people around him like trainer Freddie Roach, Manny’s wife Jinkee and other close-in aides, it appeared like there could be a fight. November is the month they were looking at.

“My 11-year-old son told me, ‘Daddy I want you to retire after you defeat Mayweather,’” Pacquiao told select members of the media. This was the closest he would come to confirming he was ready to face ‘Money’ Mayweather. Can a father disappoint his son?

Pacquiao quickly corrected a reporter who asked if Bradley bout going to be his last ring foe. “No this is not my last fight, two fights more and that’s it,” he said.

Exhausted from answering all Mayweather-related questions, Pacquiao recounted his last conversation with the other side.

“Last month he called, spoke with my people and with me. I told him, ‘Let’s make this fight happen, no problem with blood test and all.’” He left it at that and left us to wonder how Mayweather reacted. (Press reports suggest the only sticking point was money and that Mayweather was asking for a share of the pay-per-view purse.)



Comment by kilo — February 25, 2012 @ 9:39 am

Let me say this between Mayweather & Pacquiao..

When the first mention of Pacquiao vs. Maywether occured; Mayweather had just asked for Olympic Style drug testing. Pacquiao refused. This is Pacquiao’s fault, why the fight was not made right away. So the first blame is pointed at Pacquiao 100%.

Now, when it comes to who deserves what with the money split…

Well, Mayweather is undefeated yes with a 42-0 record. That is awesome. He has made every fighter against him look ordinary, even to the point of making them look like amatures. This is also awesome

The downside to Mayweather is, he is a boring fighter compared to Pacquiao. Also Mayweather at the most fights once a year; sometimes to the point of fighting once every 1 1/2 years. It is easy for a fighter to remain undefeated and fresh when you only fight at the most once a year. And it is easy to stay this way.

Now let’s go to Pacquiao. Pacquiao is 100 times more exciting to watch than Mayweather. If you were to watch tapes of past fights, you would end up watching more Pacquiao fights over and over again than Mayweather fights, because like I said, Pacquiao is a far more exciting fighter than Mayweather. Also Pacquiao fights 3 times a year. And he gives more of himself in every fight. Meaning he sacrifices his body and health to give people an exciting fight. now with a record of 54-3 is he undefeated like Mayweather? No.. So does this make Mayweather deserve more money than Pacquiao if they were to fight right now.. I say probably not..

The reason behind this is.. if Mayweather had the same amounts of fights that Pacquiao has had than definately Mayweather would deserve more… meaning if Mayweather’s record was 59-0 instead of 42-0 then yes he should deserve the bigger split. But because like i said before, he only fights once a year at most, Manny has fought 59 times (including the 3 losses and 2 draws) meaning he has fought 17 more fights than Mayweather has fought. So with all this being said…

Who deserves what???

Bottom line.. Pacquiao has had 17 more fights than Mayweather so Mayweather getting more money because he is undefeated and with a habbit of fighting once a year i would say he doesn’t deserve more on this alone, maybe if he was 59-0.
But, because Pacquiao was the first reason why this fight has not happened. With not agreeing to olympic style testing, which is definately in no way anything wrong with that request or demand by Mayweather, because everyone has to agree with Mayweather when he says he just wants to clean the sport and have everyone fight in fair fight. Everyone should stand behing Mayweather on this 100%.

So like I said.. because Pacquiao was the first reason why this fight has no happened, maybe it is fair that he takes just a little bit less, but not alot, maybe 48-50 and only because of this, but not because Mayweather is undefeated. Your thoughts?

Since people are used to getting mad with what they read right away.. let me just say this was JUST MY OPINION

Comment by RLL — February 25, 2012 @ 8:37 pm

in short..lets have a fair share of distribution of PPV’s…instead of mayweather offering $40million to PACMAN but NO PPV..that’s all….

Comment by kilo — February 26, 2012 @ 7:54 am

Miguel Cotto is finished.. he is declining, Margarito is a slow fighter who just stands in front of you.. Mayweather is fast and doesn’t stand there to get hit ever.. Cotto will lose easily. He is slow, constantly backing away, which means he will run out of gas by the 4th round, because Mayweather is is supreme athlete. Cotto gets hit too much, look at all the marks mr. slow, sluggish, with one eye Margarito did to him. Basically Cotto is being paid to give Mayweather a 43-0 record.
After seeing yesterdays fight between Adrien Broner vs. Eloy Perez and Marcos Maidana vs. Devon Alexander. I REALLY BELIEVE PEOPLE GET PAID TO TAKE A LOSS.
I’m really starting to hate De La Hoya and his fucking golden boy promotions bullshit! They basically paid these two guys to take a loss on their record. Fuck Eloy Perez was WAY TOO SMALL for Broner… and remember i told you yesterday maidana looked fat…. he was sluggish as fuck yesterday.. and he even said so after the fight that that division was too big for him, because alexander was a southpaw and fast it gave him problems, along with the moving up in weight.

(remember, please don’t get mad) this is just my opinion

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