Manny Pacquiao: “He should be aggressive during our fight.”


By Vitali Shaposhnikov (MP8 contributing writer)

Aside from the unstoppable media bombardment about the Mayweather Jr. vs. Pacquiao bout, the fans are putting forward their long thought about opinions about who will win the fight, and why. Forums are crawling with back-and-forth discussions between the Mayweather Jr. and Pacquiao fans pleading with each other as to why one is right and the other is wide of the mark about the eventual outcome of the bout.

It seems that the Mayweather Jr. fans expect the fight to go as any other for Floyd due to his unmatched technical skill and ring I.Q. In most of his fights, Mayweather Jr. tends to pick his shots and throw as counter punches, taking advantage of his opponent’s mistakes and gaps in offence.

Pacquiao fans on the other hand claim that Floyd’s defensive and offensive style will not prove as effective against Manny due to his consistent high volume output, paired with his acclaimed power and speed. The fans believe that in this fight, Mayweather Jr. will have to abandon distance, and fight every round, bell to bell.

Manny Pacquiao hopes that this will be the case as well:

“He should be aggressive during our fight so we can make the fans happy. We all knew how he fights. In fact his previous fights lulled me to sleep,” stated Pacquiao in a recent interview with Philboxing

If styles make fights, than the last thing that the Mayweather Jr. fans want and expect, is to see Floyd get into a physical brawl with the freight train that is Pacquiao. If lulling the viewers to sleep is required in order to come out victorious in a fight of such colossal significance, I don’t blame anyone for doing so.

“But his previous fights bored me. I hope, this time he would be man enough to take some risks. He should prove to the world that he’s a real and fearless fighter, not a runner. This fight should live up to its billing. We owe this to the fans. They should get the kind of entertainment they want” Pacquiao concluded.


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